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Maclntyre, Carpenter, Freeman, Joiner, Juchje, Mason, etc. It was oir mistake in the
first series, page 227, to give *' Maclntyre" as synonymous with " O'Mictyre," chiefs
of Hy-MacCaille, now the barony of " Imokilly," iu the county Cork ; for, 0' Mictyre
(** mactire :" Irish, a wolf) is quite distinct from Mac-an-t-Saoir, and has beou
anglicised Wolf and Wolfe.

o08 CUR.


DUG. [part III.

103. Solomon : his son,

104. Conor C3) ; his son.

105. Seanchuidh (" seanchuidh :"
Irish, a chronicler) : his son ; a quo
O'Seanchuidh, angUcised Sanchy.

106. Fearbiseach : his son.

107. Eolus : his son.

108. Crimthann : his son.

109. Hugh na Tuinnidhe (" na-
tuinnidhe :" Irish, of the den) : his
son ; a quo Tunney.

110. Conor (4) : his son.

111. Conor Oge: his son.

112. Hugh Buidhe* : his son ; au-
thor of the '• English Irish Dic-
tionary" published in Paris, A.D.

William McCurtin, miller and
merchant, Tipperary, was of this
family. His son, Charles McCurtin,
living in 1887, represents him in
Springhouse Mill, Tipperary.


Chiefs of Ferrnoy.

Arms : Quarterly, az. and erm. in the 1st and 4th quarter a grifl&n's head or.
Crest : A talbot statant ppr. collared ar.

Fergus M6r (Fergus MacRoy), King of Ulster, who is No. 64 on the
" Line of Ir," was founder of this family.

65. Fionfailig : son of Fergus
Mor, King of Ulster.
^Q, Firglin : his son.

67. Firgil : his son.

68. Firdeicit : his son.

69. Cumascagh : his son ; a quo
O'Coscridh, anglic^ Cosgrave.

70. Mogh Ruith : his son. This
was a famous Druid called " Mogh
Euith" {Magus Rotce), from his hav-
ing made a wheel, the Ruitha-
Bamhar, by means of which he was
enabled to ascend into the air, in
presence of an astonished multi-

71. Labhra : his son.

72. Dethi : his son.

73. Sarglinn : his son.

74. Suirce: his son.

75. Laiscre: his son.

76. lolainn : his son.

77. Magnan : his son.

78. De-Thaile : his son.

79. Congan-Gairin : his son.

80. Ceallach : his son.

81. Dailgaile : his son.

82. Muircheardoig : his son.

83. Lomainig : his son.

84. Dubhagan rf his son ; a quo
O'Duhhagain, anglicised O'DugaUy
Dugan, Dug gem, % and Doogan.

85. Huf'h : his son.

* Hugh Buidhe ; This Hugh and Andrew MacCurtin were natives of the county
Clare, and distinguished as poets in the 18th century. Hugh wrote an Irish Grammar,
an English-Irish Dictionary, and an Essay iu Vindication of the Antiquity of Ireland.
And Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, copied by Andrew
MacCurtin, between 1716 and 1720, are referred to by Eugene O'Curry, who styles
him " one of the best Irish scholars then living."

I Dubhagan, which means a " dark- featured, small-sized man."
X Dug g an : Of this family was Peter Paul Duggan, an artist, bom in Ireland, wIm
early in life went to the United States, America, developed a taste for art, and ulti-
mately became Prolessor in the Xew York Free Academy. Though the crayon was hi



FAR. 309

86, Dermod


88. Conor

his son.

Melaghlin : his son.
his son.

89. Hugh (2) : his son.

90. Donal : his son.


Anns : Sa, five eagles displ. in cross ar.

DuNCHEANN (dunceann : Irish, "a chief of a fort"), the second son of
Naradh who is No. 97 on the " Ruddy" pedigree, was the ancestor of
O'Duncinrij anglicised Duncan, and Dunkin;* and Tormach (tormach, Irish,
' an augmentation or increase"), the third son of the said Naradh, was the
mcestor of O^Tormaigh, anglicised Tormey.


Of JFaterford.
Crest: A dexter hand erect appaumee gules. Motto : Prodesse non nocere.

Walter Farrell, married Honora
Henneberry (whose sister, Margaret,
m. Richard de Courcy), and had
ssue : 1. Patrick, 2. Peter, 3. John.

2. John Farrell, the third son, m.
Alice, 3rd child of Richard Ber-
[iiingham by Frances White, his
tvife, and had : 1. Honora, 2. Wal-
ter, 3. Richard, 4. Mary, 5. Frances,
3. Patrick, 7. Peter, 8. John.

3. Walter, the eldest son, married
Bridget, dau. of John Reville by

Mary O'Brien {rede Ni-Brien), his
wife, and had eleven children, nine
of whom d. s. p. He acquired by-
purchase St. Saviour's or Black
Friars Abbey, Waterford, which
was established by King Henry III.
in 1235 at the request of the citizens
for the Dominican Order ; and also
some house property adjoining.
Part of this was subsequently de-
molished for city improvements.
The rest remains in the family.

favourite medium, he occasionally painted a masterly head in oil. For many years an
invalid, he latterly resided near London, and died in Paris on the 15th October, 1S61.
A.nd of this family was Doctor James Duggan, whose name is mentioned in the Second
Charter granted in 1828 to the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

* Dunkin : William Dunkin, D.D,, a friend of Swift and Delany, was probably of
the family of the Eev. Patrick Dunkin, whose metrical Latin translations of some Irish
" ranns" are acknowledged by Archbishop Usher. William Dunkin was ordained in
1735— in which year we find him repaying Swift's friendship and patronage by assist-
ing him in his poetical controversy with Bettesworth. In 1737 Swift endeavoured to
obtain for him an English living, writing of him : " He is a gentleman of much wit,
ind the best English as well as Latin poet in the Kingdom. He is a pious man, highly
ssteemed." This appeal was fruitless ; Dunkin was, however, placed by Lord Chester-
field over the Endowed School of Enniskillen. He died about 1746. A collected
odition of his poems and epistles appeared in two Vols, in 1774.

310 FAR.


FAR. [part III.

Richard Farrell, the 2nd son, b.
1771, m. 1808 Mary Ann, 3rd child
of Robert-Thomas Power (son of
Thomas Power by Mary Cummins
his wife), by his wife, Mary Doyle
(eldest child of John Doyle by his
wife, Alice Russell, nee Spencer) ;
and has : 1. Mary, 2. John, of whom
presently ; 3. Robert, 4. Richard,
5. Robert, 6. Walter, 7. Edward, 8.
Alicia, of whom presently ; 9.
Maria, living unra. in 1887 ; 10.
Thomas, 11. Marcus, 12. Charles,
13. Thomas.

Richard, living in 1887, youngest
child of the aforesaid Walter
Farrell and Bridget Reville, married
Mary Downey, living in 1887, and
has: 1. Kate", 2. Mar}^ twins; 3.
Walter, 4. Annie, 5. John, 6. Ger-
trude, 7. Alice, 8. Richard, 9.
Augustine, 10. Margaret-Mary, 11.
Francis, 12. Frances, all liviuL',
unm., in 1887, in Waterford, except
Annie, who is in the Sister of Mercy
Convent, Rochester, N.Y. ; and
Francis, who died in infancy.

Alicia (b. 1817, living in 1887),
8th child of the foresaid Richard
Farrell and Mary Ann Power, m. in
1848 John Flynn, of Kilkenny,
widower (b. 1806, living in 1887),
son of James Flynn of Limerick by
his wife, Catherine O'Connor {rede

Ki-Connor) of Wexford ; and has :

1. Mary- Anne (b. 1849), living in
1887, in the Passionist Convent,
Mamers, France ; 2. Alice, of whom
presently ; 3. Richard, 4. Richard-
Joseph, 5. Mary, 6. Mary-Agnus, 7.
Robert, living in 1887 ; 8. Alphon-
sus, of whom presently; 9. John-
Aloysius, of whom presently.

Alice, living in 1887, the second
child of Alicia, married Richard
Dempsey, and has : 1. Mary- Alicia,

2. Clement-Thomas.
Alphonsus, 8th child of Alicia,

m. Florence Dempsey (both living
in 1887) and has had: 1. John-
Archibald, who died an infant: 2..
Richard-Clement, 3. Bertha, 4.
Walter-Henry, the three last living
in 1887, in DubUn.

John Aloysius, of Orange Grove
Estate, Luckhardt, Sydney (living
in 1887), 9th child, married Mary
Leonard, and has: I.Alicia-Mary,
2. Richard-Patrick.

4. John Farrell, eldest son of the
aforesaid Richard Farrell by Mary
Ann Power, m. his first cousin, 10th
child of Walter Farrell and Bridget
Reville, and has eight children, of
whom four now survive (in 1887)

5. Walter Farrell, the second son
of these, was b. 1865, living, unm.,
in 1887, in London.



GUI. 311



Lords of Iveagh, County Down.

Vert a liou ramp, or,

on a chief ar, a

The ancient Arms of this family were
dexter hand erect, couped at the wrist gu.

CiONOG (or Cionga), brotlier of Eos who is No. 63 on the " Line of Ir," p.
301, was the ancestor of MacAonghuis [oneesh] ; angUcised MacGuinness,
Maginnis, Magennis, Magenis, Maclnnes, Guinness, Angus, Ennis., Innis, etc.

63. Cionga : son of Rory Mor.

64. Capa (or Cathbharr) : his

65. Fachna Fathach : his son ;
the 92nd Monarch of Ireland.

66. Gas : his son ; and brother of
Conor MacNessa, who deposed
Fergus MacRoy from the sover-
eignty of Ulster.


68. Conall
the famous

Amergin : his son.

Cearnach : his

warrior, so

tioned in the Irish Annals

son ;

as con-
nected with the Red Branch Knights
of Ulster.

69. Irial Glunmhar : his son ;
King of Ulster; had a brother named
Laoiseach Lannmor, who was also
called Lysach, and who was the an-
cestor of 0' Moore.

70. Fiacha Fionn
Irial's son ; who, of the
was the 24th King of

71. Muredach Fionn
King of Ulster.

Amhnais :
line of Ir,
Ulster, in



72. Fionn chadh : his son.

73. Connchadh (or Donnchadh) :
his son.

74. Gialchad : his son.

75. Cathbha : his son.

76. Rochradh : his son.

77. Mai: his son; the 107th

78. Firb : his son.

79. Breasal Breac : his son.

80. Tiobrad Tireach : his son ;
was the 30th King of Ulster, of the
Irian line ; and contemporary with
Conn of the Hundred Battles, the
110th Monarch of Ireland, whom he
assassinated a.d. 157.

81. Fergus Gaileoin (or Foghlas) :
his son.

82. Aongus Gabhneach : his son ;
a quo 0' Gaibhnaigh, anglicised
Goican, MacGoioan,\ 0'Goican,Gibney,
Smythe, Smith, etc.

83. Fiacha Araidhe : his son ; from
whom, who was the 37th King of
Ulster of the Irian line, the ancient
territory of " Dalaradia" (sometimes

* Gitinness : Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness, Bart., a distinguished member of this
family, horn 1st Novembur, 1798, was an opulent brewer, in Dublin, anl M.P. for
Dublin from 1865 until his death. He is best remembered as the restorer of St. Patrick'&
Cathedral, Dublin, at a cost which has been estimated at £130,000 ; and as the head of
a business ^rm that has acquired a world-wide reputation. He died possessed of a
large fortune, and, besides several mansions in and near Dublin, was the owner of a
beautiful estate at Cong, in the county of Mayo, on the shores of Lough Corrib. He
evinced great and practical interest in Irish archceology by his tasteful preservation of
the antiquarian remains upon his large estates. He died on the 10th May, 1868, aged
69, and was buried at Mount Jerome, Dublin. — Webb.

t MacGowan : The Arms are : Ar. a lion ramp, gu. between two cinque foils vert.
Crest : A talbot pass.

312 GUI.


GQI. [part III.

called ^'Ulidia," comprising the
present county of Down and part
of the couniy Antrim) was so

84. Cas : his son ; had a brother
named Sodhan;* who was ancestor
of 0' Manning, MacJFard, etc.

85. Fedhlim : his son ; King of

86. lomchadh : his son.

87. Eos : his son ; King of

88. Lughdheach : his son.

89. Eathach Cobha : his son ;
from whom Jveagh, a territory in the
county of Down, derived its name ;
and from that territory his descen-
dants in after ages took their title
as " Lords of Iveagh."

90. Crunnbhadroi : his son.

91. Caolbha: his son; the (123rd
and) last Monarch of the Irian race,
and 47th King of Ulster.

92. Conall : his son ; had three
brothers: 1. Feargan, who was the
ancestor of MacCartan ; 2. Saraan,
who was the last King of Ulster, of
the Irian race, and in whose time
the Three Collas conquered Ulster :
3. Conla.

93. Fothach : son of Conall.

94. Main : his son.

95. Saraan : his son.

96. Mongan : his son.

97. Aodhan : his son ; had a bro-
ther Fo.L;hartach, who was ancestor
of Mac A r tan.

98. Feargus : son of Aodhan.

99. Breasal Beldearg : his son.

100. Conchobhar : his son.

101. Domhnall : his son.

102. Blathmac : his son.

103. Laidhne : his son.

104. Aidiotha : his son.

105. Aongus ("aon:" Irish, excel-
lent; " gus," strength): his son; a

quo MacAongliu'is. This Aongus was
called ^neas Mor.

106. Aongus Oge (or Aodh) : his
son ; first of the family who as-
sumed this sirname.

107. Eachmilidh : his son.

108. Aongus: his son.

109. Eachmilidh : his son.

110. Flaitheartach : his son.

111. Aodh (or Hugh) Eeamhar :
his son.

112. Dubhinsi : his son.

113. Giolla Coluim : his son.

114. Ruadhrigh : his son.

115. Eachmilidh : his son.

116. Murtogh Eiaganach : his son.

117. Art (or Arthur) na-Madh-
mainn : his son.

118. Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

119. Art : his son.

120. Hugh : his son.

121. Donall Mor: his son; had
two elder brothers — 1. Hugh, 2.
Eachmilidh (who had a son Hugh),
and seven younger brothers — 1.
Felim, 2. Edmond, 3. Cu-Uladh,
4. Muirceartach, 5. I3rian, 6. Ruadh-
righ (Rory, or Roger), 7. Glaisne.

122. Donall Oge: son of Donall

123. Hugh (also called Feardorach
or Ferdinand) : his son.

124. Art Ruadh [roe], or Sir
Arthur Magenms, of Rathfriland :
his son; was in 1623 created Vis-
count Iveagh, county Down ; m.
Sarah, dau. of Hugh O'Neill, Earl
of Tyrone, and had issue — 1. Hugh
Oge, of Iveagh, who had a son
named Arthur ; 2. Conn, 3. Arthur,
4. Rory, 5. Daniel (who is Ko. 125,
infra); 6. Rose, 7. EveHn, 8. Eliza.
He was buried in Dronaballybrony
on the 15th June, 1629.

125. Daniel: son of Art Ruadh;
m. Eliza Magennis; d. 1658.

t F'o llwr,

According to the Zinta A digua this Sodhan was the ancestor of

;hap. III.] GUI.


HEA. 313

126. Bernard,* a Colonel : hia son ;
L 1692. Had a brother Roger Mor,
rho m. N. Cavanagh.

127. Roger Oge : son of the afore-
aid Roger M6r; m. Maria Magennis.
lad a brother Bernard, who was a
iieutenant-Oolonel,t 1703-1734.



128. Heber : son of
d. 1760.

129. Arthur : his son ; a Captain ;

d. 1794.


(See the " De la Ponce


Chiefs of Pohal O'Healy, in the County Cork.

Arms : Az. a fesse betw. three stags' heads erased in chief ar. and a demi lion
amp. in base or. Another : Az. three boars' heads, couped in pale ar. Crest : On a
hapeau a lion statant, guard, ducally gorged.

LSADHMUN, a son of Fergus Mor who (see p. 301) is No. 64 on the '• Line
f Ir," was the ancestor of Oli-Eilighe ; anglicised O'HealyX Healy, and

64. Fergus M6r : son of Ros
blown as Ros Ruadh).

65. Asadhmun : his son. Had
hree half brothers — 1. Conmac, 2.
^iar, 3. Core.

66. Ailsach : son of Asadhmun.

67. Oineach : his son.

68. Eosihan : his son.

69. Delbhna : his son.

70. Fiodhcuirce : his son.

71. Eachaman : Jiis son.

72. Alt : his son.

73. Athre : his son.

74. Eachadun : his son.

75. Orbsinmhar : his son.

76. Modhart : his son.

77. Saul : his son.

78. !Meascu : his son.

* Bernard : This Bernard had a sou Roderie, who in 1707 was Page de , . . ,
od d. 1726.

i Colonel: This Lieutenant-Colonel Bernard Maginnis had a son Murtagh, who
as a Captain, and who had a son Charles-Francis, b. 1745.

X O'Healy : Some Irish Genealogists deduce the descent of the " O'Healy" family
om Cosgrach, son of Lorcan, King of Thomond, who was grandfather of Brian
oroimhe [Born], who is No. 105 on the " O'Brien" (of Thomond) pedigree, and who
as the 175th Monarch of Ireland; others deduce it from the " O'Haly" family,
hich is an anglicised form of the Irish Ch-Atyaich (" algach" : Irish, vohle), while
'He i/y is from the Irish O'h-Eiliff/ie, a.s above shown. But (see the "Hally" and
Haly" pediarees, respectively), the two genealogies are quite distiuct, and the two
imilies'not at all descended from the same stock as *' O'Healy ;" for it is the " O'Haly"
limily that is descended from Cosgrach, son of Lorcan, who is No. 103 on the
O'Brien" (of Thomond) pedigree, and the '* O'Hally" family is descended from
Jonchuan, brother of Brian Boru, while the "O'Healy" family is descended from
ergus Mor, who is No. 64 on the "Line of Ir." Others again say that the
'Healys of Donoughmore are a branch of the "MacCarthy Mor" family, Princes of
'esmond ; but we are unable to trace that connection. It is worthy of remark, how-
/er, that the Arms assigned by Keating to the " OHealy" family, namely — Az. a
888 between three stags' heads erased in chief ar. and a demi lion ramp, iu base or.,
•e borne by the Helys, Earls of Donoughmore : which goes to show that their name
as formerly '* O'Healy." The founder of the House of Donoughmore was John Hely,
rovost of Trinity College, Dublin, Secretary of State for Ireland, and Keeper of the

;>14 HE A.


KIL. [part

I If.

79. Ullamh: his son.

80. Measa: son of Ullamh.

81. Cuilean : his son.

82. Canath : his son.

83. Mearcu : his son.

84. Arad : his son.

85. lomchadh : his son.

86. Cathair : his son.

87. Liichd : his son.

88. AdhJann : his son.

89. Luchd : his son.

90. Luchdreach : his son.

91. Maoltoirnd : his son.

92. Bath : his pon.

93. Elhe ("ele:" Irish, a hier, a
inter) : his son ; a quo O'h-Eilujhe.

94. Feargus : his son.

95. Felim : his son.

96. Coibhdealach : his son.

97. Conrach : his son.

98. Conmhach : his son.

99. Conn O'Healy : his son.

KILROY. (No. 1.) ^

CJiiefs in Clonde/laiv, County Clare. .1

TiOBRAiD, a younger brother of Fiacha Fionn Amhnais who is ISTo. 70 on
the "Guinness" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacGlolla Raihhaigh ;
anglicised MacGillereagh, MacGilrea, MacGilroy, MacKilroy^ Gihwj, Kllm/,
MacGixevy, Greevy, Creevy, Gray,"-' and Grey.

70. Tiobraid : son of Irial Glun-
mhar, who was a King of Ulster.

71. Cairbre : his son.

72. Forgall : his son.

73. Mesin : his son.

74. Meinn : his son.

75. Cormac : his son.

76. Cairbre : his son.

Privy Seal in 1774, the celebrated author of The Commercial Restraint of Ireland,
who, in 1771, married Christiana, daughter of Lorenzo Niekson, Esq., of Wicklow, and
jj^randniece and heiress of Ptichard Hutchinson, Esq., of Knocklofty. in the county
Tipperary, whose name the said John Hely assumed. Since then the family has borne
the name of Hely- HvtcMnson. John Heh^-Hutchiuson obtained a Peerage for his wife,
who took the title of "Baroness Donoughmore, of Knocklofty." the seat of the pre-.
sent Earl. Mr. Hely-Hutchinson was subsequently offered an Earldom, and was about i
to become " Earl O'Hely," when he died. The Peerage created for his wife de-:cended,
according to limitation, to their son, Richard, who, after becoming 'Baron Donough-;
more" by inheritance, was created Earl of Donoufihmore, in December, 180G. Hlsi
brother John succeeded him as Baron, and second Earl of Donoughmore ; and Jobn,|
dying, was succeeded by his Nephew, John, as third Earl, who married the Hon, J
Margaret Gardiner, seventh daughter of Luke, first Viscount Mountjoy, by Margaret 1
(daughter of Hector Wallis, Esq., of Dublin, and Spriugmount, Queen's County),
mentioned in the " Wallis-Healy" Genealogy, infra, which see.

* Gray : Of this family was Sir John Gray, M.P., who was bom at Claremorris,
the County of Mayo, in 1816. and died at Bath, in England, on the 9th of April, 187i
Of him, Webb, in Ijis Compendium of Irish Biography, writes : — "He studied medicin
and shortly before his marriage, in 1839, settled in Dublin as Physician to an Hospifc
in North Cumberland-street. He was before long drawn into politics, and in 184
began to write for the (Dublin) Freeman's Journal, of which paper he eventual]
beciime proprietor. He warmly advocated the Eepeal of the Union (between Grea
Britain and Ireland), and was one of O'Connell's ablest sujiporters. Full of suggestiv
energy and resource, he originated and organized those courts of arbitration whic
O'Connell endeavoured to substitute for the legal tribunals of the coimtry. He wa



KIL. 315

77. Macniadh : his son.

78. Eochaidh : his son.

79. Fachtna : his son.

80. Eoghan : his son.

81. Dalian : his son.

82. Feargus : his son.

83. Goill : his son.

84. Glaisne: his son.

85. Nacroide : his son.

86. Fiontan : his son.

87. Fiacha : his son.

88. Bearach : his son.

89. Brogan : his son.

90. Naistean : his son.

91. Eochaidh : his son.

92. Donoch : his son.

93. Congealt : his son.

94. Lon,L'seach : his son.

95. GioilaRiabhachC'riabhach" :
rish, gray, sivarthij,) : his son ; a
juo MacGiolla Eaibhaigh.

96. Riocard : his son.

97. Mathghabhuin : his son.

98. Riocard (2) : his son.

99. Domhnall [donal] : his son.
100. Riocard (3) : his son.

101. Conchobhar: his son.

102. Donchadh : his son.

103. Torg-reach : his son.

104. Muireadach : his son.

105. Murrogh : his son.

106. Riocard (4) : his son.

107. Donchadh (or Donoch) : his

108. Eochaidh : his son.

109. Tirlogh: his son.

110. Diarmaid [dermod] : his son.

111. Donoch: his son.

112. Tomhas: his son.

113. Conall: his son.

114. Mathghabhuin : his son.

115. Riocard (5) : his son.

116. Donall: his son.

117. Rnadhri : his son.

118. Tomhas : his son.

119. Conchobhar [connor] : his

120. Donn : his son.

121. Riocard (6) : his son.

122. Uaithne [Anthony]: his son.

123. Riocard (7) : his son.

KILROY. (No. 2.)

kVHEN the county Clare, like the other parts of Ireland, was devastated
inder the Commonwealth Government of Ireland, to make room for the
>omwellian Settlement, the old Irish families who were dispossessed and

rosecuted in 1844 for alleged seditious language, and suffered imprisonment with
VConnell. After O'Connell's death, Dr. Gray continued to take a prominent part in
rish politics and in local affairs. It was to his energy and determination, as a member
if the Dublin Corporation, that the citizens of Dublin owe their present excellent

/"artry. water supply On the opening of the works, 30th June, 1863, he was

inighted by the Larl of Carlisle, then Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. At tho general
lection of 1865 Sir John was returned M.P. for Kilkenny, a seat which he held until
OB death. He took a prominent and effective part in the passage of the Church and
jand Bills, and supported the Home Rule movement. He died at Bath, 9th April,
875, aged 59, and his remains were honoured with a public funeral at Glaanevin,
)ublin. His fellow-citizens almost immediately afterwards set about the erection in
yConnell Street, of a Monument in appreciation of his many services to his country,
ind of the tplendid supply of pure water which he secured for Dublin. Sir John Gray

¥08 a Protestant His paper, the Freeman's Journal, which he raised by his

alents to be the most powerful organ of public opinion in Ireland, he left to the
nanagement of his son, Mr. Edmund Dwyer Gray, M.P., living in 1887."

316 KTL.


KIL. [part III.

who escaped transportation as "slaves" to the Sugar Plantations of
America, had to seek homes and refuges wherever they could, for them-
selves and their families. It was at that unhappy juncture in the history
of Ireland, in the year 1653, that, according to tradition, a son of the last
Chief of this family, settled in Keenagh — one of the mountain fastnesses
in the proximity of Mount Xephin, in the barony of Tyrawley, and county
of Mayo; from whom the following branch of that ancient family is
descended :

124. ( ) A son of Riocard, who
is No. 123 on the " Kilroy" (No. 1)
pedigree; had three sons : — 1.
Michael, 2. Peter, 3. Mark :

I. Michael, married and had : 1.
Patrick ; 2. Mary, who m. and
had a family.

I. This Patrick married and
had: 1. Peter, 2. Edward.
I. This Peter, m. and had.:
1. Thomas: 2. Patrick—
both these sons living in
Keenagh, in August, 1871.

II. Edward : the second son of
Patrick, son of Michael, had
a son named Peter — also
living in Keenagh, in August,

IT. Peter, the second son of No.

1. ; m. and had Bridget, who

m. and had a family.
III. Mark, the third son of No. 1,

of whom presently.

125. Mark: the third son of No.
124, m. and had: 1. Peter; 2.

I. This Peter of whom presently.

II. Bridget, m. Gill, of Glen-

hest, also in the vicinity of
Glen Nephin, and had :

I. Denis Gill (living in 1871),
who m. Anne Hagerty (also
living in 1871), and had

126. Peter : son of Mark ; m. Mary
Geraghty, of Kinnaird, in the parish
of Crossmolina, and had surviving ,
issue four daughters: — 1. Norah; i
2. Mary ; 3. Bridget ; 4. Margaret. |

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