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Assn. Republican. S. A. R., Soc. Colonial Wars.
Club: Union League. Residence: 326 Hampden
Court. , , ,

PLYNN, Simon Bicliardson, banker; b.
Washington, D. C, Mar. 16, 1863; s. Simon
and Mary (Richardson) Flynn; ed. public and
private schools of Washington and Ottawa
(Can.) College; m. Washington, D. C, Dec. 29,
1888, Mercine Elizabeth Dickey. Newspaper re-
porter, Washington. D. C, 1882-8; left Wash-
ington City, Dec. 29, 1888, for Tacoma, Wash.,
as special agent on Indian depredations; in
June, 1889, engaged by Tacoma Ledger to re-
port proceedings of Washington Constitutional
Convention; mgr. Spokane Chronicle from
Mar, 1890, to Feb., 1893; Nat. Bank Exam-
iner, June, 1893, to Dec, 1899; pres. 2d Nat.
Bank of St. Paul, Minn., Dec, 1899, to Jan.,
1902; since Jan. 15, 1902, pres. Nat. Live Stock
Bank of Chicago. Office: Exchange Bldg., Un-
ion Stock Yards. Residence: 149 E. 51st St.

FOEIiIi, Charles Micliael, lawyer; b. on farm
in Taylor Tp., Dubuque Co., la.. Nov. 21, 1870;
s George M. and Caroline (Kanthlener) Foell;
ed country schools in Dubuque Co.. la., from
6 to 10, In Buena Vista Co., la., from 10 to
14 in public schools of Rockwell, Cerro Gorda
Co la. from 14 until graduation in 1889;
grad also from Bayless Business College,
Dubuque, la., 1889; Cornell College, Mt Ver-
non, la., 1889-94, graduating Ph.B., 1894; law
school Northwestern Univ., 1894-6, graduating
LL B 1896. Began practice of law imme-
diately on graduation and admission to bar,
June, 1896; in Mar., 1897. formed partnership
with W. N. Gemmill, in present firm of Gem-
mill & Foell. engaged in general practice of
law. Republican. During summer of 1898, dur-
ing Spanish-Am. War, joined in organizing a
provisional regiment known as the Chicago
Reserves, whose officers were by act of legis-
lature of 1899, given honorary commissions,
of which received one as captain. Mason; K.
P Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., Chicago Law In-
stitute. Clubs: Marquette (was sec, 1900-1;
chairman political action committee. 1902;
since Apr., 1903. pres.. term expiring Apr..
1905); Hamilton, Illinois. Illinois Athletic.
Office: Atwood Bldg. Residence: Virginia
Hotel, Rush and Ohio Sts.

FOIiSS, Cliarles Weston, resident partner
Charles Hathaway & Co., bankers and brokers;
b. Oshkosh, Wis., Aug. 23, 1870; s. William B.
and Mary D. (Jenkins) Folds; ed. public and

high schools of Minneapolis, Minn., followed
by attendance on evening extension classes
of Univ. of Minnesota; m. Chicago. May 24,
1893, Florence Symonds; children: Weston
Symonds, Elizabeth, B^'lorence. Began business
career as a messenger in the Northwestern
Nat. Bank at Minneapolis, May 11, 1889; con-
tinued in various positions in that bank until
Oct., 1899, when resigned and became mgr.
Chicago office of Charles Hathaway & Co.,
bankers and note brokers; admitted to part-
nership Jan. 1, 1904, and still has charge of
the Chicago office, the head office being in
New York. Also dir. Walburn, Swenson & Co.,
Harvey, 111. Sec. North Central Improvement
Assn. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Chi-
cago, Mid-Day, Bankers, Glen View (treas.
and dir.), Sanganois (shooting). Office: 205
LaSalle St. Residence: Glen View Club, Golf,
111. (summer); 437 Elm St. (winter).

FOIiEY, John Burton, capitalist; b. Chicago,
Dec. 19, 1857; s. John and Sarah Whittaker
Foley; parents removed to Steubenville, O.,
when he was 18 months old; ed. private school
and public high school, Steubenville, O.; m.
Columbus, O., Jan. 1, 1889, Anna Shaw Mc-
Closkey; children: Florence, Garrett Radcliffe,
Virginia, Loyal Ludington. Drug clerk. Steu-
benville, O., 1872-8; bookkeeper Clinton Paper
Mills, Steubenville, 1878-81; purchased whole-
sale drug store of W. D. MacGregor, 1881, re-
maining in wholesale drug business until 1888,
when he removed to Chicago and engaged in
the manufacture of proprietary medicines and
toilet preparations, which he began, in con-
nection with his wholesale drug business, in
1885; now pres. Foley & Co.; also pres. Mag-
nolia Springs Land Co.; vice-pres. Franklin
(Ind.) Desk Co.; dir. Nat. Fiber & Cellulose
(!^o. ; vice-pres. The Modern Grocer (trade pa-
per). Republican. Congregationalist. Clubs:
Union League, Chicago Athletic, Exmoor. Of-
fices: 92-96 Ohio St. and Chamber of Commerce
Bldg. Residence: 1421 Castlewood Terrace.

FOLEY, â– William C, pres. Foley & Williams
Mfg. Co., sewing machines and supplies; b.
Ontario. Can., June 2. 1854; s. Thomas and
Bridget Foley; ed. national schools of Ontario
until 16 years old, when came to Chicago; m.
Chicago. 1878, Mary J. McNamara; children:
Chas. E., Gene, Byrd, Jessie, Florence, Minnie,
William C, Jr., Marion, Hazel, Paul T., Don-
ald H. At 16 became office boy for H. B. Good-
rich, manufacturer of sewing machines, ad-
vancing in the business until after 9 years'
service was given an interest and sent to Cin-
cinnati to start a branch house; in 1882
bought out the Cincinnati branch and estab-
lished firm of Foley & Williams, and in 1883
that firm bought out the original house in
Chicago, of which he took charge, leaving
Mr. Williams as mgr. of the Cincinnati house;
later the business was incorporated as the
Foley & Williams Mfg. Co., with factory at
Kankakee, 111., of which is pres. Also extensive
owner of city real estate. R. C. Clubs: Sheri-
dan, Colonial. Office: 46 Jackson Boul. Resi-
dence: 4635 Grand Boul.

FOIJIiANSBEE, Georg-e Alanson. lawver; b.
Cook Co., 111., Feb. 26, 1843; s. Horatio N. and
Emeline (Sherman) Follansbee; graduate of
Lawrence Univ., Appleton. Wis., 1865; grad.
Harvard Law School, 1867; m. Appleton, Wis.,
Apr. 14, 1869, Susan B. Davis; children: Mitch-
ell D., Mrs. Blanclie Follansbee Caldwell, Mrs.
Susan Follansbee Hibbard, Alanson, Eunice D.
Admitted to bar, Mar. 17, 1867; since then en-
gaged in general practice; formerly of Hoyne,
Follansbee & O'(5onnor; now of Follansbee,
McConnell & Follansbee. Mem. Law Club, Chi-
cago Bar Assn., Illinois State Bar Assn., Am.
Law Assn. (ex-pres.). Republican. Clubs: Un-
ion Lengue. Harvard, Chicago Tjiterary. Office:
205 LaSalle St. Residence: 2342 Indiana Av.

FOIiIiANSBEE, Mitchell Davis, lawyer; b.
Chicago, Jan. 23, 1870; s. George Alanson and



Susan Dana (Davis) FoUansbee; ed. public
schools, South Division High School, Harvard
Univ. and Northwestern Univ. Law School,
being grad., 1S94; m. Seabreeze, Fla., Apr. 14,
1903, Julia Rogers McOonnell; 1 daughter:
Eleanor. Admitted to bar June, 1S94, and since
then engaged in active practice, with specialty
in corporation law. Mem. Hrm of FoUansbee,
McConnell & FoUansbee, Chicago, and of firm
of McConnell & FoUansbee, New York. Prof,
of Illinois practice and lecturer on legal
ethics in Northwestern Univ. Law Sciiool.
Republican. Unitarian. Clubs: University, Sad-
dle and Cycle, Onwentsia, Skokie, Law; also
Lawyers and Harvard (.New York), and Har-
vard Union (Cambridge, Mass.). Office: Home
Insurance Bldg. ; also 111 Broadway, New
York. Residence: Glencoe, 111.

TOIiIiHTTH, William A., general western
agent Red Line Transit Co.; b. Troy, N. Y.,
Nov. 6, 1839; s. Jacob and Catherine E.
(Miller) Follette; ed. Troy Acad., and at Mun-
roe Institute, Llbridge, N. Y.; served in SL'd
N. Y. Regt. in Civil War, becoming sergeant,
but after a year's service was discharged on
account of serious illness; m. June 15, 1887,
Mrs. Helen A. Leslie, daughter of Hon. Hugh
A. Cook, of Ottawa, Kan. Entered railway ser-
vice at St. Louis, Mo., 1863; in freight dept.
until 1866; then was general inspector of U.
S. Internal Revenue for the 2d district of
Missouri until 1868; employed by St. L. & I. M.
R. R. at Belmont, Mo., and the T., W. & W.
R. R. at Quincy, 111., us cashier from 1868
to 1880; in 1880 became contracting agent of
the White Line at Kansas City, Mo.; later
agent same line, and soon after joint agent of
tlie Red, White and Midland Lines; since 1891
agent of the Red Line at Chicago, now being
general western agent. Mem. Royal Arcanum,
Modern Woodmen, United Workmen, K. T. Re-
publican. Office: LaSalle St. Station. Resi-
dence; Austin, 111.

FOIiSOM, William Bickcorda, treas. Chicago
Title & Trust Co.; b. Folsomdale, N. Y., May
25, 1873; s. Benjamin F. and Alice (Rick-
cords) Folsom; grad. Williams College, 1896.
After graduation entered the service of the
Chicago Title & Trust Co., of which he is now
treas. Office: 100 Washington St. Residence:
568 Dearborn Av.

FOIiTZ, Pritz, architect; b. Darmstadt, Ger.,
Oct. 10, 1843; s. Fritz and Lissette (Rosillian)
Foltz; ed. Polytechnic School of Darmstadt,
Ger., and at Royal Acad., Munich, Bavaria;
m. Chicago, Oct. 5, 1876, M. W. Judd; children:
Louise, Frieda, Fred Corning. Began practice
of architecture at Frankfort-on-the-Main,
Ger., until Dec, 1866, when came to the U.
S., and in 1868 came to Chicago, where has
since resided and practiced; was partner with
S. A. Treat, as Treat & Foltz., 1872-98; since
then alone. Fellow of the Am. Institute of
Architects. Office: 140 Dearborn St. Residence:
415 N. State St.

POOTE, Mark Alpha, U. S. Commissioner;
b. North Fairfield, Huron Co., O., Apr. 10, 1858;
s. Marcus and Lora Kinney (Gere) Foote; ed.
public scliools of North Fairfield, O., Hills-
dale, Mich., and Richmond, 111., until 15 years
of age: m. Nunda, 111., Jan. 1, 1881, Kate E.
St. Clair. Was railroad telegrapher, 1871-9; U.
S. Commissioner's Clerk, 1879-94, and in Apr.,
1895, was appointed U. S. Commissioner, in
which position continues. Republican. Mason
(Worshipful Master, 1897, Myrtle Lodge, A.
F. & A. M., 795; Excellent High Priest, 1903,
Irving Park Chapter, 195). Congregationalist.
Office: Post Office Bldg. Residence: 2355 N.
42d Av. (Irving Park).

FORBES, Daniel, tanner; b. Pictou, N. S.,
Nov. 15, 1842; s. John and Helen (Grant)
Forbes; ed. public schools of Pictou, N. S., to
1858; m. Chicago. Nov. 1, 1877, Caroline Ship-
man; children: George Shipman. Mabel,
Walter, James Skinner, Helen. Was in tan-

nery in Boston, Mass., 1858-65, learning trade
there; came to Cliicago, and was in employ
of Union Hide and Leather Co., 1865-9; sales-
man for Walker, Oakley <& Co., 1869-79; since
1879 in business on his own account, and now
pres. and mgr. Daniel Forbes Co., incor-
porated, 1894, tanners of union harness leatlier,
hemlock and oak sole leather, and manufac-
turers of oak blocks, taps, cut soles, etc., with
tannery at South Haven, Midi. Republican.
Congregationalist. Office: 202 E. Lake St. Resi-
dence; 1379 Washington Boul.

FOBD, Benjamin Merrill, dentist; b. Crystal
Lake, McHenry Co., 111., Sept. 14, 1870; s. Har-
rison H. and Frances A. (Hickok) Ford; ed.
Crystal Lake High School, Beloit (Wis.) Acad.;
Northwestern Univ. Dental School, D.D.S.,
1893; m. Harvard, III., Sept. 19, 1894, Estelle
Darling. Engaged in practice of dentistry in
Chicago since 1893. Mem. Odontograpliic Soc,
Chicago Dental Soc, Illinois Dental Soc. Re-
publican. Mem. Royal Arcanum. Club: Wau-
panseh. Office: 34 Washington St. Residence:
5406 Jackson Av.

FOBD, Georg-e Wilgon, stationer; b. Oswego,
N. Y., May 31, 1851; s. Asa R. and Mary A.
(Nickles) Ford; ed. public schools of Oswego,
N. Y.; m. Chicago, 1879, Minnie M. Cherry; 1
daughter: Mary Cherry. Began in stationery
and engraving business in Oswego, N. Y.,
1867-9; came to Chicago; since 1876 partner
in firm of Dunwell & Ford. Republican. Clubs:
Woodlawn Park, Hamilton. Office: 171 Wa-
bash Av. Residence: 6530 Monroe Av.

FOBD, John Sherlock, chair manufacturer;
b. Burton, Geauga Co., O., Sept. 16, 1831; s.
Stephen and Eunice Ford; grad. Burton Acad,
at 16; m. Sept. 16, 1856, Sarah M. Starrett, of
Columbus, O. ; children: Alice M., Reuben A.
Began business career on leaving school, as
clerk for D. T. Woodbury & Co., wholesale
dealers in general merchandise at Columbus,
O., with whom remained until 1856; became
mem. of firm of Brotherlin, Halm & Co.,
furniture manufacturers, 1856-63, and, after
dissolution of that firm, established, with
partner, firm of Ford, Stage & Co., until death
of Mr. Stage in 1865, when purchased his
partners' interest and continued alone; then
organized the business as a stock company
and afterward sold it out, retaining the chair
dept. In 1867 formed partnership with H.
W. Johnson as Ford & Johnson at Colum-
bus, O., and in 1868 firm moved to Michigan
City, establishing extensive factory there, as
Ford, Johnson & Co. In 1872 established the
Chicago house of J. S. Ford, Johnson & Co.,
manufacturers of chairs and settees; in June,
1900, the Michigan City factories and Chicago
business were placed in a corporation under
style of J. S. Ford, Johnson & Co., of which is
now pres. Pres. Western Cane Seating Co., of
Michigan City, Ind. Pres. Nat. Chair Manu-
facturers' Assn.; pres. Chicaero Furniture
Manufacturers' Assn. Promoted Western Chair
Assn., of which was pres. for many years.
Presbyterian. Dir. Chicago Relief and Aid
Soc. over 15 years. Republican. Mem. I. O. O.
F. Office: 16th St. and Indiana Av. Residence:
3906 Lake Av.

FOBD, Joseph Sherman, sec. and auditor,
C. & E. I. R. R. Co.; b. Damariscotta, Me.; s.
Samuel Ford (physician) and Sarah Sherman
Ford; ed. Lincoln Acad., New Castle, Me.; m.
St. Joseph, Mo.. Elizabetli Osborne Mott. : chil-
dren: Walter Mott, Sherman, Liicia Osborne.
Engaged in commercial life to Aug., 1862, in
Maine; to Mar., 1863, in Boston; to Dec, 1867,
in New York City. In railroad service from
Jan., 1868; treas. of the M. V. R. R., Jan.,
1868, to Apr., 1870; asst. treas. of its succes-
sor, the K. C, St. J. & C. B. R. R., to Nov.,
1878; from that date, auditor in charge of
combined office, until the properties were
separated by sale of the K. C, St. J. & C. B.
R. R., 1878-82; Atchison & Nebraska R. R.,



1878-80; the Lawrence & Southern R. R., 1878-
1880; the K. C. F. S. & G. R. R. and the K.
C, S. & M. R. R., 1878-88, comptroller of K.
C, F. S. & M. R. R. (consolidation of former
2 last named) and associated lines, known as
the "Memphis System," from 1888 to July.
1901, when the properties were absorbed by
the "Frisco System"; with the latter company
in New York to May. 1903; since that date
sec. and auditor C. & E. I. R. R. Co. Office:
LaSalle St. Station. Residence: Windermere

FORD, William James, 2d vice-pres. of Bur-
ley & Tyrrell; b. Chicago, Aug. 28, 1865; s.
John and Delia (O'Shaughnessey) Ford; ed.
Chicago public schools; m. Feb. 18. 1890. Mar-
garet McAuley; children: Margaret. Marie,
Eileen, John Henry. Began his business career
with the Plume & Atwood Co., 1882, and 1884
entered house of Burley & Tyrrell (estab-
lished, 1838; incorporated, 1891) in a minor
capacity, working up until he is now 2d vice-
pres. of the company. Democrat. Office: 238-40
Adams St. Residence: 5923 Midway Park, Aus-

FOBEMAN, Edwin G., banker; b. Chicago.
July 14, 1862; s. Gerhard and Hannah Fore-
man; ed. public schools of Chicago; m. June
1, 1887. Rose, daughter of late Henry A. Kohn,
of Chicago; children: Harold E., Alfred K..
Edwin G., Jr. Began business career in 1879,
as a messenger in Corn Exchange Nat. Bank;
in 1882 entered his father's banking house,
and was a mem. of the firm of Foreman Bros,
until Jan., 1897, when Foreman Bros. Banking
Co. was incorporated as a state bank, and
he became pres. Is also dir. Corn Exchange
Nat. Bank; was pres. of the Associated Jew-
ish Charities of Chicago during the first 3
years of its existence, and is now a mem. of
board; treas. Illinois Manual Training School
Farm; also treas. 1st State Pawners' Soc.
Clubs: Standard (was pres. 3 terms). Mer-
chants. Office: S. E. cor. Madison and LaSalle
Sts. Residence: 3750 Michigan Av.

FOBEMAN, Henry Q., real estate operator
and public official; b. Chicago, Aug. 22, 1857;
s. Gerhard and Hannah (Greenebaum) Fore-
man; ed. Chicago public schools and business
college; m. Apr., 1885, Lottie, daughter of
Charles H. Schwab. Received early commer-
cial and financial training in 1st Nat. Bank
of Chicago; has devoted career chiefly to real
estate and financial operations. One of organ-
izers Chicago Stock Exchange, Chicago Title
& Trust Co. and Chicago Real Estate Board;
dir. since May, 1902, and chairman board of
directors since Nov., 1902, Chicago Union
Traction Co. Elected pres. Board of Commis-
sioners of Cook Co., Nov.. 1902, for 2 years;
appointed mem. South Park Commissioners,
Mar., 1902, for term expiring 1903, and re-
appointed 1903 for term expiring 1908: chosen
pres. of same. Mar., 1903, and Mar., 1904. In
Jan., 1904, appointed commissioner to create
outer belt of parks to circle Chicago and
complete outdoor recreation system. Repub-
lican. Delegate to Nat. Renublican Convention,
Philadelphia, June, 1900. Clubs: Union League,
Standard, Lakeside, Marquette, Washington
Park, Mid-Day. Offices: 108 Dearborn St., and
Court House. Residence: 4706 Grand Boul.

FOREMAN, Milton J., lawyer; b. Chicago,
1862; s. Joseph and Mary (Hoffman) Foreman;
ed. public schools. After leaving school at 14
was employed bv Keith Bros. & Co. until 1898.
when left the firm to engage in practice of
law, having been admitted to the bar, 1898;
now of firm of Felsenthal & Foreman, law-
yers. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Republican;
active in political affairs of city and, since
1899, alderman from the 3d Ward. Entered
military service, 1894, in the Chicago City
Troop. Served as capt. 1st 111. Vol. Cav. In
Spanish-Am. War, and is now col. 1st Regt.
of cavalry, I. N. G. Was pres. Young Men's

Hebrew Charity Assn., 1889. Clubs: Union
League, Washington Park, Standard, Lakeside,
Mid-Day. Office: 100 Washington St. Resi-
dence: 3412 Vernon Av.

FOREMAK, Oscar G,, banker; b. Chicago,
Nov. 1, 1863; s. Gerhard and Hannah (Greene-
baum) Foreman; ed. public schools of Chi-
cago; m. Chicago, Sept. 28. 1893, Fannie Man-
del; children: Gerhard, Madeleine. Began
business career in 1882, as a messenger in
the Nat. Bank of Illinois, and in 1893 entered
the banking house of his father, who retired
in 1885, after transferring his banking busi-
ness to his sons; they carried on the business
as Foreman Bros, until Jan., 1897, wlien it was
incorporated as Foreman Bros. Banking Co.,
of which has since been vice-pres. At time
Russian Aid Soc. was active in Chicago,
served as its treas.; always prominently identi-
fied with charitable work in Chicago; was
mem. Board of Directors of Young Men's
Hebrew Charity Assn. for several years; now
vice-pres. Chicago Home for Jewish Orphans.
Democrat. Clubs: Standard. Iroquois, Union
League, Bankers. Office. N. E. cor. Madison
and LaSalle St. Residence: 3415 Michigan Av.

FOREUAlf, Samuel Henry, shoe merchant;
b. Chicago, Aug. 9, 1859; s. Henry and Fannie
(Seeleman) Foreman; ed. Chicago public
schools; m. Chicago, 1893, Hattie Klopfer;
children: Gertrude, Henry. Began business
career in the employ of Mandel Bros., dry
goods. 1874-81; in 1881 established retail shoe
business, out of which has developed the
present Foreman Shoe Co., of wliich is pres.
Republican. Jewish Religion. Club: Standard.
Office: 151 State St. Residence: 4435 Ellis Av.

FORESMAN, Hugrh Austin, vice-pres. Scott.
Foresman & Co., publishers; b. Easton, Pa..
July 8. 1867; s. Robert and Elizabeth (Reiley)
Foresman; grad. Lafayette College. Easton,
Pa., in class of 1887; m. White Rock, Pa., Oct.
21, 1896, Lila Patterson; children: Emily,
Dorothy. Taught in Union High School, Colej -
aine. Pa., 1888-91; came to Chicago, 1891, and
was with firm of Silver, Burdett & Co., school
book publishers, until 1895; in 1895 joined in
organizing Scott, Foresman & Co., publishers
of sciiool books; vice-pres. Club: Quadrangle.
Office: 378 Wabash Av. Residence: 5554 Mon-
roe Av.

FORGAN, David Robertson, vice-pres. 1st
Nat. Bank of Chicago since Sept., 1900; b. St.
Andrews, Scotland, Apr. 16, 1862; s. Robert and
Elizabeth Forgan; common school education;
(honorary) M.A.. Illinois College, 1903; m.
Winnipeg, Man., June 9, 1885, Agnes Kerr;
children: Robert, Marion, Ethel, David, James.
At 15 entered Clydesdale Bank as messenger;
immigrated to Halifax, N. S.. 1880, and se-
cured a position in the Bank of Nova Scotia;
was mgr. of its branch at Fredericton, N.
B., 1883-8; asst. cashier Am. Exchange Bank,
Duluth, Minn., 1888-90; cashier Northwestern
Nat. Bank, Minneapolis, 1890-5; vice-pres.,
1896-8; pres., 1S98-1900, Union Nat. Bank,
which was merged Into 1st Nat. Bank, of
which his brother, James B. Forgan, is pres.;
vice-pres. 1st Nat. Bank, 1st Trust & Savings
Bank.; dir. City Nat. Bank (Evanston). Has
written much on banking subjects, notably a
review of W. H. Harvey's "Coin's Financial
School," 1894, which attracted wide attention;
also "Banking as a Profession," and other ad-
dresses. Was western amateur golf champion
of U. S. Clubs: Chicago, Onwentsia, Evanston
Country, Bankers, Exmoor. Merchants (treas.).
Office: 1st Nat. Bank. Residence: 1112 Green-
wood St.. Evanston.

FORGAN, James Berwick, pres. 1st Nat.
Bank, Chicago; b. St. Andrews, Scotland. Apr.
11, 1852; s. Robert and Elizabeth Forgan; ed.
Madras College, St. Andrews, and Forres Acad.,
Forres, Scotland; m. Halifax, N. S., Oct. 19,
1875, Mary Ellen Murray; children: Robert D.,
Jessie Wilhelmina, Donald M.. James B.. Jr.

tup; book of chtcagoans

21 n

First engagement was with the Royal Bank of
Scotland, for about 3 years; later with Bank of
British North America, with assignments to
Montreal, New York and Halifax; later paying
teller, afterward inspector of agencies. Bank
of Nova Scotia; established agency in Minne-
apolis, of which he was mgr. for 3 years;
about 1S8S, became cashier and mgr. of the
Northwestern Nat. Bank; came to 1st Nat.
Bank, Chicago, as vice-pres., 1892, and later
succeeded Lyman J. Gage as pres. ; pres. 1st
Trust & Savings Bank, Nat. Safe Deposit Co.;
dir. Chicago & Alton Ry. Co., Chicago Title &
Trust Co., Equitable Life Assurance Soc. of
the U. S., Fidelity & Deposit Co. of Maryland,
Guarantee Co. of North America, Metropolitan
West Side Elevated Ry. Co., Am. Radiator
Co.; mem. western board of control the Audit
Co. of New York. Clubs: Chicago, Union
League, Bankers, Chicago Golf, Commercial,
Exmoor, Glen View, Saddle and Cycle. Office:
1st Nat. Bank. Residence: 541 Dearborn Av.

FOBBEST, Alfred Edgrar, vice-pres. and
sec. North Am. Accident Assn. of Chicago; b.
Northumberland Co., Ont., Can., Apr. 22, 1863;
s. Dr. William Forrest (b. Glasgow, Scotland)
and Anabella (White) Forrest (born in Eng-
land); ed. public and high schools; m. 1st, State
Bridge, N. Y., 1883, Saidee L. Potter; children:
Saidee, Forrest, Rathbone; m. 2d, Susie C.
Kimbrough, at Memphis, Tenn., 1888. After
leaving school engaged in mercantile pursuits,
coming to Chicago in 1883. and embarking in
the insurance business. In 1890 founded the
North Am. Accident Assn. as a level premium
mutual company, there being then no law In
Illinois under which a stock accident insur-
ance company could be organized; drafted and
had passed in 1899 the present casualty Insur-
ance law of the state, and two months after
law went into effect reorganized his company
as the North Am. Accident Insurance Co., a
stock corporation, of which is vice-pres. and
sec. Republican. Clubs: "V\^ashlngton Park,
Hamilton, Kenwood, Chicago Athletic. Office:
The Rookery. Residence: 4500 Woodlawn Av.

POBEEST, William Sylvester, lawyer; b.
Baltimore, Md.. July 9, 1852; early education
in piiblic schools of Baltimore; grad. Dart-
mouth College, 1875; taught school in Somer-
ville, Mass., and studied law in Boston, 1875-
1878; came to Chicago, 1878; m. 1st, Apr. 17,
1879, Elizabeth Whitney (died Mar. 6, 1895);
children: Elizabeth, Marshall, Jean; m. 2d,
July 9, 1896, Emily Conti Kimball; 1 child:
Maulsby. Admitted to Illinois bar, 1879; dis-
tinguished as criminal lawyer; conducted de-
fense in many celebrated cases. Including the
Lamb, Schank, Cronin, Maney, .O'Malley,
Baron Curt von Beidenfeld, etc.; prosecuted
Mannow and Windrath, who were hanged for
the murder of Carey B. Birch; Lake and Gris-
wold. who were sentenced to the penitentiary
for life for the murder of Patrick;
Healy and Robbard, who received a like sen-
tence at Dubuque, la., for the murder of 2
private policeman. Mason. Democrat. Club:
Iroquois. OfHce: Ashland Blk. Residence: 3264
Groveland Av.

FOBS7TH, Joseph Ethan, vice-pres. and

Online LibraryJohn William LeonardWho's who in Chicago; the book of Chicagoans, a biographical dictionary of leading living men and women of the city of Chicago and environs (Volume yr. 1905) → online text (page 63 of 194)