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diciary, and if necessary in the Constitution of the State, as shall effectual!}' promote tho vit;il in-
terests of Prohibition, with a suitable regard to other great issues; (3) sustain and encourage pub-
lic officers to the utmost in the discharge of their duty and hold them up to pubUc contempt in its

V. Among our friends (1) allow no trifling differences of opinion or modes of action to lessen tho
barmony and efficiency of the effort for Prohibition; (2) secure the activity of every church mem-
ber, and bring the forces of the sabbath school and the pulpit to effect as much as possible for the
instruction of the young, the arousing of the community, and the triumph of Bible Temperance as
the basis of individual action and of public policy.

\'I. At suitable intervals meet together for mutual encouragement and consultation, to hear def-
inile reports from each neighborhood, and to discuss publicly before the people the wants of the
Inwn, the progress of the cause, and such other topics, in connection with Temperance, as may ri-
pcii. the undeistanding, iiislrui t the judgment, and promote the vital interests of every citizen.

VII. And we, the undersigned ladies and children, in order to iinitc tho whole strengtn of tha
•■onimuiiify in the above effort, in view of our interests concerned thercin.and of our responsibility
in the formation of character, for the happiness of ouv families and tijo moral health of society, do
h]. Downs, C. V. Sawyer. -1 from the Street ; G. D. Clark, H. Kimpton. C. II. Del-
ano. T. Delano. B. p' Delano, 5 fi-om the north part of the town; W. H. Cook
and F. J. Cook. 2 from Trout Brook Valley; A. J. Cook, 1 from the Upper Vil-
lage and vicinity; W. E. Calkins. G. C. AVeed. "W. A. G. Arthur, L. R. Sayres,
It"v. D. 11. Gould, A. L. Bennett, B. H. Baldwin, H. G. Burleigh, C. D. Smith,
N. Porter, and C. Bugbee, 11, with some young men as spectators, from the Low-
er Village.

Hiram Kimpton was chosen President ; and Clayton H. Delano, Secretary.

Voted, on motion of F. J. Cook, That we discuss the feasibility of our plan
and the bej^t means of sustaining an Academy.

Voted, on motion of F. J. Cook, That the following paper be signed by the
Btockholders and define their privileges, viz :

We, the vn lersigned, hereby agree to pay the sums set opposite our names
for the purpose of founding and maintaining a permanent and icorthy
'High School or Academy in Ticonderoga, A". F. Every twenty-five dollars
signed shall constitute a share and entitle to one vote in the disposal of the

Voted, on motion of F, J. Cook, That a committee of five be appointed by
this meeting to propose the size, cost and location of the proposed building. B.
V. Delano, Russell Bly. A. J. Cook, W. H. Cook and Wm. E. Calkins were ap-
pointed as such committee.

Voted, on motion of H. G. Burleigh. That a committee of three be appointed
to solicit subscriptions of stock. Wm. E. Calkins, W. A. G. Ai'thur, and G. D.
Clark were appointed as such committee.

Voted, to adjourn until Feb. 18, 1858.


On adjourning, $1400 bad been subscribed to the paper given above
in italics. On the following Sabbath it was announced from the pulpits
t!mt $1800 had been sub.scribed. G-. D. Clark had devoted whole days
to canvassing ; W. E. Calkins bad worked actively ; W. A. Gr. Arthur
had given efficient aid. and by their exertions, when the time for the
next meetiag came, $2000 had been taken. All this had been pledg-
ed liberally without regard to the site, to fix which was now a vital


Tefft's Hotel, Thursday Eve.. Feb. 18.

On moiion of Wm. E. Calkins it was. Voted, That M. A. Sheldon, Esq., act as
chairman 7)/'0^m.

Wm. E. Calkins, from the committee on size, cost and location, having report-
ed in favor of a spot just south of the summit of Mt. Hope overlooking lake
Champlain, the Fort Grounds, Mt. Defiance, the Creek and the two villages, as

* From this point, having bppn partially connected, thouph in an inferior degree, with efforts
made for the Acaiiemy, and th.^refore liable to misjadge or possibly to be thought unfair iu stating
their history, the writer, though aware that a more condensed and graphic account might be giv-
en, is obliged, regarding accur:icy and justice above all, to let the Records of the meetings speak —
on'y connecting them with a few necessary statements — as they can uovi-here be suspected of the
least incorrectness or partiality. No more valuable and interesting account co\ild be given than
these piipers contain, of a i)art of the history of Ticonderoga. In the course of the eflbi't for tho
Academy liere its friends often wished that they had the records of how some similar institutioit
elsewhere w.'is founded for their guide. As good schools are needed in many places, the writer
hopes, without claiming anything at all extraordinary for these Records, that they may possibly
at some time be of the same vise elsewhere, that similar ones would have been put to here,
T • possessed them.


Voted, on motion of F. J. Cook, That in view of accommodating the lurgest
number aucl of the sightliness of tlie location, that the Mt. Hope Site recommend-
*;d by the committee be adopted by the stock holders for the location of the pro-
posed school. Kemarks in favor by Messrs. Calkins, Cook, and Ely, none speak-
ing against it.

Voted, on motion of^Wm. E. Calkins, That the'stockholders do now formally
organize and be known as the Ticonderoga Academy Association.

Voted, on motion of Wm. E. Calkins, That the capital stock of this Associa-

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Online LibraryJoseph CookHome sketches of Essex county. First number → online text (page 12 of 20)