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held for seven years, when he was made general
freight agent. He was finally made general traffic
manager, which position he held at the time of his
death. He was greatly respected by his em-
ployees, among whom he had a name for fair
dealing. It was said of him that he never dis-
charged a man except for serious cause. He was
a man of strong religious convictions, which he
sought to exemplify in his life. He was an
active member of the First Presbyterian church
of Bethlehem, and well-known for his liberality
in all good works. But his experience had made
him a judge of men, and he was discriminating
in his charities. He was a Democrat, and a leader
in local politics as well as a close observer of na-
tional issues.

He married, January 16, 1858, Annie, daugh-
ter of George and Elizabeth ( Hunsberg) Esser.
She was of German descent, her earliest ancestor
in this country being John Esser, who with his
brother George, came to Pennsylvania about the
middle of the eighteenth century. John Esser had
a son named. George, who married Hannah Seipel,
and became the father of another George. This
son, born about 1818, married Elizabeth Huns-
berg, and they were the parents of Annie, George,
Eugene, who died young, John, Byron and Ed-
mond, twins, and Harry, who died in infancy.
Annie was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania,.
September 5, 1841, and reared at Mauch Chunk,
where she was educated at Park Seminary. Nine
children were born of her marriage with John




Taylor, as follows: i. Harry Esser, born January
23, 1859 ; married Amy Jex, born in Belize, Brit-
ish Honduras. 2. Edmund Kenneth, born iNIarch
5, 1861 ; married Caroline Hatch, of Oshkosh,
Wisconsin ; they reside in New York city ; they
had three children — Anna, born September 3,
1890: Elizabeth, born June 14, 1892; Mary, born
in Bensonhurst, Long Island, January 30, 1894,
now deceased. 3. Annie, born January 12, 1863.
4. George Smylie, born January 28, 1865. 5. Eliza-
beth, born ]\Iarch 15, 1867. 6. Mary White, born
November 13, 1869, married Harry Steinman
Snvder of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and is the
mother of two children, — John Taylor, born De-
cember 23, 1893, and Mary Taylor born Septem-
ber 6, 1896; 7. John, Jr., born December 9, 1871.
8. Robert Sayre, born December 17, 1873. 9. Rich-
ard Ferrier, born December 4, 1878.

Pennsylvania, was born November i, 1848, in
Lehigh Gap, Carbon county, Pennsylvania. His
paternal great-grandfather, Nicholas Snx'der, was
of German lineage, and was reared near Cherry-
ville, Pennsvlvania. He was a farmer by occu-
pation, but at the time of the Revolutionary war
put aside business and personal consideration
and became a member of the patriot army. He
held membership in the German Reformed
church. His wife bore the maiden name of Eliza-
beth Kern, and was reared near Slatington, Penn-
sylvania. She, too, belonged to the German Re-
formed church. Peter Snyder, a son of Nicholas,
was united in marriage to Miss Mary Solt, a
daughter of Conrad Solt, and their children were
Eliza, ^larian, Katherine, Rachel, Charles and
^Monroe. The last named was the father of Lewis
Wilson Snyder.

Monroe Snyder was bcrn January 31, 1820. in
Lehigh Gap, Carbon county, Pennsylvania, and
died on the 21st of February, 1873. He married
Anna Alaria Beil, who was a daughter of Jacob
and Mary Magdalena (Biery) Beil. Her birth
occurred in Northampton county, Pennsylvania.
April 4, 1820, and her death on the I4tli of Au-
gust, 1892. Monroe Snyder was an agriculturist,
who throughout his entire life engaged in the

tilling of the soil in order to provide for his
family. He belonged to the Reformed church,
and was a Republican in his political affiliations.
To him and his wife were born three children :
William H., Amanda E., and Lewis W.

Lewis Wilson Snyder began his education in
the public schools of his native township, and con-
tinued his studies in Dickinson Seminary, at
Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He also pursued a
business course in the commercial college at
Williamsport, and entered upon his business ca-
reer as a clerk in a dry-goods store. Subsequently
he engaged in business as a druggist. Later his
time and attention were devoted to official service
in the position of L^nited States deputy revenue
collector, which he held from September 9, 1889,
to March 31, 1894, and in that of postmaster of
Bethlehem, which he held from February i, 1900,
to February 15, 1904. His appointments came
under Republican administrations, Air. Snyder
having ever been a loyal advocate of the princi-
ples of the party. His religious faith is indicated
by his membership in Christ Reformed church,
of Bethlehem. Socially he is connected with
Bethlehem Lodge, No. 2S3, F. and A. ]M., in
which he served as master in 1885 ; and with
Zinzendorf Chapter, No. 216, R. A. M., of Beth-
lehem, of which he was high priest in 1889. He
has ever been an exemplary representative of the
craft, and in his life displays its beneficent

On the 23d of Alarch, 1880, in Bethlehem, Air.
Snyder was united in marriage to Ella Jane
Harwi, a daughter of Charles and Eliza Harwi.
Her father was a contractcr and builder. Airs.
Snvder obtained her education in the public
schools of Bethlehem. By this marriage there is
one son, Oran C. Snyder, who was born in Beth-
lehem, February 20, 188 1. He attended the pub-
lic schools of his native town, was graduated from
the Bethlehem high schorl with the class of 1898,
and completed a course in the Bethlehem prepara-
tory school with the class of 1899. For several
years he attended Lehigh University, but com-
pleted his education in the Pennsylvania State
College, class of 1904. taking the degree of Bach-
elor of Science in the mechanical department.



genitors of the large and influential family cf
Luckenbachs of Bethlehem, Adam and Eva Maria
(Spiess) Luckenbach, leaving their home in Win-
kelbach, Germany, came to America, in the year
1740. Adam Luckenbach engaged at various
times in teaching school in Montgomery, Lan-
caster and Northampton counties, and spent his
declining year with his son, John Ludwig Luck-
enbach, who lived on a farm on the south side of
the Lehigh river, opposite Bethlehem. Although
not a Moravian, at the desire of his children he
was laid to rest in the "God's acre" at Bethlehem,
his death occurring October 15, 1785. He had a
son and two daughters, the latter being Eva Cath-
erine, who died in 1748, and Elizabeth, who mar-
ried a Mr. Rauschenberger.

John Ludwig Luckenbach was born in Ger-
many, in 1738, and died at Hope, New Jersey, in
1795. He was brought to America by his parents,
Adam and Eva Maria Luckenbach. In 1740 he
married Magdelena Hottel, m. n. Musselman, and
they had five children: John Adam, born in 1761,
married Mary Magdelena Becker, and died in
1842 ; Barbara ; Eva Maria, wife of George Ising ;
Catherine Elizabeth, who was born in 1767 and
died in 1836, and was married in 1799 to David
Weinland ; and Abraham, who died in infancy.
The second wife of John Ludwig Luckenbach
was Eva Gehmann. They had two children, as
follows: Elizabeth, who died in infancy, and
John, who married Mary Kornman. The third
wife of John Ludwig Luckenbach was Mary
Gehmann, and they had three children : Abraham,
born in 1777, married Rosina Heckedorn, became
an Indian missionary and died in 1854. Samuel,
born in 1778, married Sarah Chitty and died in
1846.' The fourth wife of John Ludwig Lucken-
bach was Elizabeth Partsch, who was born in
1745 and died in 1809. Their children were Lud-
wig Daniel, who was born in 1783, and died in
infancy ; and Jacob Christian, who was born in
1784, and died in 1852.

John Adam and Mary ]\Iagdelena (Becker)
Luckenbach had fourteen children : Joseph, born
in 1782, married Rachel Frate and afterward Sa-
lome Kiefcr. and died in i860. John David, born

fourth child of
five children —

in 1783, married Elizabeth Clewell, and died in
1850. Abraham died in infancy. Daniel died in
1S21. Samuel, born in 1794, died in 1796. Maria,
born in 1784, was the wife of Christian Borhek,
and died in 186S. Catherine married Conrad
Ran. John, born in 1789, died in 1810. Anna,
born in 1787, became the wife of Joseph Walter,
who was born in 17S9 and died in 1846, while her
death occurred in 1848. Elizabeth, born in 1785,
was the wife of George Clewell and died in 1858.

Sarah married Kidd. Samuel, born in

1801, married Sarah Hauer, and died in 1877.
Louisa married Samuel Hoftert. Christian com-
pleted the family.

Catherine Elizabeth Weinland,
John Ludwig Luckenbach, had
Daniel. Samuel, David, Sallie and Eliza.

John Luckenbach, seventh child of John Lud-
wig, wedded Mary Barbara Kornman, who was
born in 1777 and died in 1855. Their children
were Charles, George, Lisetta, Mrs. Loretta Bush
and James.

Rev. Abraham and Rosina ( Heckedorn)
Luckenbach had three children : Caroline, who
died in infancy ; Lucy Ann, who was born in
t8i6, and married Simon Rau; and Belinda, wife
of William T. Roepper.

Samuel and Sarah (Chitty) Luckenbach had
two children : Charles Augustus and William.
The latter, born in 1803, married Sarah Tombler,
and died in 1830.

Jacob Christian and Susanna (Heckewelder)
Luckenbach had seven children : Cecelia, born
February 21, 1812, died May 24, 1888; Henry B.,
born November 27, 1813, died January 12, 1901,
married Olivia Pyrlaeus, who was born October
16, 1817, and died October 23, 1899. Lucinda,
born December 18, 181 5, married G. Traeger, and
died July 20, 1890. Reuben O., born March 24,
1818, died May 14, 1880, married Caroline Oer-
teni, who was born October 6, 1822. J. Edward,
born August 28, 1819, and died October 25, 1898,
leaving his second wife, whose maiden name was
Catherine Bender. Josephine Wilhelmina and
Joseph William died in childhood.

Joseph Luckenbach, son of John Adam Luck-
enbach, had three children : Mrs. Sallie Klein ;



Lucy Ann, wife of James Jacoby, and Timothy,
who married Angeline Line.

John David Luckenbach, second child of John
Adam Luckenbach, had ten children : Jacob, who
married Miss \\'hitesell ; George; William, who
was born August 6, 1807, and died July 28, 1893,
and who was married three times, first to Eliza-
beth Rice, second to Sarah A. Zahm, and third to
]\Iaria Kreader. Charlotte Elizabeth, who mar-
ried J. C. A\'eber ; Mrs. Henrietta Riggs ; Anna,
wife of S. Schaefer; Matilda, wife of Charles
Jacob}- ; Rebecca, wife of Ephraim Keck ; Thomas
David, who was born in 1816, and died in 1871,
and who married Josephine Whitmeyer ; and
JMrs. Sarah A. Babel.

Abraham Luckenbach and his wife Catherine
(he the third child of John Adam Luckenbach)
had eight children : Renatus, who married Cath-
erine Boyer : Reuben : Jacob ; Charles : Tilghman,
deceased : Caroline : Clementine, who married Air.
Transue, and Lavinia.

The children of Alaria Borhek are Helen, who
became Mrs. Belling ; Maria, wife of Fritz Hoff-
man ; Lindora, who married Abram Grosch ;
and Frederick R.

The children of Catherine Rau are : Charles,
who married Miss Newhard; Adam; Airs. Lucy
Fehr ; Airs. Caroline Opp ; and James.

The children of Anna ^^'alter are Frances ;
Airs. Alary Rominger : Adam ; Louisa, who was
born in 1815, and died in i8g6; Airs. Eliza Solo-
mon ; and Sarah, wife of William Boehler.

The children of Sarah Kidd are : Thomas,
Adam, Jesse, Airs. Julia Bilgert ; Airs. Cornelia
Snyder, Lewis, Airs. Pauline Licht and Amelia.

The children of Elizabeth Clewell arc : Lisetta,
who married a Air. Kuester and after his death
Jonathan Bishop ; William : Henry ; Airs. Cor-
nelia Rcgennas ; Airs. Louisa ^^'einland ; Airs.
Charlotte Osborne ; Samuel, who was born in
1822 and died in 1896. His wife was Elizabeth

The children of Samuel Luckenbach are :
Airs. Parmenia Pflueger ; Airs. Anna Eliza Fred-
erick ; John, who married Aliss Krcmser ; Ed-
mund ; Charles, who was born in 1834 and died

in 1883, and who married Catherine Ebele ; Airs.
Amanda Stone ; James ; and Augustus.

The children of Louisa Hoft'ert are : Reuben ;
Airs. Sarah Keller ; Robert, who was born in 1824
and died in 1828; Benjamin and Henry, who died
in childhood ; Henrietta, wife of Henry Eber-
hardt ; Charles ; Airs. Alary Schada ; Edwin : Airs.
Adelaide Ross ; and James.

Samuel Weinland had two sons, Harr\-, who
married Aliss Jones, and George, who died in

David Weinland had three children — Edward,
William and Henry.

Airs. Sallie Gold had four children : Alary
Anna, wife of Rev. Bachman ; James, who mar-
ried Anna Barndt ; Caroline, wife of Jacob Eg-
gert ; and Emalinda, wife of Tobias Eckert.

Airs. Eliza Kremser had four children : Ed-
ward : Adeline, wife of Alartin Shultz ; Caroline,
wife of John Luckenbach ; and James.

Airs. Lucy Ann Rau had one son, Eugene A.,
who was born July 22, 1848, and married Alatilda

Airs. Belinda Roepper had five children: Jane
E., wife of C. W. Krause ; Caroline L. ; Charles
W., who married Nina Brashear ; Frances A. ;
and Emma L.

Charles Augustus Luckenbach had four chil-
dren : Alaria, wife of Henry J. Seaman ; James S.,
who was born July 14, 1837, and married Cath-
erine Chitty ; Louisa, wife of Dr. Edward Jacob-
sen, and Airs. Libbie Diefenderfer.

\\'illiam Luckenbach had four children :
Israel, who died in childhood; Lucius, deceased;
Wilhelmine. wife of Adam Giering ; and Adeline,
who died in childhood.

Airs. Lucinda Traeger had two children : Jo-
seph H., who was three times married, the family
names of his three wives being respectively
Clauder, Austin and Hamman : and Louisa, who
is the wife of Edward T. Alyers and has two
children, Emily and Harry J. Alyers.

Reuben O. Luckenbach had three children :
Edward H., born Alarch 18. 1849 • Theodore and
Henry, who died in childhood.

J. Edward Luckenbach had four children:



Hannah, bom May 14. 1850, married Charles
Taylor; Alartha, born March 31, 1852, married
L. F. Leibfried; Mary, born October 31, 1855,
married Rev. C. Kinsey ; and Helen C, born Oc-
tober 25, 1865, is the wife of James Krause.

Henry B. Luckenbach, father of Francis E.
Luckenbach, married Mary Olivia Pyrlaeus, who
was born October 16, 1817, and their children
were: Francis E., born January 10, 1839; Ade-
laide, born July 26, 1843, and married Harry
Hammann, who died in June, 1893; and Maurice
C, born August 30, 1852. Francis E. Lucken-
bach married Elmira, daughter of John J. Levers.
She was born April 9, 1841, and the children of
her marriage are Henry B., born August 6, 1873 ;
and Emily, who was born October 31, 1875, and
is the wife of H. H. Lippincott.

DANIEL BACHMAN. The Bachman fam-
ily of Lehigh county, Pennsylvania, worthily
represented in the present generation by Daniel
Bachman, a resident of Catasauqua, a successful
business man, and a veteran of the Civil war, is
an old and respected family in the territory cov-
ered by this work. His ancestors were worthy
and upright men, and as the centuries have come
and gone the family have still retained their repu-
tation for respectability and usefulness in the
various vocations to vvhich they have given atten-
tion. The origin of the family is German. Some
of the early ancestors came to this country in
company with William Penn, one of whom be-
came his private secretary. After William Penn
purchased Pennsylvania he presented to his sec-
retary, Mr. Bachman, the townships now known
as Upper and Lower Saucon, and from this place
and this person sprang this illustrious family.
The great-grandfather and grandfather of Daniel
Bachman, sketches of whom appear elsewFiere
in this work, were among the pioneer settlers of
Northampton county, Pennsylvania.

Thomas Bachman, father of Daniel Bach-
man, was born in Lower Saucon township, re-
ceived the limited educational advantages af-
forded by llie common schools of that day, and
subsequently turned his attention to the lumber
business, in which he achieved a large degree of

succcess, being well qualified for that line of
work by the experience he had gained during a
long residence in the section of the state where
lumber was plentiful. His life, while not an
eventful one as compared with others, was fruit-
ful in good and honorable deeds, and left an
impress for good upon all with whom he was
brought in contact. His wife, Elizabeth
(Heller) Bachman, a native cf Hellertown,
Northampton county, Pennsylvania, bore him the
following named children : Jacob, deceased ;
David, deceased : Thomas, deceased ; Elizabeth,
deceased; Daniel, mentioned hereinafter; and
Thomas Bachman.

Daniel Bachman was born in Hellertown,
Northampton county, Pennsylvania, in 1835
During his boyhood he attended the common
schools adjacent to his home, after which he
served an apprenticeship at the trade of painter
and trimmer in the manufacture of carriages, and
this line of work he has followed up to the pres-
ent time (1904). During his early manhood he
took up his residence in Allentown, where he re-
mained for a short period of time. In 1859 he
located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and dur-
ing his thirty-six years residence in that city was
engaged in the manufacture of carriages. In
1897 he settled permanently in Catasauqua, and
at once established a carriage manufactory, which
is one of the leading enterprises of the town, and
where he is now conducting an extensive and re-
munerative trade. Mr. Bachman is an expert
mechanic, and turns out nothing but the best
grade of work, which fact fully accounts for the
success which has crowned his efiforts through-
out his entire business career. He is a member
of Cunningham Post, No. 37, Grand Army of
the Republic, of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania,
and a member of the Independent Order of Odd
Fellows of the same city. Mr. Bachman is a rep-
resentative of that class of men who during the
]M-ogress of the Civil war, at great personal sac-
rifice, gave their time, their ability and their skill
to the service of the United States government.
He served three different times ; twice he was
called out as a member of the state militia for
short terms, and once, early in the year 1865,


^^i^ ^pi - 2^ty




he was enrolled as sergeant in Company I, One
Hundred and Fourth Regiment Pennsylvania
\'olunteer Infantry. He served in a meritorious
manner, and was hcnorably discharged at the
close of the war.

]\Ir. Bachman was united in marriage in 1856
to Clarissa Newhard, daughter of Daniel and
Elizabeth Newdiard, and of the three children
born to them, two are now living, Alfred and
Cora. Alfred married Addie Bray, who bore him
the following named children : Alfred D.,
James, Addie, Clara, and Catherine Bachman.
Cora became the wife of James B. Rhoades, and
their children are Casaline, Charles, and William.

at Liberty, New York, October 28, 1899, and was
buried at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, traced his
ancestry through five generations of German-
Americans to the blood of the Fatherland. Born
in the south, but of northern traditions, at a
time when sectional feeling was running high, he
found himself out of harmony with his environ-
ment, and in the final issue of the war gave up his
residence and business connections and came back
to the home of his forefathers in Pennsylvania.

The founder of the family in this country was
John Leinbach, who was born in Wetterau, Ger-
many, and who came to Pennsylvania in 1723,
making his home in Berks county, at Oley. He
married Anna E. Kleck, and in 1742, with his
wife and three sons, he joined the Moravian
brotherhood of Count Zinzendorf. These sons
were : John, through whom Felix William is de-
scended ; Frederick, born at Hochstadt. Germany,
in 1703, and married Elizabeth Fry, born in
1709 : John Henry, born at Hochstadt, married
■ Harman.

John (2) oldest son of John (i) and Anna
E. (Kleck) Leinbach, married Anna Catherine
Rien, and a son Ludwig was born January 2.
1743. Ludwig ('3) was born at Oley, and Oc-
tober 3. 1766, he married Anna Barbara Lauer.
She was only seventeen at the time of her mar-
riage, and there is a tradition of her as a blue-eyed
blonde of remarkable beauty. In 1767 Ludwig
and his w-ife moved to ^^'achonia. North Caro-

lina, where Anna died September 10, 1800. Their
children were as follows: i. John (4) through
whom is descended Felix William : 2. Joseph, who

married Holder, and was the father of

two sons and four daughters ; 3. Susanna, who
was born October 6, 1771, married Jacob Lash,
and had two sons and one daughter; 4. Indiana,
who died young; 5. Christian, born August 19,
1775) married twice and was the father of three
sons and tw-o daughters. 6. Catherine (twun of
Christian) married one Reich, and died August
30, 1866; 7. Petrus, born December 8, 1780, mar-
ried X'ogler, who bore him four sons, two

of whom were Lewis and John ; 8. Rebecca Eliza-
beth, born January 22, 1783, became the wife of
one Stolz, and made her home in the west. 9.
Christiana Gertrand, born November 5. 1787. also
married a Stolz, and became the mother of two
daughters; 10. Anna Maria, born December 7,
1793, died February 10, 1864, married a man
named Krause, and had two sons.

John (4), oldest child of Ludwig and Anna
Barbara (Lauer) Leinbach, was born at Beth-
ania. North Carolina, January 11, 1768. He mar-
ried Elizabeth Transue, who was born j\Iarch 2,
1769. The children of this marriage were as fol-
low's : I. John Henry, born at Salem, North Caro-
lina, February 12, 1796, married Elizabeth Sny-
der, born December 25, 1797; 2. Traugott (5),
who will be spoken of in more detail : 3. a child
that died in infancy ; 4. Anna Dorothea, born Jan-
uary 7, 1803, died July 30, 1837, married John
Jacob Chitty, and had two children, Commenius
and Elizabeth ; 5. Regina Elizabeth, born j\Iay 8,
1805 ; 6. Anna Abigail, born July 20, 1807 ; 7.
Charles F., born September 20, 1810; 8. William
S., married Sarah Hauser, and was the father
of four children.

Traugott (5), second child and second son of
John and Elizabeth (Transue) Leinbach, was
born in Salem, North Carolina, July 7, 1798. He
was a jeweler and watch-maker. He married
Maria Theresa Lange, a daughter of Christian
Lange, who was born at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania,
September 30, 1799. She died in Philadelphia,
Februarv 19, i860, and is buried in Bethlehem,
Pennsvlvania, her native town. Of this marriage



the following children were born: I. Sarah Ann
Elvira, born February 8, 1823, married Jacob L.
Fulkerson, August 12, 1845; 2. Laura Emeline,
born September 12, 1824, died in 1826; 3. Cor-
nelia Elizabeth born February 3, 1827, married
Augustus Wolle (see sketch of Clarence A.
Wolle), August 12, 1845, at Bethlehem; 4. Au-
gustine Nathaniel, born August 28, 1832, died at
Bethlehem, August 22, 1877, married Mary E.
Shultz; 5. Felix William (6) of whom fuller
notice is made.

Felix William (6), fifth child and second son
of Traugott and Maria Theresa (Lange) Lein-
bach, was born February 19, 1837, at Salem,
North Carolina. He was reared and educated
there, and began work as a jeweler and watch-
maker in the shop of his father. The family
were skilled workmen, and had a prosperous busi-
ness. Finally Felix William and his brother
bought out the father's interest, and conducted it
successfully until the outbreak of the Civil war.
Although the family had been resident in North
Carolina for two generations, they had kept up
their northern associations. The wife of Trau-
gott Leinbach was born in Pennsylvania, and the
issue presented itself from two points of view.
Felix William understood the position of his
southern neighbors, but he was unwilling to take
up arms on either side. Twice he was drafted and
sent a substitute to the Confederate army. When
a third draft was made he felt that his sympathies
and his greater interest lay with the Union cause.
He determined to go to the north, but the under-
taking was a dangerous one. Many times during
the journey he narrowly escaped capture; once
his pursuers were only a mile behind, but at last
he gained the Federal lines in safety. After the
war he settled up his business affairs in Salem
and made his home in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania,
where he engaged in the slate business, which he

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