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to the date of this letter which was November 4th, 1698, and this sister whom
he married was Elizabeth* Thacher (Judah^) as we have above stated. Rev.
Joshua* Gee (i. e. 5th generation in the Thacher line) son of Joshua* Gee and his
2nd wife Elizabeth* Thacher-Gee, who was born June 29th, 1698, and was bap-
tized July 3rd, 1698, speaks in later life (subsequent to 1727) of his respected
father-in-law. Rev. Peter* Thacher of Milton (Rev. Thomas^), showing that his
mother must have married a 2nd time to Rev. Peter* Thacher of Milton. The
term mother-in-law used in this instance was employed to mean step-mother
undoubtedly as Rev. Joshua' Gee's actual mothers-in-law were none of the
three of them of Thacher blood, but bore the names of Rogers, Appleton and
Gardner respectively. Now as Rev. Joshua* Gee was born in 1698 and his
father Joshua* Gee did not die (as we know) until subsequent to January 15,
1722-3 (see date of his will), and his mother married a 2nd time, August 12th,
1727, to Rev. Peter* Thacher of Milton, she (Rev. Joshua* Gee's mother) must
have been alive from 1698 to 1727; and as Joshua* Gee did not die until 1722-3,
the Joshua Gee who is recorded as having married on December 7th, 1705, to
Elizabeth Thornton could not have been Joshua* Gee, father of Rev. Joshua*
Gee, whose mother was Elizabeth* Thacher who survived her husband Joshua*
Gee and in 1727 became the wife of Rev. Peter* Thacher of Milton.

In order to make this still more clear, I will here give a full and complete
resume of all Gee and Thornton items taken from the Boston Record Commis-
sion Reports, vols, ix, xxiv, and xxviii, in so far as they may in any way refer to
the question under discussion, "BR" being the reference mark used to refer to
these reports, viz :

It t(


Family No. i.
B R, vol ix, p. 84, Gee, John; son of John and Hazelponah, b. May 27th, 1662.

Town Records.
" " " " p. 121, Gee, Hazelponi, baptised 19th day of 9th nnonth, 1671; ist
Church Records.
It is quite evident that the record as given of this family can have no bear-
ing whatever on the case in question.

Family No. 2.
B R, vol. ix, p. 145, Gee, Thomas, son of John and Joane, b. May 15th, 1678.

Town Records.
" " " " p. 148, Gee, Grace, dau. of John and Joane, b. May 26th, 1679.

Town Records.
" " " " p. 151, Gee, Joshua, son of John and Joane, b. January 19th, 1680.

Town Records.
" " " " p. 160, Gee, Mary, dau. of John and Joane, b. April nth, 1683.

Town Records.
" " " " p. 165, Gee, Grace, dau, of John and Joane, b. September 4th,

1685. Town Records.
" " " " p. 174, Gee, Lately, son of John and Joane, b. February 4th, 1687.

Town Records.
" " " " p. 201, Gee, Ann, dau. of John and Joane, b. April 27th, 1692.
Town Records.
" p. 211, Gee, John, died July 25th, 1693.
" p. 211, Gee, Joan, wife of John, died July 17th, 1693.
Note the fact that in the obove Family No. 2 there was a Joshua Gee, born
January 19th, 1680, who would on December 7th, 1705, have been about the
marriageable age, and hence may very likely have been the Joshua Gee who
on that date married an Elizabeth Thornton.

Family No. 3
B R, vol. ix, p. 182, Gee, Joshua and Eliza Harrise were married at Boston by
the Rev. Joshua Moody, September 25th, 1688. Town
" p. 184, Gee, Peter, son of Joshua and Eliza, born December i6th,

1689. Town Records.
" p. igo, Gee, Eliza, dau. of Joshua and Eliza, b. November 22nd,

1690. Town Records.
" p. 195, Gee, Eliza, ; baptized December 28th, 1690. ist Church

" p. 201, Gee, Joshua, son of Joshua and Eliza, b. August i8th, 1692.

Town Records.
" p. 204, Gee, Joshua, son of Joshua and Eliza, died August i8th,
1692. Town Records.

" p. 205, Gee, Joshua, ; buried August 21st, 1692. ist Church

" p. 207, Gee, Mary, dau. of Joshua and Eliza, b. January 25th,
1693-4. Town Records.

" p. 220, Gee, Mary, ; baptized January 28th, 1694. ist Church


Notice here the lapse of two years and six months between the date of
birth of the last child named above, Mary Gee, and the date of birth of the fol-
lowing child, Samuel Gee, recorded below. Bear in mind that Joshua* Gee who
married Elizabeth'* Thacher was a widower when he married her (according to
Freeman;) also bear in mind the fact that Elizabeth Gee (the mother of Rev.
Joshua^ Gee) survived her husband (who died in 1722-3) and married 2nd on
August 27th, 1727, to Rev. Peter* Thacher of Milton; and most important of all,
bear in mind that on November 4th, 1698, Joshua* Gee refers to his wife's brother.


Page 124, last line under head of Corrections, /<3^<? 8j should readpa^e gj.
Page no, top line, 168/ should read is8i.


Thomas* Thacher of Yarmouth, and remember that Joshua* Gee was a brother-
in-law of Thomas* Thacher and had a son Joshua* Gee born, as we will see
below, June 29th, 1698. From all of which it will appear quite evident that
Joshua* Gee must have married Elizabeth* Thacher at least as early as Septem-
ber 29th, 1697, and perhaps earlier; which suggests that Elizabeth Harrise, ist
wife of Joshua* Gee, died subsequent to January 25th, 1693-4, the date of birth
of Mary Gee, the last child above recorded.

B R, Vol. ix, p. 232, Gee, Samuel, son of Joshua and Eliza, b. June loth, 1697.

Town Records.
" " " " p. 240, Gee, Joshua, son of Joshua and Elizabeth, b. June 29th,

1698. Town Records.
" " " " p. 247, Gee, John, son of Joshua and Eliza, b. Feb. 27th, 1699,

Town Records.
" " " xxiv, p. 15, Gee, Ebenezer, son of Joshua and Elizabeth, b. Dec. 22,

1702. Town Records.
" " " " p. 28, Gee, Elizabeth, dau. of Joshua and Eliza, b. June 14th,
1704. Town Records.

Now bearing in mind that Elizabeth* Thacher is said to have married
Joshua Gee as his 2nd wife, and that she was the mother of Joshua^ Gee born
June 29th, 1698, and that she married a 2nd time (after the death of Joshua*
Gee her ist husband) on August 12th, 1727: it is conclusively proven that
Elizabeth* Thacher must have married Joshua* Gee previous to September 29th,
1697 (which is 9 months previous to the birth of Joshua* Gee). It also follows
that Elizabeth (Harrise) Gee, ist wife of Joshua* Gee must have died previous
to September 29th, 1697.

The question then arises as to who was the mother of Samuel Gee born
June loth, 1697, which up to the present point of our demonstration is some-
what in doubt, as there is nothing that we have shown up to now which
prevents Elizabeth (Harrise) Gee having been Samuel Gee's mother, nor have
we proven that Elizabeth (Thacher) Gee was not.

It is a matter of record that Elizabeth* Thacher was the eldest child of
Judah^ Thacher and that she was born October — , 1667. Mary (Thornton)
Thacher (widow of Judah^) was admitted to the 2nd Church, Boston (Cotton
Mather's Church) November ist, 1691, and her daughter Ann* Thacher joined
the same church May loth, 1696; her son Judah* Thacher joined the same
church January 29th, 1698-9; and her daughter Mary* Thacher, joined that
church September 26th, 1703. The only daughter (in fact the only child that
reached maturity) of Judah^ Thacher who is not recorded as joining that church
is Elizabeth* Thacher and as she was living all during these years it is a fair
inference that she had during that period married and joined that church or
some other church under her married name. As her entire family excluding
herself belonged to the 2nd church we naturally would look in the records of the
2nd church to see if she is recorded as joining that body under a married name.

From the History of the 2nd Church, Boston we obtain the following
record of admissions thereto:

May 2nd, 1697. Joshua Gee, admitted to 2nd Church Boston.

May 2nd, 1697. Elizabeth Gee, " " "

These entries bearing the same date taken in connection with the fact that
on November 4th, 1698, Joshua* Gee refers to Thomas* Thacher (brother of
Elizabeth* Thacher) as his wife's sister prove conclusively that Joshua* Gee
had married Elizabeth* Thacher as his 2nd wife before May 2nd, 1697, and if
Elizabeth* Thacher was the wife of Joshua* Gee previous to May 2nd, 1697, she
must have been the mother of SamueP Gee who was born June loth, 1697, as
well as of all the children born subsequently to Joshua* Gee as recorded under
head of Family No. 3, viz:

Joshua* Gee, b. June 29th, 1698.
■" John* Gee, b. February 27th, 1699 (or 1699-1700).

Ebenezer* Gee, b. December 22nd, 1702.

Elizabeth* Gee, b. June 14, 1704.

And this is rendered all the more probable, as in the record of the Baptisms
in the 2nd Church, Boston (see History of said Church) we find the above
children's baptisms recorded in one group as follows:


June 13th, 1697. Gee, Samuel, son of Joshua baptized.

July 3rd, 1698. " Joshua, " "

March 3rd, 1700. •' John, " "

Dec. 27th, 1702. " Ebenezer, " " "

June i8th, 1704. " Elizabeth, daughter of Joshua, baptized.

And the foregoing are all of the children whose baptisms are grouped
under this heading.

The natural and inevitable conclusion from all of the preceeding records
is that Joshua'* Gee while married to his ist wife Elizabeth (Harrise) Gee
belonged to the ist Church, Boston, and that on marrying Elizabeth"* Thacher
after his first wife's death he was dismissed to, and with his 2nd wife joined the
2nd Church which was the place of worship of all of his 2nd wife's family.
Granting that Joshua^ Gee who married Elizabeth'' Thacher was a widower at
the time of his marriage to her (which fact is distinctly stated to be so by
various contemporaneous authorities); he, Joshua^ Gee, married ist Elizabeth
Harrise on September 25th, 1688 and by her had all the children grouped under
head of Family No. 3 up to and including Mary' Gee born January 25th
(baptized January 28th), 1694. His wife Elizabeth (Harrise) Gee died subse-
quent to January 25th, 1694, the date of birth of her last child, and Joshua"* Gee
then married 2nd to Elizabeth^ Thacher in time to have by her a child SamueP
Gee born June loth, 1697, and hence he must have married her at least nine (9)
months previous to that date, or on or previous to September loth, 1696,
Joshua"* Gee had by his 2nd wife Elizabeth* Thacher all the children above
recorded as born in the years 1697-98-99-1702 and 1704.

The records as they are found to exist in no way disagree with the
traditions of the family and the statements of numerous authorities Savage and
Bond excepted; and we claim to have corrected the statements of these two
latter authorities in establishing beyond cavil the following facts:

1st Joshua* Gee married ist Elizabeth Harris, on September 25th, 1688; she

died previous to September loth, 1696.
2nd Joshua"* Gee married 2nd Elizabeth"* Thacher (Judah^) on or previous

to September loth, 1696.
3rd Joshua* Gee under date of November 4th, 1698, is quoted by Sewall as

speaking of Thomas* Thacher (brother of Elizabeth* Thacher) of

Yarmouth, Mass., as his wife's brother,
4th Elizabeth* (Thacher) Gee, widow of Joshua* Gee, married a 2nd time on

August i2th, 1727, to Rev. Peter* Thacher, of Milton, Mass., which is a

matter of record.
5th Rev. Joshua'' Gee was according to his own statement a " son-in-law "

(a term used by him to signify step-son) of Rev. Peter* Thacher of

Milton. This statement being made by him in a funeral sermon

delivered subsequent to the death of his step-father which occurred

December 17th, 1727.

Joshua* Gee (father of Rev. Joshua^ Gee), who married as his 2nd wife
Elizabeth* Thacher, was in his early life a mariner evidently engaged as ship-
master or merchant in trade with the Mediteranean Sea countries and while on
some voyage connected with his vocation was captured and held in slavery by
the Moors in Morocco. This fact is made clear by reference to vol. i, series
vi, of the Mass. Hist. Soc. Collections, in which we see that Joshua Gee was
liberated from captivity by the Moors previous to September 20th 1687. That
the Joshua Gee who was then liberated was the same Joshua* Gee who married,
subsequent to his ist wife's death, to Elizabeth* Thacher is made clear by a
letter in this same volume from Sewall to Ive under date of November 4th, 1698,
in which Sewall says "Mr. Gee knows the heart of a captive;" and this same
letter makes it clear that the once captive Joshua Gee had married Elizabeth*
Thacher, as in the letter Mr. Gee is quoted as speaking of Thomas* Thacher
of Boston as "his wife's brother."

Joshua* Gee when liberated from captivity returned to Boston aud became
a shipwright and married as we have above shown 1st to Elizabeth Harrise and
2nd to Elizabeth* Thacher. He made his will under date of January 15th, 1722-
3, and it was probated March iith,;i722-3; hence he died between these dates.


In this will he mentions his wife Elizabeth and his sons Joshua and Ebenezer,
no other children being mentioned, and he appoints the three as his executors.
On the hypothesis (which we think we have established as a fact) that
Joshua'' Gee who married Elizabeth'* Thacher was married twice and was a
widower when he married Elizabeth'* Thacher, and that his ist wife was
Elizabeth Harrise, we must from the terms of his will assume that all of his
children by his ist wife, as given in Family No. 3, were on January 15th, 1722-3,
either dead without issue, or that they had been previously provided for by
ante mortem settlements, as they are not mentioned in their father's will of that
date; and also that all of his children by his 2nd wife (Elizabeth'* Thacher)
except Joshua'' and Ebenezer^ Gee were also dead on that date or had been
previously provided for hy ante mortem settlements as they are none of them
mentioned in their father's will. The History of the 2nd Church, Boston gives
dates of baptisms and admission to the Church but does not give any dates of
deaths or burials; therefore I have been unable to determine positively the
dates of the death of those children by ist and 2nd marriages who are not
mentioned in their father's will; but as no mention is made of them in said will
it seems a fair presumption that they were dead without issue on January 15th,

Family No. 4.

B R, Vol. ix, p. 134, Thorton Mary, dau. of Timothy and Experience, b.
April 2nd, 1674. Town Records.
" p. 135, Thornton, Mary, dau. of Timothy and Experience, bapt.

5th day, 2nd mo. 1674. ist Church Records.
" p. 136, Thornton, Thomas, son of Timothy and Experience bapt.

2ist day, 9th mo., 1675. ist Church Records.
" p. 143, Thornton, Elizabeth, dau. of Timothy and Experience,

born Nov. 17th, i6yy. Town Records.
" p. 150, Thornton, Ann, dau. of Timothy and Experience, born

Nov. 7th, 1679. Town Records.
" p. 156, Thornton, Timothy, son of Timothy and Experience,

born May 6th, 1681. Town Records.
" p. 176, Thorton, Priscilla, dau. of Timothy and Experience,

born Feb. 23rd, 1687. Town Records.
" p. 219, Thornton, wife of Timothy, died Mar. 23rd, 1694. Town

The error and confusion which has arisen regarding the identity of the
Joshua Gee who married Elizabeth Thornton on December 7th, 1705, is thus

Joshua Gee (son of John and Joane Gee) born January 19th, 1680 (see
Family No. 2), married on December 7th, 1705, to Elizabeth Thornton (daughter
of Timothy and Experience Thornton, see Family No. 4) who was born
November 17th, 1677. They were both of marriageable age in 1705 and were
the Joshua Gee and Elizabeth Thornton who married December 7th, 1705. John

Gee who married Joane , and Joshua Gee who married ist Elizabeth

Harrise and 2nd Elizabeth* Thacher were brothers, and were sons of Peter Gee

a fisherman of Boston possibly by his wife Grace , both of whom (Peter

and Grace) were living in 1681 as will be seen by consulting Suffolk County,
Mass. Deeds, vol. xii, p. 130; and therefore the Joshua Gee who married
December 7th, 1705, to Elizabeth Thornton was a nephew of Joshua Gee who
married ist to Elizabeth Harrise and 2nd Elizabeth* Thacher; and in the
records the 'former is sometimes mentioned as Joshua Gee, Jr., to distinguish
him from his uncle Joshua Gee.

From the above facts we are enabled to construct the record of Family
No. 5.

B R, Vol. xxviii, p. 10, Joshua Gee was married at Boston by Rev. Cotton
Mather on Dec. 7th, 1705, to Elizabeth Thornton and had the
following children.
" " " " p. 45, Gee, John, born March 23rd, 1706. Town Records.

" p. 61, Gee, Eliza, born January 15th, 1709. Town Records,

recorded as dau. of Joshua, Jr.
" " " " p. 82, Gee, Ann, born March 4th, 1711-12, Town Records.


Joshua Gee, the father of the above family No. 5 died when his daughter
Anne was 18 months old hence died about September 4th, 1712-13. Elizabeth
Thornton-Gee widow of this Joshua Gee was married a 2nd time at Boston on
January nth, 1722, by the Rev. Cotton Mather to William Fine, a " slatter."
The following abstracts of the wills and settlements of the estates of Joshua
Gee, son of Peter, and Joshua Gee, son of John, will render it quite clear that
they were not one and the same individual. .:-,:,,..?Zy^^,„ iti:/;. . ^ji

Abstract of will of Joshua Gee (son of Peter Gee), shipwright. Will dated
January 15th, 1722-3, probated March nth, 1722-3, Gives to Elizabeth Gee, his
wife, in lieu of dower, his home and land and garden in north end of Boston
with all privileges and appurtenances for life, with privilege to dispose of the
same at her death to either of his two sons (Rev. Joshua= and Ebenezer^') as she
may see fit; also gives to his wife yi of plate and household goods and furniture
(with certain exceptions) and the sum of ^100, and the testator's negro woman
Diana and her child. Gives to his son Joshua a certain Library of books loca-
ted in chamber of his house together with other contents of said chamber and
all of his land in County of York and a silver cup. Gives to his son Ebenezer
Gee certain lands and books, gold seal ring "with ye coat of arms," silver
tankard, gun and sword, Joshua and Ebenezer his sons residuary legatees.
Executors wife Elizabeth and sons Joshua and Ebenezer. No other individuals
mentioned. Witnesses: Benjn. Edwards, John Harrod, Sam'l White. Admit-
ted to probate on oath of witnesses by Samuel Sewall, March nth, 1722-3.

Abstract of settlement of estate of Joshua Gee, shipwright of Boston (son
of John and Joane.) He died about September 4th, 1712-13, intestate leaving a
widow and 3 children; John, Eliza and Ann. No immediate settlement of his
estate was made, the widow having possession of same until November 25th,
1724. She having previously, on January nth, 1722, married a 2nd time to
William Fine, a "slatter" of Boston, it was probably regarded by the Court as
necessary to have the estate of her ist husband, Joshua Gee, administered, in
order to safeguard the interests of her children by her ist marriage. On No-
vember 25th, 1724, Judge Samuell Sewall appointed William Fine and Eliza-
beth his wife to administer the estate of said Joshua Gee and make report there-
upon before November 25th, 1725. In compliance with said administration, an
inventory of estate was submitted to Court of said estate on November 30th,
1724, signed by Robert Renton, Thomas Jones and Tho. Tippin and also sworn
to by William Fine and Elizabeth his wife. On April 9th, 1725, an additional
inventory was submitted signed by Timo. Crouchington, Ferdinando Bowd and
Joseph Poumery, and sworn to by William Fine and Elizabeth Fine. Attached
to this inventory is a statement of a claim against said estate made by William
Fine and Elizabeth Fine for expenditures made in bringing up the children
(John, Elizabeth and Anne) of Joshua Gee by his wife Elizabeth (Thornton) Gee
who married as her 2nd husband, Wm. Fine. In the statement of this claim it
is specifically stated that the child John was 10 years old in 1715; that Elizabeth
was 7 years old in 1715, and that Anne was 18 months old at the time of her
father's death; all of which ages in 1715 agree with the dates of birth of said
children as given in Family No. 5. On December 20th, 1725, a 3rd statement
of said estate was submitted to the Court by William and Elizabeth Fine; and
on January 7th, 1725-6, the final statement of William Fine and Elizabeth Fine
as administrators of Estate of Joshua Gee was submitted to the Court and ap-

Suffolk Co., Mass., Deeds, vol. vi, pp. 124 and 134, and vol. ix, p. 97, and
vol xii, p. 130, show conclusively that John Gee and Joshua Gee (father of fam-
ilies No. 2 and No. 3 respectively) were brothers and sons of Peter Gee, fisher-
man of Boston, whose wife in 1668 and 1681 was Grace and this Grace was

perhaps the mother of these two sons John and Joshua; there is some doubt,
however, as to whether she was their mother, as in one of the deeds above re-
ferred to she is described by Peter Gee as "my now wife" suggesting the
possibility of her being a 2nd wife and not of necessity the mother of his

In the Memorial History of Boston, vol. i, p. 555, we have the following ex-
tract which shows conclusively the connection which existed between the Gee
and Thatcher Families, viz:


" In 171 1 Samuel Sewall and his wife Hannah conveyed a part of what had
been once the pasture of old John Hall the mint-master, to the town of Boston
to form a part of the Copp's Hill Burying ground and in the deed of transfer
there was a reservation made of 'one rodd square in which Mrs. Mary Thacher
now lyeth buried,' which rodd square had previously in 1708-9 been conveyed
by them (Sewall and his wife) ' with no right of way except across the old bury-
ing ground ' to Joshua Gee."

Mrs. Mary Thacher was the mother-in-law of the above referred to Joshua
Gee and hence the reason for his buying the title to her burial place. This
Little " rodd square " is even to this day private property of the Gee heirs
(unless subsequently deeded by them) although it is located in the midst of
Copp's Hill Burying Ground, which is the property of the City of Boston.

In vol. ii, p vii, of this same Memorial History of Boston can be seen a
fac-simile of the signature of Joshua Gee who married as his 2nd wife Elizabeth*
Thacher; and also the statement that early in the i8th century he owned a ship
yard on the S. W. side of Prince Street and that his home stood on the S. W,
corner of Salem and Prince Street. He also owned some of the adjacent
property which fell in 1722-3 to his sons Joshua and Ebenezer (the latter of
whom died in 1730) and finally fell wholly to Joshua who died in 1748, when
the estate was divided, according to a document which the " Gleaner " calls one
of the most important in the Boston Probate office.

From all of the above it will be seen that D. W. Allen in his Thacher
Genealogy, on p. 35, is absolutely in error in stating that Elizabeth* Thacher
(daughter of Judah^ Thacher) married Joshua Gee, December 7th, 1705. She
did marry him however on or previous to September loth, 1696.

59. Thomas* Thacher (Judah,^ Antony ,2 Rev. Peter^), born at
Yarmouth, Mass., May i8th, 1669; he resided at Yarmouth
and was a mariner by profession ; he died at Mequinez,
Morocco, while held there in slavery by the Moors, date of
death previous to June 17th, 1702; he was probably buried
in Mequinez. We have no record of his ever having married
and he is presumed to have died single.

Thomas* Thacher came of age May i8th, 1690, and ac-
cording to the terms of the settlement of the estate of his
father Judah^ Thacher he received his father's house and
one-half of the land most convenient thereto. Inasmuch as
Judah^ Thacher inherited one-half of the land of Antony^
Thacher, it follows that Thomas* Thacher's inheritance was
one-fourth of the real estate of Antony^ Thacher, which was
a goodly portion for those days.

D. W. Allen in his Thacher Genealogy, p. 36, states that
this Thomas* Thacher settled in Tolland, Conn., in which
statement he is entirely in error. He probably derived
this impression from the first part of the MSS. Thacher
Genealogy by the Hon. George Thacher. Hon. George
Thacher was self-confessedly very ignorant of the records
of the descendants of Judah^ Thacher and records the tradi-
tion that Thomas* Thacher had gone to Tolland, Conn., but
never gave any facts in substantiation of such tradition.
Lack of knowledge of the descendants of Judah^ Thacher
up to a recent date was due to the primary fact that the
family became extinct in the male line with the death of
Thomas* and Judah* both of whom died not married, leaving
no issue. And as they both died long before Hon. George


Thacher was born, leaving in their immediate branch of the
family none of the name in Hon. George Thacher's day, it

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