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Forbes and brother of Alexander Baillie IX
of Dunain and of Mary Baillie who married
William Mcintosh.
William Baillie, Commissary of Inverness, married
and had:

1. John Baillie married Mary Baillie,
daughter of William Baillie and Mary

2. Helen Baillie who married William
Baillie (after the loss of his first wife Mary
Duff), whose daughter by Mary Duff mar-
ried John Baillie his second wife's brother.

William Baillie, after the loss of his first wife, Mary
Duff, married Helen Baillie and had:

1. Alexander Baillie married July 2nd, 1737.
Annie, daughter of Sir Archibald Campbell
by Annie McPherson of Cluny. (Letter to
him from Robert Carnibe Baillie, son of
Colonel Kenneth Baillie of Georgia.)

2. David Baillie, store keeper at Fort. Au-

3. Magdalen Baillie married June 5, 1731.
(His second wife), Sir Archibald Campbell
of CI u nes, second son of Sir Hugh Campbell
of Cawdor.

Alexander Baillie and *Lady Annie Campbell had

I. William Baillie, born Oct. 1739, Colonel
in Hon. East India Co.

II. Archibald Baillie, born Sept. 20, 1740.
Ill' John Baillie, colonel in Hon. East India

Company, married and had:
1. William Baillie, Fourteenth Laird of
Dunain and last in direct line.

♦Letter to her from Mrs. Kenneth (Elizabeth) Baillie, written from
Georgia, in which she thanks the Lady of Dunain for kindness shown
her children while in Scotland.


2. Catharine Baillie married Colonel Hugh
Rose of Kilravock and who received with
a niece the property of Dunain, the last
Laird having died without issue and thus
failed the last of the direct Lairds of
Dunain to have issue. The line of Colonel
Kenneth Baillie of Georgia would now be
the rightful heirs to the chieftainship, ex-
cept that his liue in male line is extinct.
The estate of Dunain is now owned by-
James Bruce Baillie, though the repre-
sentative of the family of Dunain. who is
now the rightful chief of Lamington, Du-
nain and Doekfour is Evan Baillie of
Filleigh, Chudleigb, Devon, England, whose
eldest son is Captain Edmund Alexander
Baillie of Manor House. Trent, Sherborne,
We will now follow up the Georgia line who kept
up the prestige and descent cf the family in Georgia,
the first of them being Colonel Kenneth Baillie, son
of Kenneth Baillie and Isobel Chisholm of Comar.
The latter Kenneth was a sou of Alexander Baillie IX
of Dunain and Jane, daughter of Sir Kenneth Mc-
Kenzie of Coul, and thus the ancient line of Baillie of
Lamington and Dunain, the representatives of so many
ancient and noble families, of the Royal House of
Scotland and the representatives of the gr< at Wallace.
was represented in America in the person of Kenneth
Baillie and his descendants. Colonel Kenneth Baillie
probably came to Georgia with his kinsmen the Mc-
[ntoshes as at their abode in the Province, we find
Kenneth Baillie an ensign of the Darien Georgia Com-
pany of Rangers in 1785. He went upon the military
expedition in 1740 with General Oglethorpe against
the Spaniards, was captured, sent to old Spain, es-


capecl to England, returned to Georgia and was
successively lieutenant, captain, major and colonel of
the Second Southern Colonial Regiment, and one of
the trustees of the town of Sunbury, then the rival of
Savannah, but now a dead town, and a county officer
and a man of prominence in the colony and one of
the land owners, planters and foremost men owning a
plantation called Baillie's Island, and his daughter,
Mrs. Irvine, a plantation called Dunain. His son,
Kenneth Baillie, was a lieutenant in Second Regi-
ment, and another son, Robert Carnibe, lieutenant in
Third South Carolina Regiment of Colonial line, killed
at the siege of Savannah, October, 1779, while at the
head of his company in a charge. Lieutenant Baillie
had a presentiment of his fate, but, nothing daunted,
bid his friends adieu and went into the tight like a
brave, chivalrous scion of an ancient race. Such then
is the part taken by this branch of the Baillies of Du-
nain in the settlement of Georgia. Col. Kenneth
Baillie married Elizabeth Mackay and had the follow-
ing children:

I. Kenneth Baillie, Lieutenant Second Regi-

II. Alexander Baillie.

II f. Robert Carnibe Baillie, Lieutenant Third
South Carolina Regiment.

IV. Ann Elizabeth Baillie, married Dr. John

V. Jean Baillie, married Andrew Darling.
Ann Elizabeth Baillie born September 27, 1749,

died July 23, L807, daughter of Col. Kenneth Baillie
and Elizabeth Mackay. married at Sunbury, Liberty
county, Georgia, September 5, 1765, Dr. John Irvine
(son of Charles Irvine, laird of Cults, and Euphemia
Douglass daughter of John Douglass laird of Tilquhil-
lie and Agnes I lorn daughter of James Horn Vicar of


Elgin and Isobel Leslie daughter of John Leslie of

Ann Elizabeth Baillie and Dr. John Irvine had the
following children:

I. Charles Irvine born July 22, 1766, died
November 30, 1803, married Sep-
tember 27. 1789. Elizabeth Darling his
first cousin who died November 7, 1793.
and had issue one son to live:

1. John Robert Irvine baptized March 8, 1790.
Charles Irvine was member of the Liberty County.
Independent Troop, a noted body of troops.

II. Euphemia Irvine born March 14. 1768, died
July 14, 1768.

III. Anne Irvine born January 14, 1770. mar-
ried first, April 13, 17sr>. Captain -lames
Bulloch of the American Army (eldest
son of Archibald Bulloch, president of
Georgia, 1776, who married Mary, daughter
of Honorable Colonel James De Veaux,
senior judge of Kings Court in Georgia, in
1760: and Anne daughter of Richard Fair-
child and Anne, daughter of Edmund Bel-
linger, first Landgrave, or Earl of the name
in South Carolina) Anne Irvine married
second James Powell of a prominent family
in Georgia but had no issue by him.

By Captain James Bulloch she had:

I. John IrvineBulloch married Charlotte Glen.

II. dailies SlrplxMis Bulloch married first
*Hester Elliott second Martha Stewart.

III. .lane Bulloch married John Dunwody.
1\. Anne Bulloch.

Ik'ster Elliotl was daughter of U S. Senator l<>im Elliott, Martha
tewart, was daughter oi I General I >aniel Stewart oi the Revolution.


[V. Robert Irvine born January 4, 1772 died
soon after.

V. Robert Irvine born February 15, 1773; died
November 17, 1778.

VI. Jane Irvine born January 15, 1775: married
first Alexander Farquharson of Finzean or
Invercauld Scotland; married second James
Smith of Darien Georgia, no issue.

VII. Margaret Irvine born February 23, 1777;
died July 26, 1S13; married Rev. George
Ladson December 7, 1809 and had issue.

VIII. John Irvine born March 8, 1779; died
August .30, 1781.

IX. Alexander Irvine born at Cattle Park, an
estate near Savannah, Georgia, July 4, 1781;
married June 19, 1806; Sarah Ann Wingate
grand-daughter of Governor Caswell of
North Carolina, and had issue. (See Irvine).

X. Kenneth Irvine born December 3, 1783; died
November 16, 1814; married June 21, 1804,
Jane Euphemia Darling Baker, his cousin.
He was member of Liberty Independent
Troop, Naval Officer, etc.

XI. Elizabeth Irvine, born January IS, 1786;
married first Mr. Thomas Baillie, December
17, 1805; married second, Mr. Powell June
23, 1813.

XII. Sophia Irvine, born November 26, 1787;
married William Evans January 6, 1803;
died February 19, 1857, no issue.

XIII. Isabel Irvine, born Julyl, 1791; married
July 13, 1809, Mr. Cuthbert; died Novem-
ber 2, 1812, and had issue:

John Irvine Bulloch, attorney at law, clerk
of U. S. District Court, eldest son of Cap-
tain James Bulloch and Anne Irvine, mar-


vied Charlotte, daughter of Chief Justice of
Georgia, John Glen who married Sarah
daughter of Dr. Noble Wymberley Jones.
a distinguished physician, and patriot of
the Revolution, son of "Honorable Noble
Jones, a colonel in Colonial troops and one
of first judges in Georgia who married there
seems no room for doubt Miss Wimberley
of the ancient family of South Witham
and Beechfield.
John Irvine Bulloch and Charlotte Glen had:

I. Dr. Win. Gaston Bulloch a noted physician.

surgeon and oculist, professor of surgery
in medical college, major, surgeon in C. S.
army, who married Mary Eliza Adams
Lewis of the very ancient family of Bolton
of Bolton and of the old family of Lewis.
Adams, Mauve and Ellis.

II. James Powell Bulloch died.

in. Jane Dunwody Bulloch married John
Henry Colburn and had issue;
Dr. Wm, Gaston Bulloch and Mary Eliza Adams
Lewis had issue:

I. j-Dr. Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch who
married Eunice Helena Bailey daughter of

NOTE Noble Jones was appointed Justice of the Courl of Record, to

beheld lour times a year, (in 12th December, in twenty-eighth year of
Reign of 'King George, lie was also appointed Colonel of 1st Regiment of
Foot Militia on 2nd April, 1757. Also Colonel of 1st Troop of Horse 23d De
cember, 1758. Also Colonel 1st Regimental Savannah 5th July, 17ffii.

His son, Noble Wimberley Jones, was commissioned Captain of 2nd
Company ol Colonel Noble Jones' Regiment, 19th April, 1757. He was also
appointed surgeon of '.'nil Troop, 1st January 1760.

James De Veaux, father of Mrs Archibald Bulloch, the President's

wife-, was appointed Justice of General < i of Province oi Georgia, on 3d

October, the Twenty-ninth year of Reign of George the II. Appointed
Major of 1st Regiment of Foot Militia commanded by Col. Francis Harris,
19th November, I?'. I. Lieu tenant colonel of -a me Regiment 10th December,
1771. Colonel of sain.- lOtfa March, 177.">.

See State Records in Atlanta, Georgia.

Vdded Baillie to nam,-.


Chas. Bailey Esq., and Anne Cloud and had:

1. Archibald Irvine DeVeaux Bulloch.

2. Wm. Gaston Glen Bulloch.

3. Douglass Eugene St. Cloud Bulloch.

II. Robert Hutchinson Bulloch, M. Univer-
sity of Virginia.

III. Margaret H. Bulloch died.

IV. Mary Bulloch died.

V. Johnanna Bulloch died.

VI. Emma Hamilton Bulloch, poet and author.

James Stephens Bulloch, Major Chatham Batallion,
second son of Captain -lames Bulloch and Anne Irvine
married first, Hester A., daughter of U. S. Senator
John Elliott and Esther Dunwody daughter of Dr.
Jas. Dunwody of governors council of 177(>.

I. Captain James Dunwody Bulloch, Confede-
rate States Naval Agent in Europe,
who married Harriot Cross, daughter of
Brigadier General Osborne Cross of United
States Army and had:

1. James Bulloch.

2. Stewart Bulloch.
o. Dunwody Bulloch.

4. Jessie Bulloch married M. Hyslop-Max-
well, son of a landed pi oprietor of Dum-
fries, Scotland.

5. Ann Louisa Bulloch.

Majt>r James Stephens Bulloch married secondly
Martha, daughter of General Daniel Stewart of the
Revolution, and Susannah Oswald and had:

Martha Bulloch married Theodore Roosevelt
of New York.

Anna Bulloch married James K. Grade of

New York.


*Irvine S. Bulloch married Ella Sears, daugh-
ter of Major Sears of United States Army
and Miss Clitz, daughter of Colonel Glitz of
United States Army.
Martha Bulloch and Theodore Roosevelt had:

I Theodore Roosevelt, United States Civil
Service Commissioner and President of
New York City Police Board of Commis-
sioners, now Assistant Secretary of Navy.
He married first Alice Lee and had issue.
He married second Edith Kennit Carow
and had issue.

II. Elliott Roosevelt married Anna Hall
and had issue.

III. Anna Roosevelt married.

IV. Corinne Roosevelt married Douglas
Robinson and had issue.

Theodore Roosevelt and Alice Lee had:

1. Alice Lee Roosevelt.
Theodore Roosevelt and Edith Eermit Carow had:

1. Theodore Roosevelt.

2. Kermit Roosevelt.

3. Ethel Roosevelt.

4. Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt, born April 9.

Elliott Roosevelt and Anna Hall had:

1. Eleanor Roosevelt.

2. Elliott Roosevelt.

3. Gracie Roosevelt.

Corinne Roosevelt and Douglas Robinson had:

1. Theodore Douglas Robinson.

2. Corinne Douglas Robinson.

3. Monro I louglas Robinson.

4. Stewari Douglas Robinson.

♦Sailing Master of C, s. Steamer Alabama and in Qght ofl coast of
Prance with I', s. S. Keraeage.


Andrew Darling, Esq., merchant in Sunbury, St.
John's Parish, now Liberty county, Georgia, and Jean
Baillie were married at Fairfield (the country resi-
dence of Roger Kellsall in Liberty county, Georgia,
who was probably her connection, Roger Kelsall hav-
ing married a daughter of Honorable Captain James
Mackay, member of His Majesty's Honorable Council,
and probably of the family of Strathnaver, as his
country residence was called Strathy Hall, and Gen-
eral Washington received a letter relative to Captain
Mackay from a kinsman of his "Sinclair" and it is
positively known that Mackays of Strathnaver came
to Georgia.) on September 13, 1764 and their
children were:

I. Elizabeth Darling married Sept. 27, 1789,

her first cousin Charles Irvine, eldest son
of Dr. John Irvine and Ann Elizabeth
Baillie, sister of Jean Baillie or Darling,
daughters of Colonel Kenneth Baillie and
Elizabeth Mackay and had issue a son:

1. John Robert Irvine, baptized March S.

2. Daughter died.

Elizabeth Darling died Nov. 7, 179IJ. Charles Irvine died
Nov., 30, 1803.

II. Jean Darling married Oct. 20, 1778,
Philip Lowe.

III. Euphemia Darling married Thursday,
Oct. IS, 1787, Artemas Baker, son of the
gallant Revolutionary soldier, Colonel
W illiam Baker, brother of the noted Col-
onel John Baker, who was a member of
the Council of Safety of 1776, son of Ben-
jamin Baker who went with General Ogle-
thorpe on his expedition against the
Spaniards in 1740.

Euphemia Darling and Artemas Baker had issue:


T. Artemas Baker, born Nov. 1790.

II. Jane Euphemia Darling Baker, born
March 8, 17*)0, married probably lier cousin
Kenneth Irvine, as in the Georgia Gazette
we find under a marriage notice that on
"Thursday, June 21, 1804, Kenneth Irvine
married Miss Jane Baker of Savannah."



This eminent branch of Baillie of Dunain descends
from David Baillie, second son of Alexander Baillie,
seventh Laird of Dunain and Catharine Munro of
Milltown. and is most certainly a family of impor-
tance, for beside its own descent from the ancient and
noble family of Baillie of Dunain, and the Baillies of
Lamington, of the de Bailleul or Baliol blood, it has
contributed men of rank and of high standing to the
army and to the Parliament of Great Britain, among
whom may be mentioned General Sir Evan Baillie.
General Charles Baillie, Colonel Alexander Baillie,
Colonel Hugh Duncan Baillie, Evan Baillie, Member
of Parliament for Bristol. James Baillie Esq.. Evan
Baillie of the army and also Member of Parliament
for Bristol, and others who have served their country
and added additional honor to the name. Its connec-
tion to noble and gentle families in England and Scot-
land also attests its importance, and shows it to be one
of the families of first rank among those ancient and
honorable families of the Realm. There can be no
doubt that this line of David Biillie of Dochfour now
represents and rightfully takes precedence in the male
line of the ancient families of Baillie of Dunain, and
Baillie of Lamington and that Evan Baillie of Filleigh,
Chudleigh, Devon, England is the rightful Laird and
Chief of the entire line, and should his son Alexander
Baillie of Trent, Sherborne, Dorset, fail of heirs male of
this line, that the family of James Bruce Baillie who
owns Dochfour and who belongs to a junior branch of


Baillie of Dochfour, will be entitled to the chieftain-
ship, and to bear the supporter-; to the Coat of Arms
which at present Mr. Evan Baillie alone has the right
to use.

David Baillie, second son of Alexander Baillie.
seventh Laird of Dunain, was the first Laird of Doch-
four. His father bequeathed to him in 1657 the lands
of Dochfour and Easter and Wester Dochain. He
married first in 1629 Janet Patterson and had no issue.
He married secondly in 1669 Margaret daughter of
Hugh Fraser, eighth Lord Lovat and had:

1. Alexander Baillie married in 1709 Hannah,
daughter of *Fraser of Relig, and widow
of James Grant of Shuglie and had the fol-
lowing issue:

1. Hugh Baillie of Dochfour married in 1730
Emilia Fraser of Relig.

2. Wm, Baillie of Rose Hall. Sutherland
married Robina Mackay.


This ancient family nearly related to Lord Lovat appears to have held this
property in 1430.

I. Alexander Fraser of Rulick married in 1601 a daughter of Wm.
Douglas of Earls Mill and had a son (1) Alexander Fraser of
Rulick who held. both estates and Wester Moniach. He married
Catharine daughter of Wm. Mackenzie of Sildocfa and had
a son and daughter:

1. James of Rulick who died in 1722 and married daughter oi

Fraser of Auchnagoin :

2. Emilia Fraser married Hugh Baillie of Dochfour,

James Fraser of Rulick, was born in 1713, and died 1755, son of preceding
James married Margaret daughter of Edward Satchchoule of Warwick-
shire and had Edward Satchchoule Fraser of Rulick born in 1751, and
died in 1835, and in 1782 married .lane third daughter of Wm. Fraser of Hal
main and had James Baillie Fraser born in 1783, and who married Jane

Fraser, daughter of Lord W Ihouslie- He was succeeded by his widow

Jane Fraser who was succeeded by Jane Anne Catharine Fraser, her
sister-in-law and sister of lame- Baillie Fraser. She was born 1797,
married Phillips Allied Fraser third son oi James Fraser of Culdathiel
and had James Fraser, born 1820, died 1839, married Emma .lane daughter
of Major Owen Grey twentieth regirnenl and had:

1. Phillip- At'ih-et Fraser.born L845, present proprietor.

'-'. James Baillie * »wen Flayer, born IE58.


3. Evan Baillie of Abriachan (Sasines Regis-
ter of Inverness 1769).

4. David Baillie.

5. Isabella Baillie married in 1722 John
Grant of Torndow.

Win. Baillie of Rose Hall or Rosshall, second son of
Alexander Baillie and Hannah Fraser married Robina
Mackay daughter of the Honorable Hugh Mackay and
Elizabeth Mackay of Bighouse and had:

1. General Sir Evan Baillie.

2. General Charles Baillie.

3. George Baillie, West Indian Merchant in

Hugh Baillie of Dochfour, ehlest son of Alexander
Baillie aud Hannah Fraser. married Emilia Eraser of
Relig and had the following issue;

I. Alexander Baillie of Dochfour, Colonel m

the army, died 1798, unmarried.

II. * James Baillie of Ealing Grove, Middlesex
and Bedford Square London, born 1787,
married Colin daughter and co-heiress of
f Colin Campbell of Glenureanear relative
of the Duke of Argyll and a descendant of
the celebrated Cameron of Lochiel. Colin
Campbell married Janet daughter and co-
heiress of the Honorable JHugh Mackay of

*NOTE.— See tombstone in the Grey Friars burying place, Inverness.
Colin Campell of Glenure was murdered by the Clan Stewart a member of
which Clan, Allan Brecht Stewart, was tried and executed for it, but the
tradition in the family is that they hung the wrong man. See Stevenson's
novel, "Kidnapped."

tNOTE.-James Baillie died during the lifetime of his elder brother Alex
ander at whose death the Dochfour estate passed by a testamentary trust
deed to Evan the thirth son.


This ancient family descended from the very old family- of Mackay of
Strathuaver, a family descended from the Lord of the Isles and one from
which the Lords Reay have descended, the celebrated General Hugh
Mackay and others who have served their country so well. The lirst


Bighouse, Member ofTafTiament Tor Hors-
ham, brother of fourth Lord Reay, died
September 7, 1793.

III. Evan Baillie, of Dochfour, married Mary
daughter of Peter Gurley.

rV. Katharine Baillie married 1775 Provost
Chisholm, second son of "The Chisholm."

Laird of Bighouse of the name of Mackay was William Mackay, youngest
son of Y. Mackay of Far, by his second wife Barbara Sinclair of Dim.
He died in 1571. From him descended George Mackay of Bighouse who
married Catharine, daughter of Ross of Kindeace and by her had a son
who died unmarried and two daughters.

I. Elizabeth Mackay married Hon. Hugh Mackay, second son of
third Lord Reay, who thus became Laird of Bighouse and had

issue :

1. Hugh Mackay (captain) died unmarried.

2. Janet Mackay married Colin Campbell of Glenure, a near relative
of Earl of Breadalbane and Duke of Argyll, and descended from the
celebrated Cameron of Lochiel. Married May 31,1749.

3. Robina Mackay married William Baillie of Rosehall.

4. Marian Mackay married her cousin George, afterward fifth
Lord Reay.

Janet Mackay and Colin Campbell had three daughters:
1, Elizabeth, died unmarried.

'_'. Louisa Campbell married George Mackay of Handa, afterward
styled Colonel Mackay of Bighouse. Married June 11, 1768, had
nine sons and twelve daughters who married into a number of
families in north of Scotland.
3. Colin Campbell married James Baillie, second son of Hugh
Baillie of Dochfour and had issue:
Colin Campbell Mackay, son of Louisa Mackay (who inherited Bighouse
from her mother) and George Mackay succeeded to Bighouse, was Major
78th Highlanders, married Margery, fifth daughter of Patrick Cruick-
shank of Strathcaro and had an elder son:

1. George Mackay of Bighouse married Anne Moore, daughter of

Captain F. Campbell, second son of Alexander Campbell of Melfort

Argyllshire, no issue.

He was succeeded by his nephew, the eldest son of his brother James

Cruickshank Mackay, second son of Colin Campbell Mackay, who married

Margaret Anne, dauehter of Major McPherson of the Glentire family.

Mad issue:

I. Colin Campbell Mackay married k'osina Berry. No issue.
'_'. Duncan Mackay married Marion Gordon Campbell, daughter of
Captain Douglas Wimberley, late of 79th Cameron Highlanders,
who was at the famous siege of Lucknow and a dependent of
the ancient families of I rvine of Drum, t he 1 >ou glasses, Gordons oi
Lesmoir Wimberley of South Wit ham and Bichfield and other
ancient and noble lines, and had:
1. James lie\ill Idereuay Markay.

'_'. Douglas George Mackay.

3. Helen Marion Mil'heisou Mackay.


V. Isabella Baillie married Duncan Grant of

VI. Hannah Baillie married James Fraser
of Bellaclrum.

VII. Christian Baillie married Duff of Muir-


David Baillie fourth son of Alexander Baillie of
Dochfour by Hannah, daughter of Eraser of Relig had:
I. James Baillie born 1744, married 1784,
Catharine daughter of Robert Gordon of
Halkead, County Aberdeen, by Lady Hen-
rietta Gordon daughter of the Earl of Aber-
deen, died 1828, and had issue:

1. David Baillie born 1785, married 1829
Louisa daughter of General the Honorable
Sir Win. Stewart, brother of the Earl of
Galloway, by Frances daughter of John
second son of the fourteenth Earl of Mor-
ton, died June 1861.

2. Anna Baillie married W. Maberly, she
died 185S.

David Baillie and Lady Louisa Stewart had issue:

1. Wm. Henry Baillie born 1835, married,
and had issue.

2. Henry David Baillie of Rifle Brigade born
1836, died 1858.

3. Charles Hugh Baillie of seventh Hussars
born 1S38.

4. James William Baillie of Uston Grange,
Lincolnshire late of Horse Guards, born
1832, married 1860 Elizabeth Florence
Magenis and had:

1. Henry Thomas, James Baillie, born 1S65.

2. Frederick David Baillie, born 1862 of
fourth Hussars.

3. Florence Evelyn Baillie, born 1864.


4. Violet Maud Baillie, born 1870.

5. Alexander Horatio Baillie, horn 1829.

6. Frances Jane Baillie, born 1830, married

C. 0. Wombwell, died 1876.

7. -lane Katharine Baillie, born 1833, married
Rev. H. R. Reynolds, died 1S74.

Evan Baillie third son of Hugh Baillie of Dochfour
by Emilia daughter of Fraser of Relig. born 1740. suc-
ceeded to estate of Dochfour etc. by the testamentary
trust deed of his deceased brother Alexander Baillie.
Entered army inearly life. Served during part of
American war, subsequently, became a West Indian
merchant, and member of Parliament for Bristol,
manied Mary daughter of Peter Gurley of St. Vincent,
died 1S35, had issue:

I. Peter Baillie married 1897 Elizabeth

daughter of John Pinney, of Somerton,
died 1812.

II. Colonel Hugh Duncan Baillie, of Red
Castle, which castle reverted to Dochfour
in 1883.

III. James Evan Baillie, member of Parlia-

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