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the old world, has become a musician of note in
Pennsylvania, now resides in Bethlehem, his na-
tive town, and has exercised a strongly felt in-
fluence in behalf of the musical development of
of the Lehigh Valley. His birth occurred April
4, 1863, his parents being Francis and Elizabeth
(Weiss) Wolle.

The earliest known ancestor of the Wolle fam-
ily of which Dr. John Frederick Wolle is a rep-
resentative, also bore the name of John Frederick
"\\'olle, and was born in Posen, Poland. Among
his children was Peter W^olle, born in Schwer-
sentz, Posen, November 6, 1745. He removed to

Herrnhut, Germany, where he was employed as
an artisan. In course of time he tendered his ser-
vices to the Brethren's church, and received an
appointment by lot as missionary to the negro
race in the Danish West Indies. He was married
by lot, July 21, 1783, to Rosina Geyer, who was
born in Otterheim, Saxony, Germany, January

19, 1761, a daughter of Christian Geyer, who was
born in Otterheim, Saxony, Germany, October
29, 1730, and died September 4, 1795. His wife
was Anna Rcsina Wacheim, of the same country,
born February 27, 1730, while her death occurred
December 12, 1793. Peter and Rosina (Geyer)
Wolle started immediately after their marriage on
their journey for the sea coast, and on the 20th of
January, 1784, arrived at St. Croix. Twenty-nine
years were spent by them on the islands of St.
Croix, St. John and St. Thomas in missionary
labor. On the 12th of April, 1812, they sailed for
America, and, retiring to private li"fe, established
their home in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, November

20, 1813. Their diildren were as follows : John
Frederick, born November 20, 1785, at Bethany,
on the island of St. John, in the West Indies ;
died at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, April 24, i860;
Jacob Christian, born September 12, 1788, at
Bethany, died April 17, 1863, at Bethlehem ; Peter
born January 5, 1792, at New Herrnhut, on the
island of St. Thomas, died in Bethlehem, Novem-
ber 14, 1871 ; Johanna Sophia, born in Bethlehem
April 21, 1797, died three days later; Samuel
Henry, born in Bethlehem, January 27, 1799, died
at Christiana Furnace, near ^liddletown, Penn-
sylvania, November 7, 1835.

John Frederick Wolle, the ancestor in the third
generation in the line of direct descent to J. Fred.
Wolle, married Sabina Henry, a daughter of
\\'illiam Henry, of Nazareth, Pennsylvania. She
was born there August 4, 1792, and died at Beth-
lehem ]\Iarch 22, 1859. Her father was born
March 12, 1756, and was married to Sabina
Schropp, who was born November 25, 1759, a
daughter of Matthew Schropp. William Henry
died April 21, 1821. He was a son of William
Henry, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who was born
Alay 19, 1729, and died at Lancaster, December
17, 1786. The last named was a son of Robert



and Mary Henry. The children of John Fred-
erick and Sabina (Henry) Wolle were ten in
number; William Henry, the eldest, born in Ja-
cobsburg-, near Nazareth, Pennsylvania, Decem-
ber 19, 1810, died in Bethlehem, July 25, 1853;
Edward Feter, born in Jacobsburg, October 2.2,
1813, died in Bethlehem; Frederick, bom in Ja-
cobsburg, September 21, 1814, died at Nazareth,
Pennsylvania, March 17, 1844; Sylvester, born in
Jacobsburg, March i, 1816, died in Bethlehem,
August 27, 1873 ; Francis, born in Jacobsburg,
December 17, 1817, died in Bethlehem, February
10, 1893 ; Maria, born in Jacobsburg, November
7, 1819, died in Bethlehem; Augusta, born at
Nazareth, September 8, 1821, died in Bethlehem,
August 1 1, 1878 ; Lucien, born in Bethlehem, Sep-
tember I, 1825, died in that town, October 26,
1832 ; Cornelia and Elizabeth, twins, were born in
Bethlehem, October 4, 1829, and the former died
October 31, 1832, while the latter passed away in

Francis Wolle, the son of John Frederick and
Sabina (Henry) Wolle, was born in Jacobsburg,
Pennsylvania, December 17, 181 7. He married
Elizabeth Caroline (Weiss) Seidel, a daughter
of Jedidiah and Mary Weiss. The children of
this marriage were seven in number. Robert H.
(i) married Catherine L. Eckhart, a daughter of
Charles and Amelia Eckhart, and they have one
child, Georgine, born February 7, 1893. Laura
R. (2) is the wife of Harry C. Jenkins and they
have three children, Robert, Stanley and Annie ;
their first children, Frank Waldron and Roy died.
Helen E. (3) is the wife of Charles L. Doolittle,
and her children are Gilbert, Hilda, Harold and
Charles M. ; the first-born, Edith, died in infancy.
Georgine (4), and Francis Elizabeth (5), both
died in childhood. Hartley C. (6) married Belle
Robinson, and their children are Francis, Richard
and Philip. John Frederick is the seventh of the

Dr. Wnllc was reared in Bethlehem, pursuing
his education in the Moravian parochial school,
and he entered upon his musical career as a teach-
er in 1879. He was also organist in the Trinity
Episcopal church of Bethlehem for three years,
and in 1884 he went to Europe to study organ and

counterpoint under Professcr Rheinberger, at
Munich, Germany. The following year he re-
turned to Bethlehem, and accepted the position
of organist in the Moravian church, succeeding
his cousin, Theodore F. Wolle, who had been his
teacher. In 1882 Dr. J. Fred. Wolle organized the
Bethlehem Choral Union, for the production of
oratorios. In 1898 he organized the Bach Choir,
for the purpose of studying and rendering the
compositions of John Sebastian Bach. This cul-
minated in the series of Bach festivals, the first
of which was given March 27, 1900 ; the second
took place in May, 1901, and was a three days''
festival ; while the third, held in May, 1903. lasted
six days. The musician, like the poet, is born,,
not made, and the cultivation of his inherent talent
has won for Dr. Wolle a position of distinction in
musical circles in the Lehigh valley, while his
efforts have been a leading factor in the develop-
ment of musical taste and culture in his sectiort
of the state. On June 8, 1904, the degree of Doc-
tor of Music was conferred upon J\Ir. Wolle by
the Moravian College and Theological Seminary..
Dr. Wolle was married, on July 21. 1886, to
Jennie C. Stryker, a dauglnter of Henry Polman
and Mary Elizabeth (Creveling) Stryker. They
have one daughter, Gretchen, born August 23,

CHARLES H. EGGERT, of Bethlehem, was
born May 2, 183 1, and is of German lineage, trac-
ing his ancestry back to Christian Eggert (i),
who was born in the district of LTbermark, Bran-
denberg, Germany, April 14, 1714, and died on
April 15, 1780.

In 1742 Christian Eggert went to what was
then Burbice, in Dutch Guiana, South America, as
overseer of a plantation, and while there he came
in contact with some ^Moravian missionaries. Len-
der the influence of the distinguished Theophilus
Solomon Schuman. "The Apostle of the Ara-
wacks." he was converted, and in 1749 he came
to the L'uited States with the missionary John
William Zaunder, settling in Bethlehem, Pennsyl-
vania, where in 1750 he joined the ]\Ioravian
church. He was employed first as head gardener
of the Brethren's House Establishment, and later.



for many years, as chief stewarcl of the settle-
ment. He was married August 25, 1755, to Maria
Appollinia Grosch, wlio was from Svhornsheim,
in the Palatinate, and was born in 1729, while her
death occurred in 1810. Their children were
Christian, ^Matthew and Mary.

Christian Eggert (2), son of Christian (i),
was born at Bethlehem. Pennsylvania, April 7,
1760, and died October 20, 1827. He was mar-
ried September 8, 1791, to Anna Maria Suiss,
who was born February 12, 1768, in ^laryland, at
what was called by the Moravians Monocacy, and
is now Graceham. She was a daughter of John
George and Anna ^larie (Suss) Suiss, and her
death occurred at Bethlehem, July 30, 1S32.
Christian (2) and Anna ]\Iaria (Suiss) Eggert
had four children. Benjamin, father of Charles
H. Eggert, was the eldest: and Christian (3),
Anna ApoUinia, and Elizabeth were the younger
members of the family.

Christian Eggert (3) was born April 19,
1795, and died August 15, 1879. He was married
March 12, 1818, to Anna Hershey, whose birth
occurred at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, April 26,
1799, and her death at Bufifalo, Xew York, Octo-
ber 12, 1893. They had ten children, of whom six
were living at the time of their golden wedding.
Benjamin F., the eldest, born March 26, 1820,
died August 31, 1853; he was married December
15, 1846, to Eliza Jane Raniey, born October 8,
1828, and they had three children, William W.,
born December 26, 1847, and died August
30, 1849; Edward A., born June 14, 1850,
married August 17, 1882, to Augusta E.
Fader, born September 17, 1858, and their
children are Ada May, born July 13. 1883,
and Charles E., who was born July 25,
188G, and died January 6. 1888, and Frances A.,
the third child of Benjamin F. Eggert, born Feb-
ruary 26, 1852. and November 28, 1876, became
the wife of A. Edson Cadwell, by whom she has
five children : Lilian Adele, born September 26,
1878 ; Henry Austin, born October 6, 1880 ; Wil-
lis Edson, born September 16, 1882 ; Genevieve,
December 16, 1885 ; and Florence ]\L, January 29,

Aaron W. Eggert, second son of Benjamin
and Eliza Jane Eggert, was bom July 4. 1822,
and was married April 16, 1843, to j\lary Ann
Fogelsonger, who died January 23, 1865. They
had six children, and we have record of four :
Charlotte E., born August 29, 1844, was married
to Charles W. Schassel, May 3, 1874, and they
have two children, \\'arren and Ora ; Leonard E.,
born December 23. 1S46, was married April 21,
1875, to Phoebe A. Decker, born February 20,
1852, and they have two children — L'a L., born
]\Iarch I, 1876, and died September z-j, 1876: and
Aaron J., born July 15, 1877 ; Anna ]\I., born Oc-
tober 3, 1848, married January 9, 1868. to Henry
P. Nicholson, by wdiom she has two daughters,
Charlotte and Irene; and William B., born No-
vember 3, 1850, married, November 23, 1876, to
Maggie Cole, born January 2, 1854, near ^Nlans-
field, Ohio. They have three children: Ray E.,
born November 27, 1876: Nina, born January 20,
1879: and ;\Iary. born August 10, 1883.

Jacob M., third son of Benjamin and Eliza
Jane Eggert, was born January 2, 1825, and died
July 17, 1836.

Alelvina L., fourth child of Benjamin and
Eliza Jane Eggert. was born October 24, 1826,
and died November 14, 1894. She was married
June 3, 1850, to Eli Herr, and their children are:
Benjamin F.. John, Christian, Abraham, Henry
C, Anna and Alta.

Oliver J. Eggert, the fifth member of the fam-
ily of Benjainin and Eliza Jane Eggert, was born
October 31, 1828. and was married November 15,
1849, to Susan Frick, whose birth occurred Janu-
ary II. 1829. They have had three children.
Charles A., born August 22. 1850, died IMay 29,
1854. Edwin B., born April 10, 1856, was mar-
ried June 10. 1885, to ]\Iary Scott, who was born
October I. 1857. and died September 5, 1894.
Alice E., born February 20, 1861. was married
January- 3, 1884. to Eli H. Long, and their chil-
dren are Edith May, born February 26, 1885 ;
Austin O., born June 27, 1888; Raymond D., Feb-
ruary 23. 1891 : and Edwin E., September 12,


Christian M. Eggert (4) was born January



13, 1831. and died August 9, 1861. He married
Adeline Broughton, but none of their children are
■now living.

Anna M. Eggert, seventh child of Benjamin
and Eliza Jane Eggert, was born January 13,
1 83 1, and died September 7, 1834.

Esther E., the eighth child, was born May 11,
183s, and was married March 22, i860, to David
Staley, who died January 21, 1885.

Andrew J. Eggert, the ninth of the family,
was born January 4, 1838, and was married Octo-
ber 15, 1863. t3 Emma J. Miller, who was born at
W'illiamsville, New York, September 2, 1840.
They have had two children : Nettie E., who was
born September 10. 1865, and is the wife of Will-
iam T. Fulton, by whom she has a son and daugh-
ter living; and Grace M., who was born July 14,
1871, and is the wife of William Zeller.

Anna S. Eggert, the tenth member of the fam-
ily of Benjamin and Eliza Jane Eggert, was born
December 17, 1840, and died September 4, 1892.
She was married June 10, 1869, to Oziel H. Neff,
and they have had three children, Warren, Nellie
and Emma.

Benjamin Eggert, father of Charles H. Eg-
gert, and son of Christian (2d) and Anna Maria
(Suiss) Eggert, was bcrn in Bethlehem, Penn-
sylvania, August 2, 1792, and died July 29, i860.
He was married April 25, 1819, to Maria Eliza-
beth Freytag, a daughter of Dr. Eberhard Frey-
tag, who was born April 20, 1764, and died March

14, 1846. Her birth occurred September 3, 1796,
and her death September 23, 1882. By her mar-
riage she became the mother of si.K children.
Olivia Cecelia, the eldest, born April 6, 1820, died
October 19, 1S20; Adeline Amanda, born June
23, 1821, died June 13, 1867; Frances Pamelia,
born j\Iarch 2, 1823, died March 29, 1892 ; Joseph
Oliver, born July 20, 1825. died July 3, 1827 ;
Robert Cornelius, born April 25, 1828, died April
23, 1829 ; and Charles Henry, completes the fam-
ily. The sister, Adeline Amanda, was married
May 31, 1842, to Matthew Krause, who died
November 20, 1865. They had two children — J.
Samuel, born February 22, 1848; and Mary Eliz-
abeth, born April 4, 1844.

Charles Henry Eggert was married March i,

1855, to Wilhelmina Eisenbraun. who was born
June 14. 1829, and died September 16, 1901.
They had two children: Henry Benjamin, born
December 20, 1855. and Frances Elizabeth, bom
April 3, 1861. The former married Caroline
Fredericks Knauss, November 11, 1885, and they
have a daughter Louisa Caroline, born October
4, 1889.

AMADEUS B. FICHTER stands to-day as
one of the leading and influential residents of
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, his extensive and im-
portant business interests making him a leading
representative of commercial and manufacturing
interests in the Lehigh Valley. He entered upon
the active duties of life unaided by influential
friends or adventitious circumstances. He has
been the sole architect of his own fortune, mold-
ing his own character and shaping his own des-
tiny. His native talent had led him out of humble
circumstances to large worldly successes through
the opportunity that is the pride of our American
life. His success, however, is not to be measured
by material standards alone, for he has developed
that type of character which makes for high ethi-
cal ideals in business and in society.

Mr. Fichter is a native of Basle, Switzerland,
where his ancestors had resided through many
generations, and his grandfather, John Jacob
Fichter, married a Miss Scneider, and their son,
Jacob Benedict Fichter, who was born in Switzer-
land, August 5, 1825, wedded Maria E. Seller,
and became the father of Amadeus B. Fichter.
The boyhood days of him whose name introduces
this record were spent in his native country, and
his education was acquired in polytechnic schools.
The business opportunities and advantages of the
new world attracted him, and in 1881 he came
to America, settling in Bethlehem. Pennsylvania,
in 1884.

In the year prior to his arrival in Bethlehem,
JMr. Fichter was married to Miss Elizabeth C.
Martin, n lady of rare culture, innate refinement
and superior education. She is a daughter of
Dr. Charles L. Martin, who was a distinguished
physician of Allentown, Pennsylvania. The pro-
genitor of the Martin family in America was Dr.



Christian Frederick Martin, who was born in
Prussia, December 22, 1727, and was tlie son of
a Lutheran clergyman. He received a collegiate
and medical education in Berlin, and soon after
his graduation in the University of Medicine came
to the United States with Rev. Henry Alelchoir
Muhlenberg and others, settling at Trappe, ^lont-
gomery county, Pennsylvania. He married a
J\Iiss Schwartz, the daughter of a clergyman, and
entered upon the practice of his profession in
JMontgomery county. To him and his first wife
were born six children : Frederick, who died in
Otsego county. New York : John ; Samuel ; Mrs.
Elizabeth Egner; Mrs. Ellen Hartzell, and Mrs.
!Mary Dickenshield. By his second wife, Mary
jNIiller, Dr. Christian Frederick Martin also had
six children : Andrew, Jacob, George, Charles H.,
Peter, and Anna, the wife of Peter Bright. Four
of the sons became practicing physicians.

Jacob Martin, of this family, studied medi-
cine with his father, and commenced practice in
Allentown about 1790. He was postmaster of
that place from 1805 to 1814, and died in Allen-
town in 1834. His wife, Mrs. Jane ]\Iartin, was
a daughter of George Savitz, and by their mar-
riage ten children were born : Edward F.,
Charles H., Tilghman H., Walter, Franklin B.,
. William, Thomas, Mrs. Thomas B. Wilson, Mrs.
John W. Hornbeck and Mrs. E. B. Newhard.
Of these Edward became a physician, and set-
tled at Weaversville, Pennsylvania, where he died,
leaving a son \\'alter, who also became a physi-
cian. Charles H. Martin, son of Jacob Martin,
was a student in the medical department of the
University of Pennsylvania, was graduated March
6, 1830, and began practicing in Allentown, where
he remained until his death in September, i860.
He left three sons who became physicians : De-
wees G., who was a thirty-third degree ]\Iason ;
Edwin G., born October 3, 1836 ; and Henry F.
Tilghman ]\Iartin. third sen of Dr. Jacob ^Martin,
was a graduate of the medical department
of the University of Pennsylvania of the class of
183 1, and succeeded to his father's practice in
Allentown. He was an active member cf the Le-
high County ]\Iedical Society, and also of the
State Medical Society. He was married, in 1836,

to Miss Mary, daughter of Daniel Kramer, and
their children were Alfred J., Eliza, and ^lary,
the wife of H. K. Hartzel. All the sons were

George i\Iartin, son of Christian Frederick
Martin, studied medicine, and about the year 1800
settled in Whipton township, Montgomery county,
where he remained until 1814, when he removed
to Whitemarsh. He practiced there until
1850, when he removed to Philadelphia,
where his death occurred December 8,
1862. He left three sons, all of whom
became physicians. Frederick, a graduate of the
University of Pennsylvania of 1830, practiced
his profession at Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, until
1843. In 1850 he retired from active practice
and removed to Bethlehem, where he remained
until 1867, in which year he became a resident
of Philadelphia. Charles, who was graduated
from the medical department of the University
of Pennsylvania in 1833. afterward became a min-
ister of the gospel and had charge of St. James
Episcopal church in New York. John, who com-
pleted a course cf medicine in the University of
Pennsylvania, with the class of 1836, practiced at
Whitemarsh, this state, for a time, and then re-
moved to California. Later he returned to the
east, studied law, and became an atttorney of Nor-
ristown, Pennsylvania. Subsequently he resumed
the practice of medicine and died ]\Iarch 13, 1872,
at Magnolia, Pennsylvania. Peter IMartin, son
of Dr. Christian Frederick IMartin, became a
member of the medical fraternitv and died about

Dr. Charles H. Martin, son of Dr. Christian
Frederick Martin, studied medicine with his fa-
ther, began practice in Allentown about 1812,
and there followed his profession until his death,
Alay 31, 1844. He married Christianna Huber,
and she died November 26. 1863. Their only
son, Dr. Charles Ludwig IMartin, father of Mrs.
A. B. Fichter, also followed the calling to which
so many representatives of the familv have di-
rected their attention, winning success and dis-
tinctive honors in the medical profession. He was
graduated at the University of Pennsylvania in
the spring of 1841, winning some of the honors



of the class, and succeeded to his father's prac-
tice in 1844. He was married February 20, 1845,
to ]\Iiss Matilda Detwiller, who was born in
Lower Saucon, July 15, 1823, a daughter of Dr.
Henrv Detwiller, who was born at Longenbruck,
Switzerland, December 18, 1795. ■ The ancestry
of the family can be traced back in direct line to-
Isaac C. Detwiller, who was born at Longebruck,
Basle, Switzerland, November 28, 1626. The
descendants in direct line through successive gen-
erations to Dr. Detwiller were Claus C. Detwiller,
born February 6, 163 1 ; Hans Detwiller, born
March 3, 1657: Gilg Detwiller, born May 15,
16S7 ; Henry, born September 4, 1718 ; and Henry
Detwiller, born May 12, 1760. The last named
died en the loth of May, 1814. He married Mary
Vorena Tenney, who was born February 19, 1772,
and died June 30, 1854. They were the parents
of six children : Anna, Henry, Vorena Maria, Bar-
bara, John Jacob and John. C)f this number four
came to America.

Dr. Henry Detwiller, the eldest son, became
the founder of the family in America. He came
to this country in company with Count Von
Dome, who was the general of the French army.
They embarked at Rotterdam on the ship "John,"
of Baltimore, and arrived at Philadelphia, Penn-
sylvania, in the latter part of July, 181 7. In the
spring of 1814, Dr. Detwiller had entered the
medical school of the University of Freiburg,
Baden, where he spent three years as a student.
He made the trip to America for the purpose of
gathering geological and mineral specimens, sail-
ing for the new world when twenty-one years of
age. He had professional charge as a physician
of the four hundred passengers on the ship. Fol-
lowing his arrival he spent six months in Phil-
adelphia, making preparations for further invest-
igations along the line of research which brought
him to the United States. At the end of that
time, owing to the entreaty of the Count and a
number of his fellow passengers, he abandoned
the which brought him to America, and
entered upon the active practice of his profession
in Allentovvn, Pennsylvania. Later he removed
to Hellertown, where he continued as an active
representative of the profession, being the pio-

neer of the Hahnemann school in this country.
After the death of his wife he returned to Switz-
erland, but again came to the United States and
settled in Easton, where his death occurred. He
was probably the oldest practitioner in the world
at that time, for he continued his active connection
with his profession up to the time of his demise,
which occurred when he was ninety-two years of
age, he having been in practice at that time for
seventy-two years. He married Elizabeth Appell,
who was born on the 20th of June, 1798. Her
death occurred November 19, 1835, and Dr. Det-
willer, long surviving her, passed away in Easton,
April 21, 1887. Their children were: Henrietta,
Charles, Matilda, William, Cecilia, Lucinda, and

It was Matilda, the second daughter of Dr.
Henry and Elizabeth (Appell) Detwiller, who be-
came the wife of Dr. Charles Ludwig Martin.
This marriage was blessed with eight children :
I. Constantine H., a physician of Allentown, who
was graduated at the Bellevue Hospital Medical
College of New York, in 1866, and the New York
Homeopathic Medical College, in 1868; 2.
Charles D., a medical practitioner, who was grad-
uated at the Bellevue Hospital Medical College,
in 1867, and died in Allentown, Pennsylvania,
where his widow is now living ; 3. Lucy, the wife
of Isaac Ash ; 4. Matilda, the widow of John Sat-
terfield, who was a banker and promoter in Buf-
falo, New York, and a member of the Standard
Oil Company. Their children were : John Mar-
tin, who graduated from Yale College, class of
1898, biological course, with honors, and is now
a banker, broker and promoter in Boston, Massa-
chusetts ; he married Rachel Phillipps, and one
child has been born to them, Elaine, born March
21, 1902: and Marie Gretchen, wife of Count
Von Larisch. and they are the parents of one
child — Hans Henrich. Count \''on Larisch, who
pursued medical studies in Leipsic, Germany,
and Austria, is the eldest son of Count George
Von Larisch, grandson of the Grand Duke Lud-
wig, of Bavaria, and great-nephew of Franz Jo-
sef, Emperor of Austria. 5. Elizabeth A., the
wife of A. B. Fichter ; 6. Truman J., a graduate
of the University of Pennsylvania, in 1878, and



now a physician of Buffalo, New York : 7. John
Norton, a graduate of Lafayette College, of Has-
ten, with the class of 1880, and was admitted to

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