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51-6, B.A. 56, fellow 57-65, M.A. 58 (Honours :—
1 classical mods. 53, 1 classics 55, 4 law and
history 56); bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 63; ex-
aminer in education office, London, 65-84, assistant
secretary education department 84.

Holland, Thomas Erskine, fellow 59-71, fellow All
Souls', where see page 271.

Hammond, Charles Edward, born at Walcot, near
Bath, 24 Jan., 1837 ; is. Thomas John, major,
H.E.i.C.S. Balliol, matric. 8 Dec, 54, aged 17
(from Sherborne) ; scholar Exeter 54-9, B.A. 58,
fellow 59-73, M.A. 61, tutor 61, proctor 67
(Honours : — 1 classical mods, and 1 mathematical
mods. 57, 3 classics and 1 mathematics 58), mathe-
matical moderator 62-3, precentor Keble 76-9 ; rector
of Wootton, Northants, 82-7, vicar of Menheniot,
Cornwall, 87.

Nutt, George, born at Erlestoke, Wilts, 12 Jan. , 1846 ;
s. George, vicar of Shaw and Whitley, Wilts. New
Coll., matric. 14 Oct., 64, aged 18 (from Win-
chester), scholar 64-9, B.A. 69 ; fellow Exeter
69-77, M.A. 71 (Honours: —proxime accessit Hert-
ford scholarship 65, Greek verse 66, 1 classical
mods. 66, 1 classics 68, Craven scholarship 69) ; a
master at Cheltenham college 70-4, and at Rugby

Pelham, Henry Francis, fellow 69-73, an d 82-90 ;
a fellow of Brasenose 92, where see page 350.

Donkin, Arthur Edward, born at St. Peter's Port,
Guernsey, 19 July, 1847 ; 2s. William Fishburn,
professor of astronomy, Oxford. University
Coll., matric. 14 April, 66, aged 18 (from Eton),
scholar 66, B.A. 69 ; fellow Exeter 70-5, M.A. 72,
tutor Keble 74-5 (Honours : — r mathl. mods.
67, accessit junior mathl. scholarship 68, 1 maths.
69), mathematical master Rugby 75.

Broadbent, Henry, born at South Collingham, Notts,
8 Feb., 1852; is. John, surgeon. Exeter, matric.
29 Jan., 70 (from Newark school), scholar 69, fellow
74, B.A. 74, M.A. 76 [Honours : — 1 classical mods.
71, proxime accessit Hertford scholarship 71, Ireland
scholar 73 (accessit 72), Craven scholarship 74,
Derby scholarship 75, Latin essay 75] ; a master at
Eton 76.

Ramsay, William Mitchell, born at Glasgow 15 March,
1851 ; 3s. Thomas, gent. St. John's, matric. 12
Oct., 72, aged 21 (from Aberdeen university),
scholar 72-7, B.A. 79 ; fellow Exeter 82-7, M.A.
84 ; fellow Lincoln 85-6 (Honours : — 1 classical
mods. 74, 1 classics 76, archaeological travelling
studentship 80), professor of archaeology 85-6 ; pro-
fessor of Latin in Aberdeen university 86.

Roberts, Charles Henry, born at Tidebrook, Sussex,
22 Aug., 1865 ; is. Albert James, vicar, 56.
Balliol, matric. 15 Oct., 84, aged 19 (from Marl-
borough), scholar 83, B.A. 90 ; fellow Exeter
90-91 ; Honours : — 1 classical mods. 86, 1 classics
88, 2 history 89.

view by bereblock, 1566. {Facsimile from HeameJ\





Bartlet, James Vernon, born at Scarborough, Yorks,
1863 ; o.s. George Donald, baptist minister.
Exeter, matric. 18 Oct., 82, aged 19 (from High-
gate school), scholar 82, B.A. 86, M.A. 89 (fellow
Mansfield coll. 89) ; Honours : — 1 classical mods.

83, 2 classics 86, 1 theology 87, Greek testament
prize 89.

Belcher, Herbert George born at Farringdon or
Little Amwell, Berks, 10 Aug., 1866; 5s. Charles,
gent., deceased. Exeter, matric. 23 Oct., 85,
aged 19 (from Bedford gr. school), scholar 84, B.A.
89, M.A. 92 ; Honours : — 2 classical mods. 87, 2
classics 89.

Charles, rev. Robert Henry, born at Cookstown, co.
Tyrone, 6 Aug., 1855; 5s. David Hughes, D.Med.
Exeter, incorporated 27 Jan. , 91, aged 35 ; scholar
Trinity coll., Dublin, 80, B.A. 81, M.A. 87 (Dublin
Honours : — 1 classics and gold medals 77 and 80,

2 ethics and logic 81, B.A. 77 and M.A. 80. Queen's
university, Belfast, a senior moderator in 1st classics
jj, biblical Greek prize and Elrington theological
prize 82, Ryan prize and theological exhibition 83,
Trinity coll., Dublin), held various London curacies

Child, Gilbert William, born at Hackney, Middlesex,
, 1833 I 7 S> Samuel Preston, arm. Exeter,
matric. 23 Jan., 50, aged 17 (from ),

B.A. 54, M.A. 56, B.Med. 57, D.Med. 59 (Honours :
— 2 natural science 54), natural science examiner
67, 8; f.r.C.p. London 71, f.l.s. , F.c.S. , hon.
physician Radcliffe infirmary, etc. For list of
writings see Medical Directory.

Collier, William, gen. (is.) ; B.A. from Jesus Coll.,
Camb, 1878, M.A. and B.Med. 81, D.Med. 85 ;
incorporated (Non-Collegiate) 27 May, 87 (edu-
cated at Sherborne school), m.R.c.s. 83, m.r.C.p. 86,
f.r.c.p. 92, now of Exeter Coll.

Curry, rev. William Dixon Blachford, born at Chettle,
Dorset, 17 Sept., i860; 6s. Douglas, rear admiral
r.n. Exeter, matric. 15 Oct., 79, aged 19,
B.A. 85, M.A. 86, stroke of the University eight 84;
vicar of South Hinksey, Oxon, 91.

Dover, rev. George, born in Liverpool , 1852 ;

2s. Thomas, gent. Exeter, matric. 18 May, 69,
aged 17 (from ), B.A. 72, M.A. 76;

professor at old Beaumont coll. , Windsor.

Fisher, Henry Warren, born ,

1847 ; is. Henry, cler. Non-Collegiate, matric.

3 Nov., 83, aged 36; migrated to Exeter 11 Oct.,

84, B.A. 87, M.A. 90.

Freehom, John Charles Richard, born at Oxford 28
May, 1853; is. Richard Fernandez, D.Med. Exeter,
matric. 11 Oct., 72, aged 19 (from Ruthin school),
B.A. 77, M.A. 82; m.r.c.s. Eng. 82, f.r.c.p.
Lond. 89.

Gamlen, William Blagdon, born at Hayne, near
Tiverton, Devon, 6 May, 1844; IS - William Hornsey,
of Brampford Speke, Devon, gent, (from Tiverton

school). Exeter, matric. 26 May, 63, aged 19,
B.A. 68, M.A. 71 (Honours: — 3 classics 67); sec-
retary to the curators of the university chest and
editor of the university calendar; of Bramford Speke
and Puddington, Devon; bar.-at-law, Inner Temple,

Gray, Edward Benjamin, born at Bryngwyn, co.
Monmouth, 1 Jan., 1832; 2s. William, cler.
Exeter, matric. 23 Jan., 50, aged 18 (from
Cheltenham coll.), B.A. 53, M.A. 56, B.Med.
58, D.Med. 61 (Honours: — 4 classics 53), clinical
lecturer in medicine 83-7, M.R.c.s. Eng. 56, physician
Radcliffe Infirmary, and Warneford asylum, etc.

Hartley, rev. Robert, born at Halifax 1864 ;

o.s. Robert, gent. Exeter, matric. 12 May, 83,
aged 19, B.A. 87, M.A. 90 (Honours : — 2 theology
87) ; curate of SS. Philip and James, Oxford 88.

Kerry, Arthur Frank, born at Oxford 28 July, 1862,
3s. Henry, gent. Exeter, matric. 18 Oct., 82,
aged 20 (from Wesleyan school, Oxford), scholar
81-6, B.A. 87, M.A. 90; Honours: — 2 phisiology

Morrell, George Herbert, born at Adderbury, Oxon, 20
Feb., 1845 '< IS - George Kidd, d.c.l. , vicar of Mouls-
ford, Berks, 46-77. EXETER, matric. 26 May, 63,
aged 18 (from Bradfield and Rugby), B.A. 67, M.A.
and B.C. L. 70 (Honours : — 2 natural science 67) ;
of Streatley Ho, Berks., J. P., and of Headington
Hill, Oxon, j.p., D.L., high sheriff 85, m.p. Mid-
Oxfordshire 91-2, bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 71,
lieut. -colonel Oxford University rifle volunteers 79,
alderman of county council, Oxford, 8q.

Plumptre, rev. Robert Garland, M.A. , vice-principal
St. Edmund Hall, where see page 620.

Robinson, Frederick, born at Rochdale, co. Lane,

, 1862 ; 7s. John, arm. Exeter, matric.

28 May, 85, aged 23 (from Clifton coll. ) ; migrated

to Marcon's Hall, B.A. 91 ; M.A. from Exeter,


Thomson, Arthur, born in Edinburgh 21 March,
1858 ; s. John, D.Med., fleet-surgeon R.N. B.Med.
Edinburgh University 80, m.r.c.s. Eng. 80,
M.A. by decree 9 June, 85, lecturer in human
anatomy University museum 85, and in art and
science department, South Kensington, 91.

Wilson, John Charles, born in London 16 July, 1831 ;
is. William, arm. Exeter, matric. 30 May, 49,
aged 17, B.A. 53, M.A. 62, B.C. L. 76 (Honours:
— hon. 4 mathematics 52), law lecturer Exeter
since 73, at Wadham 73, at Keble 73, at Queen's
73, and at St. John's 74, law examiner 76-7-8, 87-8 ;
bar.-at-law. Lincoln's Inn, 56. See Foster's Men
at the Bar.

"Woods, Francis Cunningham, born in London 29
Aug., 1862; 2s. Alfred, gent. St. Mary Hall,
matric. 22 Oct., 83, aged 21 ; migrated to Exeter
18 Jan., 87, B.A. 89, M.A. 90, B.Mus. 91; organist
Brasenose 84-6, and Exeter Coll. Jan. , 87.




^cI}olar&* CrtiWtioners/ ant> Commoners*

Of whom biographical notices appear in the Matriculations 1880-92.

*Heawood, Percy J.
*Sproule, Wilfrid C.
*Shortt, Joseph R.
*Gribble, Francis H.
fjohns, Edward F.
•j-Johnston, Henry G.
Sercombe, Rupert T. W.
Radford, William T. A.
Fingland, Edward D.
Gordon-Clark, Henry H.
Norman, William E. B.
Quarrell, William H.
Hale, David
Bone, Charles B.
Chapman, William P.
Tottenham, Edward H.
Brown, David H.
Bush, Herbert W.
Panioty, Constantine D.
Tucker, Frederick H.
Barford, Bernard W.
Gale, Clement R.
Gale, Norman R.
Robinson, Walter
Matthews, Charles E.
Nash, Francis P.
Lawrence, Zante W.
Robertson, Alan M.
Fawssett, Humphrey S.
Lingard, Frank C.
Wilson, Thomas H.
Craven, Frederick B.
Ommaney, Walter F.
Bowman, Hubert
Rogers, Ralph B.
Perry, Frederick S.
Pickard-Cambridge, F. O.
Evans, Frederick E.
Toogood, Charles F. S. G.

♦Ward, William J.
*Bate, Robert S.
*Spencer, W T alter B.
*Higgins, Henry L.
♦Shearer, William A.
*Ball, Frederick
fRussell, William
fDodson, Thomas H.
fBuckle, David P.
•j-Whitaker, Charles P.
Walter, William A. G.
Brooke, William I.
Bull, Henry F.
Muddiman, Joseph G.
Walker, Robert P.
Tingey, John C.
Corbett, Joseph
Wynn-Williams, D. W.
Cass, Frederick C. G.
Hallowes, Brabazon C.
Evans, Theodore R. J. N.
Cator, Bertie J. L.
Baldwyn, Leonard
Ludlow, Henry J.
Marshall, Arthur
Hill, Francis J.
Mahon, Edward
Knox, Thomas C.
Grimshawe, Edmund S. V.

Cottam, Samuel E.
Mottram, Joshua
Boles, Dennis F.
Perkin, John A.
Sugden, Henry R.
• Fulford, Robert P. P.
Luard, John G.
Walrond, Henry H.
Bailey, Gerard C.
Seawell, Arthur E.
Coll, Anthony M.
Harvey, Thomas H.
Stock, Leslie
Bradford, Edwin E.
fTalbot, Reginald T.
Slater, Samuel M.
Jones, Harry V.
Flower, Frederick G.
Richards, Charles R.
Bolton, Henry L.
Greenwood, Thomas
Sarsfield, Thomas R.


*Kerry, Arthur F.
*Palmer, John H.
*Bartlet, James V.
*Munro, John A. R.
fTracey, Frederick
Merry, Walter M.
Beatty, Octavius H.
Lysaght, Frederick P.
Horndon, David
Hahn, Frederic A.
Simms, Spencer E.
Byron, hon. Frederick E. C.
Fisher, James E. O.
Newton, John H.
Turner, Charles W.
Tattersall, Robert W.
Lewis, Edward P.
Thompson, Gerard E.
Wynyard, William B. A.
Alston, Frank S.
Barker, Alfred H.
Crane, James E.
Pinckney, George
Waltenberg.rev.Theophilus R
Papillon, Richard
Harrison, Theodore E.
Sanders, Arthur A.
Hyde, John G.
Gibson, Arthur E.
Bucknall, William St. V.
Twist, James F.
Ramsay, Henry H.
Bourne, Herbert J.
Crompton, George W.
Lorimer, Charles
Thomas, Arthur H.
Durell, John P. L. D.
Mapleton, Henry B.
Lawrance, Henry
Harrison, Marmaduke C. C.
Da-Costa, Kenneth C.
Munday, Walter
Matthey, Percy S.
Curtis, Eustace H.
Moore, rev. John H.
Evans, Harold V.
Stevenson, George J. H.

Culshaw, George H.
Saunders, rev. Sidney C.


*Sadler, Charles
*Lemon, Arthur H.
*Sargent, Julian H.
*Smith, Henry E.
*Ridding, William C.
*Sutherland, James G. B.
*Cartwright, Ernest H.
* Marsh, William
•f-Gough, William C.
■j-Godfray, Humphrey M.
•f-Stert, Lionel R.
fBadham, Francis P.
■j-Cox, Hubert H.
fCarlyle, Alexander J.
j-Minty, Henry O.
Luxmoore, John S.
Oliver, George F.
Ritchie, William H.
Moody, John F. B.
Oliver, Arthur P.
Gray, William
Gordon-Duff, A. H.
Pennington, Frederick
Kent, Charles A.
Bakewell, John S.
Hartley, Robert
Maynard, Walter E.
Clissold, George A.
Carter, John
Hampson, Edward J.
Hawkins, Henry F.
Bear, Edward G.
Pryse, Lewes T. L.
Nott, Frederick R. H.
Adams, Alfred
Salusbury, Francis R.
Tristram, John C.
Trafford, Guy R.
Sampson, Gerald V.
Bridge, John E. W.
Forman, John B.
Moore, Alfred
Hopkins, Joseph E.
Silver, Alexander C.
Haddan, Arthur F.
Dunning, William
Boissier, George J.
Fisher, Henry W.
Hall, rev. George M. J.

*Morice, Harry C. G.
*Mostyn, Sydney G.
*Wild, Herbert L.
*Larkins, John R.
*Plumptre, Robert G.
*Dobie, John N.
fDowsett, John
\ Carter, John
fOverton, Frederick A.
Reid, George B.
Burch, Louis
Wilson, Graham L. J.
Darley, Henry S.
Bidlake, Walter
Jago, John D.
Fitz-Gerald, James C.

Smith, William E.
Stock, Edward I.
Taylor, Arthur S.
Yardley, Frank
Powell, William G.
Whyatt, Herbert
Clarke, Lionel J.
Sedgwick, Harold J.
Applewhaite, Frederick A.
Glubb, John M.
Penn, William C.
Rhodes, Charles A.
Turner, William D.
Wilkinson, Hiram P.
Williams, Watkin S.
Du-Boulay, George P. K. H.
Firminger, John H.
Meares, Noel E.
Breese, Lewis I.
Brown, Harold A.
Brown, Cecil H.
Sullivan, Frederick
Bowden, James R.
Allen, William J.
Anderson, Edward P.
Kynaston, rev. Tewksbury H.
Moffatt, rev. John A. S. P.
Smale, Henry J.
Ainslie, Douglas
Webb, James H.
Walsh, John E.


*Southcombe, William H. G.
*Clarke, Rupert C.
♦Walters, Frederick W.
♦Swire, Samuel
♦Ferard, Reginald H.
♦Belcher, Herbert G.
f*Marsh, Bower
fHolt, Vernon
•j-Schonberg, Edward
Allen, Frederick C.
Bell, Frank de B.
Hayward, Charles W. A.
Perry n, Richard G. H.
Sarsfield, James de la Cour
Harvey, Frank N.
Robinson, Frederick
Herron, Herbert G. W.
Child, Nicolas G. L.
Brown, Hercules L.
Mieville, Louis
Menzies, Robert
Bailey, Maurice R.
Slater, Archibald
Storrar, John I.
Bingley, Robert N. G.
Blackley, Travers R.
Knightley, Rainauld E.
Purcell, Gilbert K. T.
O'Bryen-Taylor, Philip S.
Stirling, Charles G.
Escombe, Robert
Young, Telford M.
Hichens, Baron H. P.
Rosenthall, Eugene A.
Glover, Ernest A.
Wilson, Cyril R.
Heslop, William O. C.
Machell, Walter L.
Ismay, James H.






*Chappel, Henry R.
•Shorto, Edward H.
*Gompertz, Henry H. J.
•Street, George S.
*Hallam, John M.
•Curjel, Harold W.
•Thomson, Archibald S.
+Schulhof, John M.
•j-Keatinge, Maurice W.
••(•Preston, Roland D.
fTidmarsh, Thomas W.
Bousfield, John
Dickinson, Thomas L. D.
McKee, John R.
Carnegie-Cheales, J. A.
Hughes, Octavius R. F.
Kay, Harold
Cunliffe, Henry J. S. B.
Chapman, Horace A. B.
Wren, John A. E.
Davies, William C.
Bevan, Granville
Briggs, Arthur C.
Druce, William H.
Kendall, Percy J.
Wilder, William B. C.
Griffiths, Maurice
Master, Arthur G.
Knox, Howard V.
May, Edward H. F.
Wheeler, Daniel W.
Wenborn, George F.
Johnson, Horace M.
Clark, Charles R.
Fowler, Robert C.
Trevelyan, Walter J.
Potter, Edward A. S.
Price, Owen T.
Moorsom, Launcelot R. P.
Chapman, Thomas A.
Lewarne, Nathaniel N.


*Kindersley, William L.
•Forbes, James
•Ryley, Harold B.
*Burbey, John L.
•Warburton, Arthur R.
♦Allen, Willoughby C.
•(•Herbert, Henry B.
•(-Theobald, George R.
•f-Winton, Robert F. C. de
fNewland-Smith, James N.
f Whitehead, Joseph L.
•fStephens, Francis J.
Arthur, Richard W.
Mears, Edward G.
Macdonald, Rev. James M.
Moat, William
Crawshay, George A.
Sleath-Green, Percy
Colthurst, Arthur B.
Percival, Aubrey P.
Rawlinson, Gerald C.
Taverner, Frederick J. W.
Evans, Gerald
Smith, Charles T.
Thistlethwaite, Clifton W.
Lemonius, Basil C.
Oliver, Alfred C.
Kent, Charles H.
Norton, Arthur W. F.
Kirwan-King, Charles
Marshall, Francis D.

*Trepte\ George H.
•Watson, Wiiliam F.
•Southern, William T.
•Lance, Philip
•Powell, Alfred T.
■(•Hamilton, Thomas
•(•Knight, Herbert T.
+F0X, Armine W.
Chinner, Charlton
Leage, Richard W.
Harker, Ernest G.
Wren, Rev. Joseph
Harvey, Walter R.
Dunn-Gardner, Robert C.
Baker, Daniel
Bates, Guy L.
Bennett, Edward P.
Blake, Charles F. L.
Buchanan, Nigel F. W.
Labilliere, Charles E. D. de
Le Mesurier, Sydney
Neighbour, Thomas F.
Parkes, Alfred J.
Robertson, James H.
Smallwood, Arthur I.
Walker, Hugh C.
Wilford, John W.
Cuthbertson, John O.
Lewis. Charles T.
Malins, Herbert
Pott, Charles S.
Lowther-Croft on, Frederick N
Occleston, Sydney V.
Phillips, John L.
Wightman, Owen W.
Logan, Ewen R.
Thompson, William J.
Mundy, Ernest W. M.
Youard, Wilfrid W.
Watkins, Harry
Wotherspoon, Charles G.
fCompston, Herbert F. B.
Tucker, William L.
Jameson, Ernest A.
Drinkwater, William E.

•Eliot, Montague C.
•Miles, John C.
•Hayes-Robinson, T.
•Ramsbotham, Alexander
•Gibbins, Horace J.
•Lester, Percy H.
fNettleton, George A.
■(•Roberts, Lewis J.
■(•Hudson, Walter
Spooner, Willis T.
Gell, Erwen A.
Crowther, Alfred B. W.
Phillips, Percival S.
Moore, Frederick D.
Coop, James O.
Craft, William G.
Preston, Percy R.
Francis, Hugh C.
Hunt, Charles St Clair.
Rowlands, Horace J.
Woodin, Stanley H.
Currie, Lorne C.
Shelmerdine, Walter
Whitaker, Dugald R.
Whitaker, Henry E.
Harrison, Hugh
Chalmers-Hunt, Leonard C.
Littlehales, Charles G.

Norton, William A.
Reid, William B.
Fulford, John L. L.
Fry, Henry J. B.
Finzel, Conrad W. C.
Delme-Radcliffe, Arthur H.
Dickson, James W.
Howe, William N.
Waldy, Lionel St Clair.
Chichester, John
Everitt, Arthur W. B.
Richards, Cyril J. R.



Martyn, John D.
Rogerson, Thomas C.
Wyatt, Edward
Booth, John
Booth, Wilfrid
ffolkes, Harold L. H.
Brown, John K.
Carkeet, John L.
Holdship, Arthur H.
Maling, Arthur F.
Warschauer, Joseph
Whitaker, William
Coote, Arthur B.
Bridgman, John M.
Edward, Allan P. K.
Cardus, Thomas A. B.
Combe, Ralph M.
Shearman-Turner, Percy
Harris, Hermann G.
Phillips, Francis A.
Myer, Walden

C. N.

•Read, William I. D,

•Withers, John H.

•Anderson, Frank

•Dixon, Frederick P.

•Gayford, Sydney C.

•Jenkinson, John Wilfred

•Atkinson, Henry E.

■(-Rose, Hamilton

fSmitn, Henry A.

•(•Simpson, Frank D.

Vaudrey, Alexander A

Moir, George H. C.

Mortimer, Leonard

Radcliffe, Harry S.

Cattell, Richard H.

Menzies, John H.

Shackleford, Frank

Crompton, Edward A,

.Turner, Ernest E.

Wade, Richard R.

Mortimer, Frank

Goodenough-Taylor.LionelA.Harris-Burland, J. B.


•Baker, William T. W.
•Hussey, Victor E. G.
•Lynam, Alfred E.
•Hignell, Sydney R.
•Barron, John H.
•Selby-Lowndes, E. A.
•Cleave, Ernest
Parsons, Henry F. C.
Bay ley, Frank
Escombe, Frank
Brunskill, Hubert F.
Suffrin, rev. Aaron E.

Parkes, William H.
Williams, Thomas E.
Mullings, Frank T.
Stride, William J. F. K.
Erskine, Henry W. C.
Bird, Benwell H.
Prior, Sydney H.
Wilson, George H.
Greenhow, Wilfred H.
Hirst, William E.
Lee, Harold E.
Jobling, George C.
Jones, George S. O.
Blundell, Cecil R.
Radford, Francis V.
Mallett, George H. W.
Weatherall, John H.


•Pearson, Frederic W.
•McDowall, Charles R. L.
•Kirby, Walter R.
•Murray, Oswyn A. R.
•Pringle, John C.
•Smith, John H.
•Thomas, David
•Rossignol, Walter A. le
•Carey, Godfrey M.
•(Little, John F. G.
•j-Holton, Sydney H. D.
fRinney, Edward Hibbert
Hichens, Richard A. J.
Hope, Frederick B.
Hope, Henry T.
Webb, Godfrey
Poynton, Ernest W.
Wheatley, Robert A
Covey, Loftus E. R.
Brittain, William
Currie, John M.

Whitaker, Bernard
Reynolds, John
Burrowes, Henry A.
Jones, Edward M.
Bloxam, John F.
Cczens-Smith, Clayton
Crump, Eldon A.
Gwyther, Edward N.
Finney, William A.
Lees, Edward
Lever, Albert S.
Leeman, William
Bacchus, George R.
Bromley, Robert
Brown, Allen B.
Grut, Charles F. de J.
Le Marchand, William G.
Lord, Reginald S.
Nicholson, Harold
Mitchell, Walter R.
Pilson, Arthur A.


BULKELEY hall, now demolished. — From an engraving by Skellon.




By Charles L. Shadwell, Fellow, M.A., B.C.L., Bar.-at-Law.

OYAL patronage has played a less important part at Oxford than in the
sister University- The claim of King Alfred to the honour of founding
its oldest College is now abandoned everywhere except in the pious
traditions of the Creat Hall of the University. Even at Christ
Church, the undoubed creation of Henry the Eighth, there are to be
found many of his sons who prefer to connect themselves with the name
of Wolsey. Nowhere in Oxford are there foundations claiming Kings
and Queens as their nursing fathers and nursing mothers with as good
a right as the Colleges established at Cambridge by King Henry the
Sixth, by his Queen Margaret, by the Lady Maigaret, the mother of
the Tudor d\ nasty, and by her grandson. Edward the Second is
indeed the titular founder of the House of the Blessed Mary the
Virgin, in Oxford, commonly called Oriel College. But the true
honour is due to a humbler personage.

Oriel belongs to the earliest type of Oxford Colleges, that created
by Walter de Merton. It was founded in 1325-6 by Royal Charter,
at the suggestion of Adam de Brome, the King's Almoner. The foun-
dation Statutes are taken mutatis mutandis from those of Merton
College, the type to which the few other secular societies of earlier
date were sooner or later assimilated. Oriel was modelled on Merton from the first, and only differed from its
original in the slenderness of its endowments. A chief part of its scanty revenue was obtained by the
impropriation of the Rectory of St. Mary's: and from this connexion it derived its earliest and for a long
time its only true name, the House of the Scholars of St. Mary in Oxford. So also, its local habitation
was at first to be no more than the parsonage house of the Rector : it did, indeed, move, very shortly after its
foundation, into a somewhat larger mansion, la Oriole, in the adjoining parish of St. John the Baptist : and
from this new residence it acquired its popular designation : but it was not equipped by its founder with new and
stately buildings, such as those of Walter de Merton.

The body, founded by Adam de Brome consisted of a Provost and ten fellows only : the fellows were to be
chosen after they had taken the degree of Bachelor of Arts, and were to carry on their studies to the higher faculties
of Law, Civil and Canon, and Theology. Room may occasionally have been found for a few other inmates : a
chaplain, a poor scholar or two, to read the Bible at meals and to wait on the Provost ; and a few students, noble
or gentle, admitted to share the Fellows' table (commensales). Such were Thomas Arundel, afterwards Archbishop
of Canterbury, in the fourteenth, and Thomas Cascoyne, in the fifteenth century. But it was not till a much later
date that Oriel, or indeed any other Oxford College, became a common place of education for undergraduate

During the fourteenth century continuous though small additions were made to the College endowments,
mainly by savings out of its scanty revenue. But the main part of the College possessions came to it during
the period of one hundred years, 1425- 1525, a period marked also by exceptional eminence in the personal history
of its members. John Carpenter, Walter Lyhert. and John Hals, successively Provosts, all became Bishops, as
did also Richard Praty, and Richard Peacock, Fellows of the same generation. The principal estate of the
College, the manors of Wadley and Littleworth in Berkshire, was purchased about 1445 °°t of the gift of John
Frank, Master of the Rolls, aided by the contributions of Bishops Lyhert and Hals. Carpenter gave another
considerable estate at Dene and Chalford in Oxfordshire. Somewhat later came the estate of Shenington, near
Banbury, from William Smyth, Bishop of Lincoln, Visitor of the College. And in 1525, the manor of Swainswick,
near Bath, was given by Richard Dudley, sometime Fellow, and Chancellor of the Church of Sarum. These

[ 137-138 ]




benefactions materially altered the position of the
College and gave it a place, not indeed on a level
with the more splendid foundations of Merton, New
College, and Magdalen, but still one of substantial
wealth and importance. The number of fellows was
raised, as a consequence of these accessions, to the
number of eighteen, at which it remained to a very
recent time.

The Reformation was followed by very important
changes in the character and constitution of the Uni-
versity. It was part of the religious policy of Elizabeth
and her ministers to keep a hold on the study and
teaching of the great seats of learning : and this was
to be effected through the machinery of the Colleges.
Under the influence of the Chancellor, Robert Dudley,
Earl of Leicester, statutes were passed, requiring all
students to be members of one or other of the Colleges
and Halls. The effect of these regulations was, in a
few years, to give to the ancient Colleges a wholly

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