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jglicised O'Flynn, Flynn, Lynn, and Blood (of Connaught).

94. C u r n a n : son of A o d h
braidh [abrad], the 8th Christian
ing of Connaught.

95. Maolruanaidh : his son ; a
10 Siol Maolruana.

96. Annadh : his son.

97. Eocha : his son.

98. Donoch : his son.

99. Moroch : his son.

00. Muireadach : his son.

01. Beolan (" beol :" Irish, the
outh) : his son ; a quo O'Beolain,

Connaught, anghcised Beolan and

02. Donall : his son.

03. Flann (" flann :" Irish, hlood),
eaning "the man with the red
mplexion :" h i s son; a quo
FlainUj and" the name of the
3untain called Sliabh-ui-Fhloinn.

04. Fothach : his son.

05. Feach O'Flynn: his son;

the first of the family that assumed
this sirname.

106. Eocha (2) : his son.

107. Eachtighearnach : his son.

108. Flann (or Florence) : his son.

109. Fiachrach : his son.

110. Giallbeartach (" giall :" Irish,
a hostage ; " beartach," tricky) : his
son ; a quo the sirname O'Giallbear-
taigh, anglicised Gilbert.

111. David : his son.

112. Fiachrach (2) : his son.

113. Brian : his son ; had a brother
named Florence or Flann.

114. David (2): his son.

115. Fiachrach (3) : his son.

116. Florence (2) : his son.

117. Fiachrach (4) : his son.

118. Melaghlin : his son.

119. Colla: his son.

120. Edmond O'Flynn : his son.

O'GORMAN. (No. 1.)
Chiefs of Ibrickan, County Clare,

Arms : Az. a lion pass. betw. three swords erect ar. Crest : An arm embowed in
nour, grasping in the hand a sword blade wavy, all ppr.

\IRE, a younger brother of Ros Failgeach,* who is No. 90 on the No. 1
)'Connor" (Faley) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacGormain ; anglicised
(icGorman,^ Gorman^ and 0^ Gorman.

90. Daire : second son of Cathair
■ahir] Mor, King of Leinster and
e 109th Monarch of Ireland.

91. Feigh : his son
ther Breacan (breacan : Irish, " a
party-coloured or striped stuff, an

had a bro-

* Failgeach : This word is the root of the terms Faley (as in the name " O'Connor
ley,") Phaley Siud Offaly ; and Ros Failgeach {Rosa : Irish, " a rose ;" Lat. ?'o^a ;
Ige : Irish, " an ouche," "a ring," "a jewel," " a wreath,") means "Ros of the
ags," etc.

_ t MacGorman : The MacGormans were originally located in Leinster. After
iir expulsion from Leinster, shortly after the English invasion, they were granted

O'Brien, Prince of Thomond, a territory in the barony of Ibrickan, co. Clare,
,ere they settled.

656 o'go.


o'go. part U t

ciently used by different people as
their trowse* and cloaks " f), who
was the ancestor of Midvi/ ; and a
quo O'Breacain, anglicised Bracken.

92. Berchan : son of Feig ; had a
brother Owen (Eoghan), who was
the ancestor of Mooney, of Ferman-

93. Earc : son of Berchan ; had a
brother St. Fiagh (12th October).

94. ^neas : son of Earc ; had a
brother Dalian.

95. Eocha : son of ^neas.

96. Dermod : his son.

97. Cormac : his son.

98. Gorman : % his son ; had a
brother Cormac.

99. Donal: son of Gorman.

100. Suibhneach : his son.

101. Maoilmuire : his son.

102. Gobhgan : his son.

103. Eocha: his son.

104. Gorman ("gorm:" Irish,
illustrious): his son; a quo Mac-
Go nnain, A member of this family
built Caislean MacGormain, in the
CO. Meath ;§ from which " Gormans-
town" takes its name.

105. Dunagan : his son.

106. Gasan : his son.

107. Duach Dubh : his son.

108. Treasach : his son.

109. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son.

110. Donoch : his son.

111. Murtach : his son ; the first <
the family that settled in Munstei

112. Gorman (3) : his son.

113. Scannall : his son.

114. Eachtighearnach : his sor
had a brother Maccraith.

115. Moroch (a corruption of tl
Irish muirchu, which signifies "
sea hound or warrior") : his so
This name has also been writt(
" Murcha," and " Morogh."

116. Cumeid ("mead," ge
" meid :" Irish, hulk or bigness) : h
son ; a quo O'Meid, anghcised 3Iei
and Meade.

117. Concobhar : his son.

118. Donal (2): his son.

119. Cumeid (2) : his son.

120. Conbhach : his son.

121. David : his son.

122. Dathi : his son.

123. John : his son.

124. Dermod: his son; had
brother Conbhach.

125. Donal: son of Dermod; hi
a brother Melaojhlin.

* Troiose : A trouse or trowse was a tight-fitting article of dress that comprised
one piece " britches, stockings, and socks or sandals." We read that Sir John Perr«
lord depnty of Ireland, would not admit members habited in the Irish mantle (
cloak) and trowse, to attend the Parliament he had convoked, a.d. 1586 ; and
induce those members summoned to that assembly to appear in English attire,
bestowed both " gownes and cloakes of velvet and satten on some of them:" a f
dress, whatever it might be now, not being an inappropriate gift for a gentleman, a1
time when a rich robe was often a most acceptable present to the Queen. — See War

i Cloaks : From the Irish word Ireac, which means "speckled or of vario
colours," some of the Gauls were called Galli Braccati, and their country Gal
Braccata. Diodorus Siculus {Lib. 6,) mentions that the garments of those Gauls w«
rough and party-coloured ; and calls them Bracccc. Dr. O'Brien, in his Irish Dictic
ary, observes at the word " breacan," that the Irish Scots preserved this kind
garment np to his time (a.d. 1768). Brcac, " a trout," is so called from the varic
colours of its skin.

+ Gorman : This Gorman (No. 98) was, by GeoJBEry, of Monmouth, called " Ki
Gurmaudus," who invaded and devastated a large part of Britain, circa a.d. 593.

§ Jlcath : The migration of members of this family to Meath took place in t
ninth century, where their descendants remained until the 15th century, when Gormaj
town passed into the possession of the English family of Preston. It is very probal
that the celebrated martyrologist, Marian or Maelmuire O'Gorman, Abbot of Kno
(Cnoc-na-napstol), near Louth, was of this branch of the family. In 1171 this Man


o'go. 657

126. Conbhach (2) : son of Donal.

127. Donal (3) : his son.

128. Maolseaghlainn (or Melagh-
in) : his son.

129. Dermod (3) : his son.

130. Donal (4) : his son ; had a

brother named Cu-na-mBochd, who
settled in the county Westmeath.

131. Melaghlin : his son.

132. Dermod (4) : his son.

133. Nicholas O'Gorman:* his
son; living in 1691.

)'Gorman composed a calendar generally known as the Calendar of Marianus.
hough their property was lost to them, the Meath O'Gormans did not forsake their
.ncient district ; at the present time they are numerous in Monknewtown and Slane,
ut some of them in reduced circumstances. Slane had been their burial-place, and

that church-yard numerous tombstones belonging to them still exist. At the period
f the Revolution the family had a respectable standing ; for, we find a member of it,

James O'Gorman, holding the position of a lieutenant in Lord Slane's Infantry
egiment, in the service of King James II. From that James O'Gorman the descent

the present day is as follows :

1. James O'Gorman, Lieut, in Lord
lane's regiment. After the war he
ntered into trade as a timber-merchant,

Oxmantown — now Queen-st., Dublin.

2. Patrick Gorman^ of Queen-street :
13 son ; dropped the prefix 0\ and m.
ecily Christie. Will dated 3rd Nov.,
744 ; directs his body to be buried in
lane, county Meath.

3. Thomas Gorman, of Queen-street :
18 son ; m. Mary , and d. intestate

January, 1785; was buried in Slane.
e had an only son :

4. Thomas Gorman, of Queen-street,
ho m. Alice, daughter of Carberry,

Ballyleas, co. Dublin (descended from
" Innocent Papist" of the days of
larles 11.) ; died July, 1836, and was
iried in the new cemetery at Golden
ridge, near Dublin. His eldest son was :

5. Thomas Gorman, who m. Catherine
ungier, niece of the celebrated John

Keogh, of Mount Jerome, co. Dublin —
the " Magog" of Wolfe Tone's Memoirs.
(See Note * in p. 504 ante.) This Thomas
Gorman's eldest son was :

6. Thomas O'Gorman, who resumed
his Celtic prefix O', and m. Aunabella,
eldest daughter of Edmond Hanley, of
Lakeview, co. Roscommon, (who, there
is reason to believe was the head of the
grand old family of Kiuel Doffa, the
patron saint of which was Saint Bearagh,
whose Pastoral Staff known for ages in
the CO. Roscommon as the Baclial Gear
(or short staff) was in said Hanley's pos-
session until 1862 or 1863, when it passed
into the collection of the Royal Irish
Academy, Dublin, where it is now pre-
served.) This Thomas O'Gorman, of
RathGorman, Sandymount, Dublin, has
two sons and one daughter surviving in
1887, namely, 1. Victor, 2. Chamberlayne,
and 1. Josephine.

* Nicholas O'Gorman : There was a Nicholas Purcell O'Gorman, who, in 1829,
%a Secretary of '*The Catholic Association," of Ireland, who died in 1857, and
tiose genealogy down from " Mallacklin (or Melaghlin) McGorman," living in 1544,
as follows :

1. Mallacklin McGorman, who on the
jst day of December, 1544, obtained
nm King Henry VIII., a grant of the
|Countrie of Hy-Brecane" now known

' ' Ibrickane."

12. Donal : his son ; obtained from Queen
lizabeth a grant of the advowsons of
lilmichil and Kilmurry, in the county
lare, bearing date the 25th day of Aug.,
170 ; was Sheriff of Thomond in 1572.

13. Donn : bis son ; was Sheriff of
liomond in 1614 ; d. 1626.

U. Mahon : his son ; d. 1665.
|5. Melaghlin : his son ; Sheriff of the
Clare, in 1689 ; d. 1707.

6. Thomas : his son ; d. 1717.

7. Mahon (2) : his son ; d. 1741.

8. James : his son ; d. 1787.

9. Nicholas Purcell O'Gorman: his
son ; d. 1857.

10. Nicholas Smith O'Gorman, of Belle-
vue, Kilrush, county Clare, J.P. : his son ;
was sheriff in 1878. This Nicholas had a
younger brother, Major Purcell O'Gor-
man ; and a sister, Susan, married to
Major Edmund Moore Mulcahy, No. 124
on the '• Mulcahy" pedigree : all living
in 1881.

11. Nicholas : son of Nicholas ; a Capt.
in the 10th Regiment, living in 1881.


658 o'go.


O'GOEMAN. (No. 2.)

0} Monamore, County Clare.

Arms : Same as " O'Gorman" (No. 1).

o'go. [part


CONBHACH, a younger brother of Dermod who is No. 124 on the (No. 1
" O'Gorman" (Chiefs of Ibrickan) pedigree, was the ancestor of thi

124. Conbhach : son of John.
Had three sons — 1. Melaghlin, 2.
Dermod, 3. Donal \ from whom,
respectively, sprung the three houses
of Cahir Morogher, Drumelie, and
Tullychrin — all in the county Clare.

125. Melaghlin: his eldest son;
m. a daughter of Eoger O'Dea, of
Tullydea (brother of Cornelius
O'Dea, 15th Bishop of Limerick).

126. Donal: his son.

127. Melaghlin : his son ; married
Anne, dau. of Maccon MacNamara
of Clancuillen.

128. Melaghlin : his son j m. dau.
of Terence MacMahon, lord of
Corca Baiscind.

129. Donal: his son ; m. dau. of
MacMahon of Moyarta and Clon-
derla, in county Clare; built the
castle of Morroghee.

130. Donus (or Daniel) : his son ;
m. daughter of Eichard Gallery of
Cregbrien, sirnamed "The Hospi-

131. Mathew : his son; m. dau.
of MacMahon, of Doonbeg, near
Kilkee. His brother Bonaventure
was Abbot of Quin, in county Clare.
Another brother Denis was Captain
in the Confederate Armies against
Cromwell ; and (see Brodinus, p.
712) suffered martyrdom for his
faith, in 1652.

132. Melaghlin : his son; married
Jane, dau. of Eichard Harold, of
Ennis ; distinguished himself in
the Battles of the Boyne and
Aughrim (1689). His son Loghlin
to Ensrland with his

Oge went

kinsman Sir Donough O'Brien : thi
Loghlan held a commission in th
Irish Army and also distinguishe-
himself in the Battle of Aughria
Thomas O'Gorman, of Inchiquii
brother of Melaghlin, left Irelan
at this time and settled in Franc<
at Tonnerre, in Burgundy ; hi
grandson, the Chevalier O'Gormai
m. Marguerite d'Eon de Beaumon

133. Donus (or Daniel) : son
Melaghlin ; m. Mary, daughter
Stephen Eoche.

134. James: his son ; born 16S
in the castle of Bunratty, co. Clar
and d. 1736 ; went in 1724 to li^
at Limerick. He mamed Christir
(d. 1764), third dau. of Thomj
Harold and Alicia Enright, an
had four children, who were pr
tected by their maternal unc
Lawrence Harold. The four oh:
dren were — 1. John, d. 1750;
Thomas ; 3. Michael, m. Eebec«
Stackpoole, but died 1818 s.^. /
Christina, m. William Wall ai
had two children — Thomas, ai
Christina, who m. a Mr. Sbirlii
and had one daughter Christina.

135. Thomas: second son
James; b. 1724; went to Englai
in 1747, and in 1764 m. Alici
eldest dau. of Edmond Sexton ai
AUcia Nihell, and by her had foi
teen children : L Edmond-Sextc
born 1810.

I. Edmond-Sexton O'Gorman,
1810 ; Married Dorothy Mui
house of Winton Hall, Kir
Stephen, Westmoreland, a:


o'go. 659

at his marriage added the
name Munhhouse to his own
{0' Gorman Munkhouse). He
lived ia Switzerland, in the
Chateau de Miincingen, and
had five children : 1. Dorothy,
died. 2. Thomas, died. 3.
Jane. 4. Anna, m. to Am6dee
de Watteville, and (up to
1880) had six children (she, at
her marriage, added her maiden
name to her husband's ; her
children are de Watteville 0' Gor-
man). 5. Edmund Munkhouse ;
two children.

II. Thomas-Harold, died 1880.

HI. James, died.

IV. Michael- Arthur, who is No.
136 infra,

V. William, died unm. 26th Dec,
1857 ; buried at Chelsea.

VI. and VII. Twins : Sylvester,
died 1777; Charles, 1778. ^

VIII. James-Denis, died at Lim-
erick, 1797.

IX. Charles-Thaddeus, born 27th
May, 1785, and died 23rd Sept.
1853. Was appointed consul-
general of Mexico in 1826 ; m.
Anita Noriego y Vicario (sister
of the Marchioness di Vivanco,
and General Moran), and had
seven children : 1. John, born
1827 ; married his cousin Anita
Santiago Moreno. 2. Eustace-
Harrold. 3. Miguel. 4. Francis.
5. Anita. 6. Teresa. 7. Maria,
died 1869.

X. George, m. Elizabeth Barry,
and had one son — George, who
died without issue.

XI. Catherine, died 1771.

XII. Alicia, died unmarried 3rd
August, 1846.

XIII. Maria-Christina, m. James
Tobin of Cumsinagh, Chevalier
de St. Louis, commandant du
Chateau de Nantes, and had
served for many years in the
Irish Brigade in his cousin

Victe. Walsh de Serrant's
Regiment. She had five chil-
dren : 1. Alicia, died 1874. 2.
Maria. 3. Edmond, died. 4.
James, married Irmenilde, dau.
of Colonel d'Almaida-Allen,
and had a son in the " Garde
Imperiale" — James. 5. Emily,
died at Nantes, 1871.
XIV. Margaret, d. in a convent
at Liege.

136. Michael- Arthur : fourth son
of Thomas ; m. in 1810. Miss Chare,
and by her (who died 1821) had six
children :

I. Michael-Harold, b. 12th Jan.,
1817, died 1840, serving in the
French Army against the
Arabs in Algeria.

II. Edmond- Anthony, No. 137
on this pedigree.

III. Maria Christina, born 11th
December, 1811.

IV. Catherine-Lutetia, born 30th
March, 1814.

V. Mary-Emily, born 1818 ; m.
William Garrett Roope, and
had one son William, ordained
priest in 1871.

VI. Louisa, died an infant, 1816.

137. Edmond- Anthony O'Gorman,
of Monamore, county Clare : second
son of Michael- Arthur ; b. 6th Oct.,
1820, and living in 1881. He m.
in Jan., 1856, Sophia Pereira (who
died October, 1863), and by her had
five children :

I. Joseph- Vincent, born 21st May,
1857; made his vows in the
Society of Jesus, in London,
July, 1877.

IL Francis-Edmond, born 17th
November, 1859.

III. Ignatius-Thomas, born 31st
July, 1860; in the Society of
Jesus, 7th September, 1880.

IV. Mary- Alicia, d. an infant 1871.

V. Mary, born 11th Oct., 1863.
In 1865 he m. Ellen, daughter of

Capt. Edward Whyte, R.N.,

660 o'go.


o'HA. [part IE

of Loughbrickland, and by her

(who died in Nov., 1867) had

one son :

YI. Edmond-John Whyte.

In 1871 he m. Margaret Barclay,

eldest daughter of Mervyn Archdall

Nott Crawford (see the " Crawford"

pedigree), of Millwood, county Fer-

managh, and by her had threj
children :

VII. Mervyn Archdall, bom 19t|
December, 1871.

VIII. Cecil Carleton Crawfor(i
born 6th April, 1873.

IX. Bernardino Beauchamp-Col
clough, born 1st Nov., 1874.


Lords of TiillagJwge, County Tyrone.

Arms : Quarterly : ar. and az. in 1st quarter a shoe ppr. on a canton per die
gu. and erm three covered cups or ; in 2nd quarter a flag of the first charged with
dexter hand of the fourth j in third quarter a lion ramp, of the sixth j and in th
fourth a fish naiant ppr.

Fergus, a son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, the 126th IMonarch c
Ireland, who is No. 87 on the (Xo. 1) " O'Neill" (Princes of Tyrone) ped
gree, was the ancestor of Olv-Again ; anglicised O'Hagan.

88. Fergus: son of Niall of the
Nine Hostages.

89. Caolbath : his son.

90. Cairbre : his son.

91. Felim :.his son.

92. Dermod : his son.

93. Conall Bracaidh : his son.

94. Cuanach : his son.

95. DoDgaile : his son.

96. Cumuscach : his son.

97. OiHoll : his son.

98. Maolgarbh : his son.

99. Cionaoth : his son.

100. Ogan (also called Agan) : his
son; a quo O'h-Ogam, of Ulster,
and O'h-Again ("ogan:" Irish, a
youth), anglicised respectively OHo-
gan and O'Eagan*
_ 101. Eoghan (or Owen) : his son.

102. Giolla Easbuig ("giolla;
Irish, the devoted of; "easbog.
gen. " easbuig," a bishop — La
" episcop-us") : his son; a qu
O'GioUaeashuig, anglicised Grillasp^
Gillesjjy, Gillesly, and MacAnaspie.

103. Flann O'Hagan: his sou
the first that assumed this sirnann

104. Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

105. Ranall : his son.

106. Owen (2) : his son. I

107. Maolruanaidh : his son. |

108. Maolseachlainn (or Melag"|
lin) : his son. 1

109. Amhailgadh [awly) : his so:

110. Teige: his son.

111. Owen (3) : his son.

112. Hugh (2): his son.

113. Giollachriosd : his son.

t O'Hagan : One of the O'Hagans, of Tirowen acquired territorial hold a
standing in Meath by manning into the family of " O'Melaghlin," of that and*
kingdom. Walter DeLacy haying by charter secured to the said O'Hagan all!
acquired territorial rights, titles, and interests in Meath, O'Hagan changed his nai
to Fogan ; and thereafter was a devoted follower of the standard and fortunes of
Anglo-Norman friend and protector. Thus we see that " Fagan" is of Irish, and ',
of English, descent.


q'ha. 661

114. Teige (2) : his son.

115. Koger: his son.

116. Donall: his son.

117. Tirlogh : his son.

118. Teige (3) : his son.

119. Niall : his son.

120. Brian : his son.

121. Tirlogh (2) : his son; living

122. GioUachriosd (2) : his son.

123. Shanej (or John) : his son.

124. Hugh (3): his son j died in

125. Shane Ban [bawn] : his son;
irst of the family who, after the
[Revolution, settled in the county

126. Frank : his son.

127. Charles : his son.

128. Edward : his son.

129. Thomas, Lord O'Hagan (de-
leased): his son ; created a "Baron"
)f the United Kingdom in 1870.
[his Thomas was born 29th May,

812; m. first in 1836, Mary (d.

868), dau. of Charles Hamilton
reeling, of Belfast, and had one
•on and five daughters.

I. Charles, b. 1838; d. young,

I. Mary-Ellen, d. unm.

II. Anne-Catherine, d. unm.
in. Caroline, d. unm.

IV. Madeleine (d. 1875), m. Col-
onel John MacDonnell, of Kil-
more, co. Antrim. (See the
" Mac-Donnell of Antrim"

V. Frances, m. 1866 to John
O'Hagan, Q.C., and living in

Secondly, Lord O'Hagan m. 2nd
August, 1871, Alice-Mary, youngest
dau. and co-heir of the late Colonel
Towneley, of Towneley, co. Lan-
caster, England, and by her had :

VI. Kathleen-Mary, b. 13th May,

II. Thomas Towneley, born 5th
Dec, 1878.

VII. A. daughter, b. and d. 5th
Nov,, 1877.

VIII. Clare-Elizabeth-Mary, died
23rd Dec, 1880.

♦ 1601 : The O'Hagans, whose principal seat was at Tullaghoge, were the Law-
;ivers to the O'Neills, Princes of Tyrone. In the year 1602, the lord-deputy Mount-
oy remained at Tullaghoge, for five days, and " broke down the chair whereon the
)'Neills were wont to be created ; it being of stone planted in the open field." — See
i^Qe's Moryson's Rebellion of Hugh {O'Neill), Earl of Tyrone, Book iii., c. i.

Sir Nicholas Malby in a report on the state of Ireland, which he made to Queen
Clizabeth, in 1579, describes the O'Hagan of Tullaghoge, barony of Dungannon, and
ounty of Tyrone, as one of the principal men of note in that part of the country.

i Shane : In "King James's Army List (1689)," preserved in the MS. Vol. F. 1.
4, in the Lib. of Trin. Coll., Dublin, and published by Dalton in 1855, are the names
f " Art O'Hegan," and " John O'Hegan ;" and of " Art O'Hagan, Cormuck O'Hagan,
.nd Daniel O'Hagan." The John there mentioned could have been a son of the Shane
or John) who is No. 123 on this pedigree, and who fought against the Cromwelliaa
irmy, at the Battle of Ticroghan, in June, 1650.

662 o'ha.


o'ha. [part hi.


Lm'ds of Clan Fergailj County Galway,

Arms : Gu. a horse pass. ar. saddled and bridled ppr. on a chief of the second
three mullets az. Crest: A lizard or. Moito : Clan Fergail abu.

AoNGUS (or ^neas), a brother of Duach Galach who is No. 88 on the
(No. 1) " O'Connor" (Kings of Connaught) pedigree, was the ancestor of

O'h-Allmliurain ; anglicised O'Halloran,^'

SS. Aongus : son of Brian.

89. Mortogh : his son.

90. Allmhuran (" allmhuire :"
Irish, importation ; " an," one who) :
his son ; a quo Oli-Allmliurain,

91. Fergallach : his son.

92. Cucolle: his son.

93. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son.

94. Dermod : his son.

95. Connor Chatha-Luireach : his

96. Donall : his son.

97. Teige, the Strong : his son.

98. Fergal : his son ; a quo Clan

99. Hugh : his son.

100. Connor : his son.

101. Giolla-Sdefain, of the Phm-
der : his son.

102. Mulroona : his son.

103. Donall : his son.

104. David : his son.

105. Awley ; his son.

106. Teige: his son.

107. Giolla-Chriost : his son.

108. Donall : his son.

109. Seonac : his son.

110. Dabhaic : his son.

* O^IIaUoran: This family were, as the name implies, "importers" of Wine;
and were lords of Clan Fergail, a district in which Galway town is situate ; and had
their castle at Bama, close to the sea-side, about three miles west of Galway. The
MS. Vol. H. 2. 17, in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, states that " O'Halloran
is the chief of the twenty-four townlands of Clan Fergail ; and of these are the
O'Antuiles and OTergus of Eoscam." That statement refers to the twelfth century.
These twenty-four townlands of Clan Fergail lay east of the river Gallimh (or '* Gal-
way.") The name " Clan Fergail" is now obsolete ; but " Eoscam," on which are the
remains of a round-tower, is still well known. It lies about three miles S. E. of
Galway. In the 13th century the O'Hallorans were dispossessed of their ancient inheri-
tance of Clan Fergail, by the De Burgos ; and were obliged to emigrate, with the
O'Flahertys, to lar (or West) Connaught, where they built the castle of O'Hery in
Gnomore ; and also, according to tradition, the castle of Einvile in Northern Conne-
mara. O'Flaherty, in his Ogygia, claims for the House of Clan Fergail the celebrated
Saint Finbar of Cork. According to the Chronicles of the Wars of Thomond, at a.d.
1309, there was another family of the O'Hallorans in Thomond, descended from the
stock of the O'Briens and other Dalcassians in Munster. — See Haediman's West


o'ha. 663


Lords of Orior, in the County Armagh.

Arms : Vert on a mount in base ppr. a boar pass erm. Crest ; A lizard displ vert.
Another Coat : Ar. on a mount vert a boar pass. ppr. armed or.

Feig, brother of Breasal who is No. 88 on the "Madden" (of Ulster)
pedigree, was the ancestor of Oh-Anluain ; anglicised Hanlon, Henlon,
and 0' Hanlon.

88. Feig : son of Felim ; had a
brother named Eachach, who was
the ancestor of Rogan.

89. Niallan: son of Feig. This
Niallan had a brother named
Fiachra Ceannfinan,* who was
ancestor of Duffnj and Garvey ; and
another brother Oronn, who was
ancestor of Mooney, of Orgiall.

90. Eoghan (or Owen): son of
Niallan ; had a brother named
Muireadhach, who was the ancestor
of St. Colman, of Kill.

91. Muireadach : son of Owen.

92. Baodan : his son.

93. Ronan : his son.

94. Suibhneach : his son ; had a
brother named Crunmoal.

95. Colgan : his son.

96. Eagnach : his son.

97. Suibneach (2) : his son.

98. Cosgrach : his son ; had a
brother named Cearnach (" cear-
nach:" Irish, victorious), a quo
another O'Ceamaighe family, angli-
cised Carney, and Carnagie, of Clan

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