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in June, 1806. He soon became distinguished by his literary attainments, and was
befriended by William Conyngham Plunket and Dr. Magee. In 1814 he was appointed
second master in the Endowed School of Londonderry ; the same year he took Orders
in the Church, and was appointed to a chaplaincy by the Bishop of Derry. In 1817 he
trained a Fellowship in Trinity College, and in 1818 was elected Donnellan Lecturer ;
m 1823 he resigned his Fellowship, and accepted the curacy of Keady, in the diocese
of Armagh, which next year he gave up for the rectory of Killyman in the same
diocese. In October, 1825, he succeeded to the college rectory of Ardtrea, and next
year took the degree of D.D. He died on the 20th June, 1830.

t Waters', The " isky" in the Irish sirname Cumisky^ sounds so like the Irish
"uisge" {water, a river), that the name "Cumisky" has been anglicised Waters.

:;hap. IV.] fel.


FEL. 447

98. Corraac : his son.

99. Faelaa (" faelan :" Irish, a
ittle wolf) : his son ; a quo O'Faealin.

100. Donal : his son.

101. Artcorb : his son.

102. Moroch : his son.

103. Donal O'Eelan : his son ; first
issumed this sirname.

104. Eochaidli : his son.

105. Faelan : his son.

106. Melachlin : his son ; living
LD. 1170.

107. Cumuscach : his son.

108. Congal : his son.

109. Donoch : his son.

110. Dungal : his son.

111. Cormac : his son.

112. Giollapadraic : his son.

113. Eoghan (or Owen) : his son ;
iving in 1450.

114. Teige: his son.

115. Brian : his son.

116. Donal: his son.

117. Shane : his son.

118. Edmond : his son.

119. Malachi : his son

120. James Stephenson Whelen :
[lis son ; first assumed this sir-

ame. Settled in England, and
iterwards migrated to America ;
Sarah EHzabeth Dennis, in
^ew York, on 29th May, 1694.

121. Dennis Whelen, of Chester
lounty, Pennsylvania: his son.
^as twice married : first, to Anne
Townsend, by whom we cannot find
hat he had any issue ; his second
rife was Sarah Thomj)son, of Vir-
inia, to whom he was married on
he 8th Nov., 1749, and by whom
le had seven children, namely — 1.
^nn, 2. Israel, 3. Isaac, 4. Edward,




5 and 6 Townsend and Denni

122. Israel : son of Dennis ; m. to
Mary Downing, on the 13th May,
1772, and by her had eleven child-
ren : I.Elizabeth, m. to Joseph J
Miller; 2. Sarah; 3. Anne; 4*.
Jane; 5. Mary; 6. Israel;' 7.
Thoraasine ; 8. Townsend ; 9. John •
10. Susan; 11. Maria. '

123. Israel : son of Israel ; m. on
26th Nov., 1810, to Mary, dau. of
Edward and Amy Siddons, of
Salem, New Jersey, and by her had
seven children— 1. Israel, b. 10th
October, 1811 ; 2. Edward Siddons
Whelen, b. 22nd Aug., 1813; .3.
Mary, b. 3rd Dec, 1815 ; 4. Henrv
b. 13th Feb., 1818; 5. Elizabeth, b
25th Dec, 1819; 6. Townsend, b
3rd April, 1822; 7. Eobert, b. 7th
July, 1S24.

124. Edward-Siddons Whelen;
son of Israel ; living in Philadelphia,'
in 1879. Married on 26th April,

1838, to Isabella Nevins, dau. of
James and Aesah Willis, by whom
he had eight children— 1. Edward-
Siddons Whelen, b. 23rd Dec, 1839;
2. Isabella-Nevins Whelen, b. 20th
Dec, 1840; 3. Mary-Siddons
Whelen, b. 17th April, 1843; 4.
James-Nevins Whelen, b. 28th
May, 1845; 5. William-Nevins,
Whelen, b. 11th April, 1847 ; 6.
Russell-Nevins Whelen, b. 21st
January, 1850; 7. Bertha Whelen,
b. 2nd April, 1851 ; 8. Emily
Whelan, b. 7th July, 1853.

125. Edward-Siddons Whelen;*
of Philadelphia, United States,
America: his son; b. 23rd Dec.

1839, and living in 1879.

* Whelen : It may be well to obsen^e that O'Faelain of North Decies, in the county
Vaterford, is a distinct family from the O'Faoilain, of Ossory ; although the roots of
he two sirnames, namely " faelan," a little wolf, and "faoil," wild, untameable, are so
inch alike in meaning.

44S FER.



FIH. [part III

98. Branagan : his son.

99. Maolpadraic : his son.

100. Ceallach : his son.

101. Maolcamhghal : his son.

102. Colgan : his son.

103. Ceallach : his son.

104. Mathghamhan : his son.

105. Fearghus (''fear:" Irish,
man : " gus," strength) : his son ;
quo BlacFearghusa.

106. Aodh

Of Ulster.

Arms : Az. a fess. betw. a star of eight rays in chief and a lion ramp, in base al
or. Crest : A lance in pale broken ppr. the head hanging down or, ferrule gold. *

Fearghus, a son of Eoghan, who is No. 88 on the (No. 1) "|0'NeiU" (o
Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacFearghusa ; anglicised Mack
Fearghus, 0' Fear gus ^ Fergus, and Ferguson.

^%. Eoghan: son of Niall Mor
the 126th Monarch of Ireland.

89. Fearghus : his son.

90. Aodh : his son.

91. Laoghaire : his son.

92. Forannan : his son.

93. Fioghal : his son.

94. Culena : his son.

95. Fearghus : his son.

96. Cinaodh: his son.

97. Maolcaoch : his son.

MacFearghusa :




Arms : Ar, an oak tree eradicated ppr. 1

MUREDACH Maolleathan, the 16th Christian King of Connaught, whoi;
No. 97 on the "O'Connor" (Connaught) pedigree, was the ancestor o
O'Ficheallaigh ; anglicised Fihilly, Feely, Field, Fielden, Fielding, Tooth
CFeeley, and PicUeijs

meanino: "the descendants of th<

97. Muredach Mulleathan.

98. Conbhach ("conbhach:" Irish,
hydrophobia) '. his son; a quo Clan
Conbhaigh, anglicised Conway.

99. Ficheallach ("fiacail:" Irish,
a tooth ; Heb. " acal," he eats) :
his son; a quo O'Ficheallaigh,

man who had large teeth." Thi }•'
Ficheallach had a brother namec
Cahernach, who was the ancestor o
Canavan, of Connaught; anc
another brother named Dungai
who was the ancestor of Finaghty.

* Ferguson : Of this family was the late kind and good Sir Samuel Fergusor ,
Deputy Keeper of the Public Records in Ireland, and President of the Royal Iris '
Academy, who died in 1886.



FIT. 449


Arms : Ar. an oak tree eradicated ppr.

)UNGAR, a brother of Ficheallach, who is No. 99 on the "Fihilly"
ledigree, was ancestor of O'Fimchtaigh ; anglicised Finaghty* Finnerty.\
,nd Snow.

99. Dungar : son of Conbhach.

100. Fionnachtach (" fionnsneach-
a :" Irish, snow-white) : son of
)angar ; a quo O'Finachiaigh, " one
f the twelve lords of Cruaghan"
or Croaghan) in the county Ros-

101. Beannachdach (latinized Ben-
gnus and BenedictX) : his son.

102. Concha : his son.

103. Cathal : his son.

104. Murtach : his son.

105. Murtach Oge : his son.

106. Teige : his son.

107. Teige Oge : his son ; the last
lord of Clannconon."

108. Charles O'Finaghty : his son ;
first assumed this sirname.

109. Brian : his son ; had two
brothers — 1. Daniel, and 2. Donocb.

110. Hugh : son of Brian.

HI. Rory: his son; had two
brothers— 1. Hugh, and 2. Manus.

112. Donoch Granna: son of

113. Charles : his son.

114. William: his son; had two
brothers — 1. James, the priest, and
2. Redmond.

115. Malachy O'Finaghty: son of

Princes of Ossory,

Another : Az. six lions

Arms : Sa. a saltire ar. on a chief ar. three fleurs-de-lis or.
amp. ar. three, two, and one.

:Jonla, a younger brother of Lughaidh [Luy] who is No. 78 on the
O'Connor" (Faley) pedigree," was the ancestor of Mac Giolla Fadraic ;
.nglicised Mac Gillpatrick, and Fitzpatrich

* Finaghty : Of this family was James Finaghty, the Irish astrologer and exorcist,
(rho flourished at the end of the 17th century.

t Finnerty : Peter Finnerty, one of the ablest reporters of his time, was born at
joughrea in 1766. In 1797 he was printer and editor of the Press, the organ of the
Jnited Irishmen, to which both Curran and Moore are said to have contributed. On
he 22nd December, 1797, he was tried for a libel on the Government concernmg the
rial and execution of Orr, and, refusing to disclose the name of the author, was sen-
enced to stand in the pillory, pay a fine, and suffer imprisonment for two years.
Arthur O'Connor, Lord Edward Fitzgerald, and others of his party, attended him at
he pillory in Green-street. He died at Westminster on the 11th May, 1822.

t Benedict : From this name some derive Bennett.


450 FIT.


FIT. [part III

78. Conla : son of Bressal Breac,
King of Leinster.

79. Nuadad : his son.

80. Carrthach : his son.

81. Labhradh : his son.

82. Lughaidh : his son.

83. Ailill : his son.

84. Sediia : his son.

85. lar : his son.

86. Ere : his son.

87. Crimthann Mor : his son.

88. ^neas Ossaraidhe : his son ;
a quo the territory of Ossory
(" ossaraidhe :" Irish, a jjorfer, car-
rier) is so called; had a brother
named Muireadach.

• 89. Laeghaire Bernbhradhach :
son of -^neas Ossaraidhe ; had a
brother named Bonan.

90. Amhailgadh [awly] : his son.

91. Eochaidh : his son.

92. Niadhcorb : his son.

93. Biian : his son ; a quo " Dal

94. Cairbre Caomh : his son ;
had two brothers — 1. Dron, 2.

95. Conall: son of Cairbre

96. Buamanduach : his son.

97. Lagneach Faoladh : his son ;
had four brothers — 1. St. Uibhne;

2. St. Ceanfola, bishop (8th April) ;

3. St. Ceallach, a deacon (7th Oct) ;

4. St. Conall (3rd March).

98. Eochaidh (called Beagneach)
Caoch : son of Lagneach ; had a
brother, St. Ciaran, of Saighir (3rd

99. Colman : son of Eochaidh.

100. Ceannfaola : his son.

101. Scanlan M(5r : his son ; the
2nd King of Ossory.

102. Eonan Righfhlaith : his son.

103. Cronnmaol : his son.

104. Fuelan : his son.

105. Cucaircheach : his son ; living
A.D. 710.

106. Anmchadh : his son : the 9th
King of Ossory.



107. Fergal : his son.

108. Dungal: his son; the 14th
King of Ossory.

109. Diarmuid (or Dermod) : his

110. Cearbhall: his son; the 15th
King of Ossory ; had a brother
Fionnan, who was the 16th King
of Ossory.

111. Ceallach: son of Cearbhall; |,;
was the 17th King of Ossory ; had ^
a brother Dermod, who was the j
19th King, and another brother ,]
Braonan (" braon :" Irish, a drop), a
quo O'Braonain, anglicised O'Breruin^
Brenan, and Brenon.

112. Donoch (or Doncha) : son of,
Ceallach; was the 18th King o:

113. Donal : his son.

114. Giolla - Padraig (" gioUa .
Irish, the devoted; "Padraig," ot
St. Patrick) : his son ; a quo Maci
Giolla Padraig. *

115. Donoch: his son; slain A.D,'
1039 ; was the 20th King of Ossory.
Had a brother Teige who was the
22nd King, and who was blinded.
by this Donoch, A.D. 1026.

116. Donal MacGiolla Padraicr
son of Donoch ; first who assumed
this sirname ; died 1087.

117. Giollapadraic Ruadh : his

118. Scanlan: his son.

119. Donall Mor: his son; had a
brother named Connor, who settled
in Thomond, and who was the an-
cestor of Fitzpatrick, of Limerick and

120. Uilliam [William] Clannach:
son of Donal Mor; was the an-
cestor of " Clann Donogh."

121. Geoffrey Baccach: his son:
had a brother named Ostagan :
("osda:" Irish, a host; " gan,"
without), a quo "Clan Ostagain,"
anglicised Costigan,

122. Jeoffrey Fionn : son of Jeof-
frey Baccach.


FIT. 451

123. Donal: his son.

124. Donal Dubh : his son.

125. Flann (or Florence) : his son.

126. Florence (2) : his son.

127. Florence (3) : his son.

128. Shane (or John) : his son.

129. Brian : his son; created
'Lord Baron of Upper Ossory," by
Patent, dated 11th June, 1541 ; first
)f the family that assumed the sir-
lame FitzpatricJc, instead of Mac-
riolla-Fadraic, the Irish patronymic
>f the family ; submitted to King
lenry VIIL, on 8th October, 1537.

130. Brian: son of Brian; a
'avourite to King Edward VI. ; was
jord of Upper Ossory ; only issue
ilargaret, who was wife of MacPiarras
or Bermingham). Had eight bro-
hers — 1. Florence, 3rd Baron, m.
►o Catherine Moore; 2. David; 3.

eoflfrey ; 4. Tirlogh, who m. Ellen
)'Moore, and had issue two sons —

. Donal, 2. Brian, and one dau.
$^ate. (This Donal m, Una Mac-
samara, and had a dau. Ellen, who
Niall O'Neill, alias "Payne."—
Jee " O'Neill" (of Tyrone) pedigree,

No. 130); 5. Dermod; 6. John; 7.
Ceallach ; 8. Teige.

131. Teige, 4th Baron, living
1627 : son of Florence, the 3rd
Baron ; had a brother John, m. to
Mabel St. John, and had a son
Florence, This Teige had a son
Barnaby, the 5th Baron (1639),
who had Brian, the 6th Baron
(1664), who had Brian, the 7th
Baron (1731).

132. Florence: son of John and
Mabel ; m. to Bridget Darcy, of

133. John: their son. Married
to Elizabeth Butler, and had two
sons— 1. Edward (1696), s. p. ; 2.

134. Richard (d. 1727): second
son of John ; created " Lord
Gowran,"* 1729. Married Anne
Robinson, and had two sons — 1.
John; 2. Richard, m. to Anne Usher.

135. John, 2nd Lord Gowran, and
1st Viscount, 1758 : son of Richard;
had two sons — 1. John, 2. Richard.

136. John Fitzpatrick, 2nd Vis-
count : son of John ; m. Anne LiddelL

Of Lissanwarny, County Clare.

Arms : Same as those of " Fitzpatrick" (No. 1),

2. Darby " Debrik," of Doune
jallah, who had :

3. Florence, who had :

4. Florence (2), who had :

5. Darby, of Lissanwarny, county
Clare, gent., who d. 31st Sept., 1637
He m. " Ingin Dufife," alias Any,
dau. of Thomas MacMahon, son of

Murtogh " Caume" MacMahon.

* Gowran : This Richard Fitzpatrick, Lord Gowran, was a distinguished naval
:ommauder. Entering the Naval Service, he was in May, 1687, appointed to a com-
nand, and signalized himself in several actions against the French. William III.
jranted him an estate in the Queen's County. On the accession of George I., he was
jreated •' Baron Gowran," and took his seat in the Irish Parliament. He died on
;he 9th June, 1727, leaving two sons, the eldest of whom afterwards became *'Earl of
Upper Ossory."

452 FLA.


FLI. [part III.


Of Roscommon.

Arms : Ar. out of a mount in base vert an oak tree ppr. a border of the second.
Crest : A dexter cubit arm in armour ppr. garnished or and gu. holding a flaming
sword az. pommel and hilt gold. Motto : Certavi et vici.

Cathal, a brother of Inrachtacb, who is No. 98 on the " O'Connor"
(Connaught) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Flannagain; anglicised


98. Cathal : son of Muireadach

99. Ardghal : his son.

100. Cinaoth : his son.

101. Murchadh : his son.

102. Flannagan (" flann :" Irish,
Uood, red) : his son ; a quo 0' Flan-
nag ain.

103. Muireadach : his son.

104. Cathal: his son

105. Muireadach : his son.

106. Murchadh : his son.

107. Flaithbhearthach : his son.

108. Murchadh : his son.

109. Tadhg (Teige, or Thady) :
his son.

110. Diarmaid O'Flann again : hi»


Lords of Tuirtre, or Northern Clanaboy.

Arms : Ar. a dexter arm couped betw. two swords in pale all ppr. .

FiACHRA Tort, a brother of Eoghan, who is No. 86 on the " Mac Uais
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Flainn, of Tuirtre ; anglicised O'Flinn,
Flinn, Linn, Lyne, etc.

86. Fiachra Tort (" tort" or "toir t :"
Irish, a cake, a little loaf, bulk) : son
of Colla Uais ; a quo 0' Tuirtre ; and
a quo the territory of Tuirtre, more
lately known as Northern Clanaboy,
now the baronies of " Toome," and
" Antrim."

87. Eachin (meaning " a little
horse") : his son ; a quo O'Eakin and

Eakins: had six brothers — 1,
Muireadach, 2. Cormac, 3. Main,
4. Laeghaire, 5. Aongus, 6. Nathi.

88. Fedhlim : son of Eachin ;
had five brothers.

89. Daire : his son.

90. Cuanach : his son ; was King
of Orgiall, as were also seven of his

* Flanagan: Among the Sligo families mentioned in the MS, Vol. 14, F. 13,
("Antiquities") by O'Donovan, and deposited in the Library of the Royal Irish
Academy, Dublin, are Coleman, Coffey (Ui Chobhthaigh), Roberts (Ui Robhertaigh),
etc. ; and m page 319 of that vol. is given the pedigree of another O'Flanagan family.

t Flinn: "Flinn" of Leinster is a branch of this family. In Connaught and
Munster the name is spelled "Flynn," w^hich is a distinct family from this stock.

Of this family is Doctor D. Edgar Flinn, L.C.P., F.R.C.S., of Dublin ; living in




FLO. 453

91. Bee : his son ; King of
Orgiall ; a quo Cineal Beice.

92. Fiiadhran : his son ; King of
Orgiall; ancestor of Siol Cahesaidh
(anglicised Casey), and of Siol

93. Suibhneach : his son; King
of Orgiall.

94. Maolfoghartach : his son.

95. Maolchobha : his son.

96. Reachtabrad : his son.

97. Inrachtach : his son ; had a
brother Fionnachtach.

98. Muireadach: son of Inrach-
tach ; had a brother Longseach, who
was the ancestor of O'Tuirtre,
strangely translated Baker,

99. Flann (" flann :" Irish, Mood,
red) : his son ; a quo O'Flainn.

100. Fogharthach: his son.

101. Donagan : his son.

102. Aodh : his son.

103. Maciarann (" mac :" Irish,

iarann," iron) :

clear, pure, bright; '
his son ; a quo
anglicised Steele.

104. Foghlogha : his son.

105. Eachdach : his son.

106. Ruadhri an Deoraidh (" an
deoraidh :" Irish, the strong, or dis-
obedient) : his sou ; a quo Mac An
Deoraidh, anglicised Dorey, and

107. Cumidhe : his son.

108. Cu-uladh an t-Sioda (" the
Silken Ulster Warrior") : his son ;
a quo Cooley, Cooling, Cowley, Cully,
and Colly.

109. Cumidhe : his son

had a

brother Murtagh.

110. Alexander : his son.

111. Muirchearthach : his son.

112. Cu-uladh: his son.

113. Domhnall : his son.

114. Kuadhri O'Floinn : his son.


Of Ireland.

Arms : Vert a chev. betw. three wolves' heads erased ar.

CORMAC, a brother of Cairbre Cluitheachar, who is No. 87 on the
O'Dwyer" (of Leinster and Munster) pedigree, was the ancestor of
0' Loimthuile,\ anglicised Lu7nley, and Flood.

87. Cormac : son of Cucorb.

88. lomchadh : his son.

89. Treana : his son.

90. Labhradh : his son.

91. Lufirdheach : his son.

92. Ceis : his son.

93. Treana (2) : his son.

94. Lomthuile ("lom:" Irish,
bare; " tuile," a flood): his son;
a quo 0'Loimthuile.'\

* Flood : Henry Flood, a distinguished orator and statesman, who was bom on the
family estate near Kilkenny, in 1732, is believed to have been of this family ; although
his grandfather came to Ireland as an officer, during the war of 1641-1652. Henry
Flood's father was Chief-Justice of the Queen's Bench, in Ireland. He entered
Parhament in 1759 as member for Kilkenny, being the sixth of the name and family
who sat in Parliament during the 18th century. He afterwards entered the British
Parliament, and died at Farmley, near Kilkenny, on the 2Qd December, 1791.

t O'Loimthuile : Meaning *'the descendants of the man who was ruined by a

454 FLO.


FOG. [part III.

95. Faolan : his son.

96. Furadhran : his sod.

97. Ceallach : his son.

98. Nuadhad ; his son.

99. Flann O'Loimthuile : his son.


Loi'ds of EHogarty, Tipperary,

Arms : Az. two lions ramp, combatant supporting a garb or, in dexter base a
crescent ar., and in the sinister, the harp of Ireland.

CoNALL Crimthann, a brother of the Monarch Laeghaire, who is No. 88
on the " Connellan" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Fogharthaighe ;
anglicised Fogarty.

Crimthann : son of
Niall of the Nine
]26th Monarch of
the first Christian

88. Conall
Niall Mor or
Hostages, the
Ireland ; was
King of Meath.

89. Fergus Cearbhall : his son.

90. Diarmaid [Dermod] : his son ;
the 5th Christian King, and 133rd
Monarch of Ireland. Was slain at
the battle of Eathbeeg, by Hugh
Dubh MacSweeney, King of Dal
Araidhe (or Dalaradia), a.d. 558.
Had an elder brother named Main,
who was King of Meath next before
him. It was in this Dermod's
reign that the Eoyal Palace of Tara
was deserted (see the Paper " Tara
Deserted," in the Appendix).

91. Aodh (or Hugh) Slaine : son
of Dermod; the 141st Monarch.
Had a brother named Colman Mdr,
who was the sixth Christian King
of Meath.

92. Dermod Euanach : his son.
Had a brother named Con^all, who
was the ancestor of Kelly, of
Meath— one of " The Four Tribes
of Tara;"* he had also another

brother named Donoch, who was
the ancestor of Mulvey or Mulvy.
This Dermod Euanach was the
149th Monarch of Ireland; and
reigned jointly with his brother
Bladhmic (or Bladhmac) : both of
whom died A.D. 664.

93. Cearnasotal : his son.

94. Niall: his son.

95. Fogharthach : his son ; wa»
the 157th Monarch. He had three
brothers — 1. Cumascach, who was!
ancestor oi Burns; 2. Conall Greanta,
ancestor of Breslin ; and 3. Aodh
(or Hugh) Laighen, who was the
ancestor of Muldoon, of Meath.

96. Ceallach : son of Foghar-

97. Tolarg (" tol :" Irish, a church-
yard : " arg," white or pcde) : his
son; a quo O'Tolairg, anglicised
Toler, and Tyler.

98. Fogharthach (2) : his son.

99. Niull (2) : his son.

100. Fogharthach (" fogharthach -:'
Irish, noisy) : his son ; a quo

* Tara : The "Four Tribes of Tara," were O'Hart, 0' Kelly (of Meath), 0' Connolly,
and 0' Regan. — Book of Rights.


FOR. 455


Arms : Ar. a sinister hand couped at the wrist affront^e gu.

/ONCHOBHAR, a brother of Niall Frassach who is No. 96 on the " O'Neill"
of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Furadhrain ; anglicised FarraHf
^oran, and Furniss*

96. Conchobar: second son of
'eargal, the 156th Monarch of Ire-

97. Furadhran ("fuireadh:" Irish,
reparation) : his son ; a quo
ypuradhrain. From this Furadh-
•an also descends the family of
JBranagain, of Tirowen ; anglicised

98. Cumusgach : his son.

99. Sgreamdhach : his son.

100. Muireadhach : his son ; a quo
0' Muireadaighy of Tirowen, angli-
cised Murray.

101. Maolbrighid: his son.

102. Fachtnacht : his son.

FORBES. (No. 1.)

Of the Clann Ferhisigh.

Arms : Ar. three bears' heads couped ar. muzzled gu.

A.MHAILGADH, a younger brother of Eochaidh Breac who is No. 89 on the
O'Shaughnessy" pedigree, was the ancestor of Clann Firbisigh ; anglicised
MacFirbis, and Forbes.

89. Amhailgadh : the third son
af Dathi, the 127th Monarch of

90. Feargus : his son.

91. Muireadhach : his son.

92. Conaing: his son. •

93. Enna: his son.

94. Conchobhar ua Conairte (or
Connor of the Pack of Hounds) :
his son.

95. John : his son.

96. Lochlann, of Loch Conn, co.
Mayo : his son.

97. Aongus : his son.

98. Domhnall M6r : his son.

99. Domhnall Oge : his son.

100. Fearbiseach ("fear :" Irish, a
man ; " biseach," prosperity, or the
crisis of a disease ; Heb. " bizza,"
increase) : his son ; a quo Clann

101. Giolla Phadraig: his son ; by
whom St. Tighearnan,* the founder
of the Abbey of Errew, in the parish
of Crossmolina, near Lough Conn,
was fostered.

102. Donnchadh : son of Giolla

* St. Tighearnan : O'Donovan, in his " Tribes and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach,"
states that, as a relic of antiquity, Mias Tighearnain ("Tiearnan's dish, or platter"),
which belonged to this saint, at the Abbey of Errew, Loch Conn, is preserved by tho
Knox family of Rappa Castle, near Crossmolina, county of Mayo.

456 FOR.


FOR. [part III.

103. John : his son.

104. Amhlaoibh : his son.

105. Domhnall, of the School: his

106. Giolla na Naomh : his son.

107. Fearbiseach : his son.

108. John Carrach : his son.

109. John Oge : his son.

110. Fearbiseach : his son.

111. Donchadh Mor : his son.

112. James : his son.

113. Diarmaid Caoch: his son.

114. Dubhaltach: his son.

115. Giolla losa Mor : his son.

116. Dubhaltach (or Duald) Oge
MacFirbis : his son ; the celebrated
Compiler and Writer of "Mac-
Firbis's Irish Genealogies;" living
A.D. 1666; had three brothers, 1.
Patrick, 2. Diarmaid, 3. James.

FORBES. (No. 2.)
Earls of Grranard.

Arms : Az. tliree bears' heads couped ar. muzzled gu. Crest : A bear pass. ar.
gutlee de sang muzzled gu. Supporters : Dexter, a unicorn erminois, armed, maned,
tufted, and unguled or ; sinister, a dragon, wings expanded erm. Motto : Fax mentis
incendium gloriae.

According to the Linea Antiqua, this family derives its origin from
Connor, who was a younger brother of Aodh (or Hugh), No. 71 on the
" O'Connor" (Corcomroe) pedigree. But according to O'Donovan,
O'Curry, and Cronnelly, it is derived from the Clann Firhisigh, whosi
pedigree is traced in the foregoing (•'* Forbes," No. 1) genealogy. The
following is the ascertained regular descent of the family :

1. Sir Alexander de Forbes, chief
of the ancient Scottish House of

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