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married McGaurans.

Rodger died without issue. Felim left two sons and one daughter, and she mar-
ried a McGauran.

Patrick Dolan had three sons and two daughters : the sons and one daughter wen
to America ; and the eldest daughter married an O'Rourke.

Abigail McGauran, the wife of Tiernan Dolan, was the daughter of Petei
McGauran and Catherine McAuley. Peter McGam-an had four sons : John, Eugene,
James, and Edward ; and three daughters : Ellen, Catherine, and Abigail. John wa
married to a McGuire, Eugene to a McGauran, James to a Dolan, and Edward to
McGauran. One daughter married a Dolan, one a McGauran, and the other a:
0' Haran.


DOL. 415

lay near, he rushed to the road and
shot the Baron dead on the spot.
Old Dolan and the Baron were just
buried when the relatives and re-
tainers of the Baron came at night,
oke into Dolan's dwelling, and
killed the brothers Cormac and
Charles. Cormac's wife exclaimed,
wrere there none of the friends of
Blind Terry there? They spared
her and her child, whose name was
Rodger, and reared him up as one
of themselves.*

About that time society in Tul-
Ughagh was in great confusion ; but
then as now occupiers were com-
pelled to pay all exactions, rents
and taxes.

It is also a tradition that young
Rodger had often declared that he
would revenge his father's death on
McGaughran ; and it is said he did
so. Having been entrusted with a
■disagreeable office of collecting from
the relatives and retainers of the
Baron their several imposts, he took
the opportunity on one of these
occasions of searching for McGaugh-
ran, and withdrew privately from
his companions to where he was
informed McGaughran usually
dwelt. As Rodger expected, he
found him there, and at once in-
formed him that he was come to
settle an old account with him.
McGaughran answered he would be
ready as soon as he had finished the
egg in his hand ; and with haste
and confidence armed himself for
the encounter, in which he was
worsted and lost his life.

When his friends missed Rodger,
some said he was surely gone in
(quest of McGaughran, and some
; one answered " a more humble
; employment would suit him better."
On his reappearance in a very

excited state, with two slceans mar-
ked with blood, one of the com-
pany exclaimed : " I see you met
McGaughran, I said you went in
search of him ; but this man said a
less manly employment would suit
you better." This insinuation
wounded Rodger, and in his anger
he said : " let him have McGaugh-
ran's skean, I will not dirty mine
with him." And he struck the
offender dead on the spot.

About this time the O'Rourkes
and McGaurans were greatly re-
duced in the social scale. It appears
that Rodger Dolan, the grandson of
Blind Terry, settled with his family
m Aughawillin and thereabouts.
For some time there is little or
nothing known about them, except
their poverty and humiliation until
the time of Colonel Gore, of New-
towngore, who, under the Crom-
wellian Settlement, became pos-
sessed of very extensive property in
the neighbourhood.

Tradition reports that Colonel
Gore resolved to compel Catholic
tenants to become Protestants, but
the Dolans of Aughawillin, Lis-
laughy,Liscrudy,and Lisroughty, re-
fused to abandon the Catholic faith,
and were therefore evicted from
Lislaughy, etc., and their farms
given to Protestants and Verts
named Whelan, who changed their
name to Heijlin, on whom their
neighbours fastened the sobriquet
of the Maivleens, or " little bags."

Patrick Dolan, who was one of
the evicted, came from Lislaughry
to Lisnatullaugh, where his family
still remain; but a branch of the
family is gone back to part of his
farm of Lislaughy. It is believed
that the Dolans of the counties of
Meath and Louth are descended

* Themselves : It is a tradition in the locality that a man named McGaughran
killed the husband of Blind Terry's daughter ; and that her son grew up under the
care of his mother's family, and was much esteemed by them.

416 DOL.


DON. [part II

from a brother of this Patrick

1. Terence Dolan now (1887) of
Lislaughy is about thirty years of
age, and is son of :

2. James Dolan and Mary
McGauranofLislaughy. This James
is son of :

3. Peter Dolan, late of Lisna-
tuUaugh and Lislaughy, by his wife
Mary Dolan, by whom he had — 1.
James, 2. Peter, 3. Thomas, who is
(1887) a Catholic Priest in Howth,
diocese of Dublin ; 4. Michael
(deceased) ; 5. Charles, who married
Margaret O'Rourke, and has a large
family ; and three daughters, one of
whom, the eldest, Anne, is now a
Nun in the Loretto Convent, Kil-
kenny, the second was married to
Mr. Eugene Quinn, of Kildra House,
parish of Mohill, and left issue, and
the third, Catherine, m. Charles
Ward and has issue. This Peter
(No. 3) was son of:

4. Tiernan Dolan of Lisnatullaugh,
by his wife Abigail McGauran. This
Tiernan was son of :

5. Patrick Dolan and his wifi
Catherine Routledge, of Lislaughj
and LisnatuUaugh, This Patricl
was son of:

6. Charles Dolan and his wife
Mary McGauran, of Aughawillin,
Lislaughy, Liscrudy, and Lisroughty,
This Charles was son of:

7. Felim Dolan and his second
wife Anne O'Rourke, of Augha
willin, Lisloughy, etc. And this
Felim was son of :

8. Roger, abovementioned, whc
was son of :

9. Cormac Dolan, by his wife

McGauran, the daughter of

^' Blind Terry." And Cormac was
son of :

10. Bryan Dolan, of Killargy,
by his wife, whose name we may
assume was also McGauran. This
is the Bryan Dolan, above men-
tioned, who with his two sons
Cormac and Charles, settled in the
neighbourhood of Ballymagauran,
towards the end of the sixteenth


Of Bally danelan.

Arms : Ar. three ducal crowns gu. Crest : A lion's paw erased, holding a sceptre
in pale ppr. Other Arms : An oak tree eradicated vert. Crest : On a mound vert
a demi lion ramp. or.

Art, a younger brother of Cathal, who is Xo. 103 on the "Donnellan
(of Connaught) pedigree, was the ancestor of this branch of that family :

103. Art: son of Donallan.

104. Logan (or Melaghlin) : his

105. Cathal : his son.

106. Flann : his son.

107. Amhailgadh : his sou.

108. Flann Oge : his son.

109. Lochlan : his son.

110. Cormac na g-Corn : his son.

111. Flann: his son. 1452.

112. Teige: his son. 1478.

113. Ceallach : his son. d. 1508

114. Lochlan (2) : his son.

115. Lochlan (3) : his son.

116. Lochlan (4) : his son.

117. Melaghlin: his son; die<

118. Nehemias : his son; Arch
bishop of Tuam.


DON. 417

119. John : his son. 1655.

120. Melaghlin (2): his son.

121. John M6r : his son. 1710.

122. Melaghlin (3): his son.

123. John, of Dublin; died 1743.
Had twenty-one children by his
wife, thirteen of whom d. young.

124. Malachy: his son; died at
Ballydonelan. He had three sur-
viving brothers and four sisters,

125. John : his son.

126. Malachy (2) : his son.

127. Arthur Donelan: his son;
living in 1843.


See Dunlevy, Princes of Ulidia.

This is the Gallic form of the Irish Mac Dunsleihhe family, Princes of
Ulidia, in Ulster. The Hereditary Princef of that territory, for his
devotion to King James II., had in 1691 to quit Ireland and retire to
France, where he died, at the Archbishopric of Treves, leaving an only son
and heir — Andrew Maurice, who was born in Ireland, and d. at Coblentz
on the 19th June, 1751. From him the descent was as follows :

1. Andrew Maurice Don Levi,
b. in Ireland ; Lieutenant-Governor
of Treves; d. at Coblentz on 19th
June, 1751, leaving four children :

I. Christien-Fran^ois, of whom

II. Wolfgang-Frederic, born at
Coblentz, on 15th July, 1738,
and d. at Coblentz in 1763.

III. Wolfgang-Hartmann, b. at
Coblentz, 1740 ; d. at Coblentz,
1823, leaving two children, a
son and a daughter.

I. Ferdinand, born at Coblentz,
and d. in the French Army.

I. The daughter, b. at Coblentz,
and m. in Paris.

1. Charlotte Don Levi, born at
Coblentz, 14th August, 1736;
dau. of Andrew-Maurice, and
of Anna-Margueritta Flamin,

2. Christien-Franpois : son of
Andrew-Maurice Don Levi; b. at
Coblentz, 17th July, 1734; m.
Ursule Fisher, and had two sons :

I. Joseph-Michael, born at Leib-

* Don-Levi : Andrew Donlevy, D.D., LL.D., was born in 1694, it is thought in the
ounty Sligo. In 1710 he repaired to Paris, and studied there in the Irish College, of
w^hich he ultimately rose to be Prefect. In 1742 he published at Paris the Catechism
■)f the Christian Doctrine^ a work still in extensive circulation. He died some time
ifter 1761.

t Prince ; This Hereditary Prince of Ulidia, on the fall of King James II. , quitted
[reland for France, taking with him his only son and heir — Andrew-Maurice, then a
boy ; but left behind him his wife who remained in full possession of all his property.
Bis widow (who died in 1708) married in Ireland Count O'Donnell, by whom she left
10 children. It appears that, till his death (in 1751) her son, Andrew- Maurice Dott
Levi, above mentioned, after he had attained his majority, received the rents of thfr
landed property (situate in the counties of Down and Antrim, in Ireland), which had
belonged to his father.

2 D

418 DON.


DON. [part III

nertiz, in Styria (Austria), on
27th July, 1768; d. 31st May,
1811, at Vienna Leopoldstadt.
II. John.

3. John : second son of Chris-
tien-Fran9ois, b. at Leibernitz, in
Styria, 24th Sept., 1770 ; m. Thecla
Kormorska ; d. at Berdyczou, Vol-
igny, in Russian Poland, leaving
four children :

I. Etienne-Stanislaus, of whom

II. John, b. at Berdyczou 19th
August, 1814.

I. Helene, b. at Kolodno (Vol-
igny), district of the Town

II. Mary, born at Berdyczou iil

1809, Was twice married;

the second marriage was to

a Major in the Russian Army,

named Matheu, by whom she]

has children ; living in Poland


4. Etienne-Stanislaus : son and

heir of John Don Levi and Thecla

Komorska; b. at Berdyczou, 26th

December, 1811 (old style), or 7tl]

January, 1812 (new style) ; m. at

Paris in 1850 Jane-Louisa Potelet,

a native of Dijon, in Burgundy ; no

children. Living in Paris in 1887.


Of ConnaugU.

Arms : Ar. a fesse betw. three stags' heads caboosed gu. Crest : A greyhound
sejant ar.

Cathal, brother of Inrachtach, who is No. 98 on the " O'Beirne" pedigree,
was the ancestor of O'Donallain ; anglicised Lonnellan, Donalan, Donelan,
and Donlan.

son of Muredach ;

Cathail, anglicised




98. Cathal :
a quo Clann
Charley and Charles. This
was the 18th Christian

99. Ardgall : his son ; " died a
saint at Hye, in Scotland, A.D. 786 ;"
had a brother named Dubhionracht,
who was the 22nd King of Con-
naught and the ancestor of O'Muir-
eadhaigh (" muir :" Irish, the sea ;
"• eadhach," a protector or a garment),
meaning "the descendants of the
man who protected the sea;" or,
*' who wore garments suited to the
sea ;" or, " sea-protector ;" and an-
glicised Murray.

100. Ceneth : his son : had a

brother named Onchu, who was
the ancestor of O'Maolmocheirghi
(" moch :" Irish, early, and " eirigh/
to rise ; Lat. " erig-o"), of Con-
naught, anglicised Mulmochery.
Early and Eardley. (See No. 96 or
the " O'Brassil West" pedigree foi
another C Maolmocheirghe family.)

101. Moroch : son of Ceneth.

102. Donnallan (or little Donnall)
his son ; a quo 0' Donallain, lordf
of the territory of Clann Cathail, oj
Connaught ; had a brother named
Flannagan, a quo O'Flannagain
(" one of the twelve great lords oJ
Cruaghan, in the county Roscom-
mon"), and anglicised Flanagan.


DON. 419

103. Cathal (or Charles) : son of

104. Ardgal O'Donnellan : his son;
irst of the family that assumed
his sirname.

105. Luaghlais (" luaghlais: " Irish,
etters) : his son ; a quo 0' Luaghlais,
nglicised Lawless.

106. Cathal : his son.

107. Flann Buaidh (" buaidh :"
rish, victory; Heb. " buagh," to
xult) : his son.

108. Amhailgadh : his son.

109. Flann (or Florence) Oge :
lis son.

110. Malachi : his son.

111. Cormac : his son ; had a

brother named Tuathal, who was
the ancestor of Donnellan, of Rosse.

112. Florence : son of Cormac.

113. Teige: his son.

114. John: his son; had a bro-
ther named Tuathal Mor, who was
the ancestor of Donnellan, of Bally-
donnellan, Leitrim, Cloghan, etc. ;
and who, A.D. 1532, "built the
Chapel of Kilconnell."

115. Daniel: son of John; had
three brothers — 1. John Oge, 2.
Padraic Ruadh, 3. Amhailgadh.

116. Daniel Oge : son of Daniel.

117. Teige: his son.

118. Malachi O'Donnellan : his


Lords of Massarene.

Arms : Ar. a dexter arm couped betw. two swords in pale all ppr.

INACHTACH, brother of Inrachtach who is No. 97 on the ^' Flin" (of
Forth Clanaboy) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Donnellan, of Orgiall.

97. Finachtach: son of Rachta-

98. Longseach : his son.

99. Hugh : his son.

100. Dubhsineach (" dubh:" Irish,
ack; "sineach," a wen) : his son.

101. Maolcraobh (" craobh :" Irish,
bough) : his son ; a quo O'Craoibhe,

Ulster, anglicised Creagh,* Cre'
jhe, and Crabbe.

102. Donallan : his son ; a quo
O'Donallain ; had a brother named

103. Dubhdarach : son of Don-

104. Caillidhf: his son.

105. Connor O'Donnellan : his

* Creagh: Some genealoo^ists are of opinion that the "Creagh," of Munster,
tnily is a branch of the O'Neill, of Ulster : but that is a mistake : those Creaghs are
iscended from the O'Neills, of the county Clare— See p. 242.

t Caillidh : This name, which signifies '* one who loses," is derived from the Irish,
II, "to lose" (Heb. cal, "to fail") ; and seems to be the root of the Heb. calah, " he

420 DON.


DOW. [part III


Artns : Sa, three fleurs-de-lis ar. Crest : A church and spire ppr.

Baodan, the second son of Tuatan who is No. 94 on the " O'Hart" pedi
gree, was the ancestor of 0' Dongealaighe ; anghcised Donnelly.

94. Tuatan : son of Tuathal

95. Baodan : his son.

96. Failbhe : his son.

97. Faolchu (or Fiuchu) : his son.

98. Dubhdinna : his son ; had
nine sons.

99. Lergus (or Fergus) : his son.
100. Cumascach : his son.

lOL Fergal : his son. This Fer-
gal had two brothers — 1. Cathal, a
quo MacCahill and Cahill of Ulster ;
2. Dungah

102. Dungal (more properly Don-
gealach : " Don :" Irish, high, nolle;
" gealach," the moon : from " geal :"
Irish, uhite ; Welsh "gole," the
light) : son of Fergal ; a quo O'Bmi-

gealaighe. This Dungal had tw(
brothers — 1. Maolfiona {maolfiona
Irish, " the devotee of wine"),
quo 0^ Maolfhiona,^ anglicised Mm
leny, O'Mnlvany, O'Mulvena, Omul
vena, O'Mulveny, Meheny, O^Melvenc
Omelvena, 0' Molina, Mulvena,Mekin\
Mcllvena, Macllwane ; 2. Gabha(
han, a quo Gavan, etc.

103. Cuinin : his son.

104. Aongus : his son ; had a brc
ther named Fergal.

105. Cathal : son of Aongus.

106. Cubuidhe (or " the yelloiir
warrior") : his son ; a quo O'Com
Ihuidhe, anglicised Convy, etc. 1

107. Padraic O'Donnelly : his son.



Chiefs in the County WicJdow, and Queen'

Arms : Ar. a holly tree eradicated ppr. on a chief engr. az. a lion pass. betw. t\
trefoils slipped or. Crest : Out of a mural coronet a dexter arm vested, holding a swo;

Felim, brother of Crimthann Cas, who is No. 95 on the " MacMorougli
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Duhlhaoidh^j lords of Fertullagh, count
Westmeath ; anglicised Booley, Bowley, Doolan, Dulen, Dolan, and Doidin

95. Felim : son of Eanna Cin- Deadhach, who was the ancestor i
sealach ; had a brother named O'Dca and Day, of Leinster.

* O'Maolfhiona: One of this family, named Melaghlin O'Mulvany, who d;cd
A.D. 1376, was poet and historian toO'Cahan, or O'Kane.— (See O'Curry's " Lectures,'
page 82.)

1 0' Dubhhwidh : Before the English invasion of Ireland, this family was driver
from Feara Tulagh {i.e. Viri Colhum), now the barony of Fertullagh, in the countj
Westmeath, by the family of O'Melaghlin ; and they settled in Ely O'Carroll. Tb(
O'Dowling (or O'Dunlaing) portion of the family were chiefs in the county Wicklo^
and in the Queen's County. — O'Donovax.


DOY. 421


96. ^neas : son of Felim.

97. Muredach (a quo O'Muire-
iaigh, of Leinster ; anglicised Mur-
my) : his son ; had a brother named
Uargus, who was the ancestor of
Duncan, or Dunkin, of the Line of

98. Eochaidh,* King of Leinster :
on of Muredach ; fled to Scotland.

had two brothers — 1. AlioU,
ho was the ancestor of MaconTcy ;
nd 2. Eoghan (Owen), who was the
ncestor of O'Earraghtan of Lein-

99. Brandubh : son of Eochaidh ;
ihe tenth Christian King of Lein-
iter; a.d. 594.

100. Cineth : his son ; had a bro-
her named Seicne (or Seigin), who
vas the ancestor of G'Murphj of

101. Donal : son of Cineth.

102. Alioll : his son ; a quo " Rath

103. Dubhlaodh (" dubh :" Irish,

black ; " laodh," a calf) : his son ;
a quo O'Dublaoidh (by some written
O'Dunlaing, and anglicised Dowling).

104. Cucoille : his son.

105. Alioll (2) : his son.

106. Maolsaraan : his son,

107. Onchu : his son.

108. Flann : his son.

109. Maoluradh : his son.

110. Alioll (3): his son.

111. Dubhlaodh (2) : his son.

112. Dubh ("dubh:" Irish, dark-
featured, great, ^prodigious, burned;

Heb., "dobhe") his son; a quo
O^Duibhe, anglicised O^Beevy, and
modernized Devoy, Duff, Duffe ; had
a brother named Donough, who was
the ancestor of Connulay.

113. Solomon: son of Dubh.

114. Padraic : his son.

115. Gillchriosd : his son.

116. Padraic (2) : his son.

117. Gillchriosd O'Dowley : his



Of Kilkaran, Queen^s County.

Arms : Az. an eagle dtspl. or. Cresi : In front of a holly bush ppr. a lizard pass.
ir. Motto : Mullach abu (The summit for ever).

ERENCE DoYNE, of Kilkaran,
Jneen's County, had :

2. John, who d. 18th December,
636. Was twic3 m. ; his first
vife was Margaret, dau. of Lysah

'Dempsey, of Deskart, King's
county, by whom he had three sons
md three dausrhters :

I. Terence.

II. Anthony.

III. John.

The daughters were :

I. Elenor.

II. Sarah.

III. Elan.

John Doyne's second wife was

t Eochiidh : From this Eochaidh the Keogh of Leinster family derive their name
and descent.

422 DOY.


DUF. [part III.

Helena, dau. of MacDonell,

of Tinekill, Queen's County, Esq.,
by whom he had :

lY. Edmond.

V. Thomas.

lY. Margaret.
Y. May.

3. Terence Doyne : eldest son of


Branch of the O'Connor Foley,

Arms : Yert a lion ramp. or. a crescent for diff. Crest : A greyhound courant ar.
collared or. a crescent for difi.

COMTHANAN, a brother of Ros Failgeach who is Xo. 90 on the " O'Connor''
(Faley) pedigree, was the ancestor of another branch of the O'Dinhk
family ; anglicised Dv.ffe.

90. Comthanan : son of Cathair
Mor, the 109th Monarch of Ireland.

91. Aongus : his son.

92. Eachach : his son.

93. Comthach Beag : his son.

94. Nathair : his son.

95. Nainneadh : his son.

96. Cormac : his son.

97. Cobhthach : his son.

98. Eoghan : his son.

99. Maoloctrach : his son.

100. Koinnean : his son.

101. Maoloctrach : his son.

102. Flaithreach : his son.

103. Marcan : his son.

104. Dubh ("dubh :" Irish, darl:^
featured, prodigious ; Heb. "dobhe")
his son ; a quo O'Duihhe. — See Xo.
112 on the " Dowling" pedigree.

105. Eubthag: his son.

106. Flaithman : his son.

107. Lorcan : his son.

108. Donall : his son.
109.Giolla Ciarain O'Duff: hii



Of Tirconnell.

Arms : Ar. a sinister hand couped at the wrist affrontee gu.

Blathmac, brother of Xiall Caille who isX'o. 98 on the (No. 1) " O'Neill
(of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of C Duibheanaigh ; anglicise<
Dvffeny, Deremj, and Levany.

* Dvf: Another " Duff " family was descended fi:om Dubh, who is Xo. 112 o:
the *' Dowiing" pedigree. "



DUF. 423

98. Blathmac : fourth son of
Aodh Ornaighe, the 164th Monarch
of Ireland.

99. Cuirc : his son.

100. Dubheanach ("dubh :" Irish,
black ; " eanach," a moor) : his son ;
a quo 0' Duihheanaigh.

101. Gairbiadh : his son.

102. Fearmorcach : his son.

103. Giolla Congbal : his son.

104. Aongus : his son.

105. Muirceartach : his son.


County Monaghan,
Arms : Vert a lion ramp. or.

Francis Duffy of Kilcrow, in the
parish of Ematris, and county of
^onaghan, m. a dau. of The Mac-
Mahon, of Dartry, and had :

2. Patrick Mdr, of Attyduffy, or
Attyduff, who m. Mary, eldest dau.
and co-heir of Captain John Dawson,

Cromwellian Officer, who settled
at Drummany, co. Monaghan ; and
by her acquired an interest in the
buids of Drummany, Drumyarken,

nd Attyduff. By the said Mary
Patrick Mor had two sons and a

I. Patrick, of whom presently.

II. Rev John, a Priest, who d.
in 1744, and was buried in
Ematris (otherwise called
Edragoole), where his tomb
still exists.

I. Mary, who m. a Mr. Colvin,
of Dublin.

3. Patrick : son of Patrick ; re-
eved from Attyduff, and settled

in Monaghan. His kinsmen, the
Dawsons of Drummany House (de-
scended from Dorothea, the younger
of the two daus. and co-heirs of
Captain John Dawson, who ni. a
gentleman of her own name from
Londonderry), having filed a " Bill

of Discovery" against him, or
adopted some such process under
the Penal La^^s, they " ousted" the
said Patrick out of his property.
He was also engaged for a long
time in litigation with his brother-
in-law, Mr. Colvin. This Patrick
Duffy m. circa 1712 EHzabeth Duffy
(a niece or cousin of the MacKenna
of Trough), and had :

I. Philip, of whom presently.



Francis of Monaghan, who

John, of Monaghan, who m.
Anne, dau. of Patrick Gavan,
Esq., of Latnamard (by his
wife Judith, dau. and co-heir
of Bernard MacMahon of
Rekane, who was cousin'
germ an of Ross and Bernard
MacMahon, Archbishops of
Armagh ; and who was
grandson of Colla Dhu Mac-
Mahon, titular Baron of
Dartry). By Miss Gavan,
John Duffy had two sons:
I. Francis, who m. Miss
Hope, of CO. Westmeath,
and left an only dau. Fanny,
who m. William Maunsell,
Esq. II. Charles, now (1887)

424 DUF.


DUI. [part III.

the distinguished and illus-
trious Sir Charles Gavan
Dufify, K.C.M.G.; formerly
Editor and Proprietor of the
Dublin Nation, M.P. for
New Ross, and lately Prime
Minister of one of our
Colonies in Australia.
4. Philip : son of Patrick ; m.
Anne Kerr, of the co. Longford.
He removed to Cootehill in 1752,
and, dying ia 1803, left two sons:

I. Terence, of whom presently.

II. Bernard, who, having quar-
relled with his father, enlisted
in the British Army. He m.
Anne Jeffares of Emyvale, and


had an only child, the late :
I. General Sir John Dufiy,
K.C.B., who m. a dau. of
General Campbell, and d.s.p.
Terence Duffy, of Cootehill:
of Philip ; m. Anne, dau. of
-MacCabe of Lissimy, and

dying, in 1831, aged 80, was buried
in Ematris. He had three sons :

I. Francis.

II. Owen of Cootehill, from whose
statement (in 1865) this pedi-
gree was compiled.

III. Terence, M.D., who went out
to Bolivia, or Chili, to his kins-
man, General John MacKenna.


Of Walsall^ England.

This name was formerly Duigenan, one of the anglicised forms of the Irish
O'Duibhgenaiii* ("dubh :" Irish, blacJ: or dark; " gen," a suvrd or wound _
" an," one who), an ancient celebrated family in Ireland. The O'Duigenans
were located at Kilronan, in the northern division of the county Ros-
common ; and afterwards were landed proprietors! in the parish of
Dromleas, barony of Dromaheare, county Leitrim, down to the Crom-
wellian Confiscations. They are especially celebrated in the Irish annals
for their devotion to the history and literature of their country.

In 1339, the Church of Kilronan was begun by Ferrall Muinach
O'Duigenan. It stood " over" Lough Meelagh, and has a deep national
interest; as, in a vault, close to the ruins, erected for the family of Mac-
Dermott Roe, were deposited the earthly remains of the once celebratedj

At the close of the fourteenth century, Manus O'Duigenan wa
engaged in drawing up a considerable portion of the Book of Ballymote
Subsequently a Chronicle was compiled which, deriving its title from the

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