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Watson, Ernest H. P.
Yonge, Geoffrey
Baker-Penoyre, John F.
Osborn, Montagu J. O.
Stallard, Oswald W.
Ingram, Arthur D.
Linnell, William
Irwin, Edmund A.
Edwards, John H. L.
Kettlewell, Percy W. H.
Hales, Herbert M. A.
Gibbs, Francis L.
Ward, Robert B.
Taylor, Douglas F.
Mullins, Charles H.
Greaves, William E.
Cuming, Gordon
Chesshire, Reginald S. P.
Bingley, Robert C.
Brackenbury, Edmond A.
Hardy, Henry E.

Hibbert, Bernard R.
Cawood, William B. C.
Cooke, William
Ormerod, Edward
Wilkinson, Wilfred E.
Drake, Herbert M.
Clauss, Paul
Johnstone, Oscar R.
Whittington, Richard P.
Gilderdale, Thomas B.
Earle, George C.
Sturgess-Jones, Charles A.


*Hutchinson Frederick W.
*Humphreys, Humphrey R.
fSmart, Sydney D. (*oo)
fPilcher, Cecil W.
Bellamy, William M.
Hodgkin, William
Berkeley, G. Fitz-Harding
Etheridge, Godfrey W.
Leggatt, Ernest H. E.
Parlett, Leonard M.
Gladstone, Charles E. D.
Beverley, Ernest O.
Pollock, Harold A.
Warwick, Harry S.
Sears, Frederick W.
Simpson, Thomas D.
Gordon, Alexander S.
Jacob, Charles W.
Keble, Richard J.
Napier, Arthur W.
Scott, Aylmer V. A.
Finch, Hugh E.
Mills, Henry P.
Foster-Melliar, Robert A.
Le Fanu, Harry F.
Fiske, William E.
Shebbeare, Ernest R.
Grey, Alexander H.
Vaughan, Herbert M.
Everington, Edgar A.
Groves, Charles N.
Clay, Patrick A.
How, Francis A. W.
Hamilton, Edward M.
Pode, Arthur C.
Fox-Strangways, Francis C.
Bond, Alexander G.
Mace, John H. B.
Shoppee, Alfred G.
Purefoy-Fitzgerald, Henry
Lach-Szyrma, Philip I.
Woollcombe, Henry St. J. S.
Rogers, Arthur C.
Murray, George H. L.
Bushnell, Gilbert D. S.
Collis, Edgar L.
Hall, Charles E.
Macdonald, Alexander H.
Compton, Charles H.
Taberer, Henry M.
Hollis, George A.


♦Berkeley, George F.
♦Baverstock, Alban H.
♦Wilson, Archibald W.

fMacdonald, Alexander H.
fFleming, William K.
McCheane, Arthur H. O.
Parlett, Leonard M.
Woolley, Charles
Watkins, Sidney C.

Vaughan, Hugh J. S.
Cuming, John S.
Adams, Walter F.
Rawlins, Arthur W.
Waugh, William L.
Welburn, William G.
Anstey, Arthur H.
Douglas, Archibald W.
Longe, Francis E. G.
Dickinson, Charles H.
Henderson, Robert A.
Millard, Christopher S.
Schlesinger, Richard T.
Hughes, Jasper N.
Gedge, Henry T. S.
Jeffcock, Charles A. C.
Moss, Cyril R.
Parkinson, Frederick W.
Cawood, Edward H. C.
Evans, Frank J.
Hind, Edward
Ligertwood, Thomas G.
Church, Maurice R.
Hewlett, Sydney G.
Atkinson, Cecil D.
Lee, Charles P.
War burton, Fred
Leary, James W.
Thorold, Algernon H.
Cooper, Cecil H. H.
Drew, Hubert B.
Jones, Alfred I.
Hall, Edward G.
Moxon, Archibald J.
Scott, Francis M.
Goodwin, Arthur W.
DeHavilland, James R.
Fownes, Arthur G.
Gordon, Mervyn H.
Davison, William H.
Jenner, William S. B.
Ellicott, Herbert
Broadbent, Percy G. A.
Williams, Archibald
Ould, Robert
Cooke, Philip H.
Gulley, Henry J.
Radley, John A.
Arnott, Scott
Wilgress, Edward H.


♦Reynolds, Cecil A.
♦Hamilton, Robert C.
♦Smyth, Henry J. W.
♦Gmelin, Charles H. S.
fjennings, John H.
Cope, Richard C.
Milns, William R.
Mather, Frederic H. V.
Lace, Francis W.
Champernowne, John E.
Bud worth, David P. D.
Etheridge, Edward H.
Mullins, Reginald C.
Stallard, Leonard B.
Floyd, Thomas O.
Brown, Herbert W.
Luxmoore, William C.
Rooke, Gerald B.
Pinhey, Henry P. D.
Nussey, Cecil A.
Chesshire, Cecil J.
Greaves, Arthur I.
Donald, Charles S.
Martin, Robert H.
Feild, Edward A.




1891 [continued).

Fisher, Reginald W. C.
Murdoch, George C.
Kemp, Francis D.
Chaplin, Wyndham A.
Veith von Wallernried, M.

R. C.
Gantz, William L.
Bolton, Maurice E. A.
Gwyther, William C.
Sarel, Sydney L.
Hotson, John H.
Poole, Francis O.
Barrow, Percy J.
Lomax, Cyril
Scott, Clement V. R.
Brutton, Cyril O.
Brooks, George W. D. C.
Dew, Roderick
Roberts, Ernest M.
West, Leslie W.
Alker, George H. V.
Thomas, William L.

Carter, Henry St. John
Gledhill, Walter R.
Kinsman, Frederick J.
Browne, Leonard
Andrews, Reginald A. W.
Randolph, William H.
Mossman, Martin I).
Humfrey, Lebbceus C.
Lea, John W.
Thomas, Richard K.
Marshall, Charles H. D.
Bucknill, John A.
Croft, Robert W.


*Langford -James, R. L.
; Trichard, Herbert W.
*Gillett, George G. S.
*Vassall, Archer
fBeavis, Charles E. H.
fCox, Wilfred M.
fBentley, Bertram H.
Pinhorn, Ralph H.

Nixon, Leigh H.
Saunders, Arthur R.
Fearon, Robert 1>.
Howes, Percy G.
Jephson, William V.
Barrington, Arthur
Boyle, Albert S.
Cooper, William A.
Claxton, Alban E.
Eddrup, Ernest C.
Nash, Henry E.
Chard, Henry G. A.
Hale, James R.
Day, Percival L.
Bond, Edmund D.
Faunthorpe Bertram P.
Compton, John
Kitson, John A.
Iremonger, William G.
Hickes, George
Turpin, Julian J.
Barber, Alfred S. B.
Hart, Charles H.
Baines, Alfred G. P.

Hammond, Egbert L, L,
Gray, John W.
Bagot, Sydney C. B.
Woodward, Michael E. P
Durrant, Bernard C.
Hunt, George R.
Smith, Gilbert O.
Nelson, Oswald T. P.
Partridge, Walter E. C.
Mackay, Malcolm
Smith, Boteler C.
Tomkins, Percy L.
Newby, Thomas 11.
Heurtley, Claude
Brooke, Francis R.
Taylor, John F.
Jones, Henry O.
Ferguson, William II.
Mace, Arthur C.
Buckell, Augustine C.
Gardiner, Frederick G.
Douglas, Edward W.
Thompson, Francis R.

PARAPET, ST. PETEK'S-IN-THE-EAST.— From Mackenzie and Pugin.

iSon^CoUegiate ©elegac?*


(From University Calendar.)

N the year 1868 persons were first per-
mitted, under certain conditions pre-
scribed in Statt. Tit. III. Sect, i and iv.
to become Students and Members of
the University without being members
of any College or Hall. Such persons
keep their statuable residence in houses or licenced
lodgings within the limit of a circle the centre of
which is Carfax, and the radius a line one mile and
a half in length ; they enjoy the same rights of profiting
by Professors' lectures, of" competing for University
Prizes, of attaining distinction in the Public Exami-
nations, and of being admitted to Degrees and to all
the consequent privileges, as are enjoyed by other

The reception of Students into the University under
the prescribed conditions, and the exercise of disci-
pline over them during their residence in Oxford, are
committed to a Delegacy consisting of the Vice-
Chancellor, the Proctors, the Controller of Lodging
Houses, a Censor, and six Members of Convocation
holding office for six years, of whom two are elected
by Congregation, two by the Hebdomadal Council,
and two are nominated by the Vice-Chancellor and
Proctors subject to the approval of Convocation. The
Censor, who is nominated by the Vice-Chancellor and
Proctors, holds office for five years. The Very Rev.
G. W. Kitchin, D.D., Dean of Winchester, formerly
Censor, was added as a Perpetual Delegate by Decree
of Convocation on November 20, 1883.

The students are under the supervision of the
Censor, who is charged with the care of their conduct
and studies. There are also Tutors appointed by the
Delegates to give instruction to the Students.


The Vice-Chancellor.

The Proctors.

The Controller of Lodging Houses.

The Censor.

Very Rev. George Wm. Kitchin, D.D.

Thomas Herbert Warren, M.A., Pre-
sident of Magdalen.

William Henry Hadow, M. A., Fellow
of Worcester.

Rev. Benjamin Jowett, M. A., Master
of Balliol.

Henry Ofiiey Wakeman, M. A., Fellow
of All Souls.

Rev. William Inge, M.A., Provost of

Rev. William Walrond Jackson, M. A.
Rector of Exeter.



Elected by


Elected by
the Hebdo-
by the Vice-
& Proctors.


Pope, Richard William Massy, born at Bangor, co.
Carnarvon, 10 Feb., 1849; 2S - Richard Thomas
of Pembroke, cler. Worcester, matric. 27 April,
67, aged 18 (from Friars school), scholar 69-72,
scholar and B.A. 71, M.A. 73, B.D. 77, D.D. 90
(Honours : — 2 classical mods. 69, 3 classics 71),
lecturer in mathematics 74-82, divinity 75-87, and
classics 76-87, master of the schools 78-9, 81-3, 87-8,
89-90, chaplain Balliol 79-88, classical moderator 80,
90-2, proctor 84, public examiner 85-6, censor Non-
collegiate students 87, select preacher 90-2.

[ 63S ]


636 ]



6 3 8


Abbott, Robert Lamb, born at Calverton, Notts,
7 Oct., 1840; is. Evelyn, gent. Non-Collegiate,
matric. 11 Oct., 73, aged 33 (from Lincoln gr.
school), B.A. 77, M.A. 80 (Honours : — 3 classics
77), senior tutor of Non-collegiate students.

Baker, James Bernard, born at Winchester 5 Oct.,
1862 ; is. James, rector of St. Swithin's, Winchester,
59-63. Non-Collegiate, matric. 13 Oct., 83,
aged 21 (from Radley coll.), B.A. 87, M.A.
90 (Honours: — 1 classical mods. 85, 2 history
87), tutor of Non-collegiate students.


Underbill, George Edward, M.A. , classical tutor;

fellow Magdalen 1882, where see page 312.
Fairbrotber, William Henry, M.A. , see page 628.
Jobnston, rev. John Octavius, M.A. , theology tutor,

see Lincoln Coll. , page 246.
Kidd, rev. Beresford James, M.A. , see page 628.
G William, George Henry, B.D. (Hebrew tutor) ;

fellow Hertford Coll. , where see page 597.
Powell, Frederick York, M.A. (modern history tutor),

student Christ Church, where see page 408.
Marriott, John Arthur Ransome, M.A. (modern

history tutor), see New Coll. page 219.
Richardson, Godfrey Noel, M.A., modern history

tutor, see next column.
Whittuck, Edward Arthur, M.A., B.C.L. (Jurispru-
dence tutor), lecturer at Oriel, where see page 154.
Gerrans Henry Tresawna, M.A. (mathl. tutor),

fellow Worcester Coll. , where see page 573.
Lys, Francis John, M.A. (classical tutor), lecturer at

Worcester Coll. , where see page 578.
Veley, Victor Herbert, M.A. (natural science tutor),

see University Coll. , page 36.
Dixey, Frederick Augustus, D.Med, (physiology tutor),

fellow of Wadham, where see page 529.


Bliss, rev. George Charles, born at Oxford

1838 ; 4s. John, gent. Non-Collegiate, matric.
29 Jan. , 70, aged 32 (from Magdalen coll. school),
B.A. 74, M.A. 76; vicar of Kennington, Oxon, 76.

Broadwater, rev. Richard, born at Oxford 7 April,
1838; o.s. John, gent. Non-Collegiate, matric.
25 Jan., 79, aged 40 (from an Oxford school), B.A.
84, M.A. 85.

Brockman, rev. Ralph Thomas, born in London 15
June, 1861 ; 2s. Ralph St. Leger, vicar of Kesgrave,
Suffolk, deceased. Non-Collegiate, matric. 14
Oct., 82, aged 21 (from Huntingdon gr. school),
B.A. 86, M.A. 91 (Honours:— 2 theology 86);
curate of Cowley St. John, Oxford, 90.

Dear, Philip John, born in London 2 Feb. , 1854 ; 2s.
Robert, cler. Non-Collegiate, matric. 12 Oct.,
72, aged 18 (from Merchant Taylors' school), B.A.
and M.A. 91.

Drummond, James, born at Dublin 14 May, 1835 ;
2s. William Hamilton, of Dublin, D. D. , deceased.
Non-Collegiate, incorporated 21 Oct., 89, aged
54 (from Trinity coll., Dublin, B.A. 55, LL. D. 82,
hon. D.Litt. 92 ; Honours : — 1 gold medal in
classics 55), M.A. Oxford 89, unitarian divine,
professor of theology Manchester new college,
London, 69, principal 85, and at Oxford 89. See
Men and Women of the Time.

Keer, rev. William Brown, born at Mutford, Suffolk,
1827 ; is. William, gent. Non-Collegiate,
matric. 12 Oct., 72, aged 45 (from )

B.A. and M.A. 90.

Parker, Charles John, born in Oxford 28 July, i860 ;
is. James, hon. m.a. , publisher. Non-Collegiate,
matric. 25 Jan., 79, aged 18 (educated at Magdalen
coll. school), B.A. 82, M.A. 85; bookseller, Oxford.

Richardson, Godfrey Noel, born at Bolton-le-Moors,
co. Lane, 18 Oct., 1865; 3s. Henry, of Barnsley,
Yorks, gen. Non-Collegiate, matric. 13 Oct.,
83, aged 17 (from Barnsley high school), B.A. 87,
M.A. 90 ; Honours : — 1 history 87.

Sibree, Ernest, born at Painswick, co. Glouc. , 1 Jan.,
1859; 2s. John, M.A.Lond. Non-Collegiate,
matric. 13 Oct., 83, aged 24 (from Bussage House
school, Stroud), B.A. 87, M.A. 90, assistant keeper
Indian institute.

Smith, Norman Hardwick, born at Maiden Newton,
Dorset, 26 Dec, 1859; o.s. John Hardwick, B.A.,
late congregational minister, deceased. St. John's
Coll., Cambridge, matric. q Nov., 1880 (from
Shrewsbury school), B.A. 84 (Honours : — 3 classics
83); incorporated 17 March, 87, M.A. (Non-Coil.)
28 April, 87.

Souttar, Robinson, born at Aberdeen 23 Oct., 1848 ;
4s. William, gen. Non-Collegiate, matric. 13
Oct., 84, aged 35 (from Aberdeen gymnasium),
B.A. 88, B.C.L. and M.A. 91 ; Honours :— 2
history 88, 3 law 89, 1 civil law 90.

ilSott-'CoUesiate ^tvfoznt$ 3 1889-92.

Of whom biographical notices appear in the Matriculations 1880-92.


Forth, Thomas F.
Hignett, Edward A.
Ketchlee, Thomas W.
Kingston, Walter P.
Lomax, rev. Ernest W.
Pierce, Thomas H.
Sewell, Augustine
Walsh, Thomas P.
Martin, Thomas H.
Wilson, Charles E.
Duxbury, William S.
Munro, Malcolm
Berry, Henry W. B.
Cole, Robert W.
Hart, Walter P.
Jacobson, Alfred C. B.
Jones, John R.
Wilson, Ernest W.
Malpas, Theodore F.

Haswell, Edward W. (87)
Chaundy, Edred M. (88)
Burt, Ernest W.
Macdonald, Robert S.
Mundy, Benjamin H. H.
Richardson, Albert E.
Sheldon, Thomas A.
Allison, Charles V.
Barnwell, Charles T.
Bickmore, Claude E.
Brown, Charles
Chorlton, John H.
Cole, Sydney J.
Crisall, James S.
Dalgado, Eduardo A. P.
Dewhurst, Archibald
Garvie, Alfred E.
Gwynn, William B.
Hainsselin, Montague T.
Hall, James
Harvey, Henry H.

Hawke, Edward G.
Mohamed Nujmul Huda
Jones, James
Langston, Frederick W.
Legg, William A. H.
McFarlane, Alfred J.
Matheson, Alan
Moore, Walter F.
Nuttall, Charles E.
Owen, John
Parke, Edward
Parry, Herbert T.
Peel, Frederick
Pidcock, Charles S.
Pilling, Frederick
Pope, Ambrose
Pridmore, William H.
Puxley, Herbert H. E. L.
Rees, Richard J.
Rogers, John
Ruck, George

Shaw, Arthur N.
Shuttlewood, Carlton A. H.C.
Stark, William
Thatcher, Griffithes W.
Thomas, Charles E.
Thomas, Pryse L.
Ward, Charles O.
Warner, Basil H.
Williams, Frederick H. T.
Williams, Trevor T.
Wilson-Green, Arthur M.
Phipps, George
Morley, Reginald A.
Walton, Cyril M. B.
Gygas, George
Taylor, John H.
Brettell, Samuel S.
Harris, Wilfred
Herford, Ulric V.
Hicks, George D.
Jellie, William




Students, 1889 [cont.]

Pole, Herbert
Rees, Daniel
Watt, James G.
Smith-Bosanquet, George R.

B. (86)
Ferguson, George P.
Berry, Albert J.
Thoroton, Levett
Johnson, Arthur E.


Crimes, Charles H.
Galfify, Lawrence
George, William E.
Green , Harry J.
Haines, Harry F.
Khalil Khayyat
Marshall, Edmund
Davies, Edward O.
Ward, Francis
Davies, William
Preston, Percy H.
Lawrence, William
Rutherford, Alexander C.
McComb, Samuel
Horsley, Harold R.
Jenner, Gilbert
Lee, William L. M. (84)
Austin, Frank E.
Badger, George E.
Baker, Henry P.
Baker, John C.
Basilon, Edmund A.
Bolton, rev. Fred
Brinkworth, James B.
Carr, Douglas W.
Dadley, Charles C.
Davies, John H.
Davis, David
Davy, Francis W. H.
Dewick, Francis E.
Drage, William H.
English, Edward J.
Fletcher, Hamilton
Godson, Edward A.
Griffiths, Robert G.
Hadow, Herbert E.
Hallack, Arthur
Hatherley, Arthur W.
Howard, Stanley H.
James, Henry
James, Herbert R.
Jones, Edward O.
Ledsam, Edward A. G. S.
Lock, Ernest S. C.
Lynam, Robert G.
Mathers, John S.
Melville, Frank
Oakden, Ralph
Peacock, Charles A.
Pullen, John
Roberts, George A.
Rutherford, Thomas D.
Spencer, Henry T.
Stallard, Frederick C. F.
Swindell, Albert P.

Sykes, Ernest W.
Thompson, Frank E. R.
Jyun Takakusu
Turnbull, William W.
Vosper-Thomas. Arthur F. C.
Walmsley, Hugh
Weatherall, John H.
Williams, John T.
Brown, Herbert H.
Hill, Ebenezer B.
James, Philip J.
Laurence, Thomas E. de V.
Morris, William
Ward, William E.
Ward, William S.
Mir Aun Ali
Bretherton, Walter K.
Jones, Evan T.
Manson, Alexander
Blackshaw, William
Barker, Joseph
Mellone, Sydney H.

Palmer, Clement C.
Bell, Richard G.
Eason, Benjamin M.
Griffiths, Albert E.
Hillard, Abraham
Hillard, Frederick A.
Lewis, Frank W.
Murari Lai Taitri
Sadler, Gilbert T.
Wheeler, Emmanuel
Whitaker, Milo
Jnanandranath Gupta
Hari Das Bose
Bailey, James B.
Baines, Philip H.
Enraght, Hawtrey J.
Lillingston, Walter P.
Abbott, Wilfrid H.
Abrahamson, Albert.
Manockji P. Asavaid
Home, John W.
Husbands, Edmund T.
Key, Arthur
Abbott, Albert
Hafiz Muniruddai Ahmed
Allen, Cecil J. M.
Bagguley, Alfred
Barnard, Thomas
Bennett, Ambrose
Browne, Bernard E.
Carter, Fitzwilliam
Carus-Wilson, Arthur C. H.
Collins, Sidney H.
Cousins, Clarence W.
Cutcliffe, George
Davidson, Andrew
Davies, John W.
Davies, Tabor
Davis, Cyprian C.
Davis, Francis N.
Davis, John T.
Dibb, Ashton W.
Evans, John H.
Fisher, Alfred S.

Fox, Arthur C.

Furnival, Antony St. J.

Gildea, Henry P. S.

Goldberg, Asher

Goodrich, Thomas B.

Graff, Harold J.

Hadley, Henry

Haines, William P.

Hamilton, Andrew

Harley, John H.

Harrison, Wilfred B.

Hexter, William V. P.

Holden, John C.

Jones, Hugh

Jones, rev. William M.

Keays, Edward H.

Mufti Fida Mahomed Khan

Lamb, Charles W.

Landels, Thomas D.

Lear, James P.

McKay, Harold

Matthews, Arthur P.

Mee, Frederick F.

Mills, Clarence M. de V.

Moore, Richard C.
Mortimer, Edwin J.

Murdock, William
Myer, Walden

Paterson, Marwood

Pearse, Alexander J.
Raboteau, Claude
Rothwell, Hugh
Say, Henry J.
Shacklock, William L.
Shepherd, Waldgrave M.
Simpson, Herbert C.
Sweatman, Frederic J.
Thomas, rev. William H. G.
Trow, Edwyn B.
Walker, Thomas J.
Woodward. George D.
Chutter, Frederick G.
Clark, Henry D. G.
Dexter, Henry A.
Dudley, rev. George F.
Jones, Richard D.
Scott, David R.
Wagner, Charles E.
Saer, John B.
Free, rev. Richard W.
Menneer, Frank B.
Stanistreet, rev. Arthur H.
Lyne, Richard F.

Robinson, Francis J.


Case, rev. Harry B.
Marsden, Benjamin A.
Tomotake Minami-iwakura
Jones, Nathaniel
Phillips, Harry E. W.
Wilson, Alfred A. B.
Denniss, Arthur J. H.
Maung Gyi, Joseph A.
Stewart-Scott, Arthur E. A.
Holme, Gerald P.
Hayden, Charles B.
Rees, George

Morgan, Edwin V.
Wilshere, Alured N. M. (90)
• Hill, Walter F.
Popkin, John L. T.
Austin, John W.
Baiss, Reginald S. H.
Bellairs, Cecil S.
Bolton, Charles H.
Caine, William
Cave, Robert M.
Clack, George R. S.
Crichton, David S.
Curry, Arthur L.
Dewdney, Arthur J. B.
D'Ombrain, Cyril W.
Gaudin, Philip J.
Geddes, James
Hall, Hugh F.
Heal, Joseph J.
Hird, David
Hutt, James
James, David
Judge, Thomas
Kebby, Alfred H.
Laughlin, Henry E. E.
Langsdorf, William B.
Lester, Henry A.
Mackinder, Lionel E.
Martin, Horace E.
Matthews, Wilfred N.
McLaughlin, Tohn F.
Miles, Edward F. S. A.
Muschamp, Evelyn G.
Orchard, John
Owen, Richard
Peall, George T.
Perris, Harry S.
Plaxton, John W.
Pugh, David H.
Pugh, Thomas R.
Rees, Robert M.
Rowley, Charles E.
Salkeld, Henry L.
Shillito, Edward
Stephan, William
Stowell, Herbert
Taylor, Ernest W.
Tinkler, Robert N.
Underwood, William T.
Ware, Sedley L.
Williams, Frederick E. A.
Woodard, Ernest H. J.
Zachary, Arthur
Eglin, William H.
Evans, Frederic J.
Tibbits, John K.
Jordan, Louis H.
Raupert, rev. Johannes G. F.
Van-Norden, Theodore L.
Case, Montague J.
Morris, Wyndham V. B.
Young, John W. A.
Jozan, Nicholas
May, Paul H.
Jogerchundra Chandhuri
Alan H. Gardner
James D. Maynard
Frederick C. Pheasant
John A. Sturton

TURRELL'S HALL. — Turrell, rev. Henry Joseph, M.A. (1851), licenced master, see Hertford, page 604.
G-RINDLE'S HALL. — Grindle, Edmund Samuel, M.A. (1865), licenced master (91), see Queen's, page 183.
MAROON'S HALL.— Marcon, rev. Charles Abdy, M.A. (1882), licenced master (92), see St. Mary Hall, page 610,




Abbay, Richard, M.A. , fellow Wadham 69-79 . 532
Abbey, Charles J., M.A. , fellow University coll.

62-66 ........ 32

Abbott, Evelyn, M. A., fellow Balliol 74 . . 63

Abbott, Robert L. , M. A. , tutorof Non-coil, students 637
Acland, rt. hon. Arthur H. Dyke, M.A., hon. fellow

Balliol 88 67

Acland, sir Henry W. , bart. , K.C.B., hon. student

Christ Church 58 . . . . .411

Acland, rt. hon. sir Thomas Dyke, bart., M.A. ,

D.C.L., fellow All Souls' 31-39 . . . 277
Acton, John E. E. D. , baron Acton, hon. fellow All

Souls' 90 . ...... 276

Adams, rev. Edward C, M.A. , fellow Worcester

So-83 575

Adams, rev. Harold T., M.A., University coll. . 35

Adams, Henry C. , M.A. , fellow Magdalen 43-52 . 321

Adams, Walter M. , M.A. , fellow New coll. 56-62. 216
Adamson, Charles S. , B.A. , senior Merchant

Taylors' scholar 91 . . . . . . 492

Ainger, Edward B. , M.A. fellow Pembroke 56-78 . 554

Alderson, Charles H., M. A., fellow All Souls' 57-67 280

Aldred, Philip F., M. A., D.C.L., Hertford . . 602

Alexander, Samuel, M.A. , fellow Lincoln 82. . 241

Alexander, rev. Sidney A., M.A., tutor Keble 92 . 628
Allen, Thomas Wm., M.A. .Craven fellow Queen's

87 175

Allen, William D. , M.A., fellow Magdalen 71-82 . 325

Allies, Thomas Wm. , M.A., fellow Wadham 33-40 531
Andrew, James, M.A. , D.Med., hon. fellow

Wadham 87 530

Andrewes, Frederick Wm., M.A. , B.Med. , fellow

Pembroke 86 ...... 553

Andrews, Septimus, M.A., student Christ Church

5 J - 6 9 4 J 9

Anson, sir William R. , bart., D.C. L. , warden of

All Souls' 81 270

Archibald, Richard G., Fereday fellow St. John's

64-65 489

Archibald, William F. A., M.A., Fereday fellow

St. John's 69-72 490

Arkell, John, M.A. , Pembroke .... 556

Arkell, Thomas N., M.A., Corpus Christi . . 387

Armitage, Edward, M.A., fellow Magdalen 48-56 . 322
Armitstead, John R., M.A., student Christ Church

48-63 417

[ 64I

Armitstead, William G., M.A., student Christ

Church 52-6 4x0

Armstrong, Edward, M.A., fellow Queen's 69 .' 173
Arnott, Arthur P., M. A., Trinity . . . .455
Ashburner, Walter, M. A., fellow Merton 87 . .94
Ashley, William J., M.A., fellow Lincoln 85-88 . 245
Asquith, rt. hon. Herbert H., M.A., Q.C., Home

Secretary, fellow Balliol 74-82 ... 68

Austen, Edward T, M.A, fellow St. John's 42-55 480
Austin, Charles A. S., M.A, D.C.L., fellow St.

John's 55 477

Awdry, William, M. A., fellow Queen's 66-69 • 181

Bailey, Alfred, M.A., student Christ Church 45-58
Bailey, Alfred, M.A., Stowell Civil Law fellow
University coll. 58-65 .....
Bain, Francis Wm., M.A., fellow All Souls' 89 .
Baker, George Ed., M.A., fellow Magdalen 70-81
Baker, James B., M.A , tutorof Non. -coll. students
Baker, Joseph, M.A. , fellow Worcester 42-56
Baker, William, D.D., fellow St. John's 60-70
Balfour, Henry, M.A. , Trinity
Balfour, Isaac B., M.A., D.Med., fellow Magdalen

Ball, Sidney, M.A., fellow St. John's 82-92 .
Balleine, George O., M.A., fellow Queen's 65-69
Balmer, rev. Edward L., M.A., fellow Hertford


Barker, Henry R., M.A., student Christ Church


Barker, Thomas C, M.A., student Christ Church


Barmby, James, B.D. , fellow Magdalen 46-59
Barry, rev. Henry B. , M.A., fellow Queen's 44-56
Barter, Charles, B.C.L. , fellow New coll. 39-53
Bartlet, James V. , M.A. , Exeter .
Bartlett, Robert Ed., M.A., fellow Trinity 53-60
Barton, Alfred T. , M.A., fellow Pembroke 65
Barton, Henry N. , M.A., fellow Pembroke 44-49
Bateman, Rowland LI. J., M.A., fellow New coll

46-59 •

Bathurst, Algernon, M.A. , B. C. L. , fellow New coll


Bathurst, Robert A., M.A., fellow New coll. 35-52
Bathurst, Stuart Eyre, M.A., fellow Merton 39-45














—642 ]

2 T




Bayne, rev. Thomas Vere, M.A., student Christ

Church 49 4°7

Baynes, Robert Ed., M.A., senior student Christ

Church 73 4°8

Bazely, Thomas T., M.A., fellow Brasenose 31-40 351
Beaumont, Francis M., M.A., fellow St. John's

5669 484

Beaumont, William B., M.A., student Christ

Church 51-60 4 X 9

Beazley, Charles R., B.A., fellow Merton 89 . 94

Bebb, Llewellyn J. M., M.A., fellow Brasenose 85 349
Belcher, Herbert G., M. A., Exeter . . .129

Bell, Alexander J. M., M. A, Balliol ... 69

Bell, rev. George C, M.A. , fellow Worcester 57-71 576

Bellamy, James, D.D., president St. John's 71 . 474

Benecke, Paul V. M. , B.A., fellow Magdalen 91 . 316

Bennett, Ernest N. , fellow Hertford 91 . . 598

Bennett, George, M.A. , fellow New coll. 51-88 . 214
Benson, Richard M. , M.A., student Christ Church


Berdmore, Samuel C. J., M.A., student Christ

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