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O R.

An entertaining Difplay of the Abfurditics of
the Roman Catholicks and Nonprors.


Remarks upon E^orcifm, with the Sfory of St. Grap\
Exorcifing away all the Rats in the County of

The Form of confecrating the 2)a^ger for the
\^AIfajJination of Princes.

THe Story of St. Anthony"^ Gboft.

The Highlander and the DeviL

The Britifti Hottentots,

The Farce of the Greek and Armenian Tfiefis drif^
ing away the Ticvil on Eafter Eve.

The forms of confecrating Holy Oyly and Holy tfa^gr,

AVith a great Variety of other devout Pranks,' Extra^^l
ed from various Hillorys, Voyages, Travels, ^c,

InfcrtVd to Dr. Deacon.

To, which is Addcv-?,

The Si^s^ Tears, and Groam\

Of the ChMtcn of J/ratl i

With the -Story of Little John and Mn. Abigail.


Printed and Sold by the Bo^k fellers in Town and
Country^ \T^i,

^rice^ Three Shillings and 6ix-pencc.



TH E Epiftle to a Friend being more than
once referred to in the Jucceeding Pages ,
fome Particulars relating to if may not be unac-
cep table to the Reader \ as they may tend to illuf-
trate fome Pajj'ages in the Jollowing Letter.

It is well known ^ that after the ExtinBion of
the late Rebellion^ the Rebel Heads fix*d up at
Manchefter Exchange, had religious Honours
paid to them by the Devotees of the Jacobite
Fa5lion┬╗ Mr, NichoUs, a learned^ ingenious
and loyal Clergyman in that ^own preach' d^ and
afterwards in his own Defence publifljed, a very
feafonable Difcourfe on that Occafion, therein
he fjew'd, that Rebels and Traytors guilty of
the mo ft atrocious Crimes, and whofe Lives had
been as immoral as their Deaths 'were infa^
mous, had no juli Claims to the DifiinBions of
Chriftlan Martyrdom ; and that thofe who had
been Enemies to lU Righteoufnefs, both in a
moral and political Capacity^ could not be faid
to fiiffer for Righteoufnefs Sake, Jacobitifm
took Alarm at this^ and the Alarm begat the
Epiftle to a Friend ; the low Defign of ijohich
'Was^ to travefly Mr, NichoUs's Sermon* But

A 2 h0



Be who fets about to ridicule good Senfe^ betrays
bis Want of it^ and by attempting to wound the
Reputation of another^ bids fair^ in the IJfue^ to
damn his own.

Mr. Owen, had likewife^ in a Thankfgiving
Sermon on the Defeat of the Rebellion^ ob/erv*d
the Indecency and 'Impropriety oj reverencing
^raytors and MyrmidoJis as Chriftian Martyrs^
md making the Scum oj the Earth the Glory ^
nay the Pride ^ oj Heaven, In a Marginal ISote^
he referred to a Paragraph inferted in the Man-
chefter Magazine, by an Eye-Witnefs to the Fa6t^
to jupport the Charge of Skull-Worjhip, Be-
Jides thiSy Mr. Owen publifhed a Letter in the
Supplement to the Gentleman's Magazine ly^b^
relating to the Manchefter Jacobite PaSiion,
^his was Provocation fufficient to intitle him
to the ISIotice of the Manchesfter Verfe-wright
in his Epiftle to a Friend. Such Oppofition to
the licentious Spirit of Jacobitifm, arifing from
different garters, gave a Swell to Jacobite
Rages I'he Trumpet of Sedition was blown ; the
Clouds of DifaffeBionbur/l^ and dlfcharged them-
Jelves upon the Magiliracy , loyal Clergy^ ^nd all
the Gover7imenf s Friends, in Showers oj Wrath
and Fury, The Mafter-Tool was ordered to
his Po/ly from whence he has fince been preach-
ing up Politenefs with Dunghil- Breeding, and,
under Pretence of advocating for the true Ca-
tholic Church, been labouring to introduce the
Worjhip c?/Dunghil-Gods,



But, The Author of the Epiftle to a

Friend? Here the Reader muli fatisfy him-^

jelf with learning who he is not, as I cannot at
prefent inftru6i him who he is.

Certain it is, the Author of it cannot be
Mr. By rem, and that J or two Reafons.

Fir [I, John Byrom, M. A. and R R.S.

is both a Gentleman and a Poet^ and therefore
can7iot be the Author of the EpiiHe to a Friend.
Mr, Byrom, in early Life, dijiinguijhed him^
Jelf by Jome very ijtgenious Efjhys in the Specfta-
tor, fign'd John Shadow, and by a fine Pafioral^
Phoebe and Colin, which will always do Honour
to his Name. It cannot be conceived therefore^
that he fjould be fo far forfaken by the Graces^
as to be the Author oj the above- mentio7ied E-
piftle. To afcribe it to Mr. Byrom, is only a
low Stratagem, made Ufe of by f'ome Soul canker d
with Envy, in order to blafl that Gentleman s

Secondly, Whatever Difguifes it may be
prudential and even neceffary for Mr, Byrona to
wear, among Jome of the DifafeBed at Man-
chefter, yet when abroad, nx)here he need in-
dulge no Referve, and when among Whigs, where
every Man has the Privilege to [peak his Senti-
ments freely, he is well known to be a jiaunch
and (ieady Whig ; a warm Advocate for the
prefent Government, and a zealous Friend to
the Conftitution both in Church and State. For


vi The P R E F A C E.

the Truth of this, I could appeal to feveral
Gentlemen of Diftindlion that know him^ that
have conversed with him, that have form'd
fome Intimacy with him^ and are ready to bear
Tejlimony for him. Nay, when abroad amongft
honeil Whigs, he has been Jo accomplifli'd a one
himfelf^ that fome have even violently fufpeBed
him with being a Prefbyterian. However this
I take to be a Mi flake, jor Prefbyterians, accord-
ding to Dr. Deacon's new Gojpel of Trzdition,
mu/l ordinarily be all damn'd, (a) afid confe^
quently Dr. Deacon can have no Friend/hip Jor
thofe for whom God has no Mercy or Compaf-^
fion. But Dr. Deacon and Mr. Byrom are
very good Friends, as all good Chriftians either
are, or ought to be. However from Mr. By-
rom's Whig Principles, 'tis evident, he cannot
be the Author of the Jacobite Epiftle to a
Friend. ^ E. D.

It may not be improper to add here, that
there has been lately publijhed an excellent, fo-
lemn, methodical, true, full, concife, compre-
henlive, incomprehenfible, and unanfwerable

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