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Spanish settlement of Manilla, which was subsequently coimter-
manded. The 12th July 1803 he succeeded Lieut.-Col. Taylor in
the chief civil atid military authority at Malacca.

In 1811 Maj. F. was appointed, by the government of Madras, to

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joiQ the expedition under Sir S. Achmuty, destined to reduce the
Dutch settlements on the island of Java. On the 8th June of that
year he was placed, by Sir S. Achmuty, in charge of the departments
of intelligence and guides ; he proceeded with the expedition, and
landed at Chillingchiog, in the vicinity of Batavia, 4th Aug. ;, and
was present on the morning of the 10th, when the advance, under
Maj.-Gen. Gillespie, engaged the enemy near the cantonment ci
Weltervreeden. Maj.F. assisted in constructing the batteries,&c. against
the enemy's works of Cornelis, and was present at their storm and cap-
ture, Aug. 26. He commanded a division of the British troops at the sur-
render of Gressei, Sourabaya, and Fort Lodouyk, 22d Sept. He was
appointed pro tempore to the chief civil and military authority in the
district of Sourabaya ; the exercise of which authority he merely as-
sumed for a few days, when he delivered it over to Col Gibbs, and
returned to Batavia, where he was offered, by Lord Minto, the situa-
tion of British resident at the court of Djocdjocarta ; but which ap-
pointment, with his Lordship-s concurrence, he declined, in order to
return to his former command at Malacca, which he l*esumed die lat*
ter end of October 1811.

In July 1818 Maj. F. was employed, by the government of Prince
of Wales^ island, on a political mission to the eastern Malay states of
Poutiana, Lingen, Rehio, and Siak, for the purpose of forming com-
mercial treaties with those powers. Subsequently he officiated as
British commissioner in restoring Malacca to the king of the Nether-
lands ; which was amicably effected on the 21st Sept. 1818.

Maj. F. finally quitted Malacca for Penang, Dec. 23, where, soon
after his arrival, he received an order from the Supreme government,
appointing him to take charge of such new establishment as might be
fbrmed to the eastward of Malacca. On the 19th Jan. 1819 he sailed
firom Penang, with a detachment of troops under his command, des-
tined to garrison such new settlement as might be eventually fixed on
in the straits of Malacca. He visited the Carimon islands and Singe^
poor on the 29tli Jan. ; and proceeded from the latter place on a
second mission to Rehio, and returned again to Singepoor on the 4lli

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Feb. ; immediately after which arrangements were made, in concert
with Sir T* S. Raffles, for founding the new establishment ; which was
done according!}' on the 6th of the above month, when the British
flag was formally hoisted. From this date Lieut.-CoL F. assumed the
civil and military charge of the new factory, and has ever since been
uninterruptedly employed in superintending the foundation and ad-
vancement of the establishment

(Bomaby Establishment.)

This officer wa3 appointed a cadet on the Bombay establishment
at the ag? of fifteen, and arrived in India 3d Sept. 1796 j he was
promoted to ensign 2^d March 1797; lieut., 6th Sept. following;
capt-lieut, 3d July 1804 ; capt., 28th April 1805 ; brevet maj., 4lh
June 1814 ; maj. by regimental succession, 1st Nov. 1917 ; and lieut.-
coL 4th May 1820.

In 1799 he served in the field as lieut. with Col. Little's expeditioo
in the Concan during the Mysore war ; under Col. Wiseman, in taking
possession of the province of Canara, consequent to the fall of Serin-
gapatam ; ^nd at Goa, under Col. Sir Wm. Clarke, in the same year ;
as lieutr and adj. he served under Col. Sir A. Wellesley, in the cam-
paign ag^nst the rebel chief Doondia Waugh, in the Deccan, 1800
and 1801 ; under Col. Stevenson, in the conquest and occupation of
the district of Wynaad, and in Cotiote, during the rebellion of 1801
and 1802 ; and with a corps of observation in Canara, under Lieut.-
QpL Spryj during the Bullem war, and at Goa in 1802 and 1803.
He sCTved in 1803, 4, and 5, as capt., with the field army in Guzerat
apd Malwah, in the successive campaigns under Col. Murray, a,nd
Maj.-Gj^n. Jones; and with the combined armies in Hindostan, under
the personal command of Lord Lake.

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Whilst a subaltern this oflBicer performed the duties of adjut. lo a
batt. upwards of five years ; as capt. he held the following staff ap-
pointments in the field army in Hindostan, commanded by Lord Lake;
the two latter until the breaking up of the forces, on the general termi-
nation of hostilities, in 1806: — viz. brig.-maj. to a brigade; dep.
judge-advocate-gen. to the Bombay division; and dep. adjut.-gen.
in charge of the department at head-quarters.

Early in 1807 Capt. A. went to England, on medical certificate, to
re-establish his health, much impaired by the above course of active
field service. In 1811 he returned to India from furlough ; since
which period he has filled the under-mentioned military appointments
at the presidency, and on the general staff at head-quarters : — mil.-sec.
to the Gov. of Bombay; town-maj. at the presidency; adjut.-gen« of
the army, (with the ofiScial rank of lieut.-col.) ; military auditor gen.,
and member of the military board.

On. attaining the latter appointment, (which he continues to hold,)
and which is considered the next military nomination to that of general
oflicer on the staff, the Com -in-Chief, Sir Miles Nightingall, ex-
pressed in a general order, published to the army, his Excellency's
^' entire satisfaction at the zeal and ability with which this officer had
conducted the important duties of adjut.-gen."

(Madras Establishment.)

This ofiSicer was appointed ens. in Ap. 1796 ; he landed in India in
Jan. 1797> joined his reg. at Pondicherry, and embarked with it in Aug.
on the expedition intended for the reduction of Manilla, which expe-
dition was abandoned afler a considerable part of the troops had as-
sembled at Penang. In Nov* following Ens. N. was promoted to


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lieut. He was stationed at the Moluccas, until those islands were re-
stored to the Dutch in 1803 ; during which period he was employed
as adjut. of a Malay reg., as fort adjut. of Fort Victoria, acting
muster-master, &c.; and was present, under the command of CoLBurr,
at the capture, in June 1801, of the Dutch island of Ternate. In
1803 Lieut. N. returned to the continent of India, and joined Sir A.
Wellesley's army in the Deccan, but too late to share in the campaign
of that year. He was promoted to capt. in Sept. 1803, returned
with his reg. to the south of India, and was appointed, in 1807, in-
spector of Poligar forts in the district of Tinnevelly.

Capt. N. commanded the 1st bait. 4th reg. in action with the troops
of the Rajah of I'ravancore, on the 15th Jan. 1809. The 1st batt.
4th reg. formed a part of the brigade under the command of Colonel
Picton, of H. M.'s 12th foot, and during the action was detached from
the brigade, to attack the advance of four balls* of Travancore troops,
who were advancing with four six-pounders, for the purpose of turn-
ing the right of the British line. Capl. N., with the batt. under his
command, charged the enemy's batts., completely routed them, and
captured all their guns. On this occasion Capt. N. received a severe
wound in the arm. He was honoured with the thanks of Colonel
Chalmers, the officer commanding the division, and of the Hon. the
Gov. in Council of Madras, in general orders.

Capt. N. embarked with the expedition, which was fitted out at
Madras, for the reduction of the island of Bourbon, and was present
at its capture, July 8, 1810, under the command of Col. Keating.
He was next employed at Bourbon, under the immediate orders of
Gov. Farquhar, in the civil department; and in Dec. 1810 did duty
with a batt. of flank companies at the reduction of the Isle of France,
under the command of Maj.-Gen. the Hon. John Abercromby.
Capt. N. was promoted to the rank of maj. in Nov. of this year, and
employed at the Isle of France, under Gov. Farquhar, in situations of
confidence and trust, until 1812 ; at which period he was obliged to
repair to England in a bad state of health. He returned to India
in 1814. * I*

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In 1815 Maj. N. commanded a batt. of the army, formed in the
ceded districts, under Lieut.-Gen« Sir T. Hislop. He was employed
in 1816 m cmnmand of a batt. in the Commin district, which he suc-
cessfully protected fh>m the incursions of a body of Pindarries, who
had made depredations, and been guilty of great cruelties in the
neighbouring district of Guntoor. In July 1817 he was selected, by
the Com.-in-Chief, for the command of a detachment from the divi-
sion of Col. Pritzler, and was sent in advance into the south Mahratta
country, on the delicate and important duty of recovering from the
Peishwa's authorities the fortresses of Koorhgul and Darwar, which
duty was conducted to the complete satisfaction of government.

He was next appointed to the command of the garrison and fortress
of Darwar. In Dec. 1817 he was promoted to lieut.-col., and em-
ployed in the command of a brigade, in the division under Maj .-Gen.
Munro, without prejudice to his command of the garrison of Darwar.
He commanded the right division in the attack and escalade of the
Pettah of Sholapoor; and was present at the sieges and capture of
Guduck, Dumul, Budumy, Belgum, and Sholapoor — at each of which
places he received the thanks of Maj.-Gen. Sir T. Munro, in division
orders, for his energy and good conduct in the field, and also those of
Sir T. Hislop, Com.-in-Chief of the Madras army, and of the Mar-
quess of Hastings.

Lieut.-Col. N. was appointed British Resident at the courts of the
Rajahs of Travancore and Cochin in the end of 1820.

(Bengal Establishment.)

Appointed a cadet in 1798; ens. and lieut. Oct 30, 1799; capt.
Jan. 26, 1807 ; and maj. June 30, 1819.

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In April 1800 he joined the 1st batt. 7lh N, I. and in July 1801 the
2d batt. 6th N. I., then employed on field service in a detachment of
five batts., under Col. Marley, against refractory Zemindars in the
northern Circars. In Sept. 1802 he was appointed adjut. to the 2d
V batt. 6th N. I., and in Nov. 1803 employed with it in the reduction

y of a fort in the Allahabad district (Chowkundie,) in which service the

casualties of the batt. amounted to about 100, including two officers*
In Jan. 1804 he was appointed adjut. and quart. -mast, to his reg. (6th
N. I.,) and in Feb. 1805 adjut. and quart.-mast. to the 24th N. I.,
then newly raised. He joined the 2d batt. in March 1805, and com-
manded the corps from that time until Oct. 1806, discharging also the
duties of brig.-maj. and pay-mast, to the Gohud subsidiary force,
composed of three batts. under Lieut.-Col. Bowie, with which the 2d
batt. 24th N. I. was employed in the field from Ap. 1805 to Ap. 1806.
In Nov. 1808 he was employed with the 2d light inf. batt. in a division
of the army, under Lieut.-Gen. St. Leger, which was embodied for
the occupation of the territory of the independent Seik chiefs, situated
between Delhi and the Sutuleje. He was appointed to the command
of the batt. in Feb. 1809, which he held until its reduction in May
ensuing. From Dec. 1809 to June 1812 he was occupied in the pre-
paration of a code of the standing orders and regulations of the
Bengal army ; from July 1812 to Jan. 1813, in command of 1st batt-
24th N. I. ; from Jan. to June 1813, in command of a detachment
of flank companies, employed in field service, under Maj.-Gen. Wood
and Col. Martindell, on the southern frontier and in Rewah. From
Nov. 1813 to Dec. 1815 he was on furlough to Europe ; and in Jan.
1816 appointed to oflSciate as an assistant to the adjut.-gen. of the
army* From May to Nov. following he was in command of the 1st
batt. 24th N. I. ; and in the latter month appointed assist-adjut-gen.
to the Nagpore subsidiary force, with which he served in the Pindarry
campaign of 1817-18, being nominated also to the superintendence
of the contingent of troops furnished by the Newaub of Bopal, in
Dec. 1817. In Feb. 1818 he was appointed political agent to the
Gov.-Gen. at Bopal.

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militaky calendar. 2^


(Bombay Establishment)

This officer served, with the Bombay army during the campaign
against the late Sultaun of Mysore, and afterwards at the blockade
and subsequent capture of the strong and most remarkable fort of
Jemaulabad. He was employed at two different periods in the
Cotiote and Wynaad jungles, services as trying and unhealthy as
any in India. He rose to the rank of capt. in 1803, and to that of
maj. Sept, 18, 1809. In the following year he was compelled to re-
tire from the service, the ctimate of India having proved most de-
structive of his constitution.

The following are honourable testimonials of Major Mitchell's
services : —

Certificaie from Major^General Wiseman.

" I do hereby certify, that Capt. D. Mitchell served under my com-
mand in the Bombay Europ. reg. highly to my satisfaction, both as an
officer and a gentleman; and I had so good an opinion of his abilities as
an officer, that I more than once selected him for services of some im-
portance, and which he performed to my satisfaction. I must add,
that he volunteered for active service in the Cotiote, in the province of
Malabar, during the monsoon, at a very perilous time, when officers
were much wanted on that arduous service; and I am much con-
cerned that his ill health deprives the service of so meritorious an

(Signed) " J. Wiseman, Bombay Establishment.

" London, Feb. S, 1809/'

Certificate from Lieutenant-Colonel Howden.
" I do hereby certify, that Capt. D. Mitchell, of the East India

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Company's service, did duty in the field with the 1st batt. 5th Bom-
bay Native reg. in the late campaign, against the Sultaun of Mysore ;
during the whole of which arduous wrvice he conducted himself as
an active, spirited, and zealous officer. As a proof of this oflGlcer's
zeal for the service, I conceive it an act of justice to state, that on
the commencesment of the war in Indi^ in 1799, he joined the 5th reg.
in the field as a volunteer from the 4th reg., then stationary in Bombay.
On this occasion I have to regret the loss the public service will sus-
tain in an oflScer of his merit and experience, and to express my
concern that Capt- MitchelFs ill-health should oblige him to relin-
quish it

(Signed) " A. Howden, Lieut-CoL late 1st batt. 5th reg.
" Malvern WeUs, nth June, 1809. Bombay Estab.''


(Madras Establishment)

This officer entered the army in 1796 : on his arrival in India in the
same year he was ordered to join the 2d batt. 8th reg. N. I., then at
Veeragottum, a field-station, firom whence he was detached on several
very fatiguing and harassing detachment services, until promoted to
lieut.,when he was removed to the 1st batt. of the same corps. He pro-
ceeded soon afterwards to join the grand army assembling in the neigh-
bourhood of Wallajabad, and marched into the Mysore country. Lieut.
C. was present with his corps the whole campaign, and received the
silver medal to commemorate the fall of Seringapatam, after which
the corps proceeded to many parts of the Mysore country, when
Lieut* C. experienced much hard marching and severe duty, until
the augmentation of the army in 1800, when he was removed and
ordered to join the 3d batt. l6th reg. N. I., under the present Maj.-

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Gen. Dyce, who nominated him his acting adj., and which appoint-
ment, together widi the acting fort-adj. of Palamcotta, and acting
raaj. of brigade to the Tinnevelly district, he held until promoted to
a company. Ffom the loss of health in 1812 Capt. C was obliged to
proceed to Europe on furlough ; and on returning to his duty was
detached after the Pindarries to Hanyhar, and several places on the
banks of the Toombuddra, and to Harponelly. When at the latter
place Sir Thomas Hislop, the Com-in-Chief, appointed him to the
command of a flank batt., with the field force under Maj.-Gen.
Pritzler, with whom he continued until that force was broken up ;
after which he was continually detached on a variety of duties,
and encountered many very hard marches, until promoted, 1st Sept.
1818, to lieut.-col., when he was appointed to the 1st batt. 24th reg.
N. I., a new corps ordered to be raised at Ellore. This object
Lieut. -Col. C. accomplished at an early period, . and obtained the ap-
probation of the reviewing oflScer, who was pleased to express his
entire satisfaction of the state of discipline, and the equipment of the
corps. Lieut.-Col.. C effected a march of 360 miles to the northward
with this newly-raised corps, it being its Jfirst movement, without the
loss of a man, for which service the corps received the approbation of
the Com.-in-Chief. i


(Bengal Establishment.)

In 1771 this oflScer was appointed a cadet: in Oct. 1772 he arrived
in India, at which period the cadet corps was 100 strongk No pro-
motion took place for the cadets of that season, until 1776, when this
officer was appointed ensign* He was promoted to lieutenant in
June 1778, and to capt. 1st April 1793. He subsequently obtained

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the latter rank in the " King's army/' was appointed to a majority
in the cav. Ist April 1798 ; lieut.-col. 29th May 1800 ; col. 17th July
1801 ; maj.-gen. 2oth April 1808 ; and heut.-gen. 4th June 1813.

Lieut.-Gen. Hardyman returned to England in 1803, after having
served thirty years in India, twenty of which were passed on actual
service or under canvas.


(Madras E^abUshment.)

In 1777 this officer was appointed a cadet, and promoted to an
ensigncy in the 21st batt. N. I. Madras army, early in 1778. He
jserved with that corps in the same year at the siege of Pondicherry ;
during which service he was appointed adj. to the 2d batt. 2d reg. of
European inf. in the room of Lieut. Thompson killed. After the
siege he served as maj. of brig, to a detachment under Col. Hopkins-

After the unfortunate defeat of the army under C!ol. BaiUie, when
the Caraatic was almost entirely in possession of Hyder Ally's army,
whose cav, liad penetrated to the gates of Madras, this officer was
appointed by the Gov. and Com.-in-Chief, Lord Macartney, and Sir
Eyre Coote, to the command of a small partisan corps of one troop
of cav. two companies of inf. and 300 Poligars, to which two gal-
lopper guns were attached. This detachment was formed for the
purpose of escorting treasure, provisions, and stores, to the army then
in the field, under Sir Eyre Coote, and for the supply of different
forts in the Carnatic, some of which were at the time invested by the
enemy. He commanded this corps until the end of the war, and was
honoured with the approbation and public thanks of those dis-
tinguished characters, with whom he had kept up a constant confi-
dential correspondence. During this service the corps was frequently

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attacked by the enemy, but particularly on one occasion, when it
was repeatedly charged by a body of between two and three thousand
horse, and in great danger of being cut olf for several hours, being ten
miles distant from the army. The nature of the service on which this
detachment was employed precluded the possibility of having tents
either for officers or men, which, added to the excessive fatigue by day
and night, deprived him of health.

The detachment having been broken up, this officer was appointed
to the cav., and the command of the Gov/s body-guard was conferred
upon him, in which situation he continued until the year 17879 when
ill health obliged him to return to England. In 1789 he returned to
India, and finding the army in the field, he joined it without dday as
capt. and second officer in the 1st reg. of Native car. commanded by
Maj. Tonyn. This corps was shortly afterwards detadied in pursuit
of a body of horse hovering about the camp, by whidi it was led into
an ambuscade composed of a strong force of cav., inf., and guns, but
after a gallant resistance it made good its retreat, although sevetely
suffering to the extent of one-thifd of officers, men, and horses. He
served with the cav* under Gen* Floyd, when that officer charged
Tlppoo Sultaun's army, on the line of march near Bangalore, when
the cav. suffered very severely. He was appointed maj.-commandant
of the 5th reg* of cav. during the first campaign of Lord Comwallis^
in the Mysore country, and at the head of that r^. he had the good
fortune to capture two standards in the general action before Seringa-
patam, when the cav. under Gen. Floyd charged Tippoo Sultaun's
line. The cav*, after this being much reduced, were ordered into
the Carnatic for a supply of horses, and fresh field equipments, in pre*
paration for the next campaign ; but as horses could not be procured
in sufficient number, to remount all the corps, a selection was made
of the 19th dragoons, the Sd and 5th regts. of cav., whereby he had
the honour of serving to the end of the war* He was promoted to
col. in 1802, and got a reg. in 1805- : he obtained the rank of maj.^
jo;en. in ISOP, and that of lieut.-gen. in 1814.

W If

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(Madras BstahUshment.J

Thi9 officer obtaiiied an eDsigncj in H* M/s 12th foot ia 1798^ and
was transferred to the Company's serrice in 1799 ; at the latter end
ciwhi^ ycfltr be arrived in India, and was promoted to lieut. in the
Ifith N. I. Ia March 180Q ho «aa transferred to the art, and in
Deo^ f^n^imig embarked with a company of art. on the expedition
to Egypt under Sir David Baird; and in May 1803 re-embarked
a* Sued: for Madras. In Jan. 1803 he joined the grand army asaeiii«>*
Ued under the orders of the Cos^.^in-Chie^', G^« Stuiart. In Sept*
1804 be was psombted to capt- ; and in April 1805 commanded tbe
art in TraiQaiioiife« At the ktter end of 1806 be w^nt to England on
sick .ceclifirate, and. returned to Madras in Jan.. 1810. InMayfol*
loww^- he; embarked with his company on the expedition. b> Bonrbon,
and was present at^he jcapttire of that island, and the isle of France.
In Jan 1811 he returned to Madras, and in May foUowijig joiaod a
compajsj of acL at Hyderabad. In Dec. 1814 he iras^ appointed
eonmunary of ordaance, and to the command of the. art ordened on
tfa^ mrpedition to Ceylon ; aaad in Feb. 1815 appointed assiaf. com.*
gen..' ei onfeance to the army assembled on the Tocnbaddra, under
Liamt-^eD. Sir T. Hislop. In Jime 1817 be was appointed com. of
ord> to theraserve divi»On of the army, and served with it daring the
whole of its operations in the Mahratta campaigns ; and succeeded
to the command of the art* with the division in Jnne 1818. In May
1819^ he was present at the siege dnd capture of the hill fbrt of Co«
pauldroog ; on whacfa occasion, in common with other officer^ com^
manding corps^ lie received liie thanks of Lord Hastings* He was
promoted to,tbe brevet of major in June 1814, and obtained that rank
reigimentaUy in Oct 1821, when hef was posted to the horse ar^
In March 1822 he was appointed to the command of the art« with
the light fidd division of the Hyderabad subsidiary force.

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(Bengal Establishment.)

Appoiijted a cadet in 1796; ensign, 13th Oct. 1797; lieiit., lOtb
Sept. 1798 ; capt., 22d Oct, 1805 ; and maj., Ist Aug. 1818.

This officer did duty with the 8th N« I. from March to Sept. 179B,
at Chuoar; and with the 9th N. !•, at Caonpoor and Luoknow^
from Dec. following to April 1799^ when he was finally posted t04
and joined the 2d N. I. In Feb. and March 1803 he served with
the army under Lord Lake, befii^egiog the strong forts of Catidiounw
&c. in the Booaub ; and in Aug. of the same year accompaoied his
reg^ into the fields upon the breaking out of tfad war with the
Mahrattas. He was at the capture of Coil^ the storm of AUygurh,

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