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Princets>n, N. J.

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!» \


The ADVANTAGE of the

Kingdom of Chrift,

In the Shaking of the

Kingdoms of the World ;

Providential Alterations in their Sub
ferviency to C H R I S T^ Exal^

Opened in a


Preached to the


A folemn Day of THANKSGIVING
for the Deftrudion of the 5 C T^
Army at IVorceJier^ with fundry
other Mercies.

By John OwEN^, Mimjicr of the Gojpcl.

Vol. U

Printed for J o s e p h M a r s h a l l at the

Bit/c in Kcwgiitc-flrrct, 1720.

Tuef day the 2 8. o( OSloher^ 1^51.

Ordered by the Parliament,

THA T the Thanks of this Uoiife he given to
Mr. Owen Dean of Chr ift-Church in
Oxford, y^r his great Tains taken in his Sermon
preached before /^^ P a R L i a m e n T at Mar-
garef i" Weflminfter, on Friday the 24/6 of 0£lo-
ber, ( being a Day fet apart for Vuhlick Thankf-
giving:) And that he he defired to Frint his Ser-
mon: And that he have the like Vrivilege in
Printing the fame^ as others in like Cafe have ufurU
ly had. And that the Lord General do give him \ he
Thanks of this Houje, and defire him to Frint his
Sermon accordingly.

Hen. Scobell^ Cler. Parh


Supreme Authority of the Nation,

The COMMONS AlFcmblcd in


Right Honourable,

F all the Times tvhich the Holy One o^
Ifrael hath canjcd to pafs over the Kation^
of the JVorldy there hath not any (from the
T>ays of Old) been Jo filled uith eminent
Dtfccveries of his Prefence, Power^ and Frj^
vtdence in difpofwg of all Affairs here Below ^
according to the Couniel ot his own Will,
as the Scdfon wbcrem he hath made lou a Spc(^acle unto
Men and Angels, being the Injirumnit in his Hand, to prr-
form ail his Flcafurc. JMcitber in this Sealcn hath he^
upon any Opportunity^ fo ghrioufly laid huld upon his own
Strength and Goodnejs^ to manifcjt the Fixcdnels of his Eye
on thofe who are as the Apple of it, as in that mighty Dc-
liveranee^ the high Praifes whereof^ according to his good
Hand upon you, you Utcly rcndred unto him.

The more Beauty and Vefirablenefs any I^efjgn again jl tJjc
Lord Chrifi is cloathcd withal^ the more Power ard Subiilty
it is fupported with^ the greater is the Br'ie.htuvh of his
Coming for its Wajhng and Vefolation, fVith what Dc-
ceivablcnefs of Unrighteoufncfs, and Lyes in Hypocrily,
the late grand Attempt of thofe in Scotland, with then Ad^
herents^ (which alfo was of the former, ani is gone into Dc-
firuUion) was carried on^ is^ in fomc meajur , now made
fiskcd to the loathing of its Abominations. In digi^ing deip^
to lay a Foundation for Blood and Revenge ; ;/; covering pri^
vate and fordid Ends^ with a Pretence of Ihings puhlick and
glorious ; in limning a face of Kdigion upon a worldly Sto^k ;
in concealing difiant Aims and bloody Annrnfities^ to cowpjfs
$ne Common End^ that a Iheatre might be provided to ail

A 3 fvcral

The Epiftle Dedicatory

feveral Parts upon ; in pleading a Mcefjiy frvn? an Oath of
God UHto moji dtfprate Undertakings againji God ; and
fuch-lih Ihings as thfe: Ferhapy it gives not place to any
rJhich fortnet Ages have been acauainted withal. Notp ta
rejeli all the Claims of the Authors and Abettors thereof^
to any Commifton from Above, to diveft them of all Pretences
to Religion and Zeal thereof^ to difappoint them in their ex^
peeled A{fociations^ and to mak^ all their Strength to become
as Tow that hath frock the Fire, hath been his Workalone^
who takes to himfelf his great Power, to carry on the In-
tereft of his Kingdom againji all Oppofers, Vndcr the
Ihadow of this Mercy^ compofed of as many Branches of
Wifdom^ Popper^ Goednefs^ and Faithfulnejs^ as any out-
ward Vifpcnfation hath brought forth^ fince the Name of
Chriniatt was known, d§ lou now fit in Council^ and the
Kefidueofih Nation in Peace, What Obligations from the
Lord ? What Cords of Love are upon us ? The Returnal
and Improvement of all his Dealings with us^ which he re-
quireth and expcUeth from us^ I have pointed you unto in the
following Sernion. For the prefent, I jhall only add^ that'
as whatever there hath been, of Beauty^ Glory^ or Advantage
unto the People of God in the late Jranfaltions^ hath been
eminently of undefcrved Grace ; fi the dreadful Vengeance
which the Lord hath executed againji the Men of his Enmity
and Warfare^ hath hen mpft righteoufly procured, by their
cloathing curfed Vefigns of Revenge^ Perfecution^ Bondage in
Soul and Body, Spoil and Rapine^ with the mofl glorious
Pretences of Zcal^ Covenant^ Eefermation^ and fuchM^e
Things^ which mvir came into their Hearts, Therefore^ that
ih^ God of all our Mercies and Deliverances weuld for ever
keep alive in your Hearts a faithful Acknowledgement of his
Grace^ and a pratlical Detefiation of thofe Ways which are
flich a Provocation to the Lyes of his Glory ^ Jhall be the con^
jiant Prayer of\

From my Your moA humble Servant

Study, Ch,

Ch, Oxon. Ui our dearcft Lord,

Nov. 7*

John Owe?/.

The ADVANTAGE of the

Kingdom of Chrift, ire

E Z E K. xvii. 24.

Ani all the trees of the field pall knovff that I
the Lord have brought down the high tree,
and have exalted the lovo tree, have dried up
the green tree, and have made the dry tree to
flourijl) : I the Lord have fpoken it, and have
done it,

although all the Works of God's Provi-
dence, (which are ireat, and fought
cut of all that have Fleafurc in them,
Pfal. III. 7.) have fuch a Stamp and
Imprefs of his own Image on them,
his Wifdom, Goodncfs, Power, Love,
that they declare their Author, and reveal from Hea-
ven his Kindnels and Wrath towards the Children of

A i Men,

6 the Advantage of the Kingdom of Chrijt^ &c.

Men, FfaL jp. i, 2. Rom. i. i8. A&s 27. 26, 27.
Yet lucii are the Prejudices, Lulls, Inordinacy of At-
feaions and Interefts of many, that it hath always
htm a long and difficult Task to convince them of his
Trefence in them, when it hath been moil uncon-
trollably evident.

The Egyptians will wreftle with many a Plague, by
thinking the Magicians can do fo^ Exod. 7. 11, 12,
and the ?hilijiincs will try to the utmoll whether it
be his liand^ or a Chance^ that it hapned to them,
I Sam. 6. 9. Lord (fairh the Prophet) when thy hand
is lifted lip^ they will not fee ^ lia. 16. 11.

Yea, of ten-times, (er^pcchlly wh^n judicial Blindnefs
is gone forth upon them, Ifa, 6. 11, 12.) though they
cannot but iee his Arm awaked, as of old, and made
bare, they will not reft in his fbveraign Difpolal of
Things, but rife up againfl the Works of his Revenge
and Hoiinels: like Wild Beafts that are purfued,
when all Ways of Efcape and Turning are fliut up,
they fly in the Face of him that follows them : They
repent not of their evil deeds, bta bite their tongues
for anger, and blafpheme theGodofheaven^ Rev. i^.

10, IT.

Yea, fuch is the Power of deceivable LuJIs, that
many will admire at the Blindnefs of others in former
Generations, who confidered not the Works of God,
(as the Jetvs in the Wildernefs,) when themfelves are
under aflual Contempt of no lels glorious Difpenfi-
tions ^ like the Fharifees, who bewailed the Folly of
jher Fathers in perfecuting the Frophets, when Them-
ielves were endeavouring to kill the Son of God^
Matth. 2^ 29, 30.

To bring then upon the Spirits of Men a Convi^ion
of the Works of God, and his Righteoufnefs therein,
lb as to prevail with them to reft in his Determina-
tion of Things, is a Task meet only for him who


preach d to the ParUament^ Oft. 24. 1651,

knows all their Hearts w"thin them, and can carry on
the Iflbes ot his Providence, until to a man thcv Jhall
fiiy^ Verily there is a revOiird for the righteous : ve-
rily he is a God vrho juJgeth in the earth, PfaL 58. 11,
and this is that which the Lord here undertakes to
accomplilh. xind, laith he, all the trees^ &c.

In the Preaching and Prophelying oi'Ezekiel, this
one thing, among others, is eminent, that he was
Art if ex Faraboliiruf?!, a wonderiul Framcr oiSimiH-
tudes and Parables, Ezek. 20. 45. a way of Teach-
ing, attended with much Evidence, Clearneft, and

In particular, he frequently compares the World
to a Held, or a Foreji, and the Inhabitants of it to
the Trees therein. An AUufion exceedingly proper,
confidering the great Variety, and Difterence ot'Con-
dirion both of the one and the other. The Trees of
the Held are fome hi^h, fbme low, fome green, fbme
dry, Ibme ftrong, rbme weak, fome lofty, fbme con-
temptible, ibixit fr^jtjul, fome barren, fome ufeful,
fome altogether uj^hifs : So that you have all forts of
Perfons, High and Low, of what Condition, Relation,
or Interelt ibever, clearly reprefented by the Trees of
the Field ; and thefe are the Trees in my Text.

This Chapter, unto ver, 22. is taken up in a Rid-
dle, a Parable, with the Expofition of it, chap. 17. 2.
The Time being come, that God would dellroy the
Outward Viilble Monarchy of the Jews, for their
Falle-worfliip, Tyranny, Perfecution, and Opprdlion ^
he employs the King of Babylon in that Work, 2 Qjron,
^6, 17. who fubdues the Nation, takes away two
Kings one after another, and appoints Zedekiah a
Titulary Governor under him, 2 Kings 14. t, 2, ?.
But the Wrath of God being to come upon xhora to
the uttermoft, he alio clofes with Egypt, rebels againlt
him by whofe Appointment alone he had any Right

A 4 to

8 The Advantage of the Kivgdcm of Chrifi. 6cc,

m II ■ « I ■ . — .-

to ^ be a Ruler, ver, i6. lb Way is made, by his
Ruin, ro r-t an End to the Kingly Reign of the Houfe
O^Dav'h- Jerufale7n, Jer. 29. 16, 17.

The T .-rd had, of old, ere£led a Kingly Govern-
tnent ir/;!^:" Houfe of David. Not for any Emi-
nency in^-; Government it felf, or for the Civil
Advantage I that People •, for he had long before
chofen and- c 'blifhed another, confifting oi feven-
ty elders of the people^ Numb. 11. 24. to whom
he added Prophets and Judges extraordinarily railed
up in leveral Generations, according to his Promife,
J^eut^ t8. 18. which when the People rejefled, he
faid. They reje^ed him, or his Inftitution, i Sam, 8. 7.
but that it might be ^ + Type of the Spiritual Domi-
nion of their MeJJiah, and fo was a part of their Pe-
dagoj^ie and Bondage, as were the refidue of their
Types every one of them'^ yea, the molt glorious En-
joyn-ienti whatlbever, which were granted them, which
did vet reprefent Ibmething that was afterwards to be
brought in, was part of that fervile Estate wherein
God kept that People, that without us they fhould
not be made perfeO:. But now this Carnal People
beholding the "outward Beauty, Luftre, and Glory of
the Type, they began to relt in it, to the negle£l
of the Spiritual \\ Kingdom of Chrift reprefented
thereby. And thus did they with the reft of their
Types, until the Lord deftroyed all their outward
Pomp and Glory, Ifa. i, 11, 12. ^er. 7.4, 14, 15:.
So in particular dealt he with their Kingly Govern-
?z?^^?r, when -once they began to account their iB^;?-
dage their Glo?% and to embrace the Shadow inftead

* ]er. ^7. I. 2 Kings 24. 17. 2 Chron. 56. 10. 2 Sam. r,'
ii,& tPfal»45.6. Hor.3. 5. ini.9-7.&i^»

5, & 22.22. Jcr. 25. $, Amos p, 11. Ezek. 54. 25,240 &
37.24,2^. (] j'Cor. xc» n. Afts 15. 10, Gal. 3.4.

preaclfd to the Pjrliament^Od. 24. 1651. 9

of the SubjJimcc. And this did he, to recall them
ro a lerious Confideration ot the Tendency of all
lypiCid Inflitutions, and the Dcfign he ' '^^ carrying
on, concerning the Kingdom of Chrilt.

Hence vcr. 22. of this Chapter, hecaj' *i|em from
their Thou^htfulnefs about the Dclhu" JTOelbla-
tions, and Conrenticns tiiat were ar :gU them in
reference to their Civil Rule, to the .onfideration of
that Defign, which he was fecretly and iilently car-
rying on under all thefe Difpenfations : / ziv// nlfo
take of the highcfi branch of the high cedar ^ and will
Jet jt^ I mil crop off from the top of his young twigs
a tender one^ and will plant it upon an high mountain
and eminent. In the ??iountain of the height of Ifrael
imll I plant it :• and it fhall bring forth boughs^ and
hear fruity and be a goodly cedar: and under it fhall
dwell all fowl of every wing^ in the fhadow of the
branches thereof fhall they dwell.

As if the Lr^rd fliould fjy ^ There is a great Noife
in the World about letting up and plucking down of
Kings in this their carnal Rule, and many of you lee
nothing elle, you will look no fanher j but I alio
have my Work in hand, my Defign is not bounded
•within theie Limits and outward Appearances, 1 am
letting up a King that fhall have another manner of
Dominion and Rule than thefe Worms of the Earth.
He fl-)all fiand^ as Micah 5:. 4.

The letting up, then, of the Kingdom of Chrift,
vdho is the highefl branch of the high cedar ^ and plant-
ing it in the Church, the mountain of Ifrael^ with
the Profperity hereof, and the Safety of him that fliall
dwell therein, is the Subjeft of t;^;*. 22. chap, 2?.

This being thir, to the Confideration whereof God
here calls his People in fuch a Seafon, I fjiall name
one or two Obltr\ acions from this connexion of the



10 The Advantage of the Kingdom ofChrifl.Scc.

ObfjJ] In the midft of all the Tu?mlts and
Embroilments of the Nations, that which the Lord
takes peculiarly as his own L)efign, into his own Ma-
nagement^ is the carrying on of the Kingdom of the Lord
Jejus. You are about your Work ( laiih che Lord,) I
alio am about mine 5 you have your branches and
cedars^ I alio have one to plant that fJiall tiourilh.

Dan. 2. 44. In the days of thefe kings fl? all the God
cf heaven Jet up a kingdom that fhall never be deflroy-
ed^ &€. Were not thole Kings and Kingdoms alfb of
his letting up, that it is laid, in their days he (hall
let up one of his own > Yea, doubtlefs, tie chang-
eth the times and the feafons : he-fetteth up Kings^
and removeth Kin^s^ Dan. 2. 21. He ruleth in the
kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomfoever he will^
chap. 4. 25r. There is not a perfecuring Pharaoh^ but
he raifes him up for his o-n purpoje^ Exod. 9. 16.
But yet, in refpeS of the Kingdom of his Son, he
fpeaks of them as if he had nothing to do with them ^
In their days I will do my own Work, advance the
Kingdom of the Lord Chrili

There are great and mighty Works in hand in this
Nation ^ Tyrants are puniflied, the Jaws of Oppreffors
are broken, bloody, revengeful Perlecutors difap-
poinred, and, we hope. Governors fet up, that may
be jufl^ ruling in the fear of the Lord^ that may be
as the hght of the morning^ &:c. 2 Sam. 23. ?, 4.
The Hand of the Lord hath been wonderfully exalted
in all thele Things : But yet, ll:iould we relt in them,
fliould they not be brought into an immediate Sub-
ferviency to the Kingdom of the Lord Jefus, the
Lord will quickly diltinguifh between them, and his
own peculiar Defign, and lay. In the days oj thefe
changes, I will do fo and fo ^ fpeak of them, as if he
had nothing to do with them. The carrying on of the
Interelt of Chrift, is his peculiar Aim , he, of his Good-
nefs, make it ours alfo. Qbf.

peach'dto the Varliarnent^ Ocl. 24. 1651. 1 1

Ohf. 2."1 Among all the Dcflgns that are on foot in
the IVor/J, there is none that hath either P,/bi//ty. fix-
edncfs, or final fucccjs^ hut only the dejl^n of God
concerning the kingdom of ChnJL ^ Other Bunches
may be iet, but the Branch of the Lord only pro-
ipcrs : The likdkil appearances ot other Undertakings,
are but as the glorious rifing of the Sun in the Morn-
ing, quickly clouded. The Inrerdt otChrilt is like
Jojcpb, Gen. 4 9. 23, 24. Oft-times the Archers (hoot
at it and//7>w ;/ : but in the dole, the Bow thereof
abides in Itiength •, and therefore this is the Klue of
all Difpv.nfations,T/,v// the Kingdoms andXations are at
length to be poffifjed by the Lord Chrijf^ Ila. 6c. 1 2,
13. Rev. II. 15. his Sheaf (landing up, and all 0-
thers bowing thereunro.

And unto the confideration of thefe things, in the
midlt of all the Tumults in the World, doth God
eSeftujlly recall his People, and withal tells them how
he will carry it on, in the words of my Text, And
all the trees^ &c.

In the words, three Things are to bg obferved :

I. The Work that God afcnbes to hiwjclf-^ and that
he fetsdown under a two-fold hmilitude:

1. Of pulling down the high tree^ and Jetting up the
low tree,

2. Of drying up the green tree^ and ?naking the dry
tree to HourifJ).

And both thele Similitudes are coincident, ferving
only in this redoubling, for the clearer illuHration oi'
that which they (liadow out.

*<• Hagg. 2. 6. 6, 7. Hcb. 12.25,27. Ifj. 8. 9, \o.cbsp. 9.
7. cfc4^ 46. lu. d:A^. 53. 10. I'fal. 33.11. Vrov. 19. 31.
iha^» l\.^ 30. Job 23. 13,

2. Thcr€

2 The Advantage of the Kingdo?n of Chrifl &c.

2. There is the IJfu^ that God will carry this out
unto, in refpeli of others ^ All the trees of the field
flmll know.

9. A particular Ajjurance that the 'Lord, gives for
the accomplijhment of all this, from the engageinent of
Us 'Name, I the Lord, ^c

For the firft, the expreffion of the Work of the
Lord, may be taken two ways : i. Stri^lly and fro-
perly, 2. Largely, and by the way of Analogy and

In the firft way, you may confider,

1. The Tree that is to be caft down andwithered,
and that is the high tree^ and the green tree : A tree
that, in their Eyes, had both Beauty and Vigour, high
and green : This was the Judaical Kingdom, admired
and delighted in by the Jews : This, lays God, I will
reieO: ^ as alfo he will many a tall Eliab, that even
lome Samuels may think to be his Anointed.

2. The Tree that is to be exalted and made to
flourifh, and that is the low tree, the dry tree, con-
temptible for Growth^ it is low. ufelefs for Fruity
it is dry. And this is the Ipiritual Kingdom of the
MeJJiah, contemned, defpiled 5 this, fiys God, I will
exalt, carry on, and make glorious : For though the
Intereft of Chrift and the Golpel may feem low and
dry for a fealbn, in compirifon of the Glory of other
flourifhing Interefts, yet in theiffiie, it (hall be exalted
above them all.

5. As taken more Largely^ and by the way 0^ Ana-
logy ', and fo the high and the green tree are the
things of the molt glorious appearance in the World,
Perfons and States, that feem to be exceedingly fuit-
ed for the Work that God hath to do ; that are in
the greatelt probability to be eminently inftrumental
in his Hand : but alas, fays> God, thefe I will pull
downandcaufe to wither. Perhaps you will thinkit


peaclfdtotheParlument,0&.2\. 1651. 13

flrange, that a mighty Monarchy, a triumphing Pre-
lacy, a thriving Contormity, fliould all be brought
down ^ but fo it fliall be, Every mountain Jhalt b»
made a plain.

2. The loxc tree^ and the dry tree^ are Things, Per-
ibns, Aflemblics, outwardly weak and contemp-
tible, luch as wife Men do verily believe that God will
never ufe : They will not understand that fuch Mofes»
fliall be Deliverers, E^cod. 2. 14. but cry. Who made
them Judges and Rulers ? Ath 7. 27. But even thefe
will God exalt and caufe to flourilli : Every valley
Jlhill he exalted.

Two Obfcrvations flow from hence, which I fhall
infift upon.

1. In the carrying on of the Inter eji of Chriji and
theGoJpe/y Godmlluork wonderful providential Al-

2. the aUings of God's Providence, in carrying on
the Inter eji oj ChriU^ Jhall be exceedingly unfuited to
the Reafonings and Expeffations of the moJloftheSoni

Some Trees mull be pluck'd down, and fome rai-
fed up^ yea, high Trees thrown down, and the low
caufed to tiourilh.

2. There is the IJfue of God's thus dealing in re-
fpefl of others, Jll the trees of the field, ^c. By the
trees of the f eld, are meant Men oi all forts that are
concerned in thefe TranlaSions , and herein you may
obferve two things :

1. Something intimated, and that is an unwilling-
nels in Men to own thefe Dilpenfations of God :
Hence the Lord undertakes himlclf to fct on a Con-
viftion upon them, as a thing of j^reat difficulty.

2. Something exprrj]cd, which is the G'nv-£^ion
itfelfj that fliall, in the llliie, fall upon ihcm, not-


14 The Advantage of the Kingdom ofChrifl^dcc.

withftanding all their reluSlancy. Hence alfo are thele
two Oblervations.

I. Men are exceeding unwilling to fee and own the
hand, of God^ in thofe Works of his Providence which
anfmr not their Reafonings^ Interejis^ and Expe&a-

7, The Lord will not cenfe walking contrary to the
carnal Reafonings of Men ^ in his mighty Works, for the
carrying on of the Inter ejl of the Lord Jefus, until his
Hand befeen, ownd, and confeffed.

For what remains concerning the affurance of the
Accomplifhment ot all this from the engagement of his
'Name, 1 (hall only add,

That the Power and faithfulnefs of God are enga-
ged in the carrying on the things of the Kingdom of
ChriH, to the convidion of the mojl flubborn Oppo-

I begin with the firft.

In the carrying on the Inter efi qfChrifl and the Go-
Jpel, God toill work wonderful providential Alterations 2
Alterations among the Trees of the Field, Nations,
States, and Men on the Earth.

When the beginning of the Saints departure from
under the Dominion of Antichrift, was followed
with Wars, Tumults, and Deflru£lions, it was ob-
jefled to Luther, That, that DoQrine could not be
of God, which was attended with fuch Defolations :
He reply d, according to the Vigour of his Spirit, Ego
nifi tumultus ijlos viderem, Chrijium in inundo ejje
non crcderem \ Did he not lee thole Tumults, he
would not believe that Chrift was come forth into
the World.

The Lord tells you how he will bring on his King-
dom, hag. 7. 6, 7. / Will fhake the heavens and the
earth, and the fea^ and the dry landt And I will fhake
all nations^ and the dcfire oj all nations fh all come, &c.


preach' d to the Par!'uime'ni^Q&,. 24, 1 65 r. 15

The drjire oj the nations^ is to be brought in, by the
Jhaking oj the nations. They arc to be civilly moved,
that they may be fpintually eftablifhed. Neither
are they only to be (hakcn, but alio to undergo great
Alterations in their (bakings. Ucb, 12. 27. This word
once more^ fignijics the removing of thoje things that
are fhtiken, as of things that arc made^ that ihofe
things that cannot be fJ?akcn may remain. They mult
have a removal as well as a (baking ^ fxcra'-^^tcrtv, a
change, a trandation. Molt Nations in their Civil
Conftitution lie out of order, for the bringing in of
the Intereft of Chrift : They mult be (haken up,
and new difpoled of, that all OMtacles may be ta-
ken away. The day of the Gofpel is not only terri-
ble in its dif covering light ^ and as it is a trying fur-
nace^ MaL 9. 2. but alio in its devouring fury ^ as it
is a confuming oven, chap. 4. i.

There are three principal fealbns of the Lord's emi-
nent appearance to carry on the Kingdom of Chrilt,
and the Gofpel, and all attended with dreadful /?;'r>i;;-
dential Alterations : And unto one of thele Heads, may
all particular Aftings be reduced.

I. The firlt is, the promulgation of the Gofpel a-
mong the Jews, by the Lord Chrilt himfelf, and his
Apoltles : What this was attended withal, is graphi-
cally delcribed, -^^//, 24. 6,7. Andyefhallhear cfiKars^
and rumours of wars ^ Yor nation fhall rife againjl nation^
and kingdom againfl kingdom^ and there flmll he famines^
and pcflilences, and earthquakes in divers f laces. And
the clofe of it you have ver, 29. Immediately after
the tribulation of thofe days ^ fhall the Sun be darkned^
and the Moon fJ)all not give her light ^ an<i the Stars
fhall fall from Heaven, and the Potccrs of Heaven fhall
beflmkcn. The Judaical State in all the Height and
Glory of it, was utterly confumed ^ lb that all flefly^
^11 the Jews, were in danger of utter Ddlruflion, ver.


1 6 The Advantage of the Kingdom of Chrijl^ 6cc.

22. Their own Hiftorian himfelf, a Jew, atSrming,
That from the Foundation of the World, never was
there fuch a Deftru£lion and Delblation brought up-
on any Nation. Which words of his, are a Com-
ment on that Prediftion of our Saviour, Matt, 24. 21.
and the Reaifon of this eminent Defolation you have
Jfa, 9. 5;, 6.

2; The fecond is, in the further catrying on of the
Gofpel after the Dellru^ion of Jerufalem^ through-
out the World of the Gentiles, fubje£t then in a great
proportion to the Ro?nan Empire. And what is the
Iflue hereof? The the opening of the fix Seals imme-
diately follows thereon, Rev, 6. Which ( after mani-

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