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I cannot chufe, I all refign ;
Contract or lengthen out my Days ;

Come Life, come Death; for CHRIST is mine.



Groaning for the Spirit of Adoption.


A T H ER , if Thou my Father art,
Send forth the Spirit of thy Son,
Breath Him into my panting Heart,

And make me know, as I am known -
Make me thy confcious Child, that I
May Father, Abba, Father cry.

2 I want the Sp'rit of Power within,

Of Lore, and of an Healthful Mindj-
Of Power, to conquer inbred Sin,

Of Love to Thee, and all Mankind,
Of Health, that Pain and Death defies,
Moft vig'rous, when the Body dies.

3 When fiiall I hear the inward Voice,

Which only Faithful Souls can hear !
Pardon, and Peace, and Heavenly Joys

Attend the Promis'd Comforter :
He comes ! and Righteoufnefs Divine,
And CHRIST, and All with CHRIST is mine !

4 O that the Comforter would come,

Nor vifit, as a tranfient Gueft,
But fix in me his Conftant Home,

And take Pofeffion of my Brealt,
And make my Soul his lov'd Abode,
The Temple of indwelling GO.D.

r Come, Holy Ghoft, my Heart infpire,

Atteft that I am born again !
Come, and baptize me now with Fire,

Or all thy former Gifts are vain :
I cannot reft in Sins Forgiven ;
Where is the Earneft of &y Heaven ?

Y 3 6 Where


6 Where thy Indubitable Seal

That ascertains the Kingdom mine,
The Powerful Stamp I long to feel,

The Signature of Love Divine :
O flied it in my Heart abroad,

Fulnefs of Love, of Heaven, ofGODi

HYMN to CHRIST the Prophet*

R O P H E T, on Earth beftow'4
A Teacher, fent from GOD,
Thee we welcome from above,

Sent the Father to reveal,
Sent to manifeft His Love,

Sent to teach .His perfect Win.

Thee all the Seers of CMd
Prefigur'd and foretold ;
Mofes Thee the Prophet fhew'd,
Meek and lowly as Thou arc,
Abraham, the Friend of GOD,
David, after his own Heart.

The lefler Stars that mone
Till Thy great Courfe begun,
With imparted Lufter bright,

Render'd back their borrow'd Ray,
Pointing to thy glorious Light,
Ufhering in thy perfect Day.

Light of the World below,
Thee all Mankind may know \
Thou, the Univerfal Friend,
Into every Sou! haft done :
O that All ivoiild comprehend,
All adore the -rifin^ San

5 Tiy


e Thy cheating Beams we blefs,

Bright Sun of Righteoufnefs :
life and Immortality

Thou alone to Light haft brought,
.Bid the New Creation be,

CalTd the World of Grace from Nought.

.6 Image of GOD moft High

Difplay'd to Mortal Eye,
Thee the Patriarchs beheld,

Thee the Angel they ador'd,
Oft in diverfe Ways reveal'd,
CHRIST the Everlafting LORD.

7 Thy Godhead we revere,

Wonderful Counfellor !
Thou the Father" s Wifdom art,

Great Apoftle, Thee we praife,
'Chofe thy People to convert,
Jacob's fallen Tribes to raife.

g The Gentiles too may fee

Their Covenant in r i hee,
-Opener of Their blinded Eyes,

Thee the Gracious Father gave *
Rife on All, in Glory rife,
Save a World Thou cam'ft to fave.

g For This the Heavenly Dove

Defcended from above,
JFIe, immeafurably {hed,

CHRIST the Prophet marked and eal'4
Pour'd upon thy Sacred Head,

Thee ih' Anointing Spirit fill'd. *

o Ah! give us, Lt> RT> to know

Thine Office here below 4


Preach Deliverance to the Poor,

Sent for This, O.CHRIST, Thou art,

JESU, all our Sicknefs cure ;

Bind Thou up the Broken Heart.

it Publifli the Joyful Year

Of GOD's Acceptance near,
Preach Glad Tidings to the Meek,

Liberty to Spirits bound,
General free Redemption fpeak,

Spread thro' Earth the Gofpel-Sowid-

12 Humbly behold we fit,
And lifter, at thy Feet ;

Never will we hence remove ;

Lo ! to Thee our Souls we bow,
Tell us ; of the Father's Love;

Speak ; for, LORD, we. hear. Thee now.

13 Mafter, to us reveal
His acceptable Will ;

Ever for thy Law we wait,

Write it in our inward Parts,
Our dark Minds illuminate,

Grave thy Kindnefs on our Hearts.

1 4 Thine be the chokeft Store
Of Bleffings evermore!

Thee we hear, on Thee we gaze,

Fairer than the Sons .of Men,
Who can fee that lovely Face,

Who can hear thofe Words in vain ?

ij Spirit they are, and Life,

They end the Sinner's Strife:
GOD they mew benign and mild;.

Glory be to GOD on High I
Now ve know Him reconcii'd^
Now we Abba Father cry !

\6 7'hou


1 6 Thou art the Truth, the Way,
O teach us how to pray ;

Worfhip Spiritual and True

Still inflrud us how to give,
Let us pay the Service due,

Let us to GOD's Glory live.-

1 7 Holy and True, the Key
OfDavittrefts on Thee.

Come, Meffias, all Things tell,

Make us to Salvation wife,
Shut the Gates of Death and Hell,

Open, open Paradife.

1 8 Servant of GOD, confefs
His Truth and Faithfulnefs ;

GOD the gracious GOD proclaim,

Publifti Him thro' Earth abroad ;
Let the Gentries know thy Name,

Let us all be taught of GOD,

19 Witnefs, within us place
The Spirit of his Grace ;

Teach us inwardly, and guide

By an Unftion from above,
Let it in our Hearts abide,

Source of Light, and Life, and Love.

20 Pronounce our Happy Doom,
And fhew us Things to come :

All the Depths of LOV.E difplay,

All the Myftery unfold,
Speak us feal'd to thy Great Day,

In the Book of Life inroll'd.

12 Shepherd, fecurely keep

Thy little Flock of Sheep ;



Call'd and gathered into One,
Feed us, in green Paftures feed,

Make us quietly lie down,

By the Streams of Comfort lead.

Thou, even Thou art He,
Whom Pain and Sorrow flee :
Comforter of all that mourn,

Let us by thy Guidance come, .
Crown'd with endlefs Joy return
To our Everlafting Home.

Father, I havejinned 'againft

and before Thee, and am no more
'worthy to be called thy Son.

Lwas aHttl6

what Sweetnefs did I prove
Then on me my Father fimTd,

Clafp'd me in the Arms of Love ;
Bore me all my Infant Days,

Gently by his Spirit led,
Dandled me upon his Knees,

Made me on his Promife feed.

2 But alas ! I foon rebell'd,

Would not caft on Him my Care,
Swell'd with Pride, with Paffion fwelTd,

I could neither fall, nor err.
I was ftrong and able grown,

I could for my felf provide,
I had Wifdom of my own,

Let the Weaker feek a Guide.



5 When to Him I would not look,

Griev'd and hardly forc'd away.
Me my Guide at length, forfook,

Me my Father left to ftray;
Angrily He hid his Face :

Carelefs of his Smile or Frown,
I purfued my Evil Ways,

Frowardly in Sin went on.

4 Back recall'd, I know not how,

Father, I my Folly mourn :
If Thou art my Father now,

Now affift me to return,
Freely my Backflidings heal,

Once again become my Guide,
Save me from my wayward Will,

Empty me of Self and Pride.

5 Thou who all my Ways haft feen,

Since I would from Thee depart,
Suffer me no more to lean

To my own deceitful Heart.
O repair my grievous Lofs,

Comfort to my Soul reftore :
Once a little Child I was :

Lift me op to fall no more.

6 Give me back my Innocence,

Give me back my Filial Fears,
Humble, loving Confidence,

Praying Sighs, and fpeaking Tears :
Weak and helplefs may 1 be,

To thine only Will reflgn'd,
Ever hanging upon Thee,

Simple, ignorant and blind.



7 Abba Father I hear my Cry,

Look upon thy weeping Child,
Weeping at thy Feet I lie,

Kifs me, and be reconcil'd :
Take me up into thine Arms,

Let me hang upon thy Breafr,
Hide me there fecure from Harms,

Lull my Sorrowing Soul to Reft.

At the Approach of temptation.

O D of my Life, whofe Gracious Power

Thro' various Deaths my Soul hath led,
Or turn'd afide the Fatal Hour,
Or lifted up my finking Head :

2 In all my Ways thy Hand I own,

Thy ruling Providence I fee :

help me ftill my Courfe to run,
And ftill dired my Paths to Thee.

3 On Thee my helplefs Soul is caft,

And looks again thy Grace to prove :

1 call to Mind the Wonders paft,

The countlefs Wonders of thy Love

4 Thou, LORD, my Spirit oft haft ftaid,

Haft fnatch'd me from the gaping Tomb,
A Monument of thy Mercy made,

And refcued me from Wrath to come.

r Oft hath the Sea confefs'd thy Power,

And gave me back to thy Command :
It could not, LORD, my Life devour,
Safe in the Hollow of thine Hand.

6 Oft


6 Oft from the Margin of the Grave

Thou, LORD, haft lifted up my Head:
Sudden I found Thee near to fave ;
The Fever own'dthy Touch, and fled.

7 But O ! the mightier Work of Grace,

That fUUthe Life of Faith I live,
That ftill I pant to fmg thy Praife,
That ftill my All I gafp to gi\ve !

8 Pluck'd from the roaring Lion's Teeth,

Caught up from the Eternal Fire,
Snatch'd from the Gates of Hell I breathe,
And lo ! to Heaven I ftill afpire !

9 Whither, O whither fliould I fly,

But to my loving SAVIOUR'S Bread j
Secure within thine Arms to lie,

And fafe beneath thy Wings to reft.

10 I fee i he Fiery Trial near,

But Thou, my GOD, art ftill the fame ;
Hell, Earth, and Sin I fcorn to fear,
Divinely armM with JESU'S Name.

1 1 I have no Skill the Snare to fliun,

But Thou, O CHRIST, my Wifdom art:
I ever into Ruin run,

But Thou art greater than my Heart.

1 2 I have no Might t' oppofe the Foe,

But Everlafting Strength is Thine.
Shew me the Way that 1 mould go,
Shew me the Path I fhould decline.

1 3 Which fhall I leave, and which purfue ?

Thou only mine Advifer be ;
My GOD, I know not what to do ;
Cut Oh ! mine Eyes are fix'd on Thee.

Z 14 Foolifli


14 Foolim, and impotent, and blind,

Lead me a Way I have not known,

Bring me where I my Heaven may find,

The Heaven of loving Thee alone.

1 5 Enlarge my Heart to make Thee Room,

Enter, and in me ever flay;
The Crooked then fhall Strait become,
The Darknefs mall be loft in Day !


1 TT THERE, my Soul, is now thy Boaft?

V V Where the Senfe of Sin forgiven ?
Deftitute, tormented, loft,

Down the Stream of Nature driven,
Crum'd by Sin's redoubled Load ;
Where, my Soul, is now thy GOD !

2 Far from me my GOD is gone,

All my Joys with Him are fled,
Every Comfort is withdrawn,

Peace is loft, and Hope is dead ;
Sin, and only Sin I feel,
. Pride, and Luft, and Self, and Hell.

3 Did I then my Soul deceive ?

Ramly claim a Part in Thee ?
Did I, LORD, in vain believe,

Falfely hope Thou diedft for me ?
Muft I back my Hopes reftore,
Truft Thou diedft for me no more ?

4 No ; I never will reflgn

What of Thee by Faith I know ;
Never ceafe to call Thee mine,

Never will I let Thee go ;
Be it I my Soul deceive,
Yet I will, I will believe. 5 Tho'


5 Tho' I groan beneath thy Frown,

Hence I will not, cannot fly ;
Tho 1 thy Juftice caft me down,

At thy Mercy-Seat I lye;
Let^me here my Sentence meet,
Let me periih at thy Feet !

JOB xxiii. 8, 9, 10.

1 T? 1 O R W A R D I now in Duties go,
J/ But O! my SAVIOUR is not there !
Heavy He makes me drive, and flow,

Without the Chariot- Wheels of Prayer.

2 I look to former Times, and fbrain

The Footfteps of my GOD to trace ;
Backward I go (but ftill in vain)
To find the Tokens of his Grace.

3 Surrounded by his Power I Hand,

His Work on other Souls I fee,
He deals his Gifts on either Hand,
But ftill He hides Himfelf from me.

4 Groaning I Janguim at his Stay,

But He regards my every Groan;
Dark and difconfolate my Way ;
But ftill my Way to Him is known.

5 When fully He my Faith hath tried,

Like Gold I in the Fire fhall fhine,
Come forth when feven times purified,
And ftrongly bear the Stamp Divine.

Z 2 Jfter


After a Relapfe into Sin.

1 1\ /T Y GOD, my GOD, on Thee I call,
_L V JL Thee only would I know :

One Drop of Blood on me let fall,
And wafh me white as Snow.

2 Touch me, and make the Leper clean,

Purge my Iniquity :
Unlefc Thou wafh my Soul from Sin,
I have no Part with Thee.

3 But ait Thou not already mine ?

Anfwer, if mine Thou art!
Whifper within, Thou LOVE Divine,
And chear my doubting Heart.

4 Tell me again, ray Peace is made,

And bid the Sinner live,
The Debt's difcharg'd, the Ranfom's paid,
My Father rnuft forgive.

5 Father, forgive thy froward Child,

I ask in JESU'S Name,
I languifli to be reconcil'd :
And reconcil'd I am.

6 Behold for me the Victim bleeds,

His Wounds are open'd wide,
For me the Blood of Sprinkling pleads,
And fpeaks me Juftified.

7 O why did I my SAVIOUR leave,

So foon unfaithful prove ?
How could 1 thy good Spirit grieve,
And fm agaittft thy Love ?

8 I forc'd


8 I forc'd Thee firft to difappear,

I turn'd thy Face afide :
Ah! LORD, if Thou hadft ftill been here,
Thy Servant had not died.

9 But O ! how foon thy Wrath is o'er,

And pard'ning Love takes place ?
Affift me, SAVIOUR, to adore
The Riches of thy Grace.

10 O could I lofe myfelf in Thee!

Thy Depth of Mercy prove,
Thou vaft unfathomable Sea
Of unexhaufted LOVE}

1 1 My humbled Soul, when Thou art near,

In Duft and Ames lyes :
How mail a fmful Worm appear,
Or meet thy purer Eyes !

2 I loath my felf, when GOD I fee,

And into Nothing fall,
Content, if Thou exalted be,
And CHRIST be All in AIL

Againft Hope, believing in Hope.

( 1% /TYGOD! I know, I feel Thee mine,
.1V_L And will not quit my Claim,
Till all I have be lo.l in Thine,
And all renew'd I am.

2 I hold Thee with a trembling Hand,

But will not let Thee go,
Till ftedfaftly by Faith I Hand,
And all thy Goodnefs know.


3 When fhall I fee the welcome Hour

That plants my GOD in me !
Spirit of Health, and Life, and Power,
And perfect Liberty !

4 JESU, thine al-I -victorious Love

Shed in my Heart abroad ;
Then fhall my Feet no longer rove
Rooted and fixt in GOD.

5 Love only can the Conqueft win,

The Strength of Sin fubdqe,
(Mine own unconquerable Sin)
And form my Soul anew.

6 Love can bow down the ftubborn Neck,

The Stone to Flefh convert,
Soften, and melt, and pierce, and break
An Adamantine Heart.

7 O that JR me the Sacred Fire

Might now begin to glow,
Burn up the Drofs of bafe Deflre,
And make the Mountains flow ?

S O that it now from Heaven might fall,

And all my Sins confume !
Come, Holy Ghoft, for Thee I call,
Spirit of Burning come !

9 Refining Fire, go through my Heart,

Illuminate my Soul,
Scatter thy Life through every Part,
And fanclify the whole.

TO Sorrow and Self fhall then expire,

While entred into Reft,
I only live my GOD t' admire,

n No


1 1 No longer then my Heart fhall mourn,

While purified by Grace,
I only for his Glory burn,
And always fee his Face.

1 2 My ftedfaft Soul, from falling free,

Can now no longer move;

JESUS is all the World to me,

And all my Heart is Love.

BleJJed are 'They that mourn.

1 /^ R A C I O U S Soul, to whom are given
Vj Holy Hungrings after Heaven,
Reftlefs Breathings, earned Moans,

Deep, unutterable Groans,
Agonies of Strong Defire,
Love's fuppreft, unconfdous Fire.

2 Turn again to GOD thy Reft,
JESUS hath pronounc'd Thee bleft:
Humbly to thy JESUS turn
Comforter of All that moum :
Happy Mourner, hear, and fee,
Claim the Promife made to thee.

3 Lift to Him thy weeping Eye,
Heaven behind the Cloud defcry :
If with CHRIST thou fuffer here,
When his Glory fhall appear,
CHRIST His Suffering Son fhall own;
Thine the Crofs, and Thine the Crown.

4 Juft thro' Him ; behold thy Way
Shining to the perfedl Day :
Dying thus to All beneath,
Fafhion'd to thy SAVIOUR'S Death,
Him the Refurrefuon prove,

Rais'd to all the Life of Love. c What


5 What if here a while thou grieve,
GOD ihall endlefs Comfort give :
Sorrow may a Night endure,
Joy returns as Day- Light fure :
Praife mall then thy Life employ :
Sow in Tears, and reap in Joy.

6 Doth thy LORD prolong his Stay ?
Mercy wills the kind Delay :
Hides He ftill his lovely Face ?
Lo ! He waits to ihew his Grace :
Seems He abfent from thy Heart ?
'Tis, that He may ne'er depart.

7 Gently will He lead the Weak,
Bruifed Reeds He ne'er will break ;
Touched with fympathizing Care,
Thee He in his Arms fhall bear,
Blefs with late but lading Peace,
Fill with all His Righteoafnefs.

8 Cou'dft thou the Redeemer fee,
How his Bowels yearn on Thee !
How he marks with pitying Eye,
Hears his New-born Children cry,
Be^rs what every Member bears,

Groans their Groans, and weeps their Tears !

9 Cou'dft thou know, as thou art known,
JESUS would appear thy own:

Moft abandoned tho' it feem,
Darkly fafe thy Soul with Him;
Farthelt when from GOD remov'd,
Neareft then, and moft belov'd.

i o Feebly then thy Hands lift up,
Hope, amidii Difpairing hope :
"Stand beneath thy Load of r Grief,
Stagger not thro' Unbelief;


Make thine own Eledtion fure,
Faithful to the End endure,

j i GOD, to keep thee fafe from Harms
Spreads his Everlafting Arms,
Feeds with fecret Strength Divine,
Waits to whifper " Thou art Mine ! "
His that thou may'il ever be,
Now He hides Himfelf from Thee.

1 2 Meekly then perfift to mourn,
Soon He will, He mult return:
Call on Him ; He hears thy Cry,
Soon He will, He muft draw nigh ;
This the Hope, which nought can move,
GOD is Truth, and GOD is LOVE !

The J uft Jkall live by FAITH.

OME hither all, who ferve the LORD,

Who fear and tremble at his Word,
Hear me his Loving-Kindnefs tell ;
Hear what He for my Soul hath done,
And look to prove it in your own ;
Expect His promis'd Love to feel.

2 Come hither, all ye Slaves of Sin,
Ye Beaits without, and Fiends within,

Glad Tidings unto All I mew ;
JESUS' Grace for All is free;
JESUS' Grace hath found out me,

And now He offers it to you.

3 Dead in the midft of Life I was ;
Unconfcious of my Eden's Lofs,

Lone did I in the Grave? remain,

A fallen


A Fallen Spirit, dark, and void,
Unknowing, and unknown of GOD,
I felt not, for I hugg'd, my Chain.

4 He call'd : I anfwer'd to his Call,

Confefs'd my State, and mourn'd my Fall,
And ftrove, and groan'd to be renevv'd:
With gradual Horror then I faw
The Nature of the fiery Law,

But knew not then a SAVIOUR'S Blood.

5 For ten long, legal Years I lay
An helplefs, tho' reluftant Prey

To Pride, and Luft, and Earth, and Hell :
Oft to Repentance vain renew'd,
Self-confident for Hours I Hood,

And fell, and griev'd, and rofe, and fell.

6 I faded, read, and work'd, and pray'd,
Call'd Holy Friendmip to my Aid,

And conftant to the Altar drew;
' Tis there, I cried, He muji be found ?
By Vows, and new Engagements bound.

All his Commands I Now lhall do.

7 Soon as the Trying Hour return'd,
I funk before the Foes I fcorn'd;

My firm Refolves did all expire :
Why hath the Law of Sin prevail'd ?
Why have the Bonds of Duty fail'd?

Alas, the Tow hath touch'd the Fire.

8 Hardly at laft I all gave o'er,
I fought to free my felf no more,

Too weak to burft the Fowler's Snare;
Baffled by twice ten thoufand Foils,
I ceas'd to ftruggle in the Toils,
And yeilded to a juft Defpair.

9 'Twas


9 ' Twas then my Soul beheld from far
The glimmering of an orient Star,

That pierc'd, and chear'd my Nature's Night;
Sweetly it dawn'd, and promised Day,
Sorrow, and Sin it chased away,

And open'd into glorious Light.

10 With other Eyes I now could fee
The Father reconciled to me,

JESUS the Juft had fatisfied:
JESUS had made my Sufferings His,
JESUS was now my Righteouinefs ;

JESUS fbr me had liv'd and died.

1 1 From hence the Chriftian Race I ran,
From hence the Fight of Faith began :

O, 'tis a good, but painful Fight !
When Heavinefs o'erwhelms the Soul,
When Clouds and Darknefs round me roll,

And hide the SAVIOUR from my Sight.

1 2 Convinc'd my Work was but begun,
How did I ftrive, and grieve, and groan,

Half yielded, yet refus'd to yield!
Tempted to give my SAVIOUR up,
Deny my LORD, abjure my Hepe,

And bafely caft away my Shield.

1 3 Mine Enemies and Friends were join'd,
GOD's Children with the World's combined

To make my Confidence in GOD":
Strongly they urg'd me to difclaim
My weaker Title to the Lamb,

My Intereft in th' atoning Blood.

14 So frail, impure, and weak, could I
Purfume for me He deign'd to die,

For me fo cold, fo void of Love !



JESU ! they bid me Thee refign,
They would not have me call Thee mine,
Till the whole Power of Faith I prove.

1 5 What have I known fince Thee I knew !
What Trials haft Thou brought me thro' .'

Hardly I yet can Credit give :
Surely, my Soul, 'tis all a Dream ;
Sav'd as by Fire (if fav'd) I feem,

If ftffl the Life of Grace I live!

1 6 What have I felt, while torn within,
Full of the Energy of Sin,

Horror to think, and Death to tell f
The Prince of Darknefs rul'd his Hour,
Suffer'd to mew forth all his Power,

And fluke me o'er the Mouth of Hell.

1 7 But O ! his Tyranny is o'er !
How fhall my refcued Soul adore

Thy ftrange, thy unexampled Grace !
A Brand pluck'd from the Fire I am !
O SAVIOUR, help me to proclaim,

Help me to mew forth all thy Praife.

1 8 Fain would I fpread thro' Earth abroad
The Goodnefs of my loving GOD,

And teach the World thy Grace to prove,
Unutterably Good Thou art!
Read, JESU, read my panting Heart,

Thou feeft it pants to break with Love !

1 9 I only live to find Thee there :
The Manfion for Thyfelf prepare,

In Love anew my Heart create :
The mighty Change I long to feel :
For this my vehement Soul ftands ftill,

Reftlefs refign'd- for This I wait.

20 I know


20 I know, my Struggling nought avails,
My Strength, and fbolifti Wifdom fails,

Vain is my Toil, and vain my Reft :
Only before thy Feet I lay,
The Potter Thou, and I the Clay,

Thy Will be done, thy Will is beft.

2 1 I need not urge my eager Plea,

The Blood of Sprinkling fpeaks for me,

JESUS for me vouchfafes t' appear,
For me before the Throne he ftands,
Points to his Side, and lifts his Hands,
And {hews, that I am grayen there !

22 Suffice it, LORD, I now Believe:
To Thee my ranfom'd Soul I give,

Hide it, till all Life's Storms be o'er :
O keep it fafe againft that Day !
Thou ever liv'ft for me to pray:

Thy Prayer be heard, I ask no more.

ISAIAH xlv. 22.

Look unto A/e, and beyefaved, all ye
Ends of the Earth.

O look ye unto Me!
Lift your Eyes, ye fallen Race f

I, the Gracious GOD and True,
I am full of Truth and Grace,
Full of Truth and Grace for you !

Look, and be fav'd from Sin !
Btlieve, and be ye clean !

A a Guilty


Guilty, lab'ring Souls draw nigh ;

See the Fountain open'd wide ;
To the Wounds of JESUS fly,

Bathe ye in my bleeding Side.

Ah dear, redeeming LORD,
We take Thee at thy Word.
Lo ! to Thee we ever look,

Freely fav'd by Grace alone :
Thou our Sins and Curfe haft took ;
Thou for All didft once atone.

We now the Writing fee
Nail'd to thy Crofs with Thee !
With thy mangled Body torn,

Blotted out by Blood Divine ;
Far away the Bond is borne ;

Thou art Ours, and we are Thine.

On Thee we fix our Eyes,
And wait for frefh Supplies :
Juftified ; we ask for more,

Give th' abiding Spirit, give ;
LORD, thine Image here reftore,
Fully in thy Members live.

\ Author of Faith appear !

Be Thou its Finiiher,
Upward ftill for this we gaze,

Till we feel the Stamp Divine ,
Thee behold with open Face,
Bright in all thy Glory fliine.

r Leave not thy Work undone,

But ever love Thine own,
Let us all thy Goodnefs prove,

Let us to the End believe ;
Shew thine Everlafting Love ;
Save us, to ths utmoft fave.

8 Othat


8 O that our Life might be
One looking up to Thee !

Ever haft'ning to the Day

When our Eyes fhall fee Thee near !
Come, Redeemer, come away !

Glorious in thy Saints appear. '

9 JESU, the Heavens bow,
We long to meet Thee now ?

Now in Majefty come down,

Pity thine Elect, and come ;
Hear in us thy Spirit groan,

Take the weary Exiles Home.

l o Now let thy Face be feen,

Without a Veil between :
Come and change our Faith to Sight,

Swallow up Mortality ;
Plunge us in a Sea of Light:
CHRIST, be All in All to me !

Praije for REDEMPTION.

From the German.

1 TT I G H Praife to Thee, All-gracious GOD !
JL Unceafmg Praife to Thee we pay :
Naked and wallowing in our Blood,

Unpitied, loath'd of all we lay.
Thou faw'ft, and from th' Eternal Throne
Gav'lt us thy dear, thine only Son.

2 Thro' thy rich Grace, in JESU'S Blood,

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