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animals, with the legend: "S Odonis (an attempt to latinize -4 oc?A) O'Neill Re;
Hybernicorum Vltonie . . ." The death of this Aodh (or Hugh) O'Neill is record
in the Annals, under the year a.d. 1364. (See No. 115 on the "O'Neill," Princes
Tyrone, pedigree.) Of that Seal Doctor Reeves says : "This beautiful specimen oft
Sphragistic art is the finest work of the kind connected with Ireland which reinai]
and far exceeds in elegance the other seals of the O'Neill family ... It is to
observed, too, that the hand, as in other early seals of the family, is a Deader one
the same as that which now (in 1853) appears on the Arms of the present lord. Argt
a hand gules was the heraldic characteristic of Baronetcy when created in 16
and 1619, in consideration of O'NeilVs extermination ; and it was remarkable to find V
Bryan O'Neill, of Bakerstown, in 1642, and Sir Henry O'Neill, of Killilagh, in 1666
the one in the English, and the other in the Irish, Baronetage — adopting an achie^
ment which they were supposed to win from themselves. . . , All that is known of
History is, that it came into the hands of Horace Walpole, in the course of the li
century, from the neighbourhood of Belfast. This appears from his own description
Strawberry Hill, printed there in 1784."

In p. 64 of said UUter Journal of Archceology we read : "A silvee seal, eztrenu
ancient, of Hugh O'Neill (d. 1364), King of Ulster, brought out of Ireland by B
William Bristow."

The Seal of Brian O'Neill, King of Tyrone, from a.d. 1241 to 1260, who was kill
at the Battle of Down, in 1260, consists of (apparently), a mounted king with a drai
sword, and the legend :

*• S Brien Regis de Kinel Eogain."

:3HAP. IV.] o'ne. heremon genealogies.


s^ho died unm. ; 2. Rev. Edward

131. Re^'. Edward : second son of
-he Rev. William Chichester. This
Mward had four sons — 1. Rev.
»Villiam ; 2. Rev. Robert, who died
n June, 1878 ; 3. Arthur, who died
'oung, in 1830; 4. Rev. George
/"aughan Chichester.

132. Rev. WiUiam Chichester, of
Ihane's Castle : eldest son of the
iev. Edward Chichester; created
•Baron O'Neiir (United Kingdom,
868); d. 18th April, 1883. This
iev. William, Lord O'Neill, had
iree sons — 1. Edward Baron
►'Neill; 2. The Hon. Arthur

O'Neill, who died unm, in 1870 ; 3.
The Hon. Robert Torrens O'Neill*
M.P. for Mid Antrim ; and one
daughter, The Hon. Anne O'Neill

133. Edward Baron O'Neill; eldest

son of the Rev. William Baron

O'Neill; living in 1887. Has had

three sons and three daughters, viz.

I. The Hon. William T. Cochrane^

who died in 1882.
n. The Hon. Arthur - Edward

Bruce O'Neill.
III. The Hon. Robert- William-
- Hugh O'Neill.

I. Louisa-Henrietta- Valdevia.

II. Rose- Anne-Mary.

III. Alice-Esmeralda.


O'NEILL. (No. 5.)
Baron of DunganTwn, and Earl of Tyrone.

. &T ' ^' ^^^. ^^^°^ ^*"^P- combatant gu. armed and langued az. supporting a
aister hand couped at the wrist gu. in chief three etoiles of the same and in base a
Imon naiant ppr. War-cry : Lamh dearg Eirinn. Motto : Ccelo, solo, salo, potentes.

CCORDING to documents in possession of the present representative of
18 family, the Count de Tyrone, of Paris, is descended from one of the
ns of the celebrated Hugh O'Neill, Prince of Tyrone. In the reign of
leen Elizabeth this Hugh (see Note " Hugh," p. 725, ante) exercised the
thonty of Ard-Righ or Monarch of Ireland, in electing both native and
agio-Insh chieftains, etc. Commencing with this Hugh, the pedigree is

follows : o 7 jr o

22. Hugh, Baron of Dungannon,
d Prince and Earl of Tyrone, who,
May, 1588, was inaugurated The

23. John : son of Hugh.

24. Patrick: his son; m. Catherine
jDogherty, and had :

1 25. James: his son; godson of
lOminick O'Donnell, and of
|)noria de Burgh. This James,
ier the accession of James II., of

gland, settled in the Island of


126. Henry : son of James : was
born in 1688, in Ireland, and was
brought by his father to Martinique,
where he died on the 9 th October,
1756. He was married on the 25th
Sept., 1724, to Rose Plissonnean.

127. James-Henry: son of Henry;
m. Mary-Anne Teyssier, and had ;

128. Paul-Francis, who m. Anne
Louisa Hurlot, and had :

129. James, who married Anne
Modeste Hugonnenc, and had :

130. Francis-Henry (second son)


740 o'ne.


o'ne. [part m

O'Neill (living in 1887), Count de
Tyrone, who mar. Hermine de la
Ponce, and who is, with his younger
brother Julien, and his cousin
Charles Count O'Neill de Tyrone
(uhm.) a worthy representative of
the branches* of the O'Neills,
descended from Hugh, the famous
Earl of Tyrone. The Count de
Tyrone had :

I. Mary-Auguste-Eugenia-Valeii
tine, mar. to Hermann Baroi
de Bodman (" Grand Duche di

II. Mary-Anne Margaret.

III. Mary-Anne-Th^rese, d. unm.

O'NEILL. (No. 6.)
Of Mayo and Leitrim.

Arms ; Per fess wavy the chief ar. and the base representujg waves of the sea,
chief a dexter hand couped at the wrist gu. in base a salmon naiant ppr. Crest :
naked arm embowed, brandishing a sword all ppr. Motto : Haec manus pro patri
pugnando vulnera passa.

Hugh O'Neill, of the Fews, a brother of Henry who is No. 119 on tl
(No. 2) " O'Neill" (Princes of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor
O'Neill, of Mayo and Leitrim.

119. Hugh O'Neill ; second son of
Owen, Prince of Ulster.

120. Art : his son ; died 1514.

121. Felim Euadh, of the Fews:
his son ; in " rebellion," tempore
King Edward the Sixth.

122. Henry, of the Fews : his son.

123. Sir Tirlogh, of the Fews:
his son ; married Sarah dau. of Sir
Tirloch Lynagh CNeUl ; died 23rd
Feb., 1639.

124. Henry : his son; mar. Mary,
dau. of Sir John O'Reilly, of the co.
Cavan, Knt. Had a brother Art,
m. to Kathleen, dau. of Sir Henry
O'Neill, of Kinnaird, co. Tyrone ; and
three sisters : 1. Kathleen, married
to Eobert Hovedon of Ballynametah,

county Armagh ; 2. Jane, marric
to Colla (MacBrian) MacMahon
Loghgoise, county Monaghan;
Rose, married to Felim O'Reilly,
Rathkenny, county Cavan.

125. Tirloghf : his son; trail
planted from the Fews to Newcastl
in the county Mayo; died 167C
had a brother named ShaneJ (
John) O'Neill, of Dungannon,
the county Tyrone. This Shane
son. Thomas, first assumed tl
sirname MacEoin, MacSeoin, Mi
Seaain, or MacSliane ; anglicia
Johnson, which has been modemiz'
Johnston, Johnstone, Jackson, JeMi
JenJdnson, and Fitzjohn.

126. Conn O'Neill, of the Few

* Bra7iches : Another branch of this family was worthily represented by Don Ju
O'Neill, of Spain, " Le Marquis de la Granja, en Espagne."

t Tirlogh ; Some of the descendants of this Tirlogh O'Neill have changed thrarc
name to Neak.

X Shane : The proper Irish word for " Shane" is SheagJian {" seah :" Irish, esU^.
*' an," one who) ; so that the simame MacShane or Johnson literally means " the son
the man who was esteemed."


o'ne. 741

jon of the said Tirlogh ; was also
;ransplauted to Newcastle, county

127. Henry O'lSTeUl, of Foxford,
JO. Mayo : his son ; was a Captain

the Army of King James the
Second, a.d. 1689.

128. Neal O'Neill, of Cloon, co.
Jeitrim : son of Henry ; living in

129. Henry of Carrowrony, co.

Mayo : his son ; went to France,
there studied Law.

130. Neal (also called Nicholas) :
his son; born in 1734; went to
Spain, and there died a Lieutenant-
Colonel. This Neal had a brother
named Arthur, born in 1736, who
also went to Spain, where he was
Lieu tenant-General,

131. Neal O'Neill: son of Neal;
left one daughter named Elinor.



Protestant Bishop of Kildare,

Arms : Ar. a dragon pass, wings elevated ppr. Crest : A hand couped at the
mst holding a sword erect, the point pierced through a boar's head couped f«ssway»
11 ppr.

)aniel O'Neylon, Bishop of Kil-
lare; living in 1583.

2. William, of Turlagh, county
]Jlare : his son.

3. Daniel, of Turlagh ; his son ; d.
!nd March, 1639. He m. Mary, dau.
•f Tirlogh MacMahon, of Clondral-
agh, CO. Clare, and had four sons :

I. William.

II. Daniel,

III. Michael.

IV. John.

4. William O'Neylon




Arms : For the Armorial Bearings of this family, see Burke's "General Armory."

?HIS sirname, it may be said, is of English origin, and should not therefore
>e inserted among Irish genealogies. But, according to some, it is derived
rom the Irish oradh, " excellency ;" and to others from ord, ''order." At
nesent, however, we can only trace the lineage of the following branch of
his ancient family. Edward the First, King of England, who (see p. 38)
s No. 115 on the "The Lineal Descent of the Royal Family," was
wice married, first to Eleanor, sister of Alphonso XL, King of Castile,
Q Spain ; and, second, to Margaret, daughter of Philip III., King of France.
)f this second marriage was born Thomas Plantagenet, from whom this
amily is descended.

115. Edward the First, King of
i^ngland; died 1307.

116. Thomas

Plantagenet :



742 ORD.


O'RE. [part III. ,

117. Lady Margaret : his daughter.

118. Elizabeth: her daughter;
who married John, lord Mowbray.

119. Catherine : their daughter.

120. Sir Thomas Grey: her son ;
who married Alice, daughter of
Ealph Neville, the great Earl of

121. Elizabeth: their daughter;
who married Philip, lord Darcy and

122. John, lord Darcy : their son ;
who married Margaret, daughter of
Henry, lord Grey and Wilton.

123. John, lord Darcy, their son :
who married Iran, daughter of John,
lord Greystock.

124. Richard : their son ; who
married Eleanor, daughter of John,
lord Scroop of Upsal.

125. William, lord Darcy : their
son ; who married Euphemia, dau.
of Sir John Langton.

126. Jane: their daughter; who
married Sir Roger Grey, of Horton.

127. (

) : their daughter

(whose name we do not know) ; who
married Edward Muschamp, of

128. ( ) : their daughter

(whose name we do not know) ; who
married Gawin Ord, of Fen wick.

129. Oliver: their son.

130. Lionel, of Fishburn : his son.

131. Ralph : his son.

132. Lionel, of Sedgefield : his

133. Thomas: his son.

134. George (commonly called
the " Patriarch of the Ords of New-
ton-Ketton") : his son.

135. John, of Newton-Ketton : his

136. Thomas, of Newton-Ketton :
his son.

137. John, of Newton-Ketton : hi&

138. John Robert Ord, of Hough-
ton Hall, Darlington, England : his
son ; living in 1880.


Arms : Az. an eagle disp. ar.

DUBHREAN, a younger brother of Dun who is No. 104 on the "O'Dunn"
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Biaghain (one of the "Four Tribes of
Tara") ; anglicised 0' Began.

104. Dubhrean : son of Dubhghall.

105. Dubhda : his son.

106. Maolcroine : his son.

107. Giollamuire Caoch O'Riag-

hain (" riagh :" Irish, to gibbet) :
his son; Chief of Hy-Riaghain —
now the barony of " Tinehinch,",
in the Queen's County.


O'RE. 743

O'KEILLY.* (No. 1.)
Princes of East Brefney,

Arms : Vert two lions ramp, combatant or, supporting a dexter hand couped at
3 wrist erect and apaumee bloody ppr.

AOLMORDHA, a youDger brother of Aodh or Hugh who is No. 102 on the
O'Kourke" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Bagheallaigh, or O'Badheol-
Igh; anglicised O'Eahilly, O'Reilly, O'Rielly, Eahillyj Raleigh, Reyley,
'elly, Riley, Radley, Ridley, Ryley, and ReilU,

02. Maolmordha or Myles : son

03. Dubhcron : his son.

04. Cathalan : his son.

05. Ragheallachf (-'ragh:" Irish,
race ; " eallach," gregarious) : his
n; slain at the Battle of Clontarf,
•14; a quo O'RagheaUaigh.

06. Artan : his son.

07. Artgal : his son.

08. Connachtach: his son; d. 1089.

109. Macnahoidhche (" oidhche :"
Irish, the night) : his son ; a quo
Mac-na-Hoidhche, anglicised Mac-
Night, Night, and McNeight ; killed

110. Gothfrith [godfrey] : his son ;
killed, 1161.

111. Charles : his son ; died 1196.
Had a younger brother named

112. Annadh [annay] : his son;

♦ O'Reilly: Of this family were (see the "O'Reilly," No. 3 pedigree) Count
jCJcander O'Reilly, a Spanish General, who was bom at Baltrasna, in 1722 ; Coimt
idrew O'Reilly, an Austrian Field- Marshal, who was born in Ireland in 1740 ; the
ost Rev. Edward O'Reilly, Archbishop of Armagh, who was born in Dublin in 1606 ;
Iward O'Reilly, author of an Irish-English Dictionary, of A Chronological Account of
i/rly Four Hundred Iriih Writers {l>xih\in, 1820), and other works relating to Ireland ;
agh O'Reilly, a Barrister born in the county of Cavan, who was Master in Chan-
ry, and Clerk of the Council under James II. in Ireland, and who about 1693
blished Ireland's Case Briefly Stated ; or, a Summary Account of the most Bemark-
le Transactions of the Kingdom since the Beformation.

And of this family was the celebrated Myles "the Slasher" O'Reilly, of a.d. 1641

me, whose son Colonel John Beilly was, according to O'Donovan, the first of the

duly who dropped the Irish distinctive prefix 0' in connection with his name ; it

I8y however, soon afterwards, resumed by his desendants. Colonel John Reilly

dded at Clonlyn and Garry rocock, in the county Cavan, from which he was returned

Member to the Parliament held in Dublin by King James II. On the breaking out

hostilities, this John Reilly raised, at his own expense, a regiment of Dragoons,

lied " Reilly's Dragoons," for the service of his sovereign ; at the head of which,

fought at Derry, Belturbet, the Boyne, Aughrim, and Limerick. He was included

the Articles of Limerick, and so saved his property from confiscation. His

giment does not appear in Dalton's King James's Army List ; but there can be no

lubt of its existence, and of its having been in active service from the Siege of Derry,

1689, till the surrender of Limerick. The only officers of that regiment, of whom we

ive yet read, were members of the Colonel's own family. From him descended

'Eeilly, of Heath House, Queen's County ; and O'Reilly, of Knock Abbey Castle,

Hinty Louth.

t Ragheallach : Some writers consider Badheolach ("radh:" Irish, a saying;
eolach," learned, skilful) as the correct spelling of this name. In this case
'Badheollaigh would be the correct Irish form of the name.

744 0*KE.


o're. [part ii:

was the last King* of East Brefney ;
d. 1220. Had two sons — I.Charles;
2. Fergus (also called Feargal).

113. Charles,. lord of Lower Bref-
ney : son of Annadh ; was killed at
the battle of Moysleaghta, a.d. 1256;
had a brother named FaiTell
Eeilly, who was the ancestor of
" Clann Goffrey."

114. Donal: son of Charles: also
killed at the said battle of Moy-
sleaghta, in 1256 ; had a brother
named Neal Caoch, who was the
ancestor of Brady.

115. Giollaiosa: his son; lord of
Lower Brefney; built the Abbey
of Cavan ; had two brothers ; died
in 1330.

116. Philip, lord of Lower Brefney:
his son; died in 1384.

117. John, lord of Lower Brefney :
his son; died in 1402.

118. Owen na Feasog, lord of
Lower Brefney : his son ; d. 1449.
According to some genealogists this
Owen na Feasog (" feasog," gen.
" feasoige :" Irish, a heard) was the
ancestor of Vesey and Vosey.

119. Charles, lord of Lower Bref-
ney : his son ; d. 1467.

120. John, lord of Lower Brefney :
his son; d. 1510.

121. Myles, lord of Lower Brefney:
his son ; d. 1565.

122. Hugh Conallach, lord o
Lower Brefney : his son ; d. 1583.

123. John Ruadh [roe]: his son
According to some records thi
John, in June, in 1596, resigned th
chieftaincy to his brother Philip
who died in 1601 ; but, accordinj
to others that brother's name wa
Edmond, of Kilnacrott, the las
"O'Eeilly" of the county Cavac
who was elected chief in 1585, an<
who was wounded in the war
against Queen Elizabeth ; of whic;
wounds he died in May, 1601, an<
was buried in the Monastery of th
Franciscan Friars at Cavan. Joh
Ruadh had a brother Mulmore (o
Myles), whose Funeral Entry i
Ulster's Office is dated A.D» 1636.

124. Hugh, lord of Lower Brefney
son of John Ruadh.

125. Myles : his son.

126. Colonel Edmond Buidh
[boy] : his son ; resumed the titl
"O'Reilly;" d. in France in 1693
had a brother named Hugh, wh
was a Captain in France, in 1711.

127. Connell O'Reilly: his son
had a brother named Owen, wh
was Chief of his name ; both living
in France in 1711.

* Last King : The O'Reillys were inaugurated on the Hill of Seantoman or ShM
toman, a large hill between Cavan and Ballyhaise, on the summit of which may stil
be seen the remains of a Druidical temple consisting of several huge stones standii^
upright. In after times the O'Reillys were inaugurated on the Hill of Tullymongan
above the town of Cavan ; and took the tribe name of Muintir Maolmordha or th
People of Maolmordha, one of their celebrated chiefs. This name Maolmordha o
Mulmora was Latinized " Milesius" and angUcised *' Miles" or "Myles,"— a favourit
Christian name with the O'Reillys.


Q'aE. 745

O'REILLY. (No. 2.)
Of Scarva, County Down.

Arms : Quarterly, 1st and 4th, same Arms as " O'Reilly" (No. 1) ; 2nd and Srd,
r. on a mount an oak tree a snake descending the trunk all ppr. supported by two
ons ramp. gu. Crest : 1st. — An oak tree with a snake entwined descendant ppr.
«uing out of a ducal coronet or ; 2ad— An arm mailed in armour, couped at the elbow
le gauntlet grasping a dagger all ppr. Motto : Fortitudine et prudentia.

Idmond, brother of John Ruadh who is No. 123 on the foregoing (No. 1)
O'Reilly" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Reilly, of Scarva, county

123. Edmond, the last " O'Reilly ;"
ved at Kilnacrott, where he built
large castle ; was twice married :
rst to Mary Plunket, daughter of
ord Dunsany, and secondly to
llizabeth Nugent, dau. of Thomas
lOrd Delvin. By the first marriage
lis Edmond had three sons — 1.
ahir, 2. John, 3. Terence ; by the
jcond marriage, three sons — 1.
[yles, surnamed "The Slasher;"

Farrell, 3. Charles. This
dmond d. in 1601 ; was attainted
fter his death by an Act of Parlia-
lent, in the eleventh year of the
5ign of King James I.; and his
jtates forfeited to the Crown.

124. Terence : third son of Ed-
lond, by the first marriage ; had
wo sons — 1. Brian, 2. John.

125. Brian : elder son of Terence;
ad two sons — 1. John, of Belfast,
. Miles, who was a Captain.

126. John, of Belfast: son of

127. Miles of Lurgan: his son.
This Miles had five sons — 1. John,
2. James, 3. Charles, 4. Marlow,
5. another John.

128. John : the fifth son of Miles ;
married in 1738, Lucy Savage, by
whom he had two sons — 1. Daniel,
who died young, and 2. John.

129. John, M.P. for Blessington:
second son of John ; married Jane
Lushington, by whom he had three
sons — 1. John-Lushington, 2. Wil-
liam-Edmond, 3. James-Myles.

130. John-Lushington Reilly, son
of John; married Louisa Temple,
by whom he had five sons, whose
names — except the eldest — we have
not yet ascertained.

131. John Temple Reilly, D.L.,
Scarva-House, Scarva, co. Down:
son of John-Lushington Reilly;
living in 1878.

"O'REILLY." (No. 3.)

Of Heath House, Queen's County.

Arm : Same as " O'ReiUy" (No. 2).

'yles, surnamed " The Slasher" a younger brother of Terence (or Tirlogh),
hois No. 124 on the "O'Reilly" (No. 2) pedigree, was the ancestor of
lis branch of that family.

746 o're.


o're. [part III

124. Myles O'Reilly, "The Slasher:"
son of Edmond, of Kilnacrott, who
was the last " Prince of Brefney."

125. Colonel John Reilly : son of
Myles : omitted the prefix 0' ; raised
at his own expense for the service
of King James II., a regiment
called "Eeilly's Dragoons," at the
head of which he fought at Derry,
Belturbet, the Boyne, Aughrim,
and Limerick, but saved his pro-
perty from confiscation by being
included in the Articles of the
Treaty of Limerick. He married
Margaret, dau. of Owen O'Eeilly,
Esq., by whom he had five sons and
two daus., some of whom d. without
issue. He died on the 17th Feb.,
1717, and was buried in the old
churchyard of Kill, parish of Cross-
arlough, county Cavan, where, in
1836, his tomb was in good preser-
vation. His surviving children
were :

I. Connor, who was a Captain in
his father's regiment, d. s. p.

II. Myles, who was a linen-draper
in Dublin, had three sons who
all d. s. p.

III. Bryan, also a Captain in his
father's regiment, and of whom

IV. Thomas, who was a Lieut.
in his father's regiment, mar.
and had four sons and an only
daughter :* 1. Patrick, d. s. p. ;
2. Philip, a Priest ; 3. James ;f
4. Count Alexander O'Eeilly,

of Spain, J bom 1722 (see Not«
" O'Eeilly," under O'Reilly
No. 1 pedigree, p. 743).

126. Bryan O'Eeilly: third son o
Colonel John Eeilly ; had six sons
all of whom except the eldest d. s. p

127. Myles: the eldest son o
Bryan ; had three sons :

I. Dowell, of whom presently.

II. John Alexander O'Eeilly,
Colonel in the Spanish Service
d. s. p.

III. Matthew, who had seven sons

1. Matthew, who d. s. p.

2. John, who d. s. p. y

3. Myles, who d. s. p.

4. William, who was father
the late William Patricl
O'Eeilly, Major in the Pope'
Brigade, and Assistant Com
missioner of the Board o
Intermediate Education h

5. Walter, who d. s. p.

6. Dowell, of Jamaica.

7. Eichard.

128. Dowell O'Eeilly: eldest soi
of Myles ; was the first of the famil]
that conformed to the late Estab
lished Church in Ireland.

1 29. Myles John O'Eeilly, of Heat!
House, Queen's County: son

130. Myles George O'Eeilly: '■
of Myles John ; representative
Colonel John Eeilly; livin<

* Daughter : This only daughter of Thomas O'Eeilly, the fourth son of ColoiM
John Eeilly, married a Captain Adams, -who assumed the name O'Reilly ; from tha
marriage ttie " O'Eeilly s" of Belmont are descended.

t James : This James O'Eeilly had two sons : 1. Thomas, and 2. Anthony,
d. s.p. This Thomas had six sons : I. James, of whom presently; II. Eobert ; U
Thomas ; IV. Anthony ; V. Stephen ; VI. John. And this (1) James had : 1. Jama
who d. s.p. ; 2. Thomas, who d. s.p. ; 4. Anthony, who had James W. Fortescue O'Reill]
the representative of the line of Thomas O'Eeilly, the fourth son of Colonel Job
Eeilly, son of Myles O'Eeilly, "The Slasher."

t Spain : For the descent of this Count Alexander O'Eeilly of Spain, see Burke
Landed Gentry.

[AP. IV.] o'ke. heremon genealogies.

o'ro. 747

O'REILLY. (No. 4.)
Of Ballynahern, County Wexford,
Arms : Same as " O'EeiUy" (No. 1.)

WEN O'Reilly had:

2. Arthur, who had :

3. Hugh, who had :

4. Cahir, who had :

5. Morogh (his second son), of
Jlynahern, co. Wexford, gent.,
10 d. 5th Dec, 1638. He married

Joan, dau. of John MacDonough, of
Ballanakilly, in the co. Wexford,
and had :

I. Cahir.

II. Brian.

6. Cahir O'Reilly : son of Morogh.

O'REILLY. (No. 5.)

Of Timothan, County Dublin.

Arms : Same as " O'Reilly" (No. 1.)

lELiM O'Reilly had ;

2. Hugh, of Lismyne, co. Cavan,
10 had :

3. Glasney, of Parton, co. Meath.

4. Barnaby, of Timothan, in the
Dublin : the fifth son of Glasney ;
29th June, 1638. He married

Rose, dau. of Richard Arthur, of
Culmullen, co. Meath, and had two
sons: 1. Bartholomew; 2. Gerot.

5. Bartholomew : son of Barnaby ;
m. Amy, dau. of Robert Usher, of

O'ROURKE. (No. 1.)
Princes of West Brefney.

Arras : Or, two lions pass, in pale sa. Crest'. Out of an ancient Irish crown or, an
\ in armour erect, grasping a sword ppr. pommel and hilt gold. Motto : Buagh
tailing "Victory"); Another', Serviendo guberno.

ARGNA, a younger brother of Eochaidh who is No. 92 on the " O'Con-
?*' (Kings of Connaught) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Boairc ; angli-
id O'BourJcef O^Bcn-Jce, O'BuarCf Bourke, BojoJce, and Borke,

J2. Feargna : son of Fergus. I Brunan, by some incorrectly written
•d two sons — 1. Hugh Fionn ; 2. j "Brennan."

748 o'ro.


o'ro. [part n

93. Hugh Fionn : son of Feargna.

94. Scanlan : his son.

95. Crimhthann : his son.

96. Felim : his son.

97. Blamhach : his son.

98. Baothan : his son.

99. Donchadh : his son,

100. Dubhdara : his son.

101. Cobthach (by some called
Carnachan) : his son.

102. Aodh (or Hugh) : his son.
Had a younger brother named
Maolmordha (or Myles), who was
the ancestor of O'Reilly, lords and
princes of East Brefney, now the
county Cavan.

103. Tighearnan (orTiernan): son

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