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4. Mortogh, who m. his cousin, a and t^o daughters :
dau. of MacCarthy Mor, and had : '

* Mortogh : On the death of Charles Sugrue, Honoria, his widow, m. the family
Tutor, who was named Mahony, a Protestant, and a native of Cork. This Mortogh.
was found murdered in the grounds of Dunloe Castle, and Mahony, who then seized the
property, was credited with the murder. Timothy Sugrue, the younger brother of
Mortogh, came to an agreement with Mahony, and kept thirty-six farms for his share,
Mahony having the remainder of the estate.

Mortogh,* 2. Timothy

6. Timothy: second son of
Charles ; m. the Honble. Elizabeth
Fitzmaurice, dau. of Lord Thomas
Fitzmaurice, son of Fitzmaurice,
Earl of Kerry, and had :

7. Denis Sugrue, who married

;hap. III.] o'c3.


o'co. 335

I. Charles, m. Eleanor Mahony,
and had two sons and two
daughters :
I. James, II. Thomas.

I. Anne.

II. Elizabeth, who m. Eedmond
Roche, and had — 1. Charles,
2. Michael, 3. James, 4.
Robert, and 5. Eleanor.

I. Anne, of whom presently.

II. Winifred : the second daughter
of Denis Sugrue, who married
a Denis Sugrue (who did not
belong to her family), and had
a son Robert (who mar. Anne
O'Riordan), and two daughters
— 1. Catherine, 2. Joanna.

8. Anne Sugrue : the elder dau.
Df Denis ; m. Captain Stephen
iValsh,* and had a son named
Stephen, and two daughters named
Mary, and Elizabeth.
I. Stephen Walsh, m. Arabella
Hawkins, and had two sons
and four daughters ; the sons

I. John, who was twice mar. :
firs fc to Viana Stock ; and,
secondly, to Ague Mac-
Namara. By the first wife
he had :
1. Stephen ; 2. Maiy, who

m. C. Meagher ; 3. Lizzie,
4, John (deceased), and 5.

II. Frank, who married Jane

^The four daughters of Stephen


I I. Anne, who m. John Murphy,
and had four sons and three
daughters. The four sods
were :

I. Stephen.

II. Edward.

IIL John.
IV. James.
And the three daughters were :

I. Elizabeth, a Nun.

II. Mary, who m. T. Rearden.

III. Anne, deceased.

II. Elizabeth : second daughter
of Stephen Walsh ; married
T. Perry, and had three sons
and four daughters. The
sons were :

I. Stephen Perry, who m.
M. Hegarty.

II. John, who m. — Hegarty.
IIL Henry.

And Elizabeth's four daughters

I. Fannv, who married D.
O'B. Corkery.

II. Bessy, a Nun.

IIL Annie, who m. Heojarty.
lY. Mary.
in. Maria : third daughter of
Stephen Walsh ; married Th.
Scanlan, and had one son and
five daughters :
I. Michael, deceased.

I. Elizabeth.

II. Maria, deceased.
IIL Ellen.

IV. Minnie, deceased.

V. Annie.

IV. Jane : fourth daughter of
Stephen Walsh ; married T.
Guisani, and had three sons
and three daughters :
I. Stephen.
IL John.

III. Joseph.

The three daughters of Jane were:

I. Sarah.

II. Elizabeth.

III. Jeanette.

L Mary Walsh: the elder

* WalsJi: Captain Stephen Walsh was previously married to E. Mahony, by
horn he had five daughters, one of whom was Joanna, who married Charles
AcCarthy, and had a son named Justin, and a daughter, Mary- Anne ; Justin married
ary Meagher ; and Mary-Anne married D. Falvey.

336 o'co.


O'CO. [part III.

daughter of Anne Sugrue, of
whom presently.
II. EUzabeth Walsh : the
younger daughter ; married
John O'SuUivan, and had :
I. John,Archdeacon of Kerry.

9. Mary Walsh : elder daughter
of Anne Sugrue and Captain
Stephen Walsh, m. Thomas O'Con-
nor, of Dingle (of the O'Connors of
Carrig-a-Foyle, West Kerry), and
had three sons.

I. Maurice, of whom presently.

II. John.

III. Thomas.

10. Maurice O'Connor : son of
Thomas ; m. Honoria Barrett, and
had nine sons and two daughters.
The sons were :

L Arthur, deceased.

11. Patrick, who married Miss de

Pothonier, and had — I.James,*
2. Annie, 3. Fanny.

III. Thomas.

IV. Walker.

Y. James, deceased.

VI. William, of whom presently.

VII. Maurice (d. 1885), who m.
Anne Hawdon, and had :

I. Annie, who died 1882.

VIII. Eoderick, deceased.

IX. Jordan.

The two daughters of Maurice
O'Connor were :

I. Mary, who m. Ryan.

II. Bridget, deceased.

11. William t O'Connor (b. 1817,
d. 1880) : the sixth son of Maurice ;
married in 1843, Charlotte Frances
O'Keeffe, (nee Day, born 1811, died
1886), and had five sons :

I. Arthur, of whom presently.

* James : This James O'Connor in 1881 married Maggie, a younger daughter of
John O'Connor (of the O'Connor Connaught family, New York, who, besides other
daughters named Ellie, Sarah, Fanny, &c., had a son John F. K. O'Connor, who in 1886,
married Constance Hamilton, daugliter of J. Hamilton Jaffrey, of Yonkers-on- Hudson,
United States, America,) and had — 1. John- Patrick, born 1881 ; 2, Kathleen; 3. James-
Arthur-Michael, born 1886.

t William : Of this William O'Connor, M.D., etc., we read in the Lancet, of the
18th September, 1880, p. 479 (London) :

" We have to record the death of Doctor William O'Connor, Senior Physician ta
the Koyal Free Hospital (London), which took place on the 3rd instant at his resi-
dence, 30 Upper Montagu Street, Montagu Square, W. He had been in practice in
this metropolis for close upon forty years, during twenty-five of which he was an
active member of the institution above mentioned. He was known principally for his
treatment of stomach and neuralgic affections, and for his success in the management
of the diseases of children.

Doctor O'Connor was descended from an ancient Kerry family, remarkable for the
great number of members whom it has afforded to oiir profession, including several of
his brothers . . . The deceased was ... of the same family as the celebrated
Bernard O'Connor, M.D. (above mentioned), who died in 1698, historically noted for,,
his Treatise Evanfjelmm Medici, and his accurate diagnosis in the case of the Duchesw
of Bedzeoil, sister of the King of Poland, to whom he was Physician. Of the threel
surviving sons of the deceased, Arthur O'Connor, Barrister-at-Law, is M.P. for Queen's
County (lie is now, in 1887, M.P. for East Donegal) ; another occupies an official)
position ; and the third sou, Bernard O'Connor, M.D., M.R.C.P. London, (late
Physician to the Westminster General Dispensary, in Gerrard Street, Soho, is in con
suiting practice in Brook Street, Grosvenor Square. It is a curious fact that the onl
jiossessor.s of the name " O'Connor" who have figured on the Eoll of the Pi,oyal Colleg(
of Physicians (of London) during the last three hundred years should bear the sam
Christian name : the one, the last named son of William ; and the other, the Physiciar
to the Polish King already referred to."

It may be here observed that Doctor William O'Connor, referred to in thii
Obituarv, was the first Catholic since the Eeformation who was ai)poiuted to anj
large public Hospital or similar Institution in England.

CHAP. Ill .] O'CO.


O'CO. 337

II. William Thomas Rees, bora
1845, d. 1878.

III. Ignatius (b. 1847), who in
1878, m. Mary (d. 1882), dau.
of Daniel Leahy, of Rosacon,
CO. Cork, and had :

I. Joseph Bernard, born 1880.

IV. Bernard,* M.D., London (b.
2nd Aug. 1849). Was twice
mar. : first, in 1874, to Jane
(d. 1879), another dau. of Daniel
Leahy, of Rosacon, co. Cork,
and by her had :

I. Jane-Mary-Frances.
This Bernard was m., secondly, in
1883, to Mariquita Noyes (b. 1859),
and has had :

I. Bernard-Hugh-Sarsfield,born
11th May, 1884.

II. D'Esmond-Joseph, b. 2nd
August, 1885.

III. Denis Roderick Joseph, b.
16th January, 1887.

V. Joseph, deceased.

12. Arthur O'Connor, Barrister-at-
Law, of London (b. 1844, and living
in 1887), M.P. for East Donegal
(was late M.P. for the Ossory Divi-
sion of the Queen's County) : eldest
son of William ; was twice married :
first in 1865, to Mary Jackson (d.
1873), and by her had two sons
and one daughter :

I. Arthur-John (born 1867), of

whom presently.
IL Gerald-Bernard, b. 1871.

I. Imelda.

Arthur was in 1875, m. to his
second wife, Ellen Connolly, and by
her has had issue :

II. Ursula.

III. Bessie.

IV. Ellen.

13. Arthur- John O'Connor, of
London : son of Arthur O'Connor,
M.P. ; b. 1867, and living in 1887.

* Bernard'. In The Medical Directory for 1887 (London : J. and A. Churchill),
London List, p. 224, we read : —

"O'Connor, Bernard, 17 St. James-place, S.W., A.B. Qu. Univ. Ireland, 1868;
M.D. ; Master in Surgery and L.M., 1872; M.R.C.P. Lond. 1880 ; (studied at Queen's
Coll. Cork ; Carmichael School and Whitworth, etc., Hosps. Dublin ; Univ. and Royal
Infirmary, Edin. ; St. Mary's Hospital, London ; and Ecole de Medicine, Bordeaux) ;
Fellow of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society ; Member of the Pathological
and Clinical Societies and British Medical Association ; Physician North London
Hospital for Consumption ; Consulting Physician Convent of Refuge ; Lecturer to the
National Health Society ; (late) Physician Westminster General Dispensary ; (late)
Editor of Hihernia. Author of : " Antiseptic Treatment of Surgical Wounds, with
special reference to Carbolic Acid ;" " The Medical and Allied Sciences in connection
with Professional Education ;" * ' Sur la Liqueur Eth^r^e dans la Diarrh^e, la Cholerine,
le Mai de Mer, et quelques autres Affections," 1877 ; *' A Simple View of the Essen-
tial Nature of Small-pox, and a consideration of some of the causes of Popular
Objection to Compulsory Vaccination," 1883. Contributions : *' Diphtheria, True and
False, and the Abuse of the Term," in Lancet, 1878 ; " Unusual Sequel of Hoemoptysis,"
ii)id., 1879; "Syphilitic Psoriasis," i^if^. 1881 ; "Enuresis in Children," ibid. 1881;
I* Congenital Ichthyosis," Transactions of the Clinical Society, 1882: "Symmetrical
tangrene," Trans. Pathological Soc, 1884; Articles on Sanitary Science and Medical
Reform and Education to the Medical Press.

The present Dr. Bernard O'Connor's first important case (1873) was an abcess of
the liver in the diagnosis of which he was opposed by two other Practitioners. (So it
was in 1694 in the case of Dr. O'Connor, above mentioned.) Each of the Doctors
O'Connor was away on the Continent, etc., for some six years or so, from London ; and,
On returning thereto, each was in Aj^ril, admitted to the College of Physicians : the
one, as a Licentiate, in 1696 ; the other, as a Member, in 1880. It is worthy of remark
that Doctor O'Connor (d. 1698) was the first man to dissect an elephant I


O'CO. [part III.

O'CONNOE. (No. a.)

Of Corcomroe, County Clare.

Arms : A man in armour shooting an arrow troma crossbow,
coronet an anchor erect entwined with a cable.

64. Fergus Mor (commonly
called " Fergus MacRoy") : son of

65. Core : his son.

66. Deadhachd : his son.

67. Ollamh (latinized " Ollavus") :
his son.

68. Meadh Euadh (" meadh :"
Irish, a scale for iveighing) : his son ;
a quo Ddl Meidhe or "The tribe of

69. Aibbilt : his son.

70. Anbheith : his son.

71. Aodh (or Hugh) Agna : his
son; had a brother named Conor,
who went into Scotland and there
settled. This Hugh was the an-
cestor of the Scotch families of
Forhes and Urquhart.

72. Achorb : son of Hugh Agna.

73. Neachtan : his son.

74. Mearchu : his son.

75. Oscar : his sou.

76. Earc : his son.

77. Enarc : his son.

78. Earc (2) : his son.

79. Meisinsalach : his son.

80. Meisin-Dunn : his son.

81. Oscar (2) : his son.

82. Cubroc : his son : whose

brother Fraoch was the ancestor of


83. Broc : his son.

84. Tal : his son ; a quo Car7i\

85. Amergin (" aimh :" Irish, a
negative prefix ; " eirigh," to rise) :
his son; a quo O'Amheirighin,
anglicised Bergin. (See " Bergin,"
under No. 100 on the "Moore"

86. Senach : his son.

87. Fulea : his son.

88. Dubh : his son.

89. Beocall: his son.

90. Ceallach : his son.

91. Maoldubh : his son.

92. Dubh-da-Chrioch ; his son.

93. Miodhlaoch ; his son.

94. Eachd-gaire (literally
of laughter") : his son.

95. Dubhruadh : his son.

96. Flathartach (" flaith :
a lord: " beartach," gen.,

Crest : On a ducal

CORC, the third son of Fergus Mor, who is No. 64 on the " Line of Ir,"
p. 301, was the ancestor of O'Connor, of Corcamruadh [corcomroe], in the
county Clare. The territories in Munster possessed by the descendants of
this Core* were, after him, called " Corcamruadh,'" " Corc-Oiche," and " Core
Galen ;" whereof they were styled Princes or Kings until their submission
to the Crown of England.

a fit

■ bear-

tai^he,'" tricky, cunning) : his son ; •
some say, O'Flaithbeartaighe |

a quo

(of Thomond); anglicised O'Fla-^


97. Samhradhan : his son:

* Core : From this Core were also descended O'Loghlin, of Borin (now " Burren,"
in the county Clare); Muintir Arglia ; O'Flaherty, of Thomond j 0' DubMhiorma
(or "Dermody"), lawyers and judges to O'Connor and O'Loghlin.

t Cam: This Irish word signifies "a pile of stones raised over the tomb of
deceased heroes :" compare with the Arabic word kern, *'a little hill."



o'fa. 339

98. Argha : his son j a quo
Mamtir Argha.

99. Melachlin : his son.

100. Conchobhar (or " the helping
warrior") : his son ; a quo O'Gon-
cohhartha, which has been anglicised
*' O'Connor" (of Corcomroe). This
Conchobhar had a younger brother
named Lochlann, who was the an-
cestor of O'Loghlin, of Burren, in
the county Clare.

101. Flann : son of Conchobhar.

102. Conor Mear : his son.

103. Lochlann O'Connor : his son;
the first of the family who assumed
this sirname ; had a brother named
Cathal, who was the ancestor of
Cahillf of the county Clare.

104. Cathal (or Charles) Mor:
his son.

105. Cathal Carragh: his son.

106. Cathal Oge: his son.

107. Donall Mantagh : his son.

108. Felim an Einigh : his son.

109. Conor Shoipleith : his son.

110. Brian: his son.

111. Brian Oge : his son..

112. Murtagh Muimhneach: his

113. Teige: his son.

114. Eory Glas: his son.

115. Brian Caoch : his son.

116. Murtagh (2) : his son.

117. Rory (2) : his son.

118. Hugh O'Connor, of Corcom-
roe : his son.

O'FARRELL. (No. 1.)
Princes of Annaly.

Arms : Yert a lion ramp. or. Crest : On a ducal coronet a greyhound courant,
with a broken chain to the collar round his neck, over that a regal crown ppr. Motto :
Bhris me mo greim (I have broken my hold).

Feargal, who (see page 303) is No. 105 on the " Line of Ir," was the
ancestor of this family. Had a brother named Maol-an-Eididh. This
Feargal was King of Conmacne ; and was slain fighting on the side of
Brian Boru, at the battle of Clontarf,* A.D. 1014:

son of Feargal.

110. Moroch: his son.

111. Daniel, or Donal : his son.

112. Awly: his son; living in
1268; his dau. Raghnalt, married
Hugh O'Connor, King of Conacht,
and was drowned in a bath, 1248.

113. Hugh ; his son ; ancestor of
the O'Farrells of Ballinalee ; had

106. Eochaidh

107. Seanloch: his son.

108. Braon O'Farrell : his son;
irst of the family that assumed this

109. Giollaiosa : his son ; had a
Tother named Cusleibhe, who was
ncestor of Leavij. This name Giol-
liosa has been latinized Gillacius,

^elasiuSi and angUcised Giles.

* Clontarf : That this Feargal was the Feargal mentioned as slain, fighting on the
side of Brian Boru, at the Battle of Clontarf, a.d. 1014, is by some writers doubted,
for, on searching the accounts of that Battle, and the lists of the slain, given in several
accessible Annals, they can find no mention of him. But in the Annals of Ulster there
lis mention of a Domhnall Ua Fearghail, of the Fortuatha-Laighean, in the county
Wicklow, who fell in that memorable Battle. Perhaps Feargal, who is No. 1 0-3 on the
" O'Farrell " pedigree, is confounded with this Domhnall Ua Ferghail, who was a
Heremonian !

340 o'far.


o'far. [part III.

two sons, Gillacius and Cucbon-

114. Gillacius (2): his son; had
two sons : — 1. John, and 2. Moroch.

115. Moroch (2) : his son.

116. Cathal (or Charles) : his son ;
had three sons :— 1. Conor, 2.
Thomas, and 3. Murrogh Mor.

117. Thomas: his son; had two
sons: — I.Edmund, and 2. Cathal.
Edmund was father to Bryan and
Geoffrey, progenitors of the O'Far-
rells of Granard.

118. Cathal (2) : his son; had two
sons — 1. Eoger, and 2. Thomas
(1490). Thomas had a son Ceadach,
who was father of Lisagh, ancestor
of the O'FarreUs of Edgeivorthstoivn.

119. Roger : son of Cathal (2).

120. Brian Buidhe (pr. bwee or
Boij) : his son; had two sons: — 1.
Aodh Oge; and 2. Fachna. (1)
Aodh Oge was father of Fergus
(1599), who was ancestor of the
O'Farrell Buidhe; and (2) Fachna
was ancestor of the O'Farrells of

121. Fachna: son of Brian Buidhe ;
living in 1585 ; attended Perrott's
Parliament that year in Dublin.

122. Iriol : his son.

123. James : his sod.

124. Roger: his son.

125. Francis : his son.

126. Roger : bis son.

127. James O'Farrell : his
living in the 18 th century.

son ;


John, the eldest son of Gillacius, who is Xo. 114 on the No. 1 " O'Farrell"
>Stem, was the ancestor of this family :

115. John : son of Gillacius O'Far-
rell ; had two sons : — 1. Donal, and

2. Hugh.

116. Donal ; son of John.

117. John : his son.

118. Cormac: his son.

119. Donal (2): his son.

120. William: his son; living in
1585 ; attended Perrott's Parlia-
ment in Dublin in that year.

121. Ros : his son ; living in 1598.

O'FARRELL. (No. 3.)

Of Fiathline.

Hugh, who is No. 113 on the " O'Farrell" (No. 1) Stem, was ancestor of.
this family :

114. Cuchonnacht: son of Hugh 116. Fergal : his son.
O'Farrell. 117. John: his son.

115. Giollaiosa : his son. 118. Cormac Ballach : his son.

CHAP, in.] O'FAR.


o'far. 341

O'FAJIRELL. (No. 4.)

Chiefs of Clanhugh.

John, son of Gillacius OTarrell, who is No. 114 on the OTarrell " (No. 1)
Stem, was the founder of this family :

whose son Siacus Cam was founder
of the O'Farrells of Caltmgh and

120. Murrogh: his son.

121. Murrogh Oge : his son.

122. Geoffrey: his son; living in

115. John : son to Gillacius OTar-

116. Hugh ; his son ; had two5ons
— 1. Gillacius, and 2. Cuchonacht.

117. Gillacius : his son.

118. Murrogh : his son.

119. Cathal: his son; had two
sons — 1. Murrogh, and 2. Fergal,


OTARRELL. (No. 5.)

Of Magh Treagha.

Cuchonacht, second son of Hugh who is No. 116 on the "OTarrell"
(No, 4), of Clanhugh pedigree, was the ancestor of this family :

117. C u chonacht : son

118. Matthew : his son.

119. Edmund : his son.



120. Hugh Mor : his son.

121. Hugh Oge : his son.

122. Gerald: his son; living in

OTARRELL. (No. 6.)

Of Kenagh,

Conor, eldest son of Cathal, who is No. 116 on OTarrell (No. 1) pedi-
gree, was the founder of this branch of that family :

117. Conor: son of Cathal OTar-

118. Ros

his son; living in 1460.
119. Lisagh: his son; had two
sons — 1. Edmund, 2. Carbry, whose

son John Ruadh was ancestor
the O'Farrells of Killashee,

120. Edmund : son of Carbry.

121. Fergus : his son.


342 o'far.


o'lOG. [fAKI III.

OTAERELL. (No. 7.)
Chiefs of Olanawley.

MuEROGH MoR, third son of Cathal, who is No. 116 on the *' OTarrell
(No. 1) pedigree, was the ancestor of this branch of the family:

117. Murrogh Mdr : son to Cathal

118. Murrogh Og : his son.

119. Brian : his son.

1 20. John : his son.

121. Daniel : his son;




Chiefs of Burren, County Clare,

Arms : Gu. A man in complete armour facirg the sinister, shooting an arrow from
a bow all ppr. Crest : An anchor entwined with a cable ppr. Motto : Anchora

LocHLANN, the younger brother of Conor who is No. 100 on the
"O'Connor" (Corcomroe) pedigree, was the ancestor of O^Lochloin ;
anglicised O'LoghJin.

100. Lochlann* ("loch:" Irish, a
sea or lake; Latin " lac-us ;" and
Irish "Ion," jpoicerfnl) : son of
Meiachlin; a quo O'Lochloin, of
Burren. t

101. Melachlin : his son.

102. Amhailgadh [AwJy] : his

103. Melachlin O'Loghlin : his son;
the first of the family who assumed
this sirname.

104. Amhailgadh : his son.

105. Congalach : his son.

106. Donoch : his son.

107. Annadh Cam (" cam :" Irish
crooled ; Pers. " kam ;" Chald.
" kam-ar ; " Gr. " kam-pto," to
lend; Lat. "cam-urus"): his son.

This Annadh (" annadh :" Irish,
delay) was the ancestor of Oli
Aanaidh, anglicised Banna and

108. Melachlin Cam O'Loghlin :
his son ; had three brothers — 1.
Brian, 2. Iriall, and 3. Donoch ; the
generations descended from this
Melachlin, and his brothers Brian
and Iriall, we are at present unable
to trace, but those from his brother
Donoch are as follows :

109. Annadh : son of said Donoch

110. Eory : his son.

111. Melachlin : his son.

112. Anthony : his son; died A.D.
1617. This Anthony had two sons

* LocJdann : The Irish locJdon is the root of lochlonnach, which is the Irish for '' a
Dane :" no doubt, because the Danes -were powerful at sea.

+ Burren : The root of this word is the Irish loireann, which here means " a rocky
district ;" same as that at Bally vaughan, county Clare, where stands the ancient castle
of O'Loghlin of Burren.

CHAP. III.] o'lOG.


QUI. 343

— 1. Uaithne (Owny or Anthony),
who died before his father ; and 2.

113. Eos: son of Anthony.

114. Melachlin (or Malachi) : his
son; died, 1633.

115. Anthony (2) : his son.

116. Torlogh : his son.

117. Donogh : his son.

118. Torlogh O'Loghlin, of Barren:
his son ; was living A.D. 1724.

Sir Colman O'Loghlin, Bart.,
Member of Parliament for the
county Clare, who died unmarried
in 1877, was the eldest son of Sir

Michael O'Loghlin (the first baronet
in this family), who was son of
Colman, son of Hugh, son of Mala-
chi O'Loghlin ; but we do not know
the relationship which this Malachi
O'LoghlinboretoTorlogh O'Loghlin,
No. 118 above-mentioned (living in
1724), or to any of the names on
this pedigree preceding the said
Torlogh. On the death of the above-
mentioned Sir Colman O'Loghlin,
the second baronet, his brother Sir
Bryan, of Australia, succeeded to
the baronetcy ; and was elected in
1877 an M.P. for the county Clare.
— The Author,


Lords of Muintlr Gillagain, County Longford.

Arms : Vert a pegasus pass, wings elevated ar. a chief or.

GiOLLAGAN, a brother of Eimhin who is No. 101 on the " Line of Ir," p.
303, was the ancestor of MacCuinn and O'Cuinn (lords of Muintir Gillagain
— a territory in the county Longford) ; anglicised O^Quinn^ MacQuin7i,

MacQueen, Quinn, and Quin.

101. Giollagan ("giolla:" Irish, a
minister or page) : son of Croman ;
a quo O'Giollagain, anglicised Gilli-
gan and CGalligan.

102. Sgannan : his son.

103. Gormgal : his son.

104. Conn ("conn:" Irish, wis-
dom) : his son ; a quo MacCuinn
and O'Cuinn.

105. Searragh : son of Conn.

106. Aodh (or Hugh) O'Quinn :
his son ; first of the family who
assumed this surname.

107. Donogh : his son.

108. Teige : his son.

109. Sitric : his son.

110. Amhailgadh [awley] : his'son

111. Gormgal (2): his son.

112. Dermod: his son.

113. Giolla-na-Naomh : his son.

114. Gormgal (3) : his son.

115. Cuchonacht: his son.

116. Cathal : his son.

117. Cairbre : his son.

118. Felim O'Quinn : his son.

344 KEY.


REY. [part III.

REYNOLDS. (No. 1.)

Arms : Az. a chev. erm. betw. crosses crosslet fitch^e ar. Crgsi : An eagle close
ar. ducally gorged and lined or.

EiMHiN, who is No. 101 on the "Line of Ir," p. 303, had three brothers
— 1. Biobhsach, who was the ancestor of MacRadhTiaill (anglicised Mac
Rannall, MacEandall, Magrannell, Ftei/nell, Reynolds) ; 2. Gearabhan ; and
3. Giollagan, who was the ancestor of Quinn (of Longford), as in the preced-
ing pedigree. This Biobhsach's proportion of his father's inheritance was
situate in Conmaicne Eheine, which his posterity enjoyed ; and the chiefs
of whom (who were called MacRannall) were styled " lords."

101. Biobhsach : son of Croman.

102. Eolus : his son ; after whom
his part of the territory of Con-
maicne Rheine was called Muintir
Eoluis (" eolus :" Irish, Icnoidedge),
anglicised TFallis: which territory
is now divided into the three upper
baronies of the county Leitrim, viz. :
Leitrim, Mohill, and Carrigallen.

103. Maolmuire : his son; lord of
Conmaicne Rheine; had two bro-
thers — 1. Brocan, who was ancestor

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