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Hark ! His gracious Lips beftow
Bleflings on his Church below !

6 Still for us his Death he pleads ;
Prevalent, He intercedes ;
Near Himfelf prepares our Place,
Harbinger of human Race.

7 Matter, (will we ever fay)
Taken from our Head To-day ;
See thy faithful Servants, fee !
Ever gazing up to Thee.

8 Grant, tho' parted from our Sight,
High above yon azure Height,
Grant our Hearts may thither rife,
Following Thee beyond the Skies.

9 Ever upward let us move,
Wafted on the Wings of Love,
Looking when our LORD fhall come,
Longing, gafping after Home.

i o There we fhall with Thee remain,
Partners of thy endlefs Reign,
There thy Face unclouded fee,
Find our Heav'n of Heav'ns in Thee !

HYMN for WH i TSUND A y.

RANTED is the SAVIOUR'S Prayer,
_ Sent the gracious Comforter;
Promife of our Parting LORD,
JESUS to his Heav'n reftor'd:



2 CHRIST; who now gone up on high,
Captive leads Captivity,

While his Foes from Him receive
Grace, tiiut GOD with Man may live.

3 GOD, theeverMing GOD,
Makes with Mortals his Abode,
Whom the Heavens cannot contain,
He vouchlafes to dwell with Man.

4 Never will he thence depart,
Inmate of an humble Heart ;
Carrying on his Work within,
Striving 'till he caft out Sin.

5 There He helps our feeble Moans,
Deepens our imperfect Groans ;
Intercedes in Silence there,

Sighs th' Unutterable Prayer.

6 Come, Divine and peaceful Gueft,
Enter our devoted Breaft j'
HOLY GHOST, our Hearts infpire,
Kindle there the Gofpel-Fire.

7 Crown the agonizing Srife,
Principle, and LORD of Life ;
Life Divine in us renew,
Thou the Gift and Giver too !

8 Now defcend and make the Earth,
Wake us into Second Birth ;

Now thy quick'ning Influence give,
Blow ; and thefe dry Bones mail live \

9 Brood Thou o'er our Nature's Night,
Darknefs kindles into Light ;
Spread Thine overmadowing Wings,
Order from Confufion fprings.

10 Pain


10 Pain and Sin, and Sorrow ceafe,
Thee we talte and all is Peace ;
Joy Divine in Thee we prove,
Light of Truth, and Fire of Love.

GRACE before MEAT.

1 T) A R E N T of Good, whofe plenteous Grace
JL O'er all thy Creatures flows,

Humbly we afk thy Pow'r to blefs
The Food thy Love bellows.

2 Thy Love provides the fober Feaft :

A Second Gift impart,
Give us with Joy our Food to talte
And with a Single Heart.

3 Let it for Thee new Life afford,

For Thee our Strength repair, '
Bleft by thine all-fuftaining Word,
And fanftify'd by Prayer.

4 Thee let us tafte ; nor toil below

For periftiable Meat :
The Manna of thy Love beftow,
Give us thy Flefli to eat.

5 Life of the World, our Souls to feed

Thyfelf defcend from high !
Grant us of Thee the Living Bread
To eat, and never die !



A T H E R, our Eyes we lift, to Thee,

And tafte our daily Bread :
'Tis now Thine Open Hand we fee,
And on thy Bounty feed.

2 'Tis now the meaner Creatures join

Richly thy Grace to prove ;
Fulfil thy primitive Defign,
Enjoy'd by thankful Love.

3 Still, while our Mouths are fili'd with Good,

Our Souls to Thee we raife ;
Our Souls partake of nobler Food,
And banquet on thy Praife.

4 Yet higher ftill our fartheft Aim ;

To mingle with the Bleft,
T'attend the Marriage of the Lamb,
And Heaven's Eternal Feaft.


LEST be the GOD, whofe tender Care

Prevents his Children's Cry,
Whofe Pity providently near
Doth all our Wants fupply.

2 Bleft be the GOD, whofe Bounteous Store

Thefe chearing Gifts imparts ;
Who veils in Bread, the fecret Power
That feeds and glads our Hearts.

3 Fountain of Bleffings, Source of Good,

To Thee this Strength we owe,
Thou art the Virtue of our Food,
Life of our Life below. When


4 When mall our Souls regain the Skies,

Thy Heav'nly Sweetnefs prove ;
Where Joys in all their Fulnefs rife,
And all our Food is Love I


1 T7OUNTAIN of all the Good we fee
JC Streaming from Heav'n above,
Saviour, our Faith we aft on Thee,

And exercife our Love.

2 'Tis not the Outward Food we eat

Doth this new Strength afford,
'Tis Thou, whofe Prefence makes it Meat,
Thou the Life-giving Word.

3 Man doth not live by Bread alone :

Whatever Thou wilt can feed ;
Thy Power converts the Bread to Stone,
And turns the Stone to Bread.

4 Thou art our Food : We tafle Thee now,

In Thee we move and breath,
Our Bodies only Life art Thou,
And all befides is Death !

JOHN xvi. 24.

and ye fiall receive, that your
Joy may be full.

\ T> I S E my Soul, with Ardor rife,
AV Breathe thy Wifiies to the Skies ;
Freely pour out all thy Mind,
Seek, and Thou art fure to find ;

O Ready


Ready art Thou to receive ?
Readier is thy G O D to give.

2 Heavenly Father, LORD of all,

Hear, and fhew Thou hear'fi my Call ;
Let my Cries thy Throne afliiil
Entering Now within the Veil :
Give the Benefits I claim :
LORD, I afk in JESU'S Name .'

3 Friend of Sinners, King of Saints,
Anfwer my minuteft Wants,

All my largeft Thoughts require,
Grant me all my Hearts Defire,
Give me, 'till my Cup run o'er,
All, and infinitely more.

4 Meek and lowly be my Mind,
Pure my Heart, my Will refign'd :
Keep me dead to all below,
Only CHRIST refolv'd to know,
Firm, and difengag'd, and free,
Seeking all my Biiis in Thee.

5 Suffer me no more to grieve,
Wanting what Thou long'ft to give,
Shew me all thy Goo'dnefs, LORD,
Beaming from th'Incarnate Word,
CHRIST, in whom thy Glories mine,
Efflux of the Light Divine.

6. Since the' Son hath rrade me free,,
Let me tafte my Liberty,
Thee behold with open Face,
Triumph in thy Saving Grace,
Thy great Will delight to prove,
Glory in thy perfect Love.

7. Since


7 Since the Son hath bought my Peace,
Mine I fee, whate'er is His ;

Mine the Comforter I fee,
CHRIST is full of Grace for me :
Mine (the Purchafe of his Blood)
All the Plenitude of G O D.

8 Abba, Father ! hear thy Child
Late in JESUS reconciTd!
Hear, and all the Graces mower,
All the Joy, and Peace, and Power,
All my SAVIOUR afks above,

All the Life of Heaven of Love.

9 LORD, I will not let Thee go,
Till THE BLESSING Thou beftow:
Hear my Advocate Divine ;

Lo ! to His my Suit I join :
Join'd to His it cannot fail
Blefs me, for I Will prevail !

10 Stoop from thine Eternal Throne,
See, thy Promife calls Thee down !
High and lofty as Thou art,
Dwell within my worthlefs Heart f
My poor fainting Soul revive ;
Here for ever walk and live.

1 1 Heavenly Adam, Life Divine,
Change my Nature into Thine :
Move, and fpread throughout my Soul,
Actuate and fill the whole :

Be it I no longer now

Living in the Flem, but Thou.

O 2 12 HOLY


12 HOLY GHOST, no more delay,
Come, and in thy Temple flay ;
Now thine Inward Witnefs bear
Strong, and permanent, and clear ;
Spring of Life, Thy felf impart,
Rife Eternal in my Heart !


**^ ****#*****:*******#





Y Grace, faith Sf. Paul, ye are faved
thro" 1 Faith. And it is indeed a great
Saltation, which they have received,
who truly believe on the Name of the
Son of GO D. It is fuch as Eye hath not feen,
nor Ear heard, neither hath it entered into the Heart
of Man to conceive, until GOD hath rweafd it
by his Spirit, which alone fheweth' thefe Deep

2. Of this Salvation the Prophets enquired dili-
gently, fearching what Manner of Time the Spirit
which ^was in them didjignify, 'when it teftified be-

fore-hand the Sufferings of CHRIST, and the Glory
that Jhculd follow ; even that Glorious Liberty
from the Bondage of Corruption, which fhould
then be given to the Children of GOD. Much
more doth it behove us, diligently to enquire after
this Prize of our high Calling, and earneftly /*
hops for the Grace which is brought unto us by tlje
Revelation of JESUS CHRIST.

3. Some faint Defcription of this Gracious Gift
of G O D, is attempted in a few of the following
Verfes. But the greater Part of them relate to
the Way, rather than the End ; either mewing
(fo far as has fallen under our Obfervation) the
Succeffive Conquefts of Grace, and the gradual
Procefs of the Work of GOD in the Soul; or
pointing out the Chief Hindrances in the Way,
at which many have Humbled and fallen.

4. This great Gift of GOD, the Salvation of
ur Souls, which is begun on Earth, but perfect-

A ed


<1 in Heaven, is no other than the Image of
GOD frefh ftamp'd upon our Hearts. It is, a
Renewal in the Spirit of our Minds after the Like-
nefs of him that created us. It is a Salvation from
Sin, and Doubt, and Fear : From Fear ; for being
juftifed freely they nvbo believe have Peace with
GOD, thro" 1 JESUS CHRIST our LORD, -and re-
joice in Hope of the Glory of GO D : From Doubt ;
for the Spirit of GOD beareth witnefs with their
Spirit, that they are the Children of GO D: Ard
from Sin ; for being now made free from Sin, they
become the Servant l s of Right eoufneft.

5. G O D hath DIV laid the Axe to the Root of
the Tree, purifying their Hearts by FA i T H, and
tleanfing all the Thoughts of their Hearts, by the
Jnfpiration of his Holy Spirit . Having this Hope,
that they mall foon fee G O D as he is, they pu-
rify tbemfel'ves even as he is Pure : And are holy as
he <which hath called them is Holy in all Manner of
Converfatio*. Not that they have already at-
tained all they mall attain, either are already (in
this Senfe) perfefl. But they daily go on from
Strength to Strength : Beholding now as in a Glafs
the Glory of the LORD, they are changed into the
fame Image, from Glory to Glory, as by the Spirit

6 And where tie Spirit of the LORD is, there
is Liberty ; fuch Liberty from the Law of Sin and
Death, as the Children of this World rx-;7/ not
Relieve, tho"* a Man declare it unto them. The Son
hath made them free, and they are free indeed: In-
fomuch that St. John lays it down, as a firft Prin-
ciple among true Believers, We know that who-
fve<veris born of GOD Jtnneth not: But he that
is legotfen of GOD, keepetb himfelf, -and that
one touchetb hint not. And again, Who-
abidetbinbimfa CHHisr)Jifinetb not. And


yet again, Whofoe*ver is born of G O D t doth not
commit Sin. For bis Seed remaineth in him, and
be cannot Jin, becaufe he is born of GO D.

7. The Son hath made them free, who are
f bus born of GOD, from that great Root of Sin
and Bitternefs, PRIDE. They feel, that all their
Sufficiency is of GOD ; that it is he alone who is in all
their Thoughts, and ivorketh in them both to will
and to do, of his good Pleafure. They feel, that
// is not they who /peak, but the Spirit of their Fa-
ther ^which fpeaketh in them'; and that whatfoever
is done by their Hands, -the Father which is with
them, he doth the Works. So that GOD is to
them all in all, and they are as nothing in his
Sight. They are freed from Self- Will ; as de-
firing nothing, no, not for one Moment (for per-
fect Lore caiteth out all Defire) but the Holy and
Perfeft Will of GO D : Not Supplies in Want ;
not Eafe in Pain'; not Life or Death, or any
Creature ; but continually crying in their inmolt
Soul, "Father, thy Will be done." They are
freed from Evil Thoughts, fo that they cannot
enter into them ; no not for one Inftant. Afore-
time, when an Evil Thought came in, they look-
ed up, and it vanifh'd away. But now it does
not come in ; there being no Room for this, in
a Soul which is full of G O D. They are freed
from Wandrings in Prayer. Whenfoever they
pour out their Hearts, in a more immediate Man-
ner before GOD, they have no Thought of any
Thing part, or abfent, or to come, but of G O D
alone ; to whom their whole Souls flow in one
even Stream, and in whom they are fwallowed
up. In Times pail, they had wandring Thoughts
darted in ; which yet fled away like Smoke. But
now that Smoke does not ?ife at all, but they
continually fee Him which is invifible. They are
cfreed from all Darknefs, having no Fear, no Doubt,



cither as to their State in general; or as to any
particular Aftion : For their Eye being Jingle,
their -whole Body is full of Light. Whatsoever is
needful, they are taught of GOD. They have
an Unffion from the Holy One, which abideth in
them, and teacheth them every Hour, what the} 7
fliall do, and what they (hall fpeak. Nor have
they therefore any Need to reafon concerning it ;
for they fee the Way ftraight before them. The
Lamb is their Light, and they fimply follow Him,
whitherfoever He goeth. Hence alfo they are,
in one Senfe, freed from Temptations ; for tho'
numberlefs Temptations fly about them, yet they
wound them not, they trouble them not, they
have no Place in them. At all Times their Soul
is even and calm : Their Heart is ftedfaft and un-
moveable ; their Peace flowing as a River, paf-
feth all Underjlanding, and they rejoice with Joy
unfpeakable, and full of Glory. For they zxz feal d
by the Spirit unto the Day of Redemption ; having
the Witnefs in themfelves, That there is laid up
for then a Crotun of Right eoufnefs, ivhich the LORD
Jhall give them in that Day: And being fully per-
fuaded thro' the Holy Ghoft, that neither Death
nor Life, nor Things prefent, nor Things to come,
nor Heighth, nor Depth, nor any other Creature,
/hall be able tofeparate them from the Love of GOD,
which is in CHRIST JESUS, their LORD.

8. Not that every one is a Q:ild of the Devzl,
(as fome have rafhly aflerted, who know not what
they fpeak, nor whereof they affirm) 'till he is, in
this full Senfe, Born of GOD. On the contrary,
whofoever he be, who hath a fure Truft and Con-
fidence in GOD, that thro' the Merits of CHRIST
his Sins are forgiven, and he reconciled to the Fa-
vour of GO D ; he is a Child of GOD, and if
he abide in Him, an Heir of ail the Great and
Precious Promifes. Neither ought he in any wife



to toft away his Confidence, or to deny the Faith
he hath received, becaufe it is Weak, becaufe
hitherto it is only as a Grain of MuJtard-Seed', or
becaufe it is tried with Fire, fo that his Soul is in
Heavinefs, through Manifold Temptations. For
tho' the Heir, as long as he is a Child, dijferetb
nothing from a Servant, yet is he Lord of all.
GOD doth not defptfe the Day of f matt Things ;
the Day of Fears, and Doubts, and Clouds, and
Darknefs : But if there be fir ft a willing Mind,
preffing toward the Mark of the Prize of our High
Calling, it is accepted (for the prefent) according to
what a Man hath, and not according to ivhat he
hath not.

9. Neither therefore dare we affirm (as fome
have done) that this full Salvation is at once given
to True Believers. There is indeed an in ft ant a-
neous (as well as a gradual] Work of G O D in the
Souls of his Children : And there wants not, we
know, a Cloud of Witnefles, who have received
in one Moment, either a clear Seme of the For-
givenefs of their Sins, or the abiding Witnefs of
the Holy Spirit. But we do not know a {ingle
Inftance, in any Place, of a Perfon's receiving, in
one and the fame Moment, Remifiion of Sins, die
abiding Witnefs of the Spirit, and a New, a Clean

10. Indeed how GOD may work, we cannot
telh But the general Manner wherein he does
work, is this. Thofe who once trufted in them-
felves that they were Righteous, who were Rich
and had need of Nothing, are, by the Spirit of
<j O D applying his Word, convinc'd that they
are Poor and Naked. All the Things that they
have done are brought to their Remembrance, and
fet in Array before them; fo that they fee the
Wrath of G O D hanging over their Heads, and



feel they deferve the Damnation of Hell. In
their Trouble they cry unto the LORD, and he
fiiews He hath taken away their Sins, and opens
the Kingdom of Heaven in their Hearts, even
Righteoufnefs, and Peace, and Joy in the Holy
Ghoft. Fear, and Sorrow, and Pain are fled
away, and Sin hath no more Dominion over them.
Knowing they are juiiined freely through Faith
in his Blood, they have Peace with GOD thro'
JESUS CHRIST ; they rejoice in Hope of the Glory
of G O D -, and the Love of G O D is ihed abroad
in their Hearts.

1 1 . In this Peace they remain for Days, or
Weeks, or Months, and commonly fuppofe they
mall not know War any more, till fome of their old
Enemies, their Bofom Sins, or, the Sin which did
molt eafily befet them (perhaps Anger or Defire)
aflkult them again, and thraH fore at them, that
they may fall. Then arifes Fear, that they mail
not endure to the End, and often Doubt, whether
GOD has not forgotten them, or whether they
did not deceive themfelves, in thinking their Sins
were forgiven, and that they were Children of
GOD? Under thefe Clouds, efpecially if they
reafon with the Devil, or are received to Doubt-
ful Difputations, they go mourning all the Daj
long, even as a Father mourneth for his only Son
whom he loveth. But it is feldom long before
their LORD aniwers for himfelf, fending them the
Holy Ghoft, to comfort them, to bear Witnefs
continually with their Spirit, that they are the
Children of G O D. And then they are indeed
meek, and gentle and teachable, even as little
Children. Their Stony Heart was broken in
Pieces, before they received Remiflion of Sins
Yet it continued hard ; but now it is melted down,
it is foft, tender, and fufceptible of any Imprefiion.
And now firil do they fee the Ground of their



Heart ; which GOD would not before difclofe
unto them, left the Flelh Ihould fail before him,
and the Spirit which he had made. Now they
fee all the hidden Abominations chere ; the Depths
of Pride, and Self, and Hell: Yet having the
Witnefs in themfelves, " Thou art an Heir of
" GOD, a Joint Heir with CHRIST ; Thou malt
" inherit the New Heavens and the New Earth,
" wherein dwelleth Righteoufnefs ;" Their Spirit
rejoiceth in GOD their SAVIOUR, even in the
midft of this fiery Trial, which continually heigh-
tens both the ftrong Senfe they then have of their
Inability to help themfelves, and the inexpreffible
Hunger they feel after a full Renewal in his Image,
in Righteoufnefs, and all true Holinefs. Then GOD
is mindful of the Defire of them that fear him :
He remembers his Holy Covenant, and he giveth
them a fmgle Eye and a clean Heart. He ftamps
upon them his own Image and Superfcription : He
createth them anew in CHRIST JESUS : He co-
me th unto them with his Son and his Blefled
Spirit, and fixing his Abode in their Souls, bring-
eth them into the Reft which remaineth for tht






Tke Fifty Fifth Chapter of 'Is AI AH.

! Every one that thirfts, draw nigh ;

IT" f~* /~\T\ 1 <- n T

^ invites the fallen Race)

Mercy and free Salvation buy ;
Buy Wine, and Milk, and Gofpel

2 Come to the Living Waters, come !

Sinners, obey your Maker's Call ;
Return, ye weary Wanderers, home,
And find my Grace is free for All.

3 See, from the Rock a Fountain rife '

For you in healing Streams it rolls:
Money ye need not bring, nor Price,
Yelab'ring, burthen'd, Sin-fick Souls.

4 Nothing ye in exchange mail give ;

Leave all you have and Are behind,
Frankly the Gift of GOD receive,
Pardon, and Peace in JESUS find.

P 5 Why


5 Why feek ye That which is not Bread,

Nor can your hungry Souls fuilain ?
On Afhes, Hulks, and Air ye feed,
Ye fpend your little All in vain.

6 In Search of empty Joys below,

Ye toil with unavailing Strife :
Whither, ah whither would you go r
I have the Words of Endlefs Life.

7 Hearken to me with earneft Care,

And freely eat fubftantial Food ;
The Sweetnefs of my Mercy (hare,
And talle that I alone am Good.

8 I bid you all my Goodnefs prove,

My Promifes for All are free :
Come tafte the Manna of my Love,
And let your Soul delight in Me.

o. Your willing Ear and Heart incline,

My Words believingly receive ;
Quicken'd your Soul, by Faith divine,
An Everlafting Life mail live.

10 You for my own I then mail take,

Shall furely Seal you for my own,
My Covenant of Mercy make,
And 'ftablifh it in Davitfs Son.

1 1 A Faithful Witnefs of my Grace,

Him have I to the People given,
To teach a finful World my Ways,

And lead, and train them up for Heaven.

12 Son of my Love, behold, to Thee

From all Eternity I give
Sinners who to thy Wounds will flee 4
The Soul that chufeth Life fhall live.

13 Nations


1 3 Nations, whbm once Thou di'dfl not own,

Thou Thine Inheritance fhalt call ;
Nations who knew not Thee mall run,
And hail the GOD that died for All.

14 For I, the Holy GOD, and True,

To glorify thy Name have fworn : ,

And lo ! my Faithfulnefs I mew ;
And lo ! to Thee the Gentiles turn.

1 5 Seek ye the LORD with timely Care,

Ye Servants of uncancel'd Sin,
While all that feek may find Him near
With open Arms to take them in.

1 6 His Evil let the Sinner leave,

In Bitternefs of Spirit mourn,
Death's Sentence in himfelf receive,
And to a gracious GOD return.

1 7 Surely our GOD will bid him live,

Will with the Arms of Love embrace j
Freely, abundantly forgive,

And mew him all his Depths of Grace.

1 8 For thus the mighty GOD hath faid,

My Ways, and Thoughts ye cannot fcan ;
Ye cannot, whom my Hands have made,
Your Infinite Creator fpan.

19 Me will ye mete with Reafon's Line ?

Or teach' my Grace how far to move ?
Fathom my Mercy's deep Defign,
MyHeighth, and Breadth, and Length of Love !

20 Far as the Heavens that Earth furpafs,

Far as my Throne thofe nether Skies,
My Ways of Love, and Thoughts of Grace
Beyond your low Conceptions rife.

P 2 21 For


21 For as the Snow from Heaven comes down,

The firft and latter Rains diftill,
The Earth with Fruitfulnefs to crown,
Man's Heart with Food and Joy to fill :

22 As no Return the Shower can know,

But falls a thinly Land to chear,
But executes its Charge below,

While Plenty decks the fouling Year:

23 So mall the Word my Lips have fpoke,

Accompliih that which I ordain j
My Word I never will revoke ;

My Word is not gone forth in vain.

24 In My Redeeming Work employ 'd,

And fent my Pleafure to fulfil,
Vain it mall not return, and void,
But profper, and perform my Will.

25 With Me is plenteous Mercy found,

Redemption free for All to know ;
And where your Sin doth moft abound,
My more abundant Grace mail flow.

26 From Guilt and Pain ye mail be freed,

From the black Dungeon of Delpair,
Into my Heavenly Kingdom led,
And reap Eternal Pieafures there.

27 All ye that in my Word believe,

Shall fee my Love in JESU'S Face ;

The Peace and Joy of FAITH receive,

And triumph in My Saving Grace.

-28 The Trees fhall clap their Hands and fing,
Mountains and Hills their Voices raife ;
All the new Heavens and Earth mail ring
With JESUS their Creator' s Praife.

29 Where


29 Where Thorns deform'd the barren Ground,

Where noifome Weeds the Soul o'erlpread,
There mall the Fruits of Grace abound,
And Second Nature lift her Head.

30 The Trees of GOD fhall deck the Soil,

The Plants of Righteoufnefs arife ;
The LORD (hall on his Garden fmile,
His late-returning Paradife.

31 The Earth, in Token of his Grace,

Shall ipread the Odour of his Fame,
And everlafting Trophies raife,
To glorify the SAVIOUR'S Name.

The Eleventh Chapter of St. PAUL'*
Epiftle to the HEBREWS:


LIFE of FAITH Exemplified.


1 \ UTHORofFAiTK, Eternal Word,
jtV. Whofe Spirit breaths the Active Flame,
FAITH, like its Finimer and LORD,

To-day, as Yefterday the fame ;

2 To Thee our humble Hearts afpire,

And afic th j Gift unfpeakable :
Jncreafe in us the kindled Fire,
In us the Work of FAITH fulfil.

3 By FAITH we know Thee flrong to fave^

(Save us, a Prefect Saviour Thou !)
Wliate'er \ve hope, by FAITH we Have,
Future and pail fubfuling Now.

P 3 4 To


4 To Him that in thy Name believes,

Eternal Life with Thee is given,
Into Himfelf He all receives,

.Pardon, and Happinefs, and Heaven.

: 5 The Things unknown to feeble Senfe,

Unfeen by Reafon's glimm'ring Ray,
With ftrong, commanding Evidence
Their Heavenly Origine difplay.

' ; 6 .FAITH lends its Realizing Light,

The Clouds difperfe, the Shadows fly,
Th'Invifible appears in Sight,
-And G O D is feen by Mortal Eye.

VERSES ii, iii.

1 Uy FAITH the Holy Men of old

Ob tain 'd a never-dying Name,
'The facred Leaves their Praife unfold,
And GOD Himfelf records their Fame.

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