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How can I thy Grace obtain ?
How prefume Thyfelf to win ?

G O D of Love, the Doubt explain
Or if Thou the Means fupply,

Lo! to Thee I Allrdign!
Make me, LORD, (I afk not why,

How, I afk not) ever Thine !

,4 C. This I would That humbly ftill

Thou fubmit to my Decree,
Meekly fubje&ing thy Will,

Clofely copying after Me :
That as I did leave my Throne ;

Freely from my Glory part ;
Die, to make thy Heart my own

S. Ah ! no more Thou break'ft my Heart !

Subje&ion to CHRIST.

From the German.

i TE S U, to Thee my Heart I bow,
j Strange Flames far from my Soul remove ;
Faireft among ten thoufand Thou,

Be Thou my LORD, my Life, my Love.



2 All Heav'n Thou fill' ft with pure Defire ;

O mine upon my frozen Breaft ;
With facred Warmth my Heart infpire,
May I too thy hid Sweetneis tafte.

3 I fee thy Garments roll'd in Blood,

Thy ftreaming Head, thy Hands, thy Side .
All hail, Thoa Suff'ring Conquering GOD !
Now Man mall live ; for GOD hath dy'd,

4 O kill in Me this Rebel Sin,

And triumph o'er my willing Breaft:
Reftore thy Image, LORD, therein,
And lead me to my Father's Reft.

r Ye earthly Loves, be far away !

SA v i OUR, be Thou my Love alone ;
No more may Mine ufurp the Sway,
But in me thy great Will be done !

6 Yea, Thou true Witnefs, fpotlefs Lamb,
All Things for Thee I count but Lofs j
My fole Defire, my conftant Aim,
My only Glory be thy Crofs ! -

Renouncing all for CHR IS T.

from the French.

1 /""^OME, SAVIOUR JESU, from above,
V_>| Aflift me with thy heav'nly Grace,
Withdraw my Heart from worldly Love,

And for Thy felf prepare the Pkce.

2 O let thy facred Prefence fill

And fet my longing Spirit free,
Which pants to have no other Will,
But Night and Day to feaft on Thee.

H 2 3 While


3 While in thefe Regions here below,

No other Good will I purfue ;
I'll bid this World of Noife and Show
With all its fiatt'ring Snares, adieu.

4 That Path, with humtle Speed I'll feek,

Wherein my SAVIOUR'S Footfteps fhine,
Nor will I hear, nor will I fpeak
Of any other Love than Thine.

5 To Thee my earneft Soul afpires,

To Thee I offer all my Vows,
Keep me from falfe and vain Defires,

My GOD, my SAVIOUR, and my Spouie.

6 Henceforth may no prophane Delight

Divide this confecrated Soul ;
PofTefs it Thou, who haft the Right,
As LORD and Matter of the whole.

7 Wealth, Honour, Pleafure, or what elfe

This mort-enduring World can give,
Tempt as you will, my Heart repels,
To CHRIST alone refolv'd to live.

8 Thee I can love, and Thee alone

With holy Peace, and Inward Blifs ;
To find Thou tak'ft me for thy own,
O what a Happinefs is This !

9 Nor Heav'n nor Earth do I defire,

But thy pure Love within my Breaft,
This, this I always will require,
And freely give up all the reft.

io Thy Gifts, ifcall'dfor, I refign,

Pieas'd to receive, pleas'd to. reftore ;
Gifts are thy Work ; it ihall be mine
The Giver only to adore.





O JVI E hither All, whofe grov'ling Tafte

Inflaves your Souls, and lays them wafte 5-
Save your Expence, and mend your Cheer:
Here GOD Himfelf 's prepared and dreft,
Himfelf vouchfafes to be your Feaft,
In whom Alone all Dainties are.

2 Come hither All, whom tempting Wine
Bows to your Father BeliaT^ Shrine,

Sin all your Boaft, and Senfe your G O D '.
Weep now for what you've drank amifs,
And loofe your Tafte for fenfual Blifs

By drinking here your SAVIOUR'S Blood;

3 Come hither All, whom fearching Pain,
Whom Confcience's loud Cries arraign

Producing all your Sins to view :
Tafte ; and difmifs your Guilty Fear, .
O tafte and fee that GOD is here

To heal your Souls, and Sin fubdue.

4 Come hither All, whom Carelefs Joy
Does with alluring Force deftroy,

While loofe ye range beyond your Bounds i
True Joy is here,, that paffes quite,
And all your tranfient mean Delight

Drowns, as a Flood the lower Grounds.

5 Come hither All, whofe Idol-love,
While fond the pleaiing Pain ye prove,.

Raifes your foolifh Raptures high :
True Love is here ; whofe dying Breath
Gave Life to Us ; who tafted Death,

And tailing once no more can die^

H 3 6 Loa*y


6 LORD, I have now invited All,
And inftant Hill the Guefts mall call,

Still (hall I All invite to Thee :
For O my GOD, it feems but right
In mine, thy meaneft Sen-ants Sight,

That where All Is, there All fhould be !

fbe B A N ^ U E T".

From the fame.

1 "IT 7 E L C O M E, delicious Sacred Cheer,

VV Welcome, my GOD, my SAVIOUR dear,
O with me, In me live and dwell !

Thine, Earthly Joy fnrpafies quite,

The Depths of thy fupreme Delight
Not Angel Tongues can tafte or tell.

2 What Streams of Sweetnefs from the Bowl
Surprize and deluge all my Soul,

Sweetnefs that is, and makes Divine !
Surely from GOD's Right Hand they flow,
From thence dtriv'd to Earth below,

To chear us with Immortal Wine.

3 Soon as I tafte the Heav'nly Bread,
What Manna, o'er my Soul is fhed,

Manna that Angels never knew!
Victorious Sweetnefs fills my Heart,
Such as my GOD delights t'impart,

Mighty to fave, and Sin fubdue.

4 I had forgot my Heavenly Birth,
My Soul degen'rate clave to Ear:h,

In Senfe and Sins bafe Pleafures drown'd :
When- GOD aflum'd Humanity,
And fpilt his Sacred Blood for me,

To find me grov'ling on die Ground.

5 Soon


5 Soon as his Love has rais'd me up,
He mingles Bleflings in a Cup,

And fweetly meets my ravifli'd Tafte,
Joyous I now throw off my Load,
I caft my Sins and Care on G O D,

And Wine becomes a Wing at laft.

6 Upborn on This, I mount, I fly ;
Regaining fwift my Native Sky,

I wipe my ftreaming Eyes, and fee
Him, whom I feek, for whom I fue,
My GOD, my SAVIOUR there I view,

Him, who has done fo much for me !

7 O let thy wondrous Mercy's Praife,
Infpire, and confecrate my Lays,

And take up all my Lines and Life ;
Thy Praife my ev'ry Breath employ :
Be all my Bdinefs, all my Joy

To ftrive in This, and love the Strife ?

'Therefore with Angels, &c.

1 T O R D and G O D of Heav'nly Pow'rs^
1 j Theirs ; yet O ! benignly Oars;

Glorious King, let Earth proclaim,
Worms attempt to chaunt thy Name.

2 Thee to laud in Songs Divine,
Angels and Archangels join ;
We with them our Voices raife,
Echoing thy Eternal Praife:

3 Holy, Holy, Holy LORT>,
Live by Heav'n and Earth ador'd \
Full of Thee, they ever cry,
Glory be to GOD moll High \



Glory be to GOD on high, &c.

1 /"^LORY be to GOD on high,
VJT GOD whofe Glory fills the Sky :
Peace on Earth to Man forgiv'n,

Man the Well-belov'd of Heav'nf

2 Sov'reign Father, Heav'nly King !
Thee we now preiume to fmg ;
Glad Thine Attributes confefs,
Glorious all, and numberlefs.

3 Hail ! by all thy Works ador'd,
Hail! the everlafting LORD !

Thee, with thankful Hearts, we prove
LORD of Pow'r, and G O D of Love.

4 CHRIST our LORD and GOD we own,

CHRIST the Father's only Son!
Lamb of GOD, for Sinners flain,
SAVIOUR of offending Man!

5 Bow Thine Ear, in Mercy bow,
Hear, the World's Atonement Thou *
JESU, in thy Name we pray,
Take, O take our Sins away.

6 Pow'rful Advocate with GOD,
Juftify us by thy Blood ?

Bow Thine Ear, in Mercy bow,
Hear, the World's Atonement Thou ?

7 Hear; for Thou, O CHRIST alone
Art with thy great Father One ;
One the Holy Ghoft with Thee,
One fupreme Eternal Three.




Alter" d from Dr. Hicks'j Reform 'd Devotions.

1 TE S U, behold the Wife from far,
J Led to thy Cradle by a Star,

Bring Gifts to Thee, their GOD and King !
O guide us by Light, that we
The Way may find, and ftill to Thee

Our Hearts, our All for Tribute bring.

2 JESU, the pure, the fpotlefs Lamb,
Who to the Temple humbly came,

Duteous the Legal Rights to pay :
O make our proud, our ftubborn Will,
All thy wife, gracious Laws fulfil,

Whate'er rebellious Nature fay.

3 JESU, who on the fatal Wood

Pcur'dlt out thy Life's lad Drop of Blood,

NaiTd to th'accurfed fhameful Crofs :
O may we blefs thy Love, and be
Ready, dear LORD, to bear for Thee
All Shame, all Grief, all Pain, all Lofs.

A JESU, who by Thine own Love {lain,
By Thine own Pow'r took'fl Life again,

And Conqueror from the Grave didft rife :
O may thy Death our Souls revive,
And ev'n on Earth a new Life give,

A glorious Life that never dies.

5 JESU, who to thy Heav'n again
Return'dft in Triumph, there to reign
Of Men and Angels Sov'reign King:
O may our parting Souls take Flight
Up to that Land of Joy and Light,
And there for ever grateful fing.

6 All


6 All Glory to the facred Three,
One undivided Deity,

All Honour, Pow'r, and Love and Praife ;
Still may thy blefled Name mine bright
In Beams of uncreated Light,

Crown'd with its own eternal Rays.


1 TOEHOLD the SAVIOUR of Mankind
Jj Nail'd to the fhameful Tree !
How vaft the Love that Him inclin'd

To bleed and die for Thee !

2 Hark how he groans ! while Nature makes,

And Earth' o ftrong Pillars bend !
The Temple's Veil in funder breaks,
The folid Marbles rend.

3 'Tisdone! the precious Ranfom's paid ;

Receive my Soul, he cries ;
See where he bows his facred Head ?
He bows his Head and dies.

4 But foon He'll break Death's envious Chain,

And in full Glory mine !
O Lamb of G O D, was ever Pain,
Was ever Love like Thine !


Soul extols the mighty LORD,
In GOD the SAVIOUR joys my Heart:
Thou haft not my low State abhorr'd ;
Now know I, Thou my SAVIOUR art.

2 Sorrow


2 Sorrow and Sighs are fled away,

Peace now I fed, and Joy and Reft:
Renew'd, I hail the Feftal Day,
Henceforth by endlefs Ages bleft.

3 Great are the Things which Thou haft done,

How holy is thy Name, O LORD!
How wondrous is thy Mercy fhewn
To all that tremble at thy Word !

4 Thy conqu'ring Arm with Terror crown'd,

Appear 'd the Humble to fuftain :
And all the Sons of Pride have found
Their boafted Wifdom void and vain.

5 The Mighty from their native Sky

Caft down, Thou haft in Darknefs bound:
And rais'd the Worms of Earth on high,
With Majefty and Glory crown'd.

6 The Rich have pin'd amidft their Store,

Nor e'er the Way of Peace have trod ;
Mean while the hungry Souls thy Pow'r
Fill'd with the Fulnefs of their GOD.

7 Come, SAVIOUR, come, of old decreed !

Faithful and true be Thou confeft :

By all Earth's Tribes in Abrahams Seed

Henceforth thro' endlefs Ages bleft.

I'rufl in PR o v i D E N c E.

From the German.

IO M M I T thou all thy Griefs

And V/ays into his Hands ;
To his fure Truth and tender Care,

Who Earth and Heav'n commands.

z Who



Who points the Clouds their Courfe,
Whom Winds and Seas obey ;
He fhall direft thy wand'ring Feet,
He fhall prepare thy Way.

Thou on the LORD rely,
So fafe fhalt thou go on ;
Fix on his Work thy ftedfaft Eye,
So fhall thy Work be done.

No Profit canft thou gain
By felf-confuming Care ;
To Him commend thy Caufe, his Ear
Attends the fofteft Pray'r.

Thy Everlafting Truth,
Father, thy ceafelefs Love
Sees all thy Children's Wants, and knows
What beft for each will prove.

And whatfoe'er Thou will'ft,
Thou doft, O King of Kings ;
What thy unerring Wifdom chofe,
Thy Pow'r to Being brings.

Thou ev'ry where haft Way,
And all Things ferve thy Might ;
Thy ev'ry A61 pure Bleffing is,
Thy Path unfully'd Light.

When Thou arifeft, LORD,
What fhall thy Work withftand ?
When all thy Children want Thou giv'ft,
Who, who fhall ftay thy Hand ?

Give to the Winds thy Fears ;
Hope, and be undifmay'd ;
GOD hears thy Sighs, and counts thy Tears,
GOD fhall lift up thy Head.

10 Thro'


i o Thro' Waves, and Clouds, and Storms

He gently clears thy Way ;
Wait Thou his Time, fo frail this Night
Soon end in joyous Day.

1 1 Still heavy is thy Heart ?
Still fink thy Spirits down ?

Caft off the Weight, let Fear depart,
And ev'ry Care be gone.

1 2 What tho 1 Thou ruleft not ?

Yet Heav'n, and Earth, and Hell
Proclaim, GOD fitteth on the Throne,
And ruleth all Things well !

1 3 Leave to his Sov'reign Sway
To choofe, and to command ;

So fhalt thou wondring own, his. Way
How wife, how itrong his Hand.

1 4 Far, far above thy Thought
His Counfel (hall appear,

When fully He the Work hath wrought,
That caus'd thy needlefs Fear.

1 5 Thou feeft our Weaknefs, LORD,
Our Hearts are known to Thee ;

O lift Thou up the flaking Hand,
Confirm the feeble Knee !

1 6 Let us in Life, in Death,
Thy ftedfaft Truth declare,

And publifh with our lateft Breath
Thy Love and Guardian Care ?



i T? T E R N AL Beam of Light Divine,
r^ Fountain of unexhauited Love,
In whom the FATHER'S Glories mine,

Thro' Earth beneath, and Heav'n above ;

-2 JESU ! the weary Wand'rer's Reft;
Give me thy eafy Yoke to bear,
With ftedfaft Patience arm my Breaft,
With fpotlefs Love, and lowly Fear.

3 Thankful I take tlie Cup from Thee,

Prepar'd and mingled by thy Skill :
Tho' bitter to the Tafle it be,
.Pow'rful the wounded Soal to heal.

4 Be Thou, O Rock of Ages nigh:

So fnall each murm'ring Thought be gone,
And Grief, and Fear, and Care ihall fly
As Clouds before the Mid-day San.

3 Speak to my warring Paffions, "Peace;

Say to my trembling Heart, " Be fiill :
Thy Pow'r my Strength and Fortrefs is,
.For all Things ferve thy So v 'reign Will.

;6 .O Death, where is thy Sting ? Where now

Thy boafled Victory, O Grave ?
Who ihall contend with GOD: Or, Who
.Can hurt whom GOD delights to fave?



From the German;

1 ""T^Hou Lamb of GOD, Thou Prince of Peace,

A For Thee my thirfty Soul doth pine !
My longing Soul implores thy Grace,
O make me in thy Likenefs fhine_

2 With fraudlefs, even, humble Mind, <

Thy Will in all Things may I fee :
In love be ev'ry Wjfli refign'd,

And hallow'd my whole Heart to Thee.-

3 When Pain o'er my weak Flefh prevails.

With Lamb-like Patience arm my
When Grief my wounded Soul afiails,
In lowly Meeknefs may I reft.

4 Clofe by thy Side ftift may I keep,

Howe'er Life's various Current flow;
With ftedfaft Eye mark ev'ry Step,
And follow Thee where'er Thou go.

5 Thou, LORD, the dreadful Fight haft won -

Alone Thou haft the Wine-prefs trod ;
In me thy ftrengthening Grace be fhewn,
O may I conquer thro' thy Blood !

6 So when on Ston Thou ihalt ftand,

And ail Heav'ns Hoft adore their King,.
Shall I be found at thy Right Hand,
And free from Pain thy Glories fing.




From the fame.

1 A L L Glory to th 1 Eternal Three,

JL\. Of Light and Love th'unfathom'd Sea !
Whofe boundlefs Pow'r, whofe faving Grace,
Reliev'd me in my deep Diflrefs.

2 Still, LORD, from thy exhauftlefs Store,
Pure Bleffing, and Salvation fhow'r ;
'Till Earth I leave, and foar away

To Regions of unclouded Day.

3 My Heart from all Pollution clean,

O purge it, tho' with Grief and Pain:

To Thee lo ! ,1 my All refign,

Thine be my Will, my Soul be Thine.

4 O guide me, lead me in thy Ways :
'Tis Thine the finking Hand to raifc f
O may I ever lean on Thee :

'Tis Thine to prop the feeble Knee.

5 O Father, fandify this Pain,
Nor let one Tear be flied in vain f
Soften, yet arm my Breaft : No Fear,
No Wrath, but Love alone be there.

6 O leave not, caft me not away

In fierce Temptation's dreadful Day:
Speak but the Word ; inflant (hall ceafe
7'he Storm, and all my Soul be Peace !



1 \ H f my dear LORD, whofe changelefs Low
JL\. To Me, nor Earth nor Hell can pan ;
When fhail my Feet forget to rove ?

Ah, what mall fix this faithlefs Heart i

2 Why do thefe Cares my Soul divide, .

If Thou indeed haft fet me free ?
Why am I thus, if GO D hath dy'd ;
If G O D hath dy'd to ranfom Me ?

3 Around me Clouds of Darknefs roll,

In deepeft Night I ftill walk on ;
Heavily moves my fainting Soul,

My Comfort and my GOD are gone.

4 Chearlefs and all forlorn I droop ;

In vain I lift my weary Eye ;
No Gleim of Light, no Ray of Hope
Appears throughout thtdarken'd Sky.

5 My feeble Knees I bend again,

My drooping Hands again I rear :
Vain is the Tafk, the Effort vain,
My Heart abhors the irkfome

6 Oft with thy Saints my Voice I raife,

And feem to join the taftelefs Song:
Faintly afcends th'imperfeft Praife,

Or dies upon my thoughtlcfs Tongue.- .

7 Cold, weary, languid, heartlefs r dead, ,

To thy dread Courts I oft repair ;
- By Confcience drag'd, or Cuftom led

1 come j nor know that G O D is there !

*Ni S


8 Nigh with my Lips to Thee I draw,

Unconfcious at thy Altar found j
Far off my Heart : Nor touch'd with Awe,
Nor mov'd - tho' Angek tremble round,

9 In All I do, Myfelflfeel,

And groan beneath the wonted Load,
Still unrenew'd, and carnal ftill,

Naked of CHRIST, and void of G O D.

10 Nor yet the Earthly ddcun dies,

But lives, and moves, andr fights again,
Still the fierce Gufts of Paflion rife,
And rebel Nature ftrives to reign.

1 1 Fondly my foolifh Heart eflays

T'augment the Source of perfect Blifs,
Love's All-fufficient Sea to raife
With Drops of Creature-Happinefs.

1 2 O Love ! thy Sov'reign Aid impart,

And guard the Gifts thyfelf haft giv'n :
My Portion Thou, my Treafure art,
And Life, and Happinefs, andHeav'n.

1 2 Would ought with Thee my Wiflies fhare,

Tho 1 dear as Life the Idol be,
The Idol from my Breaft I'll tear,
Refolv'd to feek my All from Thee.

I . Whatever I fondly counted Mine,

To Thee, my LORD, I here reftore:
Gladly I all for Thee refign :
Give me Thyfelf, I afk no more !




1 TV/TY GOD (if I may call Thee Mine
JLVjL From Heav'n and Thee remov'd fo far)
Draw nigh ; thy pitying Ear incline,

And caft not out my languid Pray'r.
Gently the Weak Thou lov'ft to lead,
Thou lov'ft to prop the feeble Knee,

break not then a bruifed Reed,

Nor quench the fmoaking Flax in me.

2 Buried in Sin, thy Voice I hear,

And burft the Barriers of my Tomb,
In all the Marks of Death appear,

Forth at thy Call, tho' bound, I come,
Give me, O give me fully, LORD,

Thy Refurredlion's Pow'r to know ;
Free me indeed ; repeat the Word,

And loofe my Bands, and let me go.

3 Fain would I go to Thee, my GOD,

Thy Mercies, and my Wants to tell :

1 feel my Pardon feal'd in Blood ;

SAVIOUR, thy Love I wait to feel.
Freed from the Pow'r of cancel'd Sin ;

When mail my Soul triumphant prove ?
Why breaks not out the Fire within

In Flames of Joy, and Praife, and Love ?

4 When mall my Eye affeft my Heart,

Sweetly diflblv'd in gracious Tears ?
Ah, LORD, the Stone to Flefh convert !

And 'till thy lovely Face appears,
Still may I at thy Footftool keep,

And watch the Smile of op'ning Heav'n:
Much would I pray, and love, and weep ;

I would ; for I have much forgiv'n.

5 Yet


5 Yet O ! ten Thoufand Lufts remain,

And vex my Soul, abiblv'd from Sin,
Still rebel Nature ilrives to reign,

Stili am I all unclean, unclean f
Afik'i'd by Pride, allur'd by Senfe,

On Earth the Creatures court my Stay ;
Falfe flatt'rir.g Idols, get ye hence,

Created Good be far away !

6 JESU, to Thee my Soul afpires,

JESU, to Thee I plight my Vows,
Keep me from Earthly, bale Defires,

My GOD, my SAVIOUR, and my Spoufe,
Fountain of all-fufficient Blifs,

Thou art the Good I leek below ;
Fulnefs of Joys in Thee there is,

Without 'tis Mi&'ry all, and Woe.

7 Take this poor, wandring, worthlefs Heart,

Its Wandrings all to Thee are known x
May no falfe Rival claim a Part,

Nor Sin difleize Thee of Thine own.
Stir up thy interpofing Pow'r,

Save me from Sin, from Idols fave,
Snatch me from fierce Temptation's Hour,,

And hide, O liide me in the Grave !

$ I knew Thou wilt accept me Now,

I know my Sins are now forgiv'n !
My Head to Death O let me bow,

Nor keep my Life, to lofe my Heav'n-
Far from this Snare my Soul remove,

This only Cup would I decline,
J deprecate a Creature-Love,

O take me, to fecure me Thine..

9 Or if thy Wifer Will ordain

The Trial, I would die to fhun,.
Welcome the Strife, the Grief, the Pain,
Thy Name be prais'd, thy Will be done I


I from thy Hand the Cup receive,

Meekly fubmit to thy Decree,
Gladly for Thee confent to live !

Thou, LORD, haft liv'd, had died for Me ! *

ISAIAH xliii. 2.

When thou paffeft thro' the Water -s,
I will be with thee ; and thro
the Rivers, they foall not overflow
thee : When thou walkeft thro' the
Fire thou fialt not be burnt - } nei-
ftall the Flame kindle upon thee.

1 T>EACE, doubting Heart my GOD's I am !
JL Who form'd me Man forbids my Fear :
The LORD hath call'd me by my Name,

The LORD protects for ever near:
His Blood for Me did once atone,
And ilill he loves and guards his own.

2 When paffing thro' the Watry Deep,

I afk in FAITH his promis'd Aid,
The Waves an awful Diftance keep,

And fhrink from my devoted Head :
Fearlefs their Violence I dare ;
They cannot harm, for G O D is there !

3 To Him my Eye of FAITH I turn,

And thro' the Fire purfue my Way ;
The Fire forgets its Pow'r to burn,

The lambent Flames around me play :
I own his Pow'r, accept the Sign,
And fhout to prove the SAVIOUR Mine.

4 Still


4 Still nigh me, O my SAVIOVR, ftand,

And guard in fierce Temptation's Hour j
Hide in the Hollow of thy Hand,

Shew forth in me thy Saving Pow'r,
Still be thy Arm my fure Defence,
Nor Earth, nor Hell mail pluck me thence.

5 Since Thou haft bid me come to Thee,

(Good as 7'hou art, and ftrong to fave)
I'll walk o'er Life's tempeituous Sea,

Upborn by the ur yielding Wave;
Dauntlefs, tho' Rocks of Pride be near,
And yawning Whirlpools of Defpair.

6 When Darknefs intercepts the Skies,

And Sorrow's Waves around me roll,
When high the Storms of Paflion rife,

And half o'erwhelm my finking Soul ;
My Soul a fudden Voice mail feel,
And hear a Whifper, " Peace, be ffill."

7 Tho' in Affliction's Furnace tried,

Unhurt, on Snares and Deaths I'll tread;
Tho' Sin aflail, and Hell thrown wide,

Pour all its Flames upon my Head,
Like Mofes' Bum I'll mount the higher,
And fiourifh, unconfum'd in Fire.


From the German.

Thou, to whofe all-fearching Sight
The Darknefs fhineth as the Light,
Search, prove my Heart ; it pants for Thee :
O burft thefe Bands, and fet it free.




2 Wafti out its Stains, refine its Drofs,
Nail my Affections to the Crois !
Hallow each Thought : Let all within
Be clean, as Thou, my LORD, art clean.

3 If in this darkfome Wild I ftray,

Be Thou my Light, be Thou my Way :

No Foes, no Violence I fear,

No Fraud, while Thou, my GOD, art near.

4 When rifoig Floods my Soul o'erflow,
When finks my Heart in Waves of W r oe,
JESU, thy timely Aid impait,

And raife my Head, and cheer my Heart.

5 SAVIOUR, where'er thy Steps I fee,
Dauntlefs, untir'd I foilow Thee :
O let thy Hand fupport me dill,
And lead me to thy holy Hill.

6 If rough and thorny be the Way,
My Strength proportion to my JDay :
'Till Tod, aed Grief, and Pain mail ceafe,
Where all is Calm, and Joy, and Peace.

Living by CHRIST.

From the fame.

i T E S U, thy boundlefs Love to me
J No Thought can reach, no Tongue declare :
O knit my thankful Heart to Thee,
Ad reign without a Rival there :
Thine wholly, Thine alone I am :
Be Thou alone my conftant Flame.

2 O


2 O grant that nothing in my Soul

May dwell, but thy pure Love alone :
O may thy Love poflefs me whole,

My Joy, my Treafure, and my Crown.
Strange Fires far from my Soul remove,
My ev'ry Aft, Word, Thought, be Love,

3 O Love, how chearing is thy Ray ?

All Pain before thy Prefence flies !
Care, Anguim, Sorrow melt away,

Where'er thy healing Streams arife :
O JESU, nothing may I fee,
Nothing hear, feel, or think but Thee!

4 Unwearied may I this purfue,

Dauntlefs to the High Prize afpire ;
Hourly within my Breait renew

This holy Flame, this heav'nly Fire ;
And Day and Night be all my Care
To guard this facred Treafure there.

5 My SAVIOUR, Thou thy Love to me

In Want, in Pain, in Shame haft fhow'd ;
For me on the accurfed Tree,

Thou pouredft forth thy guiltlefs Blood:
Thy Wounds upon my Heart imprefs,
Nor ought fhr.ll the lov'd Stamp efface.

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