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When bound by Man He iilent flood, ,
When Worms arraign'd Him at their Bar;.

And doom'd to Death th' Eternal GOD?
Patient the. Sufferings to fuftain.

The Vengeance to Tranfgreffors due,
Guiltlefs He groan'd, .and died for Man:

Sinners rejoice, He-died for you !

9 For your imputed Guilt He bled,..

Made Sin afinful World to fave;
IVIeekly He funk among the Dead :

The Rich fupplied an Honour'd Grave ?*
For O ! devoid of Sin, . and free

From Actual or Intail'd Offence,
No Sinner in Himfelf was He,

But pure and perfect Innocence.

JO Yet Him th'Alrnighty Father's Will.

With bruifing Chaftifements purfu'd, .
Doom'd Him the Weight of Sin to feel s f

And fternly juft requir'd his Blood.
But lo ! the Mortal Debt is paid,

The coftly Sacrifice is o'er,
His Soul for Sin an Offering made

Revives, and He lhall .die no more.

1 1 His numerous Seed He now (hall fee, .

Scatter'd thro' all the Earth abroad,
Bleft with His Immortality, .

Begot by him, and born of GOD. .
Head to his Church o'er all below,

Long ftial! He here his Sons fuftain j -
Their bounding Hearts his. Power (hall knowi ~

And blefs the lov'd Mefliah's Reign.

i* 'Twixt GOD and Them He ftill iliall ftand, ,

The Children whom his Sire hath given,
Their Caufe mall profper in his Hand, [ven :
RIGHTEOUSNESS looks down fromHea'
F.. 2 While.


While pleas'd He counts the ranfonTd Race,
And calls, and draws them from above ;

The Travail of his Soul furveys,
And refts in his Redeeming Love.

13 'Tis done ! my Juftice afks no more,

The Satisfaction's fully made :
Their Sins He in his Body bore ;

Their Surety all the Debt has paid.
My Righteous Servant and my Son

Shall each believing Sinner clear,
And All, who ftoop t'abjure their own,

Shall in his Righteoufnefs appear.

14 Them fhall He claim his juft Defert,

Them his Inheritance receive,
And many a contrite humble Heart

Will I for his Pofleffion give,
Satan He thence fhall chafe away,

AfTert his Right, his Foes o'eicome;
Stronger than Hell retrieve the Prey,

And bear the Spoil triumphant Home.

5 For charg'd with all their Guilt he flood,

Sinners from Suffering to redeem,
For Them He pour'd out 'all his Blood,

Their Subflitute, He died for Them.
He died ; and rofe his Death to plead,

To teftify Their -Sins forgiven
And ftill I hear Him interceed,

And ftill He makes Their Claim to Heaven !


Waiting for Redemption.

E A RY of ftruggling with my Pain,
Hopelefs to burft my Nature's Chain,



Hardly I give the Conteft o'er,
I feek to free myfelf no more.

2 From my own Works at laft I ceafe,
GOD muft create and feal my Peace ;
Fruitlefs my Toil, and Vain my Care,
For all my Fitnefs is Defpair.

3' LORD, I defpair myfelf to heal 3
I fee my Sin, but cannot feel :
I cannot, 'till thy Spirit blow,
And bid th'Obedient Waters flow. .

4 'Tis Thine an Heart of Flefh'to give, .
Thy Gifts I only can receive :
Here then to Thee I all refign,
To draw, redeem, and feal is

5 With fimple Faith, to Thee I call,
My Light, my Life, my LORD, my AH:
I wait the Moving of the Pool ;

I wait the Word that fpeaks me Whole.

6 Speak, gracious LORD, my Sicknefs cure,
Make my infected Nature pure :

Peace, Righteoufnefs, and Joy import,,
And pour Thyfelf into my Heart..

GAI . iii. 22.

e Scripture bath concluded all un-
der Sin, that the Promije by Faith
of JESUS CHRIST might fa given
to them that believe.

E S U, the Sinner's Friend, to Thee
Loft and undone for Aid I flee.,

F 3 Wcaiy



Weary of Earth, Myfelf, and Sin :
Open thine Arms, and take me in.

2 Pity, and heal my Sin-fick Soul,
'Tis Thou alone canft make me whole,
Fal'n, 'till in Me thine Image mine,
And curd I am, 'till Thou art mine.

3 Hear, JESU, hear my helplefs Cry,
O fave a Wretch condemn'd to die !
The Sentence in Myfelf I feel,

And all my Nature teems with Hell.

4 When {hall Concupifcence and Pride
No more my tortur'd Heart divide f
When fhall this Agony be o'er,

And the Old Adam rage no more!

5 Awake, the Woman's Conqu'ring Seed,
Awake, and bruife the Serpent's Head,
Tread down thy Foes, with Power controul
The Beaft and Devil in my Soul.

6 The Manfion for Thyfelf prepare,
Difpofe my Heart by Ent'ring there !
'Tis This alone can make me clean,
/Tis This alone can caft out Sin.

7 Long have I vainly hop'd and ftrove
To force my Hardnefs into Love,

To give Thee all thy Laws require ;
And labour'd in the Purging Fire :

8 A thoufand fpecious Arts eflay'd,
Call'd the deep Myjiic to my Aid :
His boafted Skill the Brute refin'd,
But left the fubtler Fiend behind.



9 Frail, dark, impure, I ftill remain,
Nor hope to break my Nature's Chain :
The fond felf-emptying Scheme is paft,.
And lo ! conftrain'd I yield at laft.

i o At laft I own it cannot be

That I mould fit Myfelf for Thee:
Here then to Thee, I all refign,
Thine is the Work, and only Thine.

1 1 No more to lift my Eyes I dare.
Abandon'd to ajuft Defpair;

I Have my Punifhment in View,,
I Feel a thoufand Hells my Due.

1 2 What mall I fay thy Grace to move ?
LORD I am Sin but Thou art Love :
I give up every Plea befide,

LORD I am damn'd but Thou haft died I

3 While groaning at thy Feet I fall.
Spurn me away, refufe my Call,
If Love permit, contraft thy Brovv y
And, if Thou canft, deftroy me now F

Hoping for GRACE.

From tie German.

Ti yTY Soul before Thee proftrate lies,
J.VJL To Thee her Source my Spirk flies,.
My Wants I mourn, my Chains I fee :
O let thy Prefence fet me free !

Loft and undone, for Aid I cry ;
In thy Death, SAVIOUR, let me die f
Griev'd with thy Grief, pain'd with thy Pain,
Ne'er may I feel Self-love again.

3 J ES


3 JESU, vouchfafe my Heart and Will
With thy meek Lowlinefs to fill ;

No more her Pow'r let Nature boaft,
But in thy Will may mine be loft.

4 In Life's fnort Day let me yet more
Of thy enlivening Pow'r implore :
My Mind mufl deeper fink in Thee,
My Foot ftand nrm from Wandring free.

5- Ye Sons of Men, here nought avails
Your Strength, here all your Wifdom fails ;.
Who bids a Cnful Heart be clean ?
Thou only, .LORD, fupreme of Men.

6 And well I know thy tender Love ;
Thou never didft unfaithful prove :
And well I know Thou ftand'ft by me,
Pleas'd from Myfelf to fet me fres.

7 Still will I watch, and labour {till
To banifh ev'ry Thought of 111 ;
'Till Thou in thy good Time appear,.
And, fav'ft me from the Fowler^s Snare.

2 Already fpringing Hope I feel ;
GOD will deftroy the Pow'r of Hell;
GOD from the Land of Wars and Pain
Leads me where Peace and Safety reign.

9 One only Care my Soul {hall know,
Father,, all thy Commands to do :
Ah deep engrave it on my Breaft,
That I in Thee ev'n now am blell.

10 When my warm Thought I fix on Thee,
And plunge me in thy Mercy's Sea,
Then ev'n on me thy Face mall fhine,
And quicken this dead Heart of mine.

xi S


"J i So ev'n in Storms my Zeal fnall grow ;
So ftiall I thy Hid Sweetnefs know ;
And feel (what endlefs Age fhall prove)
That Thou, my LORD, my GOD, art Love.

the D A W N.I N G.


WAKE, fad Heart, whom Sorrows drown,

Lift up thine Eyes, and ceafe to, mourn,
Unfold thy Forehead's fettled Frown ;
Thy SAVIOUR, and thy Joys return.

2 Awake, fad drooping Heart awake !

No more lament, and pine, and cry :
His Death Thou ever doft partake,
Partake at laft his Vi&ory.

3 Arife ; if thou doft not withftand,

CHRIST'S Refurreftion Thine may be:
O break not from the Gracious Hand
Which, as it rifes, raifes Thee.

4 Chear'd by thy SAVIOUR'S Sorrows rife;

He griev'd, that Thou mayft ceafe to grieve;
Dry with his Burial Cloths thine Eyes,
He dy'd Himfelf that Thou mayft live f


Try me, O G O D, and feek the
Ground of my Heart.

i TEsu ! my great High-prieft above,

J My Friend before the Throne of Love !
If now for Me prevails thy Prayer,
If now I find Thee pleading there;


If Thou the Secret Wilh convey,
And fweetly prompt my .Heart to pray,
Hear ; and my weak Petitions join,
Almighty Advocate, , to Thine]

2-! Fain would I know, my utmoft 111,
And groan my Nature's Weight to feel,
To feel the Clouds that round me roll,
The Night that hangs upon my Soul ;
The Darknefs of my Carnal Mind,
My Will perverfe, .my Paflions blind,
Scatter'd o'er all the Earth abroad,
Immeafurably far from GOD.

3 JESU ! my Heart's Defire obtain, .
My earned Suit prefent, and gain,
My Fulnefs of Corruption fhew,
The Knowledge of Myfelf beflow ;
A deeper Difplicence at Sin,

A fharper Senfe of Hell within,
A ftronger Struggling to get free,
A keener Appetite for Thee.

4 For Thee my Spirit often pants,
Yet often in purfuing faints,
Drooping it loon neglefts t'afpire,
Nor fans the ever-dying Fire r

No more thy Glory's Skirts are feen,
The World, the Creature fteals between ,
Heavenward no more my Wilhea move,
And I forget that Thou .art Love.

5 O Sovereign Love,, to. Thee I cry,
Give me thy f elf, or e!fe I die.

Save me from Death, from Hell fet free,
Death, Hell, are but the Want of Thee :
Quickned by thy imparted Flame,
Sav'd, when pofleft of Thee, I am j
My Life, my only Heav'n Thou art :
O might I feel Thee in my Heart ! .



From the German.

Esu, whofe Glory's (beaming Rays,
Tho' duteous to thy high Command
Not Seraphs view with open Face,

But veil'd before thy Prefence ftand :
How mall weak Eyes of Flefh, weigh'd dowm

With Sin, and dim with Error's Night,
Dare to behold thy awful Throne,

Or view thy unapproached Light ?

2 Reftore my Sight ! let thy free Grace

An Entrance to the Holieft give !
Open my Eyes of Faith ! thy Face

So fliall I fee ; yet feeing live.
Thy Golden Scepter from above

Reach forth; fee my whole Heart I bow;
Say to my Soul, Thou art my Love,

My Chofen midil ten thoufand Thou.

3 O JESU, full of Grace ! the Sighs

Of a fick Heart with Pity view !
Hark how my Silence fpeaks ; and cries,

Mercy, Thou GOD of Mercy, mew!
I, know Thou canft not but be -Good!

How fhouldftThou, LORD, thy Grace reftrain?
Thou, LORD, whofe Blood fo largely flow'd

To fave me from all Guilt and Pain.

4 Into thy gracious Hands I fall,

And with the Arms of Faith embrace !

King of Glory, hear my Call !

O raife me, heal me by thy Grace f
- -Now Righteous thro' thy Wounds I am*
No Condemnation now I dread;

1 tafte Salvation in thy Name,

Alive in Thee my Living Head?


5 Still let thy Wifdom be my Guide,

Nor take thy Light from me away T
Still with me let thy Grace abide,

That I from Thee may never ftray :
Let thy Word richly in me dwell ;

Thy Peace and Love my Portion be,
My Joy t'endure, and do thy Will,

'Till perfect I am found in Thee !

6 Arm me with thy whole Armour, LORD,

Support my Weaknefs with thy Might :
^Gird on my Thigh thy conq'ring Sword,

And ftiield me in the threat'ning Fight
From Faith to Faith, from Grace to Grace,

So in thy Strength {hall I go on,
'Till Heav'n and Earth flee from thy Face,

And Glory end what Grace begijn.







CH R i ST the Friend of Sitmers.

HERE fhall my wondring Soul begin ?
How fhall I All to Heav'n alpire ?
A Slave redeem'd from Death and Sin,
A Brand pluck'd from Eternal Fire ;
How (hall I equal Triumphs raife,
And fing my Great Deliverer's Praife?

2 O how (hall I the Goodnefs tell,

Father, which Thou to me haft ihow'd,
That I, a Child of Wrath, and Hell,

I fhould be call'd a Child of GOD !
Should know, mould feel my Sins forgiven,
Bleft with this Antepaft of Heaven!

3 And (hall I flight my Father's Love,

Or bafely fear his Gifts to own ?
Unmindful of his Favours prove ?

Shall I, the hallow'd Crofs to flr.m,
Refufe his Righteoufnefs t' impart,
By hiding it within my Heart ?

G 4 No:


4 No : Tho' the Antient Dragon rage,
And call forth all his Holt to War,

Tho' Earth's Self-righteous Sons engage ?
Them, and their God alike I dare:

JESITS, the Sinner's Friend proclaim,

JESUS, to Sinners flill the fame.

*$- Outcafts of Men, to You I call,

Harlots, and Publicans, and Thieves !
Pie fpreads his Arms t'embrace you all ;

Sinners alone his Grace receives :
No Need of Him the Righteous have,
He came the Loft to feek and fave !

6 Come all ye Magdalem in Luft,

Te Ruffians fell in Murders old;
Repent, and live ; defpair, and truft !

JESUS for you to Death was fold;
Tho' Hell proteft, and Earth repine,
He died for Crimes like Yours and Mine.

7 .Come, O my guilty Brethren, come,

Groaning beneath your Load of Sin !
His bleeding Heart (hall make you room,

His open Side mall take you in :
He calls you N ow, invites you home-
Come, O my guilty Brethren, come !

3 For you the purple Current flow'd

In Pardons from his wounded Side:
Languiih'd for you th' Eternal GOD,
For you the Prince of Glory dy'd.
Believe ; and All your Sin's forgiven,
Onlj Believe and yours is Heaven.



On the Converfion ofa Common Harlot.

LUKE xv. 10.

Tbere is Joy in the Prejence of thf
Angels of G.Q.D over one Sinner

I N G ye Heavens, and Earth rejoict^.

Make to GOD a chearful Nolle ;
He the Work alone hath done,
He hath glorified his Son.

2 Sons of GOD exulting rife;
Join the Triumph of die Skies,
See the Prodigal is come,

Shout to bear the Wanderer home f'

3 Strive in Joy with Angels ftrive,
Dead She was, but novv's alive,
Loud repeat the glorious Sound,
Loft She was, but now is found !

4 This through Ages all along,
This be ftill the Joyous Song,
Wide diffus'd o'er Earth abroad,
Mufick iii the Ears of GOD.

r Refcued from the Fowler's Snare,
JESUS fpreads his Arms for Her,
JESU'S Arms her facred Fence :
Come,, ye Fiends, and pluck her thence I

6 Thence me never (hall remove,
Safe in his Redeeming Love :
This the Purchafe of his Groans \
This the Soul he died for once !
G 2


7 Now the gracious Father fmiles,
Now the SAVIOUR boafts his Spoils:
Now the Spirit grieves no more :
Sing ye Heav'ns, and Earth adore !

Looking unto JESUS the Author and
Finifier of our Faith.

ORD, if to Me thy Grace hath given,
A Spark of Life, a Tafte of Heaven,
The Gofpel Pearl, the Woman's Seed,
The Bruifer of the Serpent's Head :

2 Why fleeps my Principle Divine ?
Why haftens not my Spark to fnine ?
The Saviour in my Heart to move,
And all my Soul to flame with Love ?

3 Buried, o'erwhelm'd, and loft in Sin,
And feemingly extindl within,
Th'Immortal Seed unaclive lies,

The Heav'nly Adam finks, and dies :

4 Dies, and revives the Dying Flame.
Call down, but not deftroy'd I am,
'Midft thoufand Lufts I ftill refpire,
And tremble, unconftsm'd, in Fire.

5 Suffer'd awhile to want my GOD,
To groan beneath my Nature's Load,
That Ail may own, that All may fee,
WUngodly juflijied in Me.




AVI OUR of Men, how long {hall I

Forgotten at thy Footftool lie !
Clofe by the Fountain of thy Blood,
Yet groaning (till to be renew'd ;

2 A Miracle of Grace and Sin,
Pardon'd, yet ftill, alas, unclean ?
Thy Righteoufnefs is counted Mine :
When in my Nature fhine ?

3 Darkfome I ftill remain and void,
And painfully unlike my GOD,
'Till Thou diffufe a brighter Ray,
And turn the Glimm.lring into Day.

4 Why didft Thou the Ffrft Gift impart,
And fprinkle with thy Blood my Heart,
But that my fprinkled Heart might prove,
The Life and Liberty of Love ?

5 Why didft Thou bid my Terrors ceafe, .
And fweetly fill my Soul with Peace,

But thn.t my peaceful Soul might know
The Joys that from Believing flow ?

6 See then thy Ranfom'd Servant, fee,
I hunger, LORD, I thirl t for Thee !
Feed me with Love, thy Spirit give,

I gafp, in Him, in Thee to live.

7 The Promis'd Comforter impart,
Open the Fountain in my Heart ;
There let Him flow with fpringing Joys,,
And into Life Eternal rife..

G 3 8 Thee


There let Him ever, ever dwell,
The Pledge, the Witnefs, and the Seal ;
I'll glory then in Sin forgiven,
In CHRIST my Life, my Love, my Heaven?


THEE, O my G O D and King,
My Father, Thee I fing !
Hear well-pleas'd the joyous Sound,

Praife from Earth and Heav'n receive j
Loft, I now in CHRIST am found,
Dead, by Faith in CHRIST I live.

Father, behold thy Son,
In CHRIST I am thy own.
Stranger long to Thee and Reft,

See the Prodigal is come :
Open wide thine Arms and Breaft,
Take the weary Wand'rer home.

Thine Eye obferv'd from far,
Thy Pity look'd me near:
Me thy Bowels yearn' d to fee,
Me thy Mercy ran to find,
Empty, poor, and void of Thee,
Hungry, fick, and faint, and blind.

Thou on my Neck didft fall,
Thy Kifs forgave me all :
Still the gracious Words I hear,

Words that made the SAVIOUR mine,
Hafte, for him the Robe prepare,
His be Righteoufnefs Divine !

5 Thee


Thee then, my G O D and King,
My Father, Thee I fmg
Hear well-pleas'd the joyous Sound,

Praife from Earth and Heav'n receive ;
Loft, I now in CHRIST am found,
Dead, by FAITH in CHRIST I live.


HYMN to the SON.

Filial Deity,

Accept my New-born Cry !
See the Travail of thy Soul,

SAVIOUR, and be fatisfy'd ;
Take me now, poflefs me whole,
Who for Me, for Me haft dy'd !

Of Life Thou art the Tree,
My Immortality f
Feed this tender Branch of Thine,

Ceafelefs Influence derive,
Thou the true, the Heav'nly Vine,
Grafted into Thee I live.

Of Life the Fountain Thou,
I know 1 feel it Now !
Faint and dead no more I droop :
Thou art in me : Thy Supplies
Ev'ry Moment fpringing up
Into Life Eternal rife.

(. Thou the Good Shepherd art,

From Thee I ne'er fhall part :
Thou my Keeper and my Guide,
Make me ftill thy tender Care,
Gently lead me by thy Side,
Sweetly in thy Bofom bear.

; Thou art my Daily Bread ;

O CHRIST, Thou art my Head :


Motion, Virtue, Strength to Me,
Me thy Living Member flow;

Nourifh'd I, and fed by Thee,
Up to Thee in all Things gro\\'.

6 Prophet, to me reveal
Thy Father's perfecl Will.

Never Mortal (pake like Thee,

Human Prophet like Divine :
Loud and ilrong their Voices be,

Small and ilill and inward Thine f

7 On Thee my Prieft I call,
Thy Blood aton'd for All.

Still the Lamb as flain appears,

Still Thou Hand 'it before the Throne,

Ever off'ring up thy Pray'rs,
Thsfe prefenting with thy own.

8 JESU ! Thou art my King,
From Thee my Strength I bring!

Shadow'd by thy mighty Hand,

SAVIOUR, who mall pluck me thence ?

FAITH fupports, by FAITH I ftand
Strong as thy Omnipotence,

9 O Filial Deity,

Accept my New-born Cry !
See the Travail of thy Soul,

SAVIOIJR, and be latisfy'd j
Take me now, poflefs me whole,

Who for Me, for Me hail dy'd !


EAR, Holy Spirit, hear,
My Inward Comforter 1




Loos'd by Thee my ftamm'ring Tongue

Firft effays to praife Thee now,
This the New, the Joyful Song,

Hear it in thy Temple Thou !

Long o'er my Formlefs Soul
The dreary Waves did roll j
Void I lay, and funk in Night :

Thou, the overfhadowing Dove,
Call'dft the Chaos into Light,
Bad : ft me Be, and live, and love.

Thee I exult to Feel,
Thou in my Heart doft dwell :
There Thou bear'ft thy Witnefs true,
Shed'ft the Love of G OD abroad ;
I in CHRIST a Creature New,
I, ev'n I, am born of G O D !

Ere yet the Time was come
To fix in Me thy Home,.
With me oft Thou didft refide -

Now, my G O D, Thou In me art ?
Here Thou ever malt abide j
One we are, no more to part.

Fruit of the SAVIOUR'S Pray'r,
My Promis'd Comforter !
Thee the World cannot receive,

Thee they neither know nor fee,
Dead is all the Life they live,

Dark their Light, while void of Thee.

Yet I partake thy Grace
Thro' CHRIST my Righteoufnefs ;
Mine the Gifts Thou doft impart,
Mine the Unftion from above,
Pardon written on my Heart,

Light, and Life, and Joy, and Love.

7 Thy


7 Thy Gifts, beft Paraclete,
I glory to repeat :

Sweetly Sure of Grace I am,

Pardon to my Soul apply 'd,
Int'reft in the fpotlefs Lamb ;

Dead for All, for me He dy'd.

8 Thou art Thyfelf the Seal ;
I more than Pardon feel :

Peace, Unutterable Peace,

Joy that Ages ne'er can move,

Faith's Affurance, Hope's Increafe,.
All the Confidence of Love f

9 Pledge. of the Promife giv'n,
My Antepaft of Heav'n j -

Earneft Thou of Joys Divine,

Joys Divine on Me beftow'd,
Heav'n, and CHXIST,. and All is mine,

All the Plenitude of G O D.

JO Thou art My Inward Guide,

I alk no Help befide :
Arm of G OD, on Thee I call,

Weak as Helplefs Infancy !
Weak I am yet cannot fall

Stay'd by FAITH, and led by Thee f

1 I Hear, Holy Spirit, hear,

My Inward Comforter !
X.oos'd by Thee my ftamm'ring Tongue

Firft efiays to praife Thee now ;
This the New, the Joyful Song,
Hear it in thy Temple Thou !




1 T T 7 H E N firil: thy gracious Eye's Survey,

V V Ev'n in die midit of Youth and Night,
Mark'd me, where funk in Sin I lay,
I felt a ftrange, unknown Delight.

2 My Soul, as all at once renew'd

Own'd the Divine Pliyfician's Art,
So fwift che healing Look bedew'd,

Embalm'd, o 1 er-ran, and fill'd my Heart.

3 Since then I many a bitter Storm

Have felt, and feeling fure had 'dy'd,
Had tiie malicious Fatal Harm
Roll'd on its unmolefted Tide :

4 But working (till, within my Soul,

Thy fweet Original Joy remain'd ;
Thy Love did all my Griefs controul,
Thy Love the Viclory more than gain'd.

5 If the firil Glance, but open'd now

And now feaPd up, fo pow'rfui prove,
What wondrous Transports mall we know
When glorying in thy full-ey'd Love !

6 When Thou malt look us out of Pain,

And raife us to thy Blifsful Sight,
With open Face ftrong to fcitain
The Blaze of thy unclouded Light!




can it be, that I fhould gain
An Int'reit in the Saviour's Blood !
JDy'd He for Me? who caus'd his Pain !
For Me ? who him to Death purfu'd !
Amazing Love I how can it be
That Thou, my GO D fhouldft die for Me ?

4 'Tis Myft'ry all ! th' Immortal dies!

Who can explore his ftrange Defign ?
In vain the firft-born Seraph tries

To found the Depths of Love Divine.
"*Tis Mercy all ! let Earth adore ;
Let Angel Minds enquire no more.

3 He left his Father's Throne above,

(So free, fo infinite his Grace !)
Empty 'd himfelf of All but Love,

And bled for Adams helplefs Race :
'Tis Mercy all, immenfe and free !
<For O my GOD ! it found out Me !

4 Long my imprifon'd Spirit lay,

Fail bound in Sin and Nature's Night
Thine Eye diffus'd a quick 'ning Ray ;

I woke ; the Dungeon fiam'd with Lights
My Chains fell off, my Heart was free,
I rofe, went forth, and follow'd Thee.

5 Still the fmall inward Voice I hear,

That whifpers all my Sins forgiv'n ;
Still the Atoning Blood is near,

That quench 'd the Wrath of hoftile Heav'n :
I feel the Life his Wounds impart ;
I feel my SAVIOUR in my Heart.

6 No


6 No Condemnation now I dread,

JESUS, and all in Him, is Mine :
Alive in Him, my Living Head,

And cloath'd in Righteoumefs Divine,
Bold I approach th'Eternal Throne,
And claim the Crown, thro' CHRIST, my own.



O my Way, my Truth, my Life!
A Way that gives us Breath,
A Truth that ends its Followers Strife,
A Life that conquers Death !

2 Come, O my Light, my Feaft, my Strength !

A Light that mews a Feaft ;
A Feaft that (till improves by Length,
A Strength that makes the Guell !

3 Come, O my Joy, my Love, my Heart I

A Joy that none can move ;

A Love that none can ever part,

A Heart that joys in Love !



From the fame.
AVI O UR, if Thy precious Love

Could be merited by mine,
FAITH thefe Mountains would remove ;
FAITH would make me ever Thine :
But when all my Care and Pains,
Worth can ne'er create in Me,
Nought by me thy Fuli\efs gains ;
Vain the Hope to purchaie Thee.

H z C. Ceafe,


2 C. Ceafe, my Child, thy Worth to weigh,

Give the needlefs Conteft o'er :
Mine Thou art ! while thus I fay,

Yield Thee up, and afk no more.
What thy Eftimate may be,

Only can by Him be told,
Who to ranfom wretched Thee,

Thee to gain, Himfelf was fold.

3 S. But when All in Me is Sin,

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