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After his removal from Washington, York county, Pennsylvania, he and
his wife and children united with the Associate Presbyterian Church of
Kings Creek, then under the pastoral care of Rev. John Anderson, D.D.,
and Mr. Harper was shortly afterwards elected a ruling elder, an office
he filled faithfully until his death. This was caused by "camp fever," and
he was interred in the "Old Kings Creek Cemetery." His wife died of
the same disease eleven days later and was buried in her husband's grave,
their tombstone being inscribed "They were lovely in their lives, and in
death they were not divided."

Mr. Harper married, May 30, 1780, Jane Purdy. Children: i. Agnes,
born October 10, 1782; married Captain Robert Leeper, and had children:
i. Jane, married William Carothers; children: Robert Leeper, William C,
Nancy Jane. ii. Margaret Ann, married (first) William Wallace; chil-
dren: Agnes and Ellen; she married (second) William Savage; children:
Anna Mary and Robert Leeper. iii. Samuel Harper, married Mary Jane
Miller; children: Joseph W., Robert N., Mary Agnes, Estella S., Robert
C, James L., Samuel Harper Jr. iv. Agnes, married Jonathan Duncan;
children: Isyphena, Robert L., Samuel H., James R., Charles, Janetta,
Amot, Frank, Ida Belle, v. Emeline, married Dr. Hugh Ramsey ; children :
Alvira, Emmett F., Agnes, Mary, Robert L. 2. Jane, bom August 31,
1786; married Archibald Richmond; children: i. Narcissa, was a teacher
in Pittsburgh many years and never married, ii. Jane, same as Narcissa.
iii. Mary, married Rev. John Gorsuch ; one son, Alvin, who resides in
Pittsburgh. Archibald and Jane (Harper) Richmond died of cholera
within a few days of each other in September, 1832, and are interred in
the Allegheny City Cemetery with their three daughters and their son-
in-law beside them. 3. Archibald, born June 27, 1788, died November
20, 1829, buried in the "Old Kings Creek Cemetery;" he married. May
18, 1814, Mary S. Hay; children: i. Eliza Ann, born November 7, 1817;
married, May 25, 1841, George Nevin; children: a. Josephine, married
John D. Irons ; children : Eve, who married Frank McCune, and has one
daughter, Beulah ; Georgie Anna ; William ; Samuel, b. Georgie Anna,
married John I. Douds, who died in the Civil War while serving his

country ; no children, c. Angle Margaret, married McClain ; one son,

Alexander, d. Harper, married but had no children, e. Asenath Mary,


married T. McCorkle; children: Mary L., Anna M., J. T. R. f. Jennie
Sarah, married Henry Cooper; children: Laura Helen, Ray Cummings,
Jean, John Fawsett. g. George Orlando, who was serving his second term
as county treasurer at the time of his death, April i, 1893; married Mar-
garet Devern, who now lives in the state of Washington with her children :
Martin Alfred and Anna Eliza, h. Samuel James, died at the age of
twenty-one months, August 25, 1856. ii. Samuel, born April 2, 1820, died
March 22, 1856, buried in the "Old Kings Creek Cemetery;" he married
Maria Gould; children: Lillie May, Eddie, Ada. iii. Maria Denny, born
January i, 1822; she married, April 20, 1846, Rev. A. G. Shaffer; children:
a. John Douglas, a successful lawyer in Allegheny City, (now judge)
married, September 27, 1877, Rose Strouss, now deceased; no children, b.
Mary Hay, married the late Rev. James M. Fulton, D.D., who was pastor
of the Fourth United Presbyterian Church, of Allegheny City; children:
Charles and Alexander Harper, c. Archibald Harper, married Nellie
Cook, of East Liverpool, Ohio ; children : John Harper ; Edward Pressly,
drowned June 20, 1887; Janette Agnes, died July 13, 1888; Walter Pressly;
James Fulton; Rose Edna. d. Sarah Janette. e. Anna, married, April
23, 1890, James G. Berry, and resides in Washington county, Pennsylvania;
children: Martha Adele and John Shaffer, f. Alexander Pressly, died at
San Lucas Springs, Mexico, iv. John Hay, born April 6, 1824; is un-
married and resides in California, v. Sarah Jane, born January 6, 1826;
she married. May 31, 1859, William Irons; children: a. Joseph Hanna,
married Nancy Imbrie; children: Lawrence Arville and Helen Imbrie. b.
Harper Samuel, vi. Drusilla C, born July i, 1827; she married May 25,
1850, iSamuel Anderson, who died November 17, 1870; children: a.
Alpheus A., who died December 28, 1887, married, October 18, 188 1,
Bella C. Norris, who died October 11, 1884; one son, Earl C. b. Llewellyn
A., died September 21, 1854. c. Francis S., died October 15, 1859. d.
Eugene E., died October 15, 1859. e. Clarence H., married, February 10,
1886, Rachel Love; one son and one daughter, f. Charles R., married,
April 25, 1883, Agnes Brewer; children: John E. and Samuel H. g.
I-uella M., married, March 14, 1884, William T. Hemphill; child, Curtis
A. h. Alfred J. vii. Archibald Harper Jr., died at Vicksburg, Mississippi.
4. James, see forward. 5. William, born March 28, 1793, died March 4,
1822; he married Jane Proudfit, of Florence, Pennsylvania, and left no
children. 6. Mary, born July 3, 1795; she married, September 7, 1815,
William McCandless; children: i. Samuel Harper, born January 27, 1817,
died January 20, 1862; he married and had children: a. Mira. b. Reed,
married, has two daughters, and lives in York, Nebraska, c. Lucian, mar-
ried, has four sons, and lives in Broken Bow, Nebraska, d. Nettie, who
died July i, 1890, married, and her three children — Lona, Marion and
William Harper — live at McComb, Illinois, ii. Margaret, who died June

28, 1854, married , and had ten children, of whom are now living:

Jennie, Louisa, Mary. iii. William Jr., died January 13, 1863; married


Sarah Ann Duncan; children: Mary, married and had one child; Arnott;
Isa; Thomas; Hattie, married and had one child; William, iv. Jane, mar-
ried Woods ; children : a. Mary, who married Losshord ; chil-
dren: Hattie, who married and has children; they are the great-great-
grandchildren of William and Mary (Harper) McCandless. b. William,
married and had children : Lillian, Nellie, William, Hugh, Sidney, Ralph,
Frederick, Retta. c. John, married and had : Estella, Cloyd, Oliver, d.

Elizabeth, married Duncan, lives in Knoxville, Illinois; one child, J.

Winfield. e. Margaret, f. Thomas, g. Emma. h. Lena. v. Harriet M.
vi. Sarah P. vii. Mary. 7. Esther, born January 15, 1798; married Hugh
Leeper. 8. Sarah Purdy, born September 7, 1800, died at Mount Gilead,
Ohio, February 7, 1867; she married, May 31, 1822, Samuel Pollock,
born 1799, died in June, 1874; children: i. Martha Jane, who died at

Mount Gilead, Ohio, March 12, 1871, married, in May, 1856, Dr.

Hay. ii. Samuel David, who died at Delaware, Ohio, February 11, 1892,
married, March 20, 1851, Mary Jane Taylor, iii. Maria E., married, Jan-
uary 10, 1854, G. W. Towesley, and lives near Lodi, Ohio. iv. Joseph
Harper, who has been for many years engaged in the dry goods business at
Mount Gilead, Ohio, married, November 28, 1861, Orlinda Taylor, v.
Rev. Henry G., has his home and pastoral relations near Shelbyville,
Indiana; he married (first) March 18, 1858, Sarah Wise, (second) Sophine
Ethinger, of Munfordville, Kentucky, vi. Emeline L., who died June
13, 1883, at Seville, Ohio; married, February 20, 1862, James B. Chapin.
vii. Louisa A. viii. Sarah Hortense, married F. J. Cox; lives in Greens-
burg, Indiana. 9. Joseph, born July 31, 1803, died unmarried, 1832, and
is buried in the "Old Kings Creek Cemetery ;" he was greatly beloved.

(Ill) Major James Harper, son of Samuel (2) and Jane (Purdy)
Harper, was born in York county, Pennsylvania, November 20, 1790. He
was also a miller and a farmer. He was a major in the old commission,
and a justice of the peace for many years. He married (first) May 29,
1817, Elizabeth Hay, born 1791, died June 17, 1838. He married (second)
September 24, 1844, Elizabeth McBurney. Children: i. Clementina, born
March 3, 1818, died December 25, 1851 ; she married, in 1837, Robert
Scott; children: i. David Walker, born in August, 1839, died 1865; mar-
ried Elizabeth Duncan and had one child, ii. James Harper, bom De-
cember, 1841, died 1865. iii. Elizabeth Hay, born July, 1843, died 1881 ;
married Marshall McDonald, now deceased, and had children: Clemen-
tine, deceased; Luella, deceased; M. Harry; Jennie, deceased; Robert C. ;
Emma, deceased; Joseph C. ; Florence I.; Edward N. ; Roy, deceased.
iv. Jane, married in January, 1869, John T. Wilson ; children : Clementina,
Martha, Andrew Charles, Elizabeth Florence, John Walker, David Paul,
Harry Ernest, Harper Victor, v. Clementina, born March 12, 1847, died
1870. vi. Cyrus Clark, born December 29, 1849, died August 25, 1854. 2.
Anna Burns, born June 4, 1819, died in April, 1857; she married, 1841,
Semple Bubbett; children: Oliver and Annie, deceased; James Harper,


who lives with his wife and two children in Chicago. 3. Jannett Strang,
bom July 28, 1822, died April 5, 1855; she married, March 31, 1847,
Samuel McKibbin; children: i. Vianna, deceased; married February 24,
1869, W. W. Stewart; children: Ina Vesta, George Knowles, Wilbert
Benjamin, Samuel Jessie, Clyde Vance, ii. Jannett, died May 31, 1850.
iii. Evaline, bom 1850, died July 27, 1888; married, April 25, 1872, J.
Quincy Vance; children: Harper Patterson, Ina Mary, Jennie May. iv.
James Harper, died June 19, 1853. 4. James, see forward. 5. Dr. Joseph
Thompson, born February 15, 1830, deceased; was a practicing dentist in
Burgettstown, Pennsylvania; he married Elizabeth Stewart; children:

Laura Jannette, married Gayman and has two children; William

Stewart; Nancy Josephine, married John Galbreath and has one child,
Frederick Joseph; Sarah Wood; Edna Adalene. 6. David Hay, born
February 24, 1832, deceased; married (first) August 21, 1856, Almira
Witherspoon, bom 1834, died March 28, 1883; children: Helen, bom
March 17, 1858, died November 28, 1880; Harry McClelland, born August
2, 1861, died November 26, 1863; Frank L., born November 16, 1864.
He married (second) September 12, 1889, Helena Lindsay, of Salinesville,
Ohio, and has one child, Janette. Children by second marriage of Major
James Harper: 7. Elizabeth B., deceased; married, February 16, 1869,
Alexander N. McCartney; children: Robert Massey; a daughter died in
infancy; James Harper; Alexander Orr; Mary Eliza; Joanna S., a son
died in infancy; another son died in infancy; Sarah Thompson. 8. Sarah
Dickson, deceased; married, December 22, 1874, M. L. Armstrong; chil-
dren : Jennie L., Lyda Myrtle, Esther Nellie, Rena Mary, Harper Patterson,
Bella Bernice, Ina Flora.

(IV) James (2) Harper, son of Major James (i) and Elizabeth
(Hay) Harper, was born June i, 1828, died October, 18, 1908. He was a
miller and surveyor, being the official surveyor of Beaver county for
twenty years. He was a supporter of the Whig party, and a member
of the United Presbyterian Church. He married (first) September 19,
1850, Alice Ann Carothers, born in Hanover township, Beaver county,
June 15, 1826, died July 3, 1893, daughter of William C. and Elizabeth
(Gilliland) Carothers. He married (second) 1898, Caroling S. Aley,
who died June 3, 191 3. Children: i. Mary, born July 12, 185 1 ; never
married. 2. James, born October 15, 1854, deceased; he married, October
30, 1890, Matilda A. Wack, who died in Pittsburgh, September i, 1900;
they had: Alice Catharine, Elizabeth Enid. 3. Clementina, bora April
10, 1857, died October 7, 1876. 4. William Harvey, see forward. 5.
Elizabeth Ella, born April 21, 1862, deceased; married Calvin B. Bell.

(V) William Harvey Harper, son of James (2) and Alice Ann
(Carothers) Harper, was born in Hookstown, Beaver county, Pennsyl-
vania, October 24, 1859. His education was acquired in the public schools
of his native township, and at the age of eighteen years he accepted a
clerkship in a store in Hanover township, Beaver county. Later he returned


to his grandfather's farm, where he resided for about three years. For
many years he has been identified with the insurance business, as manager
of the insurance department of the Beaver Trust Company, an office of
great responsibility. Mr. Harper is a member of the Masonic Order,
being raised a Mason in St. James Lodge, No. 457, Free and Accepted
Masons, of Beaver. Mr. Harper married, April 23, 1891, L. Luella
Anderson, daughter of Alexander T. and Susan C. (Duncan) Anderson,
and they have had children: Mary L., born April 2, 1897; Ruth E., born
May 19, 1901. The family resides at West View, above Beaver Borough.
Mr. Harper and family are members of the Presbyterian Church and
he has held the office of ruling elder for several years.

Thomas White was born in Ireland and when a young child
WHITE came to America with his parents, prior to the War of the

Revolution. They settled in Allegheny county, Pennsylvania.
Thomas White enlisted in the Continental army and bore his share bravely
in that momentous struggle. He also traveled extensively for that time,
on one of his trips going as far as Mexico and encountering many dangers.
At one time he was held up by a band of robbers, robbed of all his pos-
sessions, and held prisoner for a half year. Later he returned to Allegheny
county, where he bought four hundred acres of land. He took up eight
hundred acres of land from the government in Darlington township, Beaver
county, Pennsylvania, and this is still in the possession of various of his
descendants. He was considered a very wealthy man for those days. He
and his family were members of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. White

married Martin, who was also a child when she came from Ireland

to America with her parents, who became farmers in Allegheny county,
Pennsylvania. They had children: James, who left home in early man-
hood and became a farmer in Texas ; Jane, married Duncan ; Susan,

married Bums ; John, see forward ; Joseph ; Nancy, married Judge


(II) John White, son of Thomas and (Martin) White, was

bom at Murdocksville, Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, about 18 10, and
died about 1900. He was very generally known as "Squire" White. He
grew to manhood in his native township, where he inherited the large
landed estate of his father. In 1850 he sold this and removed to Darling-
ton township, Beaver county, on property which he purchased from Jona-
than Morris. He resided in the brick house, erected in 1837, now in the
possession of the widow of his son, Thomas Martin White. He was
engaged in stock raising on an extensive scale, rarely having less than
one thousand head of sheep each winter. In political affairs he was a
Jeffersonian Democrat, and served as justice of the peace for many years.
His religious affiliation was with the Presbyterian Church. He was more
than six feet in height, and broad and powerful in proportion to his
height. Mr. White married Polly Burns, born near Qinton, Allegheny


county, Pennsylvania, about 1820, died about 1898, whose parents were
natives of Scotland. Children: Thomas Martin, who died in 1909, lived
on a part of the homestead, and was twice married, his first wife being
Elizabeth Hall; John Burns, see forward; James, died unmarried at his
father's home; Mary, married Charles Waterbury, a contractor of New
York City, and both are now deceased.

(Ill) John Burns White, son of John and Polly (Burns) White,
was born in Murdocksville, Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, January 30,
1832. He was a pupil at a private school in Murdocksville, then took
special lessons in penmanship at a school for this study in Pittsburgh, and
finally attended, for several terms. Duff's Business College. He was
eighteen years of age when his parents removed to Beaver county with
their family, and he accepted a position as bookkeeper with the railroad
at the coal mines at Cannelton. Later his father gave him a portion of
the farm, and to this Mr. White has added by purchase until he now
has a tract of six hundred acres. The country house in which he lives
was erected by the Economites, and he has added to this and remodeled
the older portion until, at the present time, it is a most commodious and
comfortable mansion, and he has been resident in it for more than thirty
years. He has been very successfully engaged in general farming and
stock raising on an extensive scale, and has amassed a large fortune by
these methods. For the past ten years he has had a coal and clay mine in
operation on a portion of his property.

Mr. White married, in November, 1857, Elvira, born in Allegheny
county, Pennsylvania, daughter of James Hofifman, who came with his
wife and children from Allegheny to Beaver county, where he also was
successfully engaged in farming. Children of Mr. and Mrs. White : John,
manages the farm; James, married Lillian Patterson and has one child,
Nancy D. ; Harry ; Mary. With the exception of James all of these children
are unmarried.

The American ancestor of this branch of the Lockhart
LOCKHART family is likewise the revolutionary member, William

Lockhart, of Scotch-Irish descent, having come to
America from Ireland prior to the Revolution. He held a commission as
recruiting officer for the Continental army, and when Colonial indepen-
dence had been achieved, moved to Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, where
he followed farming until his death. He married and had issue, two of
his sons being Hiram, Jephtha, of whom further.

(II) Jephtha Lockhart, son of William Lockhart, was born in Penn-
sylvania, October 12, 1793. After spending his boyhood on his father's
farm, he and his elder brother, Hiram, went to the western part of their
native state, settling in Beaver county, where Jephtha purchased a farm
that was originally a part of the Doak tract, now resided on by Samuel
Scott. He here erected a frame house, a part of which is standing at the

' ^. /^^-


present time, later replacing this with a larger and more substantial dwell-
ing. All his life he was a member of the Presbyterian Church at Mill
Creek. He married (first) Margaret Lockard, born February 14, 1798;
(second) Ada Applegate; (third) Mrs. Lovina (Applegate) Davis, a sister
of his second wife. Children of first marriage of Jephtha Lockhart:
Armeneus, Elizabeth, John, William, of whom further, Enos, Joanna,
Alexander, Mary, Margaret, married William Doak, deceased, she being
the only one of the nine children of her father's first marriage who is living
at the present time (1913). Children of second marriage of Jephtha
Lockhart: Jephtha, lives at Lincoln, Nebraska; Eleanor, deceased; Sarah
Hannah, lives near Chicago.

(HI) William Lockhart, son of Jephtha and Margaret (Lockard)
Lockhart, was born in Hanover township, Beaver county, Pennsylvania,
December 14, 1823, died April 29, 1912. He attended the public schools,
and becoming skilled in farming by his activity on his father's property,
he adopted that as his lifelong occupation. He owned eighty-five acres
near Hookstown, and there spent his entire life with the exception of
nine years passed as a resident of Hookstown. He was also the owner
of one hundred and forty-one acres of land in Hanover township, which
he rented, conducting general farming and stock-raising operations on the
home farm. He was a Democrat in political sympathy, although never
very active in public affairs, and was a member of the Presbyterian Church,
his wife belonging to the same congregation. His manner of life was
plain and ordered upon principles of unswerving justice and fairness to
all with whom he associated or came into contact. His friends held
him in high esteem for his many admirable qualities, and the respect of his
acquaintances was ever granted him in full measure.

He married Amanda Whims, born in Greene township, Beaver county,
Pennsylvania, October 2, 1832, died October 25, 1904, daughter of Caleb
and Rachel (Kerr) Whims. Caleb Whims was a son of David Whims,
of Scotch-Irish descent, his wife being of Dutch and Scotch-Irish ancestry.
Both Caleb Whims and his wife were born near Hookstown, he spending
his early years in the family of Rev. George R. Scott. After his marriage
he lived in Greene and Hanover townships, his death occurring in Hooks-
town, Mrs. Whims dying in Nebraska, whither she had gone to make her
home with one of her children. In any gathering in which he happened to
be Mr. Whims was conspicuous because of his remarkable size, his weight
being three hundred and twenty-five pounds. He was one of the charter
members of the Hookstown Presbyterian Church. Children of Caleb and
Rachel (Kerr) Whims: Nancy, lives in Kansas; Cornelia; Jane; Sa-
mantha, lives in Nebraska; Amanda, of previous mention, married Wil-
liam Lockhart; Sarah, a resident of Monaca, Beaver county, Pennsylvania;
Joshua Kerr, died in California, served in the Civil War in Company H,
One Hundred and Fortieth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry,
lost an arm in the service; Jasper, died in Kansas, served in the company


with his brothers in the Civil War, receiving a wound that disabled him
in the same manner; Newton C, likewise a member of Company H, and
at one time captain of a colored regiment, died in California. Children
of William and Amanda (Whims) Lockhart: i. George Washington,
died in infancy. 2. Francis Marion, died aged four years; was the twin
of George Washington. 3. John W., a retired physician of St. John's,
Washington; married Isabella Watterman. 4. Sarah Geneva, deceased,
married (first) David Cummings, (second) David C. Cameron. 5. David
Oscar, of whom further. 6. Jesse A., a farmer of St. John's, Washington;
married (first) Anna Russler, (second) Ada Blaine. 7. James R., a car-
penter of Wellsville, Ohio; married Lena Poe, who claims relationship with
Edgar Allan Poe, the celebrated author, and descendant of either Andrew
or Adam Poe, the frontiersmen, one of whom killed Big Foot, the Indian
chief. 8. Charles Fulton, a railway engineer, has published two books rela-
tive to his hazardous occupation ; he is a member of the Masonic order ;
married Lottie Poe, a sister of the wife of his brother, James R. 9. Lidella
Maude, lives with her brother, David Oscar, on the home farm; she at-
tended the common schools ; she is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

(IV) David Oscar Lockhart, fifth child and fourth son of William and
Amanda (Whims) Lockhart, was born on the farm where he now lives, in
Beaver county, Pennsylvania. As a youth he attended the public schools
and Frankfort Academy. After the completion of his studies he became
a farmer and followed this occupation in the west for a period of twelve
years, with the exception of two years spent as a clerk in a drug store.
The greater part of his western residence was in Nebraska and the
Dakotas. Since returning to Beaver county, Pennsylvania, he has cul-
tivated the home farm, and lived thereon with his sister, Lidella Maude.
From the time of assuming the management of the home farm until their
deaths Mr. Lockhart gave to his aged parents the kind consideration of a
devoted son. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

This branch of the McElvaney family of Pennsylvania
McELVANEY has had but a short residence in the western part of
the state, Daniel McElvaney, born near Philadelphia,
being the first to make that region the scene of his life's activities. He
is a blacksmith by trade, and for many years followed his occupation in
New Galilee and Beaver Falls, changing his residence between the two
places as his business kept him in the one or the other. His present home
is Marion, Ohio, where he lives alone, having survived his wife, Mary
Jane, who died about 1880. He is a member of the United Presbyterian
Church and formerly worshipped at its services with his wife. He married
Mary Jane, daughter of John S. and Eliza J. (Paden) Hudson, who claim
membership in the line of Hendrick Hudson, the Dutch navigator, who
first explored the Hudson river, named in his honor. Robert D. Hudson
was an early settler of Big Beaver township, Beaver county, Pennsylvania,


and became the possessor of a large and exceedingly fertile farm, whereon
he spent his entire life. He had a son, John S., who there grew to man-
hood, and after farming for a time, he learned the carpenter's trade in
New Galilee. He then, in partnership with two friends, named Atchison
and Porter, built the Upper Ten Mill, but after two years he sold his
interest in this venture, and entered the mercantile business. In this line
he met with profitable success, and to accommodate his rapidly increasing
patronage, he erected a building on the corner of Monroe and Washington
streets, his place of business until his retirement. He is now (1913)

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