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alia O'Donovan.

123. Owen (2) : his son ; m. Eliza-
Bth Fitzgerald.

124. Ruadhraidh : his son; m.
ulia MacCarthy, of Diishane.

125. Donal (4) : his son ; m. Elana

126. John : his son ; m. Mary
'KeefFe, of Killeen.

127. Tadhg (or Thige) : his son;
I. Joanna O'Callaghan, of Clon-
leen, co. Cork ; had issue : — 1 .
hilip; 2. Connor, b. 2nd May,
583, d. 5th May, 1769; m. to

Ellen, dau. to Stepney Galwey,
merchant, Cork. This Tadhg d.
4th Aug., 1706, aged 54 years.

128. Philip (3): his son; b. 8th
March, 1682, d. 1754; m. Elizabeth,

dau. of Irwin, of Roscommon,

by -whom he had — 1. Owen, 2.
Benjamin (of Cork), and 3. Oonagh
(or Una) :

(2). Benjamin had a son, Sir
Benjamin, who was father of
George James O'Sullivan of
Wilmington, Isle of Wight

129. Owen: his son; b. 1744, d.
1808 ; he remained at or about
Kenmare, where he m. a Miss
O'Moriarty, and had by her several
children, who, finding strangers in
possession of their patrimony, dis-
persed themselves to seek by hard
labour a means of subsistence.
Among other children he had — 1.
Donogh (or Denis), 2. John, 3.
Donal, 4. Owen, 5. Nora, and 6.

130. Donogh (or Denis) : his son ;
b. 1776, d. 1838; buried at Kil-
murry, barony of West Muskerry,
CO. Cork ; m. a Miss M'AulifFe, and
by her had issue : — 1. John, 2.
Denis, 3. Owen, and 4. Nora.*
This Donogh led a wandering life

* Nora: This Nora m. a man named Murphy, and had by him, two sons — 1.
ann (d. s. p.) ; and 2. Denifl, who m. Kate Burke, and had issue — 1. Conn, 2. John, 3,
enis, 4. Kate. This Denis resides (1887) at Douglas, near Cork.

272 VER.


YER. [part III.

in East and West Muskeny, gene-
rally at Shandubh, parish of
Moviddy, where he died.
131. John*: his son; b. about

1799, d. , buried at Kilmurry ;

resided for some time at Ahandubh,
afterwards at Teeraveen, parish of
Kilmurry, where he died. He m.
Rachel, the dau. of Richard (or
Roderic) O'Neill, hereditary Prince
of Ulster, and by her had issue • —
1. Donogh ; 2. Joanna ; 3. John ;
4. Nora ; 5. Richard ; 6. Donogh
(2) (or Denis) ; 7. Kate ; 8. another
girl, and 9. Kate (2).

All of these d. s. p. except Nora,
Richard, and Denis, who are living
in 1887. (4) Nora, m. Donal
O'Cahan (or Kane), resides (1887)
at Rerour, parish of Kilbonane ; has
no issue.

(6) Denis, m. Ellen,t the dau. of
WiUiam Sheehan of Killegh, by

his wife Joanna Hennessy, and
has had issue: Honora(orNora),
b. 1861, d. 1867; Rachel, b.
25th April, 1869 ; Joanna, b.
14th May, 1871 ; John, b. 20th
May, 1873; Richard, b. 5th
June, 1875 ; and Denis, b.
22nd July, 1879. This Denis
with his family resides (1887)
at Curraghbeh, parish of Kil-
132. Richard O'Sullivan : his son ;
b. — ; m. Kate O'Donovan, has by
her only one child living — .Julia, b. i
21st June, 1864; unm. in 18S7.
This Richard resides (1887) at,
Maghbeg, a few miles to the wesf
of Bandon, as a farm-labourer to a
man named Daly ! John : eldest
son of Denis, brother of Richard
(132), is living in 1887, at Curragh-

beh, near Kilmurry.


sons of Heber Fionn ; reigned together one year.


1. Heber Fionn : son of Milesius of Spain

2. Er

3. Orba

4. Feron ^

5. Fergna )

6. Conmaol : son of Heber Fionn.
Eochaidh Faobhar-glas : son of Conmaol.
Eochaidh Mumha : son of Mofeibhis, son of Eochaidh (7).
Eanna Airgthach : son of Eochaidh Faobhar Glas.
Munmoin : son of Cas, son of Fearard, son of Rotheacta;

Ros, son of Glas, son of Eanna (9).

11. Fualdergoid: son of Munmoin.

12. Rotheacta: son of Ronnach, son of Failbhe lolcorach, son of Ca
Cedchaingnigh, son of Fualdergoid

* John : We believe that the Eevd. Daniel O'Sullivan, P.P., of Enniskane, west c
Bandon, was a cousin to this John. This Rev. gentleman's memory, as a zealous pries'
and a solid Irish scholar and poet, is still fresh in the memory of the people of sout
and west Cork.

t Mien : The other brothers and sisters of this EUen are :— John, Mary, Willian
Michael, Mark (of Lahore), Nora, James, and Robert.






13. Eiliomh : son of Eotheacta.

14. Art Imleach : son of Eiliomh.

15. Breas Rioghachta: son of Art Imleach.

16. Seidnae Innaraidh: son of Breas Rioghachta.

17. Duach Fionn : son of Seidnae Innaraidh.

18. Eanna Dearg : son of Duach Fionn.

19. Luaghaidh lardhonn : son of Eanna Dearg.

20. Eochaidh Uarceas : son of Luaghaidh lardhonn.

21. Lughaidh Lamhdearg : son of Eochaidh Uarceas.

22. Art : son of Lughaidh Lamhdearg.

23. Olioll Fionn : son of Art.

24. Eochaidh : son of Olioll Fionn.

25. Luaghaidh Lagha : son of Eochaidh (24).

26. Reacht-Righ-dearg : son of Luaghaidh Lagha.

27. Moghcorb : son of Cobthach Caomh, son of Reacht Righ-Dearg.

28. Adhamhair Foltchaion : son of Fearcorb, son of Moghcorb.

29. Niadhsedhaman : son of Adhamhair Foltchaion.

30. lonadmaor : son of Niadhsedhaman.

31. Lughaidh Luaighne : son of lonadmaor.

32. Duach Dalladh-Deadha : son of Cairbre Lusgleathan, son of
Lughaidh Luaighne.

33. Crimthann : son of Felim, son of Aongus, etc., son of Duach (32).
)ee the " Line of Heber," No. 93.

34. Brian Boroimhe : son of Cineadh, son of Lorcan, etc., son of Cormac
^as (See O'Brien Stem), son of Olioll Olum, son of Eoghan Mor, son of
Dearg, son of Dearg Theine, son of Eanna Muneain, son of Loich Mor,
ion of Muireadach, son of Eochaidh Garbh, son of Duach (32).

35. Donough : son of Brian Boroimhe.

36. Tirloch : son of Teige, son of Brian Boroimhe.

37. Muirceartach : son of Teige, son of Brian Boroimhe.



Ithe (or Ith), brother of Bile who is No. 35, page 50, was the ancestor of
the Ithians. This Ithe was uncle of Milesius of Spain ; and his descendants
settled mostly in Munster.

The Stem of the "Line of Ithe."

The Stem of the Irish Nation, from Ithe down to (No. 73) Cobthach
Fionn, a quo O'Cofey,* of Munster.

35. Ithe : son of Breoghan, King
of Spain.

36. Lughaidh [Luy] : his son ;
a quo the Ithians were called

37. Mai: his'son.

38. Edaman : his son.

39. Logha : his son.

40. Mathsin : his son.
4L Sin : his son.

42. Gossaman : his son.

43. Adaman : his son.

44. Heremon : his son.

45. Logha Feile : his son.

46. Lachtnan : his son.

47. Nuaclad Argni : his son.

48. Deargthine : his son.

49. Deagha Derg : his son.

50. Deagha Amhra : his son.
5L Ferulnigh : his son.

62. Sithbolg : his son.

53. Daire (or Darius) Diomdhach:
his son.

54. Each-Bolg : his son ; had a
brother named Luy, who was the
ancestor of Clancy of Dartry, in
Leitrim; and some say, of 3£ac-
aulay or MacGawley of Calry, in

55. Ferulnigh (2) : his son.

56. Daire (2): his son; from
whom the Ithians were called

57. Luy : his son.

58. MacNiadh : his son. Sabina,
daughter of Conn of the Hundred
Battles, was married to this Mac
Niadh [Nia], by whom she had a
son named Luy Mac con (cu; Irish,
gen. con, coin, or cuin, a greyhound,
also a chamjpion ; Gr. Ku-on), to
whom the soubriquet "Mac con"
was afi&xed, because in his youth
he was wont to suckle the teat of a
favourite greyhound. After Mac
Niadh's death, Sabina got married
to Olioll Glum, king of Munster, as
already mentioned. (See p. 67.)

59. Luy Mac con : his son ; the
113th Monarch of Ireland.

60. Aongus (or -^neas) : his son ;
had four brothers : — 1. Fothach
Argthach, the 118th Monarch of
Ireland jointly with his brother
Fothach Cairpeach, by whom, A.D.
285, he was slain; 2. the said
Fothach Cairpeach, the 119th Mon-
arch ; 3. Duach, ancestor of Conell,
O'Eennessy, McEirc, etc. ; 4. Fot-
hach Canaan, ancestor of MacAlim

* G* Coffey : There were other families of this name in ancient Meath and in
Connaught, but not of the same stock as this famlj.

:;hap. II.] ANT.


BAR. 275

3r MacCalum, Earls of Argyle, etc.
From one of these brothers also
lescended O'HalUnan, etc.

61. Fergus : son of ^neas.

62. Luigheach : his son.

63. -^neas Bolg : his son.

64. Gearan : his son ; had a
brother named Trean.

65. Conall Claon (" claon" : Irish,
oartial ; Gr. "klin-o") : his son.

^Q. CeannEeithe("reithe": Irish,
•/" a ram ; " ceann" a head) : his son j
I quo O'Beithe.*

67. Olioll : his son : had a bro-

ther named Trean, from whom
descended St. Beoardh (8 March)
of Ardcarn.

68. Fergus : son of Olioll.

69. Connacille : his son.

70. Maccon : his son.

71. Olioll (2): his son.

72. Dungal : his son.

73. CobthachFionn ("cobthach":
Irish, victorious; " fionn," fair,
meaning *Hhe fairhaired victor"):
his son ; a quo O'Cohhthaighy angli-
cised 0' Coffey, 0' Co whig, Co fey, Coffy,
and Cofee.


Arms : Ar. a leopard betw. two flaimclies sa. Crest : A goat's head gu.

DONGALACH, who is No. 69 on the " Needham" pedigree, was the ancestor
)f 0' Uaithne (" uaithne" : Irish, green) ; anglicised Anthony, Antony, Green,
md Antonie ; and a quo the name of the barony of " Owney" in Tipperary.

69. Dongalach : son of Fothach.

70. Foghartach : his son.

71. Flaith-im : his son.

72. Gorggal : his son.

73. Aongus : his son.

74. Dearmatha : his son.

75. Cathan : his son.

76. Cathalan : his son.

77. Cathmath : his son.

78. Euadhri : his son.

79. Matudan : his son.


BARRY. (No. 1.)
Arms : Ar. three bars gemels gu.

OTHACH Canaan, the fifth son of Lughaidh Maccon, who is No. 59 on
he " Line of Ithe," ante, was the ancestor of O'Baire ; anglicised Barry, '\
^arie, Barrie, and normanized Be Barrie, and Du Bairi,

* O^Reithe : This name has been anglicised Ram.

t Barry : Of this family was James Barry, the distinguished artist, who was born
I Cork in October, 1741 ; and died in London on the 22nd February, 1S06, aged 64 ;
id was interred in St. Paul's, near to his friend Sir Joshua Eeynolds.

Another of this family name was John Barry, Commodore, who was born near
acumshin, co. Wexford, in 1745 ; he died in September, 1803, and was hurried in
hiladelphia. He went to sea at the age of fourteen ; and the colony of Pe;iasylvania
Jcame his adopted country. When only twenty five he had risen to be the commander

276 BAR.


BAR. [part III.

59. Lughaidh (or Luy) Maccon,
the 113th Monarch of Ireland : son
of MacNiadh.

60. Fothach Canaan : his son.

61. MacNiadh [nia] : his son.

62. Breasal : his son.

63. Eochaidh (or Eocha) : his

64. Conor : his son.

65. Baire : his son.

66. Garran : his son.

67. Aodh (or Hugh) Beag : his

68. Echin : his son.

69. Eochaidh Aigneach : his son.

70. Baire (" baire" : Irish, a
hurling match) : his son ; a quo
0' Baire.

William Fitzphilip Barry got a grant and confirmation from King
John, dated 8th November, 1208, of the three cantreds of — 1. Olthan, 2.
Muscry, 3. Dunegan and Killedy ; which Fitzstephen had given his father
in the " kingdom of Cork."

1. William Fitzphilip Barry ;
whose parentage is not mentioned.

2. David : his son ; the ancestor
of Barry, of Barrymore ; was Lord
Justice of Ireland, a.d. 1267.

3. Kobert : his son.

4. Philip : his son.

5. David (2) : his son.

6. Davoc : his son.

7. William Maol : his son.

8. Lawrence : his son.

9. James : his sod.

10. Eichard : his son.

11. James (2) : his son.

12. Eichard (2) : his son.

13. James (3) : his son.

14. David Barry : his son ; living
A.D. 1170.

BAEEY. (No. 2.)
Viscounts of Buttevant, County Corl:

Arms : Ar. three bars gemels, gu. Crest : Out of a castle with two towers, ar. a
wolf's head sa. Supporters : Two wolves ducally gorged and chained or. Motto :
Boutez en avant.

He m., first. Ellen, dau of

Racket, and by her had five daugh-
ters. David's second wife was

Eliza, dau. of Suple, by whom

he had :

7. John Barry, who m. Ellen,
dau. of Eichard Barry, of Mony-
donly, CO. Cork, gent.

Eichard, the second son of Vis-
count Buttevant, had :

2. Thomas, of Ballyroney, county
Cork, who had :

3. Thomas, who had:

4. David, who had : j

5. John, who had :

6. David, who d. 3rd Jan., 1639.

of the Blach Prince^ one of the finest traders between Philadelphia and London. Early
in the War of Independence, he was given a naval command by Congress, and was one
of the first to fly the United States flag at sea. In 1777 he was publicy thanked by
General Washington, for his valuable services. It is stated that Lord Howe vainly
endeavoured to tempt him from his allegiance by the ofi"er of the command of a British
ship-of-the-line. In 1778 and 1779, he commanded the Belief, and was accorded the
rank of Commodore. From the conclusion of the War until his death, he was con-
stantly occupied in superintending the progress of the United States Navy ; and ha»
been called by some naval writers the father of the American Navy.



BAR. 277

BARRY. (No. 3.)

Of Sandville^ County Limerick,

Arms : See those of " Barry" (No. 2.)

A Cadet of the " Barry" family of Buttevant got by marriage, early in
the fifteenth century a considerable estate in the Clangibbon country,
near Kilmallock, in the co. Limerick. A member of the family inter-
married* with the family of Bourke of Clanwilliam, in the same county.

1. Donal Barry (d. in 1612), of
Owney (now Abington), had :

2. " Dowle" (or Daniel), who d.
in 1640, was buried in the family
vaultf at Abington, which he had
erected in 1633. He m. Johanna
Bourke, of the Bourkes (Lord
Brittas) family, and had :

3. David, who succeeded his
father in 1640, but lost his property
in the general confiscations after
1649. This David Barry, having
saved the life of a member of the
Ingoldsbyl family, was excused

from transplanting, and settled
under the protection of Ingoldsby
on the lands of Fryarstown, in the
parish of Rochestown, about 1656.
This David Barry left several sons.
4. John, of Fryarstown : son of
said David; d. in 1710, leaving
three sons.

I. James, of whom presently.

II. David. IIL Thomas. These
two sons David and Thomas
served in the army of King
James XL

* Intermarried : The Barrys intermarried with the Bourkes ; the Raleighs, of
Rawleystown ; Fitzgeralds and Molonys of the co. Clare ; Hartwells of Bruff ;
O'Shaughnessys, a branch of the Gortensignara family ; Grenes, of Cappamurra ; etc.
The principal seats of the Bourkes (mentioned in this genealogy) were Brittas Castle ;
Bilboa Court, Caherconlish, Castle Connell, * Bally bricken Court, BaUynegarde, and
Kilpeacon. A large grant of the lands of Rawleystown, which was part of the
Desmond Estate, was in 1609 made by Kiog James the First to James Raleigh, uncle
;o Sir Walter Ealeigh.

t Vault : The inscription on that vault is still legible, and reads as follows : —

*' Nobilis admodum Dulamus Barry In honorem suorum Parentum sui ipsius,
[Jxoris Joannse Bourke, et filiorum suorum, hoc sepulchrum fieri curavit.

•' Antiqua Genitus Barri de stirpi Dulamus

Quique Appolonea Doctus in arte viget.

Quique fide plenus nusquam languentibus agris,

Defuit et Potriam qualibet auxit ope

Hsec pius extinctis monumenta parentibus affert,

Q,uas sibi quaeque deinsint monumenta suis

Tu qui cernis opus mortis memor esto f uturse,

Die prsecor hac vivant qui tumulantur humo.
A.D. 1633."
X Ingoldshy : Sir Henry Ingoldsby, governor of Limerick, got large grants of the
lODfiscated Estates of the Bourkes, in the Barony of Clanwilliam, co. Limerick ;
ncluding Ballybricken, Fryarstown, Luddenmore, Ballyhoudan, etc. Sir Henry
ngoldsby's mother was Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Oliver Cromwell, Knight of the
5ath, eldest brother of the Protector's father. Lord Massy represents this family at

278 BAK.


BAR. [part III.

5. James (d. in 1735): son of
John ; had three sons :

I. Garrett, of whom presently.

II. James.

III. John.

6. Garrett : son of James ; d. in
1771, leaving one son.

7. James of Fryarstown ; b. 4th
February, 1749; d. 1st May, 1819.
This James m., on 3rd Nov., 1767,
Anastasia Bourke- White, and had
three sons :

I. James, of Kockstown Castle,
b. 4th May, 1771; d. 25th
July, 1828. This James m.
on the 10th February, 1812,
Dilyana Molony, of Craggs,
county Clare, and had two
daughters, but no son.

II. Thomas, b. 1773; d. in 1837.
Hem., in 1818, Miss Hartwell,
of Bruff, and had issue.

III. John, of Sandville.

8. John Barry, of Sandville :*
son of James j b. 20th Feb., 1779;
d. 29th Aug., 1839. Hem., 13th
Feb., 1804, Mary, only daughter of
E. O'Shaughnessy, Esq., and had
issue three sons and one daughter :

I. James, of whom presently.

II. Thomas, of Caherline, b.
1809; d. 1866, leaving issue.

III. John, b. 1823; d. unm. in

I. Mary, who m. on 23rd Feb.,
1843, John Ball, Esq., nephew

of the Right Hon. Judge Ball,
and had issue.

9. James : eldest son of John ;
b. 17th Nov., 1805; d. 2nd Sept.,
1856. This James was twice m. :
first, on the 18th July, 1833, to
Christina (d. s. p. in 1835), dau. of
D. Clanchy, Esq., D.L., of Charle-
ville ; secondly, on the 29th Xov.,
1837, he m. Maria, dau. of John
Grene,t Esq., J.P., of Cappamurra,
CO. Tipperary, and by her had five
sons and two daughters :

I. James-Grene, of whom pre-

II. Albert, b. 23rd May, 1842;
in Holy Orders.

III. Nicholas.
lY. William.
Y. John.

I. Annie, who, on the 29th Nov.,
1867, m. Thomas Butler, Esq.,

II. Mary.

10. James-Grene Barry, J.P. :
eldest son of James ; b. 20th April,
1841 j and living in 1883. This
James m. on 20th June, 1881,
Mary, only dau. of T. Kane, Esq.,
of AVhitehall, co. Clare, M.D., J.P.,
and has had :

I. James, of whom presently.

11. Gerald, b. 18th Dec, 1883.

II. James Barry : son of James-
Grene Barry; b. 8th June, 1882,
and living in 1883.

BARRY. (No. 4.)

Loi'ds qfSaniry, County Dublin.

Arms : Barry of six ar. and gii. Crest ; Out of a ducal coronet or. a wolf's head
erased gu. collared gold. Supporters : Two wolves ar. guttee de sang collEU'ed az.
Motto : Kegi legi fidelis.

* Sandville : Sandville is a part of Fryarstown.

t Grene : The Grenes of Cappamurra are descended from a brother of Sir Thomas
Grene, of Bobbing, Kent, who settled at Corsto-wTi, co. Kilkenny, in 1608. Thif
family have retained the old spelling of the name Grene.



CLA. 279

Patrick Barry had :

2. James, who had :

3. Richard, who had :

4. Sir James, Lord of Santry,
ind Lord Chief Justice of the King's

Bench, who d. in Feb., 1673. He
m. Kath., dau. of Sir Eichard
Parsons, and had :

5. Eichard Barry, the last Lord of

CLANCY. (No. 2.)

Of Dartry, County Monaghan.

Arms : Ar. two lions pass, guard, in pale gu. Crest : A hand couped at the wrist
srect, holding a sword impaling a boar's head couped all ppr.

LuGHACH (or Luy), brother of Each Bolg, who is No. 54 on the " Line of
[the," was the ancestor of MacFlanchaidhe, of Dartry ; anglicised Clanchy,
C^lancie, Clancy,'^ Clinch^] Glancy, and normanized De Clancy.

54. Lughach : son of Daire

55. Eochaidh : his son.

56. ^neas : his son.

57. Olioll : his sou.

58. Cormac : his son.

59. Dunlang : his son.

60. Cathair : his son.

61. Flann : his son.

62. Algeal : his son.

63. Amhailgadh : his son.

64. Eochaidh : his son.

65. Dunlang : his son.

66. Lughach ; his son.

67. Con all : his son.

68. Fiach : his son.

69. Conall (2) : his son.

70. Fionn : his son.

71. Cronluachra ; his son.

72. Flanchaidh ("flan" Irish, red
ymjplexioned ; " caidh" chaste) : his
son ; a quo MacFlanchaidhe.X

73. Aodh Cleireach : his son.

74. Cathal na Caiirge (" cairaig" :
Irish, a rock or bulwark ; Gr.
"charax;" Wei. "karreg;" Corn.
" carrag") : his son ; a quo O'Caiirge,
anglicised Carrick, Garrick, Craig,
and Rock.

75. Giolla (or William) : his son.

76. Teige : his son.

77. Cathal : his son.

78. Teige (2) : his son.

79. Teige Baccach : his son.

80. William (2) : his son.

81. Cathal Dubh: his son; had
a brother named Fearach.

82. Cathal Oge : his son ; had a
brother named Teige Oge.

83. Cathal Dubh [Dhu] Mac-
Clancy, of Dartry: son of Cathal

* Clancy : In 1750 Michael Clancy, M.D., published in Dublin his Memoirs and
Travels, and a Latin Poem — Templina Veneris sive Amorum Rhapsodies.

t Clinch : Of this family was the Barrister-at-Law, who in the early part of this
3entury was known as the *' great Counsellor Clinch," and who lived in Dublin. Mr.
OUnch left four sons and two daughters — 1. who was a Stipendiary Magistrate in
Tamaica, under the Governorship of Lord Sligo ; 2. who was an Inspector of National
Schools in Ireland ; 3. Bernard, who was a Sub-Inspector in the Irish Constabulary ;
t. Peter. One of the daughters was named Margaret.

X MacFlanchaidhe [MacFlancha] : see Note (*), under the *« Clancy" (of Munster)
pedigree, p. 80.

280 COF.


COF. [part III.

Of Munster.

This family were dynasts or chief lords of that portion of the ancient
territory of Corca Lidghe* now called Barryroe-east, and Barryroe-west,
in the county Cork. In Irish the family name is O'Cohhthaigh ; anglicised
0' Coffey, OCou-Mg, and, more lately, Coffey, Coffy, and Coffee.

74. DonochM6r; son of Cobthach
Fionn, who is No. 73 on '' The Line
of Ithe," ante.

75. Donall Mor : his son.

76. Maccraith : his son.

77. Conchobar (or Conor): his

78. Maghnus (or Maighneas) :
his son.

79. Conor (2) : his son.

80. Maithan Dall : his son.

81. Cobthach (2): his son.

82. Derraod : his son.

83. Fergal : his son.

84. Donoch : his son.

85. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son.

86. Maghnus (2) : his son.

87. Conor (3) : his son.

88. Niocholl : his son.

89. Walter : his son.

90. Cobtach (3) : his son.

91. Teige : his son; had a bro-
ther named Niocholl, who was the
ancestor of MacA'icoI.

92. Olioll (3): son of Teige.

93. Dermod (2) : his son.

94. Donall (2) : his son.

95. Maghnus (3) : his son.

96. Cobthach (4) : his son.

97. Conor (4) : his son.

98. Maolpadraic : his son.

99. Ceannfaolla : his son.

100. Aodh (2) : his son.

101. Cumumhan: his son.

102. Muireadach : his son.

103. Cathal (or Charles) : his son.

104. Donall (3) : his son.

105. Brian : his son.

106. Murtoch : his son.

107. Crimthann : his son.

108. Saortuile : his son.

109. Niochall : his son.

110. Aodh (3): his son.

111. Cathal (2); his son.

112. Donoch (2) : his son.

113. Felim: his son.

114. Teige (2) : his son.

115. Cathal (3): his son.

116. Donall (4): his son.

117. Aodh (4) : his son.

118. Cormac : his son.

119. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son.

120. Cathal (4): his son.

121. Teige (3) : his son ; Ii\ang in

122. Shane: his son; living in
1701 ; held the lands of Muckross
(at Killarney) under Charles Mac
Carthy M6r,'^from A.D. 1693.

123. Dermod (or Darby) : his son ;
buried in Muckross Abbey, where
his tomb exists.

* Corca Luighe : This was a territory in Carbery, in the west of the county Cork ;
and was so called because principally inhabited by families of the Lugadian Race,
descendants of Luighaidh, son of Ithe, uncle of Milesius of Spain, and the first

Milesian discoverer of Ireland.

Corcaluighe ("corcach:" Irish, sicampy grouvd)
extended from Bandon to Crookhaven and to the river of Kenmare ; and was anciently
possessed by the O'Baires [O'Barrys], 0'Cofi"eys, O'Deas, O'Driscolls, O'Fihillys,
O'Flains, O'Heas, O'Henegans, O'Learys, etc.

The city of " Cork" is by some derived from the Irish word corcach, above men-
tioned ; because it is built on a low marsh island, formed by the branches of the river



NEE. 281

124. Edmond : his son; living in

125. Edmond (2): his son; died
n 1841. This Edmond had an
Mer brother named AVilliam, and

L younger brother named John

)oth of whom died unmarried.

126. Edward Lees Coffey: son of
Edmond (2) ; living in America in
1881, and had a family. This
Edward had four brothers — 1.
James-Charles of Dublin, d. 1880;
2. John- William ; 3. David; 4.


Arms : Ar. a bend engr. az. betw. two bucks' heads cabossed sa. attired ar.
7rest : A phoenix in flames ppr., etc.

^ACNiADH, who is No. 58 on the " Line of Ithe," was the ancestor of
JNiadh or O'Neidhe Uaithne (or O'Niadh of the barony of Owney in
Dipperary) ; anglicised Needharrij Neville^ and Macule.

58. MacNiadh ("niadh:" Irish,
; mighty man, or champion : son of
jughaidh or Luy; a quo O'Madh

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