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In the Index to Wills, Diocese of Derry District Registry of London-
derry, the following names occur: Eobert MacCavrell, of Drumragh, A.D.
1734. Owen MacCawell of Drumragh, 1718. Thomas MacCawell of
Drumragh, 1723. Hugh MacCawell, 1737, to be buried in the churchyard
of Clogher.

In the Index to "Wills, Clogher District, Registry Armagh, appear the
names: Patrick MacCawell, Bolies, county Tyrone, a.d. 1790. Owen
MacCawell, Cavan, co. Tyrone, 1806. Bernard MacCawell, Scotstown, co.
Monaghan, 1809. Rev. Fergus MacCawell, of Cornamuck, 1758. And
Hugh MacCawell, of Aughanameena, co. Monaghan, 1802.

In the Fate and Fortunes of Hugh O'Keill, Fail of Tyrone, and Fori/
O'Donel, FarlofTyrconnel, by the Rev. C. P. Meehan, M.R.I.A., we read that

Clan-Colla, who were seated in Fermanagh. The Hy-Kennofla gave name to the
barony of Tir-Kennedy, which is situated in the east of Fermanagh, adjoining the
barony of Clogher, in Tyrone. — See it mentioned in the Annals at the years 1427, 1468,
and 1518 ; and in the '"Davin" pedigree, infra.

The family of MacCathmhaoil (a name generally anglicised MacCawell, and
latinized Cavelhts), who supplied several bishops to the see of Clogher, are still
numerous in this their ancient territory, and the name is also found in other counties,
variously anglicised Camphill, Cambell, Caidf.dd, etc., and even Hoicell ; but the
natives, when speaking the Irish language, always pronoimce the name MacCathmhaoil.

* Under the protection : This passage is not in the Dublin copy of the_ Annals of
Ulster, but, in the old translation preserved in the British Museum, it is given in
English, as follows: "a.d. 1252. Conner MacCathmoyle, kingly chief of Kindred
Feragh and many other places, also the upholder of liberality and fortitude of the
North of Ireland ; the peace-maker of the Councils and Owens, and Airgialls also,
killed by the Rutes [cohortes) of Brien O'Neal, defending his comrick from them, being
upon O'Garmely and O'Cahan's word himself."

::!HAP. IV.] MAC.


MAC. 521

Rev. Father Hugh Cawell or MacCawell was afterwards Archbishop of
A-rmagh, in 1626 ; and in the same volume we meet the name of Hugh
Cawell or MacCaughwell.— See pp. 249, 322, 324, and 327 of that great

And in the Eegistry of Deeds Office, Dublin, we find in Book 79, p. 244,
Memorial 55,639, the name of Bryan McCowell of Bishop's Court, county
Kildare, gent., as a witness to a Deed made respecting Robert Colvill of
N'ewtown, co. Down, son and heir of Hugh Colvill of same ; and registered
on the 17th April, 1735. It is possible that this Bryan McCowell, of
Bishop's Court, in 1735, was the Bryan Cowell, of Logadowden, in the
ounty Dublin, mentioned in the *' Cowell" (No. 3) pedigree, whose Will
was proved in 1768 in the Prerogative Court, Dublin.


MacDERMOT. (No. 1.)

Princes of Moylurg, County Roscommon.

Arms : Ax. on a chev. gu. betw. three boars' heads erased az. tusked and bristled ar,
■18 many cross crosslets ar. Crest : A demi lion ramp, az. holding in the dexter paw
\ sceptre crowned or.

Maolruanaidh [Mulroona] Mor, a younger brother of Conchobhar (or
Connor) who is No. 106 on the "O'Connor" (Kings of Connaught) pedi-
gree, was the ancestor of " Clan Mulroona ;" the leading family of which
was MacDiarmuid, anglicised MacBermotL Among the other families of
Clan Mulroona" were — 1. JIulroonei/, modernized Eooneij, Roney^ and
Kowney ; 2. MacDonough, O'CroUy, etc.

106. Mulroona Mor: son of Teige,
married the dau. of Flann Abraid

107. Murtogh : his son ; Prince of
Moylurg ; m. the dau. of O'Dowd,
Lord of Tyrawley.

108. Teige : his son ; had a bro-
ther INIulroona, who was the ances-
tor of O'Crolly.

109. Mulroona : second son of

110. Teige M6r : his son.

HI. Diarmaid (" diarraaid :" Irish,
the god of arms) : his son ; a quo
MacDiarmuid. Had two brothers
•1. Donoch, the ancestor of
0' Morris; 2. Teige Oge, ancestor of
MacLaughlan, of Connaught.

112. Conchobhar (or Connor) : his

son ; was the first of this family
who assumed this sirname.

113. Tomaltach (or Timothy) na
Carriga (" cairig :" Irish, a rock) :
his son.

114. Cormac, Lord of Moylurg:
his son ; had a brother Donoch.

115. Conchobhar, Lord of Moy-
lurg : son of Cormac ; living A.D.

116. Giollachriosd : his son; had
a brother Diarmaid Dall, who was
the ancestor of MacDermott Roe

117. Mulroona: son of Giolla-

118. Timothy: his son.

119. Conor: his son.

120. Hugh: his son.

522 MAC.



121. Rory Caoch* : his son.

122. Rory Oge : his sou.

123. Teige: his son.

124. Rory : his son.

125. Brian: his son.

126. Brian Oge : his son ; d. 1636.

127. Tirlogh (or Terence) : his
son ; died unmarried in 1640. Had
a brother named Charles, who died
in 1693 ; and another brother
named Teige na n-Gadhar.

128. Hugh : son of said Charles ;
died 1707. Was an ofl&cer under
James XL, and a prisoner at the
Battle of Aughrim ; had a brother
Timothy, who had Andrew, who
had John| and other children.

129. Charles (2) : his son ; d. 1758 ;
got Coolavin ; had a brother
Terence, an M.P. in King James's
Parliament, and attainted.

130. Myles : his son ; d. 1777 ; had
a brother Terence, and another
Hugh. This Hugh had Charles,
who m. Arabella O'Rourke, and had
several children.

131. Hugh (2) : his son; d. 1824.

132. Charles: his son; d. 1873.

133. Hugh MacDermott, of Cool-
avin, Q.C., J. P., living in 1887 :
his son ; Chief of the Clan, and
known as the ''Hereditary Prince
of Coolavin."

MacDERMOT roe. (No. 2.)

0/ Kilronan.

Arms : Same as those of " MacDermott" (No. 1).

DiARMAiD Dall, a brother of Giollachriosd who is No. 116 on the (No. 1)
" MacDermott" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacDermott Buadh (or
MacDermott Roe.")

116. Diarmaid Dall: son of Con-
chobhar (or Connor), Lord of Moy-
lurg, who was living in 1251.

117. Cormac: his son.

118. Diarmuid Ruadh ("ruadh:"
Irish, red) : his son ; a quo 3fac-
Dermott Roe ; living in 1320.

119. Cormac Oge : his son.

120. Melaghlin: his son.

121. Teige: his son.

122. Eoghan : his son.

123. Diarmaid: his son; had
brother On'en.J

124. Ma2hnus : his son.

* Caoch : This Rory Caoch is the first name on the (No. 3) " MacDermot" pedi-
gree, infra, which is taken from the MS. Volume, F. 3. 27, in the Library of Trinity
College, Dublin.

t John : This John had three sons : 1. Edward, whose only son suffered death in
1798 ; 2. John ; and 3. another son who was a General in the American Service, and
settled there. This last mentioned John had John Wynne MacDermott, who had four
sons : — 1. John- Wynne, 2. James, 3. Phibbs, 4. William. This branch may be looked
on as the third line of the sept.

t Owen : This Owen had Teige : who had Connor (Patentee of 1608) ; who had
Charles Dubh : who had Henry of Kilronan (who, in 1667, had confirmation of his
estates on a Decree of Innocence) : who had two sons — 1. Henrv (d. s. p.) ; 2. John,
B.L., who had four sons— 1. Charles (d. s. p.) ; 2. Thomas (died 1823), of whom pre-
sently ; 3. A son, who was a Roman Catholic Bishop of Ardagh ; 4. Matthew, an M.D.,
who had Charles, an M.D. ; 5. Charles. This Thomas (who died 1823) had two sous —
1. French ; 2. Molloy ; and French had -1. Thomas MacDermot Roe, and 2. William-
French MacDermot Roe, of the 49th Regiment.



MAC. 523

125. Maghnus : his son.

126. Cathal (or Charles) : his son.

127. Conchobhar: his son; living
D 1657.

128. Dubhaltach (or Dudley) Ma c-
Dermott Roe : his son.

MacDERMOT. (No. 3.)
Of Carrig, County Roscommon.

Arms : Ar. three boars pass. az. armed and bristled or. Crest : A boar's head
irased az.

^ORY Keogh (rede " Caoch") Mac-
Dermot* had :

2. Rory, who had :

3. Teige, who had :

4. Rory, who had :

5. Bryan, who had :

6. Bryan,t of Carig, co. Ros-
jommon, Esq., who d. 8 Jan., 1636.
Ee m. Margaret, dau. of Richard
Bourke, of Derrymaclaghny, co.

ralway, Esq., and had :

I. Tirlogh, of whom presently.

II. Connor, s.p.

III. Brian.

IV. Teige.

7. Tirlogh : the eldest son of
Bryan ; m. twice : his first wife was
Margaret, dau. of Feagh Burke
MacDavy. His second wife was
Ellenor, dau. of William Molloy,
of Croghan, co. Roscommon, Esq.
But in F. 3. 27 it does not appear
that by either marriage there was
any issue. — See No. 127 on the
'* MacDermot" (No. 1) pedigree.


Of the County Gahvay.

Arms : Ar. a lion pass. gu. betw. in chief a mullet sa. Crest : A dexter arm
erect, couped at the elbow, vested az. cuflfed ar.

Terence MacDonogh, of Creevagh, M.P. for Sligo, in 1689, and who
|L in 1718, was the only Catholic Counsel who was admitted to the Bar
% Ireland, up to his death, after the violation of the Treaty of Limerick,

* MacDermot : This is the Rory Caoch MacDermot who is No. 121 on the " Mac-
Dermot" (No. I) pedigree.


^ Bryan: In Ulster's Office the Fun. Entry of this Brian MacDermot is dated

524 MAC.


MAC. [part III

in 1691. From that Terence the descent, so far as we have yet ascer-
tained, is as follows :

1. Terence MacDonogh, M.P.
for Sligo in 1689, m. and had five

I. John.

II. Eedmond, of whom presently.

III. Daniel.

IV. Nicholas.

V. John, who went to America.

2. Eedmond : second son of
Terence; m. and had two sons :

I. Daniel, of whom presently.

II. Eedmond, who m. and had a
daughter Mary, and three sons.
I. Patrick, who had two daus.

and three sons :

I. Admiral William Mac-
Donagh, who fought under
General Washington ; and
after whom "MacDonagh
County" in Georgia,
U.S.A., is so called. Some
of this Patrick's descen-
dants are now (1887)
living inEhode Island, and
one of them is Eecorder

II. John, ancestor of Joseph
MacDonagh, of San Fran-

III. Henry.

Patrick's two daughters were :
I. Mary, who m. Geraghty
of Knockerasser; with him
emigrated to America; and
whose family now (1887)
resides in Lockport, State
of New York.
XL Jude, who m. one of
the Joyces, of Joyces'
Country, West Gal way.

3. Daniel : eldest son of Eed-
mond; m. Miss O'Sullivan, and
had two sons.

4. Daniel, the second son of
Daniel, settled in Joyces' Country ;
m. Miss O'Grady, and subsequently
removed to Craughwell, county

Galway, where he possessed a large
farm and died. This Daniel had
four sons and three daughters. The
sons were ;

I. Eichard, who (in 1887) resides
in California ; is m. and has
issue :

I. Daniel, m., and living in

II. Patrick : second son of Daniel,
of whom presently.

III. John, m. in California, and
has a numerous issue.

IV. Michael, living in California
in 1887; no issue.

The three daughters of Daniel
were :

I. Mary, who m. T. Eyne, and
had :

I. William Eyne of Chicago ;

II. Maria Eyne, who m. M.
Ashe, of Galway.

II. Norah, who m. J. Conroy,
and had two daughters :

I. Ellen, who m. J. Finnegan
of Boston, U.S. A.

II. Honor, who m. T. Healy.
HI Bridget, residing (1887) in

New York, unm.
4. Patrick, who died in 188J :
second son of Daniel ; was twice m. :
first, to Miss MacGeoghegan, by
whom he had one daughter named
Ellen, who is m. in India ; and,
secondly, to Miss Cahill, by whom
he had two sons and two daughters.
The sons are :

I. Daniel, of whom presently; and

II. Henry- James, living in 1887.
The daughters of Patrick are :

I. Mary-Anne, who married John
Gaffy, merchant in Troy, New

II. Matilda- Jane, living in 1887
in New York.

5. Daniel MacDonagh : eldest
son of Patrick; living in 1887.


MAC. 525


Of Wicldotv, and of San Francisco.

Brian, a younger brother of Fearach who is No. 119 on the " MacDonnell"
[of Leinster) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacDonnell, MacDonald, and
McDonald, of the county Wicklow.

122. Brian : his fourth son ; m.
Catherine . . . , and had five sons
and four daughters. The sons
were— 1. Eichard, b. 1716 ; 2.
James, b. 1718 ; 3. Edward, born
1720 ; 4. Joseph, b. 1722 ; 5. Bryan,
b. 1732; the daughters were — 1.
Kebecca, b. 1724 ; 2. Catherine, b.
1727 ; 3. Mary, b. 1730; 4. Priscilla,
b. 1734. Moved, about 1754, to
Botetourt, county, Virginia where
some of his descendants still live ;
d. 1757.

123. Joseph; his fourth son; m.
Elizabeth Ogle and had nine sons
and one daughter. The sons were
—1. Bryan, b. 1753 j 2. John, b.
1756; 3. Joseph, born 1758; 4.
Edward, b. 1761 ; 5. Eichard and 6.
Alex, (twins), b. 1763 ; 7. William,
b. 1766; 8. Jonas,t b. 1771;
9. James, b. 1774. The daughter

119. Brian MacDonnell: son of
Hugh Buidhe [boy.]

120. Alexander: his son; m. a
daughter of Thomas Archbold, of

121. Brian, who assumed the
name MacDonald : * his son ; m.
Mary, dau. of John Doyle, of
Arklow, in the co. Wicklow. Was
tihere engaged in the Tanning trade,
which is still carried on in that
County. Served in an Irish Volun-
teer Eegiment, in the cause of King
James II. ; and, in 1691, after that
cause was lost, this Brian Mac-
Donald emigrated to America, with
his wife and five children : — 1. John,
2. William, 3. James, 4. Brian,
5. Mary. He settled near New
Castle, Delaware, U.S.A., and had
two more children — 6. Eichard, 7.
Anabel ; and d. 1707.

* Brian MacDonald : According to the MS. Vols. F. 2. 4, and F. 2. 6, in the
Library of Trinity College, Dublin, the possessions of this family stretched along the
foot of the mountain range, upon the marshes of the Pale, and bore the name of '' The
Clandonnell's Countrie," as late, af least, as 1641. Dr. O'Donovan in his edition of
the Four Masters, Vol. V., p. 1641-2, writes : "In Col. Francis Toole's regiment of
foot, in the service of King James II., was Lieut. Brian MacDonnell, fourth m descent
from whom is Alexander MacDonnell, Esq., J.P., of Bonabrougha, in the county of
Wicklow, who married Marcella, heiress of Charles O'Hanlon, Esq, , of Ballynorran,
in the same county." Whether the Brian MacDonnell here mentioned by O'Donovan,
were the Brian, who is No. 121, on this pedigree, we are unable to say. If they were
not identical, they must have been both members of the Wicklow branch of the Mac-
Donnell family.

t Jonas : This Jonas, who lived where many of the descendants now (1S81) live,
near Blackburg, Montgomery county, Va., and who d. 1856, m. Elizabeth Foster,
and had ten children — 1. Charles, b. 1798 j m. Dioncy Dickinson ; and d. 1864. 2.
William, b. 1800 ; m. Luciuda Fatten ; living near Blackburg, Va., in 1876. 3. Joseph,
b. 1802 ; m. Lorena Boss ; d. 1855. 4. Nancy, b. 1806 ; married William McDonald ;
living in 1876. 5. Elizabeth, b. 1808 ; m. Bryan McDonald, d. unm. 1871. 6. Mary,
b. 1810; m. James N. Pierce; d. 1872. 7. Exceoney, b. 1812; d. unm., 1832. S.
James-Lewis, b. 1814; living unm. near Blackburg, Va., 1879. 9. John Alexander,
b. 1816 J m. Harriet McDonald ; living near Blackburg, Va., 1881. 10. Floyd-Fectig,

526 MAC.


MAC. [part III

was Elizabeth, b. 17G8. This
Joseph and his family removed
about 1768 to near Blackburg,
Montgomery county, Virginia,
were he died 1809.

124. Major Eichard : fifth son of
Joseph ; married Mrs. John Martin
(nee Mary Long), and had three
sons and three daughters, all
born near Mackville, Washington
county, Kentucky. The sons were
— 1. James, b. 1797; 2. Joseph,
b. 1799 ; 3. Griffin, b. 1801. The
daughters were — 1. EHzabeth, b.
1804; 2. Mary, b. 1804 ; 3. Ursula,
b. 1808.

125. Colonel James: his son; b.
1797 ; married near Macksville,
Washington county, Kentucky, on
28th September, 1819, Martha
Shepard Peter (living in San
Francisco, California, in 1881 ; dau.
of Jesse Peter and Milly Sweeney),
and had twelve children. He was
a Colonel in the State Militia, and
was elected to the Kentucky Legis-
lature in 1828, 1829, and 1832 ;
and to the Kentucky Senate, from
1832—1837. He also held various
other pubUc offices. He went to
Missouri in 1851, and to California
in 1859, where he died 1865. Their

children were — 1. Richard Hayes,
born 1820 (who is No. 126 infra).

2. Milly- Ann, born 1822 ; married
Dr. M. F. Wakefield; died 1858.

3. Martin Pierce, born 1824 ; died
1824. 4. James-Monroe,* b. 1825 ;

' living unmarried in San Fran-
cisco, California, 1881. 5. Dewitt-
Livingston, born 1828; married
Martha Ellenor Hunter; living in
San Francisco, 1881. 6. Marion
Jasper, born 1831 ; married Alice
Booth ; living in San Francisco,
1881. 7. Marcus-Linsey, b. 1833;
m. Ralphine North ; living in San
Francisco, 1881. 8. Joseph Wil-
liam, born 1835 ; died unmarried,
1855. 9. Josephine Bonaparte,
born 1837 ; married Robert W.
Elliott ; living in San Franciscq,
1881. 10. Maria-Louisa, b. 1840j
married Alvin W. Whitney, died
1870. 11. Alice Fisk, born 1842; d.
unm. 1867. 12. Martha Harriet,
born 1848; married Frank Swift,
died 1874.

126. Dr. Richard - Hayes Mc-
Donald f of San Francisco, Cali-
fornia: son of Colonel James; b.
near Macksville, Ky., 1820 ; m.
5th Aug. 1851, in Sacramento, Cal.,;
Mrs. Sarah Maria Steinagel (neei

b. July, 1819 ; m. Jane Black ; living at Blackburg, Va., 1881. This Floyd has been
for years one of the most intelligent and zealous labourers in the researches of this

* James Monroe : This James was (in 1881) one of the prominent men of the Pacific
coast. He was State Senator in California Legislature in 1859 and 1860, and he has
held a number of public offices. He and his brother Marion Jasper are both most
successful capitalists.

t McDonald : Dr. R. H. McDonald was one of the California Pioneers, and has
been a citizen of that State since 1849. His life has been eventful and historically
interesting, and a biography of it is in preparation. He has been prominently con-
nected with the whole development of the State ; and was (in 1881) President of the
Pacific Bank in San Francisco, CuL, of which his brother Captain James and himself
have been almost two of the founders. It was solely through Dr. R. H. McDonald's
love of family, and his liberality in expressing it, that the large sum of nearly £2,000
which has been needed to collect the data in the genealogies of the several branches
of this family, was secured. He also bore the entire expense of printing those data in
three handsome and neatly compiled volumes ; with copies of which we have been
favoured. To those volumes we would refer those anxious for more details ; they are
compiled by Frank V. McDonald, Esq., Law Student, Harvard University, Cambridge,
Mass., U.S.A., who is No. 127 on this pedigree.



MAC. 527

Whipple), who d. 21st Oct., 1866.
They had three children, all boro
in Sacramento, Cal. — 1. Frank-
Virgil, b. 20th April, 1852 (who is
No. 127 infra). 2. Richard-Hayes,
Junior, b. 28th Aug. 1854 j is unra. ;
studied abroad, and is (in 18S1)
graduating at Yale College, New
Haven, Connecticut. 3. Martha
Shepard, b. 7th April, 1859; studied
abroad, and for three years at
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New
York: m. 17th Feb., 1879, John

C. Spencer, Junior, both living in
New York City, 1881.

127. Frank V. McDonald : son of
Dr. Eichard Hayes McDonald ; b.
20th April, 1852 ; unm. in 1881 ;
was a student for some years in
Germany, France, and England ;
was graduated A.B., at Yale College,
New Haven, in 1878, and at Har-
vard College, Cambridge, Massa-
chusetts, in 1879 — where in 1881
he was a Student-at-Law.

MacDONNELL. (No. 1.)

Of Antrim.^
Arms ; Or, a lion ramp. gu.

(BOLLA Uais [oose], a younger brother of Colla da Cbrioch who is No. 85
Jn the '* O'Hart" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacDomhnaill, of Antrim,

* MacDonnell of Antrim : There is a pedigree of this ancient family contained in
the De La Ponce MSS., deposited in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin,
which would well repay perusal.

In Connellan's Four Madera it is said: — Some of the ancestors of the tribe
** Clan Colla" haviug gone from Ulster in remote times, settled in ^Scotland, chiefly in
Argyle, and the Hebrides, and according to Lodge's Peerage on the MacDonnells, earls
of Antrim, they became the most numerous and powerful clan in the Highlands of
Scotland, where they were generally called MacDonalds. In the reign of Malcolm the
Fourth, kiug of Scotland, in the 12th centuary, Samhairle (Somerled, or Sorley) Mac-
Donnell was Thane of Argyle, and his descendants were styled lords of the Isles or
Hebrides, and lords of Cantyre ; and were allied by intermarriages with the Norwegian
earls of the Orkneys, Hebrides, and Isle of Man. The MacDonnells continued for
many centuries to make a conspicuous figure in the history of Scotland, as one of the
most valiant and powerful clans in that country. Some chiefs of these MacDonnells
3ame to Ireland in the beginning of the thirteenth century ; the first of them mentioned
in the Annals of the Four Masters being the sons of Randal, son of Sorley MacDonnell,
the Thane or Baron of Argyle above mentioned ; and they, accompanied by Thomas
MacUchtry (MacGruthrie or MacGuttry), a chief from Galloway, came, a.d. 1211,
with, seventy-six ships and powerful forces to Derry ; they plundered several parts of
Derry and Donegal, and fresh forces of these Scots having arrived at various periods,
they made some settlements in Antrim, and continued their piratical expeditions along
the coasts of Ulster. The MacDonnells settled chiefly in those districts called the
Routes and Glynnes, in the territory of ancient Dalriada, in Antrim ; and they had
iibeir chief fortress at Dunluce. They became very powerful, and formed alliances by
marriage with the Irish princes and chiefs of Ulster; as the O'Neills of Tyrone and
Clanaboy, the O'Donuells of Donegal, the 0'Kane% of Derry, the MacMahons of
Monaghan, etc. The MacDonnells carried on long and fierce contests with the Mac-
Quillans, powerful chiefs in Antrim, whom they at length totally vanquished in the
I6th century ; and seized on their lands and their chief fortress of Dunseverick, near
the Giant's Causeway. The MacDonnells were celebrated commanders of gallo^Iasses

Ulster and Counaught, and make a remarkable figure in Irish history, m the

• 28 MAC.


MAC. [part III-

and of the lords of the Isles and chiefs of Glencoe ; anglicised MacDonneU,
in Ireland, and MacDonald and Donaldson in Scotland.

85. Colla Uais, the 121st Monarch
of Ireland : son of Eochaidh Dubh-

86. Eochaidh : his son. Had two
brothers — 1. Eoghain ("roghain:"
Irish, Oj choice), who was ancestor of
O'Fiachrijf Mac Uais, etc., and a quo
O'Boghhain, anglicised Boivan ; 2.
Fiachra Tort, ancestor of O'Flinn,
of Tuirtre (now the baronies of
Toome and Antrim), of O'Geuranaigh
(anglicised Gurney, and Gernon), of
O'Duhhdera, O'Bassil, 0' Casey, etc.

87. Earc (or Eachach) : his son.

88. Carthann (" carthann :" Irish,
charity, friendship, kindness) : his
son ; a quo MacCarfhainn, anglicised
MacCartan, and Cartan, of Lough
Foyle. Had one daughter and
six sons — 1. Earc; 2. St. Teresa,
virgin, whose Feast is commemo-
rated on the 8th July ; 3. Muiread-
hach; 4. Forgo; 5. Olioll ; 6.
Laoghaire ; 7. Tren — " from the
last five of whom many saints are

89. Earc : son of Carthann.

90. Fergus : his son.

91. Gothfrith : his son.

92. Main : his son.

93. Niallgus : his son.

94. Suibhneach: his son.

95. Meargach (Ineargach) : his

96. Solamh (or Solomon) : his sun.

97. Giolla Adhamnan) : his son.

98. Giolla Brighid : his son.

99. Samhairle (Savarly, Sorley,
Somerled, or Samuel) was, a.d.
1140, the eighth and greatest Thane
of Argyle ; lord of Cantyre ; lord
of the Hebrides ; founder of the
" Kingdom of the Isles ;" m. Sabina,
dau. of Olad the Eed, King of the
Isle of Man (the " Insula Mevania''
of the ancients), by whom he pos-
sessed the Isles and Man (See
Paper "Isle of Man," in the Appen-
dix) ; had a brother Dubhgall, who
was ancestoT oi MacDowell ; d. 1164.

100. Randal :* son of Sorley ; lord
of Oergeal and Cantyre ; founder of
the Cistercian Monastery, and bene-
factor of the Abbey of Paisley.

101. Aongus (or -^neas), of the
Isles : his son ; living in 1211 (See
the Four Masters under that year.)

102. Domhnall: his son.

103. Alexander : his son.

various wars and battles, from the thirteenth to the seventeenth century, and par-
ticularly in the reign of Elizabeth; they were sometimes called "Clan Donnells,''
and by some of the English writers "MacConnells." The MacAlustrums or Mac-

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