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Forbes, created a Peer of Scotland,
about 1370, by King James 11. , by
the title of " Baron Forbes," d.
1448 ; m. Elizabeth Douglas, dau.
of George, Earl of Angus, by the
Princess Mary his wife, dau. of
King Robert III.

2. James, second Lord Forbes ;
m. Lady JSgidia Keith, dau. of
William, first Earl Marischal, by
Mary his wife, dau. of James, first
Lord Hamilton, and had three sons
— 1. William, third Lord Forbes,
ancestor of the Lords Forbes, of
Scotland ; 2. Duncan, of Corsindie,
ancestor of Forbes of PitsligOy etc. ;

3. Honourable Patrick Forbes, of
Corss, Armour Bearer (according to
the Lumsden MS.) to King James

3. David, of Corss, called " Traill
the Axe :" son of the Hon. Patrick
Forbes ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Patrick Panter, of Newmanswaes,
Old Montrose.

4. Patrick, of Corss ; m. Marjory,
dau. of Robert Lumsden, of Maidler
and Cushney.

5. William Forbes, Laird of Corss,
county Aberdeen : eldest son oi
Patrick; m. Elizabeth Strachan,
dau. of the Laird of Thornton.

6. Sir Arthur Forbes, Knt. ;
created, 26th Sept., 1628, a Baronet


FOR. 457

of Nova Scotia; d. 14th April,
1632 ; m. Jane, dau. of Sir Eobert
Lauder* of the Bass, and widow of
Sir Alex. Hamilton, Knt., and had
two Sons — 1. Sir Arthur, 2. Patrick,
who was killed in Poland. This
Sir Arthur was Lieut.-Colonel to the
Regiment of the Master of Forbes
sent from Scotland to Ireland, in

7. Sir Arthur Forbes, Bart., b.
1623; elevated to the Peerage in
1673, as Baron Clanehugh and Vis-
count Granard ; created Earl of
Granard in 1684; Will dated 12th
March, 1693; d. 1696; buried at
Newtown Forbes, county Longford,
Ireland; m. to Catherine (d. 1714),
dau. of Sir Robert Newcomen, Bart.,
of Moss Town, co. Longford, and
relict of Sir Alexander Stewart.
The issue of that marriage were five
sons and one daughter : the sons
were — 1. Arthur; 2. Robert, d.
1686, unm. ; 3. Francis, d. unm. ; 4.
Patrick, d. unm. ; 5. Thomas, d.
unm. ; and the daughter was Lady-
Catherine Forbes (d. 1743), m. to
Arthur, third Earl of Donegall.

8. Arthur Forbes, second Earl of
Granard, d. 1734, and buried at
Newtown Forbes ; m. Mary (d.
1724), eldest dau. of Sir George
Rawdon, Bart., ofMoira, co. Down.
The issue of this marriage were two
sons and two daughters ; the sons
were — 1. Arthur Lord Forbes, d.
unm. 1704 ; 2. George, third Earl
of Granard. The daughters were —
1. Lady Jane (d. 1760), m. to Major
Josias Champagne (d. 1737) ; 2.
Lady Dorothy (d. unm. 1729).

9. George, third Earl of Granard,
b. 1685, d. 1765, and buried at
Newtown Forbes ; m. Mary (d.
1755), dau. of Sir William Stewart,
first Viscount Mountjoy. The issue

of this maiTiage were two sons ;
and one daughter, Lady Mary, m.
to James Irvine of Kingcausie.
The sons were — 1. George, b. 1710 ;
2. John, Admiral of the Fleet, and
General of the Marine Force, d.
1796, m. to Lady Mary Capel (d.
1782), fourth dau. of William, Earl
of Essex, and had issue two daugh-
ters — 1. Catherine-Elizabeth, m. to
William, Earl of Mornington, 2.
Mary-Eleanor, m. to John-Charles,
Earl of Clarendon.

10. George Forbes, fourth Earl
of Granard, b. 1710, d. 1769, and
buried at Newtown Forbes ; m.
Letitia (d. 1778), dau. of Colonel
Arthur Davys of Hamstead, county
Dublin, and had an only son.

11. George, fifth Earl of Gran-
ard, only son, b. 1740, d. 1781, and
buried at Newtown Forbes; was
twice married : first, in 1759, to
Dorothea (d. 1764), second dau. of
Sir Nicholas Bayly, Bart., of Plas
Newydd, Isle of Anglesey, and had
a son George, sixth Earl of Gran-
ard ; and secondly, in 1766, to Lady
Augusta Berkeley (d. 1820), eldest
dau. of Augustus, Earl Berkeley,
and had issue — 1. Henry, 2. Wil-
liam, 3. Augustus, 4. Cranfield, 5.
Frederick, 6. Lady Anne-Georgina,
7. Lady Augusta, 8. Lady Louisa-
Georgina, 9. Lady Elizabeth.

12. George, sixth Earl of Gran-
ard, only son by the first marriage,
b. 1760, created in 1806 a Peer of
the United Kingdom, as "Baron
Granard, of Castle Donnington,"
county Leicester; d. 1837, and was
buried at Newtown Forbes ; m. in
1779 Lady Selina-Frances Rawdon
(d. 1827), second dau. of John, first
Earl of Moira, and of Elizabeth,
Baroness Hastings, etc., dau. of
Theophilus, Earl of Huntington, and

* Lauder : This Jane Lauder is mentioned as Jane
F. 418, Trin. Coll., Dublin.

Lowther" in the MS. Vol.

458 FOB.


FOX. [part III.

had issue — 1. George-John, 2.
Francis-Eeginald, 3. Hastings-Bru-
denell (d. 1815), 4. Angouleme-
Moira (d. 1810), 5. Ferdinando-
William. (d. 1802), 6. Lady Eliza-
beth-Mary-Theresa (d. 1852), 7.
Lady Selina- Frances (d. 1791), 8.
Lady Adelaide-Dorothea (d. 1858),'
9. Lady Caroline-Selina (b. 1799).

13. George-John, YiseountForbes,
eldest son, b. 1785, d. 1836, and
buried in the old ruined church of
Clongish, in the demesne of Castle
Forbes ; m. in 1832 to Frances-
Mary, only dau. of William Territt,
LL.D., of Chilton Hall, Suffolk,
England, and had issue — 1. George-
Arthur - Hastings, 2. William-
Francis, Colonel Leitrim Rifles, and
a Resident Magistrate, b. 1836,
living in 1887, m. to Philiis, dau. of
John Rowe, of Ballycross House,
county Wexford, and has had issue
George-Francis-Reginald Forbes, b.
6th Sept., 1866.

14. George - Arthur - Hastings
Forbes, seventh Earl of Granard, b.

5th August, 1833, and living in
1887, m. first, in 1858, to Jane
Colclough (d. 1872), younger dau.
and co-heiress of Hamilton-Knox
Grogan-Morgan, M.P., of Johns-
town Castle, county Wexford, and
had — 1. Lady Adelaide- Jane Fran-
ces, m. to Lord Maurice FitzGerald
in 1880; 2. Lady Sophia Maria
Elizabeth, born 1861 ; 3. Lady
Caroline (d. an infant, 1865):
m. secondly, in 1873, to the
Frances-Mary, daughter of
Petre, and has had issue — 1. Ber-
nard-Arthur-William-Patrick Hast-
ings, Viscount Forbes, born
September, 1874; 2. the
Fergus-Reginald- George, b.
Jan., and d. 20th Feb., 1876; 3.
the Hon. Reginald-George-Benedict,
and Lady Eva - Mary - Margaret
(twins), b. 25th June, 1877; 4.
Lady Margaret-Mary-Theresa, b.
13th Jan., 1879 ; 5. the Hon.
Donald-Alexander, b. 3rd Sept.,



FOX. (No. 1.)
Lords in Teffia, Ireland,

Arms : Az. a sceptre in bend betw. two regal crowns, and a chief or. Crest : A
fox sejant ppr.

Main, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages who is No. 87 on the " O'Neill"
(of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacSionnaighe / anglicised
Sionnach, Fox, Reynard, Reynardson, and Seeny.

87. Niall of the Nine Hostages,
the 126th Monarch of Ireland.]

88. Main : his son.

89. Brian : his son.

90. Brannan : his son.

91. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son ;

had a brother named Cream thann,
who was the ancestor of Breen.

92. Bladhmhach; son of Hugh ;
had a brother named Aongus, who
was the ancestor of Loughnan or
Loftus, of Meath.


FOX. 459

93. Congall : son of Bladhmach.
94-. Colla : his son.

95. Giolla Brighid : his son.

96. Maolbeanachtach : his son.

97. Tagan : his son ; a quo
Muintir Tagain.^

98. Beice : his son. This Beice
bad three brothers — 1. Deighnan,

Cearnachan, and 3. Gabhlach:
this Cearnachan had four sons —
1. Cibleachan (" cib :" Irish, a
hand ; " leacha," a cheek ; " an,"
one v:ho), a quo O'Cibleachain, angli-
cise Gihlan ; 2. Cathalan, who was
fche ancestor of a MacQuin family ;
3. Muireagan; 4. Cinleachau
(" ceann :" Irish, a head ; " leaca :"
a cheek), a quo O'Cinlecahain, angli-
cised Kinlehan, and Kinehan.

99. Connor : son of Beice.

100. Breasal: his son.

101. Cathiarnach ("cath:" Irish,
a fight; Heb. *'chath," terror-.
Chald. "cath," a battalion; " iarann,"
Irish, iron) : his son ; a quo
O'CathiarnaighCj anglicised Carney.

102. Cathalann : his son.

103. Cathiarnach (2) : his son.

104. Kory : his son.

105. Fogartach : his son.

106. Rory (2) : his son.

107. Teige an Sionnach("an sion-
nach :" Irish, the fox) : his son ;
a quo MacSionnaighe.

108. Rory (3): his son.

109. Neal : his son.

110. Malachi : his son.

111. Connor (2) : his son.

112. Rory Fox : his son.

FOX. (No. 2.)

0/ Kilcoursy, King's County.

Arms : Ar. a lion ramp, and in chief two dexter hands couped at the wrist gu.
Crest : An arm embowed in armour, holding a sword all ppr. Motto : Sionnach aboo
(Fox for ever).

Carbry Fox had :

2. Owen of Kilcoursy, in the
King's County, who had :

3. Brassell, who had :

4. Art (or Arthur), who had :

5. Brassell, of Kilcoursy, who d.
7th April, 1639. He married Mar}^,
daughter of Hu. MacGeoghagan, of
Castletown, county Westmeath,
and had one son and six daughters.

I. Hubert, of whom presently.
I. Mary, who m. Edmund Malone

of Kilgarran, in the co. West-

II. Eliza, who m. Neal MoUoy,
of Pal lis, King's County.

III. Mary.

IV. Margaret.

V. Amy.

VI. Katherine.

6. Hubert Fox, of Kilcoursy : son
of Brassell ; m. Mary, dau. of Lewis
Connor, of Leixlip, Esq.

* Muintir Tagain : In page 118, of first series, this people is by mistake mentioned
as •* Muintir Fagan."

460 FOY.


PRE. [part II


Arms : Paly of eight sa. and ar. a crescent gu. Crest : An eel ppr.

Fathadh, a brother of Ainmireach who is No. 94 on the " Lemon" pedi
gree, was the ancestor of O'Fathaidh ; anglicised Foy.

94. Fathadh ("fath :" Irish, sJcill;
" adh," a least of the Cow Kind) :_
son of Aongus ; a quo O'Fathaidh.

95. Furachar : his son.

96. Aongus : his son.

97. Flann : his son.

98. Colman : his son.

99. Fiochdha Salmhair : his son.

100. Coluni: his son.

101. Allabhar {'' allahhar :" Irish,
savage, idld) : his son ; a quo
CAllahhair, anglicised Oliver.

102. Maonach : his son.

103. Cormac O'Fathaidh: his son.


KiCHARD Cane, the third son of Eichard O'Cahan, of Larah Bryan, near
Maynooth, co. Kildare, who is No. 123 on the " O'Cahan" Genealogy, was,
maternally, an ancestor of this family :

124. Richard Cane, of Larah
Bryan : third son of Richard
O'Cahan. Will dated 28th Decem-
ber, 1754. Married Anne Cane
nee Lyons, and had three sons —
1. Richard, 2. William-Lyons, 3.

125. William-Lyons Cane; second
son of Richard ; m. and had three
sons — 1. Richard-Duke Cane, who
was Major in the 5th Dragoon
Cruards ; 2. Hugh Cane, Captain in
22nd Regiment; and 3. Medlycott

126. Medlycott Cane : third son of
WilHam-Lyons Cane. Was in the
102nd Regiment, East Indies. This
Medlycott Cane was twice married :

first to a Miss Browne (sister of
Mrs. Robert Wybrants), by whom
he had Major James Cane, 23rd
Regiment, father of Madame de
Madrid; Medlycott's second mar-
riage was to a Mrs. Bloomfield, nee
Bayly, dau. of John Bayly, Esq., of
Newtown, co. Tipperary, by whom
he had — 1. John-Lyons Cane, 60th
Regiment; 2. Jane Cane; 3. Richard
Cane, who d. 1849.

127. Richard Cane: third son of
Medlycott; m. Delia-Eliza, youngest
daughter of the late Rev. ^leade-
Swift Dennis, of L^nion Hill, co.
Westmeath (and sister of the late
Thomas Stratford Dennis, Esq., of
Fort Granite, co. Wicklow), and

* Fo?/ : Of this family is Doctor George Mahood Foy, of Dublin, who was bom oi
the 22nd December, 1847, at Cootehill, county Cavan. His father was John Foy,
merchant, who married Jane, daughter of Michael Murphy, J. P., agent to the thu
Earl of Bellamont, who was noted for his violent opposition to the Union of Greaf
Britain and Ireland. Mr. Foy is Examiner in Anatomy to the Apothecaries' HaU.


GAH. 461

lad — 1. John Cane, d. s. p. ; 2.
iichard-LyoDs Cane, d. s. p. ; 3.

I fames-Godfrey Cane, d. s. p. ; 4.
Delia-Maria Cane, of whom pre-
ently ; 5. Elizabeth-Caroline Cane,
iving in 1883.

128. Delia-Maria Cane : dau. of
Richard Cane; m. in 1856, Major

Frend (d. 1858), 55th Regiment,
and had — 1. Albert- William- John
Frend, b. 1857 ; 2. Delia-Hester-
Ellen- Jane Frend, living in 1883.

129. Albert- William- John Frend,
B.A. : son of Major Frend and
Delia-Maria Cane; living in 1887,


Arms : Gu. a salmon naiant ppr. on a chief ar. a dexter hand apaum^e of the first.

3rOTHFRiTH Gamhnach, brother of Flaithbhearthach who is No. 112 on
3he " Maguire" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacGamhnaigh ; anglicised
xafney, MacGafney, and Chamney.

I 112. Gothfrith Gamhnach (" gam-
inach :" Irish, a cow nearly dry, a
iiripper : son of Dunn Oge ; a quo
Mac Gamhnaigh.

113. Gothfrith Oge : his son.

114. Niall Mor : his son.

115. Murcha: his son.

116. Diarmaid : his son.

117. Niall : his son.

118. Toirdhealbhach (or Tirloch)
MacGafney : his son.


Arms: Gu. three fishes haurient in a fess ar.
ihe hand a sword ppr. Motto : Dum spiro spero.

Crest : Arm embowed, holding in

Chis family name, as well as Gallon, Gaghan, Gagham, and Getham, is, since
;he reign of King Charles II., one of the anglicised forms of, and the
■amily a branch of, O'Cathain or O'Cahan, Princes of Limavady, in the
:ounty of Londonderry. — (See the " O'Cahan" genealogy.)

In 1607, O'Cahan was implicated in the O'Neill's resistance to the
English in Ireland ; he was imprisoned therefor, and his estates forfeited ;
ind his wife was found by the Duchess of Buckingham in great poverty.
[n a letter dated 1607 ICing James I. recommended dealing leniently with
)'Cahan, and placing his son in college for the purpose of his education,
["hat son, it is believed, was the progenitor of this family, and was the
'ather of the Captain Daniel Gabon, who, as a soldier of the Common-
wealth, was granted land in Tipperary. — (See p. 415 of our " Irish Landed
sentry when Cromwell came to Ireland." Dublin : 1884.)

According to an award of the Commissioners (which may be seen in



the Public Record Office, Dublin), for the distribution of land in Ireland
under the Commonwealth Eule, and which was enrolled on the 17th May,
1659, Thomas Ask became seized of the lands of Coolquill and other town-
lands in the county Tipperary, and devised them to his wife Susanna Ask,
who afterwards became his widow and married Daniel Gahan, to whom
and Susanna his wife the said lands were, under the Acts of Settlement
and Explanation, granted a.d. 1666. — (See our "Irish Landed Gentry,"
p. 458.)

A Letter to the Duke of Ormond, dated Feby., 1663, in Letter Book
1663 to 1637, in the Signet Office, recites that Con O'Rourke of Modoragh,
CO. Leitrim, died without heirs, possessed of lands in 1641 ; his lands
became the property of the Crown (not forfeited) : ordered that a grant of
the lands of Modoragh be made to Daniel Gagham* (recte " Gaghan"), his
heirs, etc. The grant of the estate in Tipperary was made to Daniel
Gahan and his wife Susanna in 1666.

In the Irish State Papers, temp. Charles II., appears a Letter to the
Lord Lieutenant bearing date Feby., 1663, and entered at Signet Office,
directing inquiry to be made into the lands, etc., of Con O'Rourke,
deceased, " of our title thereto, in the co. of Leitrim, and, being found, we
make a grant thereof to Daniel Getham,* Esq."

■f*' In the Irish State Papers, 334, Charles II., appears a Letter, dated
20th Dec, 1665, from D. Gahan* to J. Williamson, Keeper of State
Papers, about Con O'Rourke's Estate, county Leitrim.

Rolls Office, London: Calendar of State Papers, Domestic. Vol. 153,
April 1. 16. 1666 : Memo : Captain Gahan, Governor of Dublin Post

21st August, 1666: Letter from Sir William Domville to Lord
Arlington, Principal Secretary of State, sent by Captain Gaghan, whom he
highly commends, and by whom he sends a present of a wolf dog.

Letter, 16th Nov., 1666, from Lord Lieutenant (Ormonde) recommend-
ing Mr. Gahan, who had been very diligent in the management of the
Postage of this Kingdom, to be continued therein.

Daniel Gahan to Walter York, Postmaster at Barnet, in Letter of 30th
Nov., 1666, recommends M. Choisin (bound for Ireland) to Postmasters
on road to Chester, to furnish him with post horses.

Dec. 18th (1666) : D. Gahan to Robert Leigh, at Lord Arlington's. ^

In 1666, Charles II. grantedj to Daniel Gahan and Susanna his wife
the lands of Coolquill, Killnehone, Ballynonly, and Sleveardagh, in the co.
Tipperary ; and by another grant j to Daniel Gahan himself, the lands of
Modoragh, in the co. Leitrim, the estate of Con O'Rourke who, as above-

* Gagham : In the next entry this simame is spelled GetTiam : an instance of the
various forms which Irish sirnames assumed in their transition from the Irish to the
English language. See the " O'Cahan" pedigree for other variations in English of the
illustrious Irish family name O^Cathain,

f Granted : Award by the Commissioners of the Commonwealth, enrolled 17th
May, 1659, may be seen in the Public Record Office, Dublin.

% Grant : Letter of Charles II. to the Duke of Ormonde, dated 10th Feb., 1663.
See Irish State Papers, tetnp. Charles II.



GAH. 463

nentioned, died without heirs. Commencing with said Daniel Gahau and
lis wife Susanna, the following is the pedigree :

1. Daniel Gahan m. Susanna,
elict of Thomas Ask, above men-
ioned, and had three sons, Daniel,
jteorge, and John. He bequeathed*
o his son George his estate in the
50. Leitrim, and his house in Church-
;treet, Dublin, called " Turkey
jOck House :"

T. Sir Daniel, the eldest son, was
Knighted for faithful services
to the King ; and d. intestatef
and without issue. He was
succeeded by his brother :

II. George, of whom presently.

III. John.

2. George Gahan : second son of
Daniel ; mar. and had two sons :

I. Daniel, of whom presently.

II. George, who entered the
army, settled in England, and
was Governor of Scilly until
his death.

George Gahan, brother of Sir
Daniel, bequeathed all his real and
)ersonal estates! to his son Daniel.

3. Daniel : elder son of George ;
n. and had (according to his Will,
Prerogative, BookA-Y, 1765) three
jons — Daniel, Robert, and John :

I. Daniel who m. Sarah, dau. of
Joseph Smyth of Ballintubber,
Queen's County. He d. with-
out issue male surviving him.
Having barred the entail of
Coolquill, etc., in the co. Tip-
perary, the estate was inherited §
by his two daughters of his
first and second marriages,

viz., Maryanne, who m. Wil-
liam Tighe of Woodstock ; and

Penelope, who m. Gled-

stones of

II. Robert.

III. John, of whom presently.

4. Johnjl : youngest son of Daniel;
held the office of Surveyor-General ;
m. and had seven sons, of whom
survived Beresford.

5. Beresford^ (b. 1777): son of
John ; for some time of the 5th
Dragoon Guards, 1st Royal Dra-
goons, and Brigade Major of the
Donegal Yeomanry ; m.** Henrietta
Anna Margaretta(d. 1st Feb., 1825),
dau. of John Townsend of Shepper-
ton, CO. Cork, one of the Commis-
sioners of his Majesty's Revenue in
Ireland, and had nine sons :

I. John, who m. Hannah, eldest
dau. of Ussher Lee, Dean of
Waterford, and had three sons :

I. Beresford, who d. in infancy.

II. John, who d. leaving no
male heirs.

III. Edward, supposed to be
living and unmarried.

II. Beresford (2), who d. in in-

III. Henry, who m. CeHa, dau.

of MacDonnell, Surgeon

of the 57th Regiment of In-
fantry, in which he held a Com-
mission, and d. without issue.
He retired from the service
with the rank of Colonel.

IV. Robert, who m. Anna-Mary,

* Bequeathed : Prerogation, Will, Book 21, A to W, 1706-8

t Intestate : Book 266. 1712 to 1716.

+ Estates : Prerogative, Will, Book 33, A-W, 1731-2. Page 46.

§ Inherited : Prerogative, Will, Book 133, A-K, 1800.

li John : Will proved, a.d. 1796.

f Beresford : Will proved, 1845.

** Married : Marriage Sattlement dated 24th November, 1802,

464 GAH.


GAL. [part III.

eldest dau. of Richard B.

Osborne of Ballycushlane, co.

Kilkenny, and had two sons :

I. Beresford. II. Melmoth.
This Robert d. of a wound
received in the engagement
of Moodkee, in India, in

V. Townsend, who d. unmarried.

VI. George, of whom presently.
YII. Alfred, who married Alicia,

fourth dau. of the Rev. Henry
Herbert, of Innistiogue, co.
Kilkenny, and had five sons :

I. Beresford, who d. in in-

II. Henry;

III. Alfred, who d. in infancy.

IV. Alfred (2), who d. in boy-

V. Frederick.

VIII. Walter, who m. Georgina,
third dau. of Charles Rutland,
of Bray head, in the co. Wick-
low, has no issue living.


IX. Frederick, who m. twice : —
first, Henrietta, dau. of Ed-
ward Byrne of Carlow, who
d. s. p. ; and secondly, Kath-
arine-Jane, eldest dau. of
Edward Hume Townsend of
Cuilnaconara, near Clonakilty,
CO. Cork, and had seven sons :

I. Frederick, who d. in in-

II. Edward, who

III. Townsend.

IV. Beresford.

V. Stirling.

VI. Reginald.

VII. Walter.

6. George : the sixth son of
Beresford ; is unm. and in America.

Of the nine sons of Beresford
Gahan, three survive (1887), viz.,
Georsre, Walter, and Frederick.



* Arms : Ar. a lion ramp. sa. treading on a serpent in fess ppr. betw. eight trefoilsr
vert. Crest : A crescent gu. out of the horns a serpent erect ppr.

Anmire (latinized Anmireus), who was the 138th Monarch of Ireland,
and the brother of Fergus, who is No. 91 on the " O'Donnell" (of Tircon-
nell) pedigree, was the ancestor of CGallchohhair ; anglicised GalchoTj
and Gallagher.

91. Anmire : son of Seadneach ;
slain A.D. 566.

92. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son ;
the 140th Monarch.

93. Maolchobhach (latinized Mal-
covus) : his son, w^ho was the 144th
Monarch; had a brother named
Donal, who was the 146th Monarch,
and the ancestor of Mulroy.

94. Ceallach : son of Maolchob-

95. Donal : his son.

96. Donoch : his son.

97. Rory : his son.

98. Rorcan : his son.

99. Gallchobhair," (" gall :" Irish,
a foreigner ; " chobhair," help) -,
his son ; a quo 0' Gallchohhair ; A.D.

100. Manus : his son. ,

101. Donoch (2) : his son. j

102. Amhailgadh [awly] : his son.


GAR. 465

103. DoDal (2) : his son.

104. Dermod: his son.

105. Hugh (2): his son.

106. Maolruanaidh : his son.

107. Nichol : his son.

108. Donoch (3) : his son.

109. Fergall : his son.

110. Hugh (3): his son.

111. Gillcoimdhe : his son.

112. Nichol (2) : his son.

113. Eoin (or John) : his son.

114. Hugh (4) : his son.

115. Rory (2): his son.

116. John (2): his son.

117. Cormac Buidhe : his son.

118. John (3): his son.

119. Owen O'Galchor ; his son.


Arms : Or, on a cross gu. five mullets of the field.

1. Jeoffrey Galway (modern-
ized Galwey), of Kinsale, co. Cork,
had :

2 John, of Limerick : his son.

3. James, of Limerick, Aid. : his

4. Jeoffrey, of Limerick, Knt.
and Bart. : died at Kinsale. This
Jeoffrey was thrice married: first
to Anne, dau. of Nicholas Comyn,
Aid., Limerick ; secondly, to Mary,
dau. of Maurice MacSheehy, of
Ballenan, co. Limerick, gent., by
whom he had four daughters,
Martha. Margaret, Grace, and
Clara; and thirdly, to More, dau.

of Morough O'Brien, of Twogh, co.
Limerick, by whom he had a daugh-
ter Eleanor. The children of the
first marriage were — 1. John; 2.
Gabriel ; 3. Patrick ; 4. Jenet, m.
to William Galwey of Kinsale ; 5.
Mary, m. to Nicholas Stritch, of
Limerick j 6. Anne, m. to John
Stritch, of Limerick, 7. Kathleen,
m. to Maurice Caha O'Brien, of
Twogh, CO. Limerick ; 8. Christian.

5. John : son of Geoffrey ; m.

Eliza, dau. of Betts, of Norfolk,


6. Sir Jeoffrey Galwey, Bart.,
his son.


Arms : Same as those of


Brian, a brother of Daimhin who is No. 92 on the "O'Hart" pedigree,
was the ancestor of O'Garbhgeille; anglicised Gandy, and GarvaXy,

92. Brian : son of Cairbre an-
Daimh-Airgid, King of Orgiall.

93. Fergus Garbhgeill (" garbh :"

Irish, rough ; " geill," to yield) : his
son : a quo O'GarbhgeilL
94. Hugh : his son.

* Galwey : This sirname is derived from a branch of the " Bourke" family, in the
county Galway, which settled in Cork in the 14th century ; and hence have been dis-
tinguished by the territorial name of Galway, Galwey, and Gallwey.

2 G

466 GAR.


GAR. [part III.

95. Faolan : his son.

96. Mactigh : his son.

97. Cuborin : his son.

98. Cumagan : his son.

99. Maolagan("maolagan:" Irish,

the laid little man) : his son ; a quo
O'Maolagain, angUcised Mulligan^
and Molyneux.
100. Muireadach O'Garvaly : his

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