Jonathan Edwards.

An abridgment of the Book of martyrs: to which are prefixed, the living testimonies of the church of God, and faithful martyrs, in different ages of the world; and the corrupt fruits of the false church, in the time of the apostacy. To this work is annexed, an account of the just judgments of God on online

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Online LibraryJonathan EdwardsAn abridgment of the Book of martyrs: to which are prefixed, the living testimonies of the church of God, and faithful martyrs, in different ages of the world; and the corrupt fruits of the false church, in the time of the apostacy. To this work is annexed, an account of the just judgments of God on → online text (page 1 of 56)
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Be it remembered, that on the 15th day of
May, in the thirty-fourth year of the inciepeiidence of the United States of
Amex-ica, Samuel Wood, of the said district, hath deposited in this office, the
title of a Boak, the right wliereof he claims as proprietor, in the words fol-
lowing, to wit :

** An Abridg-ment of the Book of Mart^Ts : to which are prefixed. The living,
testimonies of the church of God, and faithful Martyrs, in different ages of the
world ; and the corrupt fruits of tlie false church, in the times of the Apostacy,
To this work is annexed, an account of the just judgments of God on Perse^
cutors, &c. Also, A Christian Plea against Persecution for the cause of

In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled,
** An act for the encouragement of leai'ning, by securing the copies of maps,
cfiai'ts and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the
times therein mentioned :" And also, to the act, entitled, ** An act supple-
mentary to an act, entitled, * An act for the encouragement of learning, by
securing the copies of maps, charts and books, to the authors and proprietors
of such copies, during the times therein mentioned,' and extending the bene-
fits thereof, to the arts of designing, engraving, and etching historical and
other prints."

Clferk of the District of New- York


The publisher of this First American Edition of * An
Abridgment of The Book of Martyrs,' thinks proper to observe,
that it has not been with a view to revive, or to expose the malice,
or misguided zeal of the persecutors, so much as to show the
excellency and sufficiency of that power and confidence, which
supported the sufferers under their keenest torments : nor is it
intended to reflect on the liberal and enlightened of the present
day. It is hoped, that light and knowledge have now so spread,
in various parts of the world, that it is not considered as doing
God service, to destroy men's lives, especially for their religious
opinions ; and experience abundantly shows, the good effects of
religious toleration ; and that no man ought to be accountable to
man, for his religious sentiments ; but that all should have free
liberty to worship God, in the way that is most agreeable to
their o\yn convictions of duty ; and that, while their practice is
peaceable, none should be molested. God is the only sovereign
of the conscience, and whenever man takes it upon him to control
or direct, in these matters, he assumes the right and preroga-
tive of God himself.

All oppression and cruelty, are hateful both to God and man ;
and it is strange, that men should conceive an opinion, that by
persecuting and destroying the lives of their fellow creatures,
they would render themselves acceptable to that God, who de-
lighteth not in the death of a sinner, but rather that all should
return, repent, and live.

It is, indeed, true, that under the former dispensations, the
Children of Israel had positive orders from the Almighty, to
cut off nations whose cup of iniquity was full. But Christ
has given a new and special command, to love our enemies, &c.
and not even to resist evil.

Most precious in the sight of the Lord, is the death of his saints ;
and, surely, if a sparrow does not fall without his notice, he will
not be inattentive to the sufferings of his noble creature, man, |
whose cries and prayers ascend both day and night, like
sweet incense, before his throne, desiring to be preserved in
the way that is most pleasing in his holy sight. His commands
are, "touch not mine anointed, and do mv prophets no harm:*"*
and whosoever oppresses these, may expect to receive their
just reward, both in time and eternity, they that injure them,


will be found fighting against God, who regardeth them as the
apple of his eye." Christ commanded to " let the tares grow
with the wheat, lest, in destroying the former, the latter should
also be rooted up ;" his special command also, is, "whatsoever
ye would that men do to you, do ye even so to them."
And when his officious disciples would have commanded iire
from heaven, to consume those who would not receive him,
he rebuked them, and said, " ye know not what manner of
spirit ye are of. For the Son of Man is not come to destroy
men's lives, but to save them." The whole tenor and spirit of
the gospel is love. It breathes '^ peace on earth, and good will
to men."

It may be proper to remark, that as this History of the Mar-
tyrs, he. is brought down to a later period than any work of the
kind, heretofore published, it embraces transactions and events
v/hich have occurred in America, and particularly in New-En-
gland ; exhibiting the operation of a sanguine and persecuting
spirit, which prevailed in the early settlement of that country,
and by which, the religious people, called Quakers, greatly suf-
fered. It is however but justice due to the present inhabitants
of the state of Massachusetts, to observe, that so far from ap-
])roving the conduct of their predecessors, they are now as much
distinguished for the mildness and liberality of their laws, and
kind treatment of this people, as their predecessors W'ere for
their cruelty tovv^ards them : hence, we cannot forbear to add,
that such are the religious toleration of that government, and
its regard to conscieniious scruples, as not only to excuse the
society of Friends, from personal military service, but also
from any commutation ; aji indulgence, which, we apprehend,
is not so fully granted to that people, by any other state in the
Union. In delineating the character of the first settlers of
jNTew-England, and comparing it with that of the present day,
we are struck with a contrast, which, at one view, evinces the
progress of light and knowledge ; and in proportion as it per-
vades the understanding, men are inclined to cherish that dis-
position towards each other, wliich is calculated to promote the
religion of Jesus Christ, who ' came not to dettroij^ bat to save
men's lives.'

In commencing this work, it was intended to give a revised
edition of the Book of Martyrs, as abridged by Ellis Hookes,
which was first published in England, in 1719 ; but, in the pros-
4 cution, recourse being had to a variety of books, of esteemed
authenticity, it was thought proper to select from them, as ap-
peared most suitable ; ])articiilarly from Southwell's ' New Book
eif Martyrs,' and others, mentioned in the course of the w^ork.



A living' testimony of the True Churchy ....... 1

The corrupt fruits of the False Church'i 72

Persecutions before the coming of Christy 103

after the coming of Christy ,111

Persecuted by the Romans^ 115

Papists^ 129

Massacre in Ireland, 510

France, ••....•..,.. 513
An account of the rise, progress, £ifc. of the Inquisition, . 518

Persecuted by the Episcopalians, 523

Persecutions in Great-Britain and America, 537

'Persecuted by the Mahometans, , . . 575

The just judgments of God on Persecutors, . . . . , 578
A Plea against Pcrseqution, 593


Of the names of sufferers contained in this work*
The letter m. signifies martyred.


Abel, m 103

Abedneg-o, . . • 105

Arnold, m. loO


Acton, Roger m, .
Ashford, Agnis
Antonia, m. . . .
Askew, Anne, m .
Allen, William, m.
Albright, Ann, m.
Ambrose, Gorge, m
Apprice, John, m.
Abington, Thos. m.
Adlinton, Henry, m. 407
Askine, Thomas, m. 415
Archer, John, m. . 429
Atkin, Richard
• . ' - , John ,
Ashdon, Ann ,









Allen, Rose, m.
Allerton, Ralph, m,
Awstoo, James, m.
H-«^«, Margery, m,
Ashley, James, m.
^£glda, Dr. . , .
Abdallah, m. , .

X^Vmc^ina, m. . .
Bas'ihdes, \t\. . .
Bvo .vn, John, m. .
Beverly, John, m, .
lU-own, J. m. . .

, Richard .,

Brewster, J mes, m. 145
Ec ! :ia. d Ihomas, m. 147
aruly, Peter, m. . 157
Bibiey^ Thomas, m. 174
^Javiicid, Richard/m, 175
Bainliarn, James, m. 176
Bennct, Thomas, m. 180
Brooke Thomas . 193
Jiarhev, James . . 194
Bulclier, Joan, m. 203
J^iadford, Jolm, m. 294
l^iirward, Ant'ny, m, 335
IJe-dridge, peo. m. ib.
Bongey, Cor. m^ . ib.
|>u,ni^y, Tiiomas, m. 341
ii?c^y/n» Thomas, m. 360


Beach Joan, m, « 396
Boyer, Thomas, m. 407
Bernard, Robert, m. 412
Bradbridge, Matt. 430
Bongoer, Richard . 440
Barcock, Robert . ib.
BongxDer, William . ib.
Barker, George . 446
Bendon, Alice, m. 454
Bradbridge, Ma. m, ib.
Bongess,' Dennis, m. 456
Bongeor, Wm. m. 467
Benliote, Tomas, m, ib.
Brown, Chris, m. . 507
Bennet, Edward , 509
Bryce, Thomas . ib.
Burtic, Richard , ib.
. Catharine . ib.

Barrowe, Henry, m. 528

Christ, Jesus, m. . 112
Cyprian, m. . . . 121
Clavdon, John, m. 137
Clark, John, m. . 151
Carpenter, Geo. m. 152
Chapman, John . 180
Cock James ... 194
Cromwell, Tlios. m. 199
Cansion, Thomas, m. 256
Cardmaker, John, m. 280
Carver, Derick, m. 306
Coker, William, m. 312
CoUier, Richard, m. ^i^b^
Cobb, Ti.omas, m. 335
Coo, Roi^.*r, m. . ib.
Cotmer, George, m. ^ib.
Joan> rn. . 374

Ci-anmer, Thos. m. 375
Cavili, John, m. . 380
Croker, Thomas, m. 484
Couch, Lyon, m. . 407
Cuwches, Cath. m. 445
Ciavk, Jolm . . 429

Coleman, Robert . 440
Gierke, ili<-.hard . ib.
Cooper Elizabeth, m. 466
Craslifield, Rich. m. 477
Carman, Thomas, m. 498
Cotton. St'^nhcn. m. 502


Cooke, John, m. . 504

Cornford, John, m. 507

Christemas Thos. . 509

Cornet, John . . ib,

Crokhay, Gertrude ib.

Constantine, Dr. . ib.

Coligni, m. . . 513

Copping, John, m. 528
Christlson, Weniock 565

Dimonetus, Matt. m. 162
Debnam, Robert, m. 17&
Damplip, Adam . 193
Dobb, Thoijias . . 207
Denley, John, m. . 309
Drake, Robert, m. 389
Drowry, Thomas, m. 404
Denny, John, m. . 405
Deritall, John, m. . 407
Dungate Thomas, m. 426
Debnam, Robert . 440^
Davinish, John, m. 497
Day Richard, m. . 499-
Denis, Robert, m. . 502
Driver, Alice, m. . 505
David, John, . . 506

, Henry, m. ib.

Davis, John, m. . 509
Dyar, Mary, m. . 54o
Davis, Nicholas . ib.

Ehjah, ..... 104
Eleazar, . . . .106
Everastus (bishop of

Rome) m. . . IIS
Eusebius, Vinsen. . 119
Erigena, John P. m. 130
Esch, John, m. . . 150
Eucenus, Franciscus 155
Euring, Elyn . . 440
Ewing, Helen, m. 467
Eastland, Rainld. m. 503.

Frenchman, Nich. m. 15S
Faber, James, m. . 160
Freese, Edward . 17ft

, Valentine, m. ib.

Frith, John, m. . . 179
Filmer, Henrv, m. 192



EoiTct, Thomas, m. 202
Farrer, Robert, m. 260
Flower, William, m. 277
Fust, Thomas, m, 326
Foster, Isabel, m. . 360

Adam, m. . 412

Fortune, John . 414
Foreman, Jolin, m. 416
Foster, William, m. 429
Final, Nicholas, m. 4S0
Field Marg-aret . 440
Firefanne, Thomas ib.
Fishcock, John, m. 454
Finall, Baibura, m. ib.
Folk, Elizabeth, m. 467
Fox, Hugh, M. . . 497
Fetty, William, m. 500

John . . ib.

Flovd, John, m, . 504
Fairfax, Thomas . 509

Gordius, m. . . . 126
Grosthcad, Robert 129
Gerrard, . . . 130
Gale, John . . 138
Goose, John, m. . 139
Gardner, Robert . 178
Gourley, Norman, m. 202

Georgtf m. 207

Gardner, William . 212
Glover, Robert, m. 335

John , . . 33S

\ViUiam . . ib.

<>reen, Bartlet, m. 360
George, Agnes, m. 407
Gwin, John, m. . 4J5
Gilbe-t, Guil. m. . 425
Glover, Stephen . 440
George , Richard . i)).
Gratwick, Richard 446

Stephen, ra. 451

Groves, Mary, m. . 456
Gibson, Richard, m. 483
Geor^ge, Chr, ra. . 499
Goucli, Alex. m. . 505
Groen, Thomas, m. 509
Greenwood, John,jn, 528

Hus, John, m. , , 135
Harbiock, Martin, m. 156
Hamell, Godfrey, m. 160
Hewett, Andrew, m. 180
Hare, Ralph . . J94
Home, John . . 207
Hooper, John, m. 228
Ifuntcr, William, tn. 251

Higbcd, m. 256

Ha^vkcs, Thomas, m. 284


Hooper, Wm. m. . 312
Harwood, Steph. m. 326
Hale, William, m. ib.
Hai-pole, John, m. 396
Hammond, John, m. 398
Hutt, Catharine, m. 402
Homes, Joan, m. . ib.
Harland, Thomas, m. 406
Hollywell, Wm. m. 407
Hurst, Ednnmd, m, ib.
Hart, Jolm, m. . . 429
Hemp, Stephen, m. 430
Hudson, Thomas, m. ib.
Hay, WiUiam, m. . ib.
Hyde, Margaret, m. 447
Ilusnvm, Alex. m. 456
Hullier, John, m. . 465
Hlllingdale, John,m. 483
Hudson, Thomas, m. 498
Harris, WiUiam, m. 499
Holiday, John, m. 504
Holland, Roger, m. ib.
Humphrey, Philip, m. 506
Herst, John, m. . 507
Hunt, John . . . 509
Harris, James . . ib.
Hurst, Jefirey . . ib.
Horton, Thomas . ib.

Isaiah, .... 105
Ignatius, (bishop of
Antioch) m. . 119


Jeremiah . . . 105
John, the BaptLst, m. Ill

James, m. . . . 113

Ju.stus, James, m. ib.

John, St 117

Julitta, m. ... 127
Jusberge, Justus, m. 155

Jover, John, m. . 162

Joan m. .207

Jo}n, Simon, m. . 398

Jackson, Ralph, m. 407

Jolly, liichard T . 440

Johnson, John, m. . '107


King, Robert, m. . 1.58

Kenecl}-, Alex. m. 203
Knight, Stej)hen, m, 257

King, Jolm, m. . 4.51

Kniglit, Cuth. m. . 507


Lutlicp, Martlu , MS

Lc Blais, Bert, m . 15'J

Lambert, John, m. 189

Lawrence, John, m. 257

Lcafc, John, m. . 2\H


Launder, John, m. 306
Lawrence, Henry, m. 312
Latinser, Hugh, m. 341
La.shford, Joan, m. 360
Loilmas, John, m. 374
Lister, Chris, m. . 398
Laveiock, Hugh, m. 400
Lawson, Robert, m. 412
Lowick, W. m. . 430
Locker, Thomas . 446
Alice . . ib.







Loseby, Thomas, m. 447
Lewis, Joice, m. . 473
Lane, Alex. m.
Living, WiUiam .
Lithall, John . .
Lawson, Elizabeth
Lucy, Ani^.e . . .
Lithgow, WiUiam
Laboinious, m. . .

Mordecai, . .
Meshach, . . .
Mesila, m. . . .
Muf'e, WiUiam, n
Maungin, Ralph, m. 138
Man, Thomas . . 144
Morden, James, m. 147
Melanct(!n, ... 148
Muta, V/eendell, m. 153-
Moice, Peter, m. . 158
March, Nichola.s, m. 178
lyiai-beck, John, v.\. 192
/iVleekins, Itichd m. 193
Mille, Walter, m. 205
Mar.^h, George, m. 266
Mace, John, m. . 398
Mili.s, 'I'lKm'.as, m. 407
Massey, Peroiine, m. 425
Moor,'ThonKis, m. 426
Mount, William . 440
Merse, Thomas . 446
Morant, William, m. 451
Ma\nard, Wm. m. 456
Morris, Marger}-, m. ib.

James, m. ib

Miller Simon, m. . 466
Munt, WiUiam, m. 467

Alice, m. . ib.

Ma! ing, Marg.ii ct,m. 490
Mills, Robert, m. . 502
Miles, lv<;beit. Til, , 504

Nephews of Jude,m. 117
Nicholas, ... 154
Newman, Johr, m. 309
Nicholas, Richard m. SO^i^
NicoU, Wi!li:tm, m. 498




Oecolernpadius, . 148
Oswald, John, m. . 406
Grmes, Cicely, m. 504

Peter, Simon, m. . 115
Paul (the apostle) m. ib.
Policarp, (bishop of

Smyrna) m. . . 119
Pontius, m. ... ib.
Perigrenous, m. . ib.
Potentionous, m. . ib.
Potamtena, m. . 120
Peter, m. . . . 123
Purvey, John, ili. 135
Prag-ue Jerome, m. 136
Pistbrius, John, m. 153
Percival, m. . . 154
Polliard, Stephen, m. 161
Philip, Thomas, . 183
Porter, John, m. . 191
Person, Anthony, m. 192
Pl^^ot, William, m. . 257
Polly, Margaret, m. 303
Pacicingham, P. m. 309
Pigot, Robert, m. 338
Parke, Gregory, m. 358
Philpot, John, m. . ib.
Potter, Agnes, m. 388
Poole, Edmund, m, 405
Pern, Lawrence, m. 407
Peper, Elizabeth, m. ib.
Palmer, Julius, m. 415
Potkins, Alice, m. 429
Prowting, W. m. . 430
Philpot, John, m. . ib.
Pepper, Christian 440
Pardue, Nicholas, m. 454
Purchase, Wm. m. 467
Pikes, William, m. 502
Pond, Henry, m. . 503
Prest, EUzabeth, m. 506
Perrv, John, m. , 528

Hhais, m. . . . 120
Romanus, ii[i. • . 123
Rave, Robert, m. . 147
Rennix, Dennis, m. 160
Rus^l, Jeremy, m. 203
Rose,. . • ^ ■ ' .-217
Ridley, Nicholas, m. 341
Rogews, John, m. . ib
Roper, Gegrge, m. 358
Read, Thomas, m. 406
Routh, John, m^ . 407
Ravendale, Ths. m. 429
Ramsev. Kenrv. m. 447


Roth, Richard, m. 475
Rough, John, m. . 490
Ricarby, Mat. m. . 504

Roberts, 509

Rose, Thomas, ib.

Robinson, Wm. m. 543

Shadrach, . . . 105
Seven brethren & their

mother, m. . . 107
Stephen, m. , . 112
Sixtus, (bishop of

Rome) m. . . 121
Sawtry, William, m. 130
Stamford, Elizabeth 143
Stillman, John . . ib.
Sweeting, William 145
Scrivenor, John, m. 147
Stutven, Henry, m. 150
Smith, WilUam . 193
Stratton, David, m. 202
Street, John . . 216
Saunders, Lawr. m. 220
Steer, V^ihiam, m. 312
Smith, Robert, m. 317
Samuel, Robert, m. 326
Streater, Robert, m 335
Snoth, Agnes, m. 374
Sole, Joan, m. . ib.
Spurg, Richard, m. 389

Thomas, m. ib.

Spencer, John, m. 398
Spicer, Thomas, m. 405
Searls, George, m. 407
Sharp, Edward, m. 429
Stephens, Thomas, m 430
Sampson, AUin . 440
Saxby, John , . 446
Stanley, Agnes, m. 447
Stephens, George, m 456
Silverside, Agnes, m 467
Sparrow, Wm. m. 483
Simpson, Cuthbeit,m497
Seaman, Wm. m. 498
Slade, John, m. . 502
Southara, Robert, m. 504
Snoth, Alice, m- . 5Q7
Sprat, Thomas . . 509
Stevenson, Marip. m. 543

Thorp, Wm. m. . 132
Turning, Richd. m. 137
Tilman, Giles, m. 155
Thiesten,Nicholas,m 157
Francis . ib.


I Tewksberry, John, m 175
I Tibauld, John . . 180
Tracy, William . 184
Tindal, William, m. 185
Testwood, Robert 191
Taylor, Rowland . 237
Tompkins, Thos. m, 249
Tankerfield, Geo.m. 314
Tudson, John, m . 360
Trunchfield, Joan, m. 488
Tims, William, m. 389
Thackvill, Ehz. m. 402
Tree, Mary, m . 426
Thyrtell, Thos. m. 447
Thacker, Elias, m^ 528

Voes, Henry, m. , 150
Venote, Florent, m. 161

White, WilUam, m. 139

Joan ... ib.

Wiseheart, Geo. m. 204
White, Rowlins, m. 269
Warne, John . . 280
Watts, Thomas, m. 291
Wright, Richard, m. 312
Warne, Ehzabeth,m, 316
Wolsey, WilUam, m. 338
Webb, John, m. . 358
Whittell, Thos. m. 360
Went, John, m. . ib.
Wood, Thomas, m. 407
Wie, Henry, ra. . ib
Waste, Joan, m. . 426
Waterer, Wm. m. 430
Winseley, Joan . 440
Thomas ib.

Taylor, Adrian, m. ib.
, Mjcrion-, m. ib.

Whitlock, Agnes . ib.
Warren, Cicely . ib.
Wallis, Alice . . ib.
White, Nicholas, m. 454
Wilson, Amos, m. ib.
Woodman, Richd. m. 456
Wood, Thomasin, m. ib.
Wight, Stephen, m. 502
White, Richard . 509
Wilmot Richard . ib.
WiUiams, Robert, m. ib.
Watts, WiUiam . ib,
Winhurst, Alexander ib.
Wood, Willi^im , ib.


Young, Elizabeth . ib.

Zuingl?u:s, , . . 14^









THE timp: of thp: apostac y






Shows how God, under the several dispensations ofhinu
self to mankind always led and guided his Church and
seed by his Spirit and power to worship and serve him^
and to bring forth the fruits of righteousness and holi-
ness, which were acceptable to him: and how the serpent
er evil one hath from the beginning, made it his work
to deceive, and lead man from God to sin, and to work
wickedness, which always brought the wrath and judg^

^ ments of God upon man.


FTER God had created heaven and earth, and
all things in them, he created man in his own im-
age ; that is to say, pure, holy and innocent, giving
him power to govern and rule the creation to God's
glory ; and God said, *' it is not good for man to be alone,
I will make him an helpmeet for him ;" and he caused a
deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he took one of his
ribs, and closed up the flesh thereof, and of the rib
he made woman, and brought her unto the man ; and
Adam said, " this is now bone of my bone, and flesh of
my flesh, she shall be called woman :" and the Lord plac-
ed them in the garden of Eden, there to live in a blessed
state, gi\'ing unto them a commandment of obedience,


which was, that they were not to eat of the tree of knowl
edge of good and evil ; for, in the day they did eat there-
of, they should die ; but, of all the rest of the trees of the
garden, they might eat, and receiving comfoit therefrom,
might give the praise and glory thereof to their Maker,
to whom it did belong : and whilst man and woman stood
in this condition they were happy and blessed. And
pow God beheld all that he had made,, and behokUall
was good : for sin had not as yet entered upon man.

But the devil, envying God's honor and man's felicity,
tempted the woman to sin by the serpent ; the woman
being beguiled by the serpent, the man was also be-
guiled by her, and broke the ordinance of God by eating
the forbidden fruit : and thus, man and woman lost the
dignity and excellency of their first creation, and Vv'^ere
enslaved by the serpent, who, by his wiles and subtilty,
had entangled and ensnared them, and persuaded them
to believe him more than God ; for God said, that, in
t}ie day they did eat thereof, they should die ; but the
serpent said, they should not surely die ; ''for God doth
know," said he, " that ye shall be as Gods, knowing good
and evil :'' and thus was man, by a lie, drawn from the
pure command of his maker.

N.QW, after they had sinned, in the cool of the day, tlie
Lord called unto Adam, saying, '' Where art thou ?" and
Adam, who hid himself, said, " I heard thy voice in the
garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked :" and God
said, '' who told thee that thou wast naked ? Hast tliou
eaten of the tree whereof I commanded thee that thou
shouldest not eat ?'' and having brought guilt and shame
upon themselves by transgression, they began to make
coverings by sewing fig leaves to make themselves apnjns,
pf which, it seems, they had no need before they had

And, by this, all men may see, that it was the ser-
pent's work from the beginning (and indeed, it has been
^n all ages his work) to beguile men and women w^ith
hh lies and subtilties, and to darken their eyes and pol-
lute their understandings that he may keep them in sub-
jection to himself; and from hence spring the wicked


thoughts and actions, which all mankind are apt to lean
and incHnt' to, and have been, and are readier to give ear
to the voice of the serpent and wicked one, than to the
voice of God their maker : and this has been the fountain
and source from w^ience have come all the disorders,
miseries, and woes, that have happened unto mankind
throughout the world, in all ages ; they have been feed-
ing and deiighthig themselves in eating the forbidden
fruit, which their forefathers also delighted in : and all
nations upon the eardi are in this state and condition at
this day, led away by the voice of the serpent from the
purity and righteousness in which man was first created,
except a little remnant, which God hath gathered by his
light and power, to be witnesses to his name.

And, the Lord having convicted Adam of his evil,
and pronounced several punishments upon him, and on
Eve his wife ; yet, with this promise, added, that the
seed of the w oman should bruise the serpent's head : and
man being put out of the garden of Eden, and a fiery flam-
ing sword being set to keep the way, leading to the tree
of life ; man was in an undone condition, had not the Lord
coiidescended in his tender love and mercy to restore him,
and make that promise to him ; and this was the Lord's
great love, to open a door of hope to lost man, that he
Fiiight not be destroyed by Satan's power ; and now the
power of God, by which man was first created, appeared
again to restore him.

After the fall of Adam, Cain was the first man that
was born of a woman ; and after Cain, his brother Abel
was born ; and in process of time, these two oflTered ofier-
ings unto the Lord, being, doubtless, instructed in right-
eousness by their father Adam after his restoration ; but
Cain's sacrifice, being only outward in show, and noth-
ing inward in the spirit, wherein doth consist the true
worship of God, the Lord accepted not his offering ; but

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