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Should ever learn Thee fo !
No let me with thy Word comply,
If I thy Love would know.

1 1 Suffice for me, that Thou, my LORD,

Hail: bid me faft, and pray :
Thy Will be done, thy Name ador'dj :
'Tis only mine t'obey.

1 2 Thou bidft me fearch the facred Leaves } .

And tafte the Hallow' d Bread :
The kind Commands my Soul receives.
And longs on Thee to feed.

R 3 13 Still


1 3 Still for thy Loving Kindnefs, LORD,

I in thy Temple wait;
I look to find Thee in thy Word,
Or at thy Table meet.

14 Here, in Thine own outpointed Ways,

I wait to learn thy Will :
Silent I ftand before thy Face,
And hear Thee fay,

15 Be Jlilland know that I am GOD!

'Tis all I live to know,
To feel the Virtue of thy Blood,
And fpread its Praife below.

1 6 I wait my Vigour to renew,
Thine Image to retrieve,
The Veil of outward Things pafs thro',
And gafp in Thee to live.

1 7 I work ; and own the Labour vain :

And thus from Works I ceafe :
I ftrive, and fee my fruitlefs Pain,
'Till GOD create my Peace.^

1 8 Fruitlefs, 'till Thou Thyfelf impart,

Muft all my Efforts prove :
They cannot change a finful Heart,
They cahnot purchafe Love.

19 I do the Thing thy Laws enjoin,

And then the Strife give o'er :
To Thee I then the whole relign ;
J trxjl in Means no more.

20 I trul in Him who ftands between

The Father's Wrath and me :
J E s u ! Thou great Eternal Mean,
J look for all from Thee .

21 Thy


2 1 Thy Mercy pleads, thy Truth requires,

Thy Promife calls Thee down :

Not for the Sake of my Defires

But Oh ! regard '1 hine own !

22 I feek no Motive out of Thee :

Thine own Defires fulfil :
If now thy Bowels yearn on me,
On me perform thy Will.

23 Doom, ifThoucanft, to endlefs Pains,

And drive me from thy Face :
But if thy ilronger Love conftrains,
Let me be fani 'd by Grace,

Waiting for CHRIST.


\^J T he True, and Merciful, and Juft,
Be mindful of thy gracious Word,
Wherein Thou caafeft me to trail.

2 My weary Eyes look out in vain,

And long thy faving Health to fee :
But known to Thee is all my Pain :

When wilt Thou come, and comfort me !

3 Prifoner of Hope, to Thee I turn,

Thee my ftrong Hold, and only Stay:
Harden'd in Grief, I ever mourn :
Why do thy Chariot-wheels delay ?

4 But (hall thy Creature aflc Thee why ?

No ; I retract the eager Prayer :
LORD, as Thou wilt, and not as I ;
I cannot chuie : Thou canft not err.

5 To


5 To Thee, the only Wife, and Tru e,

See then at laft I all refign j
Make me in CHRIST a Creature new,
The Manner, and the Time be Thine.

6 Only preferve my Soul from Sin,

Nor let me faint for want of Thee :
I'll wait till Thou appear within,

And plant thy Heaven of Love in me.

Before Reading the Scriptures.

1 TTATHER of All, in whom alone

X/ We live, and move, and breathe,
One bright celeftial Ray dart down,
And chear thy Sons beneath.

2 While in thy Word we fearch for Thee,

(We fearch with trembling Awe)
Open our Eyes, and let us fee
The Wonders of thy Law.

3 Now let our Darknefs comprehend

The Light that mines fo clear :
Now the Revealing Spirit fend,
And give us Ears to hear.

4 Before us make thy Goodnefs pafs,

Which here by FAITH we know j
Let us in JESUS fee thy Face,
And die to all below.


TEACHER Divine, we afk thy Grace,
Thefe facred Leaves t' unfold:
Here in the Gofpel's cleareft Glafs,

Let us thy Face behold. 2 Shew


2 Shew us thy Sire ; for known to Thee

The Father's Glories are :
The dread Paternal Majefty
1 hou only canft declare.

3 Open the Scriptures now ; reveal

All which for us '1 hou art :
Talk with us, LORD, and let us feel
1 he Kindling in our Heart.

4 In Thee we langnim to be found j

To catch thy Words we bow ;
We Men for the quick'ning Sound
Speak, LORD ; we hear Thee now.


HOLY GHOST, our Hearts injure,
Let us Thine Influence prove ;
Source of the old Prophetick Fire,
Fountain of Life, and Love.

a Come, HOLY GHOST, (for, mov'd by Thee,

Thy Prophets wrote and fpoke :)
Unlock the Truth, Thyfelf the Key,
Unfeal the Sacred Book.

3 Expand thy Wings celeftial Dove,

Brood o'er our Nature's Night ;
On our diforder'd Spirits move,
And let there now be Light.

4 G O D thro' Himfelf we then fliall know,

If Thou within us fhine,
And found, with all thy Saints below,
The Depths of Love Divine.




1 TTORTH in thy Strength, O LORD, I go,
JF Thy Gofpel to proclaim,

Thine only Righteouihefs to fhew,
And glorify thy Name.

2 Ordain'd I am, and fent by Thee,

As by the Father i hou:
And lo ! '1 hou always art with me !
I plead the Promife Now.

3 O give me now to fpeak thy Word

In this appointed Hour ;
Attend it with thy Spiiit, LORD,

And let it come with Power.

4 Open the Hearts of All that hear,

To make their SAVIOUR Room,
Now let them find Redemption near,
Let FAITH by Hearing come.

5 Give them to hear the Word as Thine,

And (while they thus receive)
Prove it the Saving Power Divine,
To Sinners that believe.


GLORY, andPraife, and Love to Thee,
For this effe&ual Door,
JESU ! who publifheft by me
1 he Gofpel to the Poor.



2 Glory to thy great Name alone,

r j hat Life and Power imparts :
Now, LORD, thy genuine Gofpel own,
And graft it on their Hearts.

3 Now let them feel the Tidings true,

Grant ' to thy Word Succefs ;

Water it with thy Heavenly Dew,

And give the wifh'd Increafe.

4 Savour of Life, O let it prove,

And fhew their Sins forgiven ;
Work in them FAITH, which works by Love,
And lurely leads to Heaven.

HYMN to GOD the Santtifier.

HOLY GHOST, all-quickning Fire,
Come, and my hallow'' d Heart infpire,
Sprinkled with the Atoning Blood :
Now to my Soul i hyfelf reveal j
Thy mighty Working let me feel,
And know that I am born of GOD.

2 Thy Witnefs with my Spirit bear,
That GOD, my GOD inhabits there ;

Ihou, with the FATHER and the SON,
Eternal Light's coeval Beam,
Be CHRIST in me, and I in Him,

Till perfect we are made in One.

3 When wilt 'I hou my whole Heart fubdue ?
Come, LORD, and form my Soul anew,

Emptied of Pride, and Self, and Hell ;
Lefs than the leaft of all thy Store
Of Mercies, I myfelf abhor:

All, all my Vilenefs may I feel.

4 Humble,


4 Humble, and teachable, and mild,

may I, as a little Child,

My lowly Matter's Steps purfae :
Be Anger to my Soul unknown ;
Hate, Envy, Jealoufy, be gone !

In Love create 1 hou all Things new.

5 Let Earth no more my Heart divide,
With CHRIST may I be crucflfcd,

To Thee with my whole Soul afpire ;
Dead to the World, and all its Toys,
Its idle Pomp, and fading Joys,

Be Thou alone my One Delire.

6 Be Thou my Joy, be Thou my Dread ;
In Battle cover Thou my Head,

Nor Earth, nor Hell fo mail I fear :
So fhall I turn my fteady Face ;
Want, Pain defy, enjoy Difgrace,

Glory in Diffolution near.

7 My Will be fwallow'd up in Thee :
Light in thy Light ftill may I fee,

Beholding Thee with open Face :
Call'd the full Power of FAITH to prove,
Let all my hallow'd Hean be Love,

And all my finlefs Life be Praife.

Come, HOLY GHOST, all-quickning Fire,
My confecrated Heart infpire,

Sprinkled with the Atoning Blood :
Still to my Soul T hyfelf reveal;

1 hy mighty Working may I feel,

And know thai I am one with GOD I



Written In Sickntfs.

1 T T 7H I L E Sicknefs fhakes the Houfe of Clay,

VV And fap'd by Pain's continued Courfe,
My Nature haftens to decay,

And waits the Fever's friendly Force:

2 Whither mould my glad Soul afpire,

But Heav'nward to my SAVIOUR'S Breaft?
Wafted on Wings of warm Defire,
To gain her Everlafting Reft.

3 O when fhall I no longer call

This Earthly Tabernacle mine ?
When fhall the {hatter' d Manfion fall,
And rife rebuilt by Hands Divine ?

4 Burthen'd beneath this flefhly Load,

Earneftly here for Eafe I groan,

Athirft for Thee, the Living GOD,

And ever ftruggling to be gone.

5 Where Thou, and only Thou art lov'd,

Far from the World's infidious Art,
Beyond the Range of Fiends remov'd,
And fafe from my deceitful Heart ;

6 There let me reft, and fin no more :

Come quickly, LORD, and end the Strife,
Haften my laft, my mortal Hour,
Swallow me up in Endlefs Life.

7 Ah let it not my LORD difpleafe,

That eager thus for Death I fue,
T'ward the high Prize impatient prefs,
And (natch the Crown to Conquefl due.

S 8 Matter


8 Mafter, thy Greatnefs wants not me :

how fhall I thy Caufe defend !
Captain, releafe, and fet me free ;

Here let my ufelefs Warfare end.

9 "Pis not the Pain I feek to fhun,

The deftin'd Crofs, and purging Fire ;
Sin do I fear, and Sin alone,
Thee, only Thee do I defire.

10 For Thee, within myfelf, for Thee

1 groan, and for th' Adoption wait,
When Death fhall fet my Spirit free,

And make my Happinefs compleat.

1 1 No longer then, my LORD, defer,

From Earth and Sin to take me Home ;
Now let my Eyes behold Thee near ;
Come quickly, O my SAVIOUR, come.

Upon parting with his Friends.

EASE, foolifh Heart, thy fond Complaints,

Nor heave with unavailing Sighs,
Equal is G O D to all thy Wants,

The hungry Soul Himfelf fupplies :
Gladly thy every Wifh refign ;
Thou canft not want, if G O D is thine.

Stop this full Current of thy Tears,
Or pour for Sin th'ennobled Flood :

Look up, my Soul, lhake off thy Fears,
Or fear to lofe a gracious GOD.

To Him, thine only Reft, return ;

In vain for Him thou canll not mourn.

3 Stffl


3 Still vex'd and troubled is my Heart ?

Still wails my Soul the Penal Lofs ?
Lingering I groan with all to part,

I groan to bear the grievous Crofs ;
The grievous Crofs I fain would fly,
Or fink beneath its Weight, and die.

4 Sad foothing Thought ! to lofe my Cars,

And filently refign my Breath !
Cut off a Length of wretched Years,

And Heal an unfafpecled Death ;
Now to lay down my weary Head,
And lift it -free among the Dead.!

5 When will the dear Deliv'rance come,

Period of all my Pain and Strife !

that my Soul, which gafps for Home,
Which ftruggles in the Toils of Life^

Eafe, and a Reiling Place could find,
And leave this- World of Woe behind !

6 O that the Bitternefs were paft r

The Pain of Life's long lingering Hour !
While fnatch'd from Paffion's furious Biaft,
And fav'd from Sorrow's baleful Pow'r, ,

1 mock the Storm, out-ride the Wave,
And gain the Harbour of the Grave.

7 Blefs'd, peaceful State ! Where lull'd to Sleep,

The Suff'rer's Woes mall all be o'er !
There plaative Grief no more mall weep,

Remembrance there mall vex no more ;
Nor fond Excefs, nor pining Care,
Nor Lofs, nor Parting mail be there !



1 OHoly, Holy, Holy LORD!

Righteous in all thy Ways art Thou ?
I yield, and tremble at thy Word,

Beneath thy mighty Hand I bow,
I own, while humbled in the Duft,
I own the Punifhment is juft.

2 Joy of my Eyes the Creature was ;

Defired; but O ! defired for Thee !
Why feel I then th'imbitter'd Lofs ?

Late in thy Judgment's Light, I fee
Whom now thy Stroke hath far remov'd,
I lov'd alas ! too dearly lov'd !

3 And can I fee my Comfort gone,

(My All of Comfort here below)
And not allow a parting Groan,

And not permit my Tears to flow ?
Can I forbear to mourn and cry ?
No let me rather weep, and die.

4 Dear, lovely, gracious Souls, to me

Pleafant your Friendlinefs has been ;
So ftrange your Love, from Drofs fo free,

The Fountain in the Stream was feen ;
From Heaven the pure Affection flow'd,
And led, from whom it fprang, to GO D.

5 To Him thro' Earth-born Cares ye pafs,

To Him your loofen'd Souls afpire :
Glory to GOD's victorious Grace !

O could I catch the facred Fire,
Your mining Steps from far purfue,
And love, and weep, and part like you.

6 Partners


6 Partners of all my Griefs and Joys,

Help me to caft on G O D my Care,
To make his Will my only Choice,

Away the dear Right Eye to tear,
The wile Decree with you t'adore,
To truft, fubmit, and grieve no more.

7 O let your Prayers the SAVIOUR move,

In Love my Spirit to renew !
O could I taile the SAVIOUR'S Love,

Gladly I then mould part with you ;
My All triumphantly refign,
And lodge you in the Arms divine.


1 Why mould a finful Man complain,

When mildly chaften'd for his Good ?
Start from the falutary Pain,

And tremble at a Father's Rod ?
Why mould I grieve his Hand t'endure,
Or murmur to accept my Cure ?

2 Beneath th'affliaive Stroke I fall,

And ftruggle to give up my Will ;
Weeping I own 'tis Mercy all ;

Mercy purfues and holds me ftill.
Kindly refafes to depart,
.And ftrongly vindicates my Heart.

3 Humbly I now the Rod revere,

And Mercy in the Judgment find ,
'Tis GOD afflias ; I own Him near;

'Tis He, 'tis He feverely kind,
Watches my Soul with jealous Care,
Difdainful of a Rival there.


4 'Tis hence my ravim'd Friends I mourn,

And Grief weighs down my weary Head,
Far from my bleeding Bofom torn,

The dear-lov'd, dangerous Joys are fled,
Hence my Complaining never ends :
Oh ! I have loft my Friends, my Friends !

5 Long my reluftant Folly held,

Nor gave them to my G O D's Command ;
Hardly at length conftrain'd to yield ;

For oh! the Angel feiz'd my Hand,
Broke off my Grafp, forbad my Stay,
And forc'd my ling'ring Soul away.

6 Yes ; the Divorce at laft is made.

My Soul is crum'd beneath the Blow j
The Judgment falls, fo long delay 'd,

And lays my ftubborn Spirit low,

My Hope expires, my Comfort ends,
Oh ! I have loft my Friends, my Friends I


1 How fliall I lift my guilty Eyes,

Or dare appear before thy Face ?
When deaf to Mercy's loudeft Cries,

I long have wearied out thy Grace,
Withftood thy Power, and crofs'd Thine Art,
Nor heard, My Son, give Me thy Heart?

2 How could I, LORD, hold out fo long,

So long thy ftriving Spirit grieve !
Forgive me the defpiteful Wrong :

Behold, my All for Thee I leave,
The whole, the whole I here reftore,
And fondly keep back Part no more.


3 Lo ! I cut off the dear Right Hand,

Afham'd I fhould fo late obey,
Pluck out mine Eye at thy Command,

And caft the bleeding Orb away - t
Lo, with my Lift Referve I part,
I give, I give Thee All my Heart.

4 My Heart, my Will I here refign,

My Life, my more than Life for Thee :
Take back my Friends, no longer mine ;

Blefs'd be the Love that lent them me :
Blefs'd be the kind revoking Word,
Thy Will be done, thy Name ador'd !

5 Henceforth Thine only Will I chufe,

To CHRIST I die, to CHRIST Hive ;
Had I a Thoufand Lives to lofe,

Had I a Thoufand Friends to give,
All, all I would to Thee reftore,
And grieve that I could give no more.


1 JESU, in whom the weary find

Their late and permanent Repofe ;
Phyfician of the Sin-fick Mind,

Relieve my Wants, affuage my Woes ;
And let my Soul on Thee be caft,
'Till Life's fierce Tyranny be paft.

2 Loos' d from my G O D, and far remov'd,

Long have I wander'd to and fro,
O'er Earth in endlefs Circles rov'd,

Nor found whereon to reft below ;
Back to my GOD at laft I fly,
For O ! the Waters ftill are high.

3 Selfim


3 Selfifh Purfuits, and Nature's Maze,

The Things of Earth for Thee I leave,
Put forth thine Hand, thine Hand of Grace,

Into the Ark of Love receive ;
Take this poor flutt'ring Soul to Reft,
And lodge it, SAVIOUR, in thy Breaft.

4 Fill with inviolable Peace,.

'StabKfh, and keep my fettled Heart;
In Thee may all my Wand 'rings ceafe,

From Thee no more may I depart,
Thy utmoft Goodnefs call'd to prove,
Lov'd with an everlafting Love.


1 T T 7 H E N, gracious LORD, ah tell me when

V V Shall I into myfelf retire *
To Thee difcover all my Pain,

And ihew my troubled Heart's Defire ?

2 I long to pour out all my Soul,

Sorrow, and Sin's juft Weight to feel,

To fmart, till Thou haft made me whole,

To mourn till Thou haft faid, Bejlill.

3 Sick of Defire for Thee I cry,

And, weary of forbearing, groan :
Horror, and Sin are ever nigh,

My Comfort, and my GOD are gone.

4 Trembling in dread Sufpence I ftand ;

Sinking, and falling into Sin,
Till Thou reach out thy mighty Hand,
And fnatch me from this Hell within.

5 Fain


5 Fain would I rife, and get me hence,

From every fond Engagement free,
Pleafure, and Praife, and Self, and Senfe,
And all that holds me back from Thee.

6 O that the mild and peaceful Dove,

Would lend his Wings to aid my Flight T
Soon would I then far off remove,
And hide me from this hateful Light

7 Where none but the All-feeing Eye

Could mark, or interrupt my Grief,
No human Comforter be nigh,
To torture me with vain Relief.

8 Far in fome lonely defert Place,

For ever, ever would I fit,
Languifh to fee the SAVIOUR'S Face,
And perifh, weeping at his Feet.

9 O what is Life without my GOD!

A Burthen more than I can bear :
I ftruggle to throw off the Load,
Me from myfelf I ftrive to tear.

10 I ever gafp in CHRIST to live :

O that to me the Grace be given !
Had I thy Heaven and Earth to give,

I'd buy Thee with thy Earth and Heaven


1 1 If Sufferings could thy Love obtain,

I'd fuffer all Things for thy Love :
Send me to Hell, I'd there remain :
But let me there thy Favour prove.

1 2 Let me thy righteous Doom applaud,

Thine everlafting Truth declare,
And vindicate the Ways of GOD,
And glorify thy Juilice there.

13 Let


1 3 Let me I know not how to pray ;

My Anguifh cannot be expreft :

JE su, Thou feeft what I would fay ;

O let thy Bowels fpeak the reft!

ROMANS vii. 24,, 2 5.

AT HER of Mercies, GOD of Love,

Whofe Bowels of Compaflion move
To iinful Worms ; whofe Arms embrace,
And ftrain to hold a ftruggling Race !

2 With me ftill let thy Spirit ftrive,
Have Patience, till my Heart I give ;
Affift me to obey thy Call,

And give me Power to pay Thee all.

3 If now my Nature's Weight I feel,
And groan to render up my Will,
Not long the kind Relentings ftay-,
The Morning Vapour fleets away.

4 A Monfter to myfelf I am,
Afham'd to feel no deeper Shame ;
Pain'd that my Pain fo foon is o'er,
And griev'd, that I can grieve no more.

5 O who mall fave the Man of Sin ?
O when mall end this War within ?
How mail my Captive Soul break thro ?"
Who mall attempt my Refcue ? Who ?

6 A Wretch from Sin and Death fet free ? -
Anfwer, O anfwer, CHRIST, for me,
The Grace of an accepting GOD,
The Virtue of a SAVIOUR'S Blood.


Who jhall deliver me from the Body
of this Death?

1 'TPHOU Son of GOD, Thou Son of Man,

A Whofe Eyes are as a Flame of Fire,
With kind Concern regard my Pain,
And mark my lab'ring Heart's Defire !


2 Its inmoft Folds are known to Thee,

Its fecret Plague I need not tell :
Nor can I hide, nor can I flee
The Sin I ever groan to feel.

3 My Soul it eafily befets,

About my Bed, about my Way,
My Soul at every Turn it meets,
And half perfuades me to obey.

4. Nothing -I am, and nothing have,

Nothing my Helplefsnefs can do ;
But Thou art Good, and ftrong to fave,
And all that feek may find Thee true.

5 How mail I aflc, and afk aright ?

My Lips refufe my Heart t'obey :
But all my Wants are in thy Sight ;

My Wants, my Fears, my Sorrows pray.

6 I want thy Love, I fear thy Frown,

My own foul Sin I grieve to fee :
T'efcape its Force would Now fink down,
And die, if Death could fet me free.

7 Yet O I cannot burft my Chain,

Or fly the Body of this Death :
Irrunur'd in Flefh I ftill remain,
And gafp a purer Air to breathe.

8 I


8 I groan to break my Prifon-Walls,

And quit the Tenement of Clay ;
Nor yet the fhatter'd Manfion falls,
Nor yet my Soul efcapes away.

9 Ah LORD ! wouldft Thou within me live,

No longer then fhould I complain,
Nor fighing wi(h, nor weeping grieve

For CHRIST my Life, or Death my Gain.

10 From Grief and Sin I then mould, ceafe ;

My loofen'd Tongue fhould then declare
Comfort, and Love, and Joy, and Peaee,
Fill all the Soul when CHRIST is there !

My Scul gafpeth for T^hee as a
thirfty Land.

i T ORD, how long, how long mall I
\ j Lift my weary Eyes in Pain ?
Seek, but never find Thee nigh,
Aflt thy Love, but aflc in vain,
Crum'd beneath my Nature's Load,
Darkly feeling after GOD!

z O difclofe thy lovely Face,

Quicken all my drooping Powers !

Gafps my fainting Soul for Grace,
As a thirfty Land for Showers :

Hafte, my LORD, no longer ftay,

Come, my JESUS, come away!

3 Well Thou know'ft I cannot reft,

'Till I fully reft in Thee,
'Till I am of Thee pofTeft,

'Till from Sin and Self fet free,
All the Life of FA ITH I prove,
All the Joy and Heaven of Love.

4 But


4 But my fad inconftant State,

Give me, LORD, this Root within :
Trembling for thy Love I wait,

Still relapfmg into Sin,
palling, 'till thy Love I feel,
Ever finking into Hell.

5 With me O continue, LORD,

Keep me, or from Thee I fly :
Strength and Comfort from thy Word

Imperceptibly fupply ;
Hold me 'till I apprehend,
Make me Faithful to the End.

Longing after CHRIST.

1 TES U, the Strength of all that faint,

J When wilt Thou hear my fad Complaint ?
JESU, the weary Wanderer's Reft,
When wilt Thou take me to thy Breaft ?

2 My Spirit mourns, by Thee forgot,

And droops my Heart, where Thou art not :

My Soul is all an aching Void,

And pines, and thirlls, and gafps for GOD.

5 The Pain of Abfence ftill I prove,
Sick of Defire, but not of Love ;
Weary of Life I ever groan,
I long to lay the Burthen down.

4 'Tis Burthen all, and Pain, and Strife :
O give me Love, and take my Life !
JESU, my only Want fupply,
O let me tafte thy Love, and die !



I N K I N G underneath my Load,

Darkly feeling after Thee,
Let me afk, my GOD, my GOD,

Why haft Thou foifaken me!
Why, O why am I forgot !
LORD, I feek, but find Thee. not.

z Still I afk, nor yet receive,

Knock at the unqpen'd Door;
Still I ftruggle to believe,

Hope, tho' urg'd to hope no more,
Bearing what I cannot bear,
Yielding, fighting with Delpair.

- Hear in Mercy my Complaint,

Hear, and haften to my Aid,
Help, or utterly I faint,

Fails the Spirk Thou haft made ;
Save me, or my Foe prevails,
Save me, or thy PromHe fails.

4 Struggling in the Fowler's Snare,

Lo ! I ever look to Thee :
Tempted more than I can bear

No, my Sonl, it cannot be ;
True and faithful is the Word,
Sure the Coming of thy LORD.

- Come then, O my SAVIOUR, come,

G O D of Truth no longer ftay,
GOD of Love, difpel the Gloom,

Point me out the promis'd Way,
Let me from the Trial fly,
Sink into thine Arms, and die !

6 Waft


6 Waft me to that happy Shore,

Port of Eafe, and End of Care ;

All thy Storms mall there be o'er,
Sin lhall never reach me there,

Surely of my GOD poffeft,

Safe in my Redeemer's Breaft!

MATTHEW v. 3, 4, 6.

1 YES U, if ftill the fame Thou art,
J If all thy Promiies are fure> .
Set up thy Kingdom in my Heart,

And make me rich, for I am poor :
To me be all thy Treafures given,
The Kingdom of an Inward Heaven.

2 Thou haft pronounc'd the Mourner bleft i

And lo ! for Thee I ever mourn :
I cannot ; no, I will not reft,

'Till Thou my only Reft return,
'Till Thou, the Prince of Peace, appear.
And I receive the Comforter. .

3 Where is the Bleflednefs beftow'd

On all that hunger after Thee ?
I hunger now, I thirft for G O D ! -

See, the poor, fainting Sinner, fee,
And fatisfy with endlefs Peace,
And fill me with thy Righteoulhefs.

4 Ah LORD! if Thoa art in that Sigh,

Then hear Thyfelf within me pray ;
Hear in my Heart thy Spirit's Cry,

Mark what my lab ring Soul 'would fay ?
Anfwer the deep, unutter'd Groan,
And (hew that Thou and I are One.

T 2 5 Shine-


5 Shine on thy Work, difperfe the Gloom,

Light in thy Light I then {hall fee :
Say to my Soul, " Thy Light is come,

" Glory Divine is ris'n on thee,
" Thy Warfare's paft, thy Mourning's o'er :
" Look up, for thou lhalt weep no more."

6 LORD, I believe the Promife fure,

And truft Thou wilt not long delay ;
Hungry, and forrowful, and poor,

Upon thy Word myfelf I fray j
Into thine Hands my All refign,
And wait 'till All Thou art is mine ?


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