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O that Thou would'ft this Hour come down !
Defcend, Almighty GOD, defcend,
And ftrongly vindicate Thine own f

Now let the Heathens fear thy Name,
Now let the World hy Nature know,

Dart into All the melting Flame

Of Love, and make the Mountain flow.

O let thine Indignation burn,

The Lightning of thy Judgments glare,
Th' afpiring Confidence o'erturn

Of all that ftill thine Anger dare.

C c 2 4 From


4 From Heaven reveal thy vengeful Ire,

Thy Fury let the Nations prove,
Confels Thee a confuming Fire,

And tremble, till they feel thy Love.

5 Thy Power was to our Fathers known ;

A mighty GOD, and terrible ;
In Majefty Thou cameft down,

The Mountains at thy Prefence fell.

6 The Wonders Thou for them haft wrought

Thy boundlefs Power and Love proclaim,
Far above all they ask'd or thought:
And now we wait to know thy Name.

7 We wait; for fmce the World began

To Men it ne'er by Men was Ihew'd :
Thou only canft Thy felf explain,
GOD only founds the Depths of GOD,

8 Eye hath not feen, Ear hath not heard,

By Heart conceiv'd it cannot be,
The Blifs Thou haft for Him prepar'd,
Who waits in humble Faith for Thee.

9 Thou meeteft him that dares rejoice

In Hope of thy Salvation near ;
Who wants, while he obeys jhy Voice,
The perfect Love that cafts out Fear.

10 In Works of Rightonfnefs employ'd

Who Thee remembers in Thy Ways,
The facred Channels of thy Grace.

1 1 But lo! thine Anger kindled is,

And juftly might for ever burn;
We have forfook the Path of Peace :
How fhall our wand'ring Souls return?

12 In


1 2 In Thine appointed Ways we wait,

The Ways thy Wifdom hath enjoin'd;
Thy faving Grace we here fhall meet ;
For every one that leeks fhall find.

1 3 Nor can we thus thy Wrath appeafe;

We and our Works are all unclean,
As filthy Rags our Righteoufnefs,
Our Good is 111, our Virtue Sin.

14 Like withered Leaves we fade away,

We all deferve thy Wrath to feel,
Swift as the Wind our Sins convey,
And fweep our guilty Souls to Hell.

1 5 Not one will call upon thy Name,

Stir himfelf up thy Grace to fee,

The LORD His Righteoufnefs to claim,

And boldly to take hold on Thee.

1 6 For O ! thy Face is turn'd afide,

Since we refus'd t' obey thy Will;
Thou haft confumM us for our Pride,
. Thy heavy Hand confumes us ftill.

1 7 But art thou not our Father Now ?

Our Father Now Thou furely art:
Humbly beneath thy Frown we bow,
We feek Thee with a trembling Heart.

i g The Potter Thou, and We the Clay;

Behold us at thy Footftool kid,
In Anger caft us not away,

The Creatures whom thine Hands have made.

, o O let thine Anger rage no more,

Remember not Iniquity;
See LORD, and all our Sins pafs o'er,.
Thine own Peculiar People fee.

C C 3, 2O Jer u-


ic Jerufuleni in Ruins lies,

A Wildernefs thy Cities are ;
- A Den of Thieves thy Temple is,

No longer now the Houfe of Prayer.

z \ Where humbly low our Fathers bow'd,

And Thee with joyful Lips ador'd,
Idolaters profanely croud,

And take die Altar for its LORD.

22 The facred Means Thyfelf ordain'd,

Others rejeft with impious Hafte ;
By Thefe blalphem'd, by Thofe profan'd
Our pleafant Things are all laid wafte.

23 And wilt Thou not this Havock fee,

For which we ever, ever mourn ?
Still mail we cry in vain to Thee ?
Return, our gracious LORD, return?

24 Hold not thy Peace at Sion's Woe,

O caft not out thy People's Prayer,
Regard thy fuffering Church below,

And fpare, the Weeping Remnant fpare.

25 Thy fallen Tabernacle raife,

Thy Chaftifement at laft remove,
That all Mankind may fing thy Praiie,

Thou GOD of Truth, Thou GOD of Love!

HEBREWS iv. 9.
rcmalneth therefore a REST to
the People of GOD.

j IT ORD, 1 believe a Reft remains
_|_^ To all thy People known,
A Reft, where Pure Enjoyment reigns,

Aad Thou art lov'd Alone. 2 A


2 A Reft, where all our Soul's Defire

Is fixt on Things above,
Where Doubt, and Pain, and Fear expire,
Caft out by Perfect Love.

3 A Reft of Lafting Joy and Peace,

Where all is calm within :
' Tis there from our own Works we ceafe,
From Pride, and Self, and Sin.

4 Our Life is hid with CHRIST in GODj

The Agony is o'er :
We wreftle not with Flefh and Blood,
Weftrwe with Sin no more.

5 Our Sp'rit is right, our Hart is clean,

Our Nature is renew'd,
We cannot, no, we Cannot Sin,
For we are born of GOD.

6 From ev'ry evil Motion freed,

(The SON hath made us free)
On all the Pow'rs of Hell we tread,
In glorious Liberty.

7 Redeem' d, we walk on Holy Ground,

In CHRIST we cannot err:

No Lion in that Way is found,

No ravenous Beaft is there !

8 Safe in the Way of Life, above

Death, Earth, and Hell we rife;
We find, when perfected in Love,
Our long-fought Paradife.

9 Within that Eden we retire,

We reft in JESU'S Name:

It guards us, as a Wall of Fire,

And as a Sword of Flame.

10 O


10 O that I now The Reft might know,

Believe, and enter in!
Now, SA v i OUR, Now the Power bellow,
And let me ceafe from Sin.

1 1 Remove this Hardnefs from my Heart,

This Unbelief remove,
To me the Reft of Faith impart,
The Sabbath of thy Love.

1 2 I groan from Sin to be fet free,

From Self to be releas'd;
O take me, take me into Thee,
Mine Everlafting Reft.

1 3 I would be Thine, Thou know'ft I wou'd,

And have Thee all mine own :
Thee, O mine All-fufficient Good,
I want, and Thee alone.

14 Thy Name to me, thy Nature grant;

This, only this be given,
Nothing befides my GOD I want,
Nothing in Earth or Heaven.

15 Come, O my SAVIOUR, come away,

Into my Soul defcend,
No longer from thy Creature ftay,
My Author, and my End.

1 6 The Blifs Thou haft for me prepared

No longer be delay'd :
Come my exceeding Great Reward,
For whom I firft was made.

17 Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft,

And feal me thine Abode,
Let all I am in Thee be loft,
Let all I am be GOD!



Publifh'd by the REVEREND


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35 Publilh'd by Subfcription, Three Volumes of

Moral and Sacred Poems, pr. 75 6d in Sheets.

Publifh'd by



1 A Sermon preach'd (in Part) before the RIGHT
WORSHIPFUL the Dean of the Arches, and the
REVEREND the Clergy of the Deanery of Shore-
bam ; aflembled at Sevenoaks in KENT, on Friday
the 2 1 ft of May, 1742. pr. 3d.

2 Cbriji born, that "Me may be born again. A Ser-
mon, preach'd at BEXLEY in KENT, on Cbrift-
mai-Day, 1741, and on Sunday after Cbriflwu-
Day 1742. pr, 8d.


Page ii. Line 22, Gi<ve me to knirw. p. 25, I.
23, for willy read ivily. p. 213, 1. i, f. But r. See.
p. 250, 1. 6, f. yeid r. yield. p. 283, penult, f.
f-.irfume r. prefume.


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of j


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*-> ff tit







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Hi brews iv. 9. There remaineth therefore )

a REST for the People of GOD. \ 3



Part Page





UTHOR of Being, Source of Light

Aflc not, who ended here his Span

Accept, dear Youth, a fympathizing Lay
Ah my dear, angry Lord
And live I yet by Power Divine

Awake, fad Heart, whom Sorrows drown 63

And can it be that I mould gain 2 78

All Glory to th' Eternal Three 2 94.
Ah, my dear Lord, whofe changelefs Love 2 95

Arife, my Soul, arife 2 109

Author of Faith, Eternal Word 3 169

And wilt thou yet be found ? 3 223

Ah my dear Matter, can it be 4 250

Angel of GOD, whatever betide 4 251

Almighty, Univerfal LORD 4 254

Angels attend ('tis GOD commands). 4 261


Being of Beings,. GOD of Love i 24

Behold the Saviour of Mankind 2 88

Bleft be the GOD, whofe tender Care 2. 150

Brother in CHRLST, and well-belov'd 3 186

Brother in CHRIST, and well-belov'd 4 289


Come to Judgment, come away i* 9

Come, O my Way, my Truth, my Life 2 79

Come, Saviour JESU, from above 2 81

Come hither all, whofe grov'ling Tafte 2 83.

Commit thou all thy Griefs z. 89

Come, HOLY GHOST,. ali-quickning Fire 2 125


pt - Pag-

Captain of my Salvation, hear 2 139

CHRIST the Lord is rifen to-day 2 144

- CHRIST, whofe Glory fills the Skies 3 183
Come, HOLY GHOST, our Hearts infpire 3 107
Come, HOLY GHOST, all-quickning Fire 3 199
Ceafe, foolifh Heart, thy fond Complaints 3 202

Come, let us lengthen out the Feaft 4 259

Come hither all, who ferve the LORD 4 281

Come, and let us fweetly join 4 295

Come, thou high and lofty Lord 4 296

CHRIST, the True, the Heavenly Vine 4 303

CHRIST our Head, gone up on high 4 304

CHRIST, from whom all BlefTings flow 4 306

Come, ye kindred Souls above 4 3 C 9

Dead as I am, and cold my Breaft i i r

Depth of Mercy, can there be 3 228


Enflaved to Senfe, to Pleafure prone i 23

Eternal Beam of Light divine 2 92

Eternal Depth of Love divine 2 133

Extended on a carfed 'Tree 3 ! 9 *

Earth rejoice, the LORD is King 4 253


Fountain of Being, Source of Good i 23

Faint is my Head, and fick my Heart I 42

Father of Light, from whom proceeds i 53

Father our Eyes we lift to thee 2 150

Fountain of all the Good we fee 2151

Father of all, in whom alone 3 196

Forth in thy Strength, O LORD, I go 3 198

Father of Mercies, GOD of Love 3 210

Fountain of Deity 4 242

Father live by all Things fear'd 4 242

Father of Mankind, be ever ador'd 4 244

Father, if I have finn'd, with thee 4 259

Forth at thy Call, O LORD, I go 4 260

Father, If thou my Father art 4 265

Forward I now in Duties go 4 2 75

Father, hail, by all ador'd 4 299


P<. Pag.

Father, Son and Spirit, hear 4 3.01


Glory be to GOD on high 2 86

Granted is the SAVIOUR'S Prayer 2 147

GOD of Love, thine Ear incline 3 182

Glory to Thee, whofe powerful Voice 3190

Glory and Praife and Love to Thee 3 198

Glory to GOD, whofe Sovereign Grace 4 245

Give we to the LORD above 4 246

Giver of Concord, Prince of Peace 4 255

Glory to GOD, and Praife, and Love 4 2^6

GOD of my Life, whofe gracious Pow'r 4 272

Gracious Soul to whom are given 4 279


How haplefs is the applauded Virgin's Lot I 19

Hear from afar the Finifh'd Height I 25

Hear Holy Spirit, hear 2 74

Hark how all the Welkin Rings 2 142

Hail the Day that fees Him rife 2 1 46

Ho! every one that thirds, draw nigh 3 165

Holy LAMB, who Thee receive 4 236

Heavenly Father, Sovereign LORD 4 247

How do thy Mercies clofe me round 4 263

High Praife to Thee, all gracious GOD 4 287

Hall, Holy Martyrs, Glorious Names 4 290

Inftruftive Sound, I'm now convinc'd )

by Thee 5 l

JESU the Sinner's Friend, to Thee i

JESU, my great High Prieft Above I

JESU, whofe Glory's {beaming Rays i

JESU, to Thee my Heart I bow 2

JESU, behold the Wife from far 2

JESU, thy boundlefs Love to me 2

JESU, my GOD, my King 2 114

JESU, Thou art our King 2 1 16

JESU, thy Light again I view 2 121

JESUS, the all- reftoring Word 3 184

JESUS, the all-atoning LAMB 3 185

JESU, the Strength of all that faint 3 213


P'. Pag.

JESU, if ftill the Same Thou art 3215

JESU, Lover of my Soul 3 216

JESUS, in whom the Godhead's Rays 3 217

JESU, if ftill Thou art to-Day 3219

I Thirft, Thou wounded LAMB of GOD 3 222

J am the Man who long have known 3 230

JESU, Thou art my Righteoufnefs 4 238

JESU, my Life thyfelf apply 4 239

JESU, thy Blood and Righteoufnefs 4 291


King of Saints, to whom are given 4 307

LORD, let the Angels praife thy Name i 3-9

LORD, if to me thy Grace hath given 2 80

LORD, and GOD of Heavenly Powers 2 8$

Lo GOD is here, let us adore 2 128

LORD of the wide extended Main 3 188

Long have I feem'd to ferve the LORD 3 192

LORD, how long, how long (hall 1 3 212

Let Heaven and Earth agree 4 244

Let us join, 'tis GOD commands 4 297

LORD, I believe a Reft remains 4 314


My Stock lies dead, and no Increafe i 28

My Soul before Thee proftrate lies i 61

My Soul extols the mighty LORD 288

My GOD, if I may call Thee mine 2 97

Made unto me, O LORD, my GOD 4237

Meet and right it is to iing 4 24 1

My GOD, my GOD, on Thee I call 4 276

My GOD, I know, J feel Thee mine 4 277


No more I cry 'd (hall Grief be mine i 26

Now have I found the Ground wherein 4 235


O Thou who all Things can'ft controul i 10

O what a Thing is Man ! from Reft i i 5

O Throw away thy Rod i 47

O Filial Deity 2 73

O Thou, to whofe all-fearching Sight 2 100



O GOD of Good, the unfathom'd Sea 2 104

O GOD, Thou Bottomlefs Abyfs 2 106

O JESU, Source of calm Repofe 2 122

O GOD of Good, in whom combine 2 123

O Thou whom Sinners love, whofe Care 2 1 29

O GOD, my GOD, my All, Thou art 2 134

O that Thou wouldft the Heavens rent 3 226

O that Thou wouldft the Heavens rend 4311


Peace, flutt'ring Soul, the Storm is o'er i 50

Peace doubting Heart, my GOD's I am 2 99

Parent of Good, whofe plenteous Grace 2 149

Praife be to the Father given 2 243

Prophet on Earth beftow'd 4 266

Partners of a glorious Hope 4 298


Rife my Soul, with Ardour rife 2 151

Regardlefs now of Things below 3 1 8 1


Folitude where mall I find I 5

So many Years I've feen the Sim i 6

Sweet Day, fo cool, fo calm, fo bright i 8

Sing ye Heavens and Earth rejoice 2 69

SAVIOUR of Men, how long mail I 271

SAVIOUR, if thy precious Love 2 79

SAVIOUR, the World's and mine 2 112

Still, O my Soul, prolong 2 113

See the Day-fpring from afar 2 120

Sons of Men, triumphant rife 2 130

Son of the Carpenter, receive 2 132

Summon'd, my Labour to renew 2 133

Shall I, for Fear of feeble Man 2 137

Sons of GOD, behold from far 2 144

Servant of GOD. thy Summons hear 3 187

Sinking underneath my Load 3 214

Sing we to our GOD above 4 242

SAVIOUR, who ready art to hear 4 262

Sinners, your SAVIOUR fee 4 285


Thou, who haft given fo much to me i 29

Tofpeakfor GOD, &c, i 34



Thou hidden Love of GOD, whofeHeight i 43
Thee, O my GOD and King 2 72

Thou LAMB of GOD, Thou Prince of)

Peace J 2 93

Thou, JESU, art our King 2 117

The Word pronounc'd, the Gofpel Word 2 11
Thee will 1 love, my Strength, my Tower 2
Teacher Divine, we afk thy Grace
Thou Son of GOD Thou Son of Man
Thee, O my great Deliverer, Thee


3 196

4 240
To GOD, who reigns enthron'd on high 4 243

Thou, LORD, haft bleft my going out

Unchangeable Almighty LORD

We deem the Saints from mortal Flefh )

releas'd $

World adieu f thou real Cheat
Where has my flumb'ring Spirit been
Welcome Contempt, ftern faithful Guide
While fad my Heart, and blafted mourns
While Midnight Shades the Earth o'er- 1

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Why do the Deeds of happier Men
When all the Secrets of my Heart
With bending Knees and aking Eyes
Whither, O whither art Thou fled
Who hath believ'd the Tidings? who?
Weary of ftruggling with my Pain
Where fhall my wond'ring Soul begin
When firft thy gracious Eye's Survey
Welcome, delicious, facred Cheer
When CHRIST had left his Flock below
What Morn on Thee with fweeter Ray
While Sicknefs (hakes the Houfe of Clay
When gracious LORD, ah tell me when
Where mall I lay my weary Head
Wherewith, O GOD, fhall I draw near
When I was a Little Child
Where, my Soul, is now thy Boaft

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