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ipread over the Southern States of the American Union.

\ In 1722, the above-mentioned Gilbert Christian, accompanied by a large number
!f his countrymen, migrated to America ; and, having some time remained iuPenn-
'ylvania, he ultimately settled in Virginia, whither many of his name and family had
I receded him from Ireland. Israel Christian, a Scot, once a merchant in Dublin,
'jllowed him ; and among those who then also went to America from various counties
Q Ulster were members of the following families: Allen, Brakenrid^^e, Campbell,
'hristian, Cunningham, Given, Henry, Lewis, Lockhart, McClanahan, McCiie, [Mac-
;Iugh], McDonald, McDowell, McGavock, Montgomery, Rerton (or Kereton), Russell,
i'rimble, Wilson, etc. The descendants of those families, in America, have there so
lultiplied during a residence of a century and three quarters in the country, and have
ecome so connected by marriage, as to constitute a relationshi[) between a large pro-
ortion of the population of the Southern United States ; disclosing the important
ict that the people of that vast region in America are almost entirely Celtic.

602 MUL.


MUR. [part III.


Arms : Same as "O'Donnell" (No. 1).

Anmire, the 138th Monarch, brother of Fergus who is No. 91 on the-
" O'Donnell" (Tirconnell) pedigree, was the ancestor of 0' Maoldaraighe,
ancient Princes of Tirconnell; anglicised Daiy, Muldory^ Malory, and

91. Anmire ("mire:" Irish,
frolic) : son of Seadneach ; ancestor

of 0' Gallagher.

92. Aodh : his son.

93. Donall : his son.

94. Aongus : his son.

95. Longseach : his son ; was the
154th Monarch.

96. Flaithertach : his son ; the
159th Monarch.

97. Maolbreasal : his son.

98. Morogh : his son ; had a
brother named Aodh Munderg, who
was the ancestor of Canning^ of

99. Aongus : his son.

100. Maoldarach (" darach :" Irish,
an oak) : his son ; a quo OMaold-

101. Maolbreasal : his son.

102. Aongus : his son.

103. Murtogh: his son.

104. Maolruanaidh O'Maoldar-
aighe : his son ; first assumed thi»
sirname. Had a brother Criochan,
who was the father of GioUacoluim,
father of Niall, father of Flaithbear-

105. GioUafinnean : his son;
quo MacGillfinen. This Giollafinean
was the last Prince of Tirconnell,
of the Muldory (or Mulroy) family.
After him the O'Donnells, who were
of the same illustrious stock, be-
came by conquest Princes of Tir-
connell ; and remained so down to
the beginning of the 17th century.
—See the "Flight of the Earls,"
in the Appendix."

Of Leitrim.

Arms : Same as those of "O'Beirne.


MuiREADHACH, a brother of Beirin who is No. 103 on the "O'Beirne'
pedigree, was the ancestor of 0' Midreadhaigh, na-Haidhnighe (" aidhnidhe :'
Irish, an Advocate) ; anglicised Murray^ Meredith, and Meredijth.

* Murrai/: Xicholas Murray, D.D., a distinguished divine and author, was bori
at Ballinasloe, on the 25th December, 1802. He went to the United States in 181?
and was appointed to the printing house of Harper Brothers. Subsequently he studie'
theology and became pastor of a Presbyterian Church in Pennsylvania. In 1849 h
was Moderator of the Presbyterian General Assembly. He was the author of numt
rous works on archseology and social statistics, travels, and seimons. He died a
Elizabethtown, New Jersey, on the 4th of February, 1861.



NAG. 603

103. Muireadhach("inuireadhach :"
Irish, a lord) : son of Cineadh ; a
quo & Muireadhaigh, na-Haidnighe.

104. Muircheartach : his son.

105. Dubhslatach : his son.

106. Britriabhach : his son.

107. Conghalach : his son.

108. Giolla Calma: his son.

109. Conghalach : his son.

110. Giolla Calma : his son.

111. Conghalach : his son.

112. GioUachriosd : his son.


Chiefs of Maonmagh, Hy-Maine.

Arms : Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gii. three falcons close ppr. ; 2nd and 3rd, verttliree
swords ar. pommels and hilts or, one in pale, point downwards, the others in saltire,
EM)iats upwards. Crest : A falcon close ppr.

FlACHRA FiONN, brother of Lughach who is No. 92 on the (No. 1) " O'Kelly"
[Hy-Maine) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'NeacUain and MacNeacUain ;
iDglicised Nagliten, NatteUf Naughton, MacNaugUan,^ and Norton.




92. Fiachra

93. Amhailgadh [awly] : his son.

94. Congal : his son.

95. Inleigh : his son.

96. Tuathal : his son.

97. Olioll : his son.

98. ^neas : his son ; had a bro-
;her named Maoleala (" eala :" Irish,
z svjan), a quo 0' Maoleala, anglicised
Swan J Lally, and Mullally.

99. Maolceir : his son.

100. Neachtan (" neach :" Irish,
T spirit ; " teann," holdj daring) :
tiis son ; a quo O'Neachiain.

101. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son.

102. Fiontain (" fion :" Irish, wine ;
' teann," daring) : his son ; a quo
y Fiontain, anglicised Finton.

103. Fearballach (" ballach :" Irish,
speckled), meaning the "freckled
man :" his son ; a quo O'Fear-
ballaighe, anglicised Farrelhj, Farley^
and Freely,

104. Fergus Fionn : his son.

105. Connor Catha Brian (or Con-
nor who fought on the side of the
Monarch Brian Boroimhe [Boru], at
the battle of Clontarf, A.D. 1014): his
son. This Connor was the first
that assumed the sirname 0' Neach-

106. Amhailgadh [awly] : his son.

107. Awly Oge : his son.

108. Melachlin : his son.

109. Teige, of Loughrea : his son.

110. Hugh (2): his son.

111. Connor (2) : his son.

* Nacjhten : As showing the wealth and piety in early times of this ancient
amily, we subjoin a copy of an inscription on a tomb in Drum Church, Athlone :

"ONaghten Nobilissimus Satrapes ex Stirpc Hugonii Magni Totius Hiberniae
VIonarchse Hoc Templum Edificavit Sanctaeque Mariie Dedicavit Anno Domini 550.
5ub hoc Tiimulo Sepelitur Tandemque lUustrissima Antiquissimaque Ejus prosapia
■tlequiescantin Pace Amen."

t MacNaughlan : Some MacNaughtens were of opinion that they were of Pictish
)rigin ; and that the family was one of the three clans descended from the old
Maormors of Moray — sovereigns of that ancient Pictish race, which, from the earliest
'imes, occupied the district of Moray, in Scotland.

€04 NAG.



112. Melachlin (2) : his son.

113. Awly (4) : his son.

114. Donall : his son.

115. Creachmhoill : his son.

116. Cathal : his son.

117. Awly (5) : his son.

118. Giollachriosd : his son.

119. Koger : his son.

120. GioUa (or William): his son.

121. Hugh (3) : his son.

122. DoDogh : his son.

123. Edward : his son.

124. Thomas Naghten, of Crofton
House, Hants, England : his son.

125. Arthur R. Naghten, of Bligh
mont, Southampton, M.P. for
Winchester : his son ; living in


Anns : Sa. two unicorns pass, in pale ar. horned and hoofed or. Crest : A dexter
hand erect, couped at the wrist, grasping a dagger all ppr.

COLLA-DA-CRIOCH, who is No. 85 on the " O'Hart" pedigree, had a son
named Fiachra Casan, who was the ancestor of O'Niallain ; anglicised
Nallin, Nealan, Neiland, JS/eylan, Neillan^ Neijland, Newland, Niland, Nolly,
And MacNally,

(" ogan :" Irish, a

85. Colla-da-Crioch, the first king
of Orgiall.

86. Fiachra Casan : his son.

87. Felim : his son.

88. Feich : his son.

89. Niallan (" niall :" Irish, a
champion) : his son ; a quo O'Nial-

90. Eoghan
youth) : his son ; a quo MacEoghain,
of Ulster; anglicised MacOwen,
McEiven, Ewing, JllcCune, McKeoiuen,
MacKeown, MacKeon, Keon,McGeoivn,
Keotvn, Owens, Owenson, and Johnson.

91. Muireadach: his son.

92. Baothain (" Baoth :" Irish,
simple; Heh. " baha," v:as vain):
his son ; a quo O'Baothin, anglicised
Boytan, Boyton, and Batten.

93. Ronan (" ron :" Irish, hair),
meaning " the man with a profusion
of hair :" his son; a quo O'Ronain,
anglicised Ronan, and Eonayne.

94. Subhaneach : his son.

95. Colga : his son.


Had a


Eiginneach : his son.

97. Subhaneach (2) : his son.

98. Cosgrach : his son.

99. Dermod : his son.

100. Anluaneach : his son.

101. Flann Line : his son.

102. Aodh : his son.

103. Dermod : his son.

104. Flaithertach : his son.

105. Dermod O'Niallain :
first assumed this sirname.
brother named Hugh, who was the
ancestor of Neylan, of England:
the first of whom, named Edmund
O'Neylan, went there a.d. 1120.

106. Teige : son of Dermod.

107. Cathal Caomh : his son.

108. Thomas: his son.

109. Dermod (3) : his son.

110. Donoch: his son.

111. Teige (2) : his son.

112. David : his son; a
Slioght Daibhidh ("sliochd:"
2wsterity), meaning the posterity oi
Davy : his son ; a quo 0' Daibhidh
of Orgiall, anglicised Davy, Davies.
and Davis.




NOW. 605

113. Connor : his son.

114. Thomas (2) : his son.

115. David (2): his son.

116. William: his son.

117. John : his son.

118. Denis O'Neylan, of Slioght
David : his son.


Arms (of MacNight) : Sa. three lions* heads erased or.

Feargal, a brother of Charles who is No. Ill on the "O'Reilly" (Princes
jf East Brefney) pedigree, was the ancestor of Mac-na-Hoidhche [macna-
leeha] ; anglicised MacNight, Night, and McNeight.

111. Feargal : son of Gothfrith.

112. Cathal Dubh : his son.

113. Gothfrith (" goth :" Irish,
straight; "frith," small): his son;
i quo MacGothfrith (meaning " the
5on of the small straight man"), of
3refney, and anglicised MacGuthrie,
Maguthrie, Guthrie^ and Godfrey.

114. Muirceartach : his son.

115. Feargal : his son.

116. Donchadh : his son.

117. Niall MacNight (who was
also called Niall Guthrie) : his son.


Princes of the Foharta^ now the Barony of Forth, County Carlow.

Arms : Ar. on a cross gu. a lion pass. betw. four martlets of the first, in each
inarter a sword erect of the second. Crest : A martlet ar.

SOCHAIDH FiONN FoHART, a younger brother of the Monarch Conn of the
lundred Battles, who (see p. 358) is No. 80 on the " Stem of the Line of
leremon," was the ancestor of O'Nuallain; anglicised CNowlan, and
ydlan. Foharta, or, more properly, Foghmhartach (" foghmhar :" Irish,
'arvest), gen. Foghmhartaigh, being the name by which the descendants of
his Eochaidh were called ; and the two principal districts inhabited by
hem still retain the name, viz. — the baronies of " Forth," in the counties
f Wexford and Carlow.

* Nowlan : Of this family is John Nolan, who in 1887 resided in Dundas -street,
Edinburgh, Scotland, whose ancestors were for the last century chiefly located in
Jallinamona, near Ballycanew, county Wexford. On his mother's side he comes from
wo very old and respectable families, viz., the Gilberts and Dickensons, the repre-
entatives of whom still reside in the vicinity of Inch, near Gorey. Mr. John Nolan
larried in 1874 Jane, eldest daughter of John Hughes, of Killygordon, and had issue :
. Mary-Jane, 2. John-Gilbert, 3. Thomas- Oak es, 4. Heremon-Hugbes— all living in

606 NOW.



80. Eocha Fionn Fohart : son of
the Monarch Felim Eeachtmhar.

81. ^neas : his son.

82. Cormac : his son.

83. Cairbre : his son.

84. Art-Corb : his son.

85. Mughna : his son.

86. Cuibhe : his son.

87. lar : his son.

88. Feach (or Fiacha) : his son.

89. Ninneadh : his son.

90. Baithin : his son.

91. Eocha: his son.

92. Ronan : his son.

93. Fionnan : his son.

94. Maonach : his son.

95. Fergus : his son.

96. Congal : his son.

97. Dungus : his son.

98. Dunan : his son.

99. Faelan : his son.

100. Nuallan (" nuall :" Irish, a
howl, famous; "an," one ivlio) : his
son ; a quo O'Nuallain.

101. Moroch : his son.

102. Dungus (2) : his son.

103. Cuinee : his son.

104. Eile : his son.

105. Dunlong: his son.

106. Eocha (3) Fionn : his son.

107. Eocha (4) Oge : his son.

108. Eocha (5) : his son.

109. Melaghlin: his son.

110. Ughare : his son.

111. Awly : his son.

112. Donogh : his son.

113. Teige : his son.

114. John (or Shane) : his son.

115. Donal (or Daniel) ; his son.

116. John O'Nowlan : his son
was called " John the Poet." Had

one of
to Beau-
mont of Hydepark, county Wex
ford ; the name of the other was

117. Anne O'Nowlan : dau. of said
John ; m. Brian O'Brien, of Ballin
valley, county Carlow.

118. John O'Brien : their son.

119. \Yilliam:
brother named

120. John : his son ; had a brothel
named Brian. This John O'Brier
also emigrated.

two daughters — co-heiresses
them was married

his son ; had a
Brian, who emi-


Arms : Ar. an oak tree eradicated and fructed ppr. in base a lizard vert in th<
dexter base point a saltire couped gu. on a chief az. the sun in his splendour or, and J
crescent of the first.

AODH (or Hugh) Balbh, brother of Murgal who is No. 99 on the (No. 1

* O^Beirne : Thomas Lewis O'Beirne, Bishop of ISIeath, was born in the countj
of Longford in 17^7. He was intended for the Catholic priesthood, and was sent witl
his brother to St. Oraer's ; but eventually he joined the late Estabhshed Church. H«
was appointed chaplain in the British fleet under Lord Howe ; and whilst in thi
service he published a pamphlet in defence of his patron, the Admiral. In 1782 h
accompanied the Duke of Portland, Lord Lieutenant, to Ireland as his private score
tary. He was in 1791 collated to the rectory of Templemichael and vicarage c.
Mohill, county Leitrim, in the diocese of Ardagh, where his brother was at the sam
time a Parish Priest. In 1795 he became chaplain to Lord Fitzwilliam, who obtaine
for him the bishopric of Ossory, whence, in 1798, he was translated to Meath. In hi
place in the Irish House of Lords he objected to the recall of Lord Fitzwilliam, the
Irish Viceroy, and was one of those peers who voted against the Union, and sigae
the Lords' Protest. He died at Ai'dbraccau, on the 17th of February, 1823, and wa
there buried.


O'BE. 607

' O'Connor" (Connaught) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Beirin ; angli-
ised O'Beirne, Beirnes, Barne, Barnes, Barnewall, and BarnewelU

99. Aodh Balbh* ("balbh :" Irish
stammering, dumb ; Lat. " balb-us") :
5on of Inreactha, the 23rd Christian |
E^ng of Connaught. Sorae say I
bhat this Aodh Balbh was the 26th j
King, instead of Flaithrigh (2). !

100. Uadhach : son of Aodh Balbh ;
a quo Clann Uadhaigh.'\

101. Ubhan (" ubh :" Irish, the
point of a thing): his son; a quo
O'/i- Ubhain, anglicised Hohan. Had
a brother named Ceannfada, who
was the ancestor of Fallon.

102. Cineadh: son of Ubhan.

103. Beirin (" beir-in :" Irish, fit
to hear or carry ; Lat. " fer-o :" Gr.
"pher-o;" Pers. "bar"): his son;
a quo Beirin.

1 104. Murtach Mantach: his son.
I 105. Dermod : his son.

106. Murtach (2) : his son.

107. Cuconnacht : his son.

108. Giollachriosd : his son.

109. Donall : his son.

110. GioUaiosa : his son.

111. lomhar : his son.

112. Giollacoman : his son ; had a
brother named Bernard, who was
ihe ancestor of Barneivall, etc.

113. Maithan : son of Giollacoman.

114. Giollachriosd : his son.

115. lomhar (2) : his son.

116. Giollachriosd (2): his son.

117. Donall (2) : his son.

118. Donoch : his son.

119. Cormac: his son; had five

120. Cairbre : his son; had six

121. Teige : his son.

122. Teige Oge : his son.

123. Donoch : his son.

124. Brian : his son.

125. Donoch (2) : his son.

126. Teige (3) : his son.

127. Henry: his son.

128. Hugh: his son; was a J.P.
for the county Roscommon ; died
in 1813.

129. Francis : his son; was a J.P.
and D.L. for the county Leitrim ;
died in 1854.

130. Hugh O'Beirne, D.L., James-
town House, Drumsna, co. Leitrim :
his son. Has a younger brother,
Colonel Francis O'Beirne, late an
M.P. for the county Leitrim ; both
living in 1887.

131. Francis O'Beirne, b. in 1864 :
son of the said Hugh. This Francis
had three brothers — 1. Hugh- James,
b. in 1866 ; 2. Joseph, b. in 1874 ;
and 3. George-John, b. in Dec,

* Bulbh : This word is the root of the sirname Balfe.

T Clann Uadhaigh : The sirnames Wood and Woods are considered anglicised
'orms of this Clan-name ; which literally means " except from him" {uadh : Irish,
* from him ;" ach, "save or except"). But Wood and Woods are anglicised forms of
he Irish sirname O^Coillte (** coill :" Irish, a wood). — See No. 103 on the " O'Mealla"

608 o'br.


o'br. [part in.


Of Ulster.

Arms : Ar. a lion ramp. az. in chief two dexter hands couped at the wrist
apaum^e gu.

Olioll, a brother of Cearnach who is N"o. 98 on the " Breslin" pedigree,
was the ancestor of O'Brannain, of Ulster ; anglicised O'Brannan, and

98. Olioll : son of Fergus.

99. Connor: his son.

100. Brannan ("bran:" Irish, a

mountain torrent) : his son ; a que


Arms : Gu. a lion pass, guard, or.

Fiachrach Casan, younger brother of Eocadh, who is No. 86 on th(
"O'Hart" pedigree, was the ancestor of Clann Brassil ; a quo O'BrassU
in the county Armagh, and, some say, the name of the Empire
"Brazil," in South America.

86. Fiachra Casan (" cas :" Irish,
means or income, and " an," one icho ;
or " casan" means a pathimy) : son
of CoUa-da-Crioch ; a quo O'Casain,
anglicised Cashin.

87. Felim : his son.

88. TuathalCruinnbheul("cruinn-
beul :" Irish, a gathered mouth) : his
son ; a quo O'Beil.'^ Had a brother
named Breasal, and another named
Feig : This Feig was the ancestor
of &Hanlon.

89. Colcan : son of Tuathal
Cruinnbheul ; had a brother named
Sacan (" sacan :" Irish, a short
corpulent man)^ literally " a little

90. Aongus : son of Colcan ; had
six brothers — 1. St. Baodan (5th
February). 2. Saraan, whose three
sons were, St. Ronan Fionn, St.

Beican flTth August), and St. Gear
nach (16Lh May). 2. Hugh, fron
whom were descended St. Cobh
thach, St. Libren (11th March), St
Tuoa (virgin), St. Maimon, bishoj
(18th Dec), a quo " Kilmainham,'
near Dublin. 4. Maignan("maignan:'
Irish, one with a proud gait), a qo(
O'AIaignan, anglicised Magnan am
Mangan : this Maignan was ancesto;
of 0'3Iooney, of Ulster. 5. Lamhan
6. Firbis, who was the ancestor o
O'Connor of Ulster.

91. Diceilidh : son of Aongus.

92. Ultan : his son.

93. Cuanach (" cuan :" Irish,
coast) : his son ; a quo O'Cuanaig
anglicised Cooney (of Clanbrassil)
and Quiney,

94. Inreactha : his son.

95. Donoch : his son.

* O'Beil: The sirnames Bale and Bell considered anglicised forms of thissiij


o'er. 609

96. Dalgan : his son; had a
brother named Maolmocheirigh
("moch :" Irish, early ; " eirigh," to
rise), a quo O'Maolmochheirghe, of
Orgiall.— See No. 100 on the
''Donnellan" of Connaught pedi-
gree, for the derivation and present
inglicised forms of this Irish sir-

97. Cearnach : son of Dalgan.

98. Gairbiadh : his son ; had a
brother named Dabhculin, who was
the ancestor of McGrath, of Ulster.

99. Longseach : son of Gairbiadh.

100. Conamhail : his son.

101. Aodh : his son.

102. Breasal : his son ; a quo
CBrassil West.


Lords of South Decies, in Munster.

Arms : Same as those of '* Felan."

3RE0D0ILBH, a younger brother of Doilbh who is No. 92 on the "Felan"
)edigree, was the ancestor of O'Brid ; anglicised 0' Brick, and Brick,

92. Breodhoilbh : son of Cumu-

93. Donoch : his son.

94. Donal : his son.

95. Cormac : his son.

96. Rorchach: his son.

97. Melaghlin : his son.

98. Faelagh : his son.

99. Artcorb : his son.

100. Breac ("breac:" Insh,speckled;
Chald. " brakka ;" Arab. « abrek") :
his son ; a quo O'Brice,

After O'Brick's issue failed, the whole of Decies (North, and South)
7ent to O'Felan.

O'BRIEN. <No. 11.)

0/ Fermanagh,

Arms : Gu. a lion pass, guard, or.

Irian, a brother of Dairahiu who is No. 92 on the " O'Hart" pedigree,
'as the ancestor of O'Briain, of Fermanagh; anglicised O'Brien^ and


92. Brian (" brian :" Irish, great
rength) : son of Cairbre an Daimh
irgid ; a quo O'Briain,

93. Baodan : his son.

94. Beacan (" beacan :" Irish, a
mushroom) : his son ; a quo O'Beacaiu,

anglicised Bacon,

2 Q

610 o'br.


o'by. [part la

95. Oisin : his son.

96. Allbhreun ; his son.

97. Drobhellach : his son.

98. Dunghal : his son.

99. Cathasach : his son.

100. Cuileann Ban : his son.

101. Fuagartha: his son.

102. Oisin : his son.

103. Conghallach : his son.

104. Eochaidh : his son.

O'BRIEK (No. 12.)

Of Donegal.

Arms : Ar. a sinister hand couped at tlie wrist affrontee gu.

Braon Dia, brother of Aodh Fionnliath who is ISTo. 99 on the (No. 1]
'' O'Neill" (of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of Claim B/aoin, oi
Magh Ithe, in the county Donegal ; anglicised O'Brien.

99. Braon Dia (" braon :" Irish,
a drop; "dia," abundance): son of
Niall Caille, the 166th Monarch of
Ireland ; a quo Clann Braoin, of
Magh Ithe.

100. Cathal : his son.

101. Ruarcan : his son.

102. Maolduin : his son.

103. Gaiibiadh : his son.

104. Feargal : his son.

105. Niall : his son.

106. Flaithearthach : his son.

107. Donchadh O'Brien : his son.

O'BYRNE.* (No. 1.)
Lords of Ranelaghy County Widdow.

Arms : Gu. a cliev. betw. three dexter hands couped at the wrist ar.
mermaid with comb and mirror all ppr. Motto : Certavi et vici.

Crest : i

Even in the annals of Ireland it would be hard indeed to find a noble
record than that of the O'Byrnes of Wicklow. Through a long line o
warriors and chieftains they were eminently distinguished for devotion t<

* C Byrne : Feagh O'Byme, who is No. 130 on this pedigree, and who is commonl;
known as "Feagh MacHugh O'Byrne" (which means Feagh, son of Hugh 0' Byrne)
resided at Ballinacor, in Glenmahire ; and was chief of that sept of the O'Byme
called Gabhail Ralghnaill (pr. " Gaval Eannall"). His father, Hugh, who died u
1579, was far more powerful than The O'Byi'ne, and possessed a large tract of territor
in the county Wicklow. Upon the death of The O'Byme, in 1580, Feagh MacHugl
O'Byrne became the leader of his clan, and one of the most formidable of the IrisJ
Chieftains. In 1580 he joined his forces to those of Lord Baltinglass, and defeate*
Lord Grey. After holding out in the rocky fastnesses of his principality for severa
years, he was, in 1595, driven up Glenmalm^e, and his residence at Balhnacor wa

SAP. IV.] o'by. heremon genealogies. o'by. 611

le sacred cause of Faith and Country. High-souled ia their patriotism,

larless and fierce in defence of their Nation's rights, proud of their race,

id intensely attached to the mountain crags and exquisitely picturesque

lens of their ancient patrimony, they, during centuries of wrong, perse-

ition, plunder and perfidy, held their ground invincibly, and fought

yaiost their ruthless oppressors with courage indomitable and fortitude

eroic. Their motto Certavi et Vici was truly appropriate. The love of

eedom, " bequeathed from bleeding sire to son," burned so fiercely in

leir hearts, that it can scarcely be considered an exaggeration to say,

ley contended for four hundred years unconquered. It was almost as

itural to them to fight as it was to breathe, and, in a sense, as necessary ;

jcause they were perpetually assailed, and every element of force and

^erybase subterfuge, that fiendish minds could conceive, were madeavail-

)le to ruin and annihilate them. By nature dauntless and combative,

it merciful and humane; and by the treachery of perfidious enemies

)liged to be ever watchful, it may be believed, that they almost slept

ith their battle-axes grasped, at all times ready to spring at the foe,

pel aggression, aid their kinsmen, and jealously guard their stronghold,

3oded hills and crystal watered valleys of the beauteous region which

ey ruled and loved. Not only do they figure prominently in the pages

Irish history, but their deeds and exploits have furnished touching

emes for song and story. No persecution, however malignant, could

ter them, no allurement could seduce them. Threat and overture they

urned with equal contempt ; and to their eternal honour it is stated,

at there was never " a king's or a queen's O'Byrne," and that they were

e very last of the Irish clans to yield to the Saxon. Some writers seem

think, that they did not always receive that prompt aid from other

pts which their common cause demanded j bub it is not our purpose to

aw contrasts, and most assuredly it is not our desire to pass, perhaps,

merited censure. All created beings have their faults and follies, and

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