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H, 85th N. Y.; II. Peter Murray. Oct. 14, 1864-Oct. 15. 1865, Co. H, 2d N. Y. H. A. ;
12. Horace Marshall, Dec. 5, i86i-Dec. 5, 1864, Co. G, 64th N. Y. ; 13. Darien C. John-
son, Sept. 5, 1864-July 20, 1865, 3d N. Y. Lt. A. ; 14. Wm. B. Voorhees, Aug. 12, 1862-June
20, 1865, 136th N. Y. ; 15. Geo. H. Rowley, September, 1862-November, 1865, i6oth N. Y. ;
16. Christopher Hoffman, Jan. 7, '64-June 30, '65, Co. G, ist N. Y. Dragoons; 17. R. M.
McDaniels, Aug. 12, '62-June 30, '65, Co. G, ist N. Y. Dragoons ; 18. Henry Brandes, Sept. i,
'61-N0V. I, '65, 64th N. Y. ; 19. Jacob Gardner, Sept. 12, '6i-June 1. '63, 85th N. Y. ; 20. M.
D. Palmer, records incomplete ; 21. Charles Clarke, records incomplete; 22. U. B. Grames.
i6ist N. Y. ; 23. G. H. Avery, 56th N. Y. ; 24. Charles Chambers, i6oth N. Y. ; 25. James
Garrigan, 83d Pa. ; 26. Wm. E. Leo, 14th N. Y. ; 27. E. Geer, 6ist Pa. ; 28. Henry Mclntire,
ship " Sonoma " ; 29. Jacob O. Wilhelm, 12th Pa. Cav. ; 30. John Wedge, no record ; 31. Chas.
Pryor, 86th N. Y. ; 32. C. F. demons, G. H. A. ; 33. Walter C. Smith, 5th N. Y. Cav. ; 34.
James K. Voorhees, 107th N. Y. ; 35. E. B. King, 189th N. Y. ; 36. Geo. W. Wheeler, 20th N.
Y. Bat. ; 37. Wm. Little, no record ; 38. Fred Peters, 45th Pa. Vols. ; 39. Peter Olden, 8th N,
J.; 40. Nelson Mosher, 156th N. Y. ; 41. Newell Judd, 93d N. Y. ; 42. Thos. Williams; 43.
John H. Miller, nth P. V. R. C. ; 44. Ross Paddock, 5th N. Y. Cav. ; 45. Christ Gerry, no rec-
ord; 46. O H. Perry, i6ist N. Y. ; 47. E. B. Curtis, no record ; 48. W. B. Mason, i6ist N. Y. ;
49. Peter Dudley, no record ; 50. Manny Hills, 65th N. Y.* ; 51. Ithamer Moore, 130th N. Y. ;
52. Edward Kinney, 5th N. Y. Cav.*; 53. Geo, W. Ward, 169th Pa.; 54. Charles Wells, 189th
N. Y.* ; 55. John C. Wheeler, 93d N. Y. ; 56. Henry Fuller, no record ; 57. John Krine, no
record; 58. S. D. Spicer, i88th N. Y. ; 59. Jacob C. Arnold, no record* ; 60. Seneca Williams,

380 History of Allegany County, N. Y. •

27th N. Y. ; 61. Ira W. Niles, i6oth N. Y. ; 62. Geo. A. Gordon, no record ; 63. R. S. McClure,
193d Pa.* ; 64. Thos. D.Bradford, io6th N. Y.=^ ; 65. John H. Brown, no record ; 66. Philip Aus-
tin, 90th N. Y. ; 67. Wm. W. Plants, 189th N. Y. ; 68. Alfred West, 97th N. Y. ; 69. S. M.
Sorber, 52d Pa.; 70. Michael Gouter, no record ; 71. D. S. Sanger, no record ; 72. Wm. C.
Bridge, 184th Pa.; 73. Chas. Richardson, 5th N. Y. ; 74. Ferdinand Rockdisher, 41st N. Y. ;
75. Capt. Hiram A. Coats, 815th N. Y.* ; 76. George Cross, 179th N. Y. ; 77. Fred Simmons,
130th N. Y. ; 78. Geo. T. Emerson, 86th N. Y. ; 79. John Moore, no record ; 80. John Fellows,
no record; 81. Elisha Hills, no record ; 82. L. A. Bunker, no record; 83. Dennis Williams, no
record; 84. Chester Coleman, no record; 85. Ed. Eastman. 126th N. Y. ; 86. John Keller,
189th N. Y. ; 87. Wm. Helmhold, no record ; 88. Henry Tibbetts, no record* ; 89. Lewis Clark,
no record; 90. H. K. Opp, no record; 91. Henry Keerse, 189th N. Y.; 92. Tim Barker, no
record ; 93 James Margeson, 85ih N. Y. ; 94. J. M. Clark, no record ; 95. Frank Angel, no
record; 96. Phineas Weed, i6ist N. Y. ; 97. Geo. A. Caudy, 4th Pa. Cav. ; 98. A. Randall, no
record; 99. D. C. Johnson, no record ; 100. L. C. Bentley, no record; loi. Ezekiel Johnson,
14th N. Y. Art. ; 102. Wallace Moore, 5th N. Y. Cav. ; 103. C. K. Reitmeyer, no record; 104.
A. K. Steoes, no record; 105. John Shattuck, no record; 106. Merton Hakes, i6oth N. Y. ;
107. N. L. Waldon, 136th N. Y. ; 108. Jacob Rauber, 64th N. Y. ; 109 Nicholas Rauber, 64th
N. Y. ; no. Geo. W. Wescott, ist N. Y. Dragoons; in. Geo. Howe, 64th N, Y.* ; n2. Wm.
F. Blaisdell, 90th N. Y. ; 113. Wm. L. Jones, 60th N. J. Band ; n4. L. Hannegan, 6th N. Y.
Cav.; 115. Thos. Prentis, ist N. Y. L. Art.; 116. John W. Reed, 85th N. Y. ; 117. Nathaniel
Tompkins, 35th N. Y. ; 118. Henry McLaughlin, ist N, Y. Bat. ; 119. Charles Stives, ist N. Y.
Bat. ; 120. Jason Ganoung; i6oth N. Y. ; (21. George Elwell, ist Brigade, ist Div., 2d Corps,
Band; 122. F. E. Brothers, 90th N. Y. ; 123. Wm. Lasher, i6oth N. Y. ; 124. A. O. Winters,
13th 111. ; 125. James Messier, 64th N. Y. ; 126. S. A. Wescott, ist N. Y. Dragoons ; 127. Thos.
Willson, 93d N. Y. ; 128. Col. Stephen Moore, nth N. J. Infantry*; 129. Wm. C. Chamberlain,
86th N. Y. ; 130. James Welsh, 93d N. Y. ; 131. Frank Butts, 85th N. Y. ; 132. Olio Klingen-
berg, 29th 111. ; 133. James C. Jump, 53d 111. ; 134. Orville Proctor, ist N. Y. Dragoons ; 135.
C. K. Reitmeyer, no record ; 136. Daniel West, 5th N. Y. H. Art.*; 137. George E. Farnum,
26th Mich.; 138. Amos Ritle, no record ; 139. Wm. E. Kemp, no record; 140. I. Root, no
record; 141. G. P. Slade. no record ; 142. O. A. Fuller, 85th N. Y. ; 143. Rufus Scott, 1st N.
Y. Dragoons; 144. H. McDaniels, 85th N. Y. ; 145. F. L. Aldrich, 23d N. Y.; 146.
Norman B. Hills, 67th N. Y.*; 147. W. H. Huffman, 29th Pa.; 148. F. P. Leo, 64th N. Y. ;
149- A. Hamilton, i6oth N. Y. ; 150. Capt. Geo. H. Blackman, 93d N. Y. ; 151. Russell Tre-
mame, 2d Bat. ; 152. Arthur P. Maddock, ist N. Y. Cav. ; 153. Thomas Mellody, ist N. Y. M.
Rifles; 154. Matthias Lehnard. i3thH. Art. ; 155. R. J. Messer, i6th Vt. ; 156. A. D. Lewis,
i6oth N. Y.; 157. W. H. Miller, 64th N. Y. ; 158. John Maddock, ist Mo. Lt. Art.; 159. Ed-
wm Preston, 161 N. Y. ; 160. A. L. Witherspoon, 19th Me.; 161. L. King, no record.

An incomplete list (to which the writer has added 15 names) of the sol-
diers interred in Wellsville cemeteries is among the post records: It is

Col. Stephen Moore, nth N. J. Inf. ; Capt. Wheeler Hakes, Co. F, ist N. Y. Dragoons ;
Capt. J. J. Meservey, Co. G, 64th N. Y. ; Capt. Hiram A. Coats, 85th N. Y. ; Matthew K, Wild-
man, 13th H. A. ; Dr. James Wright, regiment unknown ; Dr. J. M. Clark, regiment unknown ;
Lieut. Charles Horton, Quartermaster 136th N. Y. ; M. M. Coleman, Co. H, 85th N. Y. ; Chas.
O'Neil, 85th N. Y. ; A. S. Palmer, 85th N. Y. ; Charles L. McCrary, 24th Ind. ; Abraham Jew-
ell, 1st N. Y. Dragoons; A. D. Balthasar, ist N. Y. Dragoons; P. W. Moran, regiment un-
known; Luther Bray, 85th N. Y. ; James Addison, regiment unknown; Alonzo Fosha, ist N.
Ayr' ^''^S°°"^ ' Michael Henry, regiment unknown ; Shaderick W. Moore, regiment unknown ;
Mather Cornelius, regiment unknown ; Benjamin McElhany, regiment unknown ; Caleb Far-
num, War of 1812; James Gilmore, regiment unknown; Victor D. Smith, 5th N. Y. Cav. ;
trancis G. Fiske, 5th N. Y. Cav. ; Christian Arnold, 64th N. Y. ; George Burk, 64th N. Y. ; H.
Lewis Boss, leader 64fh reg. band ; Edward A. Armstrong, 93d N. Y. ; Judson Oliver, 5th N.
Y Cav. ; Wm. Meek, 64th N. Y. ; Wesley Tompkins, 35th N. Y. ; Charles L. Madison, 69th
N. \ ; Ole Klingenbervj, 29th III. ; Daniel West, 5th N. Y. H. A. ; Nelson Mosher. 156th N.
Y.; Norman Hills, 67th N. Y. ; Manny Hills, 65th N. Y. ; R. S. McClure, 193d Pa. ; Thomas
^^ M X ' '°^^^ ^' ^■'' ^^^^S^ Elwell, ist Brigade, ist Div., 2d Corps, Band ; Newell Judd,
93d N. \. ; Edward Kmney, 64th N. Y. ; Jacob Arnold, 64th N. Y.; Henrv Tibbetts, regiment
unknown ; George Howe, 64th N. Y. ; Charles Wells, 189th N. Y. ; Milton Ripenbark, 64th
N. Y.; William Johnson, 64th N. Y.

Wellsville. 381

W. C. T. U. — Previous to 1875 an organization was in active existence for
some years, but interest abated and, although work of a similar character
was done by other societies and by the same ladies, among whom were Mrs.
B. C. Rude, Mrs. Joanna Coats, Mrs. L. S, Anderson, Mrs. Moses Stevens,
Mrs. Julius Hoyt, it was not until 1881 that a reorganization was effected.
This Union still is in active and useful life, holds meetings semi-monthly in
the chapel of the Congregational Church and now has 30 members. The first
officers (in 1881) were Mrs. Joanna Coats, president; Mrs. L. S. Anderson,
Mrs. H. York, Mrs. L. Sweet, Mrs. Emily Smith, vice presidents; Mrs.
Julius Hoyt, treasurer; Mrs. B.C. Rude, secretary. In 1882 four ladies who
have been most useful and devoted to the cause became members, Mrs. C
G. Stevens, Mrs. J. R. Freeland, Miss Emma Ross and Mrs. Reuben Doty.
The officers elected in 1895 were Mrs. Sarah. E. Rosa, president; Mrs. E. E,
Crandall, Mrs. A. J. Applebee, Mrs. Sidney Prisbie, Miss Emma Ross, vice
presidents; Mrs. Carrie A. Jones, recording secretary and treasurer; Mrs.
E. E. Crandall is in charge of the department of temperance instruction;
'Mrs. Fulmer that of press work;-Mrs. Israel Dildine that of narcotics; Mrs.
Joanna Coats that of suffrage; Miss Emma Ross that of evangelistic work.

The progress and prosperity of Wellsville and its manifold advantages
are shown by its manufacturing industries, its solid banks, its railroad facil-
ities, its water works, telegraph, telephone, gas and electric light systems,
its beautiful city hall, jDark and school buildings, its splendid churches,
its magnificent free library, its many and well-equipped business establish-
ments, its numerous public houses (the Passett House and Commercial
House standing in the front), and its fine residences, among which conspicu-
ous for beauty and elegance are those of Gen. Ruf us Scott, Hon. W. L. Jones,
Alfred S. Brown, E. B. Hall, the Dukes and many others. Yet it may be of
interest to future generations to know that in this centennial year of grace,
1895, with all of our prosperity, there was not a foot of paved street in the
town, and that cows continue to be driven along the Main street in summer
to and from their pasturage. But village improvement marches on, and
another decade should see Main street fully paved and a thorough system of
sewerage completed. The purchase of the jDark, the building of the brick
union schoolhouse, and the erection of the city hall, by taxing property
owners to the amount of $50,000, have delayed the other no less worthy objects
of public improvement. A Board of .Trade, long in existence here, is
officered by " live " business men, who lend hearty aid to any worthy enter-
prise desiring to locate here. Our citizens are progressive, and gladly wel-
come and generously support any new enterprise coming to them in good
faith and honesty. With all of these many advantages, the future of Wells-
ville cannot fail to be happy and prosi^erous, as they combine all the elements
which conduce to a healthy and hearty growth.

382 History of Allegany County, N. Y.

Something about Some of the People. — Baldwin Brothers. William A. Baldwin,
born at Ithaca, N. Y.. Dec. lo, 1830, married, 1858, Minerva J. Hamilton, and had two
children, Herbert E. and Dr. Evelyn Baldwin, both now residents of Rochester, and died
March 15, 1895. He was trustee of the Congregational church rnany years, W. M. of
the Masonic Lodge, H. P. of the Chapter and Commander of St. Johns • Commandery
of Olean. I^on. Sumner Baldwin, born~Ithaca, N. Y., in 1833, was supervisor of Wellsville
seven years, member of Assembly in 1876-7 and state senator in 1882-3. William A. Baldwin
came from Seneca county to Hornellsville in 1853, and, in 1854, with Major Sam Alley started
a grocery and provision store in Wellsville. In 1855 Sumner Baldwin came and joined the
firm, which, in 1856, became Baldwin & Brother. In 1866 engaging in tanning, they sold the
store to James D. Rathbone. In 1869 Bush & Howard purchased their tanning plant, and
Baldwin Bros, conducted banking operations as the Bank of Wellsville until its suspension in
January, 1894. For many years Baldwin Bros, were representative business men. They built
the Baldwin Opera House and the beautiful Baldwin Block.

William Bellamy, son of Silas and Betsey (Knight) Bellamy, was born in Scio in 1826. He
-married Jane, daughter of Bartholomew Coats, and in 1849 settled on Niles Hill, where he pur-
chased land, made the first clearing and assisted in catting the first road from the village of
Wellsville to his farm, which he made one of the finest in the county. His children were Irwin
S. and William H. Mrs. Bellamy died Oct. 5. 1892. Mr. Bellamy's death occurred July 28,
1894. "He was an esteemed and respected citizen and his name was a synonym of honesty
and integrity." Irwin S. resides in Genesee. William H. Bellamy, born in 1856, married Myra
Hotchkiss of Pennsylvania. They have one child, Ella. Mr. Bellamy is an oil producer.

Alexander M. Boyd, son of Joseph, was born Oct. 9, 1844, in Italy, N. Y. In i860 his peo-
ple settled m Canton, and, in 1861, Alexander went there to live, and Sept. 2d he enlisted in
Co. H, io6th Reg't Pa. Vols., and was mustered out of service June 30, 1865. He was in 24
regular battles besides many skirmishes. He was sergeant of his company. The original regi-
ment was discharged in 1864, and the soldiers formed themselves into a battalion. Mr. Boyd
is a member of the Wellsville police. In 1867 he settled in Wellsville, and engaged in con-
tracting and building, employing several men. In 1866 he married Theoda A., daughter of
John Moore of Angelica. They had 4 sons. Mrs. Boyd died in 1882. In 1884 Mr. Boyd
married Mrs. Rosella H. Fisk. His children are Herbert G., Fred J., a graduate of Elmira
Commercial College, Charles A. and Walter F. Mr. Boyd is a member of Dexter Post, G. A.
R., No. 336, he was elected commander in 1892-3-4, was president of Allegany County G. A.
R. Association in 1893. and takes an active part in the G. A. R. affairs of the county.

Alfred Steward Brown, son of David Brown, was born in West Almond, June 20, 1832.
Went to Angelica in 1840. Served as clerk several years in Bradley Sherman's store. In 1855 he
came from Angelica to Wellsville, and entered actively into the social and business life of the
town. For a few years he was employed as a clerk, then engaged in merchandising, which he
discontinued in 1873 to engage in lumbering. Mr. Brown has also been a large oil producer. In
1872. when Horace Greeley received the presidential nomination and the Republican paper, the
Genesee Valley Free Press, endorsed his candidacy, Mr. Brown was largely instrumental in
establishing the Wellsville Times, with George Howe as publisher. In 1873 an association
was formed and the Angelica Reporter and the Wellsville Times were consolidated, Mr.
Brown was chosen president, which position he held until the plant was sold to the late E. W.
Barnes. He has served as president of the village three terms, was appointed postmaster by
President Arthur, and served nearly five years. He has been a member of the school board from
1 891 to the present. He erected Lincoln block and also remodeled the postoffice block and
other old buildings, thus adding much to the appearance of Main street. In 1866 he married
Louise, daughter of E. J. Farnum. Their son, Edward Carlton Brown, is teller in the Citizen's
National Bank and is also an oil producer. The son of the latter, James Farnum Brown, is but
at the beginning of his career.

Wellsvtlle. 383

E. C. Bradley was born Dec. 21, 1833, in Cussewago township, Crawford county, Pa-
Educated at MeadviUe Academy he was a farmer in his native town until 1861 when he went
to the Canada oil field and from that time has been exclusively an oil and gas operator. After
3 years in Canada, Oil City and vicinity 15 years, Bradford 6 years, he rhade his home in Wells-
ville in 1885. He is president of the Empire Gas and Fuel Company. He married Marian
L. Whiting of Crawford county. Their son, Harry, is connected with his father in business.
E. C. Bradley and J. B. Bradley, his brother, of Bolivar, have operated in the Allegany oil
fields for 14 years, have a large oil business in Ohio, own the Wellsville gas works, formed the
Cuba Gas Company, and with W. J. Penny are owners of the Mutual Gas Company of Ando-
ver. Here they have 9,000 acres in one body under lease and supply gas to Andover, Green-
wood and Whitesville. Their lines run to about 80 farmhouses which they furnish with gas for
lights and fuel as a condition to their lease of their land. They have a production of 75 barrels
of oil daily from their Andover lines.

George E. Brown, born in Stamford, Conn., Nov. 13, 1844, came to Wellsville in 1866 and
began work in the A. R. Hill tannery, which business he has since followed. In 1868 he was
made superintendent of the works, in which capacity he continued until 1875, when he went
to Gouldsboro, Pa., to take charge of Hoyt Bros, tannery. In 1881 he went to Hovtville for
this firm in the same capacity, and in 1884 was transferred to Limestone. One year later he
returned to Wellsville to assume the general management of the combined tanneries of A
Healy & Sons of New York, which position he has since filled efficiently and faithfully. Mr.
Brown has held the office of excise commissioner. He married Jan. 27, 1870, Elizabeth Mad-
dock of Wellsville. They have three children, E. Elizabeth, M. Maude and Charles H.

The Church Brothers, Luther S. and Frank S., are sons of William Wallace Church, who
was born at Bainbridge, N. Y., Nov. 7, 1831 ; his father, Rufus Church, came to Orleans county
when W. W. Church was a lad. In 1851 W. W. Church married Electa, daughter of Asa
Sprague. They had 4 sons and a daughter. Mr. Church owned a canal boat and was on the
canal for 6 years. He was in Holley for a few years where he was the proprietor of a livery
stable, and then bought a farm in Bergen, N. Y. In 1872 he purchased the Church House in
Livonia and was its landlord for 8 years ; after a year at the Nunda House and 18 months at
Duke Centre, he went to Belfast and was owner and landlord of the Belfast House until his
death, Aug. 4, 1893. Mrs. Church conducted the hotel until September, 1894, when she sold
the property and removed to Rochester. Of their children, Harry and Helen reside m Roch-
ester, Lewis G. in Medina, and Luther S. and Frank S. are proprietors of the Comm ercia
House, Wellsville. Luther S. Church married Ada Warner in February, 1886. Their children
are Walter S., Daisy A. and Georgia L.

Dickinson Clark, son of Calvin, was born in Clarksville, Otsego Co., July 19, 1832, attended
common schools and Charlotteville Seminary. When 16 years old he went to learn the carpen-
ter's trade and served 7 years. In 1858 he came to Wellsville where he has been engaged in
contracting and bu'lding. His saw and planing mill was burned May 19, 1867, and June 20 he
located in the building which he has since occupied. He has built over 30 houses and 2 churches
in this town, and many other public and private houses in this vicinity, also the large public
school building at Bradford, Pa. He married Mary E. Easton and has 4 children. Mr. Clark
was supervisor of Wellsville in 1877, 1878 and 1879. He is a member of the " blue lodge " and
chapter of the Masonic order, and was High Priest of the chapter 4 years. He served two years
on the village corporation board, and one year as chief engineer of the fire department.

Hon. Asahel N. Cole, born in Freedom, Cattaraugus county, Oct. 21, 1821, was one of the
noted journalists of this county. After a youth passed in contest with poverty he educated
himself for a teacher, and won high reputation as one before he was of age. Radically anti-
slavery in sentiment he for a time entered the ministry of the Free Methodist church, and mar-
ried in 1843 Margaret M. Wildman, a lady of education and culture, who exercised a great in-
fluence over him, Mr. Cole was too strongly radical in his views to keep in peace with his

384 History of Allegany County, N. Y.

brother ministers and soon relinquished preaching for lumbering. A natural politician he was
the chief organizer of the noted Friendship convention called in 1852 to organize the Free
Democratic party in Allegany. This convention was so ridiculed by its opponents that Mr.
Cole in self-defense started the Genesee Valley Free Press at Belfast in 1853 to promulgate his
opinions and answer misrepresentations. From this time until his death he was a man of mark
among the journalists of the state. He was an intimate friend of Horace Greeley for 25 years.
He called the tirst " Republican " convention ever held and presented its nominations in his
paper as " Republican Nominations." The name was suggested to Mr. Cole by Mr. Greeley
in a letter written in the summer of 1854. Mr. Cole later made his home in Wellsville, remov-
ing the office of the -F^^,? /'r

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