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Hid be our Life with CHRIST in GO D,

Our Spirit, LORD, be One with Thine :
Let all our Works in Thee be wrought,
And fill'd with Thee be all our Thought,

'Till in us thy full Likenefs mine.




1 /"^OME, HOLY GHOST, all-qaickning Fire,
V_>i Come, and in me delight to reft!
Drawn by the Lure of ilrong Delire,

O come, and confecrate my Breaft :
The Temple of my Soul prepare,
And fix thy facred Prefence there !

2 If now Thine Influence I feel,

If now in Thee begin to live ;
Still to my Heart Thyfelf reveal,

Give me Thyfelf, for ever give :
A Point my Good, a Drop my Store :
Eager I aflc, and pant for more.

3 Eager for Thee I afk and pant,

So ftrong the Principle Divine
Carries me out with fweet Conftraint,

'Till all my hallow'd Soul be Thine :
Plung'd in the Godhead's deepeft Sea,
And loft in Thine Immenfity.

4. My Peace, my Life, my Comfort now,

My Treafure, and mine All Thou art !
True Witnefsof my Sonfhip Thou,
Engraving Pardon on my Heart :
Seal of my Sins in CHRIST forgiv'n,
Earneft of Love, and Pledge of Heav'n.

5 Come then, my GOD, mark out Thine Heir,

Of Heav'n a larger Earneft give,
With clearer Light thy Witnefs bear,

More fenfibly within me live :
Let all my Pow'rs Thine Entrance feel,
And deeper ftamp Thyfelf the Seal.



6 Come, HOLY GHOST, all-quick'ning Fire,

Come, and in me delight to reft !
Drawn by the Lure of ftrong Defire,

O come, and confecrate my Breaft :
The Temple of my Soul prepare,
And fix thy facred Prefence li.ere !

Upon the Dejcent of the HOLY
GHOST on the Day of Pentecojl.

Alter d from Dr. H. More.

1 TT 7HEN CHRIST had left his Flock below,

y V The Lofs his faithful Flock deplor'd :
Him in the Flefh no more they know,
And languifh for their abfent LORD.

2 Not long for He gone up on high

Gifts to receive, and claim his Crown,
Beheld them forrowing from his Sky,
And pour'd the Mighty Bkffing down.

3 He, for the Prefence of his Flefh,

The Spirit's feven-fold Gifts imparts,
And living Streams their Souls refrefh,
And Joy divine overflows their Hearts.

4 While all in fweet Devotion join'd,

Humbly to wait for GOD, retire,
The promis'd Grace in rufhing Wind
Defccnds, and cloven Tongues of Fire.

5 GOD's mighty Spirit fills the Dome,

The feeble Dome beneath him {hook,
Trembled the Crowd to feel him come,
Soon as the Sons of Thunder fpoke.



6 Father ! if juftly ftill we claim

To Us and Ours the Promife made,
To Us be gracioufly the fame,

And crown with Living Fire our Head,

7 Our Claim admit, and from above

Of Holinefs the Spirit fhow'r,
Of wife Difcernment, humble Love,
And Zeal, and Unity, and Pow'r.

8 The Spirit of convincing Speech

Of Pow'r demonftrative impart,
Such as may ev'ry Confcience reach,
And found the Unbelieving Heart.

9 The Spirit of refining Fire,

Searching the Inmoft of the Mind,
To purge all fierce and foul Delire,
And kindle Life more pure and kind.

10 The Sp'rit of FAITH in this thy Day

To break the Pow'r of cancel' d Sin,
Tread down its Strength, o'erturn its Sway,
And ftill the Conqueft more than win.

1 1 The Spirit breath of Inward Life

Which in our Hearts thy Laws may write ;
Then Grief expires, and Pain, and Strife,
'Tis Nature all, and all Delight.

12 On all the Earth thy Spirit mow'r,

The Earth in Righteoufnefs renew ;
Thy Kingdom come, and Hell's o'erpow'r,
And to thy Scepter all fubdue.

1 3 Like mighty Wind, or Torrent fierce

Let it Oppofers .11 o'er-riui,
And ev'ry Law of Sin reverfe,

That FAITH and Love may make all one.

M 14 Yea


1 4 Yea, let thy Spirit in ev'ry Place

Its Richer Energy declare,
While lovely Tempers, Fruits of Grace,
The Kingdom of" thy CHRIST prepare.

15 Grant this, O Holy GOD, and True f

The Antient Seers Thou didit infpire :
To Us perform the Promife due,

Defcend, and crown us Now with Fire.


From the German.

1 T Oj G O D is here ! let us adore

j And own, how dreadful is this Place f
Let all within us feel his Pow'r,

And filent bow before his Face.
Who knows his Pow'r, his Grace who prove,
Serve him with Awe, with Rev'rence love.

2 Lo, G O D is here ! Him Day and Night

Th'united Quires of Angels fing :
To Him enthron'd above all Height

Heav'n's Hoft their nobleft Praifes bring :
Difdain not, LORD, our meaner Song,
Who praife Thee with a flamm'ring Tongue.

3 Gladly the Toys of Earth we leave,

Wealth, Pleafure, Fame, for Thee alone :
To Thee our Will, Soul, Flefh we give ;

O take, O feal them for Thine own.
Thou art the G O D ; Thou art the LORD :
Be Thou by all thy Works ador'd !

4 Being of Beings, ,may our Praife

Thy Courts with grateful Fragrance fill,
Still may we ftand before thy Face,
Still hear and do thy fov'reign Will :


To Thee may all our Thoughts arife,
Ceafelefs, accepted Sacrifice !

r In Thee we move. All Things of Thee
Are fall, Thou Source and Life of All !
Thou vaft, unfathomable Sea !

Fall proftrate, loft in Wonder, fall,
Ye Sons of Men ; for G OD is Man !
All may we lofe, fo Thee we gain !

6 As Flow'rs their op'ning Leaves difplay,

And glad drink in the Solar Fire,
So may we catch thy ev'ry Ray,

So may thy Influence us infpire i
Thou Beam of the Eternal Beam !
Thou purging Fire, Thou quietening Flame !

PRAYER to CHRIS ? before the

From the fame.

Thou, whom Sinners love, whofe Care

Doth all our Sicknefs heal,
Thee we approach with Heart fmcere,

Thy Pow'r we joy to feel.
To Thee our humbleft Thanks we pay,

To Thee our Souls we bow ;
Of Hell erewhile the helplefs Prey,
Heirs of thy Glory now.

As Incenfe to thy Throne above

O let our Pray'rs arife .'
O wing with Flames of Holy Love

Our living Sacrifice.

M 2 Stir


Stir up thy Strength, O LORD of Might,

Our willing Breafts infpire :
Fill our whole Souls with heav'nly Light,

Melt with Seraphick Fire.

3 From thy bleft Wounds our Life we draw ;

Thine all-atoning Blood
Daily we drink with trembling Awe ;

Thy Flefh our daily Food.
Come, LORD, thy fov'reign Aid impart,

Here make thy Likenefs mine,
tamp thy whole Image on our Heart,

And all our Souls be Thine.


* QONSofGOD, triumphant rife,
O Shout th'accomplim'd Sacrifice !
Shout Your Sins in CHRIST forgiv'n,
Sons of GOD, and Heirs of Heav'n !

2 Ye that round our Altars throng,
LiiVning Angels join the Song :
Sing with Us, ye Heav'nly Pow'rs,
Pardon, Grace, and Glory Ours !

3 Love's Myfterious Work is done .'
Greet we now th'atoning Son,
Heal'd and quicken'd by his Blood,
Join'd to CHRIST, and one with GOD.

4 CHRIST, of all oor Hopes the Seal ;
Peace Divine in CHRIST we feel,
Pardon to our Souls applied :
Dead for All, for Me he died !

5 Sin fhall tyrannize no more,
Purg'd its Guilt, diffolv'd its Pow'r ;


axel SACRED POEMS. 131

JESUS makes our Hearts his Throne,
There He lives, and reigns alone.

6 Grace our ev'ry Thought controuls,
Heav'n is open'd in our Souls,
Everlafting Life is won,

Glory is on Earth begun.

7 CHRIRT in Us ; in Him we fee
Fulnefs of the Deity:

Beam of the Eternal Beam;
Life Divine we tafte in Him !

8 Him we tafte ; but wait to know
Mightier Happinefs below,
Him when fully Ours we prove,
Ours the Heav'n of perfect Love!

ACTS ii. 41, &c.

'" * H E Word pronounc'd, the Gofpsl-Word,
I The Crowd with various Hearts receiv'd :

In many a Soul the SAVIOUR ftir'd,
Three thoufand yielded, and believ'd.

Thefe by th'Apoffles' Counfels led,

With them in mighty Pray'rs combin'd,

Broke the Commemorative Bread,
Nor from the Fellowfhip declin'd.

G O D from above, with ready Grace
And Deeds of Wonder, guards his Flocfe^

Trembles the World before their Face,
By JESUS crum'd, their Conqu'ring Rock.



4 The happy Band whom CHRIST redeems,

One only Will, one Judgment know:
None this contentious Earth efteems,
Diilinctions, or Delights below.

5 The Men of worldly Wealth poffeft

Their Selfifh Happinefs remove,
Sell, and divide it to the reft,
And buy the Bleffed.iefs of Love.

6 Thus in the Prefence of their GOD,

JESUS their Life, and Heav'n their Care,
With fmgle Heart they took their Food
Heighten'd by Eucharift and PrayV.

7 G O D in their ev'ry Work was prais'd:

The People blefs'd the Law benign :
Daily the Church, his Arm had rais'd,
Receiv'd the Sons of Mercy in.

To be funs' at Work.

O N of the Carpenter, receive

This humble Work of mine ;
Worth to my meaneft Labour give,
By joining it to Thine,

c Servant of all, to toil for Man

Thou wou'dft not, LORD, refufe:
Thy Majefty did not difdain
To be employ'd for us.

g Thy bright Example I purfue,
To Thee in all Things rife,
And all I think, or fpeak, or do,
Is one great Sacrifice.

4 Carelefs


4 Carelefs thro' outward Cares I go,

From all Diftradion free :
My Hands are but engag'd below,
My Heart is ftill with The.

5 O when wilt Thou my Life appear !

How gladly would I cry,
'Tis done, the Work Thou gav'ft me here,
'Tis finifh'd, LORD and die.


U M M O N ' D my Labour to renew,

And glad to act my Part,
LORD, in thy Name, my Talk I do,
And with a finale Heart,


* End of my every Action Thou !

Thy felf in All I fee:
Accept my hallow'd Labour now ;
I do it unto Thee,

3 Whatever the Father views as Thine,

He views with gracious Eyes :
JESUS! this mean Oblation join
To thy great Sacrifice.

4 Stampt with an Infinite Defert

My Work he then mail own ;
Well pleas'd in Me, when mine Thou art,
And I his favourite Son !

GOD with us.

From the German.

T E R NA L Depth of Love Divine

In JESUS, GOD-with-Us, difplay'4,
How bright thy beaming Glories mine .'
How wide thy healing Streams are fpread !


With whom doft Thou delight to dwell?

Sinners, a vile, and thanklefs Race :
O GOD ! what Torgue aright can tell

How vaft thy Love, how great thy Grace !

2 The Didates of thy Sov'reign Will

With Joy our grateful Hearts receive:
All thy Delight in us fc;ifill,

Lo ! all we are to Thee we give.
To thy fure Love, thy tender Care,

Our Flefli, Soul, Spirit we rtfign;
O ! fix thy facred Prefence there,

And feel th' Abode for ever Thine.

3 O King of Glory, thy rich Grace

Our (hort Defires furpaffes far !
Yea, ev'n our Crimes, tho' numberlefs,

Lefs num'rous than thy Mercies are.
Still on Thee, Father, may we reft !

Still may we pant thy Son to know !
Thy Sp'rit ftill breath into our Breaft,

Fountain of Peace, and Joy below !

4 Oft have we feen thy mighty Pow'r,

Since from the World Thou mad'ft us free:
Still may we praife Thee more and more,

Our Hearts more firmly knit to Thee 5
Still, LORD, thy faving Health difplay,

And arm our Souls with heav'nly Zeal :
So, fearlefs {hall we urge our Way

Thro' all the Pow'rs of Earth and Hell J

GOD our Portion.

From the Spanifli.

GOD, my G O D, my All Thou art
Ere fhines the Dawn of rifing Day,
Thy fov'reign Light within my Heart, .
Thine all-enliv'ning Pow'r difplay.



2 For Thee my thirfty Soul does pant,

While in this defert Land I live :
And hungry as I am, and faint,
Thy Love alone can Comfort give.

3 In a dry Land behold I place

My whole Defire on Thee, O LORD :
And more I joy to gain thy Grace
Than all Earth's Treafures can afford.

4 In Holinefs within thy Gates

Of old oft have I fought for Thee :
Again my longing Spirit waits
That Fulneis of Delight to fee.

5 More dear than Life itfelf thy Love

My Heart and Tongue mail ftill employ,
And to declare thy Praife will prove
My Peace, my Glory, and my Joy.

6 In bleffing Thee with grateful Songs

My happy Life mall glide away ;
The Praife that to thy Name belongs
Hourly with lifted Hands I'll pay.

7 Abundant Sweetnefs, while I fmg

Thy Love, my ravifh'd Soul o'erflows,
Secure in Thee, my GOD and King,
Of Glory that no Period knows.

8 Thy Name, O LORD, upon my Bed

Dwells on my Lips, and fires my Thought,
With trembling Awe in midnight Shade,
I mufe on all Thine Hands have v\-rought.

9 In all I do I feel Thine Aid;

Thei^fore thy Greatnefs will I fing,
O GOD, who bidft my Heart be glad
Beneath the Shadow of thy Wing.

10 My


10 My Soul draws nigh, and cleaves to Thee ;

Then let or Earth or Hell affail,
Thy Mighty Hand (hall fet me free,

For whom Thou fav'il, He ne'er mail fail.

Gratitude for our Converficn.

From the German.

1 r I^H E E will I love, my Strength, my Tower,

JL Thee will I love, my Joy, my Crown,
Thee will I love with all my Power,
In all my Works and Thee alone !
Thee will I love 'till the pure Fire
Fill my whole Soul with chail Defire.

2 Ah ! why did I fo late Thee know,

Thee, lovelier than the Sons of Men !
Ah f why did I no fooner go

To Thee, the only Eafe in Pain !
Afham'd I figh, and inly mourn
That I fo late to Thee did turn.

3 In Darknefs willingly I ftray'd ;

I fought Thee, yet from Thee I rov'd :
For wide my wandring Thoughts were fpread,

Thy Creatures more than Thee I lov'd :
And now, if more at length I fee,
'Tis thro' thy Light, and comes from Thee.

4 I thank Thee, Uncreated Sun,

That thy bright Beams on me have (hin'd ;
I thank Thee, who haft overthrown

My Foes, and heal'd my wounded Mind :
I thank Thee, whofe enliv'ning Voice
Bids my freed Heart in Thee rejoice.

5 Uphold


e Uphold me in the doubtful Race,

Nor differ me again to ftray :
Strengrhen my Feet, with fteady Pace

Still to prefs forward in thy Way :
My Soul, and Flem, O LORD of Might,
Fill, fatiate with thy heav'nly Light.

5 Give to my Eyes refrefhing Tears,

Give to my Heart chart, hallow'd Fires,

Give to my Soul with Filial Fears

The Love that all Heav'n's Hoft infpiies :

That all my Pow'rs with all their Might

In thy fole Glory may unite.

7 Thee will I love, my Joy, my Crown !

Thee will I love my LORD, my GOD!
Thee will I love, beneath thy Frown
Or Smile, thy Scepter or thy Rod :
What tho' my Flem and Heart decay ?
Thee mail I love in endlefs Day !


From the fame.

H A L L I, for fear of feeble Man,
Thy Spirit's Courfe in me reftrain ?
Or undifmay'd, in Deed and Word
Be a true Witnefs to my LORD ?

2 Aw'd by a Mortal's Frown, mail I
Conceal the Word of GOD moft high ?
How then before Thee mall I dare
To ftand, or how Thine Anger bear ?

3 Shall I, to footh th' unholy Throng,
Soften thy Truths, and fmooth my Tongue ?
To gain Earth's gilded Toys, or flee

The Crofs, eudur'd, my GOD, by Thee ?


4 What then is He whofe Scorn I dread ?
Whofe Wrath or Hate makes me afraid ?
A Man J an Heir of Death ! a Slave
To Sin ! a Bubble on the Wave f

5 Yea let Man rage ! fmce Thou wilt fpread
Thy fhadowing Wings around my Head :
Since in all Pain thy tender Love

Will ftill my fweet Refrefhment prove.

6 SAVIOUR of Men ! thy fearching Eye
Doth all mine inmoft Thoughts defcry -.
Doth ought on Earth my Wifhes raife ;
Ox the World's Pleafures, or its Praife ?

7 The Love of CHRIST doth me conftrain
To feek the wandring Souls of Men :
With Cries, Intreaties, Tears, to fave,
To fnatch them ftom the gaping Grave.

8 For this let Men revile my Name,
No Crofs I fhun, I fear no Shame :

All hail, Reproach, and welcome Pain !
Only thy Terrors, LORD, reftrain.

9 My Life, my Blood, I here prefent ;
If for thy Truth they may be fpent,
Fulfil thy fov'reign Counfel, LORD!
Thy Will be done ! thy Name ador'd !

10 Give me thy Strength, O GOD of Pow'rf
Then let Winds blow, or Thunders roar !
Thy faithful Witnefs will I be ;
'Tis fat : I can do all thro' Thee F




1 /CAPTAIN of my Salvation, hear!

\^> Stir up thy Strength and bow the Skies ;
Be Thou, the G O D of Battles, near;
In all thy Majeily arife !

2 The Day, the dreadful Day's at hand !

In Battle cover Thou my Head :
Part is thy Word : I here demand,
And confident expect Thine Aid.

3 Now arm me for the threatning Fight,

Now let thy Power defcend from high,
Triumphant in thy Spirit' sJVIight
So mall I every Foe defy.

4 I aft thy Help ; by Thee fent forth

Thy glorious Gofpel to proclaim,
Be Thou my Mouth, and make the Earth,
And fpread by Me Thine awful Name.

5 Steel me to Shame, Reproach, Difgrace,

Arm me with all Thine Armour now,
Set like a Flint my fteady Face,
Harden to Adamant my Brow.

6 Bold may I wax, exceeding bold

My high Commiffion to perform,
Nor ihrink thy harlheft Truths t'unfold,
But more than meet the gathering Storm.

7 Adverfe to Earth's rebellious Throng,

Still may I turn my fearlefs Face,
Stand as an Iron Pillar ftrong,
And ftedfaft as a Wall of Brafs.

N 8 Give


Give me thy Might, Thou G O D of Power ;

Then let or Men or Fiends affail,
Strong in thy Strength, I'll ftand a Tower

Impregnable to Earth or Hell.

Congratulation to a Friend, upon Be-
lieving in CHRIST.

1 T T 7 H A T Morn on Thee with fweeter Ray,

V V Or brighter Luftre e'er hath fhin'd?
Be bleft the Memorable Day

That gave Thee JESUS CHRIST to find!
Gave Thee to tafle his Pard'ning Grace,
From Death to Life in Him to pafs J

2 O how diverfify'd the Scene,

Since firft that Heart began to beat !
Evil and few thy Days have been :

In Suff 'ring, and in Comfort, great,
Oft haft Thou groan'd beneath thy Load,
And funk into the Arms of GOD !

3 Long did all Hell its Pow'rs engage,

And fill'd thy darken'd Soul with Fears :
Baffled at length the Dragon's Rage,

At lengt'.i th' Atoning Blood appears :
Thy Light is come, thy Mourning's o'er,
Look up ; for Thou weep no more.

4 Bleft be the Name that fets Thee free,

The Name that fure Salvation brings !
The Sun of Righteoufnefs on Thee

Has rofe with Healing in his Wings:
Away let Grief and Sighing flee ;
JESUS has died for Thee for Thee !

c And


5 And will He now forfake his own,

Or lofe the Purchafe of his Blood?
No ! for He looks with Pity down,

He watches over Thee for Good ;
Gracious He eyes Thee from above,
And guards, and feeds Thee with his Love.

6 Since Thou waft precious in his Sight,

How highly favoi"Cd haft Thou been I
Upborn by FAITH to Glory's Height,

The SAviouR-GOD thine Eyes have feen,
Thy Heart has felt its Sins forgiv'n,
And taftes Anticipated Heav'n.

7 Still may his Love thy Fortrefs be,

And make Thee ftill his darling Care,
Settle, confirm, and ftablifh Thee,

On Eagles Wings thy Spirit bear,
Fill Thee with Heavenly Joy, and fhed
His choiceft Bleffings on thy Head.

8 Thus may He comfort Thee below*

Thus may He all his Graces give :
Him but in part Thou here canft know :

Yet here by FAITH fubmit to live ;
Help Me to fight my Paflage thro',
Nor feize thy Heav'n, 'till I may too.

9 Or if the Sov'reign wife Decree

Firft number Thee among the Bleft,
(The only Good I'd envy Thee)

TranfL'.ting to an earlier Reft ;
Near in thy lateft Hour may I
Inftruft, and learn of Thee, to die.

10 Mixt with the Quire? that hover round
And all the Adverfe Powers contrbul,
Angel of Peace may I be found
To animate thy parting Soul,

N 2 Point


Point out the Crown, and fmooth thy Way
To Regions of Eternal Day.

1 1 Fir'd with the Thought, I fee Thee Now

Triumphant meet the King of Fears !
Stedfaft thy Heart, ferene thy Brow ;

Divinely confident appears
Thy mounting Soul, and fpreads abroad,
And fwells to be diffolv'd in GOD.

1 2 Is this te Soul fo late weigh'd down

By Cares and Sins, by Griefs and Pains !
Whither are all thy Terrors gone ?

JESUS for Thee the VicVry gains;
And Death, and Sin and Satan yield
To Faith's unconquerable Shield.

j 3 Blefs'd be the GOD, that calls Thee home;

Faithful to Thee his Mercies prove :
Thro 1 Death's dark Vale he bids Thee come,

And more than conquer in his Love ;
Robes Thee in Righteoufnefs Divine,
And makes the Crown of Glory Thine !


ARK how all the Welkin rings
" Glory to the King of Kings,
" Peace on Earth, and Mercy mild,
"GOD and Sinners reconcil'd!

2 Joyful all ye Nations rife,
Join the Triumph of the Skies,
Univerfal Nature fay

" CHRIST the LORD is born to Day!

3 CHRIST, by higheft Heav'n ador'd,
CHRIST, the Everlafting Lord,



Late in Time behold him come.
Offspring of a Virgin's Womb.

4 Veil'd in Flefli, the Godhead fee,
Hail th' Incarnate Deity !

Pleas' d as Man with Men t'appear
JESUS our Immanuelhere !

5 Hail the Heav'nly Prince of Peace !
Hail the San of Righteoufnefs !
Light and Life to All he brings,
Ris'n with Healing in his Wings.

6 Mild he lays his Glory by ;

Born ; that Man no more may die,
Born ; to raife the Sons of Earth,
Born ; to give them Second Birth.

7 Come, Defire of Nations, come,
Fix in Us thy humble Home,

Rife, the Woman's Conquering Seed,
Bruife in Us the Serpent's Head.

8 Now difplay thy faving Pow'r,
Ruin'd Nature now reftore,
Now in Myltic Union join
Thine to Ours, and Ours to Thine.

9 Adam's Likenefs, LORD, efface,
Stamp thy Image in its Place,
Second Adam from above,
Reinftate us in thy Love.

10 Let us Thee, tho' loft, regain,

Thee, the Life, the Heav'nly Man :
O! to All Thyfelf impart,
Form'd in each Believing Heart.

N 3 HYST*.



j QO N S of Men, behold from far,
O Hail the long-expecled Star !
Jacobs Star that gihib the Night,
Guides bewilder'a Nature right.

2 Fear not hence that 111 fhould flow,
Wars or Peftilence below,

Wars it bids and Tumults ceafe,
Ufhering in the Prince of Peace.

3 Mild he fhines on all beneath,
Piercing thro' the Shade of Death,
Scatt'ring Error's wide-fpread Night,
Kindling Darknefs into Light.

4 Nations all, far off arx3 near,
Hafte to fee your GOD appear?
Hafte, for Him your Hearts prepare ;
Meet him manifefted there !

5 There behold the Day-fpring rife,
Pouring Eye-fight on your Eyes,
G O D in his own Light furvey,
Shining to the Perfect Day.

6 Sing, ye Morning-ftars, again,
GOD defcends on Earth to reign,
Deigns for Man his Life t'employ ;
Shout, ye Sons of GOD, for Joy !



HRIST the LORD is ris'n To-day,"
Sons of Men and Angels fay,



Raife your Joys and Triumphs high,
Sing ye Heav'ns, and Earth reply.

2 Love's Redeeming Work is done,
Fought the Fight, the Battle won,
Lo! our Sun's EcKpfe is o'er,

Lo ! He fets in Blood no more,

3 Vain the Stone, the Watch, the Seal ;
CHRIST hath burft the Gates of Hell!
Death in vain forbid-; his Rii'e:
CHRIST hath open'd Paradife I

4 Lives again our glorious King,
Where, O Death, is now t'iy Sting ?
Once He died our Souls to fave,
Where thy Vi&ory, O Grave ?

5 Soar we now, where CHRIST has led,
Following our Exalted Head,

Made like Him, like Him we rife:
Ours the Crofs ; the Grave ; the Skies.

6 What tho' once we perifti'd All,
Partners of our Parent's Fall,
Second Life we All receive,

In our Heav'nly Adam live.

7 Ris'n with Him, we upward move,
Still we feek the Things above,
Still purfue, and kifs the Son,
Seated on his Father's Throne ;

8 Scarce on Earth a Thought bellow,
Dead to all we leave below,
Heav'n our Aim, and lov'd Abode,
Hid our Life with CHRIST in GOD}

9 Hid;

9 Hid; 'till CHRIST our Life appear,
Glorious in his Members iiere :
Join'd to Him, we then fhall fhine
All Immortal, all Divine !

i a Hail the LORD of Earth and Heav'n !
Praife to Thee by both be giv'n :
Thee we greet Triumphant now j
Hail the Refurreclion Thou !

1 1 King of Glory, Soul of Blifs,
Everlafting Life is This,
Thee to know, thy Pow'r to prove,
Thus to fing, and thus to love !


1 T TA I L the Day that fees Him rife,
X JL Ravilh'd from our wifhful Eyes ;
CHRIST awhile to Mortals giv'n,
Re-a'cends his native Heav'n !

2 There the pompous Triumph waits,
" Lift your Heads, Eternal Gates,
" Wide unfold the radiant Scene,

" Take the King of Glory in !

3 Circled round with Angel Powers,
Their Triumphant LORD, and Ours,
Conqueror over Death and Sin,
Take the King of Glory in !

4 Him tho' higheft Heav'n receives,
Still He loves the Earth He leaves ;
Tho' returning to his Throne,
Still He calls Mankind his own.



5 See ! He lifts his Hands above,
See ! He fhews the Prints of Love !

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