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GARVEY. (No. 1.)

Of Orgiall.

Arms : Erm. two clievronels betw. three crosses pattee gu.

FiACHRA Ceannfionnan, brother of Niallan who is 89 on the " O'Hanlon'
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Gairhhidh, of Orgiall ; anglicised Garvey.

89. Fiachra Ceannfionnan
(" ceannfionnan :" Irish, the fair-
haired) : son of Feig ; a quo O'Ceann-
Jionnain ; anglicised by some Cannon.

90. Luachmhar : his son.

91. Failbhe : his son ; had a
brother named Cumann (" cu-
mann :" Irish, acquaintance), a quo
O'Cumuinn (of Moyne), anglicised
Cummins, and Commins.

92. Fohach : his son.


93. Crunmaol : his son.

94. Dubthirr : his son ; a
O'DuUhire, anglicised Duffry^

95. Failbhe (2) : his son.

96. Fionnan : his son.

97. Fearach : his son.

98. Maoleadach : his son.

99. Gairbiadh (" gairbiadh :"
Irish, shouting for food) : his son ; a
quo O'Gairhhidh, of Orgiall.

GARVEY. (No. 2.)

Of Tirowen.

EOCHAIDH BiNNE, brother of Muireadach [muredach], who is No. 89 on
the " CuonagharC^ pedigree, was the ancestor of CGarvey of Tyrone. —
See the derivation of this sirname in the foregoing pedigree.

89. Eochaidh Binne (" binn :"
Irish, melodious) : son of Eoghan j a
quo Cineal Binne in Scotland, a
Binney in Ireland.

90. Claireadanach* (" clairead-
anach :" Irish, Iroadfaced) : his son.

91. Donal : his son.

92. Ultach ("ultach:" Irish, an
Ulsterman; his son ; a quo MacAn-
Ulfaigh, anglicised MacNuUy, Nulty,
and Natty ^

93. Failbhe : his son.

94. Maoldun : his son.

95. Conrach ; his son.

Claireadanach : Some of this man's descendants call themselves Clarendon,


GAW. 467

96. Elgenan : his son.

97. Cucolann : his son.

98. Danaille : his son.

99. Mulfabhal : his son.

100. Toiceach ("toiceach:" Irish,
vealthy) : his son.

101. Gairbiadh: his son; a quo
CGairhidh (of Tirowen), anglicised


Arms : Erm. on a saltire engr. az. five fleurs-de-lis.

Gabhadhan (" gabhadh :" Irish, danger ; " an," one who\ brother of
Dangal, who is No. 102 on the "Donnelly" pedigree, was the ancestor of
O'Gahhadhain ; anglicised Gavan, and Gavahan.


Arms : Ar. on a chev. gu. betw. three ancient galleys with three masts, sails
urled, flags flying sa. a lion ramp, or, armed aad langued az.

LuiGHACH, who is No. 90 on the *' Quirk" pedigree, was ancestor of
O'Gahhlaighe.C^gahhlsLch:'" lush, forked or longlegged) ; anglicised Gavala,
9aivleij, Goivleij, and Gooley.

90. Luighach : son of Labhrach ;
liad six brothers, but there is no
iccount of their issue.

91. Brollach : his son.

92. Connla : his son.

93. lomchadh : his son.

94. Dulach : his son.

95. Croch : his son.

96. Maith ("maith:" Irish, a

chiefs a nobleman, a leader) : his son ;
a quo 0' Maith, anglicised ilf«y* and
Maye; had two brothers — 1. lom-
chadh, 2. Earc.

97. Ceannfionnan : son of Maith.

98. lomchadh (2) : his son

99. Sionamhuil
his son.

O'Gabhlaighe :

* May : See the " May" (Lords of Orgiall) pedigree, for another family of this
lame, but of a different stock from this family, and differeatly derived.

468 GER.


GIL. [part nL


Arms : Ar. a saltire and a border gu.

Cathal (or Charles), brother of Teige Mor who is No. 102 on the
" O'Connor" (Connaught) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacOrcachta ;
anglicised MacOiraghty^ MacGeraghty^ Geragldy, Gertyy Garrett, Garratff
and Gerrotte.

102. Cathal : son of Muirgheas.

103. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son.

104. Morogh : his son.

105. Duncath : his son.

106. Orcacht ("ore :" Irish, a small
vjarrior ; " acht," gen. achta," an act):
his son ; a quo MacOrcachta.

107. Duncath Mor: his son; had
two brothers — 1. Morogh, 2.

109. Duncath (4) : his son.

Duncath Oge : son of Duncath

110. Hugh : his son.

111. Malachi : his son.

112. Tumaltach (or Timothy) : his

113. Morogh : his son.

114. Donall; his son.

115. Connor: his son.

116. Timothy (2): his son.

117. Malachi (2) : his son.

118. Manus : his son.

119. Manus MacOiraghty :



Arms : Or, three fleurs-de-lis gu. Crest ; A dexter hand holding up a bomb, firec


GioLLATiNNEAN, who is No. 105 on the "Mulroy" pedigree, was the
ancestor of MacGioUa-Finneiri ; anglicised McicGillfinenf GiUfinan, Gillfinan
Gill ion, Gillon, GillinoM, Glennon, Leonard, etc.

105. Giollafinnean("finnen :" Irish,
a shield) : son of Maolruanaidh ; a
quo MacGiolla-Finnein.

106. Maccraith MacGiolla Fin-
nein : his son ; first assumed this

107. Giollapadraic : his son.

108. Concobhar : his son.

109. Donall : his son.

110. Giolla Midhe (or Giolla of
Meath) : his son.

111. Ranall: his son.

112. Henry Crosach: his son.

113. Tirlogh : his son.

114. Donoch : his son.

115. Lochlann : his son.

116. Lochlann Oge : his son.

117. Brian : his son.

118. Shane MacGiolla-Finnein
his son.



GRL 469


Arms : Ar. a sinister hand couped at the wrist affront^e gu.

Fearcar, brother of Aodh Ornaighe who is No. 97 on the " O'Neill" (of
Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacGioUa Marthain; anglicised
Oilmartin, Kilmartin, and Martin.

97. Fearcar : son of Niall Fras-
fiach, the 162nd Monarch of Ireland.

98. Bearach : his son.

99. Maolgarbh : his son.

100. Cearnach : his son.

101. Donchadh: his son.

102. Dubhfionn : his son.

103. Giolla Marthain : his son :
meaning "the devotee of St. Martin"
(" marthain :" Irish, life) ', a quo
MacGioUa Marthain.


Of Leinster.

Arms : Gu. three griffins' heads, two in chief couped ar. and one in base'erased or.

Criomhthann, a brother of Ros Failge who is No. 91 on the " O'Connor"
(Faley) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Griomhthainn ; anglicised Griffin*
Cramton^ and Grampton,

91. Criomhthan : son of Cathair
Mor, the 109th Monarch of Ireland.

92. Aongus : his son.

93. Eochaidh : his son.

94. Criomhthan Beag (" criomh-
than :" Irish, a fooi) : his son ; a
quo O'Griomhthain.

95. Naneadh : his son.

96. Cormac : his son.

97. Cobthach : his son.

98. Eoghan : his son.

99. ( ) : his son.
100. Dubhdacrioch : his son.

101. Congal : his son.

102. Dungal : his son.

103. Ceannfaola: his son.

104. Murchadh: his son.

105. Dubhfhel : his son.

106. Uchbhisi: his son.

107. Uchbhisi (2) : his son.

108. Urchail : his son.

109. Uchbhisi (3); his son.

110. Dubh: his son.

111. Giolla Muire: his son.

112. Maolmordha : his son.

113. GioUa-na-Naomh : his son.

* Griffm : There was another family of this name descended from Crimthann Liath,
who is No. 89 on the " O'Hart" pedigree. The Ai^ms of that " Griflfin" family were :
Gu. a hon ramp, or, within a bordure innecked ar.

470 GRL


GWA. [part IIL


Arms : Ar. a wolf ramp. sa. betw. three human hearts gu.

DoNAL, brother of Connor who is No. 107 on the " Crean" pedigree, was
the ancestor of O' GairmUaclia ("gairm:" Irish, infint. of "goir" to call ;
and " liach," gen. " liacha," a spoon) ; anglicised Gormley, and Ghimleij.

107. Donal : son of Meanmnach. 112. Connor (2) : his son.

108. Connor : his son. 113. Sithric : his son.

109. Dalbach : his son. 114. Melachlin 0' Gormley : his

110. Donal (2) : his son. son,

111. Niall: his son.


Of Brefney.

A rms : Vert two lions ramp, combatant or, supporting a dexter hand couped at
the wrist erect and apaumee bloody ppr.

Feargal, a brother of Cathal (orCharles) who is Xo. Ill on the " O'Reilly'*
pedigree, was the ancestor of MacGothfritli ; anglicised Guthiiej and Mac-

111. Feargal: son of Gothfrith.

112. Cathal Dubh : his son.

113. Gothfrith ('' goth :" ^ Irish,
straight ; " frith," small) : his son j
a quo MacGothfrith.

114. Muirchearthach : his son.

115. Feargal : his son.

116. Donchadh : his son.

117. Niall MacGuthrie : his son.


Arms : A tower triple-towered ar.

GuAiRE AiDHNE, who is No. 95 on the " O'Shaughnessy" pedigree, was
the ancestor of Gicare, Gerrijj and Gurry,

Guaire Aidhne: son of Columhan.

1. John Gware of Courtstown,
county Kilkenny, Kt.

2. Oliver : his son.

3. John : his son.

4. Robert : his son.

5. Oliver, of Courtstown, gt. ;


HAN. 471

his son j married to Joan, dau. and
heiress of Sir Ciprian Horsfall, of
Inisharag, county Kilkenny, Knt. ;
d. 6th July, 1637.

6. John Gware : son of Oliver.

This John had three brothers and
two sisters : the brothers were — 1.
Eedmond, 2. Ciprian, 3. Robert;
the sisters, 1. Mary, 2. Ellen.


Chiefs of Doohy-Hanly, in the County Roscommon.

Arms : Vert a boar pass. ar. armed, hoofed, and bristled or, betw. two arrows
barways of the second, headed of the third, that in chief pointing to the dexter, and
that in base to the sinister. Gred : Three arrows sa, flighted ar. pointed or, one in
pale, the other two barways, the upper one pointing to the dexter, the lower to the
sinister. Motto : Saigheadoir collach abu (The strong archer for ever).

Arca-dearg, brother of Conall Orison who is No. 88 on the " O'Malley"
pedigree, was ancestor of O'h-Anleagha ; anglicised Ranly and Eenly.

88. Arca-Dearg : son of Brian.

89. ^aeas : his son.

90. Dubhthach : his son ; had a
brother named Onach, who was the
ancestor of MacBrannan family.

91. Uan ("uan," gen. "uain:'"
Irish, a lamb) : his son ; a quo
0' Uain, anglicised Lamb and Lambe.

92. Cluthmhar : his son.

93. Maoldun : his son.

94. Murtuile : his son.

95. Anliaigh (" an :" Irish, the ;
"liaigh," gen. "leagha," a physician) :
his son ; a quo O'h-Anleagha, mean-
ing "the descendants of the Phy-

96. Murtagh : his son.

97. Teige : his son.

98. Donal : his son.

99. Murtagh (2) : his son.

100. Ranald Catha Brian : his son ;
meaning Randal who was slain at
the battle of Clontarf, a.d. 1014,
fighting on the side of the Irish
Monarch Brian Boroimhe.

101. Muireadach : his son.

102. Idir (or Odhar) : his son.'

103. Anliaigh (2) : his son.

104. Donal O'Hanly : his son ; the
first who assumed this sirname.

105. lomhar: his son.

106. Donal (3) : his son.

107. Connor : his son.

108. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son.

109. Gilbert : his son.

110. Rory Buidhe : his son.

111. Donal (4): his son.

112. Teige (2): his son.

113. Gilbert (2): his son.

114. Neamhach (or Nehemiah) :
his son.

115. Hugh (2) : his son.

116. Tireach : his son.

117. Hugh (3): his son.

118. Gilbert (3) : his son.

119. Teige (3): his son.

120. Edmund Dubh : his son.

121. William : his son.

122. Teige: his son.

123. Teige Oge : his son.

134. Connor O'Hanly : his son.

472 HAN.


HAR. [part III.


Arms : Gu. a lizard pass, in fess or, in chief a trefoil slipped between two holly
leaves ar. in base a garb of the second. Crest : An arm erect, couped below the elbow,
vested vert, cuffed ar. holding in the hand ppr. a holly leaf vert. Motto : An uachtar.

NOCHAN, br.other of Seagal who is No. 101 on the " 'Murphy" (No. 1)
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'h-Anracain^ of Leinster ; anglicised Han-
raghaUf and Bakes.

(" nocha : " Irish,
one u'ho) : son of

101. Nochan
ninety; "an,"

102. Fiach: his son.

103. Maolleathan : his son.

104. Snidhgobhan: his son.

105. Tiomainach (" t i o m a i n :"
Irish, to fall on) : his son ; a quo

O'Tiomainaighe (of Leinster), angli-
cised Timony.

106. Sliabhan ("sliabh:" Irish,
a mountain) : his son ; a quo
O'Sliabhain, anglicised Slevin,

107. Anracan ("racan:" Irish,
mischief ; " raca," a rake) : his son ;
a quo 0%Anracain,


gu. a canton sa. Crest : On a serpent no wed a hawk

Arms : Ar. three chev
perched all ppr.

EoGHAN (or Owen), brother of Alioll who is No. 98 on the " Maconky"
pedigree, was the ancestor of an O'Airachdain family ;
Harraghtan^ Harrington, Hargadan, and Hardiman."^



(or Owen) : son of

99. Owen (2): his son.

100. Beice : his son.

101. Lagnen: his son.

102. Mochtigheaarna : his son.

103. Forgalach : his son.

104. Owen (3) : his son.

105. Cronmaol : his son.

106. Coscrach : his son.

107. Snagaidhil : his son.

108. Melachlin: his son.

109. Airachdan (" airachda :"
Irish, of great stature) : his son ; a
quo Oli-Airachdain.

110. Owen (4) : his son.

111. Beice O'Harraghtan : his son.

* Hardiman : James Hardiman, a distinguished Irish writer, and lawyer, said to
be a native of Gal way, was born about the end of the 18th century. His important
work. The History of Galioay, appeared in Dublin, in 1820 ; his Irish Minstrelsy, 2
vols. Svo, in London, in 1831 ; Statute of Kilkenny, in 1843 ; and in 1846 he edited
O'Flaherty's West or lar Connaught for the Irish Archaeological Society. He was a
prominent member of the Royal Irish Academy, and was for some time sub-commis-
sioner on the Public Records. He spent the latter part of his life in Galway as
librarian to the Queen's College, and died in 1855.



HAET. (No. 1.)

0} America,

rHERE are several families of this name in America since the beginning
of the 17th century : some of them claiming to be of Irish ; some, of
English ; and some, of Scotch descent. The prevailing way of spelling
the name, which, however, has obtained in the New World, is : " Hart,"
Harte," "Hartt," "Heart," and ''Hearte."

Some of those families are descended from Stephen Hart* (or Harte),
Piaritan, who, about 1632, emigrated from (it is supposed) Braintree,
in Essexshire, England, to Massachusetts, United States of America ;
and from whom "Hart's Ford" (more lately rendered "Hartford") ou
the Connecticut river, took its name. That Stephen Hart was a farmer
and large landholder ; he and the company with whom he went to
America settled in Braintree, Mass., and afterwards removed to Newtown
(since called " Cambridge"), Mass., and there constituted themselves a
church, of which the said Stephen was elected " deacon :" hence has he
been called " Deacon Stephen Hart." He was in Cambridge (Mass.) in
1632, and admitted a freeman there, on 14th May, 1634. He went to
Hartford in 1635 ; was there a proprietor in 1639 ; and became one of
the eighty-four proprietors of Farmington, in Connecticut, in 1672. At
his death, in March, 1682-3, he was 77 years of age, and then lived at the
village of Farmington, on a tract of land (bordering the present town of
Avon) which is still known by the name of " Hart's Farm." His children
were : 1. Sarah, who on the 20th November, 1644, m. Thomas Porter; 2.
Mary, who was twice married — first, to John Lee, and, secondly, on the

5th Jan., 1672, to Jedediah Strong; 3. John, who m. Sarah ; 4.

Stephen, the name of whose wife is not known ; 5. Mahitabel, who m.
John Cole; 6. Thomas, b. 1643, who m. Ruth Hawkins. From those six
children of Deacon Stephen Hart, have descended many of the families
of distinction, now (1883) living in the Great Western Republic.

The sirname of said Stephen appears as Hart, in the list of Winthrop's
New England, among those who took the freeman's oath on the 14th of
May, 1634 ; while his brother Edmund's name appears in the same list as
Harte, where the e final is added. The history of Dorchester, Massa-
chusetts, makes that Edmund one of the first settlers of that town, and
there he had his house-lot in 1632 ; but he subsequently removed to
Weymouth. His children were, according to Savage, all daughters. It is
worthy of remark that Stephen Harte, of Westmill, in Hertfordshire,
England, was the first of the name recorded as living in that country.
And (see the " Harte" pedigree) it was in the 12Lh century that a junior
branch of the "O'Hart" family anglicised their name Harte, from the Irish
Ch-Airt, and first employed the e final in the name.

Another distinguished branch of the " Hart" family in America is
that descended from John Hart, who was born at Witney, in Oxfordshire,

* Stephen Hart : See the " Genealogical History of Deacon Stephen Hart and hia
descendants, 1632-1875." By Alfred Andrews, New Britain, Conn. (Hartford : Lock-
wood, Brainard, and Co. 1875.)

474 HAR.


HAR. [part III. jtiT

England, on the 16th of November, 1651, and who went to America with
William Penn. He was a Quaker preacher of note, and settled near
Philadelphia. He was elected a member of the Assembly for the county
of Philadelphia, and took his seat therein on the 12th March, 1683. He
died at his residence in Warminster, in Sept., 1714, in the 63rd year of
his age. From that John Hart is descended General W. AV. Hart-Davis,
of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, living in 1883. All things considered, we
are of opinion that the above mentioned Stephen Hart, the Deacon;
Stephen Harte, of Westmill, in Hertfordshire, England ; and John Hart,
the celebrated Quaker preacher, were all of the same stock and of Irish

Another eminent branch of the '' Hart" family in America is that
descended from Edward Hart, of Hopewell township, formerly in
Hunterdon county, New Jersey, who fought under Wolfe on the Heights
of Abraham (Quebec). His son John Hart (see NotCjt " Independence,"
p. 76, ante) was one of the Signatories who, on the 4th of July, 1776,
signed the famous "Declaration of American Independence;" and is
still remembered in America as :

'' Honest John Hart."

This John was born at Hopewell, N J., in 1715 ;• and, in 1774, was first
elected to the General Congress, at Philadelphia. New Jersey was soon
invaded by the British Army, who devastated Mr. Hart's estate, and made
special exertions to take him prisoner. He, however, frustrated their
designs, by wandering through the woods from cottage to cottage, and from
cave to cave, constantly hunted by the English soldiery ; so that he never
ventured to sleep in the same place twice in succession. The capture of
the Hessians by General Washington put an end to that state of things :
Mr. Hart was enabled to return to his estate, on which he passed the
remainder of his life. He had two sons in the War of the Revolution :
Edward, and Daniel ; and three of his sons (supposed to be Jesse,
Nathaniel, and John) acted as General Washington's guides while he was
campaigning in New Jersey.

The said John Hart married Deborah Scudder (who died on the 26th
October, 1776), and, according to entries in his writing in the Family
Bible, the followinsf were their children :

1. Sarah,

born 16 Oct. (^SD


Abigail, bore

L 10 Feb.,


2. Jesse,

„ 19 Nov., 1742


Edward „

20 Dec,


3. Martha,

„ lOApl., 1746


Scudder, „

20 Dec,


4. Nathaniel,

„ 29 Oct., 1747


(A daughter) „

16 Mar.,


5. John,

„ 29 Oct., 1748


Daniel, ,,

13 Aug.,


6. Susannah,

„ 2 Aug., 1750


Deborah, „

11 Aug.,


7. Mary,

„ 7 Apl., 1752

Sarah married a Mr. Wyckoff; and her grandson, Samuel S. Wyckoff,
was in 1882 a prominent merchant in Murray Street, New York City.
Susannah m. Major Polhemus, an Officer of the Revolution, and was the
mother of Mrs. Kurts. Deborah m. Joseph Ott. Daniel went to Virginia.

Joseph Hart, a. grandson of the said John Hart, was in 1874 living
on the top of Rich Mountain, in West Virginia ; and H. S. Hart, of


HAR. 475

IJircleville, 'Kansas, living in 1874, was a great-grandson of John, the
Signer of the Declaration. The said John's personal appearance waS; it is
•ecorded, very prepossessing : he was tall and straight, with black hair
md dark complexion. The time of his death has been variously stated
oy different writers : Sanderson, in his " Lives of the Signers," puts it in
the year 1780 ; others make the time 1778 ; but we believe we are correct
in saying the true time is the 11th of May, 1779.

There is a Monument erected to his memory at Hopewell, New
Jersey, on the Front of which are the words : " John Hart, a Signer of
American Independence, July 4, 1776;" on its Right side, the words:
'* Erected ... by the State of New Jersey, by Act Approved,
April 5, 1865 ;" on its Left side, the words : " First Speaker of Assembly,
August 27, 1776," and "Member of the Committee of Safety, 1775-1776;"
on the Bear, the words: "Honor the Patriot's Grave." Around the
Monument are the graves of those who were his companions and

Patrick Hart, of Youngstowu, Ohio, living in 1877, and Thomas
Hart, living in 1880, near Courtland, Decalb county, Illinois, are (see the
" O'Hart" pedigree) members of our own family.

There is yet another branch of the " Hart" family located in Pittston,
Pennsylvania, which we cannot connect with any of the foregoing families,
but which, judging by its coat of arms, is, in our opinion, a branch of our
own family. We can trace the descent of that branch only from Jeremiah*
Hart, who when a young man lived in Duchess County, State of New
York ; removed to Saratoga County in said State, there married, owned
a large farm, and lived and died. He had two elder brothers — 1. John,
2. Eichard : that John had a son John, both of whom held commissions
in the English Army during the American Revolution, after which the
younger John came to reside in England ; Jeremiah remained faithful to the
American cause ; but we have learned nothing of Richard and his descen-
dants. Commencing with Jeremiah the following is the descent from him;

1. Jeremiah Hart, of Saratoga
County, State of New York, b. circa
1750 ; m. Abigail Purcell (nde
Macomber), and had five sons and
three daughters — 1. John, 2.
Stephen, 3. Reuben, 4. Philip,
5. Jeremiah, 1 Hannah, 2. Sarah,
3. Phebe. He died at Stillwater.
Saratago county, N.Y., about 1825.

2. Philip : the fourth son of
Jeremiah ; b. about 1775 ; m.
Anna, dau. of Joseph Seeley and

Millard, and had five sons and

four daughters — 1. Philip, 2.
Theodorus, 3. Henry, 4. Lorenzo

D., 5. Rebuen B., 1. Maria, 2. Abby,
3. Amy, 4. Sarah-Anne. He d. at
Pine Island, in Minesota, about

3. Theodorus : his second son ; b.
5 Aug., 1809; m. Eliza, dau. of Syl-
vester Ruland and Rebecca LobdeU,
on the 30 Mar., 1821, and had four
children— 1. Alonzo, 2. Theodorus,
3. Adelia, 4. Marion -Ellen — all
living in 1883.

4. Theodorus Hart, Jun., of
Pittston, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. :
second son of Theodorus ; born
10 Sept., 1847 ; and living in 1883 ;

* Jeremiah : This is another name for the Irish Dermod.

476 HAR.


HAR. [part III.

m. Rebecca (b. 11 June, 1849), dau.
of William Dymond and Malvina
(Slocum) Eyet, and had in 1883

one child — Mary-Lawson-Dymond,
b. 13 July, 1875.

HART. (No. 2.)

Of America.

Joseph Hart, bom near Kells, in the county Meath, migrated thence in
1798 or 1799, to Slieve Baugh, county Fermanagh. He married the sister
of Bishop Carlin, in the county Meath, and had four daughters and three
sons, viz. — 1. Patrick, 2. Philip, 3. James.

I. Patrick, m. a Miss McPhilip, of
Ahabogj CO. Fermanagh, and
had four sons and three daus. ;
the sons were: — 1. Patrick, 2.
Henry, 3. James, 4. Hugh.
Patrick, James, and Hugh were
ordained priests in the Catholic
Church ; and it is thought that
Henry had no issue.

II. Philip, the second son of
Joseph, m. but had no issue.

III. James, the third son of
Joseph Hart, married a Miss
MacGowan, of Dartry, county
Letrim, and had two sons and
one dau., namely — 1. Joseph,
2. Patrick, and 3. Rose. This
Joseph died at St. Louis, Mo.,
without issue; and Patrick,
his younger brother, made la Roche, Lord Fer-
moy (temp. 1382), who m. the dau.
and heiress of the Tanist of one of
the MacCarthy M6rs, and had :

122. Morris (or Maurice) Lord
Roche and Fermoy (d. 1439), who
m. Anne, dau. of Maurice, Earl of
Desmond (by Beatrice, his wife, dau.
of the Earl of Stafford), and had a
daughter, who m. the Earl of Kil-
dare, and a son David.

123. Said David Lord Roche and
Viscount Fermoy (d. 1492), sur-
named " Moore," m. Jane, dau. of
Walter Bourke MacWilliam lachtar,
and had five sons, and a dau. EUena
who m. James de Courcy, 13th Lord
Kinsale. Of the five sons were :

I. Thomas, whose direct descen-
dant, the late Rev. George
Tierney, Vicar of StradbaDy,
would have been " Lord Fer-
moy," had not the title been

attainted. The present title j»
of " Lord Fermoy" is a new PS
II. Edmund Roche, the third son
(d. 1540).

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