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liol 82, chaplain and tutor 82 (Honours: — 2
classical mods. 52, 1 classics 53, English essay 54) ;
select preacher 78-80, Bampton lecturer 83 ; vicar
of Lewknor, Oxon, 57-65, chaplain to Bishop Tait
of London 61-8, and when Archbishop of Canter-
bury 68-82 ; rector of St. Mary, Bryanston Square,
65-83, canon of Canterbury 82. See Men and
Women of the Time.

Markby, sir William, k.c.i.e., born at Duxford, co.
Cambridge, 3 May, 1829 ; 4s. William Henry, rector
of Duxford, St. Peter. Micrton, matric. 13 June,
46, aged 17 (from King Edward's school, Bury St.
Edmund's), postmaster 46-50, B.A. 51, M.A. 56,
D.C. L. 79 (Honours: — 1 mathematics 50) ; reader
in Indian law 78, hon. fellow All Souls' 82-3, and
fellow 83, fellow BALLIOL 83, member of. the
Hebdomadal council, resigned Nov., 92, curator
of the chest, and of the Indian Institute, delegate of
the press, and University reader in Indian law 78 ;
bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 56, recorder of Bucking-
ham 65-6, puisne judge high court, Calcutta, 66-78,
and vice-chancellor of the University of Calcutta;
K.C.I.E. 1 Jan., 89 ; commissioner to enquire into
administration of justice in Trinidad 92, justice of
the peace and county councillor for Oxfordshire
89-93. See Men and Women of the Time.

Hardie, William Ross, born in Edinburgh

1862; is. William, gent. Balliol, matric. 21 Oct.,
80, aged 18 (from Edinburgh University), scholar
79-84, Jenkyns exhibitioner 83, B.A. 84, fellow 84,
M.A. 87 [Honours : — 1 classical mods. 81, Hert-
ford scholarship 82, (proxime accessit 81), Ireland
scholarship 82, Greek verse and prose 82, Latin
verse 83, 1 classics 84, Craven scholarship 84,
Derby scholarship 85], classical moderator 90,
proctor 93-4.

Conroy, sir John, 3rd bart., born in Kensington,
16 Aug., 1845 ; is. Edward, bart. Christ Church,
matric. 14 Oct., 64, aged 19 (from Eton), B.A. 69,
M.A. 70 (Honours:— 1 natural science 68);
lecturer in chemistry Keble 81-5, tutor 85,
Millard lecturer in physics Trinity and Balliol
86, fellow Balliol 90 ; F. R.S. 91.

Shaw, William Hudson, born at Leeds , 1859;

is. Edward Walker, arm. Non-Collegiate,
matric. 11 Oct. 79, aged 20 (from Bradford school);
migrated to Balliol 80, B.A. 83, M.A. 87, fellow
90 (Honours ; — Stanhope essay 82, 2 History 83) ;
president Oxford union society 83 ; vicar of Thorn-
thwaite with Braithwaite, Cumberland, 89, as
George W. H. S.

Palmer, Edwin James, born in Oxford 10 Jan., 1869;
is. Edwin, archdeacon of Oxford, and canon of
Christ Church. Balliol, matric. 19 Oct., 87,
aged 18 (from Winchester), scholar 86, Jenkyns
exhibitioner 91, fellow 91, B.A. 92 ; Honours : —
accessit Hertford scholarship 88, 1 classical mods.
89, Craven scholarship 89, accessit Ireland scholar-
ship 90, 1 classics 91.

Smith, John Alexander, born at Dingwall, Ross-shire,
21 April, 1864 ; 2s. Andrew, gent. Balliol, matric.
28 Jan., 84, aged 20 (from Edinburgh university),
exhibitioner 83, Jenkyns exhibitioner 87, B.A. 91,
fellow 91 (Honours : — 1 classical mods. 85, accessit

84, 85, and proxime accessit Hertford scholarship

85, accessit Ireland scholarship 85, 1 classics 87) ;
college lecturer in philosophy.


Palmer, ven. Edwin, D. D., archdeacon of Oxford,
hon. fellow 71 ; canon of Christ Church, where see
page 403.

StubbS, right rev. William, D.D., bishop of Oxford,
hon. fellow ; hon. canon of Christ Church j"], and
hon. fellow of Oriel, where see page 151.

ORIEL window. — Mackenzie and Pugm.




Bright, James Franck, D.D., hon. fellow, master of
University coll. , where see page 28.

Nicholl, George Frederick, born at Tipton, co. Staf-
ford, 5 Nov. , 1832 ; is. John Aston, gent. Balliol,
7 June, 78, aged 45, M.A. by decree 5 Nov., 78,
hon. fellow 88 ; lord almoner's professor and reader
in Arabic 78, lecturer in Oriental languages 80,
professor of Sanskrit and Persian King's coll.,

Acland, Rt. Hon. Arthur Herbert Dyke, born in London
13 Oct., 1847; 3s. Thomas Dyke, bart. Christ
Church, matric. 23 May, 66, aged 18 (from
Rugby), B.A. 70, M.A. 73, steward jj, and student
84-5 (Honours: — 2 classical mods. 68, 2 law and
history 70) ; lecturer of Keble 71-2, and tutor 72-5 ;
principal Oxford military school, Cowley, 75-7,
retired from holy orders under clerical disabilities
relief act of 1870; senior bursar Balliol 83,
and hon. fellow 88 ; M. P. South-West Riding
Yorkshire (Rotherham division), since 85 ; vice-
president of the committee of council on education
92, and privy councillor.


Newman, Francis William, fellow 1826-30, hon. fellow
Worcester 83, where see page 574.

Lake, William Charles, born in London 9 Jan., 1817;
is. Charles, arm. Balliol, matric. 29 Nov., 34,
aged 17 (from Rugby), scholar 34-8, B.A. 38,
fellow 38-59, M.A. 41, tutor 42-57, proctor 52-3
(Honours : — 1 classics 38, Latin essay 40) ;
treasurer 37, president 38, and librarian 39, of
Oxford union society, examiner in law and history
53-4, and in classics 55, select preachpr 54, White-
hall preacher , rector of Huntspill, Somerset, 58-
69, canon of Wells 60-9, dean of Durham and D.D.
69, warden of Durham university 69, served on
various education commissions, etc.

Jenkins, William James, born at Meerut, East
Indies, , 1821 ; is. John, arm. Balliol,

matric. 6 July, 37, aged 16 (from Tiverton school),
Blundell scholar 37-40, and fellow 40-52, B.A. 41,
M.A. 46 (Honours:— 4 classics 41); chaplain to
earl of Cardigan, curate of Ramsgate 46-52, rector
of Fillingham, co. Lincoln, 52.

Lingen, Lord, fellow 41-50, hon. fellow Trinity, where

see page 450.
Temple, Rt. Rev. Frederick, bishop of London;

Blundell fellow 42-8, hon. fellow Exeter, where see

page 124. . .

Palmer, Ven. Edwin, D. D. , fellow 45-67; hon. fellow

71, canon of Christ Church -jj, where see page 403.

Owen, Donald Millman, born iX Tiyer\or>, Divor.,
9 Nov., 1829; 4s. George Welslfc,' arm*. Balliol,
matric. 7 July, 47, aged 17 (from Tiverton school),
Blundell scholar 47-52, and fellow 52-66, B.A. 52,
M.A. S7< B.D. 77 (Honours:— 2 classics 52);
rector of Marks Tey, Essex, 68-78, of Ideford,
Devon, 78-86, and of Calverleigh since 86.

Bowen, Sir Charles Synge Christopher, fellow 57-62,
visitor, see page 55.

Stanley, Hon. Edward Lyulph, born 16 May, 1839 ;
3s. Edward John, 2nd baron Stanley of Alderley.
Balliol, matric. 3 June, 57, aged 18 (from Eton),
B.A. 62, fellow 62-9, M.A. 63 (Honours : — 2
classical mods. 59, 1 classics 61) ; of Easthorpe
Malton, Yorks, bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 65,
M.P. Oldham 80-5, Marylebone member London
school board 76-85, heir presumptive to baron
Stanley of Alderley. See Foster's Peerage.

Ilbert, Courtenay Peregrine (c.s.l, CLE.), born at
Kingsbridge. Devon, 12 June, 1841 ; is. Peregrine
Arthur, rector of Thurlestone, Devon. Balliol,
matric. 13 Oct., 60, aged 19 (from Marlborough),

scholar 59, Jenkyns exhibitioner 63, B. A. 64, fellow
64-74 M.A. 71 (Honours: — Hertford scholarship
61, Ireland scholarship 62, 1 classical mods. 62,
1 classics 64, Craven scholarship 64, Eldon scholar-
ship 67) ; librarian 64, and president of Oxford
union society 65; bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 69,
counsel to education department 79-82, legal
member of council of governor-general of India
82-6, and assistant parliamentary counsel to
Treasury 86, vice-chancellor university of Calcutta
Cheyne, Rev. Thomas Kelly, fellow 68-81, fellow of
Oriel 85, where see page 150.

Tatton, Robert Grey, born at Wythenshaw Hall,
Cheshire, 7 Dec, 1847; 2s. Thomas William, arm.
Balliol, matric. 28 Jan., 67, aged 19 (from
Harrow), B.A. 71, fellow 71-86, M.A. 73, tutor 75-81
(Honours : — 1 classical mods. 68, 1 classics 71).
See Foster's Peerage.

Bradley, Andrew Cecil, born at Clapham, Surrey
26 March, 1851 ; 10s. Charles, vicar of Glasbury,
Brecon, etc. Balliol, matric. 21 Oct., 69, aged
18 (from Cheltenham coll. ), exhibitioner 69-74,
B.A. 74, fellow 74-84, M.A. 76 (Honours: — 2
classical mods. 71, 1 classics 73, English essay 75),
lecturer in philosophy 76-81 ; professor of modern
history and literature at University college, Liver-
pool, 81-89, professor of English at Glasgow 89.

Asquith, Rt. Hon. Herbert Henry, born at Morley,
near Ledsham, 12 Sept., 1852; 2s. Joseph Dixon,
of Croft House, Morley, Yorks, gent. Balliol,
matric. 17 Oct., 70, aged 18 (from city of London
school), scholar 69-74, Jenkyns exhibitioner734, B.A.
74, fellow 74-82 (Honours : — proxime accessit Hert-
ford scholarship 72, 1 classical mods. 72, proxime
accessit Ireland scholarship 73 and 74, 1 classics 74,
Craven scholarship 74) ; treasurer 72, and president
of Oxford union society 74; bar.-at-law, Lincoln's
Inn, 76, Q.C. 90, M.P. East Fifeshire since 86,
home secretary and P.C. 92.

Williams, Sir Monier Monier, K.C.I.E., fellow 82-8,
hon. fellow University 92, where see page 31.

Mackail, John William, born at Ascog, Bute, 26 Aug.,
1859; is. John, cler. Balliol, matric. 19 Oct.,
78, aged 19 (from Edinburgh university), exhibitioner
and hon. scholar 77-82, Jenkyns exhibitioner 81,
B.A. 81, fellow 82-91, M.A. 85 [Honours : — 1 clas-
sical mods. 79, Hertford scholarship 80, Ireland
scholarship 80 (proxime accessit 79), English verse

it 81, 1 classics 81, Craven scholarship 82, Derby
. 'scholarship 84] ; junior examiner education depart-

Marshall, Alfred, born at Sydenham 26 July, 1842 ;
2s. William, arm. Scholar St. John's, Cambridge,
62 (from Merchant Taylors' school and King's coll.,
London), B.A. 65, fellow 65-77 and 85, M.A. 68
(Honours : — 2nd wrangler 65), incorporated at
Oxford 22 Oct., 83, aged 41, fellow Balliol 84-5,
lecturer and tutor political economy 83 ; professor
political economy Cambridge 84 ; principal Univer-
sity coll., Bristol, 77-81.

Dicey, Albert Venn, fellow 86-90, fellow All Souls'
82, where see page 274.

Dixon, Harold Bailey, born in London 11 Aug., 1852;
2S. William Hepworth, arm. Christ Chukch,
matric. 27 May, 71, aged 18 (from Westminster
school), a junior student 71-8, B.A. 75, M.A. 78;
.(Honours :— 3 classical mods. 73, 1 natural science
75) ; fellow Balliol 86-7, tutor and lecturer in
natural science 79-82, lecturer in physics 82-6, Trinity
(Millard lecturer) 79-86, and at Exeter 82-5 ; F.R.S.
86, professor of chemistry at Owens coll., Manches-
ter, 87.

6 9




Fremantle, rev. the hon. William Henry, M.A. ,
see among the fellows, page 63.

Pope, George Uglow, created M.A. 2 Feb., 1886,
teacher of Tamil and Telugu 86, chaplain Balliol
88 ; D. D. Lambeth 64, fellow university of Madras
59 ; sometime warden of bishop Cotton's school
and college at Bangalore, and incumbent of Fort
church and All Saints church, Bangalore.


Bell, Alexander James Montgomerie, born in Edin-
burgh 24 Sept., 1845 I 4 s - Alexander Montgomerie
W.s. , professor of conveyancing, Edinburgh uni-
versity. Balliol, matric. 17 Oct. , 64, aged 19 (from
Glasgow University), exhibitioner 64-9, B.A. 69,
M.A. 71 (Honours :— 2 classical mods. 66, Greek
verse 67, 2 classics 68) ; a master at Marlborough
coll. 69, and at Fettes coll. 70-5, on joint examining
board Scotch universities 92.

Carman, Edwin, born at Funchal, Madeira, 3 Feb.,
1861 ; 2s. David Alexander, arm. Balliol, matric.
29 Jan., 81, aged 19 (from Clifton coll.), B.A. 84,
M.A. 87 ; Honours: — 2 classical mods. 82, Lothian
essay 85.

Coles, Vincent Stuckey Stratton, born at Shepton
Beauchamp, Somerset, 27 March, 1845 ; o.s. James
Stratton, cler. Balliol, matric. 9 April, 64, aged
19 (from Eton), exhibitioner 65-7, B.A. 68, M.A. 72
(Honours: — 3 classical mods. 66, 3 classics 68);
librarian Pusey library 84, and chaplain 90 ; rector
of Shepton Beauchamp 72-84.

Firth, Charles Harding, born at Sheffield, Yorks, 16
March, 1857 ; 2s. John, gent. New Coll., matric.
12 Oct., 75, aged 18 (from Clifton coll.), scholar
Balliol 76, B.A. 79, M.A. 82 (Honours :— Stan-
hope essay 77, 1 history 88), lecturer in modern
history Pembroke.

Gell, Philip Lyttelton, born in London 29 April, 1852 ;
2s. John Philip, rector of Buxted, Sussex. Balliol,
matric. 27 Jan., 72, aged 19 (from King's coll.,
London, hon. fellow 90), scholar 73-7, B.A. 76,
M.A. 78 (Honours: — 1 history 75, Arnold essay 78),
managing secretary to the Clarendon press 85 ; a
student of the Inner Temple 76.

Grueber, Erwin, born in Arnsberg, Westphalia, 5
Aug., 1846; s. Bernhard, professor of architecture,
fine arts academy, Prague, Bohemia. Doctor Juris
74, and reader university of Munich 75 ; university
reader in Roman law 81-93, M.A. by decree 29
May, 83, deputy regius professor of civil law Nov. ,
92 — Aug. , 93, lecturer in Roman law Balliol.

HiggS, Arthur Hibble, born- at Sudbury, Suffolk, 6
Oct. , 1850 ; 5s. Samuel, gent. Balliol, matric.
21 Oct., 69, aged 19 (from University coll. school
and University coll., London, and fellow 73),
scholar 68-74, B.A. 74, M.A. 79 ; Honours :—
2 classical mods. 71 ; London University,
Honours: — 1 Latin 69, and 1 classics 71.

Marsh, James Ernest, born at St. Helen's, Lancashire,
5 July, i860 ; 3s. John, arm. Balliol, matric.
16 Oct., 79, aged 17 (from Rugby), B.A. 82, M.A.
91 ; Honours : — 1 natural science 82.

Partridge, Aubrey Aithur Hungerford, born at
Handsworth, co. Staff., , i860; is. Arthur,

arm. Balliol, matric. 21 Oct. , 80, aged 20 (from
Birmingham gr. school), B.A. 84, M.A. 92 ;
Honours : — 3 history 84.

Poole, Reginald Lane, born in London 29 March,
1857 ; 2s. Edward Stanley, arm. Balliol, matric.
24 Oct., 74, aged 17; B.A. 78, M.A. 81 (Honours:
— 3 classical mods. 76, 2 theology 78, 2 history 79,
Lothian essay 79) ; Ph.D. University of Leipzig.

Sworn, Sidney Augustus, born at Southampton

1866 ; is. William Augustus, gent. Balliol,
matric. 24 Oct. , 85, aged 19 (from Dublin college of
science), scholar 84, B.A. 88, M.A. 92 ; Honours :
— 1 chemistry 88.

Tylor, Edward Burnett, anthropologist, born at Cam-
berwell 2 Oct., 1832 (s. Joseph), educated at Friends'
school, Tottenham ; f.r.s. 71, created D.C.L. 9
June, 75, and M.A. by decree 20 Nov., 83, a
member of Balliol 83, keeper of the University
museum 83, and reader in anthropology 86, LL.D.
St. Andrew's 73, and first Gifford lecturer in Aber-
deen university 88, president of the anthropological
institute. See Men and Women of the Time.

"WattS, John, born at Maidstone, Kent, 1844 ;

o.s. John, gent. Non-CollegiatE, matric. 17
Feb., 73, aged 29; migrated to Balliol, B.A. 76,
M.A. 79 (Honours : — 1 natural science 76), natural
science examiner 81-2-3 and 92, demonstrator in the
chemical department university museum, natural
science lecturer Merton 80, and Magdalen 84; B.Sc.
university of London 67, D.Sc. 70.

Wheeler, George William, born at Oxford 1863 ; 3s.
William, pleb. Balliol, matric. 18 May, 83,
aged 20 (from Oxford central school), B.A. 89,
M.A. 90 (Honours : — 2 classical mods. 84, 2
classics 87) ; assistant Bodleian library.

Wigram, Spencer Robert, born at Walthamstow,
Essex, 22 Aug. , 1835 ; 3s. Octavius, arm. Balliol,
matric. 21 June, 54, aged 18 (from Harrow), B.A.
59, M.A. 61 (Honours: — 3 classical mods. 56,
4 classics 59) ; vicar of Prittlewell, Essex, 64-80,
and rural dean of Canewdon, Essex, 72-80.





^>djoiat#/ ^jcftibitioneW antr Commoner

Of whom biographical notices appear in the Matriculations 1880-92.


*Pember, Francis W.
♦Hardie, William R.
♦Eliot, Charles N. E.

* Baker, Herbert B.
*Merk, Walter H.
*Pittman, Joseph M.

* Benson, Ralph B.
♦Rogers, Leonard J.
♦Seward, Harold
fWalker, Hugh
fLee, John
fHuxley, Leonard
fWade, George H.
fHill, Edward M.
■j-Troup, Charles E.
■fCarter, Frank
fChambres, Gordon C.
■j-Allport, Joseph S.
fSimmonds, Mark J.
Shaw, William H.
Grant, Patrick C. M.
Repton, Guy G.
Wallop, hon. Oliver H.
Fairer, Henry L.
Hill, William E
Jones, Thomas R.
Younger, Robert
Butt, Arthur

Ward, Thomas
Wells, Frederick B.
Samuelson, Francis
Waterhouse, Paul
Grey, Edward
Galbraith, William
Hamilton, Gawayne B.
Parry, Frederick S.
Hopkins, Ernest T.
Walrond, Seymour H.
Murphy, Herbert
Saunders, Arthur L.
Baker, Arthur
Fox-Strangways, M. W.
Guthrie, William J.
Crump, Charles G.
Brereton, Reginald H.
Carey, Lionel S.
Hurry, Arnold E.
O'Brien, Peter H.
Tucker, Alexander L. R.
Gates, Frank C.
Maconochie, Alexander F.
Davis, Arthur W.
Womack, Arthur S.
Doderet, William
Foster, Herbert W.
Shipley, Reginald H.
Richardson, William K.
Rose, John William
Tomkins, James G.
Devenish, William H.
Brearley, Samuel
Beldam, James W.
Green, Theophilus H.
Bevenot, Clovis M. C.
Partridge, Aubrey A. H.


♦Jcse, Arthur W.
♦Couchman, Ernest H.

♦Stroud, William
♦Hall, Alfred D.
♦Bruce- Williamson, John
♦Hawkins, Anthony H.
♦Bowdin, Ralph H.
fSaunders, George
fStevenson, Francis S.
fWaite, William
fBoas, Frederick S.
■j-Nash, Spencer H.
fKalisch, Alfred
fSpender, John A.
fGrant, Ludovic J.
•j-Hart, John J.
Lawson, Harry L. W.
Baines, Montague C. A.
Cannan, Edwin
Crook, Thomas A.
Knox, Herbert C.
Weymouth, viscount
Forrest, Jacob A.
Wilson, Andrew B.
Ross, Benjamin A.
Hill, James P.
Fowler, Harry de G. L.
Fremantle, Thomas F.
Davenport, William B.
Gordon, Gerald C. E. P.
Robinson, William P.
Corfield, George
Cave, Harold W.
Fremantle, Reginald S.
Farrer, Walter
Cohen, Benjamin A.
Bruce, George L.
Rotherham, Alan
Prowse, Richard O.
Hallard, James. H.
Waley, John F.
Shorthose, William H.
Haldinstein, Henry H.
Smith, William S. M.
Linsley, William H.
Mallet, Charles E.
Price, John A.
Deakin, Rupert
Vane-Tempest, Francis A.
Vian, Alsager
Lewis, rev. George
Evans, Pepyat W.
Lushington, Franklyn G.
Forbes, George F. G.
Fraser-Luckie, Edgar G.
Holms, John M.
Campbell, John S.
Carnduff, Herbert W. C.
Shaw, Arthur T. A.
Herald, John L.
Maude, Walter
Hughes, Herbert A.
Cadell, Arthur W. R.
Rand, Walter C.
Gamble, Reginald A.
Dodgson, Cyril G.
Elwin, Edgar
Cubitt, Bertram B.
Cholmeley, Norman G.
Binns, Francis A.
H.-N. Mosditchian
Moriarty, Gerald P.
Thomas, Philip C.

Waylen, Robert F.
Jesson, William A.
Griffith, Thomas H.


♦Snell, Frederick J.
♦Milne, William H.
♦Merk, Frederick H.
♦Allen, Bernard M.
♦McArthur, James F.
♦Heather, Henry J. S.
♦Harris, Charles
♦Paddison, Richard
♦Lang, Cosmo G.
fRankin, Daniel
fSchiller, Ferdinand C. S.
fLong, Richard S.
fAdkins, William R. D.
fBurd, Laurence A.
•fjones, Arthur W.
fWarrack, Charles
Bowen, William E.
Martley, William G.
Ionides, Constantine A.
Lubbock, Charles W.
Borel, Maurice A. H.
Fairfax, Geoffrey E.
Fairfax, James 0.
Brassey, Thomas A.
Egerton-Green, Claude
Millar, John H.
Powell, Morgan J.
Bradby, Godfrey F.
Edgar, Wilfrid H.
Hulse, Hamilton J.
Ruggles-Brise, Harold G.
Winkworth, Stephen D.
Chitty, Herbert
Kelsall, John E.
Maxwell, Frederic M.
Wood, Arthur S.
Little, Andrew G.
Samuelson, Godfrey B.
Tulloch, Hector St. John
Simonson, Paul F.
Pritchard, Arthur
Pease, Howard
Stafford, George F.
Hedley, Basil
Fortey, Henry C.
Acland-Hood, H. F.
Spottiswoode, William H.
Hirst, Hugh T.
Wright, Walter S.
Roberts, Arthur C.
House, Henry F.
Ash worth, Edward T.
Stokes, Arthur H.
Lovett, Harrington V.
Harrison, Francis C.
Bower, George
Crump, Harry A.
Hirst, Philip L.
Dwyer, Michael F.
Bernard, James H.
Brind, Charles B.
Mancherji P. Khareghat
Pittar, Charles W. E.
Wynch, Lionel M.
Clegg, Robert B.
Head, Harry F.

Orshag-Sarkis-S. -Manoukian
Clarke, Richard A.


♦Burnet, John
♦Davies, Maurice L.
♦Withers, Harry L.
♦Overend, Walker
♦Robinson, Thomas W.
♦Sharland, Stanley C.
♦fNichol, John P.
♦Biles, Robert M.
fCrawfurd, Lionel P.
fBowlby, Henry T.
•fAshburner, Walter
•(-Sherwood, Frederic W.
fTillyard, Frank
fMarshall-Hole, Hugh
fMitchell-Innes, E. A.
fBenson, Godfrey R.
Beaumont, Hubert G.
Bassano, Alfred H.
Bassano, Charles W.
Hassall, Arthur E.
Fraser, Charles J. R.
Fraser, Stewart M.
Wheeler, George W.
Simonson, George A.
Arkwright, Godfrey E. P.
Jessel, Albert H.
Lockhart-Mure, J. E.
Watson, Archibald W.
Mallet, Louis Du Pan
Monahan, Francis J.
McPherson, Robert A.
Westlake, Sidney St. J.
Chevis, William
Brown, William B.
Hope, Charles W. W.
Meston, James S.
Cossins, William H.
Robertson, Benjamin
Thomson, Andrew
Mead, Charles C.
Allen, Charles G. H.
Hamilton, Frank S.
Harwood, Alfred E.
Walker, James
Cowie, Donald W. G.
Porter, Wilfred K.
Butterworth, Alan
Bullivant, Thomas P.
Bowen, Hubert C.
Newbolt, Francis G.
Jepson, Edgar A.
Harvey, John
Russell, Earl
Gloag, William M.
Tomlin, Harry M.
Emmons, Hamilton

♦Roberts, Charles H
♦Powell, John U.
♦Baker, Richard P.
♦Berry, George G.
♦Edwards, Owen M.
♦Poole-Hughes, W. W.




1884 [conf]

fSmith, John A.
•j-Wylie, Francis J.
f Baring, Cecil
fArkwrisjht, Walter G.
fAllen, John W.
•j-Tait, James
•fPember, Howard E.
Lambton, hon. Claud
Jackson, Frederick H.
Rogers, Arthur G. L.
Macdonald, George
Sullivan, Patric D.
Edwards, Richard J. A.
Prince Swasti-Sobhon
Noble, John H. B.
Fremantle, William A. C,
Hart, Henry D'Arcy
Galpin, Francis W.
Dent, Charles H.
Rattigan, Henry A. B.
Laurie, Henry M.
Bonus, Arthur R.
O'Beirhe, Hugh J.
Clark, John
Harden, John N.
Le Mesurier, Havilland
Hervey, Hamilton L.
Carmichael George
Scott, Edwin
Harding, Herbert O. D.
Bowden-Smith, Godfrey
Jones, John P.
fGreenidge, Abel H. J.
Findlay, John R.
Boulton Oscar E.
Clarke, Rupert C.
Baker, Francis V.
Hatch, Arthur H.
Crum, Walter E.
Alden, Percy
Orde, Thorley L. M.

Brown, George G.

♦Richards, George C.
*Morrell, William J.
*Poynton, Arthur B.
♦Goodrich, William J.
*Sworn, Sidney A.
*Hallifax, Charles J.
*Hinton, Rayner W.
+Gray, William A.
fMarett, Robert R.
■j-Simey, George I.
•j-Montague, Charles E.
fGeorge, James M. T.
fTollinton, Richard B.
•(-Chambers, Frank H.
•f-Watson, Arthur K.
fFarmer, Gabriel W. S.
Curzon, Francis N.
Leveson-Gower, Charles
Lopes, Henry L.

Eland, Edwin H.
Osborne, Lord Albert E. G.
Ogilvie, William F.
Hills, John W.
Seccombe, Thomas
Johnston, James A.
Penrhyn, Arthur L.

Peel, William R. W.
Young, Dalhousie J.
Parmiter, Spurrier C.
Mortimer, George F.
Hunt, Charles W.
Grahame, Alexander H. E.
Granet, William G.
Smith, George G.
Allan, Henry
Thomson, William E.
Montgomery, William
Wood, George A.
Milner, Thomas
Goschen, George J.
Tyrrell, William G.
Cleveland, Charles R.
Henniker, Frederick C.
'Mohsin BadroodeeanTyabjee
Warburton, Harris G.
Brown, Charles D.
Sladen, Joseph
Levinge, Edward V.
Gumming, John A.
Michael, Walter H.
Sly, Frank G.
Dawbarn, Albert Y.

♦Joachim, Harold H.
*Gibson, Wilfrid G.
*Jones, Henry S.
♦Tucker, John S.
*Ritson, John H.
♦Beazley, Charles R.
*Wood, George A.
*Howard, Charles J. S. , Lord

fMcGilchrist, John
^Reynolds, Richard W.
•j-Cookson, Geoffrey M.
fFletcher, Frank
fCarter, Reginald
-j-Dews, Albert
Stone, William G.
Malcolm, James A.
Smalley, Phillips
Morier, Victor A. L.
O'Brien, Ranald M.
Christian, Frederick W.
Sanders, Robert A.
Cook, Herbert F.
Waterhouse, Alfred M.
Slade, Wyndham N.
Dawkins, Horace C.
Nicolson, Edward B.
Dawkins, Thomas F.
Holden, Hyla
Gully, James W. H.
Bellairs, Ralph H.
Beaumont, Henry H. D.
Wigan, Arthur L.
Knox, Harry
Le Patourel, W. M.
Shaw, Theodore F. C. E.
Williamson, William C.
Stone, Park N.
Bonham-Carter, N.
Davidson, Lionel
Bell, Nicholas D. B.
Symms, Robert C. M.
Lea, James H.
Peel, Robert
Dolan, William J. J.
Addison, John J.
Jones, Harry
Creak, Ettrick H.
Pes tonj i-Sorabj i- Kot val


*Walker, Richard J.
*Lee, Robert W.

* Palmer, Edwin J.
*Hallifax, Arthur G.
♦Hockley, Guy W.
fGordon, Charles M.
fMurray, Harold J. R.
fHepburn, Arnold
Russell, Harold John H.
Jagundra-N.-D. -Gupta
Harrison, Henry
Richardson, John W.
Stoehr, Emil M.
Lewis, George J.
Hills, Eustace G.
'Darbishire, Francis V.
Latham, Arthur C.
McBarnet, Alexandra C.
McAlester, Charles G. S.
Mylne, Thomas H.
Rogers, Francis E. N.
Walker, Ernest
Mortimer, Mansel W. J.
Woodward, William E.
Boyd, Andrew
Charteris, Hon. Evan E.
Frazer, Ewan R.

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