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leir resting place in the Cathedral of ValladoUd. Although he was appointed Arch-
shop of Tuam in 1610, the proscription of Catholicism in Ireland prevented his ever
king possession of his see. Through his exertions the Irish College at Louvain was
unded, in 1616. His latter years were occupied in the publication of works on St.
ugustine and his writings. He died on the 18th November, 1629, in one of the
ranciscan convents at Madrid, aged about 69 years. His remains were transferred in
)54 to the Louvain College, where they repose under a marble monument.

+ MacConroi : The " MacConrois" gave name to their old home of BaikMacCon-
(anglicised "Bally MacConroy" and " BaUymaconry"), now usually rendered
Kingston" — near Streamstown, Connemara ; and were one of the tribes who possessed
""est Galway, before the Joyces settled there (see the "Joyce" pedigree). The Conroi
jre mentioned was the first chief of the territory of Gnomore in lar-Connaught. Of
e origin of Gnomore, O'Flaherty, in his Ogygia, p. 387, says : " Gnomore et Gnobeg
10 filii Lugaddii," etc. O'Dugan states that, in the twelfth century, MacConroi was
ief of Gnomore, and O'Heyny chief of Gnobeg. The barony of Moycullen, County
alway, was created a.d. 1585 ; and was formed of the two ancient territories of
nomore and Gnobeg. After the twelfth century the O'Flahertys seized upon this

388 CON.


CON. [part III. ;

92. Anmire: son of Crimthann.

93. Konan : his son.

94. Foranan : his son.

95. Crunmaol : his son.

96. Maoldun : his son.

97. Fergal : his son.

98. Florence : his son.

99. Neachtan : his son ; had a
brother named Suibhneach, who
was the ancestor of Macnamee.

100. Dubhdahna: son of Neach-

101. Brocan : his son.

102. Flaithgheal : his son ; had a
brother named Sealbaoth, who was
the ancestor of Slaman.

103. Conair (" conair," gen. " con-
aire :" Irish, a icay) : his son ; a quo
MacConaire, etc. (as above).

104. Paul Mor : his son.

105. Maoillinn : his son.

106. Paul Oge : his son.

107. Consalach : his son.

108. Tanaidhe (Tanny or Nath-
aniel) : his son.

109. Dunlong : his son.

110. Dunnin : his son.

111. Tanaidhe (2) : his son.

112. Paidin (Faidin: Irish, a dim-

inutive of " Patrick") : his son ; a
quo MacPhaidin, anglicised Mac- »
Fadden, Padden^* Patten, and PaU
tison. This Paidin [paudeen] had a
brother named Giollaiosa.

1 1 3. Conang Eolach (" eolach ; " |
Irish, cunning) : son of Paidin ; a \
quo O'Eolu'ighe (of Connaught), an-
glicised Gunning ; had a brothen
named Maurice. '

114. Tanaidhe Eolach: son of

115. Conang Buidhe : his son ; had
a brother named MaoUinn.

116. Neidhe: son of Conang

117. Paidin (2): his son; had ^
brother named Donogh.

118. Tanaidhe M6r : sonof Paidic

119. Maollinn : his son; had i
brother named John Ruadh.f

120. Lochlann : his son; had j
brother named Toranach {toran
Irish, " a great noise"), a quo J/ai
Toi'anaigli, anglicised Toriiey, and

121. Paidin (2): son of Lochlann

122. Muirgheas O'Conaire (o
Mulconaire) : his son.

territory, after having been themselves driven from their own ancient inheritance, oi
the east side of Lough Corrib, by the De Burgos (or De Burcs). Many centuries aftei
the above-mentioned Conroi's time, some of his descendants emigrated westward towards
the coast and settled in this district of Bally MacConroy, to which they gave the name.
After the introduction of the English language into lar-Connaught, the name of th(
Clan MJdc Conroi was anglicised MacConry, etc., and finally, but improperly, King, dn
if the original name was Mac-an-Righ, which means " son of the King." The districi
of Bally MacConroy was also anglicised "Kingstown;" and thus the ancient nam<
was whoUy obliterated. — Hardimax.

* Padden : There was another family of MacPaddin^ modernized Padden, whicl
■was descended from the Barretts of Munster ; and another from Brian Oge O'Brienj
of the " O'Brien" (of Thomond) family.

I John Ruadh : This John (or Shane) Ruadh had a son Donal Ruadh, who was
father of Connor O'Mulconry, who was father of Maolmuire of FuUon, who was father
of MaoUin O'Conry (d. on 5th January, 1637), who was m. to Katherine, daughter of
Teio-e O'Flanagan of Conneloin, county Roscommon. This Maollin had five sons — 1.
Thorva O'Conry, m. to Evelin, dau. of Ferdorach Branon ; 2. Conry ; 3. Morie ; 4.
Donoch ; 5. Paidin.

:hap. IV.] CON.



Arms: Az. a lion pass, guard, paly of six ar. and or, betw. tliree gauntlets of the
jecond all within a bordure engr. of the last.

REAMTHANN, a brother of Breanan who is No. 90 on the "Fox" (of
Meath) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacConmeadha ; anglicised Mac-
Oonmy, Conmy, MacComuay, and Conway.*

90. Cream thann : son of Brian.

91. Anmireach : his son.

92. Eonan : his son.

93. Forannan : his son.

94. Cronmaol : his son.

95. Maolduin : his son,

96. Feargal : his son.

97. Flann : his son.

98. Suibhneach : his son.

99. Dubron: his son.

100. Cearnach: his son.

101, Laoghacan : his son.

102. Anbioth : his son.

103. Kuarc : his son.

104. Conn :'his son.

105. Giolla Channigh : his son.^

106. Cumeadh (meadh : Irish,
metheglin) : his son ; a quo Mac-

107. Sitreach : his son.

108. Cumeadh : his son.

109. Eonan MacConmeadha : his

Of Galioay,

Arms : Az. three bezants in pale betw. two palets ar. a chief or. Crest : a hand
souped in fesse holding a sword in pale on the point thereof a garland of laurel all ppr.

is No. 91 on the " O'Kelly" (of Hy-
'Cormaic ; anglicised CormacL

97. Cucaiseal : his son.

98. Folachthach : his son.

99. Euidhghrin : his son.

100. Maolcobhach : his son.

101. Cearbhall : his son.

102. Niall O'Cormack, of Maon-
muighe : his son.

Creamthann, a brother of Dalan who
Maine) pedigree, was the ancestor of

91. Creamthann : son of Breassal.

92. Cormacj (" cormac :" Irish, a
brewer) : his son ; a quo O'Cormaic.

93. Secc: his son.

94. Fiontan UallachJ : his son.

95. Lachtnan : his son.
9G. Fachtnan ; his son.

* Conway : In the Province of Connaught the Irish sirname 0' Connaghain has also
been anglicised Conwaij. — Seethe '• Counaghan" pedigree.

t Cormac : This name originally meant " The son of the Chariot."
X Uallach: This Fiontan Uallach ("uallach:" Irish, vain, ostentatious), was an-
cestor of O'Uallaighe; anglicised Hoivley, and Wallace (of Connaught).

390 coE.


COU. [part III,


Arms ; Sa. three fleurs-de-lis ar. Crest ; A clmrcli and spire ppr.

Cathal, brother of Fergal, who is No. 101 on the "Donnelly" pedigree,'
was the ancestor of 0' Coraidhegain ; anglicised Cmrigan,

101. Cathal : son of Cumascach. I hero :" his son; a quo O^Coraid-

102. Coraidhegan (" coraidhe :" [ hegain ; had a brother named Cair-
Irish, a hero), meaning " the little ] bre, a quo O'Carlery, of Orgiall.


TiGHEAENACH, son of Muredach (or Muireadach), son of Eoghan, son oi
Niall of the Nine Hostages, the 126th Monarch of Ireland, and No. 87 on
the " O'Neill" (of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of 0' Connaghain ;
anglicised Couniha?!, Cunigham, Cunigan, Cunnighamj Cunnimne, Conyngham,
and Conicay.*

battles): his son : a quo 0^ Connaghain

93. Conall : his son.

94. Amhailgadh : his son.

95. Teige : his son.

96. Aodh : his son.

97. Owen : his son.

98. Murtagh : his son.

99. Owen (3) : his son.
100. Murtagh : his son.

87. Niall of the Nine Hostages,
the 126th Monarch of Ireland.

88. Eoghan (or Owen) : his son.

89. Muredach : his son ; had a
brother named Eochaidh Binne.

90. Tighernach : son of Muirea-

91. Daire (or Darius) : his son.

92. Cunaghan (" cu :" Irish, the
hound, or uarrior ; " an-agha," of the

We are unable to trace this pedigree down to the undermentioned
Rodger O'Cunnivane, who was born, a.d. 1680.

1. Rodger (or Roady O'Cunni
vane ; born 1680.

2. Timothy : his son.

3. Darby : his son.

4. Mihil (or Michael) : his son.

5. Thomas : his son.

6. Michael Cunningham, of Ennis,
county Clare : his son.

7. John Cunningham, of Dublin :
his son ; living in 1887. Had three
brothers and three sisters : the bro-
thers were — 1. Thomas (d. 1879) ;
2. Michael ; 3. Terence. The sisters
are — 1. Mary- Anne, m. to Patrick
Dunne ; 2. Margaret ; 3. Sarah
This John was, in July, 1877, mar

* Corrigan : Of this family ^vas the late lamented Sir Dcminic John Corrigan,
Bart., M.D., of Cappagh and Inniscorrig, co. Dublin ; Vice -Chan cell or of the Queen"
University in Ireland, and formerly M.P. for Dublin. Sir Dominic's Armorial Bearings
were — Arms : Or, a chev. betw. two trefoils slipped in chief vert and a lizard in base,
ppr. Crest : A sword in pale point downwards, in front thereof two battle-axes in
saltire, all ppr. Motto: Consilio et impetu.

t Conway: Of this family is the Most Kev. Dr. Conway, Catholic Bishop of the
diocese of EiUala ; living in 1887.


COW. 391

ied in St. Mary's Catholic Church,
ffaddington Road, Dublin, to Mary-
Slizabeth (d. 1st Jan., 1880), second
laughter of John O'Hart, Dublin,

the Writer of this Work. Surviving
issue of that marriage, one daughter
named Elizabeth, living in 1887.

COWELL. (No. 1.)

Arms : Az. a lion ramp. ar. on a label of three points gu. nine bezants. Crest : On
1 chapeau gu. turned up erm. a lion pass, or, gorged with a label of three points of the

Fearach, a brother of Murtogh Mor MacEarca, the 131st Monarch, and
who is No. 90 on the " O'Neill (Princes of Tyrone) pedigree, was the
ancestor of MacCathmliaoill ; anglicised MacCawell, 3IacCoweU, MacCaghwell,
MacKevill, MacCaul, Caul, Caulfield, Caldwell, Campbell, Camijhill, Colvill,
Colwell, Colwill, Coghill, Coyle, Cowell, Hawellj Howell, Hemphill, Keavill,
Keevill, and Keawell.

90. Fearach : third son of Mure-

91. Fiachra : his son.

92. Fiachna : his son.

93. Suibhneach Meann ("meann:"
Irish, famous) : his son ; a quo
O'Meannaighe, anglicised Meanny.

94. Edalach : his son ; had an
elder brother named Cuaghan
(" cuagan :" Irish, the hinder part
of the head), who was the ancestor
of O'Cuagain,* anglicised Coogan,
Cogan, and Coggin,

95. Donchar : son of Edelach.

96. Cugabhna : his son.

97. Conan : his son.

98. Donachar (2) : his son.
■^ 99. Cathmhaoill ("cath:" Irish,
a battle; "maoil," a heap): his
son ; a quo MacCathmhaoill.'\

100. Breasal: his son.

101. Murtogh: his son.

102. Fogartach : his son.

103. Maolcolum ("colum:" Irish,
a dove), meaning 'Hhe devoted of
St. Columkill :" his son ; a quo
MacMaolcoluim, anglicised Malcolm,
and Malcolmson.

104. Suibhneach : his son.

105. Colla: his son.

106. Ranal MacCathmaoill : his

COWELL. (No. 2.)

Of Scotland,

In the "Cowell" (No. 1) pedigree we see that Fearach, a brother of
Muirceartach (or Mortogh) Mor MacEarca, the 131st Monarch of Ireland,

* O' Cuagain : This simame has, by some writers, been considered the same as
MacCagadhain ; but " MacCagadhain" and *' O'Cuagain" are two distinct families.

t MacCathmhaoill : See at No. 99 on the "Kiernan" pedigree, for another Mac
Caihmhaoill family, of the Clan Colla, and of the Cineal Feareacluighe.


was the ancestor of MacCathmlmoill. Amongst Fearach's other brothers
was Fergus M6r MacEarca, as we see in the following extract :

*' In A.D. 498, Fergus Mor MacEarca (a brother of Muirceartach Mor MacEarca .
above mentioned), in the twentieth year of the reign of his father, Muredach, son of "
(Eugenius, or) Owen, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages . . . with a complete
Army, went into Scotland to assist his grandfather Loarn, who was King of Dalriada,
and who was much oppressed by his enemies the Picts, who were in several battles
and engagements vanquished and overcome hj Fergus and his party. Whereupon, on
the king's death, which happened about the same time, the said Fergus was
unanimously elected and chosen king, as being of the Blood Roj^al, by his mother ;
and the said Fergus was the first absolute king of Scotland, of the Milesian Race : so
the succession continued in his blood and lineage ever since to this day. — Four

As the MacCathmJmwll family here mentioned is descended from i
Fearach, a brother of the said Fergus Mor LlacEarca, it is, no doubt, the '
Coioel^ (or Camphel) family mentioned in Jacob's Peerage ;* for, according
to said Peerage, we find that by letters-patent, bearing date at Kensington,
the 23rd June, 1701, Archibald, the 10th Earl of Argyle, was created
"Duke of Argyle," and amongst other titles, that of " Earl of Cambel
and Cowel." And (see No. 99 on the " Kiernan" pedigree) there was
another MacCatlimhaoiU family located in Tirowen, Ireland.

In connexion with the Scotch " Cowell" family, it is a strange fact
that the 74th Regiment, called when originally raised the "Argyll
Highlanders," wear a dark tartan, relieved by streaks of white, known as
the " Lamond." As Fearach was the ancestor of the family, and that the
Lamonds were called the Clan ic Earachar, who were afterwards known
as the "Maclamans of Lamonds," it is easy to understand that the
Lamonds were the most ancient proprietors of Coirell. As the traveller
passes through the Kyles of Bute he can look up Loch Striven at the
rounded tops of the " Cowall" mountains ; and, on his right, will see, at
the entrance of the Loch, Port Lomond. It is therefore not wonderful,
that a Eegiment, called at its first raising the "Argyll Highlanders,"
should wear the colours of a Clan dwelling of old in Airer Gaedhil,\
anglicised Argtjll and Argyle.

Peerage : "A complete English Peerage, containing a G enealogical. Biographical,
and Historical Account of the Peers of this Realm ; together with the different
branches of each family ; including a particular relation of the most remarkable
transactions of those who have eminently distinguished themselves in the Service of
their Country, both in the Field and in the Cabinet, from the Conquest down to the
present time. To which is prefixed a succinct history of the Houses of Brunswic,
Brandenburgh, Saxe-Gotha, and Mecklenburgh. By the Rev. Alexander Jacob,
Chaplam in Ordinary to His Majesty, and Chaplain to His Grace the Duke of
Chandos. London : 1767."

t Airer Gaedhil : According to Dr. Joyce, the most important colony from Ireland
which settled in Scotland was that which in the fifth century was led by Fergus M6r
MacEarca and his brothers, as above mentioned ; and which was known by the name
of Airer Gaedhil, meaning the territory of the Gael or Ii-ish.


COW. 393

COWELL. (No. 3.)
Of Logadowden^ in the County of Dublin.

Arms : Erm. a hind trippant gu. Crest : A lion pass, guard, gu. ducally crowned
ind plain collared or. Motto : Fortis et celer.

For the fuller pedigree of this family see our Irish Landed Gentry,
pp. 616-619 (Dublin : James Duffy and Sons. First Edition, 1884, and
:5econd Edition, 1887).

COWELL. (No. 3.)

Of Logadowden, County Dublin.

lCCORDING to the Wills (which were proved in the Prerogative Court,

fublin, in the years 1768 and 1782, respectively), of Bryan Cowell, of

)gadowden, co. Dublin, and his wife Catherine, the said Bryan had six

►ns and three daughters. The sons were— 1. Colvill, 2. Thomas,

George, 4. Bartholomew, 5. John, 6. Bryan ; and the daughters were—

i Sarah, who m. George Lyddel Higgins, of the Silver Hills, co. Dublin,

i left issue ; 2. Mary ; 3. Anne, who married Benjamin Helden, of Gran-

l, county Longford, and left issue. Of the sons (1) Colvill (3) George, and

Bryan, we find no marriage recorded ; but the issue, so far as we can

it, of each of the three sons (2) Thomas, (4) Bartholomew, and (5)

in, is here given down to the present time. Commencing with said

Thomas, the following is the issue :

2. Thomas Cowell, of Ballymore
Eustace and Harristown : second
3on of Bryan ; was bur. at Bally-
more Eustace, on the 26th June,
1782. Thomas m. on 20th Aug.,
1750, Mary Kavanagh, of Kilcullen-
bridge, co. Kildare, and had two

I. Eichard, of whom presently.
IL Henry Whytehead, b. 22nd
Jan., 1753 (old style); d. young.

3. Eichard, of Ballymore Eustace
and 30 Upper Baggot-street, Dub-
lin: son of Thomas; b. 20th Jan.,
1752 (o.s.) Married, in 1778, as his
second wife Charlotte, eldest dau.
of the Eev. John Wisdom, M.A.,

Vicar of Lusk, co. Dublin, and had
four sons, and three daus. :

I. John- Wisdom, who married his
cousin Julia, dau. of Benjamin
Helden, of Granard, co. Long-
ford, and had three daughters,
all of whom d. unm.
IL George, of whom presently.

III. Henry, who d. unm.

IV. Eichard, who also d. unm.
4. George ; second son of Eichard ;

a Land-Surveyor ; who on the 12th
Feb., 1806, m. Margaret, only dau.
of Daniel Fearon, of Upper Baggot-
street, Dublin, and had four sons :
I. George-Clayton (b. 1808), of
whom presently.

394 cow.


COW. [part III.

II. Daniel Fearon, who d. young.

III. Eichard- William, who d. on
25th March, 1867, s.p. legi.

IV. William-Henry, who d. young.
5. George-Clayton Cowell : eldest

son of George; b. 16th May, 1808 ;
d. 11th June, 1859, and was bur.
at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin,
where his parents and grand-parents
had also been interred. George
Clayton Cowell was twice m. ; first
on the 20th October, 1836, to Eliza-
Jane, only child of the Eev. Andrew
Story Young, B.A., of Garrison

The issue of Bartholomew, fourth
2. Bartholomew, of Harristown,
who m. Jane-Davis, dau. of George
Higgins, of the Silver Hills, county
Dublin, and by her had (with
daughters, the eldest of whom,
Margaret, m. Eobert Crawley) four
sons ;

I. George, born 1755, of whom

II. Eobert, a Major, Eegt. ;

d. at Windsor in 1836.

III. William-Henry-Clayton, Lt.-

Colonel, "Eegt., b. 26th

June, 1760; m. Esther, dau.
of Peter Metge, of Athlumney,
CO. Meath, and by her had one
child :

1. John- William, b. 23rd June,
1792 (Deed registered 5th
April, 1824).

IV. John-Clayton-Cowell : fourth
son of Bartholomew; Lieut.-
Colonel 1st Eoyals ; A.D.C. to
H.E.H. the Duke of Kent.;
Governor of St. Thomas's
Island; b. in 1762, and d. at
Gosport, in 1819; m. in 1796,
Ithamar, dau. of James Steven-
son, and by her had two sons
and three daughters : — 1. John-
Clayton, of whom presently, and

2. William, who d. young :

I. John-Clayton Cowell ; Lieut.
1st Eoyals; born in 1800;

House, Garrison, co. Fermanagh,
by whom he had three sons and
one daughter :

I. Eev. George Young Cowell,
M. A. ; Canon of Kildare ; living
in 1887.

II. Andrew-Eichard. of CuUentra^i
CO. Wexford, M.D. Eetired
List Bombay Army ; also living
in 1877.

III. William-Fearon, who d. young,
I. Mary- Anne Margaret, who d.


son of Bryan Cowell, is as follows :

m. in 1829, Frances Ann
Hester, youngest dau. of
the Eev. Eichard and Lady
Elizabeth -Jane Brickenden,
and by her had three sons
and two daughters :
Major-Gen. Sir John Clay-
ton Cowell (Eet. List),
E.E., K.C.B.

II. Eichard-Lambart Bricken-
den, Major Artillery Volun-

III. Hussey-Vivian-Jervis ; b.
in 1839, and d. in 1852.

3. George : eldest son of Bartho-
lomew ; b. 27th Feb., 1755 ; m.
Amelia, daughter of Gilbert White,
of Ardenode, co. Dublin, and had
six sons :

I. George, Major 76th Eegiment,
who d. at Cawnpore, s. p.

II. William, Lieut.-Colonel, 42nd
Eegiment j C.B. ; Medal with
Clasp ; d. s. p. legi (Will proved
in the Diocese of Dublin, in

IIL Henry-Clayton, bom 1780, of
whom presently.

IV. James-Gifford, b. 17th Aug.,
1785 ; Captain 71st Eegiment,
(formerly First Eoyals); m.
Letitia ; dau. of Major Ormsby
and had one child Letitia, who
d. young.



COW. 395

V. Frederick - Luke - Gardiner,
Lieut. 23rd Eoyal Welsh Fusi-
liers ; m. Isabella, " dau. of
Mary Johnston," of Down-
patrick, and had one child :

I. Frederica, who m.

de Spalier (Marriage Settle-
ment registered on the 7th
Sept., 1811).
VL John, Lieut. 1st Eoyals; d.

at Tobago, in 1805, s. p.
4. Henry-Clayton : third son of
]leorge; born 29th Sept., 1780;
Lieut.-Colonel 1st Eoyals ; married

Esther-Anne Parr, and had two
sons and six daughters :

I. Henry-Eobert, of whom pre-

II. James-Ormsby, who d. young.

5. Henry-Eobert: son of Henry-
Clayton ; Lieut.-Colonel 2nd West
India Eegiment (formerly Captain
in the Buffs) ; was twice married :
first, to Maria Janisch, by whom he
had one son and a daughter :

I. Henry-Clayton, formerly Capt,

36 th Eegiment.
I. Letitia-Louisa.

The issue of John, the fifth son of Bryan Cowell, above mentioned is
IS follows :

2. John, who married Sarah, sister
)f Benjamin Helden, of Granard,
10. Longford, by whom he had two
sons and four daughters :

I. George, Captain in the Irish

Artillery, who married

Ogilvie ; no issue.

II. John Helden, of whom pre-

3. John-Helden : second son of
John ; Capt. 64th Eegiment ; Will

proved in the Prerogative Court,
Dublin, in 1799 ; m. Fanny Lindsay,
of Hollymount, co. Mayo, and had
two children :

I. William-Helden Cowell,* who
obtained his Ensigncy in the
42nd Eegt. in 1815 ; d. unm.

II. Matilda, who married Thomas
Bayly, Capt. 1st Eoyals, and
left two sons and one daugh-

COWELL. (No. 4.)

Of Armagh,

In the will of Eobert Cowell, of Tynan, co. Armagh, dated 4th June, 1627,
the said Eobert speaks of his son Henry ; of his daughter Magdaline, who
was then wife of Hugh Acline (see Burke's Peerage, for 1886, Lineage
under Sir Thomas Echlin, Bart ) ; of Matthew Lord and Eobert Lord his
executors : " out of my most certain lands in the co. Monaghan ;" the
land of the Errighe and the Grange ; his son Henry was to be educated
at the Dublin University ; Hugh Acline (or Echlin), his son-in-law, and
his daughter Magdaline, to have the reversion of his property in case of
the death of his son Henry Cowell; but said Hugh and Henry were
killed in action.

* Cowell : For fuller information respecting this " Cowell" (No. 3) family, 'see
om: Irish Landed Gentry when Cromwell came to Ireland.




COX. [part III.

COWELL. (No. 5.)
Of Enniscrone, County Sligo.
Arms : A Lion passant, in dexter paw an olive branch.

James Cowell m. a Miss Jones,
and had three sons :

1. James, who m. a Miss Kane,
and had issue.

II. John.

III. Patrick," of whom presently.

2. Patrick : third son of James ;
married a Miss Quinn, and had six
children, namely, three sons, and
three daughters :

I. James, of whom presently.

II. John, who m. a Miss Carroll.

III. Peter, who m. a Miss Nolan,
and had issue.

I. Bridget, who m.Bryan Kilcullen,
of Enniscrone, and had issue.

II. Margaret, who m. Eichard
Burnett (No. 6 on the "Burnett"
genealogy, infra) and had

III. Cicily, who m. — Price, and
had issue.

3. James : eldest son of Patrick ;

m. Sarah (or "Sally") Kilcullen,
and had three sons and three daus. :

I. Peter, of London, who m., and
had a dau. ; both living in 1887.

II. John, of Eose Cottage, Ennis-
crone, CO. Sligo, living unm.
in 1887.

III. Patrick, of whom presently,
living in 1887.

I. Mary, who m. Patrick MacHale,
of Castleconnor, and had issue.

II. Catherine, who m. Martin
Gordon, and had issue.

III. Bridget, living unm. in 1887.

4. Patrick Cowell, of Enniscrone,
CO. Sligo : third son of James ; m. and
had issue, of whom were (in 1884) :

I. John, of whom presently.

II. James.

III. WiUiam.

5. John Cowell : eldest son of
Patrick, of Enniscrone





Arms : Sa. a chev. betw. three bucks' scalps ar. Crest
the hand holding a triple branch of pinks ppr. leaved vert.

Caoch, brother of Cathal, who is No. 113 on the "O'Eeilly" pedigree, was
the ancestor of MacCoich ; anglicised Cox.

On an arm ar. a bend az.

113. Caoch (" caoch :" Irish, Uind)'.
son of Annadh.

114. Niall : his son.

115. Mathghamhan: his son.

* Cox : Walter, or ""Watty" Cox, the son of a Westmeath blacksmith, a hanger-on
of^ the revolutionary party in 1798, was born about 1770. He is said to have proved
faithless both to his own side and to the Government. In 1797 he established the


CRA. 397

116. Cathal: his son.

117. AoDghus : his son.

118. Mathghamhan : his son.

119. Giolla na Naomh : his son

Arms : Gu. a
collared or.


fesse erm. betw. three crescents ar. Crest : A lion's head vert,

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