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Tuathal; d. 1585.

124. Sir Hugh: his son; lo
O'Conor Dun; knighted by ^
John Perrott, lord deputy of Ii
land; d. 1632, at a very advanc

125. Cathal (or Charles) : his thi
son ; d. 1634. Had a young

* Teige : It is claimed that this is the Teige O'Connor, who was a Colonel in 1
French army, a.d. 1700.

t O'Conor Don : The pedigree of the *' O'Connor (Connaught)" family, contaii
in a Book by Roderick O'Conor, of Tulsk, would well repay perusal.


o'co. 637

3ther, Brian, who was the ances-
' of the O'Conors of Dundermott
d Milton, CO. Eo.scommon.

26. Cathal Oge : his son ; d. 1696.

27. Donogh (or Denis) : his son ;

28. Charles : his son ; an emi-
Qt Antiquary ; d. 1791.

29. Denis: his son; d. 1804.
id a younger brother Charles, of
)unt Allen, co. Roscommon, b.
36, d. 1808. This Charles m. a
a. of John Dillon of Dublin, and

her had three children — 1.
omas, who settled in New York ;
Denis, and 3. Catherine — both

whom d. in America. This
omas (d. 1855) was father of
arles 0' Conor, Barrister- at-Law,

1804), of New York, U.S.A.,
i who d. May, 1884, leaving no

30. Owen : son of Denis ; the
jt Catholic Member of Parliament

the CO. Roscommon, since the
formation. This Owen became
e O'Conor Don, on the death, in
20, of Alexander O'Conor Don
je No. 128 on the " O'Conor-
cles" pedigree), the last male re-

presentative of the elder sons of Sir
Hugh (No. 124); had a brother
named Mathew, who was the an-
cestor of O'Conor, of Mount Druid,
CO. Roscommon.

131. Denis: son of Owen; M.P.
for Roscommon ; d. 1847.

132. Charles-Owen 0'Conor,known
as " The O'Conor Don :" his son ;
was M.P. for the county Roscom-
mon ; had a younger brother named
Denis (deceased), who was M.P. for
the county Sligo ; living in 1887.
According to Burke's "Landed
Gentry, 1879," this Charles-Owen
m. 21st April, 1868, Georgina-Mary
(who d. Aug. 1872), dau. of T. A.
Perry, of Bitham House, co. War-
wick, England, and by her had
four children — 1. Denis-Charles, b.
1869; 2. Owen-Felim, b. 1870; 3.
Charles-Hugh, b. 1872; 4. Rod-
erick, b. 1872, d. 1878. (For later
particulars, see "Walford's County
Families, 1879.")

133. Denis-Charles O'Conor Don:
eldest son of Charles-Owen O'Conor
Don, of Belanagare and Clonalis,
CO. Roscommon; living in 1887.


Ar7ns : Per pale vert and ar. in the dexter a lion ramp, to the sinister, in the
ister on a mount in base, vert an oak tree ppr.

LIAN, brother of Cathal Craobh Dearg, the 51st Christian King of Con-
ught who is no 112 on the (No. 1) "O'Connor" (Connaught) pedigree,
.8 the ancestor of O'Connor Sligo.

12. Brian : son of Tirlogh Mor,
3 48th Christian King of Con-
aght, and 181st Monarch of

13. Andreas : his son ; was the

first that assumed the sirname
O'Connor Sligo.

114. Brian (2) : his son.

115. Teige: his son.

116. Donal (or Daniel): his son.

638 o'co.


o'co. [part I

117. Murtach : his son; had a
brother named Cathal (or Charles) ;
died 1327.

118. Daniel: his son; had five
brothers — 1. Malachi, 2. Manus, 3.
Murtach, 4. Donoch, 5. Malachi

119. Owen: son of Daniel: had
five brothers — 1. Felim, 2. Tirloch
Fioun, 3. Brian, 4. Tirloch Cairach,
5. Murtach Baccach.

120. Daniel (2) : son of Owen.

121. Charles M6r : his son.

122. Teige (2) : his son.

123. Charles Oge :* his son.

124. Teige (3) : his son.

125. Martin: his son; had four
brothers — 1. Teige, 2. Charles, 3.
Brian, 4. Hugh.

126. Owen: son of Martin.

127. Daniel: his son.

128. Dermod : his son.

129. Charles : his son.

130. Denis (2) : his son ; died in

131. Connell : his son, died 178

132. Denis (3): his son ; di<

133. Peter O'Connor, J.P., Cairn
fort, Sligo : his son ; born in 180
living in 1887 ; had no son. Th
Peter had three brothers — 1. Co
nell; 2. Patrick, who died in 183!
3. John : Connell (who died in 186(
had three sons ; Patrick (who di<
in 1832) had three sons and fo'
daughters ; John (who d. in 185
had one son named Patrick. Tl
Peter O'Connor had also one sist
named Ellen, who was married 1
Simon CuUen : the issue of th
marriage were two sons and tv

134. Peter O'Connor : son
Patrick, who, as above mentione
died in 1832; born 28th Jun
1832, living in 1887.

Arms :


of Annagh,



2. Carbery, who had :

3. Phelimy Buoy, who had :

4. Tirlogh, who had :

5. Tirlogh of Annagh, who died
June, 1638. This Tirlogh married

O'CONNOE. (No. 5.)

Of Annagh, County Roscommon.

Same as (No. 1) "O'Connor," Connaught.

Connor of Tulsk, co. Roscommo
gent., and had one sor and oi
daughter :

I. John.

I. Una, who m. Daniel Albana
6. John O'Connor : son
Tirlogh ; m. Mor, dau. [of Willia

Benmy, dau. of Dualtach Mac-

* Charles {or Cathal) Oge ; According to Wood-Martin's JSistory of Sligo, tl
Charles had a son Donal, whose son was Sir Charles O'Connor Sligo ; and that Teifi
living in 1536, was the first who assumed the title of " O'Connor Sligo" — the previo
title of the family having been :

* ' MacDonail MacMuirchearfaigh"
which was derived from a lord of Sligo, bearing that name, and who died a.d. 1395.

0' Donovan says that the last chief of this family died at Brussels, on t
7th February, 1756, a Lieut. -General in the Austrian Army ; which would go to she
that Teige, No. 124, was a younger son of Charles Oge, No. 123.


o CO. 639

O'CONNOR. (No. 6.)

Of Moy Ith, County Donegal,

Arms : Same as " O'Cahan" (No. 1.)

ERMOD, brother of Gruagan who is No. 97 on the " O'Cahan" pedigree,
as the ancestor* of O'Connor, of Moy Ith, in the barony of Raphoe, and
)unty Donegal.

101. Aongus : his son.

102. Rory : his son.

103. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son.

104. Maolruanaidh [mulroona] :
his son.

105. Aodh (2): his son.

106. Maolruanaidh O'Connor, of
Magh [Moy] Ith ; his son.

97. Dermod : son of Connor.

98. Baoghal O'Connor : his son ;
rst of the family who assumed
lis sirname.

99. Carlan (" an :" Irish, one
ho ; " carla," a wool-comb) : his
)n ; a quo O'Caiiain, anglicised
arlin, Carolan, and Kerlin.
100. Maoldun : his son.


O'CONNOR. (No. 7.)

Of Orgiallf in Ulster.

Arms : Gu. a lion pass, guard, or,

rRBis, brother of Aongus (or ^neas) who is No. 90 on the " O'Brassil
"est" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Connor of Orgiall, or of Clann

90. Firbis : son of Colcan.

91. Tuathal : his son.

92. Sercan : his son.

93. Maonachan (" maoin :" Irish,
'•eemf wealth) : his son ; a quo
Maoinachain, of Ulster, or Orgiall,
glicised Monahan, and Monaghan.
'om this Maonachan the territory

"Monaghan" was first so called.

94. Rimhiadh : his son.

95. Concobhar (**con:" Irish,
of a warrior^ and '* cobhar," help) :
his son; a quo O'Conchohhair,
anglicised O'Connor.

96. Maolmichil (meaning the de-
voted of St. Michael) : his son ; a
quo Michil, and Mitchell^ of Clan

* Ancestor : Other genealogists state that the ancestor of this family was Moroch,
>f Longseach, son of Flaitheartac' ' ' " '"" '^ ' — .-.

the " O'Cahan" (No. 1) pedigree.

I of Longseach, son of Flaitheartach, who was brother of Dermod O'Cahan, No. 101


640 o'co.


o'co. [part IE

97. Dubhdara : his son.

98. Seanghain {Seanghain : Irish,
"a child near its time of being
born") : his son ; a quo O'Sheang-
hain* anglicised Shannon, and Hi/de.

99. GioUa Dun O'Connor:



Lm'ds of Offaley,

Arms : Ar. on a mount in base vert an oak tree acorned ppr.

Laeghaire Lorc, an elder brother of Cobthach Caol-bhreagh who is N
60 on the " Line of Heremon," was the ancestor of O'Connor Faley.

60. Laeghaire Lorc, the 68th
Monarch of L-eland : son of Ugaine
Mor j began to reign, B.C. 593.

6L OHoll Aine : his son.

62. Labhradh Longseach: his

63. Olioll Bracan : his son.

64. ^neas Ollamh : his son ; the
73rd Monarch.

65. Breassal : his son.

66. Fergus Fortamhail, the 80th
Monarch : his son ; slain B.C. 384.

67. Felim Fortuin : his son.

68. Crimthann Coscrach : his
son ; the 85th Monarch.

69. Mogh-Art : his son.

70. Art : his son.

7L AUod (by some called Olioll) :
his son.

72. Nuadh Falaid : his son.

73. Fearach Foghlas : his son.

74. Olioll Glas : his son.

75. Fiacha Fobrug : his son.

76. Breassal Breac : his son.
Had two sons — I. Lughaidh, 2.
Conla, between whom he divided
his country, viz. — to his eldest son

Lughaidh [Luy], who was ancest*
of the Kings, nobility, and gentj
of Leinster, he gave all the ten
tories on the north side of the riv
Bearhha (now the " Barrow"), fro
Wicklow to Drogheda ; and to h
son Conla, who was ancestor of t)
Kings, nobility, and gentry of Oj
ory, he gave the south part, fro
the said river to the sea.

77. Luy : son of Breassal Breac

78. Sedna : his son j built t.
royal city of Bath Alinne.

79. Nuadhas Neacht : his so:
the 96th Monarch.

80. Fergus Fairge : his son ; h
a brother named Baoisgne, who vi
the father of Cubhall [Coole]; w
was the father of Fionn, commor
called " Finn MacCoole," the illi
trious general in the third centt
of the ancient Irish Militia kno
as the Fiana Eirionn, or "Fenis
of Ireland."

81. Eos : son of Fergus Fairgd

82. Fionn FH^ (" fil^ :" Irish
poet) : his son.


* O'Sleanghain: This sirname is quite distinct from O'Sheanchain (" seanch:
Irish, an cntiquary or genealogist ; "an," one wJio), anglicised Shanahan, andmoderni


OCO. 641

83. ConchobharAbhraoidhruaidh:
lis son ; the 99tli Monarch of Ire-

84. Mogh Corb : his son.

85. Cu-Corb* : his son ; King of

86. Niadh [nia] Corb : his son.

87. Cormac Gealtach : his son.
lad a brother named Ceathram-

88. Felim Fiorurglas : his son.
/89. Cathair [cahir] M6r| : his
on ; the 109th Monarch of Ireland.
lad a younger brother named
Iain Mai, who was the ancestor of
^Kelly, of Cualan (of W'icklow,
tc.) ; and another, Eithne.

90. Ros Failgeach: son of
ahir Mor; a quo Hy-Failgeagli

failgeach :" Irish, abounding with
ngs), meaning the descendants of
lis Failgeach, and afterwards the
ame of the territory itself which

they possessed, which has been
anglicised Offaley^ and which is the
origin of the epithet applied to the
O'Connors of this territory —
namely, the O'Connors " Faley,"
signifying the O'Connors of Offaley,
Ros Failgeach had a brother named
Daire, who was the ancestor of
O'Gorman; and a brother Com-
thanan, who was the ancestor of
Duff, of Leinster.

91. Nathi : son of Ros Failgeach.

92. Eoghan : his son.

93. Cathal (or Cathair) : his son.

94. Maolumha : his son.

95. Foranan : his son.

96. Congal : his son.

97. Diomusach (" diomusach:"
Irish, jproudj haughty, arrogant) :
his son ; a quo 0' Diomusaigh, angli-
cised O'Dempsey, and Demijsey.

98. Flaon (or Florence) Da Cong-
hal : his son.

* Cu-Corb: This Cu-Corb had four sons— 1. Niadh Corb. 2. Messincorb, a quo
al Messincorb. 3. Cormac, a quo Dal Cormaic, and who was the ancestor of Quirk.
Cairbre Cluitheachar, who was the ancestor of Donegan (lords of Dal Aracht) ; of
Divtjer (lords of Killnamanagh) ; of O'Urcha (which has been anglicised Archer) ; of
Cooney, O'Kearnan, O'Conalty, O'Eartleij; O'Arrachtan (modernized Borrington) ;
Skellan (modernized Shilling) • 0' Congal, Clan Brian, O'Duhlicron, MacLongachan,
Trena, O'Aodhan, O'Brangal, 0''Corhan, CDunedy, etc.

86. Messincorb : second son of Cucorb.

87. Eochaidh Lamh-dearg : his son.

88. Fothach : his son.

89. Garchu : his son ; ancestor of 0' Concuan, 0' Tuatan, CGosney, 0' Cearda,
Conatta, 0' Rappan, O'Eechinn, O'Broin (of Deilgne,or Delgany), O'Ceallagh, O'Dubhan,
Gobham (O'Gowan), ffMarcan (Marks), etc. This Garchu had two brothers— 1.
wpre, who was ancestor of CFallan, O'Dinachar, O'Conag, O'Dubhcron, O'Donnan,
Saran, O'Briony, Clan Ciaran, O'Teachtar, O'Convotj, O'i¥ow«y, etc. ; and 2. Nar,
10 was ancestor of O'Birinn, O'Deman, etc. ; all of these being Leinster famOies ;
t many of whom are now extinct.

t Ceathramhadh : According to some authorities Cormac Gealtach had a brother
med Crimthan Culbuidh, who, in succession to his grand-nephew Cathair M6r, was
the Monarch Conn Ceadcathach made King of Leinster. This Cormac Gealtach is
Dposed to be the "Galgacus" of Tacitus, who led an army to Alba, to aid the Scots
i Picts against the Romans, and was defeated by Agricola at the Grampion Hills.
3ee O'Halloran's History of Ireland, p. 217.

X Cahir MCr : This Monarch was King of Leinster in the beginning of the second
itury. He divided his great possessions amougst his thirty sons, in a Will called
"he will of Cahir More," contained in the "Book of Leacan" and in the "Book of
llymote." His posterity formed the principal families in Leinster : namely, the
3onnor ** Faley," Princes of Oflfaley ; O'Dempsey, O'Dunn, O'ilegan, MacUolgan,
larty, MacMurrough, Kings of Leinster ; Cavenagh, O'Byrne, O'Toole, O' Murphy,
tfnlrian, or O'Ryan, O'Kinsellagh, O'Duffy, O'Dowling, O'Cormac, O'Muldoon,
Gorman, O'Mullen, O'Mooney, and O'Brenan, chiefs in Kilkenny, etc.— Connellan.


642 o'co.


o'co. [part I

99. ^neas : his son ; one of
whose brothers, Cairbre, was the
ancestor of MacCarhery ; and an-
other brother, Ceallach, was the
ancestor of Mulkeeran.

100. Mugron: son of ^neas.

101. Ceneth : his son.

102. Flannegan (or Flanchadha) :
his son.

103. Conchobhar (" conch obhar :"
Irish, the helping warrior) : his son ;
a quo O'Conchohhair Failge ; angli-
cised O'Connor Faley.

104. Maolmordha : his son.

105. Fionn : his son.

106. Congallach : his son.

107. Conchobhar: his son.

108. Braorban : his son.

109. Dunsleibhe : his son.

110. Congallach : his son.

111. Murtagh : his son.

112. Conaibhneach : his son.

113. Donoch : his son.

114. Murtagh : his son.

115. Maolmordha : his son.

116. Murtagh (of Kilkenny) : hii
son. Had five brothers — 1. Flaitb
eartach ; 2. Tumaltach ; 3. Inra
achtach ; 4. Irgalach ; 5. Cathasacn

117. Murtagh (of Dubhn) : his soii

118. Murtagh (of Carrig) : his soni

119. Murtagh Oge: his son.

120. Moroch : his son.

121. Calaoch : his son.

122. Conn : his son ; had abrothe;
named Dermod.

123. Cahir: son of Conn; had j
brother named Tirloch.

124. Patrick: son of Cahir; ha<
two brothers — 1. Cahir, 2, Brian.

125. Teige: son of Patrick.

126. Patrick O'Connor Faley: hi
son ; living in 1691.


0/ America.

Arms: Same as " O'Connor Faley" (No. 8).

127. Brian : son of Patrick O'Con-
nor Faley, who was living in 1691,
and who is Xo. 126 on the (Xo. 8)
*' O'Connor Faley" pedigree.

128. John: his son; had a bro-
ther named Christopher. This
John had two sons, namely: — 1.
Christopher ; 2. Xicholas, of whom

This Christopher was born circa
1759; went to India in 1783;
returned to Ireland, and emigrated
to, America; he was living in
Philadelphia in 1798; was twice

married : first to ;

secondly to Ann Maria, daughter of
Archibald, and sister of the late
Judge Randall. Christopher died

27th April, 1820; most of his d
scendants returned to France ; h
male line became extinct by tl
death of his son Arthur Emme
O'Connor, s.p., in 1880.

129. Xicholas: the second 8<
of John ; born 1785 ; was educat<
in France ; emigrated to Ameri
and was living in Philadelph
where, in 1809, he married Sara
granddaughter of General Ross ;
d. 28th Jan., 1822.

130. John-Christopher, of N<
York City : son of Xicholas ; b. 9
March, 1811; m. 24th Dec, 18i
Elizabeth, dau. of Captain Richa
and Harriet (Miles) Hepburn; livi
in 1883.


o'do. 643

131 Joha-Christopher O'Connor,
f New York City, Alderman, living
a 1886 : eldest son of John-
Christopher; b. 20th Aug., 1847;
1.15th Nov., 1881, Maria-Jephson,*

dau. of Colonel Henry A. V. Post,
of New York City, by his wife
Maria Farquhar Taylor, dau. of
George Elliott Taylor, of the
Taylors of Pennington, England.

O'DONEL. (No. 1.)

Princes^ of Tirconnell.

Arms : Or, issuing from the sinister side of the shield an arm fessways vested az.
iflfed ar. holding in the hand ppr. a cross crosslet fitch^e gu. Motto : In hoc siguo

ONALL GuLBAN, a brother of Eoghan who is No. 88 on the (No. 1)
O'Neill" (of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Domhnaill, of Tir-
»nnell ; anglicised O'Donel, O'Donelly O'Donnell, etc.

88. Conall Gulbhan : son of Niall
.6r, the 126th Monarch of Ireland.

89. Fergus Ceanfada : his son.

90. Sedna (seadnach) : his son
sead :" Irish, a jetcel).

91. Fergus (2) : his son ; had a
ger brother named Ainmir-


92. Lughach : his son.

93. Ronan : his son.

94. Garbh [garv] : his son.

95. Ceannfola : his son.
. Maolduin : his son.

97. Arnall : his son.

98. Ceannfola (2) : his son.

99. Muirceartach ; his son. Had
brother named Maolduin, and
other Fiaman.

00. Dalach : his son ; a quo Siol

01. Eignechan : his son.

32. Domhnall (" domhan :" Irish,

the tvorld, " all," mighty) : his son ;
a quo 'O'Dornhnaill^ and MuintirX
DomhnaUl of the county Clare.

103. Cathbharr : his son.

104. Giollachriosd : his son.

105. Cathbharr (2) : his son.

106. Conn : his son.

107. Teige : his son.

108. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son.

109. Domhnall [Donal] : his son.

110. Donoch (or Doncha) : his

111. Eignechan : his son.

112. Donal Mor : his son.

113. Donal Oge : his son.

114. Hugh : his son.

115. Neal Garbh: his son; died

116. Tirloch an Fiona (" anfiona :"
Irish, of the Wine) : his son ; Chief
of Tirconnell): died 1422. Had
eighteen sons.

* Jephson : For the Hneage of this family, see Burke's Peerage, title "Norreys ;"
for the lineage of the Taylors of Pennington, England, see Burke's Landed
itry, and History of the Commoners.

t Princes : The O'Donnells, were inaugurated as Princes of Tirconnell, on the
i: of Doune, at Kilmacrenan ; and had their chief castle at Donegal. — Connellan.

X Muintir DomhnaUl : See Note " Niall Garbh," in pp. 644-645.


117. Niall Garbh* (2), C.T. (or
Chief of Tirconnell) : his son ; died
in captivity, in the Isle of Man, in

118. Hugh Euadh, C.T. : his soi
d. 1497.

119. Hugh Dubh, C.T. : his soij
d. 1537.

* Niall Garhh : In O'Ferrall's Linea Antiqua, compiled about a.d. 1709, it
stated that this Niall " had an elder brother named Shane-a-Loirg (or Shane of Lur^
who was banished by his father from Tirconnell, and who settled in Tipperary ; an
that from this Shane the O'Donnells of Tipperary, Clare, and Limerick, are descended.
But O'Ferrall cites no authority for those assertions, namely : — 1. That Shane was th
eldest son ; 2. that he was banished ; 3. that he settled in Tipperary ; 4. that tl
O'Donnells in Tipperary, Clare, and Limerick are his descendants.

In Betham's Antiquarian Researches, published in 1826, it is said : " Tirloch ai
Fhiona had eighteen sons — Shane, the eldest, having given offence to his father, wj
banished, and settled in the county Tipperary, where his descendants still exist
This statement was taken by Betham from the Linea Antiqua.

The evidence of the Records and of the Genealogies is, we find, opposed to th|
statement ; for they show that Shane of Lurg was not only not the eldest son, b
they render it doubtful that he was even legitimate. According to the loose uotio:
of the period, all sons, whose mothers had been married, even though a previous wi
was livmg, were considered as Heirs or Eoydamnas, i.e. were eligible to be Tanistsai
Chiefs. Thus, O'Clery, in his Book of Pedigrees, p. 20, deposited in the Boj^al Iri
Academy, Dublin, recognises these distinctions in recording, at length, the family
Tirlogh :—

" The eighteen sons of Tirlogh an-Fhiona were — By the daughter of Niall M
O'Niall, Niall and Naghtan, who succeeded as Kings of Cinell Conall, and Donel, w
was a Roydamna. Manus, who was the son of a daughter of O'Dohertj'^ ; he was a)
a Roydamna. Egneghan, son of the daughter of Conor (the Hospitable) O'Dohert
he was also a Roydamna. Conor, son of the daughter of John Mor O'Connor ; he w
a Roydamna, also. (Here the Boydamnas or Heirs cease.) Hugh and Neil B
were the two sons of the daughter of McMailiu. Donogh of the Wood was the son
the daughter of Teige Oge O'Uurneen Shane of Lurg was the son of the daughter
the son of Fergus O'Boyle." .... And so on to the end of the eighteen sons
Tirloch an-Fhiona.

Duald MacFirbis, in p. 153 of his ''Book of Genealogies" (deposited in the Roj
Irish Academy, Dublin), gives a brief outline of the sons of Tirlogh-an- Fhiona, nami
seven of them, of whom Shane of Lurg is placed last :

" Nial Garv, the son of Tirlogh ; whose brothers were — Naghten and Donel, Huj
Egneghan, Donogh, Conor, and Shane of Lurg."

Whenever sons, who were Roydamnas, grew up to man's estate, they always to
a prominent part in leading their Clans in battle, and thus the sons, Niall and Naghl
and Donel are frequently mentioned in the Annals of the Four Masters, as in the ye
1398, 1420, 1421, 1422; but nowhere is there mention of Shane of Lurg, his na
never appears even once in the Annals. We cannot see how that fact can be accouni
for, if Shane of Lurg were the eldest son ; unless on the supposition that he
banished in his youth, before he could take a prominent part in the events of his d
But this supposition is destroyed by the fact that he lived in Donegal, to leave a V
family after him, namely — " Art and John, the two eldest, Godfrey, Dermod
Niall." (See O'Clery's Irish Pedigrees, p. 20, where Shane's descendants are given
three generations.)

Again, supposing that he was banished, we may ask how comes it that Shai
sons never asserted their prior claims, if he were the eldest son, nor struggled for
Chieftainship, which they would be sure to do, as the history of those times pro
by abundant instances.

In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, when family sirnames came be to adoptee
Ireland, the name 0' Donnell came, we would say, into use in West Munster and Sc
Leinster, as well as in Donegal, without any affinity of common origin ; just a
southern family took the name of "O'Connor," which was totally distihct from
O'Connors of Connaught, or the O'Connors of Offaley, etc. lu the Annals we r
that the O'Donnell, of Leinster, was slain, a.d. 1161, in an attack on the foreigner
AVexford. In 1158, O'Donnell, lord of Corca Bhaiscin, was slain. In 1090, M:


o'do. 645

120. Manus :* his son ; d. 1555.

121. Calbhach: his son; C.T.,
rem 1555 to 1556. Had a younger
rother named Sir Hugh, who was
hief of Tirconnell, and who d. in
592. This Sir Hugh had two sons
-1. Hugh Euadh (roe], who was
'hief of Tirconnell from 1592 to
602, and who was, according to
I'roude, poisoned on the 9th of
October, 1602, at the castle of
imancas, in Spain, by James Blake,
ho, at the instigation of the Presi-
ent of the English in Munster,
died from Cork for that purpose ;
ad 2. Rory, Earl of Tirconnell, in
303, who died in Rome, in 1608.
his Rory had a son named Hugh,
ho was Page to the Infanta of
landers, 1618; and was known as
Earl of Tirconnell."

22. Conn : son of Calbhach, un-
ccessfully contested the chieftain-
ip of Tirconnell with his uncle
r Hugh, above mentioned. This
3nn, who died in 1583, had three
ns — 1. SirlSTial Garbh [garv], who
as ancestor of O'Donnell, of New-
)rt-Mayo ; 2. Hugh Buidhe, ances-
loiO Donnell, of Larkfield, county
3itrim ; and 3. Conn Oge, ancestor

of O'Donel of Oldcastle and Castle-
bar, in the county Mayo, and of
O'Donnell, of Spain and of Austria.

123. Sir Nial Garbh : eldest son of
Conn ; contested the chieftainship
with Hugh Ruadh ;] who, as above
stated, died in Spain, in 1602 : in
which year Sir Nial Garbh was
inaugurated "chief of Tirconnell."
He was afterwards, in 1608, im-
prisoned in the Tower of London,
where he died in 1626.

124. Manus: his son; a Colonel
in the army of Owen Ruadh O'Neill ;
was killed at the battle of Benburb,
in 1646.

125. Rory (or Roger), of Lififord,
in the county of Donegal : his son ;
was transplanted to the county
Mayo by Oliver Cromwell.

126. Col. Manus O'Donnell, of
Newport-Mayo : his son ; admitted
to benefit of Limerick Treaty, in
1698; died in 1737. This Manus
had two sons — 1. Charles (called

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