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1. Martin, the eldest son, who lately died in America ; 2. Joseph, who died unmarried.
Three of this Martin's sons were— 1, Mathias ; 2. Darby; and 3. Thomas, who
emigrated with him to America.


KIE. 50^

two brothers — 1 . Michael; 2. Joseph ;
and no sisters.

4. Thomas Kett, of Farrahy, near
Kilkee ; son of said Michael ; born
1826, living in 1886. Had three bro-
thers — 1. John (deceased), 2. Darby
(who emigrated to America), 3.

Joseph ; and two sisters — 1. Cathe-
rine, 2. Mary.

5. Michael Kett : son of Thomas.
Has had three brothers — 1. Jeremiah
(or Darby), 2. Joseph, 3. Connor ;
and two sisters — 1. EUen, 2. Mary:
all living at Farrahy in 1886.


I Arm8 : See those of the " O'Hart" family.

Cairbre an-Daimh-Airgid, who is No. 91 on the " 0''Hart" pedigree, was
the ancestor of O'Ciarnain^ and MacCiarnain; anglicised Kiernan, and

91. Cairbre and Daimh Airgid,
King of Orgiall.

92. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son ;
w^hose eldest brother Daimhin was
m ancestor of O'Hart; had two
j^ounger brothers — 1. Cormac, who
was the ancestor of Maguire ; 2.
Jfaidsluagh [nadslo], the ancestor
)f MacMahon^ of Monaghan.

93. Fergus : his son.

94. Cormac : his son.

95. Eanachan : his son.

96. lorghuileach : his son.

97. Lughan : his son.

98. Cearnach : his son.

99. Feareadhach (" feareadhach :"
;en. *' feareaduighe :" Irish, a dressy
nan) : his son ; a quo Cineal Fear-
aduighe or 0' Feareaduighe, angli-
ised Faraday, The family of Mac-
hthinhaoill, anglicised Campbell and
\IacCamjpbell (of Tyrone), are of
his Cineal Feareaduighe. (See Note
inder the "Cow ell" No. 1 pedigree.)

100. Maoldun : son of Fearedach.

101. Maolruanaidh [mulroona] :
lis son.

102. Tighearna (" tighearna :"
Irish, a lord J an owner; Lat. "tyr-
ann-us j" Gr. '•' turann-os") : his son ;
a quo O'Tighearnaighej anglicised

103. Ciarnain (" ciar :" Irish, dark-
grey, and '-'ciar," a comb; "an,"
one who) : his son ; a quo CCiar-
nain and MacCiarnain.

104. Cearnach (2) : his son.

105. Lochlann : his son.

106. Donoch : his son.

107. Lochlann (2) : his son.

108. Feargal : his son.

109. Torloch: his son.

110. Flaitheartach : his son.

111. Tighearnan : his son.

112. Michiall [Michael] : his son.

113. Eocha ; his son.

114. Aongus : his son.

115. Murtagh : his son.

116. Teige : his son.

117. Giollachriosd : his son.

118. Concobhar [connor] : his son.

119. Hugh (2): his son; had a
brother named Connor.

120. Melaghlin : his son.

* MacKiernan : There is a " McKieraan" family in the county Leitrim and in
^^erica, which we are as yet unable to connect with the foregoing Stem. For the
< 'resent we give that genealogy in its alphabetical order.

510 KIE.


KIL. [part lUi

121. Teige : his son.

122. Hugh MacKiernan : his son ;
living A.D. 1709 ; first of the family

who, after the battle of the Boyne,
settled in the county Leitrim ; had-
a brother named Michael.


Arms : Or, an oak tree eradicated vert.

Bradachan, who is No. 103 on the "Boyle" pedigree, had a younger son
named GioUa-Brighid, who was the ancestor of MacGioUabrighid ; angli-
cised Crilbride, and Kilbride.

103. Bradachan: son of Murtagh.

104. Giollabrighid (meaning " the
devoted of St. Bridget") : his son ;
a quo MacGioUabrighid.

105. Murtagh : his son.

106. Dermod : his son.

107. Ranall: his son.

108. Fionneal : his son.

109. Teige : his son.

110. Rory : his son.

111. Giollabrighid (2) : his son.

112. Fionn : his son.

113. Aongus : his son.

114. Giollabrighid MacGilbride
his son.

KILKELLY. (No. 1.)

Arms : Vert two lions ramp, combatant, supporting a tower triple-towered or, all
between three crescents ar.

Fergal, brother of Hugh, who is No. 97 on the " O'Shaughnessy" pedigree,
was ancestor of 0' GioUaceallaighe ; anglicised Gillie^ GUly^ GUJcelly, Killi-
helly^ KiUxlly^ and Cox.*

97. Fergal ; son of Artgal.

98. Tiobrad : his son.

99. Camogach : his 'son.

100. Cumascrach : his son.

101. Edalach : his son.

102. Cleireach : his son ; a quo

103. Eidhean : his son.

104. Flann : his son.

105. Maolfabhal (" fabhal :" Irish,
a report^ a fable ; Lat. " fabul-a") :

his son; a quo O'Maolfabhail, an-
glicised Mnlfavill, and Mulhdl.

106. Cugeal: his son.

107. Giollabeartach (or Gilbert):
his son.

108. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son.

109. Giolla CeaUach (''ceallach:"
Irish, ivar^ strife) : his son ; a quo
0' Giollaceallaighe.

110. Moroch : his son.

111. Giollapadraic : his son.

* Cox : Of this family is the respected Dr. Cox, of 45 Stephen's Green, Dublin,
Physician to St. Vincent's Hospital ; living in 18S7.


KIN. 511

112. Gillruaidhe (" ruaidhe :" Irish,
erysipelas) : his son.

113. Morogh (2) : his son.

114. Florence MacGillkelly : his

KILKELLY. (No. 2.)

Of the O'Clery Stock.

Arms : Or, three nettle leaves vert.

GtIOLLA-na-Naomh, a brother of Braon who is No. 107 on the " O'Clery"
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Giolla Ceallaigh ; anglicised Kilkelly,

107. GioUa na Naomh: son of
CJongalach O'Clery.

108. Flann : his son.

109. Conchobhar : his son.

110. Aodh: his son.

111. Giolla Ceallaigh: his son;
a quo O'Giolla Ceallaigh.

112. Giolla na Naomh : his son.


Chiefs of Hy-Cinselagh, in the County TFex/ord.

Arms : Ar. a fess gu. betw. £a chief two garbs of the last, and in base a lion
ass. sa.

Unna Ceannsalach, younger brother of Donal Caomhanach who is No.
15 on the "Kavanagh" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Ceannsalaighe
ceann :" Irish, the head ; "salach:" unclean) ; Si.ngiiched Kinselag\ Kinsela,
angsley^ Kinsley, and Tinsley.

115. Eanna Ceannsalach : son of
)ermod-na-nGall, King of Leinster ;
rst assumed the sirname Kinselagh.

116. Tirlach ("tor," gen. "tuir:"
rish, a tower or bulwark; Lat.
tur-ris ;'* and " leac :" Irish, a
one) : his son ; a quo MacTorleice,
aglicised MacTirlochf MacTerencey
(acTerry, and Terrie.

117. Moroch : his son.

118. Thomas Fionn : his son.
(,19. Dermod : his son ; had an

elder brother named Art, who was
slain by MacMorough, in 1383,
and from whom descended Slioght
Thomas Fionn.

1 20. Art : his son.

121. Donoch: his son.

122. Arthur : his son.

123. Donoch (2): his son.

124. Edmund Kinselagh : his son.

125. Dermod Dubh : his
Chief of the sept in 1580.


512 KIR.


KIRWAN. (No. 1.)

KIR. [part III;

Of Galimy.
Arms : Ar. a chev. sa. betw. three Cornish choughs ppr.

Andrew Kirovane, of Gal way,
gent., had :

2. Peter (or Patrick) who had :

3. Eobert (his fourth son), of
Gal way, gent., who died 23rd
December, 1636. He m. Maria,
dau. of Nicholas Martin,* of Gahvay,
gent., and had four sons and three
daughters :

I. Nicholas.

II. John.

III. flichard.

IV. Robuck.
I. Joan.

IT. Agnes.
III. Margaret.
4. Nicholas Kirwan :

son of

KIRWAN. (No. 2.)

Of Galway.
Arms : Same as those of " Kirwan" (No. 1).

Thomas Keogh (or Caoch) Kir-
wan, of Galway, had:

2. Thomas Oge, Alderman, who

3. Andrew, Alderman, who had :

4. Patrick, Alderman, who had :

5. Andrew, of Galway, Alderman,
who d. 11th January, 1639. He m.
Margaret, dau. of Edmund French,

of Galway, Alderman, and had three
sons and three daughters :

I. Patrick.!

II. Martin.

III. William.

I. Giles.

II. Mary.

III. Katherine.

* Martin : The study of the origin of Family Arms has often interested us,
Richard Martin (of Ballinahinch, in Connemara), M.P. for the county of Galway, th<
author of the Act of Parliament for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, popularlj
known as * ' Martin's Act ;" and his son Thomas Martin, M.P. for said county, used t(
state that the origin of the Arms borne by their family, was as follows :

In days when the various Irish septs, if they had no common enemy to oppose
were engaged in fighting among themselves, the Martins and the O'Flaherties wen
thus amusing themselves. The O'Flaherties advanced against the Martins in sue!
force, that the utter extirpation of the latter family must have necessarily followec
upon their defeat. The fateful encounter of the opposing parties took place on j
Good Friday, and, after a fearful struggle, the Martins proved victorious, and wer<
enabled to return home safely for the celebration of Easter. In grateful com
memoration of this signal deliverance from *'ye bloodie O'Flaherties," they (the
Martins) adopted thenceforward for the family Arms a Calvary Cross, etc. ; with th«
Motto : Auxilium vieum a Domino,

t Patrick : Patrick Kirwan was (in 1646) a member of the *' Supreme Council o
the Catholic Confederation," whose son Martin married into the Bodkin family, anc
was the father of Captain Patrick Kirwan, of Lord Bofin's Infantry, in the service o
King James II. Captain Kirwan married in 1703 Mary, daughter of Richard Martin
of Dangan, and on the death of his father in 1705, succeeded to the Cregg estates




LAxN. 513


Arms : Or, on a chief indented az, three plate3

1. James Laffan of Garristown,
CO. Tipperarj.

2. Thomas : his son.

3. James of Garristown : his son.

4. Thomas of Lurgoe, county
Tipperary : his son ; m. Ellen, dau.
of Thomas Den, of Grenane, county
Kilkenny, by whom he had Henry,
No. 5 on this stem. This Thomas,
who d. 6th December, 1638, was
secondly married to Joan, dau. of
Edmund Tobyn of Kilnegogonah,

county Tipperary, and by her had
issue — 1. James, who m. EUn, dau.
of David Bourke ; 2. Edmund, m.
to Mary, dau. of William Dillon of
Roscommon ; 3. Edward ; 4. Rich-
ard ; 5. Patrick.

5. Henry : eldest son of Thomas ;
m. first, Mary, dau. of Edmund
Mandeville ; and, secondly, Ellen,
dau. of John Butler, uncle of Rich-
ard (Lord Mountgarrett), and of
Edward Butler ; d. s. p.


J Of Ulster.

I Arms : Gu. a iion pass, guard, betw. three saltires couped or.

Fearach, one of the eight sons of Daimhin, who is No. 92 on the "O'Hart"
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Lainne (" lann :" Irish, the blade of a
sword; Lat. "lan-io," to cut); anglicised Lane, smd Laney. By some the
Irish name is spelled O'Lainidh.

93. Fearach : son of Daimhin.

94. Maoldun : his son.

95. Fogharthach : his son.

96. Eochaidh : his son.

97. Dur (" dur :" Irish, dull ; Lat.
" dur-us") : his son ; a quo Clan
Duire (lords of Fermanagh), an-
glicised Dioijer.

98. Eochaidh (2) : his son.

99. Cathal ; his son.
100. Muireadach : his son. This
Muireadach had six brothers, one
of whom, named Congmhail, was
ancestor of LarJdn ; another named
Eochaidh was ancestor of Malone ;
and another named Fiachan was
the ancestor of Feehan, Vaughan,

He had two sons by that lady : — 1. ^lartin, who succeeded him, and 2. Richard (died
1779), who was an officer in Dillon's regiment of the Irish Brigade. Martin, married
Mary, daughter of Hyacinth French of Cloughballymore, co. Galway, and had four
sons :— 1. Patrick, who was killed in a duel, s. p. ; 2. Richard, LL.D., the celebrated
Chemist and Geologist (mentioned in p. 227 of Webb's Compendium of Irish Biography),
and President of the Royal Irish Academy, he died in Dublin, on the 22nd of June,
1812 ; 3. Andrew ; 4. Hyacinth.

2 K

• 14 LAE.


LAW. [part IIL


Arms : Chequy gu. and ar. a cross az.

CONGMHAIL, brother of Muireadach, who is No. 100 on the " Lane" pedi-
gree, was the ancestor of O'Lorcain, ("lor:" Irish, ejiough, and "can," to
sing ; Hind, "gan-i," to chant), anglicised Larking and Larcom.


Of Clan Colla.

Arms : Or, six lozenges gu.

Orgiall, who is No. 101 on the " Maguire" pedigree, had a brother
named Dallach, who was the ancestor of O'Lamhain ("lamh:" Irish, a
hand ; Gr. " lab-o," / take), meaning "the descendants of the man with the
small or withered hand ;" anglicised Lavan.


Of Monaghan.

Arms : Or, a lion ramp, guard, gu.

DONACHAN, brother of Paul who is No. 99 on the "MacMahon" (of
Ulster) pedigree, w^as the ancestor of O'Leathlahhair ; anglicised Lalor, and

99. Donachan : son of

100. Fogharthach : his son.

101. Lagnan : his son.

102. Muireadach: his son.

103. Fogharthach : his son.

104. Leathlabhair : his son :
O'Leathalahhair. This name
rived from the Irish, " leath'


a quo
is de-

a half; "labhair" to sjpeaJc (old
Irish " labh j" Lat. " labium," a lip),
and " leabhar" (Lat. " Liber," Fr.
"livre"), a look. 0' Leathlabhair
means " the descendants of the man
who stammered /' as O'Lahhairmor
(anglicised Larmour) means those
descended from " the man who was
a great speaker."


LEO. 515


Arms : Ar. a cross betw. four fleurs-de-lis sa.

Armeorach, a brother of Finchadh who is No. 94 on the *' O'Dwyer" (of
Lei nster) pedigree, was the ancestor of G* Madiaigh ; anglicised MacLea,
and Lee.

94. Armhorach : son of Fearruith.

95. Mai : his son.

96. Ogan : his son.

97. Olchon : his son.

98. Macliagh (" mac :" Irish,
bright; "liagh, a physician): his
eon ; a quo O'Macliaigh.

99. Caolbha : his son.

100. Dioma : his son.

101. Sinil: his son.

102. Maoldobhron : his son.

103. Eathac: his son.

104. Caolbha : his son.

105. Duneccneach : his son.


Arms : Az. a fess betw. three dolphins hauriant ar.

LoMAN, a brother of Lughach who is No. 92 on the (No. 1) " O'Kelly" (of
Hy-Maine) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Lomain; anglicised Lemon,
and Lowman.

92. Loman ('* loman :" Irish, cm
ensign) : a son of Dalian ; a quo

93. Aongus : his son.

94. Ainmireach : his son.

95. Eathach ; his son.

96. Maolandadh : his son.

97. Maolduin : his son.

98. Reachtaghan (" reachtgha :"
Irish, a late imposed by force of arms) :

his son : a quo O'Eeachfaghain,
anglicised Rhatigian.
99. Coibdealg : his son.

100. Fomosach : his son.

101. Condmuigh : his sou.

102. Eathach : his son.

103. Droigheann : his son.

104. Conliogan : his son.

105. Ruadhri O'Lomain : his son.


Arms : Or, on a fesse az. three fleurs-de-lis ar. Crest : Out of a ducal coronet or,
a tiger's head ar.

GiOLLAFiNNEAN, who is No. 105 on the " Mulroy" pedigree, was the
ancestor of MacGiollafinneain ; anglicised JIacGillfinen, Gillfinanj Gill-

516 LEO.


LOG. [part III.

finnon, Gillinan, Gillion, Gillon, Glennon, Lennard, Leonard, and Linden.
(See the "Gillon" pedigree.)

105. Giollafinnean : son of Maol-
ruanaidh Mor.

106. Eath : his son.

107. Aongus, Feargal, Uillimed,
Donall, Conchobar "Dhall, and
Giolla Phadraic : his sons.


Arms : Vert a dexter hand couped apaumee, and in chief an arrow fesswaj's ar.

AoNGUS, brother of Bladhmhach, who is No. 92 on the " Fox" pedigree,
was the ancestor of O'Lachtnain ; anglicised Loughnan^ and Loftus.

92. Aongus : son of Hugh.

93. Bladhmhach : his son.

94. Congmhail : his son.

95. Beice : his son.

96. Congmhail (2) : his son.

97. Conang : his son.

98. Maolciaran : his son.

99. Lachtnan (lachtna : Irish, -'a
coarse grey dress," an, " one who") >
a quo O'Lachtnain.


Ar?ns : Or, three passion nails in point piercing a man's heart gu.

LocHAN, a son of Daimhin who is No. 92 on the " O'Hart" pedigree, was
the ancestor of O'Lochain (" lochan :" Irish, chaff, a pool) ; anglicised Logan,
Logue, and Pool.

* Logan : James Logan, a statesman, and secretary to William Penn, was born at
Lurgan, on the 20th October, 1674. His parents were members of the Society of
Friends. He became Chief Justice of the State of Pennsylvania, ProA^ncial Secretary,
and Commissioner of Property, and for nearly two years governed the Province as
President of the Council. He visited England in 1710, where he successfully vindicated
himself from charges brought against him by a faction in the Assembly. He did not
retire from public life until about 1747. Thenceforward, living in dignified leisure at
Stenton, near Germantown, he devoted himself to literature, translated Cicero, and
penned those scientific papers which will be found appended to his Memoirs. Some of
his works were printed by his friend Benjamin Franklin. He died at Stenton, 31st
October, 1751, and was interred in the Friends' burial ground, Arch-street, Philadelphia.


MAC. 517


Arms : Vert three lions ramp. or.

Breasal, brother of Beice, king of Orgiall who is No. 98 on the " Magel-
lan" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Longain ; anglicised Long^ Longaii,
Langan, and Langhan.

98. Breasal : son of Cumascach.

y9. Fiachnach : his son.
100. Longan ("long:" Irish, a
ship; ''an," one ivho) : his son; a
quo O'Longain.]

101. Eiteach : his son.

102. Eachagan : his son.

103. Eatach : his son.

104. Giollachriosd O'Longan



Of Tirowen.]

A rms : Ar. a cross sa. betw. four lions ramp, gu, armed and langued az.

LoNGSEACH, a brother of Diarmaid who is No. 97 on the " Kennedy" (of
Tirowen) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Loingsigh, of Tirowen ; angli-
cised Linch, Lynch, and Lijnskei/.

97. Longseach (" longseach :"
Irish, a manner) : son of Concho^
bhar ; a quo O'Loingsigh.

98. Conchobhar : his son.

99. Branan : his son.
100. Cinaoth : his son.

101. Maoldoradh: his son.

102. Cathalan : his son,

103. Giollagrinde: his son; had
two brothers — 1. Giolla-Tighear-
nach, 2. Cearnach.


Arms : Per fess or and arm. a fess az. betw. in chief a bishop's hat vert, and in
base two gem rings of the first, gemmed of the third. Cresi : Out of a ducal coronet or,
a rock ppr.

This sirname is derived from Giolla-Easbuig (" gioUa :" Irish, the devoted
of; " easbog," gen. "easbuig," a bishop; Lat. " episcop-us"), who is No.
102 on the " O'Hagan" (Lords of Tullaghoge) genealogy ; as are also the
sirnames : McGillcmespick, McAnespick, McAnespie, McAnaspie, McAiiaspog,
Gillaspi/, Gillaspie, Gillespi/, Gillespie, Gillesbie, etc. We are, however,
unable to give the pedigree of the family.

518 MAC.



MAC. [part III.

Arms : Ar. a lion ramp. gu. armed and langued az. in chief two dexter hands
couped at the wrist of the second. Crest : A demi lion ramp. gu.

Maoltogharthach, brother of Donall, who is No. 92 on the '' Breen"
pedigree, was the ancestor of MacAmhailgaidh ; anglicised Macaulay,
MacAuley, MacAwley, MacGaioly, Magauly, MacGawley, McGauly^ and
Wythe. (Some genealogists would derive these families from Ithe, the
Uncle of Milesius of Spain.)

92. Maolfogharthach : son of

93. Conn ; his son.

94. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son.

95. Cathasach : his son.

96. Conn (2) : his son.

97. Donall : his son.

98. Suibhneach : his son.

99. Foranan (" foran :" Irish,
anger J a short verse) : his son ; a quo
Foranain, anglicised Foran.

100. Cucroidhe (" croidhe :" Irish,
a heart; Gr. "kardia"): his son.

101. Feargal : his son.

102. Amhailgadh (''amhail:" Irish,
like ; " gad," a uithe, a tvillow twig) :
his son ; a quo MacAmhailgaidh.

103. Hugh MacGawly: his son;
first assumed this sirname.

104. Florence : his son.

105. Donall : his son.

106. Murtogh : his son.

107. Mor (or Magnus) : his son.

108. Hugh (3): his son.

109. Murtogh (2) : his son.

110. Amhailgadh [awly] : his son.

111. Awly Oge : his son.

112. Awly (4): his son.

1 1 3. Brian : his son.

114. Awly Mor : his son.

115. Awly Maol : his son.

116. Feargal (or Farrell) Carrach:
his son.

117. Farrell Oge : his son.

118. Awly (5) : his son.

119. AVilliam, of Williamstown, in
Westmeath : his son.

120. Murtogh, of Williamstown :
his son ; married to Eliza, dau. of

Hugh Coflfey of Ko , co. VVest-

meath ; died on 24th Feb., 1632.

121. Awly Magawly: his son.
This Awly, who m. Elleanor, dau. of
James FitzGerald, of Laragh, co.
Westmeath, had five brothers — 1.
Owen, 2. Robert, 3. Richard, 4,
Felim, 5. Gerald ; he had also two
sisters — 1 . Elizabeth, wife of Thomas
Dillon of Lissenack, co. Westmeath ;
and 2. Beamone, wife of Donoch
O'Daly, son of ^neas O'Daly of
Clonerillick, in the co. Westmeath.


From the Be La Ponce MSS.

Barons of Lo^ightee, County Cavan.

Arms : Sa. in the sinister base a dexter hand couped at the wrist ppr. pointing with
the index finger to the sun in splendour in the dexter chief or.

1. Denis MacBrady,
Susan McKernan.

2. Charles : his son :

Elizabeth O'Donnell, daughter of
Prince of Tirconnell.

* MacBrady : This " MacBrad} " family of Calry had the alias " O'Carroll.


MAC. 519

3. Charles : his son ; married
Jeanne MacMahon.

4. Gillaiime : his son ; married
Therise O'Kourke.

5. Daniel : his son ; married
Honoria MacBrady.

6. Martin, lord of Loughtee : his
son; married Anna O'Dooley. Had
% brother Jean, who had Patrice,
who had Bernard, who had Jacques-

7. Gillaume : son of Martin.

8. Alexis-Joseph Augustin: his
son: had three sons — 1. Eugene, d.
1767, s.p.; 2. Felix, d. 1770, s. p.;
3. Francois- Joseph, d. 1820.

9. Francois - Joseph : son of

10. Benoib Jh. Constant Mac-
Brady : his son.


Arms : Sa. an eagle displ. or, and a border compony az. and gu.

Branan, a brother of Combhach, who is No. 110 on the " Dunne" pedi-
gree, was the ancestor of 3IacBmnain, anglicised 3facBrannen, and

110. Branan ("bran:" Irish, a
raven* : son of Caroill; a quo Mac^

111. Congalach: his son.

112. Cusliabh: his son.

113. Caroill : his son.

114. Giollacumhdach : his son.

115. Amhailgadh [awly] : his son.

116. Melachlin: his son.

117. Awly (2) : his son.

118. Murtagh : his son.

119. Awly (3) : his son.

120. Awly Oge MacBrannen : his


This family name m Irish (see the " Cowell" No. 1 pedigree, p. 391) is Mac
CathmhaoiL From O'Donovan's Annals of the Four Masters we learn the
following information respecting this ancient family :

A.D. 1185. Gilchreest MacCawell, Chief of Kinel-Farry,t and of the

* Eaven : This Branan must have had hair as dark as a raven ; or, in battle, have
been as impetuous as a mountain torrent : for bran, which also means " chaflf," has
those meanings. It may be here observed that bran is the root of the sirnames BraiVy
Brian, Brien, Bryan, Bryant, Byrne, Byron, O'Brien, O' Byrne, and of the Latin Bren-us.
And it may be added that "Brannen" and " Brennan" are distinct sirnames.

f Kinel-Farry : Of this Clan, Dr. O'Donovan, in Note m in the Annals, under the
year 1185, says : "Kinel-Farry (in Irish, Cijiel Feareaduighe) and the Clans. The
territory of Kinel-Farry, the patrimonial inheritance of the MacCawells (the descen-
I dants of Fergal, son of Muireadhach, son of Eoghan, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages),
was nearly co extensive with the barony of Clogher, in the county of Tyrone ; in which
barony all the clans here mentioned were located, except the Hy-Kennoda and the


Clans, viz., Clann Aengus, Clann Duibhinreacht, Clann Fogarty, Hy-
Kennoda, and Clann Colla in Fermanagh, and who was chief adviser of all
the north of Ireland, was slain by O'Hegny and Muintir-Keevan, who
carried away his head, which, however, was recovered from them in a
month afterwards.

A.D. 1215. Murrough MacCawell, Chief of Kinel-Farry, died.

A.D. 1238. Flaherty MacCawell, Chief of Kinel-Farry, and Clann-
Congail, and of Hy-Kennoda in Fermanagh, the most illustrious in Tyrone
for feats of arms and hospitality, was treacherously slain by Donough
MacCawell, his own kinsman.

A.D. 1215. Donough MacCawell, Chief of Kinel-Farry, was slain by the
men of Oriel.

A.D. 1252. Conor MacCawell, Chief of Kinel-Farry and many other
territories, and peace-maker of Tirconnell, Tyrone, and Oriel, was slain by
the people of Brian O'Neill, while defending his proteges against them, he
himself being under the protection* of O'Gormley and O'Kane.

The name MacCaicell also occurs in O'Donovan's Annals of the Four
Masters, under the following years: A.D. 1261—1262—1346—1358—
1365 — 1366— 1368— 1370— 1379— 1403— U04— 1432— 1434 — 1444—
1461—1467 — 1474—1480—1481—1492—1493—1498—1508 — 1515—

Dr. O'Donovan also mentions the Kinel-Farry, or Cinel Fereadaighj
under the following years: A.D. 626—632—1082—1120—1129—1166—

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