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Sacred POEMS.


y M.A.

Fellow of Lincoln College, OXFORD.



Student of Chriji -Church, OXFORD.

Let tie Word of CHRIST dwell in You richly in all
Wlfdotn, teaching and admonijhing one another,
i Pfalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs, finging
<vjith Grace in your Hearts to the LORD.

Col. iii. 1 6.

The FOURTH Edition.

Brijlol : Printed by Felix Farley.

And fold by the Bookfellers of Brijtol, Bath, LOK~
don, Ne-Jucajlle upon Tyne, and Exeter; as
alib by A. Bradford, in Philadelphia.



I i f~} O M E Verfes, it may be obferv'd, in the
, \ following ColleSion, were 'wrote upon the
^ Scheme of the Myjlick Divines. And the] B
"'tis ownd, we had once in great Venera-
tion, as the be ft Explainers of the Gcfpfl of CHRIST.
Put we are now convinced that we therein greatly
err'd; not knowing the Scriptures, neither die
Power of GOD. And becaufe this is an Error
which many ferious Minds arefooncr or later cxpofed
to, and which indeed moft eajlly befets thofe, whs
feek the LORD JESUS in Sincerity; we believe our-
fefaes indifpenjibly obliged, in the Prcfence of GOD
and Angels, and Men, to declare wherein wt ap-
prehend thofe Writers, Not to teach die Truth as
it is in JESUS.

2. And fir ft, we apprehend them to lay Another
Foundation They are careful indeed to pull down
tur own Works, and to prove, that by the DEEDI
of the Law fhall no Flefh be juftified. But why is
this? Only, to eitablifh our own Righteoufnefs in
the Place of our own Works. They fpeak largely
and c well, againft expeSing to be accepted of GO D
for our Virtuous Actions : And then teach, That we
are to be accepted, For our Virtuous Habits or Tem-
pers. Still the Ground of cur Acceptance is place J
in ourfelves. The Difference is only this: Commcit
Writers fuppofe we are to be juftified, for the Sake
of our Outward Righteoufnefs. Thefe fuppofe i'.-t
are to be juftified, for the Sakt of our Inivard Righ<-
teoufnefs : Whereas in Truth, we are no more juf-
tijied, for the Sake of one than of the other. Far
neither our own Inward r.or Outward Righteouf-
nefs, is the Ground of our Jitftifiiation. Holinefs of
Heart, as we// as Holinefs of Life, is not the Caitfe,
but the Ejfefl of it. The Sole Caufe of our Accep-
tance with GOD (or, That for the Sake of which,
on the Account of wbid> we are accepted) is the



Rigbteottfnefs and the Death of CHRIST, in; bo fulfilled
GOD\s La-i'j, and died in our Stead. And e-ven the
Condition of it, is fiat (as they fuppofej our Holinefi
either of Heart or Life: But our FAITH ALONE ;
' Faith contradijlinguijh' 1 d from Holinefs as ivell as
from Good Works. Other Foundation therefore can
110 Men lay, 'without being an A&oerjary to CHRIST
find his Gofpel, than FAITH ALONE, Faith, though
nfceffarily producing both, yet not including either
Got-d Works, or Holinefs.

3. But fuppojing them to have laid the Foundation
right, the Manner of building thereon which they
f.d-i'ife, is quite oppojite to that prefcribed by CHRIST.
- He commands to build up one another. They ad-
vi/e, " To the Defert, to the Dcfert, and GOD
" will build you up." Numberlefs are the Com-
jnendations that occur in all their Writings, nt of
Retirement intennix' d -i>:ith Con t verfatio?i, but ofaji
i nt ire SecJuJion from Men, (perhaps for Months or
Tears} in order to purify the Soul. Whereas, ac-
tsrding to the Judgment of our Lord, and the Wrr-
' tings ofhisApoftles, it is only when e we are knit to-
gether, that we have Nourifhment from Him, and
increafe with the Increafe of GOD. Neither is
there any time, ivben the weakeft Member can fay
to the ftrongeji, or the ftrongeft to the weakeft, " I
*' have no Need of Thee." Accordingly our
Blcfled Lord, ivhen his Difdples were in their
nveakejl State, fent them forth, not alone, but Two
by T'wo. When they ^jtjere Jlrengthen 1 d a little,
not by Solitude, but by abiding nvith him and one
another, he commanded them to wait, not fcparate
but being affembled together, for the Promiie of
the Father. And they were all with one Accord
in one Place, when thty received the Gift of the
Holy Ghvft , Exprefs mention is made in the fame
Chapter, that when there were added unto them
Three Thoufand Souls, all that believed were to-
gether, and continued iledfaftly net only in the A-



poftles Doctrine but alfo in Fellowfhip and in.
breaking of Bread and in praying with one Accord.
Agreeable to which is the Account the Great Apojtle
gives of the Manner- which he had bssn taught of
GOD, for the perfecting of the Saints, for the
edifying of the Body of CHRIST, even to the End
of the World. And according to St. Paul, all who
will ever come, in the Unity of the Faith, unto
a perfect Man, unto the Meafure of the Stature
of the Fulnefs of CHRIST, mitft together grow up
into Him : From whom the whole Body fitly join'd
together and compacted (or ftrengthnid} by that
which every Joint fupplieth, according to the ef-
fectual Working in the Meafure of every Part,
maketh Increafe of the Body, unto the Edifying
ofitfelfin Love. Ephefiar.s iv. 15, 16.

4. So widely dijlant is the Manner of Building up
Souls in CHRIST taught by St. Paul, frum that
taught by the Myjlicks! Nar do they differ as to the
Foundation, or the Manner of Building thereon,
more than they do with Regard to the- Super JlruZlure.
For the Religion thefe Authors woifd edify-ut in, is
Solitary Religion. If Thou wilt be Perfect, fay they,
" trouble not thyfelf about Outward Works. It is
" better to work Virtues in the Will. He hath at-
" tained the True Refignation, who hath eftranged
41 kimfelfffom all Outward Works, that GOD
" may work inwardly in mm,- without any turning
'* to Outward Things. Thefe are the true War -
"Jhippers, who worjhip GOD, in Spirit and in

' Truth.'''' For Contemplation' is with them, the
fulfilling of the Law, even a Contemplation that
" conjijh in a Ce/ation from all Works"

5. Directly oppojite to this is the Gofpel of
CHRIST. Solitary Religion is not to be found there.
" Holy Solitaries'' 1 is a Phrafe no more confifttnt
with the Gofpel than Holy Adulterers. The Gofpel
/"CHRIST knows of no Religion, but Social; n
Holimfi but Social Holinefs. Faith working by
Love, is the Length and Breadth and Depth and
Heighth ofCbriJiian Perfection, This Command-

A 3 meat


ment have we from CHRIST, that he who love
GOD, love his Brother alfo : And that <vje mani-
feft our Lws by doing good unto all Men ; efpe-
cially to them that are of the Houfhold of Faith.
And in truth, lukofottutr loveth his Brethren not in
Word only, but as CHRIST lo - ved him, cannot but
be zealous of Good Works. He feels in his Soul
a burning, reftlefs Dttfire, of /pending and being /pent
for them. My Father, W// he fay, worketh hi-
therto and I work. And at all pojfible Opportuni-
ties, he is, like his Mafter, going about doing good.
6. 'This then is the Way: Walk Te in it, whcfo-
tver Ye are that ka<ve believed in his Name. Te
kno-w, Other Foundation can no Man lay, than
that which is laid, even JESUS CHRIST. Te feel
that by Grace Ye are fa-ved thro' Faith ; fa-vett
from Sin, by CHRIST form' d in your Hearts, and
from Fear, by his Spirit bearing Witnefs with your
Spirit, that Ye are the Sons of GOD. Ye are
taught cf GOD, not to forfake the afiembling of
yourfelves together, as the Manner of fome is ;
but to inftrui, admonijh, exhort, reprove, comfort,
confirm and e<very Way build up one another. Ye
have an Unclion from the Holy One, that teach-
eth you ta renounce any other or higher Perfeflion,
than Faith working by Love, Faith zealous of
. Good Works, Faith as it hath Opportunity doing
good unto all Men. As Ye have therefore re-
ceived JESUS CHRIST the LORD, fo Walk ye in
Him, rooted and built up in Him, and ftablifh'd
In the Faith and abounding therein more and more.
Only, beware left any. Man fpoil you thro 1 Philo-
fphy and vain Deceit, after the Tradition of Men,
-after the Rudiments of the World, and not after
CHRIST. For Ye are complete in Him. He is
Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending,
the Firft and the Lart. Only continue in Him,
grounded, and fettled and be not moved away from
the Hope of the Gofpel : And when CHRIST, who
is our Life (hall appear, then mall Ye alfo appear
vfid; Him in Glory f HYMNS





EUPOLI s' Hymn to the Creator.

From the Greek.

UTHOR of Being, Source of Light,
With unfading Beauties bright,
Fulnefs, Goodnefs, rolling round
Thy own fair Orb without a Bound :
Whether Thee Thy Suppliants caft

Truth, or Good, or One, or All,

El, or lao ; Thee we hail

Eflence that can never fail,

Grecian or Barbaric Name,

Thy ftedfaft Being ftill the fame.

Thee, when Morning greets the Skies
With rofy Cheeks and humid Eyes ;
Thee, when fweet-declining Day
Sinks in purple Waves away ;
Thee will I fing, O Parent Jove,
And teach the World to praife and love.

Yonder azure Vault on high,
Yonder blue, low, liquid Sky,
Earth on its firm Bafis plac'd,
And with circling Waves embraced,
All Creating Pow'r confefs,
All their mighty Maker blefs.



Thou fliak.'ft all Nature with thy Nod,
Sea, Earth, and Air confefs the GOD:
Yet does Thy pow'rful Hand fuftain
Both Earth and Heaven, both Firm and Main.

Scarce can our daring Thought arife
To thy Pavilion in the Skies ;
Nor can Platans, felf declare
The Blifs, the Joy, the Rapture there.
Barren above Thou Joft not reign,
But circled with a glorious Train,
The Sons of GOD, the Sons of Light,
Ever joying in Thy Sight :
(For Thee their filver Harps are ftrung,)
Ever beauteous, ever young,
Angelic Forms their Voices raife,
And thro' Heav'ns Arch refound Thy Praife.

The Feather 1 d Souls that fwim the Air,
And bathe in liquid Ether there,
The Lark, Precentor of their Choir
Leading them higher ftill and higher,
Liften and learn ; th 1 angelic Notes
Repeating in their warbling Throats :
And e're to foft Repofe they go,
Teach them to their Lords below :
On the green Turf, their mofiy Neft,
The Ev'ning Anthem fwells their Breaft.
Thus like thy Golden Chain from high,
Thy Praife unites the Earth and Sky.

Source of Light, Thou bidft the Snn
On his burning Axles run ;
The Stars like Duft around him fly,
And ftrew the Area of the Sky.
He drives fo fwift his Race above,
Mortals can't perceive him move:
So fmooth his Courfe, oblique or ftrait,
Qljmpui makes not with his Weight.



As the Queen of folemn Night
Fills at his Vafe her Orb of Light,
Imparted Luftre ; Thus we fee,
The Sokr Virtue mines by Thee.

Eire/tone we'll no more,
Imaginary Pow'r, adore ;
Since Oil, and Wool, and chearful Wine,
And Life-fuitaining Bread are thine.

Thy Herbage, O Great Pan, Mains
The Flocks that graze our Attic Plains ;
The Olive, with frefli Verdure, crown'd,
Rifes pregnant from the Ground ;
At Thy Command it moots and fprings,
And a thoufand Bleffings brings.
Minerva, only is thy Mind,
Wifdom, and Bounty to Mankind.
The fragrant Theme, the bloomy Rofe,
Herb, and Flow'r, and Shrub, that grows .
On Tkeffalian Tempe's Plain,
Or where the rich Sabeans reign,
That treat the Tafle, or Smell, or Sight, ^
For Food, for Med'cine or Delight j
Planted by Thy Parent Care,
Spring, and fmile, and flourifli there.

O ye Nurfes of foft Dreams,
Reedy Brooks, and winding Streams,
Or murm'ring o'er the Pebbles flieen,
Or Hiding thro' the Meadows green,
Or where thro' matted Sedge you creep, _
Travelling to your Parent Deep :
Sound his Praife, by whom you rofej
That Sea, which .neither ebbs nor flows.

O ye immortal Woods and Groves,
Which the enamour'd Student loves ;
Beneath whofe venerable Shade,
For Thought and friendly Converfe made,.

4. HYMNS and SACRED PoE?.:5.

Fam'd Hecadem, old Hero, lies,
Whofe Shrine is fhaded from the Skies,
And thro' the Gloom of filent Night
Projedb from far its trembling Light ;
You, whofe Roots defcend as low,
As high in Air your Branches grow -,
Your leafy Arms to Heav'n extend,
Bend your Heads, in Homage bend :
Cedars, and Pines that wave above,
And the Qak bejov'd of Jove,

Omen, Monfter, Prodigy,
Or nothing are, or Jove from Thee [
Whether various Nature play,
Or re-invers'd thy Will obey,
And to Rebel Man declare
Famine, Plague or Waiteful War.
Laugh, ye Profane, who dare defpife
The Threatning Vengeance of the Skies.,
Whilft the Pious, on his Guard,
Undifmay'd is.ftill prcpar'd :
Life or Death, his Mind's at reft,
Since what Thou fend'lt mult needs be beft.

No Evil can from Thee proceed :
'Tis only fuffer'd, not Decreed.
Darknefs is not from the Sun,
Nor mount the Shades 'till he is gone;
Then does Night obfcene ariie
From Erebus, and fill the Skies,
Fantaftic Forms the Air invade,
Daughters of Nothing and of Shade.

Can we forget Thy Guardian Care,
Slow to punilh, prone to fpare !
Thou brak'ft the haughty Perjians, Pride,
That dar'd old Ocean's Pow'r deride ;
Their Shipwrecks ftrew'd the Eubean Wave,
At Marathon they found a Grave.



O ye bleft Greeks who there expir'd,
For Greece with pious Ardour fir'd,
What Shrines or Altars fhall we raife
To fecure your endlefs Praife ?
Or need Vve Monuments fupply,
To refcue'what can never die !

And yet a Greater Hero far
(Unlefs Great Socrates could err)
Shall rife to blefs fome future Day,
And teach to live, and teach to pray.
Come, Unknown Inftrudor, come !
Our leaping Hearts fhall make Thee Room .
Thou with "Jove our Vows malt mare,
Of Jove and Thee We are the Care.

O Father King, whofe heav'nly Face
Shines ferene on All Thy Race,
We Thy Magnificence adore,
And Thy well-known Aid implore :
Nor vainly for Thy Help we call ;
Nor can we want : For Thou-art All !


From the Latin.

SOLITUDE! where (hall I find
Thee, pleafmg to the thoughtful Mind!
Swe^t Delights to Thee belong,
Untkfted by the vulgar Throng.
Weary of Vice and Noife I flee,
Sweeteft Comforter, to Thee.
Here the Mild and Holy Dove
Peace infpires, and Joy, and Love,
Thy unmoleHed, filent Shade
No tumultuous Sounds invade :
No Stain of Guilt is feen in Thee,
To foil thy fpoilefs Purity.



Here the fmiling Fields around
Softeft Harmony refound.
Here with Angel Quires combin'd,
The Lord of his own pea&ful Mind
Glides thro' Life, from Bufinefs far,
And noify Strife, and eating Care.
Here retir'd from Pomp and State
(The envy'd Torment of the Great)
Innocent he leads his Days,
Far from giddy Third of Praife.
Here his Accounts with ftudious Care
Preparing for the laft great Bar,
He weeps the Stains of Guilt away,
And ripens for Eternal Day.

Hoajded Wealth defire who pleafe,
Tow'rs and gilded Palaces.
Fraudlefs Silence may I find,
Solitude and Peace of Mind ;
To all the bufy World unknown,
Seen and lov'd by GOD alone.

Ye Rich, ye Learn'd, ye Great, confefs
This in Life is Happinefs,
To live {unknown to all abroad)
To myfelf only and my GOD.

The Myjtery of Life.

many Years I've feen the Sun,
And call'd thefe Eyes and Hands my own,
A thoufand little Afts I've done,

And Childhood have and Manhood knowru
O what is Life ! and this dull Round
To tread, why was a Spirit bound ?

2 So many airy Draughts and Line;,

And warm Excursions of the Mind>

-Have fill'd my Soul with great Defigns,

While Practice grovel'd far behind :


*O what is Thought ! and wlrere withdraw
The Glories which my Fancy faw ?

3 So many tender Joys and Woes

Have on my quiv'ring Soul had Pow'r;
Plain Life with heightening Paflions rofe,

The Boaft or Burden of their Hour :
O what is All we feel ! why fled
Thofe Pains and Pleafures o'er my Head ?

4 So many human Souls Divine,

Some at one Interview difplay'd,
Some oft and freely mixt with mine,

In lading Bonds my Heart have laid :
O what is Friendfhip ! wr.y impreft
On my weak, wretched, dying Breaft?

5 So many wond'rous Gleams of Light,

And gentle Ardors from above,
Have made me fit, like Seraph bright,

Some Moments on a Throne of Love :
O what is Virtue ! why had I,
Who am fo low, a Tafle fo high ?

6 Ere long, when Sov'reign Wifdom wills,

My Soul an unknown Path (hall tread,
And itrangely leave, who ftrangely fills

This Frame, and waft me to the Dead ;
O what is Death?- 'tis Life's laft Shore,
Where Vanities are vain no more ;
Where all Purfuits their Goal obtain,
And Life is all retouch'd again ;
Where in their bright Refult (hall rife
Thoughts, Virtues, Friendships, Griefs and




AS K not, who ended here his Span ?
His Name, Reproach and Praife, was Man.
Did no great Deeds adorn his Courfe ?
No Deed of His, but fhew'd him worfe :
One Thing was great, which GODfupply'd,
He fuffer'd Human Life and Dy'd.
What Points of Knowledge did he gain ?
That Life was facred all and Vain :
Sacred how high, and vain how low"?
He knew not here, but dy'd to know.

V I R ? U E.

Altered from HERBERT.

WEET Day, fo cool, fo calm, fo bright,

The Bridal of the Earth and Sky :
The Dew mail weep thy Fall to Night,
For Thou with all thy Sweets muft die !

2 Sweet Rofe, fo fragrant and fo brave,

Dazling the ram Beholder's Eye :
Thy Root is ever in its Grave,

And Thou with all thy Sweets muft die !

3 Sweet Spring, fo beauteous and fo gay,

Storehoufe, where Sweets unnumber'd lie :
Not long thy fading Glories ftay,

But Thou with all thy Sweets muft die .'

4 Only a Sweet and Virtuous Mind,

When Nature all in Ruins lies,
When Earth and Heav'n a Period find,
Begins a Life that never dies !



Upon UJPning to the Vibrations of
a Clock.

INSTRUCTIVE Sound! I'm now convinc'd by

Time in its Womb may bear Infinity.
How the pail Moment dies, and throbs no more T
What Worlds of Parts compofe the rolling Hour !
The leaft of thefe a ferious Care demands ;
Fortho 1 they're little, yet they're Golden Sands;
By foine great Deeds diftinguifh'd all in Heav'n,
For the fame End to me by Number given !
Ceafe, Man, to lavifh Sums thou ne'er haft told !
Angels, tho' Deathlefs, dare not be fo bold !

D O O M S D A T.


i U /"N OME to Judgment, come away ! '

\^j (Hark, J hear the Angel fay,
Summoning the Dull to rife)

4< Hafle, refume, and lift your Eyes ;
" Hear, ye Sons of Adam, hear,
" Man, before thy GOD appear !

z Come to Judgment, come away !
This, the Laft, the Dreadful Day.
Sov'reign Author, Judge of all,
Duft obeys Thy quick'ning Call,
Duft no other Voice will heed :
Thine the Trump that wakes the Dead.

3 Come to Judgment, come away!
Ling' ring Man no longer ftay ;

B 2 Thee


Thee let Earth at length reftore,
Pris'ner in her Womb no more j
Burft the Barriers of the Tomb,
Rife to meet thy inftant Doom !

Come to Judgment, come away f
Wide difperft howe'er ye ftray,
Loft in Fire, or Air, or Main,
Kindred Atoms meet again ;
Sepulchred where'er ye reft,
Mix'd with Fim, or Bird, or Beaft.

Come to Judgment, come away
Help, O CHRIST, thy Works Decay
Man is out of Order huri'd,
Parcel 'd out to all the World ;
LORD, thy broken Concert raife,
And the Mufick fliall be Praife.


From the German.

Thou, who all Things canft controul,
Chafe thio dead Slumber from my Soul ;.

With Joy and Fear, with Love and Awe

Give me to keep thy perfect Law.

2 O may one Beam of Thy blefl Light
Pierce thro', difpel the Shades of Night :
Touch my cold Breail with heav'nly Fire,
With holy, conq'ring Zeal infpire.

3 For Zeal I figh, for Zeal I pant ;
Yet heavy i, my Soul and faint :
Witli Steps unwr^y'ring, undifmay'd
Give me in all thy Paths to tread.



4 With out-ftretch'd Hands, and ftreaming


Oft I begin to grafp the Prize ;
I groan, I ftrive, I watch, I pray :
But ah ! how foon it dies away !

5 The deadly Slumber foon I feel
Afreih upon my Spirit fleal :

Rife, LORD; ilir up Thy quick'ning Pow'iy
And wake me that I fleep no more.

6 Single of Heart O may I be,
Nothing may I defire but Thee :
Far, far from me the World remove,
And all that holds me from Thy Love .'

Z E A L.

^EAD as I am, and cold my Breaft,
* Untouch'd by Thee, Celeftial Zeal,
How mail I fmg th' unwonted Gueft ?
How paint the Joys I cannot feel ?

2 AM me Thou, at whofe Command

The Heart exuhs, from Earth fet free ?
'Tis Thine to raife the drooping Hand,
Thine to confirm the feeble Knee.

3 'Tis Zeal muft end this inward Strife,

Give to know That Warmth Divine ?
Thro' all my Verfe, thro' all my Lite
The Adive Principle mall mine.

4 Where fhall we find its high Abode ?

To Heav'n the Sacred Ray afpirer,
With ardent Love embraces GOD,
Parent, and Objeft of its Fires.

B 3 There


5 There its peculiar Influence known

In Breafts Seraphic learns to glow ;
Yet darted from th' Eternal Throne,
It fheds a chearing Light below.

6 Thro' Earth diffus'd, the Aftive Flame

Intenfely for GOD's Glory burns,
And always mindful whence it came,
To Heav'n in ev'ry Wifh returns.

7 Yet vain the fierce Enthufiaft's Aim

With This to fanftify his Caufe ;
To flcreen beneath this Awful Name
The perfecuting Sword he draws.

8 In vain the mad Fanatick's Dreams

To this myfterioufly pretend j
On Fancy built, his airy Schemes

Or flight the Means, or drop the End.

9 Where Zeal holds on its even Courfe,

Blind Rage, and Bigotry retires ;
Knowledge affifts, not checks its Force,
And Prudence guides, not damps its Fires..

10 Refiftlefs then it wins its Way ;

Yet deigns in humble Hearts to dwell :
The Humble Hearts confefs its Sway,
And pleas'd the ilrange Expansion feeL

1 l Superiour far to mortal Things,

In grateful Extafy they own,
(Such antedated Heav'n it brings)
That Zeal and Happinefs are one.

1 2 Now vary'd Deaths their Terrors Ipread,

Now threat'ning Thoufands rage In vain !
Nor Tortures can arreft its Speed,
Nor Worlds its Energy reflrain.

13 That


T3 That Energy, which quefls the Strong,

Which cloaths with Strength the abject


Loofes the ilamm'ring Infant's Tongue, .
And bids the Sons of Thunder fpeak.

*4 While Zeal its heav'nly Influence fheds,

What Light o'er Mofes* Vifage plays f '
It wings th' immortal Prophet's Steeds,
And brightens fervent Stephen' 1 ?, Face.

1 5 Come then, bright Flame, my Breaft infpire i

To me, to me be Thou but giv'n,
Like them I'll mount my Car of Fire,
Or view from Earth an op'ning Heav'n.

16 Come then, if mighty to redeem,

CHRIST purchas'd thee with Blood Divine :
Come, Holy Zeal ! for Thou thro' Him,
JESUS Himfelf thro' Thee is Mine !

On Reading MonJ*. de Renty's Life.

WE deem the Saints, from mortal Flefiv

With brighter Day, and bolder Raptures blefl :
Senfe now no more precludes the diltant Thought,
And naked Souls now feel the GOD they fought,
But thy great Soul, which walk'd with GOD on


Can fcarce be nearer by that fecond Birth :
By Change of Place dull Bodies may improve,
But Spirits to their Blifs advance by Love.
Thy Change infenfible brought no Surprize,
Inur'd to Innocence and Paradife:
For Earth, not Heav'n,. thou thro' a GlafsT

didft view, /

The Glafs was Love ; and Love no Evil knew,. I
But in all Places only Heav'n did ihew. J



Can'ft Thou love more, when from a Body


Which fo much Life, fo little had of Need ?
So pure, it feem'd for This alone defign'd,
To ufher forth the Virtues of the Mind !
From Nature's Chain, from Earthly Drofs fet


One only Appetite remain'd in Thee :
That Appetite ic mourn'd but once deny'd,
For when it ceas'd from ferving GOD, it dy'd.

FA R E w E L to the Wo R L D,

From the French.

1 T T 7" O R L B adieu, Thou real Cheat !

VV Oft have thy deceitful Charms
FilTd my Heart with fond Conceit,
Foolifh Hopes and falfe Alarms ;
Now I fee as clear as Day,
How thy Follies pafs away.

2 Vain thy entertaining Sights,

Falfe thy Promifes renew'd,
All the Pomp of thy Delights

Does but flatter and delude:
Thee I quit for Heav'n above,
Objeft of the nobleft Love.

3 Farewel Honour's empty Pride !

Thy own nice, uncertain Gull,
If the leaft Mifchance betide,

Lays thee lower than the Duft :
Worldly Honours end in Gall,
Rife to Day, to Morrow fall.



4, poolifh Vanity farewel,

More inconftant than the Wave J

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