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1835, m. Jane Berger Kendall, in
1856, and had ten children: 1.,
John-Frederick, b. 20th Jan., 1858 ;
2. Kate, b. 30th Jan., 1859; 3.
Walter-Kendall, b. 5th April, 1860;
4. Frances-Mary, b. ISth August,
1862; 5. Harr)^ b. 17th Dec,
1864; 6. Clara-Flora, b. 10th Jan.,
1867; 7. Alice-Jane, b. 3rd March,
1868 ; 8. Hubert-Miles, b. 14th Feb.,
1871; 9. Ella-Grace, b. 18th Nov.,
1873 ; 10. Thomas-Norman, b. 22nd
July, 1875. (3) Frank, of Green-
wood Terrace, St. John's Church,
Eoad, Hackney, E., b. 4th Feb.,
1842, m. Matilda Pole, at Mare
street. Hackney, on 10th May, 1864
and has had two children — 1.



NIC. 289

Adelaide-Margaret, b. 9th Jan.
1867 ; 2. Arthur-Pole, b. 20th July,

132. Edgar - Thomas Nicholson :
son of Thomas, of Mynydd Isa ; b.
2nd Nov., 1864. This Edgar (living

in 1880) had four sisters : 1. Helen-
Miles, b. 21st Aug., 1858 ; 2. Flora
(or Florence), b. 10th July, 1861 ;
3. Fanny-Matilda, b. 26th Nov.,
1866; 4. Laura-Hutchins, b. 24th
Dec, 1868.


Benjamin, brother of William who is No. 129 on the ''Nicholson" No. 3
pedigree, was the ancestor of another branch of the Nicholson family,
living at Plymouth.

129. Benjamin : son of Joseph ; b.
in July, 1776 ; m. Anne Von Neck,
in April, 1800.

130. Rev. Samuel,"^ of Plymouth,
Baptist minister : his son ; b. in
April, 1801 ; m. in March, 1824,

Jane, dau. of Thomas Nicholson,
who is No. 129 on the " Nicholson"
No. 4 pedigree ; d. 1856.

131. Henry-Mar tyn Nicholson, of
Windsor place, Plymouth, England:
son of Samuel.


Of Coleford,

Ret. William Nicholson, brother of Joseph who is No. 130 on the
*' Nicholson" No. 3 pedigree, was the ancestor of Nicholson, of Laird's
Hill, Coleford, Gloucestershire, England.

130. Rev. William, a Baptist min- the "Nicholson" No. 6 pedigree),

ister: son of William, of Plymouth ; on the 8th April, 1834; living in

t). in 1805; m. Martha, a daughter 1877.
of Thomas Nicholson (No. 129 on

* Samuel : The children of this Samuel and Jane Nicholson were— 1. Samuel-
Pierce, born April 1826, died ia September, 184.9 ; 2. Jane Jarvis, born August, 1827,
iied in infancy; 3. Jane Jarvis, born Oct., 1828, d. February, 1859; 4. Anna, bora
December, 1829, d. Sept., 1877 ; 5. Eustace, b. June, 1831, d. June, 1852 ; 6. Mary, b.
N'ov., 1832, d. in infancy ; 7. Mary (2), b. Sept., 1834, d. March, 1859 ; 8. Lydia, b.
Fune, 1836, and living in 1878 ; 9. Sarah, b. February, 1838, d. March, 1877 ; 10.
Philip-Edward, b. June, 1839, living in 1878 ; 11. William-Carey, and 12. Henry-
liartin (twins), b. Sept., 1841, and both living in 1878 ; 13. Phebe Nicholson, b. May,
1843, and living in 1878 : all the surviving members of this family being (in 1878)
anmarried, save Philip-Edward, No. 10. This Philip-Edward was, on the 6th August,
1863, married to Emilie-Louise Thourneysen : their children were — 1. Samuel- Arnold,
l»om in 1865, died November 1869 ; 2. Edward-Basil, born Sept., 1867, living in 1878;
J. Marguerite, b. August, 1872, living in 1878 ; and 4. Walter- Frederick, born July,
1876. and living in 1878.


290 mc.


MC. [part III.

131. William Nicholson (Nicolson
or MacNicol), of The Laird's Hill,.
Coleford; now (1887) of Millaquin
Refinery, East Bundaberg, Queens-
land : his son ; b. in Feb., 1835 ; m.
Ellen Cowley, on 16th Dec, 1856 ;
and living in 1887. This AYilliam,
who has been commonly called
"Patrick," has a sister named

132, Charles- Ebenezer-Thurston-
Grove-Cowley Nicholson : his son ;
b. in Feb., 1867. This Charles had
a brother named Bertram Archibald,
b. in July, 1868 ; and two sisters —
1. Ellen, 2. Lilian-Maude : all living
in 1887.

Of Detroit, U.S.A.

Rev, Alexander, a brother of Malcolm who is No. 125 on the " Nicolson''
No. 1 pedigree, was the ancestor of JVicholson, of Detroit, Michigan, U.S.,

125. Eev. Alexander: son of Don-
aid MacNicol, Chief of the Clan in
the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

126. James :t his son ; who went
to the county Down, in Ireland, and
was, it is believed, ancestor of Genl.
John Nicolson, who was slain at
Delhi. This James seems to have
been kin to Leotain Nicholson, who
settled in Dublin.

127. Joseph Nicolson, or Nichol-
son, of Derr3^ogue, co. Down : son
of James ; m. Eliza-Sarah Black-
wood of Belfast, sister of the Rev.
John Blackwood, of the Rocky
Quarter, Seaforth, co. Down, and

cousin to Sir John Blackwood,
whose widow became Lady Dufferin.

128. Thomas Nicholson: son of
Joseph ; m. Jane Small of Cranfield,
at Kilkeel, county Down. Had two
brothers — Robert and John.

129. Joseph: his son; b. in co.
Down on 25th Sept., 1826; now
(1880) Superintendent of the House
of Correction, Detroit, Michigan,
U.S. America.

130. John Nicholson; his son:
has two sisters — 1. Frances- Jane
2. Mary-Louise; all of whom living
in 1880.


* Eliza : This Eliza Nicholson (now of Rothsay, near Ravensboume, Dunedin
Orago, New Zealand), was married to Edward Davies, of Caerleon, near Newport
Monmouthshire, England; they had (in 1S7S) five children, the names of three o
whom we have ascertained — 1. Edward Nicholson-Davies, 2. Ernest Nicholson-Da vie.'
3. Arthur Nicholson-Davies.

t James : It is also believed that this James followed the "business of a goldsmith
which he found very lucrative.





NICHOLSON. (No. 10.)

Of Philadelphia,

*Teil, a younger brother of Malcolm who is No. 125 on the " Nicolson"
^0. 1 pedigree, was the ancestor of this family.

125. Neil: son of Donald Mac-
^icol, Chief of the Clan in the Isle
f Skye, Scotland; m. Kate Mac-

126. John : his son ; d. 5th March,

807 ; m. Ann (who d. 19th

lay, 1783); was a friend of Benjamin
'ranklin, of the United States,


127. John; son of John; d. 4th
eb., 1799, aged 27 years ; married


who d. in 1812.

128. John : his son ; d. 28th Feb.,

1833, asred 35 ; m. Eliza , who

d. in 1845.

129. James Bartram Nicholson:
his son ; born 1820, and living in

130. Lieut.-Col. John P.Nicholson,
of 146 North Sixth Street, Phila-
delphia, Pennsylvania : his son ;
living in 1880.

NICHOLSON. (No. 11.)
Of San Francisco.

EOTAIN, a kinsman of James who is No. 126 on the ^'Nicholson" (of
'etroit, U.S.A.) pedigree, was the ancestor oi Nicholson, of San Francisco.

130. John-Henry, of San Francisco,
California : his son ; m. Emily
Kitzmillar, of St. Louis, U.S.A., on
23rd Sept., 1857 ; living in 1880.

131. Walter-Henry Nicholson : his
son ; had a brother Eishworth, and


127. Leotain Nicolson, or Nichol-

of Dublin ; m. Margaret .

of Dublin : his son ;
, of Virginia, United

128. Henry,

iates, America, in 1799.
129. John- Young Nicholson, of
lexandria, Virginia, U.S.A. : his
n ; m. Sarah Moody, of Virginia,
'th September, 1829.

three sisters-
3. Genevieve-
ing in 1880.

-1. Emily, 2. Maude,
-all five of whom liv-


OBERT Nicholson, a brother of Thomas who is No. 128 on the " Nichol-
n" (of Detroit) pedigree, was the ancestor of this family.

129. Anne; his daughter; b. at

28. Robert Nicholson : eldest son
Joseph of Derryogue; b. 1793;
Elizabeth Gibson, at Kilkeel, co.
3wn, 19th Oct., 1810.

Kilkeel, 14th Nov., 1811; m. Rev.
W. Anderson Scott, D.D., at Nash-

292 NIC.


NIC. [part IIL

ville, Tenessee, U.S.A., in January,

130. Col. Eoberfc Nicholson-Scott,
United States Army, living in
1880 : her son ; b. 21st Jan., 1838 ;
married 28th Nov., 1862, Elizabeth

Goodale, second dau. of General
Silas Goodale, U.S. Army, and had
three children — 1. Martha Hunt,
b. 25th Oct., 1865; 2. Abbey-
Pearce, b. 24th July, 1871 ; 3. Anna-
Nicholson, b. 28th Oct., 1874.

NICOLSON. (No. 13.)

Of Aberdeen.

George, a younger brother of Malcolm who is No. 125 on the
No. 1 pedigree, was the ancestor of this family.


125. George : son of Donald ; Chief
of the Clan.

126. John : his son ; married Jane
Mathew, and by her had three sons
~1. John, 2. William, 3. Thomas
of Thunderton : (1) John, born at
Inverveddie, m. Margaret, youngest
dau. of the venerable and learned
poet and historian, Kev. John
Skinner, of Longside, author of the
Ecclesiastical History of Scotland ;
(2) William, b. at Inverveddie, m.
Grace, second dau. of the said Eev.
John Skinner ; (3) Thomas of

127. Thomas of Thunderton : son
of John ; m. Janet Robertson.

128. William: his son; b. 27th
May, 1799 ; living (in 1880) at 125
Crown Street, Aberdeen ; m. on 24th
Dec, 1826, Catharine Simpson, and
by her had six children — 1.
George, b. 4th Mar., 1828, unm. ;

2. William, b. 19th Feb., 1830; 3.
Very Rev. James, dean of Brechin
b. 12th March, 1832 ; 4. Thomas
born 9th January, 1836, unm.
Margaret, b. 24th March, 1840
unm. ; 6. David, medical officer ii
Portsmouth, b. 25th Dec, 1844

129. William, living in 1880
second son of William; b, 19t
Feb., 1830; m. on 19th July, 186(
in London, Grace-Lawson Hende;
son, and by her had five children-
1. Catharine- Jemima, b. 20th Jul;
1861; 2. Rachel-Amelia, b. 10t|
July, 1863 ; 3. Robert-Henderso
b. 23rd March, 1865 ; 4. Gracj
Wilhelmena, b. 5th May, 1867 ;
William- James, b. 23rd July, 18(|
—all living in 1880.

130. Robert-Henderson Nicolsoil
son of William ; living in 1880.

NICOLSON. (No. 14.)

Of Sbje, and Prince Edward's Island,

Angus, brother of John who is No. 126 on the " Nicolson" No. 1 pedigi
was the ancestor of this family.

126. Angus : son of Malcolm. I 128. Donald: his son; m. Ai

127. Murdoch: his son. | Martin, and by her had five d




NIC. 293

li'en : 1. Samuel, whose descendants
.re in Skye, in England, and in
^erica ; 2. Donald, whose family
8 extinct ; 3. Angus, whose descen-
lants are in Skye and in America ;
:. Armiger, b. 1755; 5. Margaret,
a. Donald M'Kay at Uig Skye.

129. Armiger : son of Donald ; b.
a 1755, d. in 1855; m. in 1794
»Iargaret M'Kenzie, at Uig Skye,
nd by her had eight children — 1.
lurdoch, of whom presently ; 2.
)onald;* 3. Margaret, b. 1801, m.
1 1831 at Uig Skye, to John
I'Lean ; 4. Catherine, b. 1804, m.
t Uig Skye in 1830 to Donald
lacDonald ; 5. Rachel, b. 1807, m.
It Uig to Norman M'Pherson, and
Imigrated to Prince Edward's Is-
md, North America ; 6. Malcolm,

1811, m. at Dundee, and emi-
rated to Prince Edward's Island,
here (in 1880) he and his family
jsided; 7. Samuel, b. in 1814, m.
I Prince Edward's Island, where
n 1880) he and his family resided;
Ann, b. 1817, d. 1842.

130. Murdoch; son of Armiger;

b. 1795, d. Nov., 1861. Was twice
m. : first, to Janet M'Lean, at Uig
Skye in 1831, and by her had five
children — 1. Malcolm, of whom
presently ; 2. Margaret, b. 1833, d.
6th June, 1869 ; 3. Donald, b. 1835,
emigrated! to Prince Edward's
Island; 4. Euphemia, b. 1840, m.
at Uig Skye 30th March, 1871, to
Alexander M'Leod ; 5. John. J
Secondly, Murdoch, who d. in Nov.,
1861, m. Isabella Beaton, at Kil-
muir, Skye, in 1847, and by her had
four children — 1. Ann, born Aug.,
1849 ; 2. Donald, b. 2nd Nov.,
1852, living (in 1880) at 120 Thistle
Street, S.S. Glasgow ; 3. Armiger,
b. May, 1855; 4. Janet, b. Nov.,

131. Malcolm : Eldest son of Mur-
doch ; b. 1832; m. Ann Mathieson
at Snizort, Skye, on 2nd March,
1871, and by her had (in 1880)
four children — 1. Janet, 2. Flora, 3.
Murdoch, 4. Alexander.

132. Murdoch Nicolson ; son of
Malcolm; living in 1880.

* Donald : This Donald, b. 1798, m. at Uig Skye, Isabella Lamont, in 1.S40, and
'■ her had seven children : 1. Samuel, b. 1841, m. at Uig in 1869 Enphemia Lamont ;
Malcolm, b. 1844, d. 1860; 3. Mary, b. 1847 ; 4. John, b. 1849 ; 5. Margaret, b. 1853;
Armiger, b. 1856 ; 7. Rachel, b. 1857.

t Emigrated : This Donald, b. 1835, emigrated to Prince Edward's Island, 9th
ine, 1858 ; m. there Janet McLean, on 18th March, 18G3, and by her had (in 1880)
?ht children : 1. Janet-Penelope, b. 3rd Feb., 1864; 2. Euphemia-Ann, and 3. Mary-
nn (Twins), b. 15th March, 1865 ; 4. Catherine-Eliza-Gillies, b. 2nd Oct., 1866 ; 6.
I^alcolm. Angus, b. 25th Nov., 1868; 6. Margaret-Jane, b. oth June, 1871 ; 7. Ida-Bell,
20th July, 1873; 8. Donald-Murdoch, b. 16th Nov., 1877.

X John : This John, b. in 1843, and living in 1881, m. on 18th August, 1874, at
•osshill, Glasgow, to Margaret Cars well, and by her had three children— 1. John, b.
h Feb., 1875 ; 2. Janet-Margaret, b. 31st August, 1876 ; 3. Susan-Kate-McLachlan,
15th Februarj'-, 1879, d. 8th April, 1880.

294 NIC.


NIC. [part lll.i

NICOLSON. (No. 15.)

Of Ha7vJchiUj Bosemarkie, Inverness, now of Fietermaritzhurg,
Cajpe of Good Hojpe.

Donald,* a younger brother of Malcolm who is No. 125 on the
No. 1 pedigree, was the ancestor of this family.


125. Donald : son of Donald.

126. Patrick: his son.

127. Malcolm: his son; m. Miss

128. Dr. Simon Nicolson, of
Calcutta : his son ; m. Miss Mac-

129. Major (then Lieutenant)
Charles-Arthur Nicolson : his son ;
m. on 8th Sept., 1842, at Calcutta,
Agnes-Cecilia- Adelaide Fagan, and
had — 1. Simon ; 2. Charles- Arthur,
b. in Inverness ; 3. Christopher, b.
in Inverness, 1845, d. 1846 ; 4.
Isabella, b. in Calcutta, 1847, d.
1871 ; 5. George, b. in Dayeeliug,
now (1881) living in Pietermaritz-

burg, Cape of Good Hope; 6.
Kobert, b. in Dayeeliug, in 1850, d,
in Gibraltar, 1880; 7. Anne, born
1851, d. 1852; 8. Malcolm, b. in
Allahabad in 1853; 9. Patrick
M'Lean, b. at Brighton, 1854 ; 10.
James-Octavius, b. at Tunbridge
Wells, 1856 ; 11. John, b. at same
place, 1857 ; 12. Martin-Decimus,
b. in London in 1858 ; 13. Agnes,
b. in London in 1859, married in St.
Alban's Cathedral, Pretoria, on 25th
Dec, 1879, to Charles Muskett
Spratt, Clerk in Holy Orders.

130. Simon Nicolson: eldest son
of Charles-Arthur ; b. in Calcutta ;
living in 1881.

NICOLSON. (No. 16.)
Of Australia,

Alexander, another younger brother of Malcolm who is No. 125 on the
"Nicolson" No. 1 pedigree, was the ancestor of this family.

125. Alexander: son of Donald;
was twice married : first, to Marion>
dau. of John MacDonald of Castle- I
ton, grandson of Sir Donald Gorm ]
MacDonald, of the Isles ; and

secondly, to Florence MacDonald, a
member of the same family.

126. Donald: his son; m. Mar-
garet,! only dau. of the Rev. Alex-
ander MacQueen of Snizort.

* Donald : In page 108 of tlie first and second edition of the second series of thiS'
Work, this Donald was by mistake entered as having died unmarried ; but that was
not the case.

t Margaret : This Margaret's mother was daughter of William MacDonald (Tutor
of The MacDonald), brother to Sir Donald MacDonald and Sir James MacDonald of
Sleat. William MacDonald's wife (Margaret MacQueen's mother) was the eldest daugh-
ter of Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel ; and William MacDonald was son of Sir Donald
MacDonald by his wife the Lady Mary Douglas, dau. of the Earl of Moreton.

CHAP. 11.] NIC.


NIC. 295.

127. Alexander: his son; b. 4th
April, 1766; m. late in life his
cousin Susanna, eldest daughter of
Donald Nicolson of Scoribreac, and
had ten children : 1. Margaret, m.
28th Oct., 1842, to Kev. Angus
Martin, of Snizort, and had eleven
children, most of whom were (in
1881) living; 2. Jessie, m. 19th
Oct., 1858, to Donald Frazer ; 3.
Archibald, m. to Annie Maclntyre,
in Australia, who bore him four

children — Susanna, Duncan, Donald,
and Norman, all living in 1881 ; 4.
William, m. in Australia, in 1868,
to Charlotte McKillop, and by her
had (in 1881) a son Alexander ; 5.
Malcolm, d. young ; 6. *Malcolm-
Norman, d. 25th Oct., 1861; 7.
*Donald-Norman, ' d. 30th April,
1868; 8. Susanna-Margaret, d. 25th
Aug., 1868; 9. Isabella-Caroline-
Brovvnlow, living in 1881 ; 10.
Grace-Hay, d. an infant.

NICHOLSON.t (No. 17.)
0/Stramorej Guildford^ Co. Doivn; and of New York

1 . Robert Nicholson of Stramore

T. John, of whom presently.

II. Isabella, m. Henry Ciibborn,

Esq., of Lisanisky, co. West-


2. John Nicholson of Stramore :
son of Robert ; m. Isabella Wake-
field, and had :

I. Robert Jaflfrey Nicholson of
Stramore House, co. Down.

II. Alexander Jaffrey Nicholson,
M.D., who married Miss Hogg
of Lisburn, and had General
Nicholson of the British Army.

III. Meadows-Taylor, of whom

> IV. Richard.

V. Rawdon-Hautenville, who m.
Miss Dixon.

VI. Christiana, who married Alan
O'Brien Bellingham, and died
without issue.

VII. Mary married Rev. Richard
Olpherts, and had a daughter

YIII. Charlotte, married Rev,
John Beatty, and had four
children — John, Thomas, Mary,
and Isabella.

IX. Elizabeth, m. Mr. Williams,
and had with others, a dau.

X. Isabella, d. unm.

3. Meadows-Taylor Nicholson, a
Banker in New York : son of John ;
married Amelia Guest (aunt of
Commodore John Guest, U.S. Navy),
and had :

4. Joshua-Clibborn Nicholson of
"Buena Vista," New Rochelle,
New York; who married Zaida
Nelson, and had :

I. Harry-Meadows, b. 11th Oct.,

II. Charles-Brighter, born 16th
June, 1877.

III. Zaida Ciibborn.

IV. Kathleen-Nelson.
Y. Ethel-Guest.

* Malcolm and Donald were men of gigantic size : Malcolm stood 6 feet 7 inches,
in his hose : and Donald 6 feet 6 inches.

t Nicholson : See the Appendix, under the heading ** Stem of the Nicholsons,'
ft few Notes bearing on the Irish origin of the Nicholson family.


296 o'dr.


O'lE. [part III.


Arms : Ar. a ship or ancient galley, sails furled sa. Crest : A cormorant ppr.

^NEAS, brother of Fothach Canaan who is No. 60 on the '\" Barry'
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'h-Edersceoil \ anglicised O'Driscoll,

60. ^neas : son of Lugach
(Lughaidh or Luy) Maccon, the
113th Monarch of Ireland.

61. Nathi : his son ; whose bro-
ther Fergus was the ancestor of

62. Edersceal : his son ; had nine
sons ; his brother Coleman had
three sons.

63. Brandubh : his son ; had
eight sons.

64. Flannan : his son ; had a
brother named Forannan, who was
father of St. Colum(27th February),
St. Eltin (11th December), and St.
Mochumna (7th June).

65. Columna ; his son.

66. Comdhan : his son.

67. Flannan (2) : his son.

68. Folachta : his son.

69. ^neas : his son

70. Dangus : his son ; had a bro-
ther named Main.

71. Murghul : his son

72. Dungal : his son.

73. Nuadad : his son.

74. Fionn : his son.

75. Edersceal (" edearbh :" Irish,
false, and " sceal," a story) : his son ;
a quo O'Edersceoil.

76. Fothach : his son.

77. Maccon : his son.

78. Fionn : his son.

79. Fothach (2) : his son.

80. Donoch Mor : his son ; had
a brother named Aodh (or Hugh),
who was the ancestor of O'DriscoU

81. Amhailgadh an Gasgoine
("gas:" Irish, a stalk; "goin,"
a stfoke) : his son ; a quo O'Gasgoine,
anglicised Gasgoine^ and Gascoine.
This Amhailgadh had a younger
brother named Maccraith, whose
son Donoch was the father of Mac-
con, father of Ainach, father of
Fin gin, father of Conor, father of
Conor Oge, father of Sir Fingin
O'Drsicoll Mor, who was alive a.d.
1460, and who founded the Fran-
ciscan Abbey of Innisherkin Island.

82. Morogh : son of Amhailgadh.

83. Donoch Oge : his son.

84. Dermod : his son.

85. Murtogh : his son.

86. Fingin : his son.

87. Maccon : his son.

88. Murtogh (2) : his son.

89. Donal : his son.

90. Sir Fingin O'DriscoU : his son.


Fothach Canaan, the fifth son of Luy Maccon, the 113th Monarch of
Ireland who is No. 59 on the " Coffey" pedigree, was the ancestor of
OLaeghaire ',* anglicised O'Leary, and Leary.

61. Duach : his son.

59. Luy Maccon.

60. Fothach Canaan : his son.

62. Treana : his son.

* O'LaegJiaire : For the derivation of this simame, see Note, under the " O'Leary"

pedigree (Line of Heber), ante.

CHAP. II.] o'LE.


o'LE. 297

63. Eire : his son.

64. Eos (" ros :" Irish, a prom-
ontory) : his son ; a quo O^Buis,
anglicised Boss and Bush.

65. Laeghaire : his son; a quo

Q^. Fiach : his son.

67. Dunlang : his son.

68. Ros (2) : his son.

69. Main : his son.

70. AoDgus (or ^neas) : his son.

71. Earc : his son.

72. Conor Cliodhna : his son.

73. Teige : his son.

74. DoDOch na Tuaima (" tuaim :"
[rish, a dyke or fence) : his son ;
1 quo 0' Tuaima, anglicised Toomey,
Tuomey, and Tivomey.

75. Conamnan : his son.

76. Dermod : his son.

! 77. Cumumhan : his son.
I 78. Donoch : his son.

79. Teige (2) : his son.

80. Maolseaghlainn : his son.

81. Teige (3) : his son.

82. Maolseaghlainn (2) : his son.

83. Tomhas M6r : his son.

84. Tomhas Oge : his sou.

85. Athbiadh : his son.

86. Cumumhan (2): his son.

87. Amhailgadh : his son.

88. Dunlang (2) : his son.

89. Art : his son.

90. Teige (4) : his son ; had a
brother named Luighdhach.

91. Dermod : son of Teige.

92. Conogher O'Leary: his son ;
first assumed this sirname.

93. Donogh : his son ; married to
Ellen, dau. of Dermod O'Crowley ;
d. 4th Jan., 1637.

94. Amhailgadh (or Auliff)
O Leary : his son ; had a brother
named Conogher.


1. Eochaidh Edghothach, son of Datre, son of Conghal, sou of Eadam-
luin, son of Mai, son of Lughaidh [Lewy, Lewis, >r Louis], son of Ithe,
on of Breoghan, King of Spain and Portugal, who (see page 50) is No.
14 on " The Stem of the Irish Nation." This Eochaidh was the 14th
*Iilesian Monarch, reigned 11 years ; was, B.C. 1532, slain by Cearmna, of
lie " Line of Ir," who succeeded him.

2. Eochaidh Apach, son of Fionn, son of Oilioll, son of Floinruadh, son
f Roithlain, son of Martineadh, son of Sitchin, son of Riaglan, son of
iochaidh Breac, son of Lughaidh, son of Ithe, called Apach (" plague" or
• infection") on account of the great mortahty during his reign (of one
-ear) among the inhabitants of Ireland. He was killed by Fionn of the

Line of Ir," B.C. 951. This Eochaidh was the 41st Monarch.

3. Lughaidh MacCon, son of MacNiadh, son of Lughaidh, son of
)aire, son of Ferulnigh, son of Each-Bolg, son of Daire, son of Sithbolg,
on of Ferulnigh, etc.

This Lughaidh was called MacCon from the greyhound, Ealoir Dearg,
dth which he played when a delicate child ; his mother was Sadhbh, dau.
I Conn of the Hundred Battles ; he was killed, a.d. 225, by Comain
ligis, at Gort-an-Oir, near Dearg Rath, in Leinster.


t' li^'S^lu Airgtheach ) ^^ Lughaidh MacCon ; were both slain

5. Fothadh Cairpeach J °

during the first year of their joint reign : Fothadh Cairpeach was slain
by his brother Fothadh Airgtheach ; soon after this the murderer was
slain by the Irish Mihtia in the battle of Ollarbha, A.D. 285, when the
House of Heremon, in the person of Fiacha Srabhteine (ancestor of Th^
O'Neill, of Tyrone), resumed its place on the Irish Throne. These brothers
were the 118th and 119th Monarchs of Ireland, and the last of the " Line
of Ithe" who reigned.



Ir was the fifth son of Milesius of Spain (who, see page 50, is No. 36 oa
" The Stem of the Irish Nation"), but the second of the three sons who left
any issue. His descendants settled in Ulster.

The Stem of the "Line of Ir."


The Stem of the Irish Nation, from Ir down to (No. 105) Feargal, a qua
OFarrdl^ Princes of Annaly.

36. Milesius of Spain.

37. Ir : his son. This Prince was
one of the chief leaders of the ex-
pedition undertaken for the con-
quest of Erinn, but was doomed
never to set foot on the " Sacred
Isle ;" a violent storm scattered the
fleet as it was coasting round the
island in search of a landing place,
the vessel commanded by him was
separated from the rest of the fleet
and driven upon the island since
called Scellig-Mhicheal, off the Kerry
coast, where it split on a rock and
sank with all on board, B.C. 1700.

38. Heber Donn : his son ; born
in Spain; was granted by Heber
and Heremon the possession of the
northern part of Ireland, now called

39. Hebric : his son ; was killed
in a domestic quarrel.

40. Artra : his youngest son ;
succeeded in the government of
Uladh or Ulster ; his elder brothers,
Cearmna and Sobhrach, put forth
their claims to sovereign authority,
gave battle to the Monarch
Eochaidh, whom they slew and
then mounted his throne; they

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