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slain by the Meath men at
Donlah, and buried at Duleek.

III. Enna, who had a son Diar-
muid, slain in 1098.

111. Murcha ("muirchu:" Irish, a
sea houndj meaning a sea ivarrior,
also called Morogh or Morough), a
quo MacMuirchu or MacMorough :
eldest son of Diarmuid. From this
Murcha, also (and not from his son
Murcha), the ClanMorochoe is
so called ; which has been angli-
cised O'Moroghoe, and modernized
O'Murphij, Murrough, and Murplty.
This Murcha was the eldest son of
Diarmuid ; was the 50th Christian
King of Leinster ; invaded the Isle
of Man in 1070 ; d. in Dublin on
the 8th December, 1090. Had
issue :

I. Donal, who was King of Dub-

556 MAC.


MAC. [part III.

lin, d. after three days' illness
in 1075.

II. Gormlath, who was Abbess of
Kildare, d. 1112.

III. Donoch, of whom presently.

IV. Enna, who had a son Diar-
muid, d. 1113, at Dublin.

V. Glunairn, whose daughter
Sadhbh (d. 1171) was Abbess
of Kildare.

VI. Murcha (or Moragh).

112. Donoch MacMorough : the
third son of Murcha, No. Ill; was
King of Dublin, and the 56th
Christian King of Leinster ; slain in
1115 by Donal O'Brien and the
Danes at Dublin. He had two
sons :

I. Diarmuid-na-nGhall, of whom

II. Murcha* (or Moroch)-na n
Gaodhail, from whom de-
scended Davidson or MacDavy
M6r. This Murcha was in 1166
elected successor to his brother
as King of Leinster, when
Diarmuid-na-nGhall was de-

113. Diarmuid - na - nGall (" na-
nGall :" Irish, of the foreigners) : the
elder son of Donoch MacMorough ;
was the 58 th Christian King of
Leinster ; is known as " Dermod |)[
MacMorough;"! became King of
Leinster in 1135 ; was in 1166 de-
posed by the Monarch Roderick
O'Connor, aided by Tiernan
O'Ruarc, Prince of West Brefni ; d. f
in Ferns in January, 1171. Dermod "J
MacMorough had :

I. Aife (or Eva), who was m. to
Richard de Clare, known as
"Strongbow ;" she d. in 1177.

II. Art, slain in 1170 at Athlone,
by the Monarch Roderick
O'Connor, to whom said Art
was given as a hostage.

III. Donal Caomhanach, a quo
O'Kavanagh. (See the " Kava-
nagh" pedigree.)

IV. Eanna Ceannsalach, a quo
O'Kinsela. (See the " Kinsela"

V. Orlacan, who m. Donal Mor,
No. 110 on the « O'Brien" (No.
1) pedigree.

* Murcha : "We have seen it stated in a Genealogical Chart in one of the Kilkenny
Arch. Journals, that the Clan-MorocJwe descended, and derived their name, from this
Murcha ; but MacFirbis distinctly states that the Clan-Morochoe is descended andtakei
its name from Murcha, who is No. Ill on this pedigree.

t MacMorough : In 1153 Dermod MacMorough carried off Dearvolga, daughter
of O'Melaghlin, the last King of Meath, and the wife of O'Ruark, Prince of Brefney.
On this subject Webb writes:— "The transaction cannot have had much of the
romance usually associated wdth the idea of an elopement. She was forty-four years
of age, and did not leave her lord without carrj^ing off her cattle and furniture. Thii
was fifteen years before Dermot sought Anglo-Norman assistance ; so that the invasion
(of Ireland) can scarcely be attributable to the elopement. . . . Dearvorgal spent much
of her later life in religious exercises, and part of her substance in endowing churches
She survived until 119.3, when she died at Mellifont Abbey, county of Meath, whicl:
she had enriched with many presents. Although Dermot's Kingdom nominally
passed into Earl Strongbow's family after his decease, much of it appears to have beet
soon again occupied by the MacMurroughs, by whom it was held in almost undisputec
sway for several centuries."


MAC. 55T


Arms : Gu. three bends ar. on a chief or, as many cinquefoils az.

JxnBHNEACH, brother of N each tan who is No. 99 on the " Conroy" pedi-
;ree, was the ancestor of Macnamidhe ; anglicised Mamamee^ and Mee,

99. Suibhneach : son of Florence.

100. Dubhron (" dubhron :" Irish,
tyrrow) : his son ; a quo ODubhroin,
inglicised Doran.*

101. Cearnach : his son.

102. Lochan : his son.

103. Anbeith : his son.

104. Rorc : his son.

105. Conn : his son.

106. GioUa Cumidhe [cumee] : his

107. Cumidhe ("cu:" Irish, a
warrior ; " midhe," Meath), meaning
" the warrior of Meath :" his son ;
a quo Macnamidhe.


Arms (of " Maconochie") : Az. three dexter hands oouped fesseways in chief, each
lolding a bunch of arrows ppr. and in base a royal crown gold, all within a bordure
:yronny of eight or and sa.

LLIOLL, brother of Eochaidh who is No. 98 on the " Dowling" pedigree,
»^as the ancestor of MacOnchuin ; anglicised MacOnchon, Maconcliy^ Maconhj,
.nd Maconochie,

98. AlioU : son of Muireadach :
lad two brothers — 1. Eochaidh, 2.

99. Creamhthann : son of AlioU.

100. Caomhan : his son.

101. Failbhe: his son.

102. Dicneadh (" dicneadh :" Irish,
lAthout a wound) : his son ; a quo
yDicneidhe, anglicised Dickney,
vrhich has been modernized Dickens.

103. Onnchu (" onnchu :" Irish,
t leopard) : his son ; a quo Mac-

104. Cu-cuan ("cuan:" Irish, a
little warrior) : his son ; a quo
O'Cuain; anglicised Quain,'\ QuanCy
and Quan.

105. Irgus : his son.

106. Forabuidh : his son.

107. Maoldun : his son.

108. Cronmaol: his son.

109. Irgus (2) : his son.

110. Seachnasach : his son.

111. Guaire MacOnchon : his son.

* Doran : There was another " Doran" or Ui Dheorain family descended from the
O'Sullivan Mor" Stock.

fQuain : For another "Quain" family, see the " Quin" pedigree, p. 256, ante.

558 MAC.


MAC. [part in.


Arms : Quarterly, 1st, az. a lion pass, guard, ar. ; 2ad, ar. three lizards vert ; 3rd,
az. three pole-axes in fess or ; 4th, ar. a ship with three masts sa.

Alastrum (or Alexander), brother of ^neas (or Aongus) Mor who is Xo,
105 on the "MacDonnell" (of Antrim) pedigree, was the ancestor oi
O'Siihaigh, and MacSithaigh ; anglicised MacSheehyj and Sheehy.

105. Alastrum (" ala :" Irish, a
sxi'an ; " astraim," to carry), or
Alexander : son of Donall ; a quo
Alexander, Lester, MacAllister, Mac-
alister, Saunders, and Saunderson.

106. Eachdun : his son.

107. Sithach an Dornadoir
(" sioth :" Irish, an atonement;
'■' ach," one who), meaning " Sithach
the Boxer :" his son : a quo
O'Siihaigh; living in 1380.

108. William Fionn : his son.

109. Dunsithach MacSheehy : his
son ; first assumed this sirname.

110. William (2) : his son.

111. Dermod Baccach : his son.

112. William (3): his son.

113. Dermod (2) : his son.

114. John : his son.

115. Dermod MacSheehy: his


MacSWEENY. (No. 1.)

0/ Fanad.

Arms ;* Or, on a fess vert betw. three boars pass. sa. a lizard ar. Crest : At
arm in armour embowed, holding a battle-axe all ppr.

AoDH Anrachan, a younger brother of Donal an Togdhamh who is Xo.
106 on the (No. 1) " O'Neill" (Princes of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor]
of MacSuihhaneaighe ; anglicised MacSioeeney, MacSwiney, MacSwiggan^
Sweeney, Siceeny, Swiggan, Sidney, Sicyney, Swayne, Sivain, and Sweney.

106. Aodh (or Hugh) Anrachan :
second son of Aodh Athlamh, Prince
of Tyrone.

107. Aodh Alainn (or Hugh the
Beautiful) : his son.

108. Dunsleibhe : his son ; had a
brother named Giollachriosd, who
was the ancestor of MacLaglilan,
MacLachlan, MacLaughlan, and other
families, in Scotland.

109. Suibhneach (" suibh :" Irish,

a straioberry plant, Welsh, " syfi ;" or
" subha," mirth; and "neach,"
some one, any one, a spirit or appari-
tion ) : son of Dunsleibhe ; a quo
MacSuihhaneaighe. This Suibhne-
ach had a brother named Fearchar,
who had a son named Giollacoluim,
who was father of Ladhman, a qu^
O'Laidmain, anglicised Layinan. I
110. Maolmuire; son of Suibhj
neach : first assumed this sirname.

* Arms : The Arms of MacSweeney, according to De la Ponce, were : "D'argent
a deux Sangliers affrontes de gueules, accompagn^s en chef de deux baches de combat

d' dzur places en sautoir."


MAC. 559

111. Moroch Mor : his son ; living
.D. 1267.

112. Maolmuire : his son.

113. Moroch Mir ("mir:" apart
r portion) : his son. Had two sons
-1. Moroch, ancestor of MacSwee-
ey of Fanad ; 2. Maolmuire, who
'as the ancestor of MacSiceeney na
he (or MacSweeney na Tuaidh).
ome annalists derive tuaidh from
tuagh :" Irish, an anse ; or from
tuagh catha :" Irish, a battle axe ;
r. " tuo ;" Fr. " tuer ;" and some,
om "tuaith :" Irish, a territory*

114. Moroch : elder son of Moroch

115. Maolmuire : his son.

116. Tirloch M6r Caoch : his son.

117. Tirloch Euadh [roe]: his

118. Maolmuire : his son.

119. Euadhri : his son.

120. Tirloch: his son.

121. Donal : his son.

122. Donal Gorm : his son.

123. Donal Oge : his son.

124. Donal Gorm (2) : his son.

125. Hugh MacSweeney, of Fan-
ad : his son ; had a brother named

y/ JMacSWEENEY. (No. 2.)

Na-Tuaighe, or " Na Boe''

Arras : Az. two boars ramp, combatant or, in chief two battle axes in aaltire of
e last. Crest : A demi griffin ramp, or, holding in the claws a lizard ppr.

aolmuire, the second son of Moroch Mir who is No. 113 on the (No. 1)
MacSweeney" pedigree ,was the ancestor of MacSuibJmneaighe na Ticaighe.

13. Moroch Mir : son of Maol-

14. Maolmuire (or Myler) : his
unger son ; had a brother named
oroch, who was the ancestor of
acSweeney, of Fanad.

15. Donoch (also called Daniel :
3 son ; had two brothers — 1.
ibhghall, 2. Tirloch.

116. Tirloch : son of Donoch ; had
a brother named Geoffrey.

117. Neal na Tuaighe: son of
Tirloch; had a brother named
Maolmuire MacSweeney, of Des-
mond, f

118. Daniel : son of Neal.

119. Donoch : his son.

120. Hugh Buidhe : his son.

t Territory : The territories of MacSweeney na Tuaighe (or, as some have it,
la d-Tuath," or na Doe) comprised the parishes of Menagh, Clondahorky, Raymun-
■, Doney, and RaytuUaghobigly. And the names of the three Tuaths (or territories)
itained in " MacSweeney 's Country," in the County of Donegal, are yet retained

* ong the old inhabitants; namely — Ross-Guill (or Rossgul), Tuath-Tory, and

t ghaneely.

* Desmond : Branches of the "MacSweeney" family settled in Connaught, in
C nrickard, in Thomond, in Ormond, in Desmond, and other parts of Munster.

! — Four Masters,

560 MAC.


his SOD.
his son.
his son ; living


130. Hugh: his son; married
Eleanor Scott. Had a brothe
Maolmordha (or Myles) ; and a siste
Mary, m. to James Dunlevy| c
Ballygawley; d. aged 103 year|
and buried in Sligo Abbey.

131. Hugh (or "Hugo Smoke:"
son of Hugh; m. in 1790 Elle
Dunlevy. Had four brothers an
four sisters: the brothers were-
1. Doyle, m. to Elizabeth Stuari
and had issue§ four daughters an
two sons ; 2. Morgan, whose so

Mary Gordon, no issue

121. Maolmuire :

122. OwenMor:

123. Owen Oge:
in 1587.

124. Neal Bearnach : his son.

125. Morogh (2): his son.

126. Sir Maolmuire [or Mulmurry ] :
his son.

127. Donoch Mor : his son; had
a brother Moroch.f

128. Maolmuire: son of Donoch

129. Tirloch: his son; living in

* Oicen Oge : It was with this Owen Oge MacSweeney, the lord of KathmuUa
Castle, county Donegal, that Hugh Roe O'Donnell (see the Four Masters, under a,i
1587, 1590, and 1592), then in his 15th year, with other nobles of the country, wei
enjoying the far-famed hospitality of the said Owen Oge MacSweeney, and lookin
out on the beautiful bay before them. A ship was observed coming up the bay, with,
deceptive ensign, under the pretext of being a Spanish vessel freighted with the choice
wines. The news of its arrival being immediately spread abroad, the young chieftai
with some others incautiously went on board, where they were most gracious]
received by the captain, who invited them down to the saloon, where he gave the;
the most delicious wines. Whilst, however, they were enjoying his hospitality, tl
hatches were secured, and O'Donnell was carried off to Dublin Castle ; where 1
remained a prisoner for three years and three months, when he contrived to escap
first in 1590. This Owen Oge MacSweeney was foster-father to that Hugh O'Donnel
and he proffered other hostages and sureties in lieu of him, but it was of no avail ; f<
there was not a hostage in the province of Ulster the EngUsh would take in his steat

The generous Prince Red Hugh,

George m.

Unguarded, quits the fortress walls and stands amidst the crew.
Down with the hatches, set the sails, we've won the wished-for prize,
Above the Rebel's prison cell to-morrow's sun shall rise.
Untasted foams the Spanish wine, the board is spread in vain,
The hand that waved a welcome forth is shackled by a chain.
Yet fastex', faster, through the deep the vessel glideth on,
Tirconnell's towers, like phantoms fade^ the last faint trace is gone.

t Moroch : From this Moroch the descent was as follows :

MSS. Antiquities deposited in the Libra]
of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin
John O'Donovan, LL.D., then engagt
on the Ordnance Survey in that distri'
met the said Tirlogh, and his two soi
then " stalwart young men."
133. (These two sons).

127. Moroch : son of Sir Mulmurry.

128. Donoch Oge : his son.

129. Tirlogh : his son.

130. Emon : his son.

131. Donoch : his son.

132. Tirlogh MacSweeney : his son :
living in September, 1835, in Dunfanaghy,
county Donegal, when (see O'Donovan's

t James Dunlevy : The issue of that marriage were six children — 1. Mary, s.p

2. Alicia, s.p. ; 3. Ellen, m. in 1790, to Hugo Smoke MacSweeny, No. 131, suprc
4. Morgan, m. Margaret Sweeny, by whom he had five children ; 5. Denis, m.

Countess de Perigny, no issue ; 6. Owen, m. to , and had Rev. James Dunlev

Dean in Roman Catholic Church, Sligo, s.p. The five children of Morgan were-
James, who d. s.p., an Officier d'ArtiUerie a Auxome, France ; 2. Denis, d. s.p. U.S

3. Owen, m. to Clara King, had three daughters ; 4. Nial-Morgan, s.p. in U.S. ;
Mary, s.p. in U.S.

§ Isme : 1. Elizabeth-Stuart, d. s.p. ; 2. Elinor, m. Edwin Myers, had a da



MAC. 561

5. John, m. to Susan Fromberger,
ssue, three daughters ; 4. Nial.
The sisters were — 1. Rose, m. John
jraelrick ; 2. Honora, m. to John
)rmsby, grandfather of John
^rmsby of Ballina, county Mayo,
iving in 1878 ; 3. Nelly, m. to —
j'itzgerald, no issue ; 4. Margaret,
narried to Morgan Dunlevy. This
• Hugo Smoke" MacSweeney had
hree sons and two daughters : the
ons were — 1. Hugh MacSweeney,
7ho d. s.p. in 1845, was the last of
his family that retained the prefix
^ac ; 2. Frederick-Morgan Sweeny
No. 132 on this pedigree); 3.
/harles (d. in India), m. — Shooks,
nd had a son Charles. Hugo's
aughters were — 1. Mary Sweeny,
1. to Bartholomew Brennan, issue
wo sons and one daughter;* 2.
licia, m. to — Christy, issue two
aus. — Mary-Ellen, and Alicia (5.^.)
132. Frederick-Morgan Sweeny :
5cond son of "Hugo Smoke;" b.
1 Sligo 1795, died 1845. Married
> Rachel (b. in Philadelphia, Penn-

sylvania, and d. 1841), daughter of
Geo. Ormsby, of Sligo, son of John
Ormsby by his wife Ellinor Morgan.
This last mentioned John was the
son of John Ormsby by his wife
Lady Anne Gore, all of the county
of Sligo. This Frederick had four
children — 1. Emmet, d. in infancy,
in Philadelphia ; 2. Robert Ormsby-
Sweeny, No. 133 on this pedigree ;
3. Mary Alicia, married to William
Lowber Banning, issue seven chil-
dren ;t 4. Catherine, m. to Jacob-
Henry Stewart, M.D., issue three
children — Ursula, Jacob-Henry, and

133. Robert Ormsby Sweeny, of
St. Paul, Minnesota, United States,
America : son of Frederick Morgan
Sweeney; born in Philadelphia, in
1831, and living in 1886 ; married
Helen Benezet, and had issue.

134. Robert Ormsby Sweeny, of
St. Paul, Minn. : their son ; born
1869, and living in 1886. Had a
sister Helen Benezet Sweeny, who
died in infancy.


Of Banagh

Arms : Same Arms and Crest as "MacSweeney" (No. 2),

'UBHGHALL, of Dun Usuaigh, brother of Donoch who is No. 115 on the
S'o. 2) " MacSweeney" na Tuaighe (or Na Doe) pedigree, was the ancestor
: MacSweeney, of Tir Boghaine, now the barony of " Banagh," in the
)unty Donegal.

ranees-Cecilia; 3. Doyle-Edward Sweeny, Captain U.S. Army, d. 1847, married
itherine Hanlon, had one son and two daughters ; 4. Nial Sweeny, d. s.p. ; 5. Rose-
nna, m. T. H. Walsh, and had issue three sons and two daughters ; 6. Fanny, s.p.

* Daughter: The two sons were — 1. Michael Brennan, m. to Dorinda Leslie, issue
tree children, namely — Ellen, s.2)., Robert, s.p., and Dorinda, s.p. ; 2. Hugh Brennan,
in Hong-Kong, China. The daughter, Ellen-Mary Brennan, living in Sligo in 1880.

"f Children : The children were — 1. William-Lowber Banning, s.p.; 2. Ellen-
arrows ; 3. Evans, s.p. ; 4. Mary- Alice ; 5. Frederick-Dimlevy Banning ; 6. Kate-
tewart ; 7. William.

2 N

562 MAC.


MAC. [part IIB U

115. Dubhgall : son of Maolmuire.

116. Owen Conachtach ("conach-
tach :" Irish, an inhabitant of Con-
tiaught) : his son ; a quo O'Conach-
taigh (anglicised Conaty), of Cabra,
in the barony of Tireragh, county

117. Owen na Lathaighe (or
Owen of the Mire) : his son ; slain
1351 ; a quo 0' Lathaighe, anglicised
Lahy, and Myers.

118. Maolmuire : his son.

119. Eoghan: his son.

120. Mall (or Neal) M6r :^ his son ;
died 1524.


121. Maolmuire (2): his
slain by his brother Niall in 1535 ^
had a brother Eoin Modardha (oi
John the Stern), who died 1543. ^

122. Maolmuire Meirgeach
(" meirgeach):" Irish, rusty ; his son.

123. Donogh : his son ; living in

124. Neal Meirgeach MacSweeney:
his son; had four brothers — 1.
Maolmuire, 2. Oliver, 3. Henry, 4.

MacSWEENEY. (No. 4.)
Of Castlemore^ 3Iovidcly, County Cork.

Arms : The Armorial Bearings of MacSweeney-na-Doe family, according tf
Caesar Otway who wrote in 1839, were a salmon, a lion pass, and a bloody hand. j

TiRLOCH, a younger brother of Donoch who is Ko. 115 on the (No. 2
"MacSweeney" Na Tuaighe (or Na Doe) genealogy, was the ancestor q
this branch of that family :

115. Tirloch : son of Maolmuire.

116. Dubhdara: his son.

117. Eoghan : his son.

118. Donall : his son.

119. Eoghan an Locha: his son.

120. Brian : his son.

121. Eoghan : his son.

122. Maolmuire : his son.

123. Murcadh : his son ; had :

I. Maolmuire.

II. Eoghan.

III. EUeen.

IV. Murcadh.


124. Maolmuire : son of M
cadh ; m. Kathleen O'Mahony,
Kilmurry, and had :

I. Murcadh Beag.

II. Tirlogh.

125. Murcadh Beag: son
Maolmuire; born in Castlemor€
Moviddy, and removed thence t
Macroom ; m. Mary, dau, of Bryai
O'Sullivan, of Castleisland, count;
Kerry, and had :

I. Murcadh.

II. Maolmuire.

* Niall Mor : Of this Niall, the Four Masters record, under the year 1524 :
" MacSweeney of Tir Boghaine, i.e., Niall M6r, the son of Eoghan, the most rt
nowned constable of his own noble tribe for action and heroism, for determination <
mind and counsel, for arraying and attacking, for hospitality and generosity, for grea
troops and active warriors, by whom most dangerous passes were forced, died, afte
extreme unction and repentance, in his own castle at Eathaine (Rahan, St. John'
Point), on the 14th of December."


MAC. 563

III. Kathleen.

IV. Eoghan.

V. Eileen.

VI. Shane.

VII. Mary.

26, Murcadh (Patrick Morgan) :
1 of Murcadh Beag ; m. Margaret,
a. of Michael O'Donovan (whose
2, Very Rev. Jeremiah O'Dono-
a, D.D., was the author of Eome
icient and Modern, and the Trans-
or of the Catechism of the Council

Trent, &c.), and had surviving
lie : I. Diarmaid, II. Grania ;
ing in 1886.

27. Diarmaid (Jeremiah) of Dub-

lin: son of Murcadh ; living in 1837;
m. Maria, eldest dau. of Joseph
O'Longan, of the Royal Irish Aca-
demy, and has had :

I. Murcadh.

II. Diarmaid (Jeremiah Myles).

III. Eoghan (Eugene).

IV. Michael.

V. Mary.

VI. Margaret.

VII. Grania (Grace).

VIII. Eugene-Joseph.

128. Murcadh (or Patrick Mor-
gan) MacSweeney : son of Diarmaid
(or Jeremiah), of Dublin ; living in

MacSWEENEY. (No. 5.)

Arms: Same -4 rms and Crest as "MacSweeney" (No. 1).

CORDING to p. 118 of the Vol. F. 4. 18, in the MS. Lib. of Trin. Coll.
blin, Maolmuire who is No. 112 on the " MacSweeney" (No. 1) pedigree,
I a brother Moroch Oge, from whom the descent was as follows :

2. Moroch Oge : son of Moroch

3. Maolmuire: his son.

A. Tirloch Clogh : his son.

5. Tirloch Ruadh : his son.

6. Maolmuire : his son.

7. Rory : his son.

8. Tirloch : his son.

9. Donal : his son.

;0. Donal Gorm : his son ;

1. Donal : his son.

2. Donal Gem, " Dux Militum
Rynedevocharigy, Co. Donegall,
n., ob. ib. 17th Feb., 1636, Sepul-

in Clondawydoge :" son of
lal; m. Honora, dau. of Owen
^Sweeny na Tuaighe, " de Castle-
uagh, Co. Donegall, Arm.," and

six sons and four daughters.

daughters were — 1. Mary; 2.

Grana ; 3. Honora ; 4. Alice ; and
the sons were — 1. Hugh, s.p. ; 2.
Daniel ; 3. Walter, m. to Mary,
dau. of Walter, son of Lochlan
MacSweeney of Ray, co. Donegal,
arm.; 4. Mai; 5. Hugh Buidhe :
6. Moroch.

123. Daniel : second son of Donal
Gem ; m. Ellen, dau. of Fachnach,
O'Ferrall " de Moat, co. Longford,
arm.," and had two sons and two
daughters. The sons were — 1.
Richard ; 2. John, who was a priest
(sacerdos) ; and one of the daugh-
ters was the wife of a Mr. Kirwan
(uxor Ciravan).

124. Richard MacSweeney: the
son of Daniel ; m. " Honestas, filia
Christr. Neterville, de Fethard, co.
Tip. ;" s.^.

564 MAC.


MAC. [part I]||:

MacSWEEXEY. (No. 6.)

Of Desmond.

Arms ; The same Armorial Bearings as "MacSweeney" (Xo. 2).

Maolmuire, a brother of Neal na Tuaighe who is No. 1 1 7 on the (No.
" MacSweeney" (na Tuaighe) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacSiceem
of Desmond.

117. Maolmuire : son of Toirdheal-
bhach [Tirloch].
117. Donchadh : his son.
119. Maolmuire : his son.

120. Tiordhealbhach : his son.

121. Murchadh na Mart (or Mi
cha of the Beeves) ; his son;* livi
in 1588.

MacTIERNAN. (No. 1.)

Of Brefney.

Arms : Erm. two lions pass. gu. Crest : A griffin statant gu. wings erect rert.

Brunan, a younger brother of Hugh Fionn who is No. 93 on t
" O'Rourke" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacTighearnain,f of Brefne
anglicised MacTiernan, MacTernan, McKiernan, McTernan^ MoxMasi
McMaster^ Masterson, Lord, and Tiernan.

93. Brunan : son of Feargna.

105. Tighearnan (" tighearm

94. Baothan : his son.

Irish, cc lord, or master) : his son

95. Maonach: his son.'

quo MacTlghearnaln.

96. Doncha : his son ; a quo


106. Amhailgadh : his son.

Donchadha ; a quo O'Donoghue,


107. Giollachriosd : his son.


108. lomhar: his son.

97. Gormgal : his son.

109. Tighearnan : . his son.

98. Connor : his son.

110. Duarcan : his son.

99. Gothfridh : his son.

111. Sitreach : his son.

100. Teige : his son.

112. Giollaiosa: his son.

101. Aongus: his son.

113. Tomas: his son.

102. Rory : his son.

114. Cuconnacht MacTighearna

103. Giolla-na Naomh : his son

his son.

104. Maonach : his son.

* Son : The Four Masters make this Murrogh-na-Mart, the son, and not
gi-andson, of Maohnuire, as rendered by MacFirhis. Among the present represei
lives of this branch of the " MacSweeney" family we find (in 1881) the wor
Commendatore, Peter Paul MacSwiney, J. P., 23 Lower Sackville- street ; and Jeren
J. MacSweeney, Esq., Secretaxy of the Society for the Preservation of the Irish L
guage, 9 Kildare-street, Dublin.

t Mac Tighearnain : Another family of this name was descended from Dona
younger brother of Tiernan, who is No. 112 on the " O'Rourke" pedigree. But
genealogy of that family is, we fear, lost.



MAC. 565

MacTIERNAN. (No. 2.)
0} Clan Colla.

Arms : Same Arms as those of " Maguire" (No. I).

ARQAL, brother of Odhar who is No. 100 on the "Maguire" pedigree,
s the ancestor of MacTighearnccin, of Clan Colla ; anglicised MacTlernan^
., (as in the foregoing pedigree).

)0. Feargal : son of Cearnach.

i)l. Maolduin : his son.

;)2. Tighearnan : his son ; a quo


)3. Cearnach : his son.

104. Lochlann : his son.

105. Feargal : his son.

106. Torloch : his son.

107. Flaithbheartach MacTighear-
nain : his son.


A rms : Az. a wolf pass. ar. in chief three bezants. Crest : A hand couped at the

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