John R Tudor.

The Orkneys and Shetland; their past and present state online

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So for ;^42 13.?. Scots = ^3 yj-. \d. sterling this grasping
Scots lord and his canny, gripping chamberlain deliberately
stole, there is no other phrase for it, a portion of the roof of
a building, of which they were only tenants. Other houses
in the town are said to have been unroofed in a similar
fashion. The ;^2oo is said to have been part of a fine
imposed by the Justiciary Court of Scotland on Sir James
Stewart of Burray for pursuing and firing into a boat in which
Lord Morton was crossing Holm Sound. The lower portions
of the town-hall, formerly used as a gaol and lock-up, are now
utilised as a storehouse for the fire-brigade, but the great hall
is still used for corporation purposes. In this room the as-
semblies were held where cards and dancing were the order of
the evening, and where the great w