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Su, in France, where his relics are still preserved and revered. It was at the instance
)f St. Laurence O'Toole that Earl Strongbow added a steeple and two chapels to Christ
Dhnrch Cathedral, Dublin. With five other Irish prelates, St. Laurence O'Toole
ittended a Council at Rome in 1179, a promise having been first exacted from him by

764 o'to.


o'to. [part m

117. Bhaltair (Walters or Walter) :
his SOD ; slain 1200.

118. Gillacaemghin na Ficheall
(" ficheall :" Irish, a bucMer) ; his
son ; a quo MacFicheaill, anglicised
Buckley. Had: 1. Felim (by some
called *'Faolan")j 2. Bathair,
whose son Adam Dubh O'Toole
was in Easter week, A.D. 1326,
burnt in " Hoggin Green" (now
College Green), Dublin ; 3. Dun-
long,* who settled in the Island of
Omey, in lar Connaught, and was
the ancestor of O'Toole of Conne-

119. Felim (or Faolan): son of
Gillacaemghin na Ficheall.

120. David : his son ; taken in

1327 by John Wellesley, and in

1328 was hanged at Dublin. Had :
1. Aedh (or Hugh) ; 2. Donal ; 3.
David, slain in 1368; 4. John,
killed by a clown in 1328.

121. Aedh, Prince of Imaile : son
of David ; slain by the English, in
1376. Hadl.Dermod; 2. Felim,
died 1404 ; 3. Aed, who died of the
plague, 1404; 4. Shane (or John)

Ruadh, who had ; Ruadh, lord of
Imaile, who was the ancestor of
O'Toole, of Toole's Castle (now
called " Talbotstown"), of O'Toole
of Coillsi, of O'Toole of Balleyedan,
of O'Toole of Knight's Castle (or
Castleruddery, in Imaile), O'Toole
of Ballyhubbock, of Newtown, and
of Rathdangan. Shane Ruadh, the
fourth son of Aedh, had :

I. Edmond.

II. Shane, who was slain by
Gerald, Earl of Kildare. This
Shane had :

III. Shane (died 1571), who in
1526 m. a dau. of Sir James
Fitzgerald of Leixlip, Knight
of Rhodes, and had :

IV. Tirlogh, who was slain in
rebellion, and forfeited his
estates in Imaile to the Crown:
these estates were given to
Lord Chichester (see the State
Papers for the year 1608).
Tirlogh had :

Y. Felim(slaininbattle),whohad:

VI. Cahir, of Castleruddery, who

had :

King Henry II., that he would there urge nothing detrimental to the King's interests
in Ireland; because, after the Anglo-Norman invasion, he (St. Laurence O'Toole)
exerted all his influence to urge his countrymen to united resistance to the English
invaders, and, in the enemy's assault on Dublin, braved every danger — encouraging the
defenders of the city, and administering spiritual consolations to the wounded. Wheii
all hope of successful resistance was over, he gave in his adhesion to the Anglo-
Normans, and in 1172 attended Henry II.'s Synod of Cashel, where many new canom
were enacted for the government of the Irish Church. In 1180, Archbishop O'Toole
was entrusted with the delivery of the son of the Monarch Roderick O'Connor, tc
Henry II., as a hostage. He followed the King to Normandy ; but taking ill almost
immediately after his arrival there, died at Eu, as above mentioned.

* Dunlong : This (119) Dunlong of Omey in lar Connaghi had : (120) Tuathal,
who had: (121) Doncuan, who had: (122) Diarmid Sugach, who had : (123) Diarmid
Oge, who had : (124) Amhailgadh, who had: (125) Aedh, who had: (126) Tuath»l,i
who had : (127) Tuathal Oge, who had : (128) Felim, who had : (129) Tiboid (o«
Theobald), of Omey, who was hanged in 1586 by Sir Richard Bingham, and whose
Estates were confiscated to the Crown. This Tiboid had : (130) Edmond, who had;
(131) Fergnan, who had : (132) Cornelius or Connor O'Toole, who fought for King
James II. at the Battle of the Boyne, and then settled at Kilcogny, in the co. Cavan,
This Cornelius had : (133) Connor, who had four children, namely — 1. IVIathevH
2. Richard, 3. Margaret, 4. Mary. This (134) Mathew had four children, namely-^
1. Cornelius, 2. Richard, 3. Catherine, 4. Margaret (died 1876). This (135) Comeliul
O'Toole, a merchant in Dublin, and living in 1883, has had : (136) Cornelius O'Toole j
Joseph O'Toole ; Rev. Mathew B. O'Toole, O.C.C., Carmelite College, Terenure, ca
Dublin : Eliza ; Rosanna ; Josephine (dead) ; and Mary, wife of Mr. Farrellyi
merchant, living in 1883.




o'to. 765

VII. Dermot, who d. in 1622.-—
See his will, which is one of
the oldest in the Eecord Office.
Dermot had :

VIII. Cahir (or Charles) of Bally-
hubbock, in Imaile, who for-
feited his lands to Cromwell.
Hoping to regain his estates
he joined the Standard of
King James II., and fought
at the battle of the Boyne,
where he shot the Duke of
Schomberg, while crossing the
river ; d. 1702. Charles had :

IX. Patrick, of Newtown and
Oldmill, in Imaile, who died
1770, and had:

X. Patrick, of same place, who
d. 1830, and had— 1. Michael,
of whom presently ; 2. John ;
3. Laurence ; 4. Thomas ; 5.

XI. Michael, of Newtown, the
eldest son of Patrick, d. 1846,
and had : 1. Patrick, of Holly-
park, Rathfarnham, CO. Dublin;

2. Mary ; 3. James ; 4. Bridget ;
5. John of Raheen, in Imaile.

XII. Patrick, the eldest son of
Michael, m. Sarah Grehan, of
Donard, and had :

XIII. 1. Thomas (a student in
Terenure College) ; 2 Patrick ;

3. Jane ; 4. Mary ; all living in

Castlekevin Branch.

122. Dermod : eldest son of Aedh ;
ain in 1445, at the age of eighty

123. Theobald: his son; d. 1460.

124. Edmond : his son ; slain in
tSS by the sons of Teige

^125. Art : son of Edmond ; died
199. Had : 1. Art Oge, of Castle-
evin ; 2. Felim ; 3. Tirlogh, slain
i 1542. This Art Oge,, of Castle-
evin, was slain in 1517. He had :

I. Aedh (or Hugh), who in 1523
was slain by the O'Bymes;
and Luke (died 1578) who m.
Rice Basnett, and had : — 1.
Felim ; 2. Donoch ; 3. Hugh ;
4. Alexander ; 5. Barnaby, who
died 17th January, 1597.

II. Barnaby, the fifth son of Luke,
who m. Honor O'Moore and
had :— 1. Luke (died 1652) ; 2.
Arthur ; 3. Cahir ; 4. Margery.

IIL Luke, the eldest son of
Barnaby, who, at the age of 75,
d. in 1652 in prison in Dublin
Castle. Had : 1. Barnaby (d.
1691), of Harold's Grange ;
2. Donogh, who was a Lieut.-
Col. in the Irish Confederate
Army of 1642; 3. Christopher,
a Major in the same Confed-
erate Army, and slain in the
Wars of the Revolution ;
4. Tirlogh, who was also a
member of the Irish Catholic
Confederation of that period,
and from whom the present
O'Tooles of Castlekevin and
Glendalough are descended.

IV. Barnaby (d. 1691), of Harold's
Grange : son of Luke. Had :
1. Luke, of Fairfield, county
Wexford; 2. Arthur; 3. Fran-
cis, M.P. for Wicklowin 1688,
and who d. 1720.

V. Luke O'Toole, of Fairfield :
the eldest son of Barnaby, who
d. 1750. Had:

VI. Laurence (d. 1794), who had :

VII. Laurence (d. 1782), who had:
VIIL Laurence (d. 1820), who

had ;

IX. Joseph Laurent (living in
1883); President de laChambre
du Commerce de I'lle de la
Reunion France. Had :

X. Thomas O'Toole, living ' in

Fowerscourt Branch.

126. Tirlogh O'Toole, of Powers-

766 OTO.


o'to. [part n^

court : third son of Art ; slain in
1542 by Shane O'Toole of Imaile.
Had: 1. Luke; 2. Tirlogh, slain
ante 1542 ; 3. Brian an Cedach
(" cedach :" Irish, a mantle), who
in 1547 defeated the Fitzge raids at
Three Castles, near Blessington ;
4. Felim (slain, 1599), lord of
Powerscourt, in the co. Wicklow,
who in 1590 forfeited his lands,
which in 1603 were granted to
Sir Richard AVingfield, an ancestor
of the present Lord Powerscourt,
of Enniskerry; 5. Dermod, who
had :

I. Donoch O'Toole, who had :

II. Garret O'Toole, of Powers-
court, who had :

III. Kate, who was m. to Art
O'Neill, alias Payne, who is
No. 129 on the (No. 2) "O'Neill"
(Princes of Tyrone) genealogy.

127. Felim O'Toole: the fourth
son of Tirlogh ; slain in 1599.

128. Garrett: his son; slain in

129. Tirlogh*: his son; m. Miss
Kavanagh ; slain at D ublin Castle
in 1625. Had a sister, Winefrid,
who was married to a son of Feagh
(MacHugh) O'Byrne, a celebrated
Chieftain in the county Wicklow,
who is No. 130 on the "O'Byrne"
(Lords of Kanelagh) pedigree.

130. Donoch, of O'Toole's Castle,
near Kiltegan, son of Tirlogh;
slain in battle, 1690.

131. Tirlogh (or Terence): his
son; who, refusing to conform to
the Protestant religion, forfeited
his estate, and migrated to Drum-
quin, near Kiltegan, in Imaile : d.

132. Patrick (d. 1790), of Bally-
toole and Ballymooney, in Imaile :
his son ; m. Mary Donohoe. Had :

I. Terence, of Ballymooney and
Donard, of whom presently.

* Tirlogh : Deprived of almost all his family patrimony tliis Tirlogh lingered
amongst his friends and kinsfolk on the western side of the mountains near Kiltegan,
county Wicklow ; expecting to be able to muster a sufficient number of his clansmen
and friends to retake his family Castle and Estates of Powerscourt ; as may be seen
by reference to the State Papers of a.d. 1608. Writing to the Earl of Salisbury, the
then Lord Chancellor of Ireland says :

" . . . Has received advertisement of stirs to be raised in Leinster during the
absence of the Lord Deputy, by some of the O'Tooles, Kavanaghs, and others. Has
been careful to discover their purposes. And first, for the O'Tooles : Has heard that
that base uncle plotted with a nephew named Tyrlagh O'Toole, to surprise the Castle
of Powerscourt, within eight miles of Dublin, possessed by Mr. Marshall, to kill his
ward there, to gather forces, and to enter into action of rebellion. The said Tyrlagh
has also used his credit to gather lately some companies of the O'Moores out of the
Queen's County (which Sept will prove a dangerous one, ready to be entertained for
mischief upon all occasions), and to allow some confederates of the Kavanaghes, and
other loose persons of these mountains near Dublin to take his part ; who have all
given him promise of assistance. As yet, however, he sees no fear of danger. Tyrlagh
lurks secretly amongst his friends ; the want of arms and munitions and powder i
some stay to him and the rest, but the principal thing that stayed them is their
expectation of foreign forces, the return of Tyrone, and the uncertainty of seveTB,
chastisement in the return of the Lord Deputy.

St. Sepulcre's, near Dublin,

7th August, 1608."



This Tirlogh O'Toole and his descendants never recovered Powerscourt ; on the
contrary, they forfeited to the Crown whatever remained of his estates in Imaile ;
and, as above shown, he was slain at Dublin Castle in 1625. His descendants were
reduced to the position of farmers, compelled to labour, and till those lands their
fathers once held in fee :

" Alas ! that might could conquer right."

liAP. IV.] o'to. heremon genealogies.

o'to. 767

II. Denis (d. 1850), who removed
to Slieveroe, near Blessington,
CO. Wicklow, and m. Miss Finn,
by whom he had :

I. John (died 1879), of whom

II. Mary.

III. Terence.
lY. Patrick.

V. Denis.

VI. Sarah.

VII. Edward.

VIII. James.

IX. Timothy.

X. Catherine.
John, the eldest son of John,

son of Denis, had : I. John,
II. Patrick, III. Henry,
lY. Thomas, V. Kate,
VI. Jane, VII. Eliza,
VIII. Sarah.

III. John (d. 1812), the third son
of Patrick, had :

I. Patrick (living in 1883),
who had :

II. John, also living in 1883.

IV. Mary, who d. 1815.

V. Sarah, who d. 1812.

33. Terence (or Tirlogh), of
illymooney and Donard : eldest
a of Patrick, who died 1790 ; m.
aryHeadon; d. 1817. Had: 1.
jrence, who d. s.p. ; 2. Mary, wife

of William Mooney ; 3. Anne, died
1826 ; 4. Denis, of whom presently;
5. Patrick, d. 1832 ; 6. Sarah.

134. Denis : fourth son of Terence ;
married Anne Byrne, died 1849.
Had : 1. Terence ; 2. Mary, who d.
1863 ; 3. Anne, who died 1862; 4.
Anthony, who died 1834 ; 5. Rev.
Patrick Laurence O'Toole, O.C.C.,
living (in Dublin) in 1883; 6. An-
thony, of Mountpleasant Square, co.
Dublin, living in 1883 (who married
Alice O'Donohoe, and had: I.Kevin,
II. Alice, III. Anne, IV. Lawrence,
V. Eva (died young), VI. Cathleen,
VII. Arthur — all, except Eva,
living in 1883) : 7. Denis, who d.
1879; 8. Sarah, wife of James
Meythen, Merchant, 35 South King
Street, Dublin (living in 1883) ;
8. Lawrence, d. young.

135. Terence : eldest son of Denis ;
d. in 1872 in St. Louis, United
States, America. Was married to
Margaret Barry, of Buttevant,
county Cork, and had: — 1. Denis,
2. Anthony, 3. Mary, 4. Sarah,
5. Margaret— all of whom living in
St. Louis, in 1883.

136. Denis O'Toole, of St. Louis,
United States, America : eldest son
of Terence ; b. 1862 ; and living in

O'TOOLE. (No. 2.)

Of Connemara.

Arms : Same as those of "O'Toole" (No. 1).

JNLONG, a brother of Faolan who is No. 1 18 on the (foregoing) " O'Toole'
linces of Imaile) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Toole^ of Connemara.*

^ Connemara : About the time of King Henry VIII., a branch of the O'Tooles of

'inster migrated to the West of Ireland, and settled in the island of Omey, in lar

West) ConnangJd, where their descendants still remain- Under a.d. 15S6, Tiboid

Theobald), who is No. 127 on the foregoing pedigree, is, in the Annals of the Four

768 o'to.


REi. [part n

119. Tuathal : son of Dunlong.

120. Duncuan : his son.

121. Dermod Sugach : his son.

122. Dermod Oge : his son.

123. Awley : his son.

124. Hugh: his son.

125. Tuathal: his son.

126. Felina: his son.

127. Tiboid (or Theobald) :
son ; living in 1586.

128. Edcnond O'Toole : his son,



Arms : Ar. on a mount in base vert an oak tree acomed ppr.

CORMAC, the third son of Cu-corb, King of Leinster, who is No. 85 on tl
" O'Connor" (Faley) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Cuirc (" cuirc
Irish, a head, a tvhittle, a swathe) ; anglicised Cuirkj Quirk, QuirkCj Eecu
and Whittle.

86. Cormac : son of Cucorb.

87. lomcdadh : his son.

88. Labhradh : his son.

89. Lugaidh [luy] : his son ; ha
six brothers. This Luy was tl
ancestor of Gatcley.

Of Redland Grove, Clifton, County of Somerset, England,

Arms :* Ar. on a mound an oak tree entwined by a serpent descending the truj
all ppr., and supported by two lions ramp. gu. Crest : A mailed arm grasping
dagger, couped at the elbow, all ppr. Motto ; Fortitudine et pmdentia.

A BRANCH of the ''O'Reilly" (No. 2) family, after their property had be*
confiscated under the Cromwellian Settlement, settled in the county Coi
about the middle of the seventeenth century :

1. John Reily^(armig,), of Scarva
House, had :

I. John, who went abroad J


Masters, described as '* a supporter of the poor, and keeper of a house of hospitaliig
(i.e. a Biatach) ; and was hanged by a party of English soldiers imder Sir Richa
Bingham, who were sent on a predatory excursion to lar-Connaught. " The pres«
O'Tooles of Connemara," says Dr. John O'Donovan, "are reduced to poverty; ai
are utterly ignorant of their origin."'

* Arms : According to Warren's Guide to the Study oj Boole Plates, P. II., p. 2l
*' The book plate of John Reilly, Esq., of the Middle Temple, 1679, is on a monnda
oak tree, a snake descending the trunk, supported by two lions rampant. Crest :^ 0»
of a ducal coronet an arm mailed in armour couped at the elbow, and grasping
dagger. Motto: Fortitudine et pmdentia."



ROB. 769

II. Joseph, of whom presently.

III. Isaac, went to India.

IV. Jacob, also went to India.
v. George, who d. unm.

VI. James, also d. unm.

VII. Jane, who m. John Hazle,
Esq., of Kock Castle, co. Cork,
and had: 1. John Hazle, who
married a daughter of George
Shaw, of Cork (sister of John
George Shaw, Esq., who was
twice Mayor of Bristol, Eng-
land), but had no issue; 2.
William, who m. Eliza Jane
Hamilton ; 3. Henry, who died
unm. at Paris in 1830 ; 4. Eliza-
Jane, who m. Fitzmaurice, of
Dunmanway, and had one son
(a lawyer), and one daughter.

Vni. Elizabeth, who m. Don
Bibra de Bilboa.

IX. Mary.

X. Isabella.

2. Joseph Reilly, of " Kingsaile"
low *' Kinsale") : second son of
ohn ; born 29th March, 1773, died
1st March, 1834 ; married Ellen,
ster of Major James Sweeny, of
[er Majesty's 62nd Eegiment of
oot (Deputy Governor-General of
anada under Lord Dalhousie), and
ad issue :

I. Joseph, eldest son, born 1806,
died 1859.

II. Jane, b. 3rd Jan., 1800, died
3rd Jan., 1862 ; m. Christopher
Cleburne, of Rock Cottage, Esq.

III. Ellen, b. 1808, d. unm. 30th
Mar. 1859.

IV. William Henry, b. 1809, d.
1st March, 1839.

V. Bridget, born 1810, died 23rd
Oct., 1845.

VI. Bessie, born 1812, d. 1847;
married Mr. Coffey.

VII. James, b. 1811, died 29th
July, 1851 ; m. Isabella Torey,
and had issue James, b. 1844,
and Isabella.

VIII. John, b. 1814, died 22nd
May, 1848.

IX. Sampson, of whom presently.

X. George, born 1819, died 24th
Aug., 1847.

XL Roger, b. 1818, d. 7th March,
1845 ; married Matilda Hillier,
in 1843, and had Matilda, b.
1844, who m. Mr. Collins (a
lawyer) of London.

XIL Ann-Isabella, b. 1823, died
17th July, 1837.

XIII. Mary.

3. Sampson Reily^ of Leinster-
Villa, Redland Grove : son of
Joseph; b. 14th May, 1815.


Chiefs of Clann Donachaidh,

Arms : Gn. three wolves' heads erased ar. Crest : A dexter hand erect, holding
1 imperial crown all ppr. Motto : Virtutis gloria merces.

•CCORDING to Skene (the author of " Celtic Scotland"), King Duncan,
le eldest son of Malcolm III., was the ancestor of Robertson ; and the
.obertsons are called Claim Donnachaidlif which means " the descendants
I Duncan." (See, in p. 565, Note under "MacUais" pedigree.) As


770 ROB.


ROB. [part I

Malcolm III. of Scotland is (see p. 38) No. 109 on "The Lineal Descce:
of the Koyal Family of England," his son Duncan must be No. 110


110. Duncan : eldest son of Mal-
colm III. of Scotland.

111. Robert : son of Duncan.

112. Duncan (2) : his son.

113. Duncan (3) : his son.

114. Robert: his son.

115. John : the son of Robert.
Assumed the sirname Robertson;
living in 1448.

116. Laurence: his son; had a
brother named William. John
Robertson, son of Laurence, having
died without issue, was succeeded
by his uncle William.

117. John, son of William ; second
son of John No. 115; was a man
of great strength and courage, and
was therefore called *' Stalwart
John." He married, first, a dau. of
Hugh Rose, of Kilravock, by whom
he had an heir and successor. He
married, secondly, a dau. of Fearn,
of PitcuUen, by whom he had three
sons and one daughter.

118. William : one of those three
sons, by the second marriage;
became first of the Robertsons of
Kindeace. He married Elspeth,
dau. of the Rev. Thomas Howison,
minister of Inverness, by whom he
had six sons and three daughters.
The first two, William and George,
d. unmarried, before their father.

119. Gilbert, of Kindeace: third
and eldest surviving son of William,
No. 118. He mar. Margaret, eldest
dau. of Colin Mackenzie of Red-
castle, by whom he had two sons

and several daughters. The elde
son William, died before his fathe

120. Colin, of Kindeace, the secoi
son of Gilbert ; married a daught
of Sir Robert Munro, Bart.,
Fowlis, by whom he had two soe
"William and George.

121. William, of Kindeace: elde
son of Colin. He was twice ma
ried — first, to Catherine, daught
of Robertson of Shipland, by who
he had two sons and several daug
ters ; secondly, to Anne, daught
of Sir John Munro, Bart., of Fowli
by whom he had no issue.

122. George: second son of W:
liam. of Kindeace; was SherL
Depute and Commissary of Roe
He married Agnes, daughter <
John Balfour, of Aldourie, by who:
he had four sons.

123. Andrew Robertson: elde
son of George ; was Provost an
Sheriff-Substitute of Dingwall. E
married Anne, daughter of Coli
Mackenzie, a Bailie of Dingwa]
by whom he had, among others,
daughter Anne who married, as h
second wife, the late Sir John Gla<
stone, Baronet, of Fasque, Kinca
dineshire, by whom she had issu
amongst other children, the Rigl
Hon. William Ewart Gladstone,
of Hawarden, in Flintshire, M.I
and First Lord of the Treasury i

* William Ewart Gladstone : This venerable gentleman (living in 1887) is descend<
on the mother's side from the ancient Mackenzies of Kintail, through whom is intr
duced the blood of The Bruce, of the ancient Kings of Man, and of the Lords of tl
Isles, and Earls of Ross ; also from the Munros of Fowlis, and the Robertsons of Str
wan and Athole. His descent on the father's side is from the ancient Scottish famil
of Gledstaine (" gleadh :" Irish, tricks, humour ; " stain," tiyi or latten). Mr. Gladstoi
is thus eminently Celtic in origin and descent both on the father's, and mother's side


Arms : Vert on a mount in base ppr. a boar pass er.

CHACH, brother of Feig who is No. 88 on the "O'Hanlon" pedigree, was
; ancestor of O'Ruagain ; anglicised Bogan,



ROG. 771

HL EuADH (ruadh : Irish, " red ;" Wei. rhydh ; Lat. ru-fus ; Fr. rou-ge ;
'. eruth-ros), who is No. 112 on the " O'Neill" (Princes of Tyrone) pedi-
38, was the ancestor of O'Buaidhe ; anglicised Boe^ and Bowe, j

38. Eachach (" eachach :" Irish,
laving many horses") : son of
lim; a quo Ua Eachaigh^ and
icEachaigh, anglicised Mageough,
gough, Magoff, Goff, Gough, and

B9. OlioU : his son ; lord of the
ritory of Eachach M6r ; had a
ther, named Cathfoighid, who
s lord of Eachach Beag.
30. Amhailgadh [awly] : son of
oil; a quo Cineal Amhailgadh,
w " Clanawley," in the co. Down.
)1. Fearach : his son ; had two
>thers — 1. Rory, 2. Fraochran.
)2. Giall-Dubh : son of Ferach.
)3. Armeadh : his son ; a quo
nn Armeidh ; had a brother
ned Sineach, a quo Clann

94. Conmaol : son of Armeadh ;
had a brother named Cineadh
(" cineadh," gen. " cinuidh :" Irish,
a nation, a kind ; Lat. " gen-us ;"
Gr. " gen-os") ; a quo O'Cinnidh, an-
glicised Kenny (of (Jlster).

95. Ruarach : son of Clonmaol.

96. Ceallach : his son ; had a
brother named Allen.

97. Ruagan ("ruaig:" Irish, to
pursue; "an," one tcho): son of
Ceallach ; a quo O'Buagain.

98. Eochagan : his son.

99. Cumascach : his son.

100. OlioU : his son.

101. Muireadach: his son.

102. Rory : his son.

103. Morogh Fionn O'Ruagain :
his son.

Arms : Az. a fess betw. a fleur-de-lis in chief and a mallet in base all or.

RY, brother of Donal who is No. 104 on the ''MacDonneir (of Antrim)
igree, was the ancestor of MacRuadhri and O'Buadhri, of Ardstratha (or

772 ROG.


ROY. [part

" Ardstraw"), in the county Tyrone ; anglicised MacRory and Bory, an
modernized Bodgers, Rogers, Roger, and Rogerson. j

104. Euadhrigh ("ruadh": Irish, 106. Rory MacEory : his son; fill
red haired ; Lat. "ru-fus;" and -^ ^^~ x__-:i.- .i._. .i .t.

* righ : " Irish, a Jring) : son of
Alexander ; a quo MacRuadhri, etc.

105. Allan : his son.

of the family that assumed tl^

107. Eandal MacEoiy,* of
straw : his son.


Of England.

Arms :t The ancient Arms were : Gu. three lions pass. or.

The following names carefully trace the Stem of the Eoyal Family, froi It
King Malcolm III. (or Malcolm Ceann Mor) down to Walter, lord stewar
of Scotland, the M6r 3Uiaor Leamhna (or " Great Steward of Lennox") (
the Irish annalists ; a quo (see the " Stewart" pedigree) the sirnairi
Stewart. As Malcom III. (see p. 38) is Xo. 109 on the "Lineal Desceil
of the Eoyal Family of England," we commence this genealogy with thjf
number : j

109. Malcolm the Third, king of
Scotland, ascended the throne, A.D.
1057, and d. A.D. 1094. Malcolm's
father. King Duncan, was murdered
by Macbeth, A.D. 1041, upon which
occasion this Malcolm and his
brother Donald Bane who d. 1098
(ban: Irish, ivJiite ; hahhi: Heb.
hright)^ to avoid the same fate from
Macbeth, fled into Ireland, where,
and in England, they spent the

most part of their time during tli
life of the usurper. Malcolm's eld«
son was also Duncan II., King <
Scotland, who d. 1095.

110. David: Malcolm's younga
son; King of Scotland; d. 115?
m. Maud of Northumberland.

111. Henry, prince of Scotland
his only son ; who d. in his father
life-time, leaving issue three son!
viz. : King Malcolm the Fourth, wh

* Bandal MaeRory : At present we are unable to supply the links in this gene
logical chain down to Thomas MaeRory (or MacRogers), who a.d. 1689, was living i
" The Three County March," parish of Ardstraw, in the co. Tyrone. This Thonu
•was twice married : his son Daniel, by the first marriage, had six sons, five of who)

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