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114. Hugh (3): his son.

115. Conn (also called Constai
tine, and Cosnamh) : his son.

116. Cathair (or Cahyr): his son.

117. Conall : his son.

118. Caolach: his son.

119. Cahyr (2): his son.

120. Calloideach : his son; had
brother named Art (or Arthur
This Art had a son named Cona

* Molloy : O'Donovan is of opinion that the Clann Taidhg or Molhys of Oakpor
county Roscommon, were a distinct family from 0'' Molloy, of Fircall, King's County
but we are of opinion that the Molloys of Oakport are descended from Cuileani
brother of Rory, who is No. 112 on this pedigree.— (See *' Molloy" (No. 2), next aftt
this genealogy.)


MOL. 591

)'Molloy. lord of Fircall, who, in
590, surrendered his lands to
iueen Elizabeth, and got a re-grant

121. Arthur O'Molloy : son of
Calloideach ; and lord of Fircall.

MOLLOY. (No. 2.)
Of Aghadonoher, King's County.
Arms: Same as "Molloy" (No. 1).

'Cocoghery" O'Molloy, of Kil-
Qanahan, had :

2. Rory, who had :

3. John, who had :

4. Donogh, of Aghadonoher (now
• Aghadonagh"), in the barony of
Ballycow'an, King's County, who
1. 16th Nov., 1637. He m. Ellenor,
lau. of Andrew Briscoe, of Stra-
lyker. King's County, gent., and
lad three sons and two daughters :

I. Dominick.

II. Cosnyagh.

III. Rory.

The daughters were :

I. Margaret, who married Hobart
Farrell, of Aghadonoher

II. Sheela.

5. Dominick O'Molloy : son of

MOLLOY. (No. 3.)
Of Harperstown and Oakport, County Roscommon,

Arms : Same as those of " Molloy." (No. 1.)

iNN, brother of Rory who is No. 112 on the
igree, was the ancestor of this family.

Molloy" (No. 1)

1. William Mor, known as " The
Ireat William O'Molloy," had four
)ns :

I. Connor, of whom presently.

II. Edward.

III. Arthur; and

IV. Terence.

This Edward m. Mary O'Connor
'on, and had :

Greene O'Molloy, who was a

Capt. in O'Gara's regiment,
in the Army of King James
II. Greene had William
(also an officer in O'Gara's
regiment), who was attainted
on the 2nd November, 1696,
and who had two sons : 1.
Theobald, a Capt. of Horse in
Portugal ; and 2. Ignatius.
Connor : eldest son of William

592 MOL.


MOO. [part II

Mor ; was the founder of the Har-
perstown and Oakport " O'Molloy"
families. He had two sons :

I. Theobald, of whom presently.

II. William.

8. Theobald : son of Connor ; was
a Captain in the Army of William
III. ; had :

4. Charles, who was pressed into
the Jacobite army. He had :

I. John, who d. s.p.

II. Coote.

5. Coote Molloy : second son of
Charles ; had four sons :

I. Tobias, of whom presently.

II. James.

III. Coote.

IV. William.

6. Tobias, B.L. : eldest son u
Coote ; d. 1825. He had two sons^

I. Coote, of whom presently,

II. Charles, who had three sons:

7. Coote Molloy : son of Tobias
had three sons :

I. Eev. Coote, of whom presentl;

II. Charles.

III. William-James, who ha

8. Eev. Coote Molloy : eldest so
of Coote ; and had three sons.

I. Coote, of whom presently.

II. Eobert.

III. William.

9. Coote Molloy : son of Ee
Coote Molloy.


Arms : Az. a chev. erm. betw. three pheons ar.

DONOCH, brother of Dermod Euanach who is No. 92 on the " Fogart;
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Maolmodha ; anglicised Mulmuogj Mi
mody, Moody, and Mulmy,

92. Donoch: son of Aldus (or
Aodh) Slaine, the 141st Monarch
of Ireland.

93. Finachtach Fleadhach : his
son who was the 153rd Monarch.

94. Cathal : his son.

95. Tomaltach : his son.

96. Cumascach : his son.

97. Cearnach : his son.

98. Maolmodh ("modh," ge
" modha :" Irish, a mode or maniu
Lat. " mod-us") : his son ; a qi

* Moody : John Moody, a well-known actor, was born in 1727. In a notice tl
throws some doubt on his Irish birth, the Gentleman's Magazine calls him the " fatl
of the English stage." But of him the poet Churchill wrote :

*' Long from a nation ever hardly used,
At random censured, wantonly abused,
Have Britons drawn their sport with partial view,
Formed general notions from the rascal few."

These lines would show that Moody was an Irishman. In 1796 he retired frc
the stage, after fifty years' service, and died in London on the 26th December, 181:



MOO. 593

MOONEY. (No. 1.)

Of Ulster.

Arms : Gu. a lion pass, guard, or.

Maignan, brother of Aongus who is No. 90 on the " O'JBrassil West"
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Maoinaigh of Ulster, anglicised O^Mooney,
Mooney^ and Moynagh.

90. Maignan : son of Colcan.

91. Cumann : his son ; had a
brother named St. Furanan. (See
2Jalendar, 25th June.)

92. Maoinan : son of Cumann.

93. Cumann (2) : his son.

94. Osbiseach (" biseach : Irish,
ncrease ; Heb. " bizza") : his son.

95. Maoinach : his son ; a quo

96. Fear-coir (" coir :" Irish,
virtuous ; Heb. '* chor," nolle) : his
son ; a quo O'Fearcora, anglicised
Faraher, and modernized Corr.

97. Flann : his son.

98. Cearnach : his son.

99. Felim O'Mooney: his son.

MOONEY. (No. 2.)
Of Ballaghmooneyy King's County.

Arms : Ar. a holly tree eradicated vert, thereon a lizard pass, or, a border corn-
any counter-compony of the first and second.

OGHAN (or Owen), brother of Berchan who is No. 93 on the " O'Gorman"
3digree, was the ancestor of O'Maoinaigh ; anglicised O^Mooney, Mooney,
id Money.

93. Owen : son of Feig.

94. AlioU Mor : his son.

95. Maoinach (" maoin,


maoine," Irish, wealth; Engl,
money") : his son ; a quo O'Mao-
aighf and the territory of Feara
"aoiiiai^/i (anglicised "Fermanagh,")
bich was given to him by his uncle,
e then Irish Monarch.

>. Corcran : son of Maoinach ;
.d two brothers — 1. Fiachra,
cestor of Mooney ^ of Lochern,

and 2. lardun, ancestor of Clann

97. Con all : son of Corcran.

98. longlan : his son.

99. Gilearan ("gile:" Irish,
ivliiteness, and " aran," bread) : his
son ; a quo 0'Gilearai7i, anglicised
Gilleran^ and Gillard.

100. Maoltoghadh : his son.

101. Conadhgan : his son.

102. Gallan : his son.

103. Daligan : his son.

2 P


594 MOO.


MOR. [part III

104. Canamhuin (see canmen, old
Lat. foim of " carmen :") his son.

105. Coscrach : his son.

Giollabrighid : his son.


107. Cearnach : his son.

108. Eanall O'Mooney : his sod.

MOOKEY. (No. 3.)

Of Bingstoim, County Meath.

Arms : Same as those of "Mooney" (No. 2).

William Mooney, had :

2. Daniel, who had :

3. James, who had :

4. William, of Kingstown, co.
Meath, who had :

5. Thomas Mooney, of Garish
CO. Meath, who d. unm. SOth Ma


Arms ; Gu. three towers ar.

MuiEEGAN, brother of Donelan who is No. 102 on the "Donnellan'
Ulster) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Muiregain ; anglicised Murigan, a

102. Muiregan ("muiregan:"
Irish, a mariner) : son of Maol-
craoibhe ; a quo &Muiregam.
. 103. Flann : his son. .

104. Murtagh : his son.

105. Muireadach : his son.

106. Flann O'Murigan : his soi


Of ConnaugU.

Arms : Ar. three lions pass, guard, gu.

MuiRCEARTACH (or Murtagh), the second son of Malachi, the broth< o
Murtogh who is No. 120 on the " Concannon" pedigree, was tba anc '^■
of MacMuirceartaigh ; anglicised Moriarty, and Murtagh.



120. Malachi : son of Ardgall.

121. Muirceartach ('-'rauir:" Irish,
he sea ; " ceart," jud or upnght)^
leaning " a protector at sea," or,

an admiral") : his son ; a quo

122. Edmond : his son
brother named John,

123. Hugh : son of Edmond.

124. Eitnond (2): his son

125. Hugh O'Moriarty : his son

had a


Arms : Per pale gu. and az. a leopard's face jessant-de-lis or. Crest : Out of a
mral coronet a griffin's head betw. two wings.

'laithbheartach, brother of Furadhran who is No. 97 on the " Foran"
edigree, was the ancestor of 3Iac31hearIaoigh ;* anglicised Morley, Marlay,
larley, MahrUy MehrU, Merle, Merley, Murleyy and Farley.

97. Flaithbheartach : son of Con-

98. Cathal : his son.

99. Baoghal : his son.

100. Conchobhar : his son ; had
brother Cineadhach, a quo

^'Cineadhaigh, of Scotland, angli-
ised Kennedy.

101. Flaithbheartach : his son.

102. Bruadaran ("bruadair :" Irish,
dream) : his son ; a quo 3fac-

Bruadaraln, anglicised MacBroderick,
and Broderick, of Ulster.

103. Tadchaidh : his son.

104. Duncathach : his son.

105. Cucaille : his son.

106. Giolla Dhabheog: his son.

107. Dubhleacan : his son.

108. Mearlaoch (''mear:" Irish,
quick, Heb. " maher," to hasten ;
" laoch," a hero) : his son ; a quo


Arms : Same as those of " MacDermot" (No. 1).

»ONOCH, brother of Diarmod who is No. Ill on the " MacDermott"
edigree, was the ancestor of MacMuirios, or O'Muirfeasa; anglicised
Corishy, Morris^ Morrisey, and MacMorris — modernised Morrison.f

* MacMearlaoigh : This name has been also rendered Mearlaoigh,

t Morrison : Like other Scotch families of the present day, a member of the Mac-
^rnrios or O'Muirios family settled in Scotland in early times ; who was the ancestor

Morrison. Sir Richard Morrison, President of the Institute of Architects, was
)m in Cork, in 1767. He was at first employed in the Government service in the
rdnance Department ; but afterwards devoted himself to private engagements, and
, ected many important public buildings in Ireland — as Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital,
ublin, and the County Court Houses at Carlow, Clonmel, Dundalk, Galway, Mary-
' trough, Naas, Roscommon, and Wexford. He was knighted in 1841, and died on

e 31st of October, 1849.

596 MOR.


MUL. [part III

HI. Donocli : son of Teige Mdr.

112. Teige : his son.

113. Muirios ("muir," Irish, the
sea; " fios" or "feas," gen. " feasa,"
knowledge ; Lat. " vis-us"), meaning
" intelligence from the sea :" his
son ; a quo MacMuirios, etc.

lU. Tomaltach (or Timothy) : his
son ; first assumed this sirname.

115. Murtach : his son.

116. Donal : his son.

117. Malachi : his son.

118. Ceallach : his son.

119. Murtach : his son.

120. Manus : his son.

121. Maolruanaidh (orMulroona)
his son.

122. Malachi (2): his son.

123. Manus (2) : his son.

124. Duald (or Dudley) : his son.

125. Ferdinand O'Muirios,* o:

MULDOON. (No. 1.)
Of Meath.

Arms : Yert a dexter hand couped ar. between three crescents or, issuant then
from as many estoiles of the second. Crest : A dexter hand ppr. surmounted by a crescei
or, therefrom issuaut an estoile ar. Motto : Pro fide et patria.

AODH (or Hugh) Laighen, brother of Fogharthach who is No. 95 on tt
*' Fogarty" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Maolduhhain, of Meath, angl
cised Muldoon, and MeUon.

95. Aodh Laighen : son of ISTeal
(or Niall).

96. Donal : his son.

97. Maoldun : his son.

98. Adhnachan : his son.

99. Assachan : his son.
100. Maoldun (" Maol-Dubhan'
Irish, the devoted of St. Buhhan
his son ; a quo O'Maolduhhain.

* 0' Muirios : Another " Morris" family was descended from Tiomain Muirios, t
5'ounger brother of Tiobrad, who is No. 91 on the " O'Dowd" pedigree ; as follows :

91. Tiomain Muirios : son of Maol-
dubh, who was son of Fiachra Ealgach
(or Ealleach), who was son of Dathi, the
127th Monarch of Ireland. .

92. Aodh (or Hugh) ; his son.
9.3. Murtagh : his son.

94. Murtagh Oge : his son.

95. Teige O'Murios : his son.


MUL. 697

MULDOON. (No. 2.)
Of Tirowen.

Arms ; Ar. a sinister hand couped at the wrist affiontee gu.

VlAOLDUiN, a brother of Niall Caille who is No. 98 on the '' O'Neill"
No. 1) pedigree, was the ancestor of Siol Maoilduin; anglicised O'Muldoon.

98. Maolduin ("maol:" Irish,
he devotee ; " duin," of the fortress) :
lecond son of Aodh Ornaighe, the
L64th Monarch of Ireland ; a quo
^iol Maoilduin.

99. Niall : his son

100. Donnagan : his son.

101. Maolduin: his son.

102. Ciercen ("clerc:" Irish, a
curl; "en," one): his son; a quo
O'Cleircin, anglicised Curley, and



Arms : Same as those of " Donnelly," of Ulster.

Iaolfion ("fionn:" Irish, wine), brother of Dungal who is No. 102 on
he "Donnelly" (of Ulster) pedigree, was the ancestor of 0' Maolfhiona ;
nglicised Mulfinny, Feeny, etc. — See the " Donnelly" pedigree for other
nglicised forms for the Irish sirnames O'Maolfhiona.


Of Offaley,

A rms : Ar. on a mount in base vert an oak tree acorned ppr.

EALLA.CH, a brother of ^neas who is No. 100 on the " O'Connor" Faley
edigree, was the ancestor of 0' Maolciarain^ of Offaley, anglicised Mul-
^eran, Mulheeran, and Mulhern.

100. Ceallach : son of Florence.

101. Dungal : his son.

102. Ceallachau : his son.

103. Maolciaran (" ciaran :" Irish,
one who is dark grey) : his son ; a
quo O'Maolciarian.




Of Moenmoy^ County Galway.

Arms : Ar. three eagles displ. gu. two and one, each holding in the beak a sprij
of laurel ppr. betw. as many crescents, one and two az. Crest : An eagle, as in th«

O'DUGAN in his Topographical Poems says :

" The Kings of Maonmagh of chiefs,
To whom the rich plain is hereditary, —
Two who have strengthened that side, —
O'Naghten* and O'Mullally ;
Their fight is heavy in the battles ;
They possess the land as far as Hy-Fiachrach.'"

Of the O'Mullallys, Doctor John O'Donovan writes : " This family was
afterwards removed from J\Jaonmagh to the parish of Tuam (in the county
Galway), where they resided in the Castle of ToUendal, four miles to th
north of the town of Tuam/' . . . The Lallys and O'Naghtens wen
chiefs in turn of Maonmagh (Moenmoy), according to the power of each
but about the period of the English Invasion of Ireland they were drivei
out of Moenmoy, and obliged to settle at Tulach-na-dala (Tollendalj, it
" hill of the meeting," in the territory of Conmaicne Duna Moir, wher
they became tenants to the Lord Bermingham. It appears from a
Inquisition taken at Athenry, on the 16th of September. 1617, that Isaa
Laly, then the head of this family, who was seated at Tullaghnadaly (o
Tulachna-dala, as it is above written) ; William Laly, of Ballynabanaby
and Daniel Laly; of Lisbally, were all tributary to the Lord Berminghan

Moenmoy is the rich plain lying round Loughrea, and comprisin
Moyode, Finnure, and other places mentioned in old Irish documents,
was bounded on the east by the (O'Madden) territory of Siol Anmchad
(now the barony of Longford), on the south by the celebrated mountai
of Sliabh Echtghe (now known as " Slieve Aughtee"), and on the we!
by the diocese of Kilmacduagh ; its northern boundary is uncertain ; bi
we know that it extended so far to the north as to comprise the townlau
of Moyode.

After the defeat of the Irish, at the Battle of Aughrim, the head •
the O'Mullally family removed to France, and was the ancestor of tl
celebrated statesman and orator Count Lally Tolendal, who was create
Marquis by Napoleon I. " The French and Tuam branches of this family
says O'Donovan, " are now extinct, but there are many of the name sti
in the original territory of Moenmoy, who retain the original form of tl
name, except that in writing it in English they reject the prefix 0', whi(
has become a general practice among the Irish peasantry."

From an ancient pedigree drawn up about 1709 for the French bran<
of this family, from old Irish MSS., much curious information is given I
O'Donovan (in his "Tribes and Customs of Hy-Many," p. 178). Tl

* O^Nofjhten : While in the Third and present Edition of this work we give t
pedisrree of this family, we w-ere, until lately, unable to trace the pedigree of t
*♦ O'Mullally" family.


document is entitled *' Extracts from the Genealogy of the most ancient
and illustrious House of O'Maollala, afterwards MullalUj^ or O'Lally, of the
Kingdom of Ireland, collected from the old Irish MSS. Books of Pedi-
grees, as well as from the Eecords preserved in the Exchequer, Auditor-
Greneral and Eolls Offices in the said Kingdom. By William Hawkins,
Esq., Ulster King of Arms, and principal Herald of all Ireland, under
ihe Seal of his office, &c."

From that document we can give ten generations of the " O'Mullally''
family commencing with —

1. Melaghlin O'MaoUala,

2. John : son of Melaghlin; was sirnamed Giallaoch, or the " warlike
biostage," because in the siege of Boulogne, in 1544, he distinguished
himself very much with his galloglasses, etc. He m. Shely (or Judith),
iaughter to Hugh O'Madden, chief of his name, and lord of the territory
)f Siol Anmchada, county Galw^y, by whom he had Dermod. His brothers
ivere William O'Lally, Archbishop of Tuam, who d. 1595 ; and John
3'Mullally, who, dissatisfied with the submission of his father to the crown
)f England, and with the supremacy of Henry VIII., went to Kome with
lis red eagles painted in black on his escutcheon, off'ered his services with
aaany companions to the Pope, and warred for Octava Farnesse.

3. Dermod : son of John ; chief of his Sept; d. 1596.

4. Isaac O'Mullcdly, of Tolendal : his son ; d. 1621.

5. James O'Mullally, of Tolendal : son of Isaac ; forfeited in 1652 part
)f his estate, consequent on the Cromwellian Confiscations ; he d. 1676.
His brothers Donal and William Lally espoused the cause of King Charles
lI. ; were outlawed and all their estates forfeited. William m. and had
Edmund Lally, who m. Elizabeth Brabazon.

6. Thomas O'Mullally, chief of Tully Mullally or Tolendal : son of
Fames ; m. a sister of Lord Dillon (the seventh Viscount), father of Arthur
^unt Dillon, Lieutenant-General in the French Service.

7. Colonel James Lally : their eldest son ; was ^' sovereign" of the
Corporation of Tuam, for King James IT., in 1687 ; a member of James's
ast Parliament in 1689 ; was outlawed the same year, fled to France,
intered the French army, a Colonel in that Service, Commandant of the
jall^'s battalion in Dillon's regiment in 1690, and killed in 1691 during
he blockade of Mount Mellan (or Melian). Colonel James Lally had
our brothers : — 1. Sir Gerard,* who became highly distinguished in the
^rench Service, and d. a Brigadier-General and designed Mar^chal de
3amp in 1737 ; he m. Madlle. de Bressac, by whom he had Thomas- Arthur,
)f whom presently. 2. William, who was a Captain in Dillon's regiment,

* Gerard : On the death of his brother Colonel James Lally, this Sir Gerard suc-
■eeded to the Chief ship ; he appears to have passed through the Irish war, and, after
he capitulation of Limerick, to have accompanied the army to France. His son,
Dhomas- Arthur, bravely upheld the French flao; in India; he was beheaded in 1766,
)ut his cruel and undeserved fate stamped indelible disgrace on the Bourbons of
i'rance. Thomas- Arthur, General Count Lally of Tolendal, left a son Trophime
jrerard, Count and Marquis de Lally, who laboured for many years to remove the
tain from his father's name, in which he at length succeeded. He was made a Peer of
^'rance, on the second restoration of the Bourbons, and died in 1830, leaving an only
laughter wlio brought the peerage of Lally ToUendal into the family of her husband,
he Count D'Aux.


and killed in 1697. 3. Michael, who m. a Miss O'Carroll, by whom he
had a son Michael, who was a Brigadier-General, and who d. at Rouen
in 1773.

8. Thomas- Arthur, General, Count Lally of Tolendal : son of Sir
Gerard Lally ; was Colonel of an Irish regiment in the French Service, of
his name ; beheaded in 1766.

9. Trophime Gerard Compte et Marquis de Lally Tolendal, Peer of
France, Minister of State, etc. ; son of Thomas Arthur ; m. Charlotte
Wedderburne Halkett (having a common grandfather with Alexander
Wedderburne, Lord Loughborough, who was Lord Chancellor of England,)
by whom he had an only child (a daughter), who m. the Count D'Aux, to
whom in 1817 the peerage of his father-in-law was to descend, as the
genealogical notice appended to the Pedigree by Hawkins states.

"Authenticated by signature, dated 29th October, 1817.

" Peer of France and Minister of State."

The last survivor of the senior branch of the male line in Ireland of
this very ancient family, who was named Thomas Lally, died without
issue, in September, 1838. The calamitous history of some members of
the family in France is very singular.


Arms : Ar. on a mount vert an oak tree ppr. perched thereon a falcon also ppr.
belled or, betw. in base two cross crosslets titchee gu.

Connor, brother of Dathi who is No. 102 on the " Concannon" pedigree,
was the ancestor of O'Maolain ; anglicised Malin, Mailing MoUan, Mollon,
Mollin, Moline, Jloylan,'\ Moleyns, De Moleyns. MacMuUen, Mullen, and Milne.

102. Connor: son of Dermod ' a hald-pated man): his son; a quo
Fionn, the 30th Christian King of ; O'Maolain; had a brother named
Connaught. i Fionn (" fionn :" Irish, fair, hand-

103. Douall : his son. j some), a quo O'Finne, anglicised

104. Maolan (" maolan :" Irish, '. Finn.

* Mullen : Allen Mullen, or Moline, M.D., an eminent anatomist of his time, was
born in the north of Ireland, in the middle of the 17th century. He took his medical
degree in the University of Dublin in 1684, removed to London in 1686, and was
elected a member of the Eoyal Society. Hairis's Ware gives a list of six surgical
treatises from the pen of Allen Mullen, published between 1682 and 1689 ; he died in

t MoyJan : Stephen Moylan, Brigadier-General in the United States revolutionaiy
army, was born in Ireland in 1734. He was one of the first to answer the call to arms
against the British at Cambridge, Massachusetts ; and who distinguished himself in
many of the operations of the Mar. A man of education and gentlemanly address, he for
a short time acted as aide -de camp to Washington. He was made Brigadier-General by
Brevet, in November, 1783, and after the peace occupied some civil posts in Pennsyl
yania. He died on the 11th April, 1811. His brother was Catholic Bishop of Cork.



MUL. 601



Arms : Ar. an oak tree eradicated ppr.

MUIREADACH Maoilleathan, the IGth Christian King of Connaught who is
No. 97 on the (No. 1) " O'Connor" (Connaught) pedigree, was the ancestor
jf O'Maolbrennain ; anglicised O'Jfulrennan, and Mulrennan.

osd :" Irish, a devotee of Christ) :
his son ; a quo MacGiollachriosd,
and (in Scotland) MacCriosdora,
anglicised Gillchriest, Christian*
Kit, Kits, and Kit son.

109. Dermod (2): his son.

110. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son.

111. GioUachriosd (2) : his son.

112. Maithan: his son; had a
brother named Aodh.

113. Hubert : his son.

114. Hubert Oge : his son.

115. Hugh (2) : his son.

116. Rory Granna (" granna :"
Irish, not handsome) : his son ; a

97. Muireadach Maoilleathan
'" maoilleathan :" Irish, broad-faced);
I quo 0' Maoilleathan
Molohan, and Mullehan.

98. Cathal: his son ; the 18th
CJhristian King; was the ancestor
Df Finnerty and Finaghty.

99. Dubhinrachtach : his son.

100. Oireachtach : his son.

101. Aongus Maoldun : his son.

102. Breanan {an : Irish, one
fl^ho ;" breanj "an offensive smell") :
lis son ; a quo 0' Maoilbreannain.

103. Ruarc : his son.

104. Culuachrach : his son ; first
issumed this sirname.

105. Tomaltach : his son.

106. Murtogh : his son.

107. Dermod : his son.

108. GioUachriosd (" giollachri-

quo MacGranna, anglicised
Grane and Magrane.
117. Edmund Mulbrennan:



* Christian: We have traced this family back to Gilbert Christian, a native of
Scotland, who settled in the North of Ireland, a.d. 1702, and there married Margaret
iichardson, by whom he had children : that Gilbert w as, we find, the great-great-grand-
ather of J. R. Christiau, living in 1877, in Holly Springs, Mississippi, United States,
i^merica ; subject to whose correction we write this notice of his family. And, we find,
hat Duncan Campbell, of Inverary, Scotland, whose wife was Mary McCoy, and who
.ettledin Ireland at the time of the " Plantation of Ulster," by King James II., of
.ilngland, was one of Mr. Christian's maternal ancestors. This Duncan lived near
ijondonderry, where his son Patrick Campbell purchased some land. ^Patrick s
I'oungest son, John, when far advanced in life, migrated to America, a.d. 1726 : from
dm and his numerous children and other kindrecl have descended a large progeny,

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