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fellow Oriel 86, and Oriel professor of interpreta-
tion of holy scripture 86, with canonry of
Rochester 86, rector of Tendering, Essex, 81-5,
Bampton lecturer 89, a member of the old testament
revision company, and hon. D.D. Edinburgh 84.
See Men and Women of the Time.

Price, Langford Lovell Frederick Rice, born in
London, 20 July, 1862 ; 2s. Aubrey Charles, cler.
Trinity, matric. 15 Oct., 81, aged 19 (from Dul-
wich coll.), scholar 81-5, B.A. 85 ; fellow Oriel
88, M.A. 88; Honours: — 1 classical mods. 82, 1
classics 85.

Grill, William Arthur, born at Castletown, [.It, 12
March, 1865 ; 2s. Thomas Howard, vicar of Ton-
bridge, Kent. Queen's, matric. 22 Oct., 83,
aged 18 (from Bradfield coll.), scholar 83, B.A.
87 ; fellow Oriel 90, M.A. 90 ; Honours : —
2 classical mods. 85, 1 classics 87, English essay 88.




Fronde, James Anthony, born at Dartington, Devon,
23 July, 1818 ; y.s. Robert, archdeacon of Totnes ;
Oriel, matric. 10 Dec, 35, aged 17 (from West-
minster school), R.A. 42 ; fellow Exeter 42-9,
M.A. 43, hon. fellow 82 (Honours : — 2 classics 40,
English essay 42) ; regius professor of modern
history and fellow of Oriel 92 ; hon. LL.D. and
rector of St. Andrew's University 69, availed him-
self of the clerical disabilities act 72, commissioner
of the Cape of Good Hope 745 ; editor of ' Frazer's
magazine,' which he resigned 81, author of a 'history
of England from the fall of Wolsey to the death of
Elizabeth,' etc., executor and biographer of Carlyle.
See Men and Women of the Time.


Smith, Goldwin, hon. fellow 1867 ; hon. fellow Uni-
versity Coll. , where see page 30.

G-OSChen, Rt. Hon. George Joachim, born at Stoke
Newington, Middlesex, 10 Aug., 1831 ; is. William
Henry, of London, merchant. Oriel, matric. 22
May, 50, aged 18 (from Rugby), B.A. and M.A. 75,
D.C.L., 22 June, 81, hon. fellow 82 (Honours : —
1 classical mods. 52, 1 classics 53), treasurer 52,
and president of the Oxford union society 53 ;
hon. LL.D. Cambridge, 9 June, 88 ; director bank
of England 58-65, M. P. London 63-80, Ripon
80-5, East Edinburgh 85-6, St. George's, Han-
over Square since 87, vice-president board of trade
65-6, p. C. 65, chancellor of the duchy of Lan-
caster 66, president poor law board 68-71, first lord
of the admiralty 71-4, minister plenipotentiary Con-
stantinople 80-1, ecclesiastical commissioner 82-5,
chancellor of the exchequer 87-92, president of
statistical society 86, lord rector of Aberdeen uni-
versity 87, and of Edinburgh university 90. See
Men and Women of the Time.

Wright, Hon. Sir Robert Samuel, born at Litton,
Somerset, 1839 ; is. Henry Edward, cler. Balliol,
matric. 6 June, 56, aged 17 (from Bruton school),
scholar 57-60, Jenkyns exhibitioner 60, B.A. 61 ;
fellow Oriel 61-80, B.C.L. 63, M.A. 64, hon. fellow
82 (Honours : — accessit Hertford scholarship 57,
1 classical mods. 59, Latin verse 59, proxime accessit

59, and accessit Ireland scholarship 60, 1 classics

60, Craven scholarship 61, English essay 61, Arnold
essay 62), classical moderator 68 ; bar.-at-law, Inner
Temple, 65, common law junior counsel to the
treasury, a judge high court of justice queen's bench
division 91, knighted 20 March, 91. See Men and
Women of the Time.

Stubbs, Rt. Rev. William, born at Knaresborough, 21
June, 182=; ; is. William Morley, of Knaresborough,
Yorks, gent. Christ Church, matric. 23 April,
44, aged 19 (from Ripon school), servitor 44-8,
B.A. 48; fellow Trinity 48-51, M.A. 51; fellow
Oriel 67-84, and hon. fellow 88, hon. fellow
Balliol 76, hon student Christ Church 78, D.D.
by decree 10 June, 79 (Honours : — 1 classics and 3
mathematics 48) ; regius professor of modern
history 66-84, examiner law and history 65, 6,
theology 71, 2, and history 73, 4, 7, 8, 82, 3, select
preacher 70, 87 ; diocesan inspector of schools for
Rochester, 60-6, librarian and keeper of the MSS.
at Lambeth 62-7, vicar of Navestock, Essex, 50-67,
rector of Cholderton, Wilts, 75-9, canon of St. Paul's
79-84, bishop of Chester 84-8, and of Oxford 89,
with the chancellorship of the order of the garter 89 ;
hon. LL.D. Cambridge 79. and Edinburgh 80, hon.
J.U.D. Heidelberg 86, hon. LL.D. Dublin 90,
president of the Surtees society 84, and hon.
member of various art societies and academies
author of the " Constitutional History of England."
See Men and Women of the Time.


Denison, George Anthony, born at Ossington, Notts,
11 Dec, 1805; 4s. John Denison-Ossington, m.p.
Christ Church, matric. 14 Nov., 23, aged 17
(from Eton), B.A. 27; fellow Oriel 28-38, M.A. 30,
tutor 31 (Honours: — 1 classics 26, Latin essay 28,
English essay 29) ; vicar of Broadwinsor, Dorset,
38-45, and of East Brent, Somerset, 45, prebendary
of Wells, and archdeacon of Taunton 51.

Mozley, Thomas, born at Gainsborough 1807 ; 3 s -
Henry, arm. Oriel, matric 17 Feb., 25, aged 18
(from the Charterhouse), B.A. 28, fellow 29-37,
M.A. 31 (Honours :—3 classics 28) ; sometime on
staff of "The Times," perpetual curate Moreton
Pinckney, Northants, 32-6, of Cholderton, Wilts,
36-47, and of Plymtree, Devon, 68-80, etc. For list
of his writings see Crockford.

Daman, Rev. Charles, born at Romsey, Hants, 20
June, 1813 ; 3s. William Charles, gent. Queen's,
matric. 1 1 Nov. , 30, aged 17, demy Magdalen 32-6,
B.A. 34 ; fellow Oriel 36-42, M.A. 37, tutor 37-68 ;
(Honours : — 1 classics 34), examiner in classics 45.

Litton, Edward Arthur, born in Dublin 1813 ; is.
Rt. Hon. Edward, a master in chancery. Balliol,
matric. 6 April, 32, aged 18 (from Winchester), B.A.
35; fellow Oriel 36-43, M.A. 40 (Honours :—i
classics and 1 mathematics 35) ! vice-principal St.
Edmund Hall 51-4, Bampton lecturer 56, select
preacher 61, a student of Gray's Inn 29, migrated to
Lincoln's Inn 39; rector of St. Clement's, Oxon,
58-60, and of Naunton, co. Gloucester, 60.

Cornish, Thomas Brooking, bornat Southpool, Devon,
19 Dec, 1815 ; is. Thomas, gent. Wadham,
matric 16 May, 33, aged 17 (from Tiverton school),
scholar Trinity 35-9, B.A. 37; fellow Oriel 40-7,
M.A. 41 (Honours : — 1 classics 37); head master
king Edward gr. school, Macclesfield, 49-72, vicar
of North Rode, Cheshire, 72-8, hon. canon Chester
73, rector of Ufton Nervet, Berks, 78.

Chretien, Charles Peter, born in London 1 August,
1820; 2S. Joseph, gent. Brasenose, matric. 25
Nov., 37, aged 17 (from King's coll., Lond. ),
scholar 38-43, B.A. 41 ; fellow Oriel 43-64, M.A.
44, tutor 48-60 (Honours : — 1 classics 41) ; rector
of Cholderton, Wilts, 60-75.

Buckle, George, born at Clifton, Bristol, 27 June,
1820; 6s. Richard, arm. Oriel, matric. 17 Dec, 38,
aged 18 (from Christ's Hospital), bible clerk 38 9 ;
scholar Corpus Christi 38-43, B.A. 42; fellow
Oriel 43-53, M.A. 45, tutor 46-52 (Honours: —
2 classics and 1 mathematics 42), mathematical
examiner 46 ; vicar of Twerton-on-Avon, Somerset,
52-76, rector of Weston-super-Mare 76-88, preben-
dary 68, canon residentiary 87, and precentor of Wells
88 ; father of G. E. Buckle, fellow All Souls' 77 -85.

Coleridge, Henry James, born in London, 20 Sept.,
1822 ; 2S. John Taylor, kt. , judge of king's bench.
Trinity, matric 16 June, 40, aged 17 (from Eton),
scholar 40-5, B.A. 45; fellow Oriel 45-52, M.A.
47 (Honours: — 1 classics 44); Roman Catholic
priest, sometime incumbent of Farm-street Church,
Berkeley-square; died April, 93.

Earle, John, born at (Elston, parish of) Churchstow,
Devon, 29 Jan., 1824; o.s. John, gent. Mag-
dalen Hall, matric. 21 Oct., 41, aged 17 (from
Plymouth gr. school), B.A. 45 ; fellow Oriel
48-58, M.A. 49, tutor 52-56 (Honours : — 1 classics
45), librarian Oxford union society 49, professor of
Anglo-Saxon 49-54, 76, select preacher 73 ; rector
of Swanswick, Somerset, 57, and prebendary of
Wells 71. See Men and Women of the Time.

Hooper, James John, born at Horsington, Somerset,
7 Nov., 1823; is. James, rector of King Weston
33-9 ; Wadham, matric. 3 May, 43, aged 19
(from Sherborne school), B.A, 47, M.A. 49 ;
fellow Oriel 48-84 (Honours: — 2 classics 46);
bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 52, recorder of South
Molton 77-84, judge of county courts since Dec. 83.

From a Photograph by Hills <Sr= Saunders, Oxford.




Sandars, Thomas Collett, born at Boston, co.
Lincoln, 18 Feb. , 1825; is. Samuel, arm. Balliol,
matric. 30 Nov., 43, aged 18 (from Rugby), scholar
43-9, B.A. 48 ; fellow Oriel 49-52, M.A. 51 ;
(Honours: — Latin verse 46 1 classics 47); bar.-at-
iaw, Lincoln's Inn, 51.

Tweed, Henry Earle, born at Harlow, Essex, 1827 ;
4s. James, cler. Trinity, matric. 8 June, 46, aged
19 (from the Charterhouse), scholar 46-51, B.A.
50; fellow Oriel 52-64, M.A. 53, tutor 55-60
(Honours: — 1 classics 50, Latin essay 51); vicar
of Coleby, co. Lincoln, 62-90, preby. ot Lincoln 87.

Harrison, Francis, born at Chester, 26 June, 1829 ;
2s. William, vicar of St. Oswald, Chester, 27-80.
Queen's, matric. 18 March, 47, aged 17 (from
Canterbury school), exhibitioner 47, B.A. 50 ;
fellow Oriel 52-68, M.A. 53, tutor 6o, proctor 64
(Honours: — 3 classics and 1 mathematics 50,
senior mathematical scholarship 52), mathematical
examiner 55, 67, 8, 74, 5, 6, and moderator 56, 7,
62, 3, 70, 8, 9 ; rector of North Wraxall, Wilts, 66.

Pearson, Charles Henry, born at Islington, 7 Sept.,
1830; 4s. John Norman, cler. Oriel, matric. 14
June, 49 aged 18 (from Rugby and King's Coll.,
London), scholar Exeter 50-3, B.A. 53; fellow
Oriel 54-73, M.A. 56 (Honours : — 1 classics 52,
sacred poem 57), treasurer 51, and president of
Oxford union society 52 ; hon. fellow King's Coll. ,
London, 55, and professor of modern history 55-65 ;
lecturer on modern history Trinity college, Cam-
bridge, 69-71, professor of history, university of
Melbourne, 73, Australian politician, secretary to
Victorian agency, London, 93.

Brown, Thomas Edward, born at Kirk Braddan, isle
of man, , 1830; 5s. Robert, cler. Christ

Church, matric. 17 Oct. 49, aged 19 (from king
William's college, isle of Man), servitor 49-53, B.A.
53; fellow Oriel 54-8, M.A. 56 (Honours: —
2 classical mods. 52, 1 classics, and 1 law and
history 53); vice principal of king William's college,
56-64, 2nd master Clifton college 64, curate of
Bristol St. Barnabas 84.

Bridges, John Henry, born at Old Newton, Suffolk,
11 Oct., 1832; 2s. Charles, cler. Wadham,
matric. 7 May, 51, aged 18 (from Rugby), scholar
51-5, B.A. 55 ; fellow Oriel 55-61, B.Med. 59
(Honours : — accessit Hertford scholarship 52, 2
classical mods. 53, 3 classics 54, Arnold essay 56),
librarian and president Oxford union society 55 ;
F.R.C. P. London, 67, sometime physician Bradford
infirmary ; medical inspector local government
board metropolitan district, positivist writer.

Wright, sir Robert Samuel, fellow 61-80, hon. fellow
84, where see preceding page.

Collett, rev. William Michael, born at Woodbridge,
Suffolk, 13 Sept., 1838 ; 6s. Woodthorpe, cler.
St. Edmund Hall, matric. 31 Oct., 57, aged 19
(from Ipswich school), scholar TRINITY 58-63, B.A.
62, M.A. 64 ; fellow Oriel 65-75, tutor 66-74
(Honours : — 1 classical mods. 59, 2 classics 61),
classical moderator 70 ; rector of Cromhall, co.
Gloucester, 74.

StubDS, Rt. Rev. William, fellow 67-84, hon. fellow
82, where see preceding page.

Carr, Arthur, born at South Shields, co. Durham,
8 July, 1837 ; 4s. James, hon. canon of Durham.
Corpus Christi, matric. 1 March, 56, aged 18
(from Durham school), exhibitioner 56-60, B.A. 60,
M.A. 63 ; fellow Oriel 68-72 (Honours :— 2
classical mods. 57, 2 classics 60, Ellerton theological
essay 62) ; assistant master Wellington college
60-82 ; vicar of Wokingham St. Sebastian 82.

Montague, Francis Charles, born in London, 31
Aug., 1858; is. Francis, gent. Balliol, matric.
18 Oct., 76, aged 18 (from University college school,
and University coll., London), exhibitioner 75,
Jenkyns exhibitioner 79, B.A. 81 ; fellow Orill
81-8, M.A. 85 (Honours: — 1 classical mods. 77, 1
classics 80), professor of history University coll.,
Lond., 93 (Honours: — 1 English and 1 Latin 76,
1 classics 78, of Lond. university) ; bar.-at-law,
Lincoln's Inn, 83. See Foster's Me?i at the Bar.

Wordsworth, Rt. Rev. John, fellow 83-5; hon. fel-
low Brasenose, where see page 351.


Hawkins, (sir) John Cassar (4th bart.),born in London
27 Jan., 1837; is. John Caesar, arm. Oriel, matric.
20 March, 55, aged 18 (from Harrow), B.A. 58,
M.A. 61 (Honours: — Ellerton theological essay
59) ; vicar of St. Paul's, Chatham, 63-4, and o
Westcott, Surrey, 64-6, rector of St. Alban's 66-8,
and of Chelmsford 78-80, hon. canon St. Alban's 78.

Morfill, William Richard, born at Maidstone, Kent,
i7Nov.,i834; is. William, gent. Corpus Christi,
matric. 28 May, 53, aged 18, (from Tonbridge
school) ; scholar Oriel 52-56, B.A. 57, M.A. 60
(Honours : — 1 classical mods. 55), Ilchester lecturer
in Sclavonic 73, and reader 89.

Pilcher, Francis, born at Tebarah, West Maitland,
N.S.W. , 1840; 3s. Henry Incledon, gent. Oriel,
matric. 22 Oct., 59, aged 19 (from ),

B.A. 62, M.A. 68 (Honours :— 3 classical mods.
61, 3 mathematical mods. 61, 4 mathematics 62)
rector of St. Clement's, Oxford, 78.

Whittuck, Edward Arthur, born at Bath, n May,
1844; 2s. Joseph, arm. Oriel, matric. 23 Jan.,
63, aged 18 (from Eton), B.A. 67, MA. 69
Honours : — 3 classical mods. 65, 1 law and history
67), college law lecturer 76, law examiner 82-3, law
tutor non-collegiate students.




I 5 6

^cl)olar0/ €v\)ihitiontW and Commoners.

Of whom biographical notices appear in the Matriculations 1880-92.


♦Shaw, Edward D.
*Ainslie, Ralph St. John
*Sorsbie, William F.
fStokoe, Henry R.
•f-Watson, Charles K.
Peake, Edward
Blakiston, Rochfort F.
Deedes, Arthur G.
Davenport, David
Congreve, William C. M.
Saltren-Willett, A. A.
Scott, Hugh J. E.
Morkill, John W.
Rooke, Francis E.
Sellar, Alex. K.
Stapleton, Gilbert
Block, William E.
Stobart, St. Clair K. M.
Leslie, Charles F. H.
Fraser, Alex. C.
Monckton, John L. A.
Orr, Charles G. E.
Agnew, Harold

*Rook, Clarence H.
♦Campion, Charles T.
fColeridge, Edward P.
Macdonald, Fredk. C.
Marjoribanks, hon. A. J.
Warry, George T.
Leverton, Henry L.
Vallance, William H. A.
Saunders, Arthur N.
Coote, Stanley V.
Warner, Harrie L.
Bosanquet, Claude C. C.
Froude, Ashley A.
Wigram, Ernest M.
Allan, James B.
Walters, Percy M.
Eliot, Philip H.
Waddilove, Edward G.
Lyon, Percy C.
Leigh, John R.
Rivers, Charles E.
Waterhouse, Samuel H.
Macpherson, William C.
Russell, Arthur J.


*Blunt, Herbert W.
*Innes, Arthur D.
fCookson, Harry E.
Threlfall, William
Behrens, Oliver P.
Samson, Herbert
Fellowes, Frederick
Watson, Herbert S.
Wait, Bernard P. (79)
Rolt, Frank W.
Sparrow, Alan B. H.
Bedford, Arthur W.
Aitken, George H.
James, John H.
Middleton, Frederick T.
Wigan, Herbert
Jolliffe, hon. Hylton G. H.
Lang, William A.

Prinsep, Henry S.
Hughes, Arthur
Arkwright, Sidney J.
Surtees, Edward A.
Plumptre, John B.
Domenichetti, Richard H.
King, Charles E.
Gough, Frederick H.
Patten, Alexander


*Joyce, George H.
♦Ricketts, George W.
fBartlett, Arthur H.
Kay, Henry M.
Casson, Ferdinand G.
Shillito, William F.
Salt, Thomas A.
Addams- Williams, A. W.
Johnson, Edward M.
Lawrance, Thomas D.
Hallett, Cyril
Davey, Horace S.
Beeching, Horace A.
de Quetteville, W. F. L.
Brain, Joseph H.
Key, Kingsmill J.
Elton, Herbert G.
Ruddach, James S. M.
Wootton, Thomas J.
Whittaker, Thomas
Anson, Ernest
Elton, George G.
Griffith, Arthur T.
Thompson, James N.
White, Joseph J. F.
Reeves, Herbert K.
Tyler, Charles W.
Hatch, Wilfrid S.

*Franklin, Herbert C. T.
*Wethered, Vernon
♦Whitehouse, Arthur S. W.
♦Waddington, Charles W.
•f-Meiklejohn, Max J. C.
•f Anderson, William C. F.
Mynors, Aubrey B.
Jones, Reginald H.
fMcGregor, Alexander J.
Miles, Philip N.
ffinden, George C. A. F. S.
Sands, William H. B.
Murray, William C.
Jelf, George E.
Bond, John W. G.
Walters, John S.
Eagle-Bott, John W.
Baily, Joseph M.
Mellor, Cecil
Ames, Hugh L.
Williams, Rhys
Potts, Robert U.
Gordon, George V. H.
Tatham, Edward E.
Wilson, David L.
Smith, Wilfrid N. E.
Prickard, Harry S.
Batten, John K.
Cooke, Frederic J.
Hardman, James

Turner, Francis W. T. (80)
Hall, Alexander N.
Woodbridge, Cecil M.
DuCane, Arthur G.
Murray-Smith, R. S.
Jackson, Edward
Waddington, Horace P.
Alcock, John M.

*Anwyl, Edward
*Cary, Henry L. M.
♦Broadbent, Theodore P.
Radcliffe, Joseph G.
King, William R. C.
Atkinson, Arthur G. B.
Wimbush, James S.
Hill, Rowland T.
Green, James W.
Bullock, Edward C.
Bradby, Edward H. F.
Glennie, William B.
Bartlett, Alfred J.
Baker, Henry M.
Plumptre, Francis F.
Fowler, Gerald
McLaren, Douglas
Cokayne, Morton W.
Hopkins, William H.
Robeson, Herbert E.
Luton, George J. L.

♦Andrew, Samuel O.
♦Page, Charles
fParmiter, Spurrier C.
•JThomson, William E.
Wootten, Aubrey F. W.
Fleming, Malcolm G.
Sumner, George J. C.
Bengough, Ernest H.
Wreford- Brown, Charles
Cato, Thomas B.
Burne, Richard H.
Karslake, William R.
Shelly, John
Joy, Percy C.
Thompson, William B.
Wilson, George R. H.
Hallward, Lancelot W.
Hughes, George D. M.
Walters, Hugh M.
Douglas, Stair
Russell, Francis X. J.
Jones, Arthur G.
Sykes, Alan J.
Rowcliffe, William C.
Curling, rev. James J.

♦Pedder, John
♦Galbraith, James F. W.
flngram, William F.
Money-Kyrle, Cecil L.
Gresson, Francis H.
Hansard, Richard M.
Livingstone, William R.
Arrowsmith, Robert H.
Gorton, Richard H.
Stirling, William H.

Baker, Maurice M.
Bagnall, William H.
Erskine, Charles
Ratcliff, William M.
Farran, George E.
Pepys, George D.
Bigg, William E.
Graham, Ivor C.
Jackson, Elphinstone
Briggs, Arthur N.
Williamson, Charles J. R.
Farrow, Charles B. D.
Lea, St. John W.
Borthwick, Win. G. M.
Batty, Arthur M.

♦May, Alston J. W.
♦Cocks, Arthur S.
♦Tarver, Matthew A. J.
♦Pitman, Horace
♦Ramsay, James S.
Greene, Walter R.
Pollard, Arthur E. St. V.
Bent, Godfrey T.
Kay, Alfred R.
Buckley, James F. H.
Schwabe, Cecil L.
Murray, Edward
Elliott, Adshead
Powell, Thomas P. P.
Woodhouse, Edward J.
Hodgson, Charles G.
Lucas, Ponsonby T.
Fairhurst, John W.
Nicholson, William G.
Fulda, Frederick A.
Dickins, William G.
Mott, Charles E.
Hansard, Hugh H.
Rannie, David W.

♦Elias, William P.
♦Helbert, Lionel H.
♦Moore, Edward A. L.
fCraigie, William A.
Davies, George S. (87)
Webb, Allan C. B.
King, Godfrey J.
Bunbury, Geo. A.
Attlee, Robert B.
Hazledine, William C.
Fellowes, Edmund H.
Andrews, Maynard P.
Knipe, Christopher
Robbins, John W. E.
Crossman, Douglas
Boone, Chas. F. de B.
Palairet, Lionel C. H.
Hill, Vernon T.
Holmes, William
Surtees, Charles H.
Cameron, Donald J.
Brain, William H.
Scanlen, Arthur D.
Rowley, Ernest
Cochran, Peter C.
Lea, Ernest E.
Bigg, Lionel T.
Henniker-Gotley, rev. G.
Pringle, James L.




*Cave, Edward W.
*Law, Cecil A.
* Davis, Henry D. F.
♦O'Flaherty, Alfred E.
*01iver, Ernest S.
Isaac, Edward W.
Palairet, Richard C. N.
Gray, Edward F.
Long, William E.
Livingstone, James E. B.
Bathurst, Arthur H.
Nicholl, Christopher E.
Cleaver, William E.
Cokayne, Francis S.
Carmichael, Evelyn G. M.
Lindo, Frank C.
Widdrington, Gerard
Uoull, Alexander J.

*Seton, Malcolm C. C.
*Evans, Frank
*Varley, Frederic J.
+EHgar, Campbell C.
King, Hugh C.
Walker, James R.
Bliss, Edward C.
Jenner, Hugh C. R. F.
Stone, Neville R.
Cooper, Henry G. W.
Harrison, Oliver O.
Tapsfield, Charles J.
Pattinson, Reginald
Wright, Charles E.
Walker, Bernard S.
Robinson, Thomas C.
Austin, Robert G. L.
Bramwell, Ernest

Cassels, Walter S.
Cornes, Archibald J.
Hensley, Cyril W.
Massey, Arnold
Rintoul, Charles R.
Marshall, Charles C.
Ball, Cecil S.
Upcott, William E. C. (90)


'Holland, Robert E.
*Cowburn, George H.
*Stokes, Hopetoun G.
fSymon, James D.
Reeves, Thomas S.
Isaac, Arthur W.
Evans, Edward F. H.
Locker, William J.
Ratcliff, Frederick R.

Warren, William M. K.
Whitehead William H.
Crawley, George R. E.
Clark, John N. D.
Allen, Robert W.
West, Percival C.
Craik, James B.
Livingstone, Arthur C.
Thurburn, Martyn B.
Payne, Robert S.
Spender, Henry F.
Labouchere, Arthur M.
Gordon, Claud G.
Keith-Murray, George
Murray, Edward M.
Haynes, Stanhope H. S.
Henderson, Edward L.
Talbot-Ponsonby, C. G.

GREEK HALL, NOW demolished. — From an engraving by SkeUon.



UMBERLAND and Westmorland were in a waste and uninhabited
condition when Robert of Eglesfeild founded in Oxford the " Hall of
the Scholars of the Queen. " A preference was therefore to be given in
the election to the foundation, which was in theory open, to natives of
these counties. The result was for five hundred years practically to
confine the foundation to natives of the two counties, and they still seem
to look to the College as their alma mater.

The Royal licence for the foundation of the College was sealed in the
Tower of London January 1 8, 1341, as we should say, 1340 as men then
said, and the statutes were sealed in Oxford on the tenth of February in
the same year.

The name was given to the College by the founder in honour of
Philippa, wife of Edward III., whose confessor he was, and she and the
Queens consort of England who should come after her were to be its
patronesses. Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I., Caroline, wife of
George II., Charlotte, wife of George III. have been the patronesses
who have done most, since Philippa, for the well being of the College.

The College was founded for " the cultivation of Theology to the glory
of God, the advance of the Church, and the salvation of souls. "
It was to consist of a Provost and twelve Fellows, the number being chosen with reference to the number of
our Lord and His Apostles. After various fluctuations the number of Fellows has of late, under the pressure of
agricultural depression, had a tendency to revert to the Founder's number.

There seem always to have been other residents in the College besides the members of the Foundation.
Some of the characteristic customs of the College have been preserved from the founder's day to the present.
His horn is still used on gaudy days as the loving cup.

On New Year's Day the Bursar presents each guest with a needle threaded with silk of a colour suited to his
faculty, and prays for his prosperity in the words " Take this and be thrifty." The needle and thread (aiguille et
fil) are to remind the receiver of the founder's name.

On Christmas Day a boar's head is brought into the College Hall before dinner with a carol, some centuries
old, and adorned now as for more than two hundred years with banners bearing coats of arms.

In the statutes a " clarion " is ordered to be blown before meals, and still it resounds through each quadrangle
to summon the members of the College to dinner.

In the statutes the Fellows are ordered to sit on one side only of the table, and now as then the Provost or his
representative sits in the midst with the rest on each side.

In the statutes the chaplain was ordered to read the Bible before them as they sat at table, and till the
beginning of the present century a trace of the custom was still observed

From very early times too seems to have come down the name Taberdar or Tabarder which was at one time
applied to the Junior Members of the Foundation who had proceeded to the degree of B.A. but were not yet
Masters of Arts, and is now given to the eight senior open scholars.

The College has shared the fortunes of the University in the various phases of its history. Wyclif lived in
the College and Nicholas of Hereford, who translated the Old Testament for him, was a Fellow. Henry
Whitfield, Provost, and three Fellows were expelled for Wycliffism.
At the Reformation members of the College suffered on both sides.

When King and Parliament fall out the College has to send 1931b. 30Z. idwt. of silver plate to the " mint at
Newe Inne " to be " there turned into money to pay his majestie's armies." In the Puritan times a number who

[ l6l — l62 ]


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queen's college.


will not submit to the parliamentary visitors are
expelled. Some survive to be restored to their
places when the King comes home again.

The chief benefactors of the College, besides its
Provosts, have been Sir Joseph Williamson, Secre-

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