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Hughes, solicitor, by his wife Margaret, daughter of Trevor Morton, solicitor, of Golden-
lane. Doctor Hughes married Margaret, daughter of Walter Blake, of Meelick, co.
Galway, but he had no children. The Doctor was born at 100 Capel-street, Dublin,
on the 20th July, 1812, died at 1 Merrion- square, on the 1st of June, 1884, and wa»
interred in Glas-nevin Cemeterj'.


I 97. Aodh : son of -^neas.

II 98. Conmaol: his son.

I 99. Dubh-dacrioch: his son.
1 100. Eanachan : his son.

101. Deimhin : his son.

102. Aodh ("aodh:" Irish, fire,
the Vesta of the Pagan Irish) : his
son ; a quo O'h-Aodha.

103. Moroch : his son.

KAN. 491


104. Donal O'Hugh : his
first assumed this sirname.

105. Giolla (or William) : his son.

106. Eachtighearna : his son.

107. Cinaodh (or Cineth) : his son.

108. Dunlong : his son.

109. Gillmoling: his son.

110. Dunsliabh: his son.

111. Hugh O'Hughes: his son.


Arms : Ar. a chev. gu. betw. three demi lizards couped vert.

A IDHNE, brother of Braon who is No. 107 on the " O'Clery" pedigree,
was the ancestor of O'h-Eidliin ; anglicised O'Heyne, Heyne, HinCj Hinds,
Eynds, and Hynes.

107. Aidhne (" aidhne :" Irish, «^7i
advocate, a pleader) : son of Conga-
lach ; a quo O^h-Etdhin.

108. GiolIa-na-Naomh : his son.

109. Flann : his son.

110. Connor : his son.

111. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son.

112. Giollaceallach: his son.

113. Goilla-na-Naomh : his son.

114. Owen : his son.

115. Shane (or John): his son.

116. Hugh : his son.

117. Donoch; his son.

118. Muirceartach (or Muriartach)
O'Heyne : his son ; had a brother
named Owen.

For several branches of this family, see
Fiachrach;" which may be seen in the
Academy, Dublin.

" Tribes and Customs of Hy-
library of the Eoyal Irish


Of DrumreasJce, County Monaghan,

Arms : Gu. three fishes haurient ar. in the centre chief point an estoile or.
Crest : A naked arm embowed ppr. charged with an estoile gu. and holding in the
hand a sword also ppr.

Aodh (or Hugh) a younger brother of Sir Donal Ballach who is No. 119 on
the (No. 1 ) " O'Cahan" pedigree, was the ancestor of Kane, of Drumreaske,
county Monaghan.

119. Hugh: second son of Eory
Ruadh ; m. Mary, dau. of O'Connor

120. Richard : their son; was twice
m. : first, to Julian O'Dempsey, by
whom he had two sons — 1. John,

492 KAN.


KAV. [part III.

2. Mathew (or Ferdorach) ; and,
secondly, to Mary O'Dunn, of
Brittas, county Dublin, by whom he
had Hugh, who m. Anne Mac-
Coghlan, and had an only child
Sarah O'Cahan.

121. John (or Shane): the eldest
son of Eichard ; married Catherine

122. Mathew (or Ferdorach), who
d. 1699 : eldest son of John ; m.
the said Sarah O'Cahan, his first
cousin, and had Joseph ; Nathaniel ;
and other children who died young.
This Joseph who was Lord Mayor of
Dublin, 1725, d. without male issue.

123. Nathaniel, Lord Mayor of
Dublin, 1734 : second son of
Mathew ; founded the Bank of
"'Kane and Latouche." Married
Martha Thwaites (who d. 1741) and
had — 1. Nathaniel, who d. s.p. and
unm. 1750 ; 2. Joseph ; 3. Elizabeth,
m. to Mathew Weld, and had a dau.
m. to the Right Rev. John Brinkley,
Astronomer Royal of Ireland, and
Lord Bishop of Cloyne ; 4. Martha,
d. unm. 1778 ; 5. Mary, m. to John
Walker, of Dublin ; 6. Esther, died

124. Joseph (d. 1801) : second son
of Nathaniel ; m. Mrs. Mary Max-
well, nee Church, and by her had —
1. Nathaniel; 2. Joseph-Thomas (d.
1837), who was twice married, and
left issue : 3. John-Daniel, Col. 4th

Regiment, who was thrice m., and
left issue.

125. Nathaniel (d. 1826), Col. 4th
Foot : eldest son of Joseph. Mar-
ried Elizabeth Nisbett(d. 1858), and
had — 1. Joseph; 2. Nathaniel (d.
1844); 3. Rev. Francis, Rector of
Fenagh, county Leitrim, m. in 1864
to Anne Shea ; 4. John, of the
Castle of Mohill, D.L., b. 1810, m.
twice : first, in 1839, his cousin
Matilda Nisbett, and by her had
issue ; and, secondlj^ in 1859, m.
Anne Hyde, and by her had one
son Arthur Hyde Kane, b. 1860,
died 24th May, 1880 ; 5. William,
a Medical Doctor ; 6. Mathew, an
A.M., and M.D.

126. Joseph : eldest son of Na-
thaniel ; m. Eliza-Jane, Madlle.
de Vismes, and had — 1. William-
Francis-de Yismes Kane, 2. Eliza-
Jane-Margaret (d. 1861).

127. William-Francis de Vismes
Kane, of Drumreaske, county Mon-
aghan, J. P. : son of Joseph ; b.
1840, and living in 1887 ; m. 2nd
Sept., 1862, Amelia-Maria- Jane,
only dau. of the Rev. Charles- James
Hamilton, Incumbent of Kimber-
worth, county of York, England, and
has had issue — 1. Joseph-George-
Auriol Kane (b. 29th June, 1865),
2. Emmeline-Rosa-Margaret — both
living in 1887.

KAVANAGH. (No. 1.)

Lords of Leinster,

Arms : Ar. a lion pass. gu. in base two crescents of the last.

Dermod na-Ghall, who is No. 113 on the "MacMorough" pedigree, had
a son named Donal Caomhanach, who was the ancestor of Oyaomhanaighe ;
anglicised Kavanagh^ and Cavanagh ; and a quo Cavaignac, in France.


KAV. 493

114. Dermod na-nGhall: son of
Donoch MacMorough; died 1171 ;
was the 58th Christian King of

115. Donal Caomhanach ("caorah:"
Irish, gentle; Lat. "com-is;" Arab.
" kom," nolle) : son of Dermod na-
nGhall (or " Dermod of the stran-
gers," meaniDg that he sided with
the English} ; a quo O'Caomhanaighe.
This Donal Kavanagh who was slain
in 1175, was fostered at Kilcavan ;
had two sons — 1. Connor, who was
slain at Athlone in 1170, and 2.
Donal Oge. He had a brother
Eanna Ceannsalach, a quo Kinsela.

116. Donal Oge: son of Donal;
was Prince of Leinster ; had two
sons — 1. Art, who was beheaded in
1281, and 2. Muirceartach.

117. Muirceartach: younger son
of Donal Oge ; was Prince of Leins-

118. Muiris (or Maurice) : his son ;
living in 1314; had two sons— 1.
Muirceartach, 2. Art (or Arthur).

119. Muirceartach : elder son of
Muiris ; Prince of Leinster ; slain in

120. Art Mor Kavanagh : his son ;
Prince of Leinster ; living in 1361 ;
had two sons — 1. Donal Mor ; and
2. Art Oge.

121. Art Oge : second son of Art
Mor; living in 1417; Prince of
Leinster ; had two sons — 1 . Gerald ;
and 2. Diarmuid Lamhdearg.

122. Diarmuid Lamhdearg {i.e.
*' Red Hand'') : younger son of Art
Oge: Lord of Leinster; d. 1417.

123. Diarmuid (2), of St. Malins :
his son.

124. ArtBuidhe, of St.. Malins, and
Poulmonty, co. Carlow : his son ;
Lord of Leinster.

125. CahirMacArt : his son ; Lord
of Leinster ; was created for life
''Baron Ballyanne," 1554.

126. Brian : his son ; Lord of
Leinster; d. 1572.

126. Morgan : his son ; Lord of
Leinster; d. 1636.

127. Brian (2) : his son; Lord of
Leinster ; d. 1662.

128. Morgan (2) : his son ; Lord
of Leinster; died 1700.

129. Morgan (3): his son; died
1720 ; had issue.

130. Brian (3) : son of Morgan ; d.

131. Thomas: his son; d. 1789.

132. Thomas (2) : his son ; d. 1837.

133. Arthur MacMurrough Kava-
nagh, of Borris : his son ; Chief of
his name, born 25th March, 1831,
and living in 1887.

KAVANAGH. (No. 2.)
Of Clonmellon, County Carloic.
Arms : Ar. a lion pass. gu. in base two crescents of the last.

122. Gerald : elder son of Art
Oge, who is No. 121 on the
"Kavanagh" (No. 1) pedigree.

123. Donal Reac : his son; had
two sons — 1. Arthur Buidhe, and
2. Maurice.

124. Arthur Buidhe : son of Donal

125. Murtagh, of Clonmellon, co.
Carlow : son of Arthur Buidhe ;
d. 1547.

494 KAV.


KAV. [part III.

126. Cathaoir (Cahyr) Carrach :
his son.

127. Donoch, of Clonmellon : his

128. 'DonB\-an-S2Mmeach(or "Donal
the Spaniard"), of Clonmellon : his
son; died 1631. From this Donal
some derive the sirname Spaine.

129. Sir Moroch Kavanagh* :



This branch of the *' Kavanagh"
family emigrated to France after
A.D. 1690.

KAVANAGH. (No. 3.)
Arms : Same as those of "Kavanagh" (No. 1).

130. Harvey Kavanagh: second
son of Morgan, who is No. 129 on
the "Kavanagh" (No. 1) pedigree;
d. 1740.

131. Morgan (4): his son; died

132. Walter : his son ; d. 1853.

133. Morgan (5) : his son ; died

134. Morgan Butler Kavanagh :
his son ; Barrister-at-Law ; living
in 1874.

KAVANAGH. (No. 4.)

0/ GamjhiU,^ County Carlow.

Arms : Same as those of " Kavanagh" (No. 1).

Arthur MoR, who is No, 120 on the "Kavanagh" (No. 1) genealogy
had two sons — 1. Donall Mor, 2. Arthur Oge. From the Donal Mdr
here mentioned this branch of the " Kavanagh" family was descended.

* Sir Morogh Cavanagh : Colonel Charles Kavanagh was second son of Sir
Morogh Cavanagh, of Clonmullen ; and is designated in the Attainders of the time as
of " Carrickdufif, co. Carlow." His regiment formed part of the besieging force at
Derry. He married Mary Kavanagh, of the Borris family, and had two sons — 1.
Ignatius, 2. James. Colonel Charles raised his regiment himself, and appointed his
son Ignatius Captain of the Grenadier Company. This Captain served with his regi-
ment through the Irish war ; and with his father and brother James was attainted by
the Williamites. On the termination of hostilities, he retired with the army to France,
where he entered the Irish Brigade, and again rose to the rank of Captain. He married
Catherine, daughter of Andrew Browne, of Galway, of the Castle McGarrett family,
and left three sons — Nicholas, Andrew, and Charles, who were living in France in

t Garryliill: The descendants of this branch of the "Kavanagh" family, having
been deprived of their Estates by the Cromwellian Settlement, emigrated to France
in 1691, after the violation of the Treaty of Limerick.


KAV. 495

121. DoDal Mor
A.rthur Mor.

122. Murtagh: his son.

eldest son of

123. Murtagh (or Morough) : his

124. Morough Ballach : his son.

KAVANAGH. (No. 5.)

0/ KUbaUyotverif County Wicldow,

Fhoihas Kavanagh, of Kilballyowen, m. Mary, only dau. and heiress of
2!harles Dumble, an Englishman, who, under the Act of Settlement,
became possessed of that property.

2. Matthew, of Kilballyowen :
ion of said Thomas ; m. and had
I. Darby, of whom presently :
J. Winefrid.*

3. Darby, of Kilballyowen : son
)f Matthew ; m. and had :

I. The Rev. James Kavanagh :
D.D., and P.P., of Kildare ;
died 1887.

II. Mathew, who m. Anne Logh-
lin, and (in 1883) had two
daughters — 1. Mary, 2. Jane,

III. Thomas.

4. Thomas Kavanagh, of Kil-
ballyowen ; third son of Darby ;

married Byrne, and, in

1887, had a family of sons and


KEANE. (No. 1.)

I Of Cappoquin, County Waterford.

Arms : Gu. three salmon naiant in pale ar. Crest : A cat sejant ppr. 'supporting
the dexter paw a flag-staff, thereon a union jack ppr. Motto : Felis demulcta mitis.

JANIEL (or Donall), brother of Donoch an-Einigh, who is No. 116 on the
No. 1) " O'Cahan" pedigree, was the ancestor of Keane, of Cappoquin,
ounty Waterford.

116. Daniel : son of John.

117. Richard: his son. This

Richard married EHzabeth, daughter
of Alexander MacDonnell, of An-

+ Wine/rid : This Winefrid m. Darby Whelan, of Ballymanus, and had one son

lid three daughters. The son William (d. circa 1876), m. a dau. of Lawrence Byrne'

I Redna, county Wicklow, and had three sons and four daughters, all living in 1S83,

vre one daughter, who died in that year ; the sons were— 1. William, 2. Darby,

Lawrence. And the three daughters of the said Darby Whelan were : 1. Margaret,

ho m. John Redmond, and had issue ; 2. Julia (died 1886) who m. Kavanagh,

ad had issue ; 3. Catherine (d. 1886), who m. William Byrne (d. 1881) of Ringsend,
•ublin, but formerly of Redna, as above, and had : 1. Mary, who married Nicholas

iTarren, of Ringsend, Dublin, both living in 1887, and having issue ; 2. Patrick,

om 1871, and living in Ringsend in 1887.





trim, by whom he had six sons —
1. Conbhach Ballach j 2. John,
ancestor of the Barons Kingston ;
3. Daniel, ancestor of Keane, of the
county Clare ; 4. Koger, ancestor
of Keane, of Cappoquin ; 5. Mag-
nus, ancestor of O'Oahan, of the
south of the county Derry ; 6.
Richard, who died without issue ;
7. Thomas.

118. Roger: the fourth son of

119. Magnus : his son.

120. Hugh : his son.

121. Thomas: his son.

122. Daniel (2): his son.

123. John: his son.

124. George: his son; alive in

125. John (2): his son; got a
lease of the Cappoquin estate, from
Richard, Earl of Cork and Burling-
ton, dated July, 1738; died in

126. Richard : his son; died before
his father.

127. Sir John Keane : his son
created a " baronet" in 1801 ; died

128. Sir Richard, the second baro-
net : his son ; died 1855.

129. Sir John Henry Keane, the
third baronet : his son ; born in
1816, died 1881: had a brother
named Leopold George-Frederick,
who had a son named Frederick,
living in 1877.

130. Sir Richard Francis Keane:
son of Sir John ; born in 1845 ; and
living in 1887 ; married to Adelaide-
Sidney, daughter of the late John
Vance,* M.P. for Armagh, and
formerly M.P. for Dublin.

131. John Keane : son of Richard :
born in 1874, and living in 1887
had ayounger brother named Georgt
Michael Keane.

KEAXE. (No. 2.)

0/ the County Clare.

Arms : Gu. three salmon naiant in pale ar.

Daniel, the third son of Richard O'Cahan, who is No. 117 on thi
" Keane" (of Cappoquin) pedigree, was the ancestor of Keane oi the countj

118. Daniel O'Cahan: son of
Richard; settled in the co. Clare,
where he married a daughter of the
Chief, Teige MacMahon, of Carriga-

• holt, who gave the said Daniel
fourteen ploughlands in the Avestern
part of that county, as a marriage
I)ortion with his wife, the said

119. Hugh : son of Daniel ; had a

brother James, living in 1543, wh
resided on Scattery Island, and froi
whom, it is believed, the " Keam
family of Beech Park {Keane No. «•
is descended.

120. Bryan : son of Hugh.

121. Owen : his son.

122. Charles: his son.

123. Robert: his son; marrie
a MacNamara; had a broth<

* Vance : See the " Vance" genealogy.



KEA. 497

Owen (or Eugene), who died un-
married, of wounds received by him
from one of Cromwell's staff officers,
whom he killed.

124. Bryan: his son; married
Mary, daughter of Daniel Mac-
Donnell, whose grand-nephew was
M.P. for the county of Clare. The
issue of that marriage were four-
teen sons and seven daughters.
The eldest of these sons, Eugene,
raised a company of 100 men at
his own expense, at the time of the
formation of the Clare Eegiment,
of which he was afterwards Cap-
tain ; and was killed at the battle
of Marsaglier, in Piedmont. Three
other brothers of this Eugene,
namely, — 1. Charles, 2. Nicholas,
and 3. Andrew (who died in 1755)
went to, and also served as officers
of distinction in, the Army of
France, where some of their de-
scendants still reside. One of the
daughters of this Bryan was the
mother of Lord Clare.

125. Eobert, commonly known as
"Robert of Ross" (Ross near Kilkee):
son of Bryan; married to Anne
Creagh. This Robert conformed to
the Protestant Religion, and thus
retained the estate in the county
Clare; he was the first of this
branch of the "O'Cahan" family
who assumed the name Keane.

126. Charles of Kildimo : son of
"Robert of Ross;" married Mary,
daughter of Dean Freeman, of
Castlecur, county Cork. This
Charles had three brothers and two
sisters : The brothers were — 1.
Thomas, who married Elizabeth,
daughter of Captain Christopher
O'Brien, of Ennistymon, widow of
Charles MacDonnell, and mother
of Charles MacDonnell of Kilkee,
who was M.P. for the co. of Clare,
in 1765, and for the borough of
Ennis, in 1768, above alluded to;
2. Eugene, who was Captain in the
Clare Regiment, was married to the
sister of Francis Haller of the
county of Kent, in England, and
died without issue, in the service of
France: 3. Richard, who became
a barrister, and died young and
unmarried. The sisters were —
1. Anne (Anne Ruadh), who was
richly married to Robert Keane*
of Ballyvoe, Kilmaley, near Ennis ;
and 2. Margaret, who was married
to Edmund Fitzgerald,! of Abbey-
feale, county Limerick.

127. John Buidhe, of Raha : son
of Charles of Kildimo ; had three

128. Charles, of Raha: his son.
Had four brothers — 1. John ; 2.
Robert ; 3. Thomas ; and 4. Owen,
who was reputed one of the

* Eobert Kean : This Eobert Kean and Anne Keane were the parents of — 1.
Robert, who had a son named " Tom ;" 2. Charles of Ballyvoe, and 3. Patrick. This
Charles Kean, second son of Robert, was the first of this family who added e final to
the name ; he married a Miss Harding, and by her had two sons — 1. Robert Fada, of
Beech Park, near Ennis, county Clare, and 2. Charles, who was a Major in the
A.rtillery, and died unm. This Robert Fada m. a Miss Delahunty, by whom he had
aleven sons (three of whom d. in infancy), and five daughters : The sons who survived
irere— 1. Charles, 2. Francis, 3. Thomas, 4. Giles, 5. Robert, 6. Marcus, 7. Rev.
WTilliam, 8. Henry.

Marcus Keane, of Beechpark, Ennis (living in 1881), the sixth surviving son of
Robert Fada, m. a Miss Westby, by whom he had a family.

t Edmund Fitzgerald : This Edmund Fitzgerald and Margaret Keane were the
Darents of Robert Fitzgerald, who died in 1806, aged 63 years. And this Robert was
;he father of Captain Charles (known as '* Governor") Fitzgerald, R.N., C.B., of
Kilkee, county Clare, living in 1887. To the courtesy of this Captain Fitzgerald we
ire largely indebted for much information (oral and MS.) in relation to this branch of

ihe O'Cahan family.

2 I

498 KEA.


KEA. [part III,

strongest men in Munster ; and

one sister who was married to

MacMahon, of Kilcradare, Carriga-
holt, who by the said sister was
father of Lucy MacMahon (living
in 1880), the widow of Michael
Collins of Kilkee.

129. Charles, of Ballard, near
Kilkee : only son of Charles of

1 30. Patrick, of Ballard : son of
Charles; had three younger bro-
thers — 1. Charles, 2. Lawrence, 3.
Thomas— all living in 1880.

131. Thomas Keane: eldest son
of Patrick ; b. Dec, 1859 ; had fonr
brothers and three sisters : the
brothers were — 1. Peter, 2. Char-
les, 3. Patrick, 4. John — all living
in 1880.

KEANE.* (No. 3.)
Of Beech ParJc, Ennis, County Clare.

Arms : Quarterly : Gu. and or, in the 1st and 4th quarters a salmon naiant ar. ;
in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, a tree vert. Crest ; A wild eat ramp, guard, ppr. gorged
with an antique Irish crown or, and charged on the shoulder with a trefoil vert.
Motto ; Felis demulcta mitis.

According to Dwyer, the O'Cahans, of whom the *' Keane" family of
Beech Park is a branch, had in the county Clare two castles in the reign
of Queen Elizabeth ; one on Inis Catha (or Scattery Island), at Kilrush,
occupied by a Charles O'Cahan (living in 1584), who was called a *' corboe,"
and who filled some official position, tem;p. King Henry VIII. ; and another
at Ballykett, occupied by a James Cahane. That Charles (who, in Parrot's
Eegistry of Irish Castles of that date, is described under the name of
" Colloo," and who was slain by a follower of O'Donnell, Chief of Tir-
connell, in his raid to the county Clare, A.D. 1599,) was the son of James
O'Cahan, who also resided on Scattery Island in 1543 ; and from whom
this family is descended.

A golden bell which belonged to the Abbey on Scattery Island, and
which until lately was in the possession of Captain Fitzgerald, K.N., C.B.,
Kilkee, was transferred by that gentleman to, and was in 1881 in the

* Keane : There were also in the county Clare members of an ancient Irish family
named O'Cain (" cain :" Irish, chaste), pronounced "O'Koin," and variously an gficised
Cain, Kain, Kean, Keane, and Coyne ; but that family was quite distinct from the
"O'Cahan" family, Princes of Limavady, in the county Derry. Some of the
*' O'Cahan" family also settled in the counties of Westmeath and Mayo ; but in Clare
they were, as distinguished from the " O'Cahan" family, known as O'Cain Ton It

Of the 0' Cain family was Joseph Stirling Coyne, bom at Birr in 1805. He was
son of an officer, and received his education at Dungannon School. He was intended
for the Bar, but ultimately devoted himself entirely to Hterature, chiefly dramatic.
His first piece, The Phrenologist, was produced at the Theatre Royal, Dublin, in 1835.
... He contributed to several London papers, and, with Mark Lemon and Henry
Mayhew, was one of the projectors and original contributors to Punch. Coyne was
the author of The Scenery and Antiquity of Ireland, and some works of fiction. He
died on the 18th July, 1868.



KEA. 499

possession of, the late Mr. Marcus Keane, of Beeck Park, by whom it was
up to his death carefully preserved.

Commencing with James, brother of Hugh O'Oahan who is No. 119
on the " Keane" (No. 2) pedigree, the following is the genealogy, as far as
we can trace it :

119. James O'Cahan, of Scattery
Island, Kilrush, county Clare ; son
of Daniel; living in 1543.

(We are unable to trace the de-
scent down to Owen O'Cahan,*
who, about the middle of the 17 th

century, settled at Ballyvoe, near
Ennis, and married Judith, dau. of
Sir Robert Shaw, of Galway, and
had issue. — See Burke's Landed


Of ForCj County Westmeafh.

Arms : Az. a lion pass, guard, or. Crest : An arm in armour embowed, holding
a spear, point downwards, shaft couped all ppr.

This family is believed to be a branch of the " Cahill" family of Con-
naught, which derived its name from Cathal, who is No. 102 on the
" Cahill" of Connaught pedigree ; and was in Irish known as O'Ciardha
(" ciar :" Irish, a dark-grey colour)^ anglicised O'Oearry, O'Carry, O'Carrie,
Carry, Carey, and Keary.

Thomas O'Ciardha, brother of Dermod O'Ciardha of OfFaley, called
Thomas Baintreahhachd (or Thomas *' the Widower"), was the ancestor of
" Keary," of Fore, county Meath. This Thomas lived on the Hill com-
manding a view of the famous Abbey founded at Fore by St. Fechin ; and
was killed at the burning of the Abbey by the Cromwellians, a.d. 1654.
Commencing with said Thomas, the following is the pedigree of this

1. Thomas had three sons,
Thomas, Patrick, and James, the
tihree of whom sought refuge, and
found it, with Hugh O'Byrne, of
Dublin, one of the Confederate
Catholics ; Patrick and James d.
mm., but the eldest son :

2. Thomas m. Mary O'Bjrrne,
i^ece of the above-named Hugh,
and had three sons :

I. Thomas ;

II. Patrick; III. Hugh, both of
whom went to Spain, where
the latter died in 1700. Patrick
entered the Spanish service.

3. Hugh m. Margaret, dau. of
Dermot O'Brien, of Naas, and had
issue: Dermot, Thomas, Patrick,
John, and Mary.

4. John m. in 1745,Mary, dau.

* Owen 0' Cahan : Some are of opinion that the Keanes of Beech Park are con-
npcted only in the Female line with the Cahans of Scattery Island ; and that this
Jwen who settled at Ballyvoe, about the middle of the 17th century, went there from
;he North of Ireland, at the time of the Plantation of Ulster.

500 KEA.


KEE. [part III.

of Owen M'Kewen of Clontarf and
Swords, and had one son, Thomas
(b. 1747), and a daughter, Ellen
(b. 1749), who m. in 1780 Hugh
O'Moore, of the O'Moores of Long-

5. Thomas m. Julia, dau. of
Eoderick Murphy of Castledermot,
and had issue ; Thomas, John,
Patrick, and Michael.

6. Thomas m. in 1815, Mary,
dau. of John Keogh of Castle-
pollard; he was the first of the
family to omit the prefix 0' from
the family name then O'Cary, and
assumed the name, Keary.* This
Thomas d. in Dublin in 1836, and
was interred in the church- yard of
Artane, where his tomb can be
seen ; leaving issue :

I. Patrick, of whom presently.

II. John ;

III. Michael, who d. in Liverpool
in 1870.

I. Bridget ;

II. Mary.

7. Patrick Keary : son of

Thomas; m. Anne, youngest dau.
of James Butler of Fairview, Bally-
bough, Dublin, and d. in 1884,
leaving issue :

I. Thomas.

II. Francis.

III. Michael.

IV. James.

V. John.

VI. Peter.

VII. Joseph.

VIII. Matthew.

IX. Patrick, of whom presently.
I. Mary-Anne.

8. Patrick J. Keary (Cahill):
son of Patrick (7) ; of 22 Colville
Terrace, Ballybough Eoad, and of
Wellington Quay, Dublin ; m. in

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