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Copyright. January, 1911.
Practical Politics.






MAR U 1911

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Copyright, January, 1911.
Practical Politics.



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Governor of Massachusetts.

FOSS, EUGENE N., Democrat, Boston.
Born West Berkshire, Vt., Sept. 24, 1858;
educated in public schools and for two
years at University of Vermont which gave
him degree of A. B. in 1901. Traveled
through West selling patent lumber dryer;
entered employ of B. F. Sturtevant Co. in
1882 and in 1890 became treasurer and gen-
eral manager of company. Also president
Becker Milling Machine Co., Mead-Morrison
Mfg. Co., Burgess Mills and Maverick Mills;
director Brooklyn Heights R. R. Co.,
Brooklyn Rapid Transit Co., vice-pres. Mas-
sachusetts Real Estate Exchange. Republi-
can candidate for congress in 11th district
in 1902 and 1904 and defeated both times
by John A. Sullivan, Democrat. Defeated
in 1904 as a candidate for delegate-at-large
to Republican national convention. Nomin-
ated by Democrats for lieutenant-governor
in 1909 and defeated by Louis A. Frothing-
ham, Republican. Elected to 61st Congress
to fill vacancy from 14th district in March,
1909. Elected Governor in November, 1910,
as Democrat and Democratic Progressive
(nom. papers), receiving 229,352 votes to
194,173 for Eben S. Draper, Republican,
11,396 for Daniel A. White, Socialist, 3277
for John A. Nichols, Pro., and 2613 for Mor
itz E. Ruther, Soc. Labor. Member N. E.
Cotton Manufacturers' assoc, N. E. Shoe
and Leather assoc, National Assoc, of Man-
ufacturers, Algonquin. Boston Art and Ex-
change clubs.


Lieutenant-Governor of Massachusetts.

Boston. Born at Jamaica Plain, Boston,
July 13, 1871; prepared for college at Rox-
bury Latin School and Adams Academy,
Quincy; graduated from Harvard in 1892
and from the Harvard Law School in 1896;
played for four years on varsity baseball
team, captaining' team in '92 and '93, after-
wards head coach; lawyer, president of the
Blackstone Savings Bank, treasurer and di-
rector Frothingham Buildings. Entered pol-
itics in Ward 11 in 1899 being on the suc-
cessful ward committee ticket; treasurer of
the Republican city committee in 1900;
House 1901-'02-'03-'04-'05, committees on tax-
ation (clerk and chairman), banks and
banking, lules, street railways (chairman);
Speaker of the House in 1904 and 1905; in
1905 retired from the legislature to become
candidate of his party for Mayor of Boston
but was defeated at the polls. Elected lieu-
tenant-governor in 1908, re-elected in 1909
and 1910, receiving 205,243 votes to 197,057
for Thomas F. Cassidy, Dem. Ind.; 11,446 for
Patrick Mahcney. Soc; 5191 for William G.
Merrill, Pro.; and 4735 for Henry C. Hess,
Soc. Labor. Member Battery A for three
years; 2d lieutenant United States marine
corps during war with Spain; ensign Mas-
sachusetts naval brigade. Member board of
overseers of Harvard College ; Country, Pur-
itan, B. A. A. and other clubs.

OLIN, WILLIAM M., Secretary of tho
Commonwealth, Rep., Boston. Born War-
renton, Ga., Sept. 18, 1845. Printer and
newspaper writer. G. A. R., A. F. A. M.
(32d degree). Private 36th Mass. Volun-
teers, Civil War, Secretary of the Common-
wealth since 1891.

STEVENS, ELMER A., Treasurer and Re-
ceiver General, Rep., Somerville. Born An-
son, Me., Jan. 15, 1862; public schools. Pro-
vision dealer. House 1896-19o4-'05; Senate
1906-'07-'08-'09; elected State Treasurer by
Legislature of 1909 to fill vacancy, elected
in November, 1909, for full term and re-
elected in 1910.

TURNER, HENRY E., State Auditor. Rep.,
Maiden. Born Boston, May 4, 1842; public
schools and Pierce academy, Milton. Ac-
countant. A. P. A. M., R. A., A. O. U. W.,
Middlesex club and Republican club of
Mass. Treas. Republican city committee of
Maiden, 1883, pres. '84. House 18S9-'90-'91-
'99. State Auditor since 1901.


SWIFT, JAMES M., Attorney-General,
Rep., Fall River. Born Ithaca, Mich, Nov.
o, 1873; public schools of Fall River, Michi-
gan state normal school, University of
Michigan, Harvard Law school. Lawyer
A. F. A. M., R. A. C, K. T., Elks, K. P.
(P. C), Harvard club of N. Y., B. A. A.,
Harvard Law school assoc, assistant dis-
trict attorney, Southern district, 1899-
1900-'01-'02: district attorney Dec. 1, 1902
to 1911. Elected attorney general 1910.


Council, 1st district, Rep., New Bedford.
Born there March 28, 1853; public schools.
Contractor and builder. Masons 32d degree,
K. T., M. S., Elks. Common council 1887;
board of public works for three years; Re-
publican state committee IS years. Execu-
tive Council lfl08-'09-'10, committees on har-
bors and public lands and railroads, mili-
tary and naval affairs, state house, finance,
accounts and warrants, pardons.


Council, 2d district, Rep., Norwood. Born
Bedford, May 3, 1854; public schools. Mas-
ter printer. Boston Typothetae (pres. 9
years), United Typothetae of America, A.
& H. Artillery Co. (commander 1902-'03),
Coast Artillery (captain and nuartermas-
ter), pres. Norwood board of trade 3 years,
B. A. A.. Aldine club of New York, Masons
32d degree. Trustee Norwood public library
(chairman 5 years); executive council 1910,
committees on finances, accounts and war-
rants, military and naval affairs.

Council, 6th district, Rep., Westford. Born
there May 10, 1862; public schools, Westford
Academy. Granite business. Masons 32d de-
gree, Grange, Rep. club of Mass., Middlesex,
Masonic and Yorick clubs. Moderator;
House 1899, committee on street railways,
Senate 1901-'02-'03, committees on street
railways (ch. 3 years), revision of corpora-
tion laws (special 1903), mercantile af-
fairs, taxation; Executive council 1910, com-
mittees on pardons, harbors and public
lands and railroads, state house.

GLIDDEN, WALTER S., Executive Coun-
cil, 4th district, Rep., Somerville. Born
Pittston, Me., April 30, 1856; public schools,
Dirigo Business college, Augusta, Me. Meat
and provision business, as manager N. E.
Hollis & Co. Masons, R. A. C, K. T., I. O.
O. F.. 999th Artillery Association, Central
club. Executive Council 1908-'09-'10, com-
mittees on finance, accounts and warrants,
military and naval affairs, state house.


Council. Stli district, Rep., Springfield. Born
New York, Wholesale music. Massachu-
setts club, Middlesex club, asst. q. m.-gen.
staff of Gov. Brackett, asst. adj.-gen. staff
of Gov. Greenhalge. Delegate from New
York to Rep. national convention 1880, Re-
publican city committee, state committee
(chairman 1S97 to 1902 inclusive); Execu-
tive council 1908 (to fill vacancy)-'09-'10.
committees on harbors and public lands and
railroads, military and naval affairs, state
house, pardons.


GOVE, WILLIAM H., Executive Council,
5th district. Rep., Salem. Born South Ber-
wick, Me., Sept. 4, 1851; public schools,
Harvard 187C, Harvard law. Lawyer,
pres. and gen. mgr. Lydia E. Pink-
ham Medicine Co. Mason 32d degree, I. O.
O. F., House l903-'04, committee on judi-
ciary; Rep. city committee since '90
(ch. 3 yrs.), alternate to national con-
vention 'OS; Executive council '10, com-
mittees on finance, accounts and warrants,
harbors and public lands and railroads, mil-
itary and naval affairs.

QUINN, JOHN, Jr., Executive Council, 3d

district. Dem., Boston. Born there Dec. 16,
1860; English High school, Y. M. U. A. Law
school. Lawyer. Common council 1891-'92;
House 1893-'94, committees on rapid transit
(clerk), elections; Senate 189o-'96-'9T, com-
mittees on banks and banking, metropolitan
affairs, woman suffrage, rules, redisricting,
investigation Norfolk County courthouse;
House 1903-'04-'05-'06-'07, committees on
railroads, rules, compensation state and
county officials (special), recess committee
on taxation, judiciary.

Council, 7th district, Rep., Douglas. Born
Pittsfield, Dec. 28, 1855; public schools.
Woolen manufacturer. A. F. A. M. House
1902, committee on public lighting; Senate
1907-'08, committees on drainage, harbors
and public lands, insurance, public service
(ch.), mercantile affairs (ch.), military af-
fairs, taxation.



PEDRICK, THOMAS P., Sergeaiu-at-Arms,
Rep., Lynn. Born Marblehead, Feb. 20.
1816; public schools. Shoe business. I. O.
O. P., K. of H. Lynn Rep. city committee
20 years (chairman 2 years) ; assistant as-
sessor 5 years, clerk of board 17 years,
special county commissioner 3 years. House
messenger 1884 to 1901, assistant doorkeep-
er '01-' 04, doorkeeper '04-' 10; elected serge-
ant-at-arms '10, re-elected '11.





TREADWAY, ALLEN T., Berkshiie-Hamp-
shire-Hampden, Rep., Stockbridge. Born
there Sept. 16, 1S67; public schools, Am-
herst college 18S6. Hotel business; proprie-
tor of the famous Red Lion Inn of Stock-
bridge and If eaten Hall in the same town.
House M>' [ i, committee en ways and means,
Senate 1908, committees on labor, agricul-
ture, bills in third reading and taxation
(chairman), unanimous choice of the Re-
publican caucus and of the Senate for pres-
ident in 1909; nominated by both Repub-
licans and Democrats for Senate of 1910.
and unanimously re-elected president of
the Senate: re-eleeted president for 1911;
for many years chairman of the Re-
publican town committee of Stockbridge,
president Stockbridge Lighting Company,
trustee Lee Savings Bank, Masons, 32d de-
gree, Knight Templars, past district deputy
grand master of the 15th district, past grand
warden of grand lodge, Shrine.


ADAMS, ARTHUR S., 2d Essex Rep.,
Marblehead. Born there Feb. 14. 1869; pub-
lic schools, Bryant & Stratton Commercia]
school. Freight cashier B. & M. R. R. Ma-
sons, I. O. O. F., Red Men, Republican club.
House 1908-'09-'10, committees on towns
(chairman), parishes and religious societies

Senate '11, towns (ch.). engrossed bills
(ch.), public lighting.


BARNES, GEORGE L., 1st Norfolk, Rep.,
Weymouth. Born there June 27, 1879; pub-
lic schools, Boston University Lav/ school
1900. Lawyer. House 1904-'05-'O6, commit-
tees on engrossed bills (cli.), public light-
ing (eh.), special recess committee en in-
surance '06.

Senate '10, taxation (ch.), insurance, legal


BENNETT, FRANK P., JR., 7th Middle-
sex, Rep., Saugus. Born Palermo, Me.,
1878; public schools, Harvard, 1900. Pub-
lisher, vice-pres. and director Frank P. Ben-
nett & Co., Inc., treas. and director Oakland-
vale Farm, Inc. Member 2d Corps Cadets.
House 1905-'06, committees on ways and
means, agriculture (clerk). Senate 1910,
committees on counties (ch.), street rail-
ways (ch.), ways and means.

'11, street railways (ch,), ways and
means, taxation.


sex, Rep., Somerville. Born Cambridge Feb
2, 1866; public schools, commercial college
Financial manager. Masons, I. O. O. F., K
P., Legion of Honor, board of trade. Rep
rity committee; House WOG-'Ql-'OS-'Od.
committees on printing, rules (clerk), pub
lie lighting (clerk), taxation, recess com
mittee on taxation '06, taxation commission
''»7, public charitable institutions (ch.)
Semite '10, committees on prisons (ch.).
public lighting, railroads, water supply.
'11, railroads (ch.), public lighting, rules.

BROWN, CHARLES H., 8th Middlesex,
Rep., Medford. Born Vermont, January
19, 1879; public schools. Metal furniture.
Medford, South Medford Republican clubs.
Board of alderman two years; House
1907-'08-'09-'10. committees on banks and
banking, metropolitan affairs, constitutional
amendments (ch.), federal relations (ch.).

Senate '11, education (ch.), constitutional
amendments (ch.), water supply, metropoli-
tan affairs.


CHASE, CHARLES S., 1st Bristol, Rep.,
Dighton. Bom Swansea, Jan. 10, 1840;
public schools. Dighton Academy. 1 lorist.
A. F. A. M., Middlesex club, Taunton Yacht
club. School committee, auditor, selectman,
overseer of poor, board of health (ch. 13
yrs.), moderator 20 yrs., justice of peace,
Rep. town committee (ch. 20 yrs.), House
1S91, committee on fisheries and game.

Senate '11, public health (ch.), towns, en
grossed bills.


CUR LEY. MARTIN P. P., 8th Suffolk.
Bern., Boston. Born Ireland, Oct. 24, 1859;
public schools, Roxbury evening high. Fur-
niture dealer. R. A., Roxbury Business
Men's assoc.

Senate '11, prisons, street railways, coun-


DENNY, DANIEE E., 2nd Worcester,
Rep., Worcester. Born there July 14, 1845;
Worcester academy. Real estate and insur-
ance. Knights Templar, Knights of Pythias,
G. A. R. Common council. two years (pres.
one year) ; Hbuse 1906-'07-'08-'09, commit-
tees on cities, military affairs :(ch.) ; Senate
'10, committees on military affairs (ch.),
cities, insurance.

'11, military affairs (ch.), cities, insurance.

DOYLE, JAMES Jn., 4th Suffolk, Dem.,
Boston. Born there June 17, 1867; public
schools. Liquor dealer. House l893-'94, com-
mittees on leave of absence, drainage, pub-
lic service; Ward 12 Democratic commit-
tee (chairman eight years) ; noard of alder-
men 1899, 1900-'01-'02-'03-'04 (chairman
1901-'02-'03-'04) ; superintendents of streets
1906-'07; Senate '09-'10, committees on fed-
eral relations, public health, taxation, mili-
tary affairs, street railways.

'11, ways and means, taxation, harbors
and public lands.


EVANS, WIL.MOT R., JR., 4th Middlesex.
Rep., Everett. Born there March 18. 1878;
public schools, Harvard 1909, B. U. Law-
school 1903. Lawyer. House 1905-'06, com-
mittees on judiciary, federal relations, pro-
bate and chancery (ch.*) recess com-
mittee on taxation '06; Senate '09-'10, com-
mittees on bills in third reading, constitu-
tional amendments, education (ch.), judici-
ary, federal relations, election laws.

'11, judicijary (ch.), constitutional amend-
ments, public service.

GATES, JOSEPH S., 4th Worcester,
Rep., Westboro. Born Petersham, Oct.
3, 1856; public schools. Merchant. Masons,
Odd Fellows. Town clerk 11 years,, auditor
7 years, tax collectbr 5 years, Rep. town
committee 17 years (ch. '10); House IbuS-
'09, committee on agriculture (clerk '08,
ch. '09).

Senate '11, prisons (ch.), agriculture, fish-
eries and game.


GRAINGER, EDWARD J.. 1st Suffolk,
Dem., Winthrop. Born Boston, Feb. 13,
1878; public schools, Boston college 1898,
Harvard medical school 1903. Physician. K.
C, Elks. Physician to Milk and Baby Hy-
giene assoc; board of health.

Senate '11, public health, labor, liquor


GREENWOOD, LEVI H.. 3d Worcester.
Rep., Gardner. Born there Dec. 22, 1872;
public schools and St. Paul's school, Con
cord, N. H., 2 years at Harvard, class of
1896. Publisher. Pres. Gardner News Co.,
director Haywood Bros, and Wakefield Co.,
Gardner Electric Light Co., First National
bank, trustee Gardner Savings bank. Senate
1909-'10, committees on banks and banking
(ch.), street railways, ways and means, tax-
ation (ch.), railroads, special on Southbridge

Savings bank; '11, ways and means (ch.),

state house (ch.), rules.

1IALLEY, DENNIS E., 5th Essex, Dem..
Lawrence. Born Natick May 26, 1863; pub-
lic schools. Cigar manufacturer. Common
council 2 years; House 1892-'93, committees
on liquor law, printing; Senate 1908, com-
mittees on parishes and religious societies,
public lighting, state house.

'11, state house, water supply, public-



HATTOX. JAMES A., 2d Suffolk, Dem.
Boston. Born there Oct. 22, 1883; private
and public schools, B. U. law school 1905.
1 awyer. K. C. Father Mathew Temperance
society. A. O. H., M. C. O. F.. Catholic Lit-
erary Union. Common council 1907-'08;
House '09-'10, committees on engrossed
bills, constitutional amendments, election

Senate '11, engrossed bills, election laws,
legal affairs.


HIBBARD, JOSEPH EL, 8th Middlesex,
Rep., Lowell. Born Shoreham, Vt.. April 3.
1860; public schools, Ticonderoga academy
1878. Musician, director and manager. I. O.
O. F., Elks, Red Men, F. of A. House 1905-
'06, committees on prisons, mercantile af-
fairs; Senate 1908-'09-'10, insurance, prisons,
roads and bridges (ch.), military affairs, wa-
ter supply, street railways.

'11, roads and bridges (ch.), military af-
fairs, street railways.


sex, Dem., Concord. Born Waltham, April
8, 1887; public schools, Phillips Exeter. Har-
vard college, Harvard law school. Lawyer.
A. F. A. M., R. A. C, Boston Press club;
vice-ch. Dem. state committee 1909, treas.
town committee, sec. 4th Cong, district com-

Senate '11, agriculture, liquor law, towns.


HUNT, JOHN H., 1st Worcester, Dem.,
Worcester. Born there March 14, 1876; pub-
lic schools, Boston University law school.

Senate '11, drainage, education, federal


KEITH, ROLAND M., 2d Plymouth, Rep.,

Bridgewater. Born there March 16, 1847;
public schools, academy. Contractor and
builder, Masons, Rep. town committee 27
yrs. (ch. 4 yrs.) ; Hbuse 1907-'08, committees
on labor, parishes and religious societies,
fisheries and game, prisons; Senate '09-'10,
fisheries and game (ch.), prisons, street
railways, election laws.

'11, counties (ch.), fisheries and game
(ch.), street railways.


LOMASNEY, JOSEPH P., 3d Suffolk,
Dem., Boston. Born there March 10, 1863;
public schools. Real estate. Common coun-
cil 1888, House 1890-'91-1900-'01, committees
on printing, constitutional amendments, in-
surance, congressional redistricting, Battle
of Bennington celebration (special), ways
and means, funeral of Gov. Wolcott (spe-
cial), Deputy Supt. Bridges, Asst. Water
commissioner city of Boston, Dem. state
committee; Senate '10, committees on ci-
ties, fish and game, bills 3d reading.
'11, 3d reading, cities, prisons.

MACK, JOHN H., Berkshire, Dern., North
Adams. Born there 1868; public schools,
Boston University law school. Lawyer. K.
C, F. of A., A. O. U. W. Dera. candidate for
"lieutenant-governor in 1899.

Senate '11, fisheries and game, legal at*
fairs, military affairs.


M ALLEY, JOHN F., 1st Hampden, Dem.,
Springfield. Born there Jan. 29, 1878; pub-
lic schools, Yale law school. Lawyer. Elks,
(P. E. R.), M. C. O. F. Senate 1910 (to fill
vacancy), committees on counties, military
affairs, prisons.

'11, judiciary, rulfs, constitutional amend-


.M ELLEN, WALTER B., Worcester and
Hampden, Rep., Brookfield. Born there
Sept. 24, 1860; public schools. Farmer. Ex-
Pres. Worcester South Agricultural society,
Masons, Grange, Ch. Rep. town commit-
tee, selectman, overseer of the poor, road
commissioner; House 1902, committee on
roads and bridges; Senate '10. commit-
tees on agriculture (ch.), towns, labor, spe-
cial on milk (ch.)

'11. agriculture (ch.), public service (ch.),


MULLIGAN, HENRY C, 1st Middlesex,
Rep., Natick Born there March 6, 1854;
Harvard law school, 1879. Lawyer. Pres.
Natick Five Cents Savings hank. Mason, K.
T., Trial justice Natick police court
since 1892, pres. board of library trus-
tees 18 years, school committee 24 years
(ch.) ; Senate '09-'10, committees on const,
amendments (ch.), engrossed bills (ch.),
legal affairs, printing, election laws (ch.),
banks and banking, judiciary.

'11, metropolitan affairs (ch.), judiciary,


MURRAY, MICHAEL J., 9th Suffolk,
Dem., Boston. Born there July 11, 1860; pub-
lic schools, Boston Latin school. Proprietor
Brigham's Hotel; vice-pres. Mt. Washington
Co-operative bank. Elks, R. A., A. O. U. W.,
Workmen's Benefit assoc, K. C, I. O. H., A.
O. H. 5 F. O. E., Y. M. C. A., Catholic Union,
Charitable Irish society, Boston chamber of
commerce. Mass. Hotel Keepers' assoc, Bos-
ton Hotel assoc.

Senate '11, insurance, metropolitan af-
fairs, state house.


XASH, MEL.VIN S., 1st Plymouth, Rep.,
Hanover. Born Abington, August 3 ; 1857;
public and private schools. Minister, gen-
( ral agent Universalist Publishing House.
Masons, R. A. C, K. T., I. O. O. F. Library
trustee, school committee; House 1S94-1907-
'08, committees on public health, parishes
and religious societies, roads and bridges
(clerk); liquor law, towns (ch.) ; Sen-
ate '09-'10, education, public charitable in-
stitutions, towns (ch.), insurance (ch.).

'11, insurance (ch.), liquor law (ch.), pub-
lic charitable institutions.

NASON, ARTHl'R L., 4th Essex, Rep.,
Haverhill. Born there Oct. 24, 1872; public
schools. Shoe worker. Central club, I. O.
O. F. Rep. city committee 3 years; House
1906-'07-'08-'09, committees on parishes and
religious societies (clerk), roads and
bridges (clerk, ch.) Senate '10, committees
on drainage (ch.), roads and bridges, wa-
ter supply (ch.)

'11, water supply (ch.), cities, roads and


NEWHALL, GEORGE H., 1st Essex, Rep.,
Lynn. Born there Oct. 24, 1850; public
schools, Wesleyan academy. Real estate and
insurance. Rep. club. A. F. A. M., I. O. O.
E.. Red Men, K. P., A. O. U. W., pres. Lynn
"board of underwriters. Common council 2
years, alderman 4 years. House 1894-'95-
1906-'07-'08, committees on cities, const.
amendments, insurance, public service

(ch.), recess fire insurance laws '07. Sen-
ate '10, committees on public service (ch.),
-cities, harbors and lands. '11, cities (ch.),

counties, harbors r.rid pub lie lands.

PEARSON. CHARLES H., 2d Norfolk.
Rep., Brookline. Born Portland, Me., Jan.
7, 1849; public schools, Chauncy Hall. Clock
manufacturing; treasurer and director
Chelsea Clock Co., treasurer and director
Boston Clock Co. B. A. A., Boston Yacht
club, Boston Art club, Exchange club, Nor-
folk club (pres.). Park commissioner
2 years, selectman 3 years; Rep. town com-
mittee, 2d Norfolk senatorial district com-
mittee, county committee (ch.)

Senate '11, federal relations (ch.), election
laws, mercantile affairs.

POWERS, JAMES F., 6th Suffolk, Dera.,
Boston. Born St. Johns, Newfoundland, Oct.
1, 1872; Lawrence grammar school. Theatri-
cal manager. Eagles, Foresters, Heptasophs,
A. O. H. Chairman Ward 13 Dem. commit-
tee three years; House 1907-'08-'09-"10, com-
mittees on hanks and banking, street rail-

Senate '11, hanks and hanking, railroads,
3d reading.


QUIGLEY. FRANCIS X., 2d Hampden,
Dera., Holyoke. Born there Nov. 20, 1882;
public schools. Newspaper reporter. Holy-
oke Philo Celtic club. House 1908-'09-'10,
committees on cities (clerk), taxation

Senate '11, public service, taxation, pub
lie charitable institutions.


ROSS, SAMUEL, 3d Bristol, Rep., New
Bedford. Born Cheshire, England, Feb. 2,
1865; public schools. Cotton mule spinner.
Pres. National Spinners' assoc. House 1892
to '99, committees on labor (ch.), statt 4
house, libraries; House 1902 to '08, labor
(ch.), constitutional amendments, recess
committee on Sunday laws '00, i ecess com-
mittee on labor '07; Senate '09-'10, labor
(ch.), libraries, printing, public health, pri-

'11, labor (ch.), ways and. means, public


Hampshire, Rep., Ware. Born Rochester, X.
Y.. Feb. 14. 1869; Williston seminary. Law-
yer. Masons, Shrineis, Odd Fellows, Ch.
Rep. town committee, selectman, town
counsel; House 1907-'08, committers on in-
surance, rules, railroads, special recess com-
mittee on fire insurance laws '07.

Senate '11, 3d reading (ch.). drainage
(ch.), judiciary, railroads.


STEARNS, HARRY X.. 2d Middlesex,
Rep., Cambridge. Born there Oct. 5, 1K74;
public schools, Harvard ( college and law
schotol). Lawyer. Rep. city committee,
common council three years (ch. one year):
House 1907-'0S-'09. committees on rules, ci-
ties (cm.).

Senate '11, election laws (ch.) : judiciary,

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