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the Duchess is entitled to the appellation of Royal and Most Serene Highness.

''And I am likewise of opinion that to her son, His Eoyal and Most Serene
Highness Charles, belong the titles of Prince of Mantua and Montferrat ; Prince oj
Ferrara, Prince of Este, Prince of Guastalla, Prince of Bozzola, Prince of Castiglione
Prince of Modena, and Marquis of Viadona, and Count de Canossa, in Italy ; Princ<
of Nevers, R^thel and Aleuoon, in France ; Prince of Cleves, in Flanders ; Prince of th(
House of David, King of Israel ; Master of Lennox, Fife and Menteth, and Master o:
Kilmahew, in Scotland ; Baron de Tabago, in the West Indies ; Grand Master of th*
Order of the Knights Templars ; Grand Master of the Order of Siardino del Palestina
Grand Master of the Most Ancient Order of the Sword, of Cyprus ; Grand Master o
the Most Sacred Order of the Redemption, of Mantua ; Grand Master of the Ancien
Order of the Annunciade of St. Michael, of Mantua ; Grand Master of the Illustriou
Order of the White Eagle, of Este ; Grand Master of the Noble Order of the Swa-
of Cleveland.

" I have, with the aid of Sir George Jessel, Master of the Rolls, examined fiv
ancient Pentateuchs, which contain the Genealogical line of descent from David, th
ancient King of Israel ; and a Genealogical Table contained in a manuscript, writtei
by Moses Maimonides, which is a Commentary upon the Old Testament. I hav
likewise examined Genealogical Tables and Charters of the line of Paleologus. an
Genealogical Tables made at different times by order of the House of Gonzaga, Captains
Marquises, and Dukes of Mantua, and I am able to trace and see clearly proved
connection between the two lines of descent from David, King of Israel, and the House
of Paleologus and Gonzaga, their representatives. And 1 am likewise of opinion that tt
Prince of Mantua and Montferrat is descended in lineal descent from Zerrubabel, t
having shown a continuous descent therefrom, and as such, is entitled to the appellatic
of Prince of the House of David.

*' John Holkee, A.G."

Having been asked my opinion as to the correctness of three lines of descent fro:
the House of David, as now represented by the Duchess of Mantua and Montferrat, <
her son, the Prince of Mantua and Montferrat, I, having examined all the documen
on which this claim is founded, more especially live ancient Pentateuchs, containing .
the end Genealogical hues of descent from King David, and a manuscript commentai
by Moses iMaimonides on the Old Testament, and sundry Genealogical Tables relatii
to the families of Paleologus, Gonzaga, and Groom, am strongly of opinion that t)
Duchess and Prince of Mantua and Montferrat are entitled to the appellation
Princess and Prince of the House of David.

J. Montgomery. {Signed) " George Jessel,* M.R."

On the 5th November. 1878, the Comte de Chambord (de jure Henri A
King of France and Navarre,) issued Letters Patent to the Duchess Ai
and her son Charles, confirming the Acts of Louis XIY., Louis X'N
Louis XYL, and Louis XVII., Kings of France, acknowledging them (t
Duchess and her son) to be " Their Eoyal and Most Serene Highnesses, t
Duchess and Prince of Mantua, Montferrat, and Ferrara, Nevers, Pteth
Alen^on, and Cleve, and Prince of Charleville, etc. ; Baron and Barom
de Tobago ; and that they should have precedence in France next to t
House of Orleans, when it pleases God to give me my Rights." They we
to discontinue the names of G^'oom and NaxAer, and assume the sirnair
oi Bonrhon, D'Este, Paleologus, Gonzaga, andthe Arms of those families, wi
the Quarterings for Gonzaga, Paleologus, Nevers, Bethel, Alencon, Cle^
and Navarre : being the Arms borne "by Duke Charles IV. of Mantua, a

* George Jessel : For the Genealogical Tables and Letters Patent above refer
to by Sir John Holker. Attorney General, and Sir George Jessell, Master of the Ro
see "The Pedigree of H.R. and M.S.H. the Duchess of Mantua, Montferrat, i
Ferrara ; with the Poll of the Mantuan Medallists ; compiled by John Riddell, '
Cornte de Chambord. etc. New Edition, with Portraits, 4to (London : Dulan and (
1865) ;" a work which shows the origm of these famdies from a very remote period.



MAY. 583

isumed by their ancestor James Dalrymple. In accordance with these Let-
rs Patent, the Prince of Mantua and Montferrat succeeded to the property
itailed by Duke Charles IV., and with his mother assumed the surnames of
Bourbon, d'Este, Paleologus, Gonzaga, which act was enrolled in the High
ourt of Justice (London), Chancery Division, on the 11th of October,

Letters Patent were in 1885 issued by Her Majesty Queen Victoria,
citing their Titles ; and similar Letters Patent have been issued by the
rench Eepublic, the Italian and other principal Powers of Europe, and by
le United States.


Lords of Orgiall.

Arms : Ar. a chev. sa. betw. three roses or, a chief of the last. Crest ; A leopard's
lad ppr.

)MCHADH, a brother of fvochadh who is No. 86 on the " O'Hart" pedigree
as the ancestor of O'Mheith ; anglicised May, and Maye.

86. lomchadh : son of CoUa da

87. Muireadach Meith (" meith :"
?ish, corpulent) : his son ; a quo

88. Brian: his son.

89. Eoghan : his son.

90. Fiachra : his son.

91. Aodh : his son.

92. Findn : his son.

93. Sgannlan : his son.

94. Maoliomlan : his son.

95. Muireadach : his son.

96. Inreachtach : his son.

97. Tadhg [Teige] : his son.

98. Dubhinreachtach : his son.

99. Maolpol : his son ; meaning
" the devoted of St. Paul."

100. Anbith : his son.

101. Gairbith: his son.

102. Inreachtach: his son.

103. Sgannlan : his son.

104. Dubhdarach : his son.

105. Muirceartach : his son.

106. lomhar O'Mheith : his son.


Arms : Ar. three chevronels sa. each charged with an escallop of the first, ou a
lief of the second three mullets of the field.

[aon, a brother of Muircheartach Mor MacEarca, the 131st Monarch of
•eland, who is No. 90 on the " O'Neill" (No. 1) pedigree, was the ancestor
: O'Maoin ; anglicised Main, Mayn, and Mayne.

* May : In the Vol. F. 4. 18, in Trin. Coll. Dub., it is recorded that James May,
'erehant, Dublin, m. Frances (d. 5th May, 1635, and buried in St. Audoen's, Dublin),

lu. of Sir Thade Duffe, of Dublin, Knt., by his wife Burnett ; and had issue —

. Bjuiiholomew May, 2. James May.

584 MAY.


MCA. [part m,

90. Maon (" maon :" Irish, a
hero): son of Muireadach; a quo

91. Colman: his son.

92. Faolan : his son.

93. Endalach : his son.

94. Teandalach : his son ; a quo
Clann Teandalaigh.

95. Gairmleadach : his son.

96. Dalbhach : his son.

97. Maolmithidh : his son.

98. Cathrahaol : his son.

99. Gairleadach : his son.

100. Macrath : his son.

101. Meanman : his son.

102. Domhnall : his son.

103. Conchobhar : his son.

104. Endalach : his son ; had a
brother Domhnall.

105. Niall: son of Endalach.

106. Conchobhar: his son.

107. Sithreach : his son.

108. Maol ( ) : his son.

109. Conchobhar 0']\Iaoin : his

Lords of Clanbrassil, County Armagh,

Arms : Az. fretty or, on afess ar. a boar pass. gu.
Motto : Crescit sub pondere virtus.

Crest : A salmon naiant ppr.


Cana (" can :" Irish, to utter ;
" can-o :" Heb. " gan-a, a

cane ; Hind. " gani," to chant) : son
of Maithgamhuin ; a quo MacCana.

104. Cana Mor McCan : his son;
first assumed this sirname.

105. Cana Oge : his son.

106. Cathal (or Charles) McCann :
his son.

107. Charles (2): his son.

108. Hugh the Valiant : his son.

109. Terence, the wine drinker:
his son.

110. Donal (or Daniel): his son;
lord of Clanbrassil.

111. Hugh (2) : his son.

112. Cairbre Oge: his son.

113. Neal: his son.

114. Neal Oge: his son.

115. Cairbre Mor- his son.


Cana, a younger brother of Donal who is No. 103 on the " MacMahon"
(of Ulster) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacCana (anglicised McCann\
Lords of Clanbrassil, county Armagh.

116. Hugh M6r: his son.

117. Hugh Mor: his son.

118. Terence, of Upper Clanbr,
in Armagh : his son.

119. Cairbre : his son.

120. Brian Buidhe : his son ; lord
of Upper Clanbrassil.

121. Lochlann: his son; lord of

122. Cormac, lord of Clanbrassil:
his son.

123. Brian Ruadh : his son.

124. Glaisneach McCann : his son
had a daughter named Elizabeth)
who was married to John Hamilton^
by whom she had six sons : one of
whom was killed at the battle of
Aughrim, on the 12th of July, AD.



MCK. 585


Arms : Same as those of " MacTiernan" (No. 1).

IIS family derives from Michael Oge McKiernan, of Arderry, parish of
rumrielly, barony of Carrigallen, and county of Leitrim, Ireland ; who
IB born about 1680, and died 1750.

1. Michael Oge McKiernan. This
ichael was twice married : by the
•st wife he had eighteen children ;
J the second, six. Of the twenty-
ur children we have ascertained
le names of five ; of the other nine-
en, fourteen were sons and five
ere daughters. The five whose
imes we have ascertained were —

Michael, of Fenagh, co. Leitrim,
)rn in 1716, and died in 1800.

Farrell, of Keenheen, co. Leitrim,

1720, m. Jane Webb, of county
ongford, died in 1820, aged 100

ars. 3. Lawrence, of Arderry, co.
eitrim, b. 1722, married in Ire-
nd, emigrated to Maryland in
773, d. 1805, was ancestor of Gale
: Maryland. 4. Susan, b. 1729,
larried a Mr. Plunkett of Mullin-
ir, county Westmeath. 5. Brian
iuadh [roe], of Aughalough, county
leitrim, b. 1733, was twice married

i -first, to Mary Johnston, and
condly, to Jane Portis, d. 1800.
\ 2. Michael, of Fenagh, county
eitrim : son of Michael Oge ; b.
716; married to Frances Connel-
,n, of county Mayo ; emigrated to
[aryland in 1773 ; died 1800. This
[ichael had ten children : 1. Peter,
orn at Fenagh, 1747, emigrated to
[aryland in 1773, and d. unmarried
I Virginia, in 1812. 2. Patrick,
ho died in infancy, in Ireland. 3.
usan, who also died in infancy, in
ireland. 4. Charles, born at Fenagh,
1 1753 ; married Mary Duigenan
f Keshcarrigan (who died in 1788);
migrated to Maryland in 1790, and
larried Jane MacDonnell, of

Virginia, in 1795; died in 1797.
5. Michael, born at Fenagh in 1755 ;
emigrated to Maryland in 1775;
and d. unmarried in Virginia, in
1801. 6. Catherine, born at Fenagh
in 1757 (d. 1832) ; first married
Patrick O'Ferrall — her second hus-
band was Andrew Goulding — both
of Maryland ; from her is descended
the Rev. Robt. W. Brady, S.J. 7.
Margaret, b. at Fenagh in 1759 ;
m. Patrick Tiernan of Virginia ; she
died in 1814 : from her are de-
scended the Tiernans of Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania. 8. Susannah, born
at Feenagh, in 1761 : was thrice
married : 1, to Florence Mahony of
Virginia; 2. to a Mr. Quinn of
Pennsylvania; and 3. to a Mr,
Lewis of Louisiana : she died in
1827. 9. Lawrence, b. at Feenagh,
in 1763 ; emigrated to Maryland in
1775 ; married Elizabeth Butler of
Virginia ; died in 1846 ; he was an-
cestor of the McKiernans of Illinois.
10. Frances, born at Feenagh, in
1765 ; married Ignatius O'Ferrall of
Virginia; from her are descended
the O'Ferralls of Virginia (Berkeley
Springs) ; she died in 1843.

3. Charles : the third son of
Michael; b. 1753; d. 1797. This
Charles had seven children — 1.
Frances, b. 1773; d. 1859: was
twice married — first to Timothy
Monohan; and secondly to a Mr.
Melton, both of Maryland ; from her
descended John MacKiernan


Monohan, of Louisville, Kentucky,
living in 1877. 2. Michael, b. 1776,
d. 1837 ; married Mary Protzman,

586 MCK.


MIC. [part nil U


of Pennsylvania; resided at Hancock
in Maryland, and had two children
— 1. Alice (who died young), 2.
John. 3. Ella, b. 1778, d. 1845 ;
was twice married — first, to George
Sharkey ; and secondly to John
OTerrall, both of Maryland ; from
her are descended the O'Ferralls of
Lewis county, Missouri. 4. John,
b. 1780; d. 1824, unmarried, in
Tennessee. 5. Peter, b. 1782, d
1837; married Mary Stonebraker,
of Maryland ; resided at Frederick,
in Maryland; left no issue. 6.
Francis, born 1784, died 1828;
married Catherine Smith of Mary-
land ; resided at Frederick, Md. ;
left a son named George S. McKier-
nan, who was born in Frederick, in

Maryland, in 1818, and was married
in 1852 to Mary Hull who died in
1875 : this George S. McKiernan
was living in 1877, in New Albany,
Indiana. 7. Bernard, b. 1786, d.
1858 ; was married to Marianne
Waters of Maryland ; resided in
Alabama, and was the ancestor of
the MacKiernans of North Alabama.

4. Michael : the second son of
Charles; born 1776, died 1837.

5. John : his son ; born in Han-
cock, in Maryland ; removed to
Ohio ; died in Louisiana, in 1840

6. Warren : his son ; born in
Ohio in 1831 ; residing in Indiano-
polis, Indiana, in 1877.

7. John : son of Warren ; born
1858, and living in 1877.


Arms (of Mulvihill) : Per fess ar. and gu. in chief a salmon naiant ppr. betw. tw(
lions ramp, combatant az. supporting a dexter hand of the second, in base a harp or,
betw. two battle-axes in pale, the blade turned outwards ppr.

Maoin, a brother of Muirceartach (latinized " Muriartus") Mor MacEarca,
the 131st Monarch of Ireland, and who is No. 90 on " The (No. 1) O'Neill"
(of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Maolmicheille ; anglicised
Michil,^ Michel^ Mitchell^ Mulvichill, Mulvihill^ Melvill, and Mulville,

90. Maoin : son of Muireadach.

91. Columan (" columau :" Irish,
a little dote) ; his son ; a quo
O'Culumain (of Tirowen), anglicised

92. Faelan : his son.

93. Endadaidh : his son.

94. Fionnbeartach : his son.

95. Tuathal : his son.

96. Dungal : his son.

97. Maolmichiall (" michiall ;"

Irish, folly) : his son ; a quo
O'Maolmicheille and O'Maolmichil,

98. Uiruiman C'uiruim:" Irish,
obedience) : his son.

99. Ardait : his son.

100. Eachteoragan : his son.

101. Giollachriosd : his son.

102. Murcha : his son.

103. Duinesidhe (" duiue :" Irish,
a man; "sidh," gen. *' sidhe," o/ a
fairy hill) : his son ; a quo O'Duin-

* Michil : Another family of this name, whose pedigree we did not yet meet, «
descended from Giollamichiall, a descendant of CoUa-da-Crioch, who is No. 85 on the
" O'Hart" pedigree ; but, w^hile Maolmichiall, No. 97 on the foregoing stem, literallj
means "bald Michael," the name Giollamichiall means "the devoted of St. Michael."

:ap. IV ] MIC.


MIC. 587

dhc, anglicised Bennesy^


04 Breannan : his son.

05. Eachmarcach : his son.

06. Coma: his son.

07. GioUachriosd (2) : his son


108. Muireadach : his son.

109. Niall : his son.

110. Giolla* Blein O'Maolmichil,
"of the Battle Axes" ("blein:"
Irish, the groin) ; his son ; a quo

At this stage in this genealogy the family was expelled by the O'Con-
irs, of Connaught, from Corca EacJilinn ; when they settled in the county
are, at Doon Maolmichiall, which they possessed up to the time of the
omwellian confiscations in Ireland. In 1554 the castle of Doon
aolmichiall was besieged by the O'Briens ; and Owen O'Maolmichil, of
oon Maolmichiall andKillowen, was the last of the family who possessed
at estate — of which he was' deprived by Oliver Cromwell. From this
wen descended Daniel O'Mulvihiil, of Knockanira, county Clare, who
ed in 1820. This Daniel had five sons — 1. Charles ; 2. Daniel, of Kil-
assy, county Clare ; 3. George ; 4. William ; 5. Henry — the three last

whom were Medical Doctors. This Doctor William (fourth son of
aniel of Knockanira), of Gort, co. Galway, had a son — the Rev.
rquhart S. Mulville, A.B., living in 1881, in Strand-street, Tramore, co.
Taterford. The fifth son, Henry Mulville, was a Medical Doctor in
ublin : this Henry had a son named Urquhart. Daniel O'Mulvihiil,
.ilglassy, had three sons, the eldest of whom was Captain Charles Blood
[ulville, late of the 3rd Dragoon Guards, who, in 1881, was head of the
imily; whose dau. m. Captain French. This Daniel's (of Kilglassy)
jcond son Neptune Blood Mulville was in 1881 living, and a wealthy
lerchant in the city of Sacramento, California.

Maolmichiall, No. 97 on the foregoing pedigree, did, in his advanced
Ige, shave his head, and become a monk, very eminent for his sanctity :
ence his name, which signifies "bald Michael;" on account of the monks
kavivg their heads in the tonsure. He had been a chief or prince of
'uatha Corca Eachlinn (or " the north swampy plain"), on the banks of
he river Arigna (a tributary of the river Shannon), in the county Ros-
tommon. In the " Monasticon'' is mentioned, as an eminent ecclesiastic
f this name, a dean of Cluan Dochrach, and professor of Divinity of
iHuan MacNorisk.

The " Annals of the Four Masters," O'Dugan's " Topography," Lynch,
a his Cambrensis Aversus, and the Books of Leacan and Ballymote all
lention this family as lords of Corca Eachlinn, which they continued to
old down to about a.d. 1416. The Four Masters state, under the year
189, that on the trial, for treason, of the son of Roger (Roderick) O'Con-
lor, king of Connaught, by the chiefs and nobles of Connaught,
)'Maolmichiall (or O'Maolmichil) was the fourth on the list. Under the
rear 1210, the Four Masters also state that the O'Connors of Connaught

* Giolla : This Giolla Blein O'Maolmichil, " of the Battle Axes," possessed the
Vuatha (or North Corca Eachlinn) ^ in the county Roscommon, near the river Arigna, a
>ranch of the Shannon.

jf MacBleinne : It is considered that Blean, Blahi, Blane, Blaney, MacBlane, and
MacBlain, are anglicised forms of this Irish simame.


invaded Corca Eachlinn, but were beaten out of it with loss b;
O'Maolmichil ; and, in 1232, a similar event took place, in which O'Cor
nor's son, MacDermott, and O'Kelly were all slain by O'Maolmichil, *
the Battle Axes :" which raised the hero's fame so high, that it becam
an adage to say — " Maolmichil of the Battle Axes could not accomplis
it." The O'Connors, however, eventually expelled the O'Maolmich
family from Corca Eachlinn ; when they settled in the county Clare, a
Doon Maolmichil, which they lost by confiscation in Cromwell's time.


Of Ballaghmeighan, County Leitrim.

Arms : Gu. on a chev. ar. three bucks' heads erased of the field, attired or, in baa
a demi lion ramp, of the second. Crest : A griffin's head erased, wings endorsed or.

This is a county Leitrim family ; and is the anglicised form of CMaoithm
(" maoth :" Irish, tender) and of 0' Miadhachain (" miadhach :" Irish, noble
honourable), two ancient families of that county, but of different descent
The latter family was anglicised O'Meheganj as well! as O'Meehan ; but tb
pedigree of either family is not forthcoming.


Arms : Gu. a lion ramp. ar.

Some Genealogists derive this family from Maol-na-mBo (" maol :" IrisB
the devotee ; " na-mBo," of the cows or cattle), who is No. 110 on th
" MacMorough" genealogy ; and a quo O'Maoilmbo. Of this Irish sirnam'
Mildmay is considered another anglicised form.

The Milmo family, after the English invasion of Ireland, settled ii
Connaught, and intermarried with (among others) the ancient families q
" O'Dowd," and " Crean," in the co. Sligo.

The Venerable Archdeacon O'Rorke, in his " Ballisadare and Kilvarnel
county Sligo," mentions that the "Milmo" family is one of the oldest ant
most respectable families in the parish of Ballisadare. Of this family i

* Meehan : The Sept of 0''Meehan or O'Meighan possessed Beallach, now the paria
of Ballymeehan, in the county Leitrim. The Four Masters record the death, a.1
1173, of Edru O'Miadhachain (or Edru Meehan), bishop of Clouard. In Burke'
Armory we read : " A curious relic, consisting of a metal box, which contained th
gospel of St. Molaise, of Devenish, a celebrated saint of the sixth century, is still i
possession of the family, the Sept having preserved it for more than 1200 years.
Christopher O'Meighan, an officer in the army of James XL, fell at the battle of th


MOG. 589

)oii Patricio Milmo, of Mexico, who was born in Collooney, in the county
ligo ; and who in his youth, went to Mexico to a rich unmarried uncle,
ho helped his nephew to lay the foundation of his present colossal

One of Don Patricio Milmo's brothers was a Prize man of the Catholic
niversity, Dublin, in 1856; and another brother, Daniel Milmo, was in
383 head of the " Milmo National Bank," in Laredo, Texas.

Don Patricio m. the dau. of the celebrated Mexican statesman General
idaurri, who, taking sides with Maximilian, shared that Emperor's un-
ippy fate. As an instance of warm attachment to Faith and Fatherland,
>r which his fathers suffered so much, it is mentioned that this good
ishman Don Patricio (or Patrick) Milmo had his eldest son educated in
ublin under a Catholic professor ; and has also taken from the Irish
ipital a Catholic governess for his daughters ; while, during the late
mine in Ireland, the said Patrick Milmo sent a handsome donation to
LG Priests of his native county, for distribution among the distressed.

It is to the realms of fiction that one must look for counterparts to the
'ireers of some of our scattered Irish exiles ; for, the lives of not a few of
lem have even eclipsed in romantic and adventurous elements any of the
(forms" that imagination has ever bodied forth. Scarcely a year passes
ithout our meeting some record of a wonderful achievement by one or
■her of poor Ireland's " Wild Geese," in some distant land. The life of
^e honoured subject of this paper is such a one ; for Mr. Patrick Milmo,
' Mexico, is eminently one of our countrymen who, in exile, have shed
stre on their Nation and their Race.


, Arms : Vert a tower triple-towered ar. from each tower a pennant flotant gu.
pported by two lions ramp, combatant or.

'DNN Bearneach, brother of Conall who is No. 91 on the "O'Shaughnessy"
idigree, was the ancestor of O'Mochain ; anglicised Moghan and l\Iohaih

91. Conn Bearnach : son of Owen.

92. Cathal : his son.

93. Flann : his son.

94. Connor : his son.

95. Algan '(" alga :" Irish, nolle,
an," one who ; Gr. " agla-os") : his


96. Teige : his son.

97. Tigheamach : his son.

98. Tioith : his son.

99. -^neas (Aongus) : his son.
LOO. Mochan ("moch:" Irish, early y

" an," one ivho) : his

101. Morogh : his son.

102. Morogh Oge : his son.

103. Athasach : his son.

104. Minmoin : his son.

105. Fionn ; his son.

106. Muireadach : his son.

107. Murtagh : his son.

108. Donoch : his son.

109. Donal : his son.

110. Nicholas: his son.

son ; a qua

590 MOG.


MOL. [part n

111. Simeon : his son.

112. Gregory: his son.

113. John : his son ; had two sons,
named — 1. Mor, 2. Dermod.

114. Mdr (or Mangus) O'Moghan
his son.

MOLLOY.* (No. 1.)

Lords of Finally King's County.

Arms : Ar, a lion ramp. sa. betw. three trefoils slipped gu. Crest : In front of t
oak tree growing out of a maint all ppr. a greyhound springing sa. collared or.

EOCHAIDH, brother of Tuathal who is No. 89 on the " MacGeoghagai
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Maoluaidh ; anglicised O'Molloy, and Mollo

89. Eochaidh : son of Fiacha.
Had a brother named Tuathal, who
was the ancestor of MacGeoghagan^
and another brother Uigin, who
was ancestor of Higgins.

90. Duncatha : son of Eochaidh.

91. Bran : his son.

92. Duineocar ("duine:" Irish,
a person ; " ocar," gen. " ocair,"
usury) : his son ; a quo O'Duin ocair,
anglicised Donacar, Donagher^ and

93. Anmchadh : his son.

94. Donnceann : his son.

95. Maoluadh : his son.

96. Donoch: his son.

97. Lorcan : his son.

98. Bogach : his son.

99. Maoluadh ("luadh:" Irish,
motion) : his son ; a quo 0' 3IaoIuaidh,
lords of the territory of Fircal, in
the King's County.

100. Duach : his son.

101. Dubh : his son.

102. Donoch (2) : his son.

103. Donal O'Molloy : his son;
first assumed this sirname.

104. Teige : his son.

105. Cathal : his son.

106. Florence : his son.

107. Fiongan ("fionn:" Iris)
ivbie; Heb. "yain ;" Lat. "vin-nm:
Gr. " oin-os" or "fion-os;" an
" gan :" Irish, withouf), meanin
" without wine :" his son ; a qi
0' Fionagain, anglicised Finnegan,

108. Fergal : his son.

109. Murtach : his son.

110. Hugh Mor: his son.

111. Hugh Oge : his son.

112. Eory : his son ; had a brotb
named Cuileann, who was ancest(
of Molloy, of Connaught.

113. Neal : son of Rory.

Online LibraryJohn O'HartIrish pedigrees; or, The origin and stem of the Irish nation (Volume 1) → online text (page 68 of 109)