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David, the youngest son of Malcolm the Third, King of Scotland, was an
ancestor of Craig


109. Malcolm the Third, King of
Scotland; died, A.D. 1094.

110. David, King of Scotland: his
youngest son.

111. Prince Henry: his son.

112. David (2) : his son.

113. Isabel: his daughter; mar-
ried Robert Bruce, called " The
Noble," who competed withBaliol
for the crown of Scotland.

114. Robert Bruce: their son;
earl of Annundale, and of Carrick.

115. Robert Bruce : his son ;
called " King Robert the First," of

116. Margery : His daughter ; mar-
ried to the Mor MJuior Leamhna or
"Great Steward of Lennox" —
namely, Walter, the lord " steward"
of Scotland, who was ancestor of
Stewart and Stuart.

117. Robert Stewart : their son.

118. John: his son.

119. James: his son.

120. Ninion: his son.

121. James (2) : his son.

122. Kinion (2) : his son.

123. James (3) : his son.

124. Christian : his son.

125. Ninion (3) : his son.

126. William: his son;

127. Mary : his daughter.

128. Mary Dickson : her daughter.

129. Matilda Bailie: her daugh-

130. Stewart Craig: her son; mar-
ried Mary Graham, and had issue
seven sons and three daughters.
The sons were — 1. Thomas-Henry;
2. Robert-Stewart ; 3. Rev. Stewart-
Baillie, Yicar of St. Mark's, Hull,
Yorkshire; 4. John; 5. William-
Graham, 19, Waterloo-road, Dublin;
6. Rev. Graham, Rector of St.
Catherine's, Tullamore ; 7. Hugh-
Dunbar. The daughters were — 1.
Sarah; 2. Mary; 3. Maud, who
died, January, 1877.

This Thomas Henry Craig (1)
married Mary Charlotte Jenkins,
and died October, 1872, leaving
issue — 1. Stewart-Charles, 102nd
Regiment, who died in Naples,
1876; 2. Elizabeth Helen, who
married Captain Marra, Italian
Navy, and had issue one daughter

Union Star, nominally in the interests of the United Irishmen, but it v?as ultimately
repudiated by the Directory. After a visit to America, he established his Irish
Monthly Magazine, in which are to be found some valuable biographical details of many
distinguished persons of the period. He died at 12 Clarence-street, Dublin, in poverty,
on the 17th January, 1837, aged 66 years. Some years before his death he had tried to
cut the head off King William's Statue in Dublin—relinquishing his task upon finding
his tools unsuitable for the purpose.

398 CPvA.


CRE. [part III

named Violet. Eobert-Stewart (2)
married Emily Mary Noble, and had
issue: 1. Edwin-Stewart, (2) Eobert-
Annesley. Eev. Stewart-Baillie (3;
married Mary Alder, and had issue
— 1. John- Alder, 2. Stewart-Gra-
ham, 3. Graham. John (4) mar-
ried Madelina-Louisa Boys, and had
issue — 1. Graham-Stewart-Lowther,
2. Dunbar, 3. John. "William-
Graham Craig (5) married Harriett-
Ada Lawless; no issue. Rev.
Graham (6) married Hellen Noble,

and had issue — 1. Robert-Stewart,
2. Henry-Graham, 3. Herbert-New-
combe, 4. William- Arthur, 5. Alan
Sarah Craig (1) married James
Henry (deceased) and had issue —
1. Robert, 2. Stewart : both of whom
are also deceased. Mary (2) was
(in 1877) unmarried.

131. Robert-Stewart Craig, of Bel
fast ; son of Stewart Craig ; living
in 1877. ^

132. Edwin-Stewart Craig : his
son; living in 1877.


Of MoAjo and Sligo,

Amu : Ax. a wolf ramp sa. betw. three human hearts, gu. Crest : A demi wolf
ramp. sa. holding betw. the paws a human heart or. Motto : Cor mundum crea in me,

Scralagh, brother of Fionnbeartach who is No. 94 on the "Michil" pedi-
gree, was the ancestor of O'Creain ; anglicised Crean, and Crane.

94. Scralach (or Tenelach): son
of Endadaig (or Edalach).

95. Crean ("ere:" Irish, earth;
*' an," an interrogative particle ;
and " Crean" means a huying) : his
son; a quo 0' Cream.

96. Gairmliach : his son.

97. Donal : his son.

98. Crean Oge : his son.

99. Lochlann : his son.

100. Dalbach* : his son.

101. Maoldun: his son.

102. Maolmaodhog: his son.

103. Cathmaol : his son.

104. Gairmliach : his son ; a quo
O'Gairmlmcha, anglicised Gormley,
and d-mley, (see the " Grimley"

105. Maccraith : his son.

106. Meanmnach(" meanma,"gen.
" meanman :" Irish, comfort) : his
son : a quo 3IacMeanman, anglicised

107. Connor : his son. This Connor
had a younger brother named
Donal, who was the ancestor of

108. Dermod : son of Connor.

109. Brian: his son.

110. Feral : his son.

111. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son.

112. Manus : his son.

113. Patrick : his son.

114. Donall: his son.

115. Manus (2): his son; had a
brother named Richard.

* Dalbach : This name signifies "blind drunk :
drunkenness." (Compare Bac-chus, the god of wine)

dall: Irish, "blind;" ba£k,


116. Owen : son of Manus. I 118. Andrew : his son.

117. John : his son. | 119. John O'Crean : his son.


Arms : Gyronny of ten ar. and sa. Crest : A wolf pass. sa.

Maolruanaidh, brother of Teige who is No. 108 on the " MacDermott"
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Cruaidlv-locha ; anglicised Crawley^ Crolly
Croly^ Crole^ Croivleyf-\ Campion, Hardyy Lake, Locke, and Poole, ' '

108. Maolruanaidh: son of Mur

109. Teige: his son.

110. Dermod (Darby, Jeremy, or
Jeremiah) : his son.

111. Sioda: his son.

112. Dermod: his son; who was
called Cruaidh'locha (" cruaidh ;"
Irish, hard; Gr. "kru-os;" Lat.

' cru-dus ;" and Irish " loch," gen.
*locha," a lake, a pool, meaning
* The Hardy Champion") ; a quo

113. Maccraith : his son.

114. Rory Mor : his son.

115. Hugh: his son.

116. Lochlann M6r : his son.

117. Lochlann Oge : his son.

118. Ranal: his son.

119. Connor: his son.

120. David : his son.

121. Donoch : his son.

122. Dermod (3) : his son.

123. Amhailgadh [awly] O'CroIy:
his son.

• Croly : Rev. George Croly, LL.D., poet, dramatic author, novelist, and divine,
was bom in Dublin in 1780. Having received his education in Trinity College, he went
to London, and became distinguished in the world of letters. Throughout life he was
a staunch Tory, in politics, and rendered material service to his party by contributions
to Blackwood and other periodicals. He died suddenly on the 24th November I860
aged 80 years ; and was interred in the church of St. Stephen's, Walbrook, London of
which he had for many years been rector. His eloquence, his massive form, grave and
inflexible countenance, and sonorous voice, rendered him a most attractive pulpit

t Crowley : Peter O'Neill Crowley, a prominent Fenian, was bom on the 23rd May
1832, at Ballymacoda, county Cork, where his father was a respectable farmer. His
uncle. Rev. Peter O'Neill, was flogged at Cork in 1798 for alleged complicity in the
insurrection of that year. Peter inherited his farm, and cultivated it with o-reat
industry and thrift. He was a teetotaller from ten years of age ; he was studious in his
habits, and was greatly beloved by relatives and friends. He early joined the Fenian
movement, became one of its active propagandists, took the field in March, 1867 and
formed one of a party under command of Captain M-Clure in the attack on the Knock-
adoon coastguard station. Afterwards he took refuge with a few comrades in Kil-
cloney Wood, county Cork, where, on Sunday, the Slst March, his smaU party was
attacked and defeated by Military and Constabulary. He was mortally wounded in the

fight, and died a few hours afterwards at Mitohelstown, whither he was conveyed

being treated with the greatest kindness and consideration by his captors. An immense
concourse attended his funeral at Ballymacoda.

400 cUxM



Arms : Gu. three garbs ar.

DAL. [part III

Feareadhach, a son of Muireadhach who is No. 89 on the " O'Neill" (of
Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of Clan Cumaoin ; anglicised Cummin,

Cuming j^ and Cumine,

90. Feareadhach : sou of Muir-

91. Ferghna Fionn : his son.

92. Cumaoin (" cumaoin :" Irish,
fellowship): his son; a quo Clann

93. Ainmeada (or Anaileadh)\-
his son.

94. Cathmhoghtha : his son.

95. Longseach : his son.

96. Morogh : his son.

97. Murcheartach : his son.

98. Dunaleadh : his son.

99. Dalach : his son.

100. Conangan : his son.

101. Maolfabhal : his son.

102. Aodh: his son.

103. Maolmithid O'Cumaoin
son; had three brothers — 1.


caille, 2. Murcha, 3. Giollacolum.


Arms : Per fesse ar. and or, a lion ramp, per fess sa. and gu. in chief two dexter
hands couped at the wrist of the last.

Adhmih [Adam], brother of Fargal the 156th Monarch of Ireland who is
No. 95 on the " O'Neill" (of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of
O'Dalaighe (of Leath Cuinn, or Meath, Ulster, and Connaught) ; anglicised
Daly, and 0'Dahj.'\

95. Adhamh : son
Prince of Ulster.

96. Core : his son.

of Maoldun,

97. Faghnach : his son.

98. Dalach (" dall" Irish, Hind)
his son j a quo CDalaighe.

* Cuming : Doctor Thomas Cuming was horn in Armagh on the 19th March, 1798.
His father was a Presbyterian clergyman, and his mother was Eliza Black. Having
spent seven years in the Eoyal School, Armagh, he studied medicine at Glasgow, Edin-
burgh, Dublin, London,and Paris. Having, in 1819, obtained anM.D. degree in Edin-
burgh, he came to Dublin, where he studied for three years as clinical clerk to Cheyne,
at the House of Industry Hospitals. On the 21st June, 1820, he became a Licentiate ;
and, on the 10th January. 1854, a Fellow of the College of Physicians. In the latter
year he received, Jionoris causa, the degree of M.D. from the Dublin University. In
1829, he removed to Armagh, where he became Physician to the District Lunatic
Asylum. He contributed papers, on Diseased Heart and Caverum Oris, to Vols. III.
and lY. of the Dublin Hospital Reports ; and, on Pneumonia in Children, in Vol. V.
of the " Transactions of the College of Physicians, " and has published other papers and
reports. Dr Cuming married, in 1826, Miss Mary Black (deceased), and had two sons
and two daughters ; was in 1886, with the exception of Dr. Grattan, the Senior of the
Licentiates of the College of Physicians in Ireland.

t Daly : This family is distinct from " O'Daly" of Monster



DAR. 401

99. Gillcoimdhe : his son.

100. Teige : his son.

101. Muredach : his son.

102. Dalach (2) : his son.

103. Cuconnachta-na-Scoil O'Daly
(qr " Cuconnachta of the Schools) :"
his son ; the first of this family
that assumed this sirname.

104. Teige (2) : his son ; was
" Primate of Ireland."

105. Aongus : his son.

106. Donoch Mor : his son ; had
two younger brothers — 1. Carol!,
who was the ancestor of O^Daly, of
Brefney, Westmeath, and Con-
naught ;* and 2. Giollaiosa.

107. Aongus (2) : son of Donoch

108. Donoch Euadh : his son.

109. Aongus Euadh: his son.

110. Donn : his son.

111. Daire : his son.

112. Donn (2) : his son.

113. Melachlin : his son.

114. John : his son.

115. Teige (3) : his son; had a
brother named John,

116. Dermod : son of Teige.

117. Teige (4) : his son ; had four
brothers — 1. Dermod, 2. Donoch,
3. Ferdinando, and 4. Godfry.

118. Donoch (or Denis): son of
Teige ; had two brothers — 1. Der-
mod, and 2. John.

119. Dermod: son of Donoch;
had two brothers — 1. John, and 2.

120. Teige (5) O'Daly : son of


Arms : Gu. three cinquefoils ar. a latel az.

FiACHRA, an elder brother of Niall of the Nine Hostages, the 126th
Monarch of Ireland, who is No. 87 on the " O'Neill" pedigree, was the
ancestor of O'Dorchaidhe ; anglicised Dorcey^ Dorcy^ Dorsey^ Darcy^ Darkey,
and D'Arcy (of the county Galway).

* Connaught : One of the residences of the " O'Daly" family in Connaught was
Lis-Ua-Dalaighe (meaning the " Lis or Fort of O'Daly"), which has been anglicised
Lisadill : now the seat of the Gore-Booth family near the town of Sligo. Of that branch
of the " O'Daly" family was the famous Bard, Carroll O'Daly, the reputed composer of
the exquisite Irish Melody Eihhlen-a-Ruin, which has been modernized Aiken Aroon.

Denis Daly was a member of the Irish Parliament, and the intimate friend of Henry
Grattan. He represented the town of Galway in 1767, and sat for the county from
1768 until his death. A friend to Catholic rights, he opposed general parliamentary
reform. He was a Privy-Councillor, and for some time Muster-Master General.
Grattan considered his death an irretrievable loss to Ireland.

t Darcrj : Patrick, Count Darcy, an engineer officer, was bom at Galway, on 27th
September, 1723. He was sent to an uncle in Paris in 1739. , There he studied under
Clairaut, and at the age of seventeen distinguished himself by the solution of some
extremely difficult mathematical problems. He made two campaigns in Germany and
Dne in Flanders — being Colonel in the Irish Brigade at Rosbach in 1757. His essay
Dn artillery and on scientific questions display genius and solidity of judgment. He
died in Paris, of cholera, on the 18th October, 1799, aged 56 years. A eulogium was
pronounced upon him by Condorcet — Webb.


402 DAL


DAV. [part II]

87. Fiachra : son of Eochy Moy-
vane, the 124:th Monarch of Ireland.

88. Dathi: his son; the 127th

89. Eochaidh Breac : his son.

90. Laoghaire : his son.

91. Seanach : his son.

92. Diarmaid : his son.

93. Dioma Cron : his son.

94. Dluthach : his son ; had i
brother named Cuimin.

95. DorchadhC'dorchadh:" Irish
dark) : his son ; a quo O'Dorchaidhe .
living in 1417.

The first of the " Darcy" family who settled in Galway was Bhaitei
Riabhach (baiter : Irish, water), a quo Atkins, and Atkinson.

1. Bhaiter Riabhach.

2. Tomas : his son.

3. Padraic : his son.

4. Conchobhar : his son

5. Nioclas : his son.

6. Seamus Riabhach : his son

7. Kioclas : his son.

8. Seamus Riabhach: his
had a brother named Doimini^
[Dominick] : both living in 1666.



Of the County Wexford.
Arras : Ar. a chev. sa betw. three mullets pierced gu.

MoEOCH na-n Gaodhail (or " Moroch of the Gael"), brother of Dermod
na-n Gaill (or " Dermod of the English," meaning Dermod MacMorough,
the last King of Leinster), who is No. 114 on the " Kavanagh" pedigree,
was the ancestor of MacDaihUdh ; anglicised MacDavid (meaning the son
of David) and modernized Davidson.

114. Moroch na-n Gaodhail.

115. Murtogh : his son.

116. Donoch Reamhar* (" ream-
har :" Irish, icealthy, fleshy) : his son.

117. Murtogh: his son.

118. Donoch: his son.

119. Eimhin Ruadh (" eimh :"
Irish, active ; "ruadh," red), or Red
Edmond : his son j a quo Mac-

120. Seanach (called Owen) : his
son ; had a brother named Maurice.

121. Manus : son of Seanach.

122. David Mor : his son; a quo
MacDaibhidh, anglicised Davison,
Daws, Dawson, Davy, and Davys,
MacDavy M6r, MacLamor^ and

123. Patrick : his son.

124. Felim : his son.

125. David (2) : his son.

126. Patrick MacDavid : his son
known as MacDamor, of Gorey, c<

* Donoch Beamhar [raw - V7or] : This Donocli had a brother named Connor, wl
was father of Dermod, the father of William, the father of Maurice, the father
Murtogh, who was abbot of Ferns, in the county \Yexford.




Lords of Fermanagh.
Arms : A lion pass, guard, or.

DEM. 403

L^AIRBRE aa-Daimh Airgid, who is No. 91 on the " O'Hart" pedigree, was
anglicised O'Davin, Davin, Davine, O'Devm^ Bevin,

incestor of O'Daimhin
md Devine.

91. Cairbre an Daimh Airgid
" airgiod :" Irish, silver ; Lat. " arg-
ntum;" Gr. "arg-uros"), King of

"^2. Daimhin : his son. This
Daimhin had a brother named
Sfadsluagh, who was the ancestor
)f MacMaJion, Princes of Monaghan ;

tnd another brother named Cormac,
rho was the ancestor of Maguire,
_ *rinces of Fermanagh.

93. Lochlann : his son; had a
brother named Tuathal Maolgharbh,
md another named Clochar.

94. Fergus : his son.

95. Maoldun : his son.

96. Daimhin (" daimh :" Irish,
I ^oet ; Gr. " daem-on," a learned

know ;
son : a


man J and "daio," to
" deah," science) : his
0' Daimhin.

97. Foghartach ; his son.

98. Eochaidh Leamhradh
O'Daimhin ('* leamhradh :" Irish,
a foolish saying) : his son ; a quo
O'Leamhraidh, anglicised Lavery,
Laurgsind Laurie; was the first of the
family who assumed this sirname.

99. Dubhthire ; his son.
100 Eochaidh (2) : his son.

101. Cathal : his son.

102. Muireadhach : his son.

103. Cumascach : his son.

104. Fiacha O'Daimhin :* his son ;
the last lord of Fermanagh of this

DEMPSEY. (No. 1.)
Chiefs of Clanmaliere.^

Arms : Gu. a lion ramp. ar. armed and langued az. betw. two swords, points
upwards of the second, pommels and hilts or, one in bend dexter, the other in bend

DiOMUSACH, who is No. 97 on the " Connor" Faley pedigree; was the
-ncestor of 0' Diomasaighe ; anglicised Dem]9sey, and 0'Dem])sey.

97. Diomusach : (" diomusach :"
Irish, proud, haughty, arrogant) : son

of Congall ; a quo 0' Diomasaighe.
98. Flann Da Congall : his son ;

* O'Daimhin : The O'Daimhin family were, in 1427, chiefs of Tirkennedy, in the
county Fermanagh.

t Clanmaliere : This territory lay principally on both sides of the river Barrow,
m the King's and Queen's counties : it contained parts of the wesent baronies of
Geashill and Philipstown, in the King's County ; with part of Portnehinch, in the
Queen's County ; and part of Offaley, in the co. Kildare, including Monasterevan aud
ttie adjommg districts ; and, according to Sir Charles Coote in his survey, the
O Dempseys had a part of the barony of Ballycowen, in the King's County.

404 DEM.


DEM. [part III.

had an elder brother named ^neas,
who was ancestor of O'Connor

99. Cineth (by some called
Tumaltach) : his son ; had a bro-
ther Mugron, who was the ancestor
of Hoolahan, of " Clann Colgan."

100. Donal : his son ; had a bro-
ther named Eiaghan, w^ho was the
ancestor of Dunne, and a quo
O'Began. This Donal had another
brother named Hugh, who was the
ancestor of O'Dempsey, lords of
Clanmaliere (as in the next follow-
ing genealogy).

101. Hugh O'Dempsey: son of
Donal ; was the first of the family
that assumed this sirname.

102. Conor : his son.

103. Maoluradh (" uradh :" Irish,
ajpimrel, good condition) : his son ;
a quo Clann Maoluraidh, anglicised
*' Clanmaliere."

104. Corcran : his son.

105. Diomusach : his son.

106. Hugh O'Dempsey: his son.

107. Corcran (2) : his son.

108. Florence: his son; was the
first "lord of Clanmaliere."

109. Cubhroa : his son.

110. Dermod : his son.

111. Hugh : his son.

112. Coilen : his son.

113. Fionn : his son.

114. Melachlin : his son.

115. Dermod (2): his son.

116. Fionn (2) : his son.

117. Melachlin (2) : his son.

118. Fionn (3): his son.

119. Dermod (3) : his son.

120. Maolmorra : his son;
of Clanmaliere.

121. Cahir (or Cahyr), of Bally
brittas, in the Queen's Co. : his

122. Hugh : his son.

123. Dermod (4) : his son

124. Terence (or Tirloch)
sey : his son ; died without issue,
A.D. 1578.


kjv, : nis

■■ J


DEMPSEY. (No. 2.)
Lords of Clamnaliere.

Arms. Same as those of "Dempsey" (No. 1). Crest: A demi lion ramp gur
langued az. supporting in the dexter paw a sword ar. pommel and hilt or. Suvporters :
Two knights in complete armour chained together by the left and right leg all ppr^
Motto : Elatum a Deo non deprimat. |

Hugh, a younger brother of Donal who is No. 100 on the foregoing
" Dempsey" (No. 1) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Dempsey, lords ofj

100. Hugh: son of Cineth; chief
of his family.

101. Connor : his son.

102. Maolughra : his son.

103. Corcran : his son.

104. Diomasach : his son.

105. Corcran (2) : his son. ■

106. Flann : his son : in his time

the family assumed the sirnam

107. Hugh (2) : his son.

108. Conbroga : his son.

109. Dermod O'Dempsey: hi
son ; built the Abbey of Monas
evan, a.d. 1179.

110. Hugh : his son.


DEY. 405

son ; died with-
a brother named

111. Coilen: his
out issue ; had

112. Maolseachlainn: son of the
aid Fionn.

113. Fionn (2) : his son.

114. Dermod : his son.

115. Maolmordha : his son.

116. Cahir : his son.

117. Hup;h, of Loghine, Bally-
brittas : his son ; died in 1563.

118. Dermod Euadh : his son;
had two brothers — 1. Owen, 2. Ter-
ence : both of whom died without

119. Sir Terence: son of Dermod
Ruadh; knighted in May, 1599, by
Robert Devereux, earl of Essex,

ord lieutenant of Ireland ; created

baron of Phihpstown" and
* Viscount Clanmaliere," by patent
dated 8th July, 1631, /m^:*. Charles I.

120. Uaithne (Oweney, Toney, or
Anthony), of Clonegauny, in the
King's County : his son ; died

before his father) in 1638. This
[Jaithne had four brothers — 1.
Hugh; 2. Right Rev. Edmond,
Roman Catholic Bishop of Leighlin ;
Rev. Feagh, Roman Catholic
vicar-general of Kildare ; 4. James.

121. Lewis : son of Uaithne; the
second " lord viscount of Clanma-
liere," and baron of Philipstown.
This Lewis took an active part in the
"Rebellion" of 1641, for which he

was outlawed and attainted; he
died intestate, and administration
of his effects was granted in May,
1683. He had two brothers— 1.
Sir Christopher, who, when very
young, was knighted by lord Falk-
land, lord lieutenant of Ireland, in
July, 1624: this Sir Christopher
died without issue ; 2. James
ODempsey, of Bishop's Court, in
the CO. Kildare, who was a colonel
in the Army of King James the

122. Maximilian O'Dempsey : son
of Lewis ; was made lord lieutenant
of the Queen's County, by King
James the Second, and sat in the
Parliament held by him on 7th May,
1689. This Maximilian died with-
out issue, in 1714 ; his estates
were, by Act of Attainder of
William III., confiscated in 1691,
for his adherence to the House of
Stuart; he had a younger brother
named Terence O'Dempsey, who,
after the confiscation of the family
estates in 1691, left Ireland, in his
boyhood, and settled in Cheshire,
England, where at an advanced age
he died in 1769.

123. Thomas Dempsey, of North-
church : son of Terence ; died at
Laurel House, Foxtell Park, Liver-
pool, England, in 1816.

124. James'^ Dempsey, of Liver-
pool : son of Thomas ; d. in 1847.


Of the County Clare,

Motto : Sursum corda.

This sirname (see the "Davin" pedigree, p. 403) is another anglicised
form of CDaimhin, which has been anglicised Devin, Bavine, and Devine.
In ancient times— down to a.d. 1427, the 0'Dai7nhini'a.mi\y were Chiefs of

* James : This is the James Dempsey, Merchant, of Liverpool, mentioned in Note,
p. 248 of Connellan's Four Masters,

406 DEV.


DEV. [part IIIJ

Tirkennedy ; Fiacha O'Daimhio, who is Xo. 104 on the " Davin" pedigree,"
was the last lord of Fermanagh of this family. To him succeeded the
Maguires, as Princes of Fermanagh. From that county, circa a.b. 1713,,
James Devine emigrated, and settled near Kilkee, in the county Clare.;
Commencing with him the pedigree is, as follows : |


James Devine][^(I.) had, besides
four daughters, four sons — 1.
Patrick, 2. James, 3. Martin,
4. Terence.

I. Patrick, of whom presently.

II. James : second son of James,
m. and had three sons— 1.
Patrick, 2. Thomas, 3. Terence;
and a daughter Mary, who m.
Senan MacDonnell, of Kil-
mihill, and had two sons and
two daughters. These sons
were : 1. Michael, living in
1881 ; 2. Senan, who d. unm. ;
and one of the two daughters
was Mary, who m. and had a

I. Patrick : the eldest son of

James (II.); m. M'Grath,

and had three sons and two
daughters. These sods were :

1. Thomas, of Kilmihill ;

2. John ; 3. Patrick, of
Kilmihill : I. This Thomas,
of Kilmihill, married Joanna
O'Shea, and had a family.
II. John, living in Australia,
in 1881. III. Patrick, of
Kilmihill, m. and also had a
family. The two daughters
of Patrick were — 1. Mary,
ni. in America, living in
1881 ; 2. Margaret, m. to
Michael O'Connor, of Mone-
more, and had a family.

II. Thomas : the second son
of James (II.); ni. Bridget
Molony, and had four sons :

1. Patrick, of Kilmihill;

2. James, of Kilmihill; 3.
Michael, of Tarmon ; 4.
Denis, of Kilrush, co. Clare :
these four sens, living in


III. Terence : the third son of
James (II.); was accidentally
killed when a young man.

III. Martin : the third son of

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