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Thy Death from Hell hath fet me free,
And I am damn'd no more.

2 In Thee I fure Redemption have,

The Pardon of my Sin ;
Thy Blood I find mighty to fave ;
Thy Blood hath made me clean.

3 I feel the Power of JESU'S Name,

It breaks the Captive's Chain ;
And Men oppofe, and Fiends exclaim,
And Sin fubn'fts in vain.

4 Redeemed from Sin, its Guilt and Power

My Soul in Faith defies :
But O ! I wait the welcome Hour,
When this frail Body dies.

c Come


5 Come Thou, my dear Redeemer, come,

Let me my Life refign,
O take thy Ranfom'd Servant home,
And make me wholly Thine.

6 Fully redecm'd I fain would rife

In Soul and Body free,
And mount to meet Thee in the Skies,
And ever reign with Thee.

It is very meet, right, and our boun-
den . Duty, that ive fhould at all
ffitnes, and in all Places, give
thanks unto hee, O LORD, Holy
Father, Almighty, Ev

j T% JT E E T and right it is to fing
J[VJL Glory to our GOD and King-,
Meet in every Time, and Place,
Right to fhew forth all thy Praife.

2 Sing we now in Duty bound,
Eccho the triumphant Sound,
Publifh it thro' Earth abroad,
Praife the Everlafting GOD.

Praifes here to Thee we give,
Here our open Thanks receive, .
Holy Father, fovereign LORD,.
Always, every where ador'd.

4 Sons of Belial, hear the Cry,
Loud as ye our GOD defy ;
You can ihout in Satan 1 :, Name,
Shall not We our GOD proclaim ?
W 3


5 You can brave th' Eternal Laws,
Zealous in your Matter's Caufe j
JESU, fhall Thy Servants be
Lefs refolv'd and bold for Thee ?

6 No, tho' Men and Fiends exclaim,
Sing we ftill in JESU'S Name ;
JESUS will we ever blefs,

Thee before thy Foes confefs.

7 Silent have we been too long,
Aw'd by Earth's rebellious Throng.;
Shou'd we ftill to fing deny,

LORD, the very Stones wou'd cry !



'OUNTAIN of Deity,
Father, all hail to Thee !
Ever equally ador'd,

Hail the Spirit, and the Son,
Holy, holy, holy LORD,

One in Three, and Three in One.


SING we to our GOD above
Praife, Eternal as His Love :
Praife Him, all ye Heavenly Hofl,



1 AT HER live, by all Things fear'd ;
Live the Son, alike rever'dj



Equally be Thou ador'd,

Three in Perfon, One in Power,
Thee we worfhip evermore :
Praife by All to Thee be given,
Endlefs Theme of Earth and Heaven.


RAISE be to the Father given ;

CHRIST He gave Us to iave.
Now the Heirs of Heaven.

2 Pay we equal Adoration

To the Son : He alone
Wrought out our Salvation.

3 Glory to th' Eternal Spirit !

Us He feals, CHRIST reveals,
And applies His Merit.

4 Worfhip, Honour, Thanks and Bleffing,.

One and Three, Give we Thee,
Never, never ceafing.


GOD, who reigns enthron'd on high,
\^ To his dear Son, who deign'd to die
Our Guilt and Mifery to remove,
To that bleft Spi'rit who Life imparts,
Who rules in all Believing Hearts,
Be endlefs Glory, Praiie, and Love.




1 T ET Heaven and Earth agree

1 j The Father's Praife to fing,
Who draws us to the Son, that He
May us to Glory bring.

2 Honour and endlefs Love,
Let GOD the Son receive,

Who faves us here, and prays above,
That we with Him may live.

3 Be everlafting Praife.

To GOD the Spirit given,
Who now attefts us Sons of Grace,
And feals us Heirs o.f Heaven.

4. Drawn, and redeemed, and feal'd,

We'll fing the One and Three,
With Father, Son, and Spirit fill'd
To all Eternity.


1 "|>ATHER of Mankind, Be ever ador'dr

_/ Thy Mercy we find, In fending our LORD
To ranfom and blefs us : Thy Goodnefs we praife,
For fending in JESUS Salvation by Grace ,^

2 O Son of his Love, Who deignedfl to die,
Our Carfe to remove, Our Pardon to buy ;
Accept our Thankfgiving, Almighty to fave>
Who openeft Heaven, To All that believe.

j O Spirit of Love, Of Health, and of Power,
Thy Working we prove, Thy Grace we adore ;




Whofe inward Revealing Applies our LORD'S
Attefting, and fealing Us Children of G O D.

or the Kingfwood Colliers,.

L O R Y to GOD, whofe fovereign Grace

Hath animated fenfelefs Stones,
Call'd us to ftand before his Face,
And rais'd us into Abraham's Sons.

2 The People that in Darknefs lay,

In Sin and Error's deadly Shade,.
Have feen a glorious Gofpel Day,
In JESU'S lovely Face difplay'd.

5 Thou only, LORD, the Work haft done,.
And bar'd Thine Arm in all our Sight,.
Haft made the Reprobates thine own,
Andclaim'd the Outcafts as thy Right.

4 Thy Single Arm, Almighty LORD,

To us the great Salvation brought,
Thy Word, thine All-creating Word,

That fpake at firft the World from Nought.

5 For this the Saints lift up their Voice,

And ceafelefs praife to Thee is given,
For this the Hofts above rejoyce :
We raife the Happinefs of Heaven.

6 For this, no longer Sons of Night,

To Thee our Thanks and Hearts we give t
To Thee who call'd us into Light,
To Thee we die, to Thee we live.

7 Suffice,


7 Suffice, that for the Seafon paft,

Hell's horrid Language fill'd our Tongues,
We all thy Words behind us caft,

And lewdly fang the Drunkard's Songs.

8 But O the Power of Grace Divine f

" In Hyms we now our Voices raife,
Loudly in ftrange Hofannahs join,
And Blafphemies are turn'd to Praife !

9 Praife GOD, from whom all Bleffings flow,
Praife Him all Creatures here below,
Praife Him above, ye Heavenly Hoft,

70 be fung while at Work.

1 f~~* IVE we to the LORD above

V_T Bleffing, Honour, Praife, and Love,
To the G O D that loos'd our Tongue
Sing we an unwonted Song.

2 He to us hath come unfought,

Us hath out of Darknefs brought, ,
Darknefs fuch as Devils feel,
Iffuing from the Pit of Hell.

3 Had He not in Mercy fpar'd,
Hell had been our fure Reward ; .
There we had receiv'd our Hire, ,
Few el of Eternal Fire.

4 But we now extol his Name,
Pluck'd as Firebrands from the Flame, ,
Proofs of his unbounded Grace,
Monuments of endlefs Praife.

5 We


5 We are now in JESUS found,
With his Praife let Earth refound,
Tell it out thro' all her Caves,
JESU'S Name the Sinner faves !

6 With his Blood He us hath bought,
His we Are, who once were not ;
Far, as Hell from Heaven, remov'd,
He hath call'd us His Belov'd.

7 Sing we then with one accord
Praifes to our loving LORD,
Who the Stone to Flefh converts,
Let us give Him all our Hearts.

8 Harder were they than the Rock,
Till they felt his Mercy's Stroke,
Gufhing Streams did then arife
From the Fountains of our Eyes.

9 Never let them ceafe to flow,
Since we now our JESUS know,
Let us, 'till we meet above,

Sing, and pray, and weep, and love.


E A v E N t Y Father, Sovereign LORD,
Ever faithful to thy Word,
Humbly we our Seal fet to,
Teftify that Thou art True.

2 Lo ! for us the Wilds are glad,
All in chearful Green array 'd,
Opening Sweets they all difclofe ;
Bud, and bloflbm as the Rofe.

i Hark!


3 Hark f the Waftes have found a Voice,
Lonely Dafarts now rejoice,
Gladfom Hallelujahs fmg,

All around with Praifes ring.

4 Lo, abundantly they bloom,
Lebanon is hither come,

Carmefs Stores the Heavens drlpenfe,
Sharon's fertile Excellence.

5 See thefe barren Souls of ours

Bloom, and put forth Fruits and Flowers*
Flowers of Eden, Fruits of Grace,
Peace, and Joy, and Righteoufnefs,

6 We behold (the Abjeds We)
CHRIST th' Incarnate Deity,
CHRIST in whom thy Glories mine,
Excellence of Strength Divine.

7 Ye that tremble at his Frown,

He fhall lift your Hands cafl down ;
CHRIST who all your Weaknefs fees,
He fhall prop your feeble Knees.

8 Ye of fearful Hearts be ftrong,
JESUS will not tarry long ;

Fear not, left his Truth fhould fail,
JESUS is unchangeable.

9 GOD, your GOD fhall furely come,
Quell your Foes, and feal their Doom,
He mall come, and fave you too :
We, O LORD, have found Thee true.

I o Blind we were, but now we fee :
Deaf; we hearken now to Thee :
Dumb ; for Thee our Tongues employ :
Lame ; and lo, we leap for Joy !

ii Fakit


1 1 Faint we were, and parch'd with Drought,
Water at thy Word guth'd out,

Streams of Grace our Thirft refrefh,
Starting from the Wildernefs.

1 2 Still we gafp thy Grace to know ;
Here for ever let it flow,

Make the thirfty Land a Pool,
Fix the Spirit in our Soul.

1 3 Where the ancient Dragon lay,
Open for Thyfelf a Way,
7'here let holy Tempers rife,
All the Fruits of Paradife.

14 Lead us in the Way of Peace,
In the Path of Righteoufnefs,
Never by the Sinner trod,

Till he fcels thy cleanfmg Blood.

1 5 There the Simple cannot ftray,
Babes, tho' blind, may find the Way,
Find, nor ever thence depart,

Safe in Lowlinefs of Heart.

1 6 Far from Fear, from Danger far,
No devouring Beaft is there ;
There the Humble walk fecure,
GOD hath made their Footfleps fare.

17 JESV, mighty to redeem,

Let our Lot be caft with Them,
Far from Earh our Souls remove,
Ranfom'd by thy dying Love.

18 Leave us not below to mourn,
Fain we would to Thee return,
Crown'd with Righteoufnefs arife,
Far above thefe nether Skies.

X 19 Come,


19 Come, and all our Sorrows chace,
Wipe the Tears from every Face,
Gladnefs let us now obtain,
Partners of thine endlefs Reign.

20 Death the lateft Foe deftroy ;
Sorrow then {hall yeid to Joy,
Gloomy Grief mail flee away ;
Swallow' d up in endlefs Day.


1 \ H ! my dear Mailer ! Can it be
Ji\, That I mould lofe by ferving Thee ?
In feeking Souls mould lofe my own,

And others fave, my felf undone ?

2 Yet am I loft (fhould'ft Thou depart) .
Betray 'd by this Deceitful Heart,
Deftroy'd, if Thou my Labour blefs,
And ruin'd by my own Succefs.

3 Hide me ! if Thou refufe to hide,
I fall a Sacrifice to Pride :

I cannot fhun the Fowler's Snare,
The Fiery Teft I cannot bear.

4 Helplefs to Thee for Aid I cry,
Unable to refift, or fly :

I muft not, LORD, the Taflc decline,
For All I have, and Am is Thine.

5 And well Thou know'ft I did not feek,
Uncall'd of GOD, for GOD to fpeak,
The dreadful Charge I fought to flee,

" Send whom Thou wilt, but fend not me."

6 Long


6 Long did my Coward Flefh delay,
And ftill I tremble to obey,

Thy Will be done, I faintly cry,
But rather fuffer me to die.

7 Ah ! refcue me from Earth and Sin,
Fightings without, and Fears within,
More, more than Hell myfelf I dread,
Ah ! cover my defenceless Head !

8 Surely Thou wilt. Thou canft not fend,
And not my helplefs Soul defend,

Call me to ftand in Danger's Hour,
And not fupport me with thy Power

9 LORD, I believe the Promife true,
Behold, I always am with you ;
Always if Thou with me remain,
Hell, Earth, and Sin mall rage in vain.

10 Give me thine All-fufficient Grace
Then hurl your Fiery Darts of Praife,
JESUS and me you ne'er mall part,
For GOD is greater than my Heart.

Atfetting out to preach the Go/pel.

1 A NG EL of GOD, whate'er betide,
,/~\. Thy Summons I obey ;
J.ESUS, I take Thee for my Guide,

And walk in Thee my Way.

2 Secure from Danger and from Dread,

Nor Earth nor Hell fhall move,
Since over me thine Hand hath fpread
The Banner of thy Love.

X z 3 To


3 To leave my Captain I difdain,

Behind I will not tfay,

Tho' Shame, and Lofs, and Bonds, and Pain,
And Death obftruct the Way.

4 Me to thy Suffering Self conform,

And arm me with thy Power,
Then burft the Cloud, deicend the Storm,
And come the Fiery Hour !

5 Then (hall I bear thine utmoft Will,

When iirfl the Strength is given

Come, fooliih World, my Body kill,
And drive my Soul to Heaven !

ACTS iv. 24,

LMIGHTY, Univerfal LORD,

Maker of Heaven and Earth art Thou,
All Things fprarg forth t'obey thy Word,
Thy powerful Word upholds them now.

2 Why then with unavailing Rage

Did Heathens with thy People joyn,
And impotently fierce engage
To execute their vain Defign ?

3 Indignant Kings flood up t 1 oppofe

The LORD, and his Meffiah's Reign,
And Earth's confed'rate Rulers rofe
Againil their GOD in Council vain.

4 Surely againft thy Holy Son,

(Son of thy Love, and fent by Thee,
One with th' Anoiting Spirit, One
With thy Coequal Majefty)

5 Herod


J Herod and Pilate- both combiiVd

Thy fovereign Purpofe to fulfill ;
Gentiles and jFenvs unconfcious joyn'd
T' accomplifh thine Eternal Will.

6 And now their idle Fury view,

And now behold their Threatnings, LORD
Behold thy faithful Servants too,

And ftrer.gthen us to fpeak thy Word.

7 Embolden by thine out-ftretch'd Arm,

Fill us with Confidence Divine,
With Heavenly Zeal our Bofoms warm.,
That all may own, the Work is Thine ;

3 May fee the Tokens of thine Hand,

Its Sovereign Grace, its Healing Power,
No more their Happinefs withftand,
And fight againft their GOD no more.

<9 Now let their Oppofition ceafe,

Now let them catch the quick'ning Flame,
And forc'd to yield, the Signs increafe,
The Wonders wrought by JESTJ'S Name.

To befung in a Tumult.

ARTH rejoyce, the LORD is Kingi

Sons of Men, his Praifes fmg ;
Sing ye in triumphant Strains,
JESUS our Meffiah reigns !

Power is all to JESUS given,
LORD of Hell, and Earth and Heaven }
Every Knee to Him mail bow :
Satan hear, and tremble Now !

X 3 2 Roar-


3 Roaring Lion, own his Power :
Us Thou never canft devour,
Pluck'd we are out of thy Teeth,
Sav'dby CHRIST from Hell and Death.

4 Tho' Thou bruife in us his Heel,
Sorer Vengeance (halt Thou feel :
CHRIST, the Woman's conqu'ring Seed,
CHRIST in us fhall bruife thy Head.

5 Tho' the Floods lift up their Voice,
Calm we hear thy Children's Noife :
Horribly they rage in vain ;

GOD is mightier than Man.

6 JESUS Greater we proclaim,
Him in us, than Thee in Them :
Thee their God He overpowers ;
Thou art Theirs, and CHRIST is Ours.

7 Strong in CHRIST we thee defy,
Dare thee all thy Force to try,
Work in Them, the Slaves of Sin,
Stir up all thy Hell within :

8 All thy Hofts to Battle bring
Shouts in us a ftronger King,
Lifts our Hearts and Voices high
Hark, the Morning-Stars reply f

9 Angels and Archangels join,
All triumphantly combine,
All in JESU'S Praife agree,

- Carrying on His Viftory.

10 Tho' the Sons of Night blafpheme,
More there are with Us than Them,
GOD with us, we cannot fear :
Fear, "ye Fiends, for CHRIST is here!

1 1 Lof


11 Lo! to Faith's inlightned Sight

All the mountain flames with Light !
Hell is nigh, but GOD is nigher,
Circling us with Hofts of" Fire.

12 Our Meffias is come down,
Points us to the Victor's Crown,
Bids us take our Seats above,
More than Conqu'rors in His Love.

1 3 Yes ; the Future Work is done,
CHRIST the SAVIOUR reigns alone,
Forces Satan to fubmit,

Bruifes him beneath our Feet.

14 We the evil Angels Doom
Antedate the Joys to come, '
See the dear Redeemer's Face,
Sav'd, already fav'd by Grace ?

Little Children, love one another.

I V E R of Concord, Prince of Peace,

Meek, Lamb-like Son of GOD,
Bid our unruly Paflions ceafe,
Extinguifh'd with thy Blood.

Rebuke the Seas, the Tempeft chide,

Our ftubborn Wills controul,
Beat down our Wrath, root out our Pride,

And calm our troubled Soul.


Subdue in us the Carnal Mind,

Its Enmity deftroy,
With Cords of Love th'old Adam bind,

And melt him into Joy.

4 Us


4 Us into clofeft Union draw,

And in our inward Parts
Let Kindnefb fweetly write her Law,
Let Love command our Hearts.

5 O let Thy Love our Hearts conftrain !

JESUS the Crucified,
What haft thou done our Hearts to gain,
Languish 'd, and groan' d, and died !

6 Who would not now purfue the Way

Where JESU'S Footileps {nine ?
Who would not own the pleafing Sway
Of Charity Divine ?

7 SAVIOUR, look down with pitying Eyes,

Our jarring Wills contro.ul ;
Let cordial, kind Affections rife,
And harmonize the Soul.

8 Thee let us feel benignly near,

With all thy quick' ning Powers,
The founding of thy Bowels hear,
And anfwer Thee with Ours.

9 O let us find the ancient Way

Our wond'ring Foes to move,
And force the Heathen World to fay,
** See how thefe Chriftians love 1 "

For the Anntverjary Day of One's

f^ L O R Y to GOD, and Praife, and Love
V_T Ee ever, ever given ;
.By Saints below, and Saints above.
The Church in Earth and Heaven.

2 On


2 On this glad Day the glorious Sun

Of Righteoufne& arofe,
On my benighted Soul he fhone,
And fill'd it with Repofe.

3 Sudden expir'd the Legal Strife,

'Twas then I ceas'd to grieve,
My Second, Real, Living Life
I then began to live.

4 Then with my Heart I Firft believ'd,

Believ'd with Faith Divine,
Power with the Holy Ghoft receiv'd
To call the SAVIOUR Mine.

5 I felt my LORD'S Atoning Blood

Clofe to my Soul applied ;

Me, me\vt lov'd the Son of GOD

For me, for me He died !

6 I found, and own'd his Promife true,

Afcertain'd of my Part,
My Pardon pafs'd in Heaven I knew,
When written on my Heart.

7 O for a thoufand Tongues to fing

My dear Redeemer's Praife !
The Glories of my GOD and King,
The Triumphs of his Grace.

8 My gracious Matter, and my GOD,

Affift me to proclaim,
To fpread thro' all the Earth abroad
The Honours of Thy Name.

9 JESUS the Name that charms our Fears,

That bids our Sorrows ceafe ;
'Tis Mufick in the Sinner's Ears,
'Tis Life, and Health, and Peace !

10 He


i o He breaks the Power of cancelled Sin,

He fets the Prifoner free :
His Blood can make the Fouleft clean ;
His Blood avail'd for me.

1 1 He fpeaks ; and liftening to his Voice,

New Life the Dead receive,
The mournful, broken Hearts rejoyce,
The humble Poor baleive.

1 2 Hear Him ye Deaf, HisPraife ye Dumb,

Your loofen'd Tongues employ,
Ye Blind, behold your Saviour come,
And leap, ye Lame, for Joy.

1 3 Look unto Him, ye Nations, own

Your GOD, ye fallen Race !
Look and be fav'd, thro' Faith alone ;
Be juftified by Grace !

14 See all your Sins on JESUS laid ;

The Lamb of GOD was flain,
His Soul was once an Offering made
For every Soul of Man.

15 Harlots, and Publicans, and Thieves

In holy Triumph joyn !
Sav'd is the Sinner that believes
From Crimes as great as Mine.

1 6 Murtherers, and all ye helliih Crew,

Y.e Sons of Luft and Pride,
Believe the SAVIOUR died for you;
For me the SAVIOUR died.

1 7 Awake from guilty Nature's Sleep,

And CHRIST fhall give you Light,
Caft all your Sins into the Deep,
And walh the Etbiop white.

1 8 With


1 8 With me, your Chief, you then fhall knanu t

Shall feel your Sins forgiven ;
Anticipate your Heaven below,
And own that 'Love is Heaven.

I JOH N ii. 3,


AT HER, if I have finn'd, with Thee

An Advocate I have :
JESUS the Jufl {hall plead for me,
The Sinner CHRIST lhall fave.

2 Pardon and Peace in Him I find ;

But not for me alone
The Lamb was flain ; for all Mankind
His Blood did once atone.

3 My Soul is on thy Promife caft,

And lo ! I claim my Part :
The Univerfal Pardon's paft ;
O feal it on my Heart.

4 Thou canft not now thy Grace deny ;

Thou canft not but forgive :
LORD, if thy Juftice asks me why
In JESUS I believe !

To befung at Meals.

O M E let us lengthen out the Feait,

To Thankfulnefs improve,
GOD in his Gifts delight to tafte,
And pay them back in Love,



z His Providence fupplies our Needs,
And Life and Strength imparts j
His open Hand our Bodies feeds,
And fills with Joy our Hearts.

But will He not our Souls fubftain,

And nourifh with His Grace ?
Yes : for Thou wilt not fay, in vain
My People feek my Face.

4 See then we take Thee at thy Word,

With Confidence draw nigh,
We claim, and of thy Spirit, LORD,
Expecl: a frefh Supply.

5 The Sinner, when he comes to Thee,

His fond Purfuit gives o'er,
From Nature's fickly Cravings free,
He pines for Earth no more.

6 LORD, we believe ; and tafte Thee Good,

Thee All-fufficient own,
And hunger after Heavenly Food,
And thirft for GOD Alone.

Before a Journey.

1 T? O R T H at thy Call, O LORD, I go,
J7 Thy Counfel to fulfill :

'Tis all my Bufinefs here below,
Father, to do thy Will.

2 To do thy Will, while here I make

My fliort, unfixt Abode,

An everlafting Home I feek,

A City built by GOD.


3 O when fliall I my Canaan gain,

The Land of Promis'd Eafe,
And leave this World of Sin and Pain,
This howling Wildernefs !

4 Come to my Help, come quickly, LORD,

For whom alone I figh,
O let me hear the gracious Word,
And get me up, and die.


1 A N G E L S attend ('tis GOD command^)
J~\, And make me Now your Care :
Hover around, and in your Hands

My Soul fecurely bear.

2 With outftretchM Wings my Temples fliade ;

To you the Charge is given :
Are ye not all fent forth to aid
Th' Anointed Heirs of Heaven r

3 Servants of GOD, both yours and mine,

Your Fellow-Servant guard :
Sweet is the Talk, if He enjoin,
His Service your Reward.

4 Then let us join our GOD to blefs,

Our Matter's Praife to fing,
The LORD of Hofb, the Prince of Peace,
Our Father, and our King.

5 At Him my mounting Spirit aims,

My kindling Thoughts afpire,
(Aflift, ye minitterial Flames,
And raife my Raptures higher !)

Y 6 Upward


6 Upward on Wings of Love I fly,

Where all his Glories blaze,

Like you-behold with Eagle's Eye

My Heavenly Father's Face.

On a 'Journey.

A V I O U R, who ready art to hear,

(Readier than I to pray)
Anfwer my fcarcely utter 'd Prayer,
And meet me on the Way.

2 Talk with me, LORD : Thyfelf reveal,

While here o'er Earth I rove ;
Speak to my Heart, and let it feel
The kindling of thy Love :

3 With Thee converting I forget

All Time, and Toil, and Care :
Labour is Reft, and Pain is Sweet,
If Thou, my GOD, art here.

4 Here then, my GOD, vouchfafe to flay,

And make my Heart rejoyce ;
My bounding Heart mall own thy Sway,
And eccho to thy Voice.

5 Thou calleft me to feek thy Face

'Tis all I wifh to feek,
T' attend the Whifpers of thy Grace,
And hear Thee inly {peak.

6 Let this my every Hour employ,

Till I thy Glory fee,
Enter into my Mailer's Joy,
And find my Heaven in Thee.


After a Journey.

1 '"I S HOU, LORD, haft bleft my going out,

JL O blefs my coming in,
Gompafs my Weaknefs round about,
And keep me fafe from Sin,.

2 Still hide me in thy fecret Place,

Thy Tabernacle fpread,
Shelter me with preferving Grace,
And guard my naked Head.

3 To Thee for Refuge may I run,

From Sin's alluring Snare,

Ready its firft Approach to fhun,

And watching unto Prayer.

4. O that I never, never more

Might from thy Ways depart !
Here let me give my Wand'rings o'er,
By giving Thee my Heart.

5; Fix my New Heart on Things above,.

And then from Earth releafe :
I. ask not Life ; bat let me love ?
And lay me down in Peace.

At lying down.

I. T T O W do thy Mercies clofe me round
J_ J[ For ever be thy Name ador'd !
1 blufh in all Things to abound ;
The Servant is above his LORD*

2 Enur'd to Poverty and Pain,

A Suffering Life my Mafter led,
The Son of GOD, the Son of Man,

He had not where to lay his Head. 3 But


3 But !o ! a Place He hath prepared

For me, whom watchful Angels keep,
Kay, He Himfelf becomes my Guard,
He fmooths my Bed, and gives me Sleep.

4 JESUS protects ; my Fears be gone I

What can the Rock of Ages move ?
Safe in thine Arms I lay me down,
Thine everlafting Arms of Love F

5 While Thou art Intimately nigh,

Who, who mall violate my Reft ?
Sin, Earth, and Hell I now defy,
I lean upon my Saviour's Breaft.

6 I reft beneath th' Almighty's Shade ;

My Griefs expire, my Troubles ceafe ;
Thou, LORD, on whom my Soul is ftaid,
Wilt keep me ftill in perfedt Peace.

7 Me for Thine own Thou lov'ft to take,

In Time and in Eternity ;
Thou never, never wilt forfake

An helplefs Worm thar trufts in Thee.

8 Wherefore in Confidence I clofe

My Eyes, for Thine are open ftill j
My Spirit lull'd in calm Repofe,
Waits for the Counfels of thy Will.

9 After thy Likenefs let me rife,

If here Thou will 'ft my longer Stay,
Or clofe in mortal Sleep mine Eyes,
To open them in endlefs Day.

jo Still let me run, or end my Race ;

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