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In E I G H T E E N V O L U M E5."


Printed for A. MILLAR, J. and R. TONSON,



P. D O D S L E Y.



sc &* fe- H3

THE " / J-




164. & RASMUS LEWIS, Efq ; to Dr

Swift. July 9 . 1713. - . x

165. Ditto to ditto. July^S.

1 66. Ditto to ditto. Aug. 6* - _

167. Mr Prior to Dr Siuift. Aug. 15-^.

1 68. Dr Smallridge to Dr Swift. Sept. 27.

169. Lord Chancellor Phipps to Dr Swift.

0t. 10. - . . 3

170. Ditto to ditto. Oft. 24. p

171. Dr Davenant to Dr Swift. Nov. 3. 10

172. The Duchtfs of Ormond t-o Dr Swift.

Same date. - - _ j ~

173. To Lord Trcafurer Oxford, on tht dtath

of his daughter the Marchionefs of
Caertnarthen. Nov. 21. - - jo
J 74' Judge Nutley to Dr Sivift. Same date. 16
175. Air Pope to Dr Swift. Dec. 8. - 19
Dr Swift to Dr Sterne. Dec. 19. - 24
Lord Primate Lindfaj to Dr Swift.
Dec- 26. . 26

178. To the Archbiftop of Dublin. Dec. 31. 2 {{

179. Z.07/ Primate Lindfiy to Dr Swift.

Jan. 5. 1713-14. - - - 33
51 2


LETTER -. . Page

1 80. The Earl of Anglefey to Dr Swiff.

Jan. 16. 1713-14. - 35

1 8i. Comical Queries in a letter from the Earl

of PeterboKoiu (abroad in embajjtesj
from Sicily, to Dr Swift. March 5. 37

182. Lord Treafurer Oxford to Dr Swift, in

a counterfeit handy with a bill ; when
the printer Morpkew was prcfecuted by
the Houfe of Lords, for the pamphlet
intituled, The Public Spirit of the
"Whig*. Received March 14. 1 7 1 3- 1 4. 40

183. From an Informer to Lord Treafurer,

offering to dij cover the Author of f aid
pamphlet. March 1 8. - - 41

1 84. Humorous Lines by Lord Treafurer Ox-

ford, fent to Dr Swift, Dr Arbuth-
nott, Mr P#pe, and Mr Gay. April

14- I7M- - 42

185. More Lines of Humour by Lord Trea-

furer. Same date. - - 44

1 86.' The Duchefs of Ormond to Dr Swift.

April 24. - - - ib.

187. To the Earl of Peterborow. May 18. 46

1 8 8. 'Chiverton Ckarlton, Efq; to Dr Swift.

May 22. - 1

189. Mr Gay to Dr Swift. June 8. - 54

190. Dr Swift to Mifs EJlher Vanhonirigh.

Same date. - - - 56

191. Mr John Barber to Dr Swift. Same date. 58

192. Dr Arbuthnott to Dr Swift. June 12. 59

193. Dr Swift to the Earl of Oxford. June 14. 61



194. Mr Pope to Dr Swift. June 18. 1714. 63

195. Thomas Har/ey, Efq; to Dr Swift.

June 19. -66

196. Mr Thomas > Secretary to Lord Treafurer,

to Dr Swift. June 22. - - 68

197. Dr Arbuthnott to Dr Swift. June 26. 69

198. Mr John Barber to Dr Swift. July 6. 72
'l 99. .Ditto to ditto. Same dais. - - 73
2o. Mr Thomas to Dr Swift. Same date. 74

10 I. rafmUi Lewis, Efq\ to Dr Swiff. Same

date. - ~ " 75

202. Charles Ford, Efq ; to Dr Swift. Same

date. - - 77

203. Ditto to ditto. July IO. 80

204. Dr Arbuthnott to Dr Swift. Same date. 83
2OJ;. Lord Bolingbroke to Dr Swift. July 13. 85

206. Charles Ford, Efq ; to Dr Swift. July 1 5. 86

207. Erafinus Lewis, Efq; to Dr Swift.

July 17. - - 88

208- Lord Harlfy to Dr Swift. Same date. 91
209. Dr Arbuthnott to Dr Swift. Same date. ib.
2.1 o. Dr Swift to the Dule vf Ormond. Same

date. - - - 94

211. Charles Ford, Efq: to Dr Swift. Same

date. ' - - - C)6

212. Ditto to ditto. July 20. 98

213. Eraftmis Lewis, Efq; to Dr Swift.

July 22. - - - - loo

3.14, The Duke of Ormotid to Dr Swift.

Saint elate, - - ibid.

a 3



215. Charles Ford, Efq; to Dr Swift. July

22. 1714- - - - 1CI

2 1 6. Ditto to ditto. July 24. - - 103
217. Erafmus Le-wis y Efq; to Dr Swift.

Same date. - - - 104

2 1 8. Dr Arbuthnott to Dr Swift. Same date. 1 06

219. To Lord Oxford, on hearing his intention

to rejig f i his Staff. July 25. - 107

220. The Earl of Oxford to Dr Swift.

July 27. - - IC8

221. Erafmus Lewis, Efq; to Dr Swift.

Same date. 109

222. Lady Mafham to Dr Swift. July 29. I I I

223. Erafmus Lewis, Efq; to Dr Swift.

July 29. - - - - 113

224. Mr John Barber to Dr Swift. July 31. 114

225. Erafmus Lewis, Efq; to Dr Swift.

Same date. - - - - 11$

226. Charles Ford, Efq; to Dr Swift. Same

date. - - - - - 1 1 6

227. Dr Swift to Miff Vanhomrigh. Aug. i. 121

228. Mr John Birch to Dr Swift. Same datt. 1 23

229. Lord Bolingbroke to Dr Swift. Aug. $. ibid

230. Erafmus Lewis, Efq; to Dr Swift.

Same date. - - - 1 24

231. Mr John Barber to Dr Swift. Same

date. - - - - - I2j

232. Charles Ford, Efq; to Dr Swift. Aug. 5. 127

233. Erafmus Lewis,. Efq; to Dr Swift.

Aug. 7. - . 131

234. To Lady Majham.. Same datt. - 132

THE C O N T E N T S. yii


23 5- To Lord Bolingbroke. Aug. "7.1714. 133

236. Erafmus Lewis, -Efq; to Dr Swift.

Aug. 10. - - 138

237. Lord Bolingbroke to Dr Swift. Aug. \ i. 140

238. Charles Ford, Efq; to Dr Swift.

Aug. 12. 141

239. Dr Arbuthnott to Dr Sivift. Same date. 144

240. Dr Sivift to Mifs Vanhomrigh. Same

date. - 146

241. Cha rles Fa rd, Efq; toDr Sivift. Aug. 14. 147
242^ Mr Gay to Dr Arbuthnott, or the Dean

of St Patrick's. Aug. 16. - 149

243. To Lord Bolingbroke. Sept. 14. 153

244. Dr Arbuthnott to Dr Sivift. OB. 19. 156

245. Ditto to ditto) on the fame paper. - 159

246. Dr Swift to Sir Arthur Langford-

Oct. 30. - 1 60

247. Erafmus Lewis, Efq ; to Dr Sivift.

Nov. 4. 162

248. Motif. Swift a Monf. Geraldi, Secre-

tary to the Duke ofTufcany. Feb. 25.

1714-15- " 163

249. Dr S-wift to Mr Pope. June 28- 1715. 164

250. Dr Sivift to the Earl of Oxford. July 19. 167

251. Dr Arbuthnctt to Dr Sivift. Aug. 6. 169

252. Dr Friend to Dr Siuift. Sept: 2O. 171

253. The Duchefs of Ormsnd to Dr Sivift.

Oct. 17. - 173

254. Dr Arbuthnott to Dr Sivift. Received

Dec a- 174

255. Ditto to ditto. Without date. - i 75



256. Mr Pope to Dr Swift. Jan. 2O. 1716. 177
25:7. The Duchefs of Onnond to Dr Swift.

Jan. 23. - 179
258. Dr Atterbury, bifiop of Rockefter> to

Dr Swift. April 6. - - i 8 1

559. Lady Bolitigbroke to Dr Swift. . May 5. 185.

260. Ditto to ditto. Aug. 4. - 1 86

261. Dr Swift to Mr Pope. Aug. 30. jS8

262. The Duchefs of Ormond to Dr Swift.

Sept. 14. - - 192

263. Lord Bolingbroke to Dr Swift. Oft. 23. 194

264. Charles Ford, Efq; to Dr Swift. J 9 6
; 265. The Archbi/fjop of Dublin to Dr Swift.

Nov. 22. - - 197

266- Dr Swift to the Archbijhop of Dublin.

Dec. 16. - 199

267. Erafmus ^Lewis, Efq; to Dr Swift.

Jan. 12. 1716-17. - 202

268. Ditto to ditto. June 15. 1717. - 204

269. Ditto to ditto. June 18. - 207
2/0. Ditto to ditto. July 2. - 2 08

271. Mr Prior to Dr Swift. July 30. 209

272. The Earl of Oxford to Dr Swift. Aug. 6. 2 r i

273. Mr Prior to Dr Swift. Aug. 24. 212
274* Mr Addifon to Dr Swift. March 20.

1717-18. 213

275. Lord Harfey to Dp Swift. April 12.

1718. 215

276. Mr Prior to Dr Swift. - May i. 216

277. Ditto to ditto. May 29. - 217

278. Peter Ltidlow, Efq; to Dr Swift.

Sept. ic. - * 218



279. Mr Prior to Dr Swift. Sept. 25. 1718. 222

280. Mr Add'ifon to Dt Swift. Oft. i. 223

281. Dr Arbuthnott to Dr Swift. Oft. 14. 224

282. Ditto to ditto. Dec. 1 1 . 227

283. Ld Bolingbroke to Dr Swift. March 1 7.

17(9. - * - - 229

284. Td Lord Bolingbrske. May . 235

285. Mr Prior to Dr Swift. May 5. 239

286. Ditto to ditto. Dec. 8. - 241

287. Dr Swift to Dr Sheridan. Dec. 14. 243

288. To Lord Bolingbroke. Dec. 19. 246
28p. The Duchefs of Ormond to Dr Swift.

April 1 8. 1720. - 251

290. Mr Prior to Dr Swift. May 4. 253

Sir Tl o. Hamner to Dr Swift. Oc7. 22. 256
Dr Sivift to Mr Pope. Jan. 10. 1721. 258

293. Sir Cotijlantin; Phipps to Dr Swift.

Jan. 14. - - 276

294. Mr Prior to Dr Swift. Fe&. iB. 277

295. Ditto to ditto. April 2 5 . - 276

296. Dr Swift to [Stella] Mrs John/on.

April -$?>. - - 281

297. Dr Swift to the Rev. Mr WaUls.

May 13. - - - - 282

298. To the EijJjop of Meath. June 5. 283

299. Lord Bolingbroke to Dr Swift. July 28. 285 ^

300. The Duchefs of Ormond to Dr Swift.

Sept i. - - - . 294

391. Lord Bolingbroke to Dr Swift. Jan. i.

17*1-2 295

302- Dr Snape to Dr Swift. April 13. i;2i. 301



303. To tie Earl of Oxford. Qcl. 11. 1722. 303

304. Dr Sivift to Mr Wallis. Nov. 5. 306

305. Dr Swift to Dr Sheridan- Dec. 22. 307

306. Mr Gay to Dr Swift. Same date. 309

307. Dr Swift to Mr Gay. Jan. 8.

1722-3. - - - - 311

308. Mr Pope it Dr Sivift. Jan. 12. 1723. 314

309. Lord So/ingbrekt to Dr Sic if t. With-

out date. - 31 8<!

310. Dr Swift to tie Duke of Graf ton.

Jan. 24. 323

311. Mr Gay to Dr Swift. Feb. 3. - 324
3 1 2. Dr Swift to Mr Wallis. Feb. 12. 327

313. Lady M to Dr Swift. Re-

ceived i>th Ftb. - - 329

314. Dr Swift to Dr Sktridan. Au%. 3. 330

315. Fr 6m. Dr Swift. Stpt. 20. - 331

316. Dr Arbuthnott to Dr Stcift R<-

ct'ivtd i-jth Nov. - - - 334
317." The Duekffs of Orniond to Dr Swift.

Dec. 9 337

318. LordBolingbroketoDr Swift. Dec. 25. 339

319. To hif Ettcelttncy the Lord Carttret,

Lord-Lieutttxint of Ireland. April
28. 1724. - - 343

320 To the fame. June 9. - - 344

321. Lord C to Dr Swift. June 20. 346

322- To Lord Carteret. July 9. - 348
3^23. To Edward Earl of Oxford, on his

father's death. July . 349

324. Lord C to Dr Sivift. Aug. 4. 35.1

THE C O N T E N T S. xi


325. To Lord Carteret. Sept. 3 1724. 352

326. Lord BottngbroketoDr S-Jjift. Sept. 12. 356
327- Ed-ward Earl of Oxford to Dr Swift.

Nov. 2. 364

328. Dr Swift to Dr Sheridan. Jan. 25.

1725. ... ~ 366

329. To Mrs Pratt. March 18. - 369

330. To Lord Carttret. April 17. - 372

331. Dr Swift to Dr Sheridan. June 28. 373

332. Ditto to ditto. June 29. - "37^

333. Dr Swift to Lord Ctrteret. ' July 3. 37^

334. L'Abbe des Fount aines a Motif. Swift.

July 4 82

335. Reponfe dt Monf. Swift. - -' 384

336. Lord Bolingbroke to Dr Swift. July 24. 387

337. Ed-ward Earl of Oxford to Dr Swift.

July 26. - 390

338. Ditto to ditto. Aug. 30. - - 392

339. George Rochfordy Efq; to Dr Swift.

S,pt. 9. - - - - 393

340. Dr Swift to Dr Sheridan. Sept. 11. 304

341. - - Sept. 14. 397

342. Dr Swift to Dr Shiridan. Sept. 19. 300

343. Ditto to ditto. - - Sept. 25. 401

344. From Dr Swift. - - Sept. 29. 403

345. - - - - Off. 15. 407

346. Dr Arbuthnott to Dr Swift. Off. 17. 41!

347. Edward Earl of Oxford to Dr Swift.

Qcl. 19. 414

348. From Dr Swift. Nov. 26. - ibid

349. - Dec. 10. 417

xli THE C O N T E N T S.


350. An Anfiver to Lord Palmerftorfs civil

polite Letter. Jan. 31. 1725-6. 421

351. From Dr Swift. May 4. 1726. 425

352. Dr Swift to Mrs WorraL July 15. 426

353. Lord Bolingbroke to the Three , Tahoos

of Twickenham, Jonathan, Alexan-
der, and John. July 23. - 429
354 Dr Swift to Dr Sheridan. July 8. 430

355. Ditto to ditto. July 27. - - 433

356. Dr Sniftto Mr Worral. Aug. 6. 435

357. - Aug. 22. 436

358. - - - . - Sept. 3. 438






Whitehall, July 9, 1713.

WE are all running headlong into the
greateft confufion imaginable. Sir
Thomas Hanmer * is gone into the
country this morning, I believe much difcontent-
ed ; and I am very apprehenfive, neither Lord
Anglefey f , nor he, will continue long with us. I
heartily wifh you were here, for you might cer-
tainly be of great ufe to us, by your endeavours to
reconcile, and by reprefenting to them the infalli-
ble confequences of thefe divifions. We had letters
this morning from Ireland. What is the reafon
I had none from you ? Adieu. I hope your want
of health is not the caufe.


* Speaker of the Houfe of Commons.

f Arthur, who was joint Vice-Treafurer of Ireland, \vith Eel*
vard Earl of Clarendon.




Whitehall, July 30, 1713.

THIS day fe'nnight, the Queen goes to Hamp-
ton-Court, and the Monday following to
Windfor. I fancy, by that time, Mr Bromly *
will be Secretary of State, in the room of my
Lord f. Lord Treafurer was abroad this even-
ing, for the, firft time, after a fortnight's illnefs.
I hear there came a dozen of letters from you,
by the fame poft, to your friends here. My Lord
Treafurer defires you'll make all poffible hafte
over, for we want you extremely.



Whitehall) Aiiguftf), 1713.
HAVE fo often, and in fo preffing a man-
ner, delired you to come over, that, if what
1'liave already faid has no effect, I fliall defpair
of better fuccefs by any further arguments. If I

* William Bromly, Efq; appointed Secretary of State, Aug.
j? I? II) in the room of William Earl of Dartmouth, made
.l,ord Privy Seal.

f Dartmouth, to whom Mr Lewis had been Secretary.


were to recapitulate the feveral reafons* you offer
to the contrary, and anfwer them feparately, I
fhould grow peevifh ; which I have no way to
avoid, but by telling you in general, it is all
wrong. You and I hive already laid it down for

a maxim, that we muft ferve Lord T *,

without receiving orders, or particular inftruc-
tions ; and I do not yet fee a reafon for changing
that rule. His mind has been communicated more
freely to you than any other f ; but you will not
underftand it. The defires of great men an;
commands ; at leaft the only, ones, I hope, they
ever will be able to ufe. You have a mind to fray
in Ireland till October ; and clefire me to give my
opinion, whether you fliould come fooner. I
anfwer, yes. Then you bid me confider again ;
that is, you would have me fay, I am of opinion
you fliould flay till October. When judges
would have a jury change their verdict, they bid
them confider again ; when a man is determined
to marry a woman, and his friend advifes him
againft it, he afks his opinion again ; and if his
friend is fo filly as not to alter his advice, he mar-
ries without it. I am as much in the fpleen now
I am anfwering your letter, as you were when
you writ it. Come over ; you will cure yourfelf
and me too. Adieu.

A 2 L E T-

* Treafurcr.

f By this it appears, that the late Lord Orrery was miftaken,
when he faid, that Swift was employed, not truftcd.




Paris, Auguft 15-6,

AS I did not expert, my good friend Jona-
than, to have received a letter from you
at Dublin, fo I am fure I did not intend to write
one* thither to you ; but Mr Rofingrave * thinks
it may do him fervice, in recommending him to
you. If fo, I am very glad of it ; for it can be
of no other ufe imaginable. I have writ letters
now above twenty-two years. 1 have taken towns,
deflroyed fleets, made treaties, and fettled com-
merce in letters. And what of all this ? Why,
nothing j but that I have had fome fubjedt to

* Thomas Rofingrave, a celebrated performer in mufic.
When he arrived in Ireland, he played a voluntary at St Pa-
trick's cathedral; Dr Pratt, then provoft of Dublin-college, and
the Dean, being prefent. The DodV>r, who happened to dine
at the deanry the fame day, was fo extravagant in his encomi-
ums on Rofingrave's voluntary, that feveral of the company
faid they wifhed they had heard it. Do you ? faid S'Aift ; then
you (hall hear it frill : And he immediately fung out fo lively,
and yet fo ridiculous an imitation of it, that all the company
were kept in continual laughter, except one old gentleman, who
fat with great compofure ; and though he Mened, yet (hewed
neither curiofity nor approbation, After the entertainment, he
was afked by fome of the company, how it happened that he
had been no more affected by the muf.c ? To which he anfwered,
with great gravity, that he heard Mr Rofingrave play it himfdf


write upon. .But to write a letter, only becaufe
Mr Rofingrave has a mind to carry one in his
pocket, to tell you that you are fure of a friend-
fhip which can never do you three-pence worth
of good, and to wifli yoirwell in England very
foon, when I do not know when I am likeiy to
be there myfelf: All this, I fay, is veryabfurd
for a letter, efpecially when 1 have this day writ-
ten a dozen much more to the purpofe. If I had
feen your manuscript * ; if I received Dr Par'nell's
poem ; if I had any news of Landen being taken ;
why, well and good: But as I kaow no more,
than that the Duke, of Shrewsbury defigns for
England within three weeks ; that I muft ftay
here till fomebody elfe comes, and then brings
me necefiarily to fay, good Mr Dean, that I nm
like the fellow in the Rehearfal, who did, not
know if he was to be merry or lerl'vjs, or in
what way or mood to act his part. Cne thing /
only I am allured of, that I love you very well ;
and am, mod imcertly and faithfully, de.i;
your fervant and brother f,


Lord and Lady Shrewsbury g'vc their fervics to

you. Var.homrigh has run terribly here in ucbt ;

and, being in durance, has fent to his mother

upon pecuniary concerns. Adieu, once more.

A 3 What

* Of the 1-Mory of tl/e Peace of Utrecht.
| lie 'was onv of the fifteen.


What we are doing, or what is become of us,
I know not.

Prudens fuiurl temporis exititm
Caliginofa fiofle permit Deus,

This is all the Latin and writing I can at pre-
fent fpare you.

Pray give my fervice to your Chancellor *, and
be much acquainted with Judge Nutely, and love
him very well for my fake. Adieu. Once more,
find out my coufin Pennyfather, and Nutely, (if
he is not too grave for you) ; and, according to
the laudable cuftom of your country, drink this
Louis out, for a token of my generofity, and your
fobriety. And now, I think, I have furniihed
out a very pretty letter.



MR DEAN, September 27, 1713.

HEN you was fo kind as to favour the
ma'fter of the Temple f , and me, with
your company at the chaplain's table at Ken-


* Sir Conftantinc Phipps.

f Dr Sherlock, afterwards bifhop of London.


ilngton, there dined with us one Mr Fiddes f,
a well-deferving clergyman, whofe circumftances,
we told you, were not at all fuitable to his me-
rits. You exprefled, on that occafion, fo gene-
rous a concern for him, and fo great a readinefs
to do him any good offices which might lie in
your way, that he feems to think he fhould be
wanting to himfelf, if he did not endeavour to
cultivate an intereft with one fo willing and fo
able to ferve him. He has therefore made re-
peated inftances to me, that I would remind
you of him, which I fiiould not have hearkened
to, were I not aflured, that you would excufe,
if not thank me, for furnHhing you with an
opportunity of doing a generous and good-
natured thing. You will not, I fancy, think a
formal application to any great man in his behalf,
either proper or requiilte ; but if you fliould,
upon the perufal of one or two of his fcrmons,
think as well of them as I do, and fhould, in
converfation with my Lord Treafurer, exprefs
a good opinion of the author, one kind word
from you, feafonably dropped, might determine
his fortune, and give you the fatisfaclion of
having made .him and his family happy as they
can wifh to be. I am, Sir, your moft humble
fervant, GEO. SMALRIDGE.


f Richard Fkides, afterwards D. D. author of a Body of
Divinity, the Life of Cardinal Woifey, &c.




SIR, Dublin, Oct. 10, 1713.

I HAD the favour of your kind letter of the
twenty-fecond of September,' and had fooner
acknowledged it, if I had not been prevented by
the conftant hurry we have been in, with re-
lation to the city and parliament affairs.

I heartily congratulate your fafe arrival in
London ; and return you, with all the 'gratitude
imaginable, my thanks for the great trouble you
have given yourfelf, as well on behalf of my fon
in particular, as of this kingdom in general.
And I am forry you fhould venture fo far as to
burn your fingers ; but you prove, fuch misfor-
tunes often happen to gentlemen, who have a
hearty zeal for the intereft of their friends. But
this comfort attends them, that the burning goes
off foon ; whereas the credit and honour of
ferving one's friend, laft always. The account
you fent me of Mr Worfley's being an envoy,
was new, and had not reached us before your
letter came. I know not how fufHciently to ac-
knowledge the obligations you have laid on me j
but aflure you, if you have any commands on
this fide of the water, there is no one will be
more proud of being honoured with them, than
he who is, with very great refpect, your moft
obedient humble fervant, CON. PHIPPS.




DEAR SIR, Dublin, Oft. 24, 1713.

I AM indebted to you for your kind letters of
the eighth and tenth inftant, and 1 very
:!y acknowledge the obligation. That of
the eighth gave me a great many melancholy
thoughts, when I reflected upon the danger our
conftitution is in, by the neglect and fupinenefs
of our friends, and the vigilance and unanimity
of our enemies : But I hope your parliament
proving ib goo^l .^en our friends, and

unite them more firmly, and make them more
active. * -

That part of your letter of the tenth, which
J to my fon, gave me a great fatisfaction ;
for though your commifiioncrs here have heard
"g of it, yet I believed Mr Reightly might
; over full inftruclions in it : But he is ar-
rived, and knows nothing of it ; fo that what-
ever good intentions my Lord Treafurer had in
relation to my fon, hi r> has forgotten

to give any directions concerning him ; for, with
bim, things are juft ..s they were when you left
Dublin. If you will be fo kind to put his Lord-
fhip in mind of it, you will be very obliging.

I cannot difcharge the part of a friend, if I
omit to let you know, that your great neighbour


io D E A N S W I F T's

at St Pulcher's is very angry with you. He
accufeth you for going away without taking your
leave of him, and intends in a little time to com-
pel you to refide at your deanry. He lays fome
other things to your charge, which you fhall
know in a little time.

We hourly expect my Lord Lieutenant *.
The Whigs begin to be fenfible they muft expect
no great countenance from him ; and begin to
be a little down in the mouth, fiace they find
Broderick is not to be their Speaker f. I am,
with very great truth, your moft obedient fer-



S I R, Windfor, Nov.. 3, 1713,

YOU [have the character of employing, in
good offices to others, the honour and
happinefs you have of being often with my Lord
Treafurer. This ufe of your accefs to him, is
an uncommon inftance of generofity, deferving
the higheft praifes ; for, moft commonly, mea
are moft apt to convert fuch advantages to their


* Duke of Slirewfbury.

f- He was, however, chofen Speaker, by a majority of four
J Infpedor-Geneval of the exports and imports.


own fingle intereft, without any regard of others,
though, in my poor opinion, not fo wifely. Acts
of friendfhip create friends, even among ftran-
gers, that tafte not of them ; and, in my expe-
rience, I hardly ever knew a man friendly in
the courfe of his proceedings, but he was fup-
ported in the world ; ingratitude being the vice,
of which the generality of men are moft alham-
ed to be thought guilty.

My fon * and i have reafons to return to you
our thanks, for what you have already done of
this kind in his favour, and we beg the conti-
nuance of it. Minifters of ftate have fucli mul-
tiplicity of bufinefs, that it is no wonder if they
forget low individuals ; and in fuch a cafe, pri-
vate perfons muft be beholden to fome good-
natured man, to put thofe in power in mind of
them ; otherwife they may be forgotten, till old
age overtakes them. Such well-difpofed remem-
brancers deferve accefs, familiarity, and intereft
with great men ; and, perhaps, they are the
moft ufeful fervants they can countenance in
their hours of leifure.

I need not tell you, that, in point of time, he
is above all pretenders to foreign bufinefs ; thac
his affairs have now depended almoft three years ;
thatj in the interim, it has gone very hard with
him ; and, that he gave a very early inftance of
his zeal to the prefent adminiftration. But what

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