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semee of escallops crined and gorged with
a collar gemel or resting the dexter paw
on a bezant.

Mottoes. — I, Semper fidelis ; 2, Quod
bene maneat.

fitUin of Casfturgf) Spall
ecu J&orfolL

Rev. Robert Ficklin of Coltishall, co. Norfolk^
(eldest surviving son of Robert Ficklin of

Hadleigh, co. Suffolk, by Ann his wife, dau. of
John Gysbert Farewell of Hadleigh and of
Toppesfield, co. Essex) ; born 24 September
1746; of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge,
B.A. 1767 ; Rector of Crostwick 16 October
1789, of Crostwight 2 June 1790, and of
Booton, all co. Norfolk, 13 September 1796;
died, aged 57, at Coltishall, 28 March, bur. at
Crostwick 2 April 1804. M.I. and Memorial
Window. Will dated 12 September 1803,
proved (P.C.C. 322 Heseltine) 16 May 1804,
by Mary Ann Ficklin, relict, and Horatio
Batcheler. Portrait at Tasburgh Hall.

Kdoti. trfiML,

;Mary Ann, dau.
of Thomas John
Batcheler of Hor-
stead Hall, co.
Norfolk ; born in
1760; marr. at
Lammas, co. Nor-
folk, 21 October
1790 ; died in
SidneyStreet, Cam-
bridge, 7 August
1825, bur. at
Crostwick. M.I.
and Memorial
Window. Will
dated 5 August
1825, proved
(P.C.C. 427 St.
Albans) 23 August
1825, by Tho-
mas John Ficklin,
son. Portrait at
Tasburgh Hall.

Lieut.-Colonel Robert Batcheler Ficklin, born
at Lammas 24 January, bapt. there 29 January
1794; Ensign 55th Foot 20 July 1815, Lieu-
tenant 7 April 1825, Captain 10 August 1826,
placed on half-pay 26 February 1830, Lieut.-
Colonel (retired) 47th Foot 1 1 November 185 1 ;
served in Kaffir War 18 19 ; died unmarried,
aged 69, at Little Shelford, co. Cambridge, on
Sunday, 4 April 1863, bur. at Shelford. M.I.

Thomas John Ficklin, born at Lammas 1 1 February
1796, and bapt. same day; J. P. and D.L. for co.
Cambridge ; died unmarried at Linton, co. Cambridge,
28 April 1888, bur. at Crostwick. M.I. Will dated
2 April 1884, with two codicils dated 28 September 1885,
and 23 August 1886, proved at Peterborough 14 August
1888, by Eliza Ficklin, and the Rev. Philip Utton
Brown, and Thomas Musgrave Francis. Portrait at
Tasburgh Hall.

Horatio Pettus Ficklin of Aylsham, co. Norfolk; born 2 i=j-Mary Russell, eldest dau. of Robert Berney

June 1798 ; died 24 May 1843, bur. in Norwood Cemetery,
co. Surrey.

Portrait at Tasburgh Hall,

^^j^^^^tz^ ~&&S^£^


of Worstead, co. Norfolk, by Charlotte
his wife, dau. of John Beevor, M.D. (brother
of Sir Thomas Beevor, 1st Baronet); born
27 February 1797, bapt. at Seaming, co.
Norfolk; marr. there 21 June 1820; died
23 April 1844, bur. at Worstead. M.I. in
church. Portrait at Tasburgh Hall.

Crisp Brown of Norwich, son of Crisp Brown of Mendham,:

co. Suffolk, by Christiana his

wife, dau. of Major John Cossey

(who died of wounds received

at the battle of Fontenoy 30

April 1745); born 6 January

1768; Alderman of Norwich,

Sheriff 1814, Mayor 181 7; died, aged 62, at sea, on board

the packet "Lyra" on Sunday, 19 August 1830, buried at

sea. Memorial Tablet in St. Etheldred's Church, Norwich.

Portrait at Tasburgk Ball, co. Norfolk.

^£)°<ffayecArn-~ .

($2?^^ U?7yp#ns

=Maria, dau. of James Chase
of the Old Duke's Palace,
Norwich, by Sarah his wife,
dau. of John Fair ; born in
January 1777 ; marr. at
Norwich on Tuesday, 18
September 1804 ; died, aged
77, 22 August, bur. at St.
Peter's, Southgate, Norwich,
29 August 1853. Memorial
Tablet in St. Etheldred's
Church, Norwich. Portrait
at Tasburgk Hall,

Mary Horatia Russell Ficklin, born=
25 August 1 82 1 ; marr. at St. Giles',
Norwich, 26 September 1848 ; died,
aged 7 5, at Downlands, near Lyming-
ton, co. Hants, on Tuesday, 13
October 1896, bur. at Hordle, co.
Hants. M.I. and memorial window.
Will dated 10 June 1896, proved
(Prin. Reg., 128, 97) 1 February
1897, by Crisp Berney Brown, son.
Portrait at Tasburgk Hall.

=Rev. Philip Utton Brown of Downlands, near Lymington ;
born in King Street, Norwich, 1 January 18 13 ; of St.
John's College, Cambridge, B.A. 1836; Vicar of Elling-
ham, co. Hants, 1882-83 ; died on his 77th birthday
at Downlands, near Lymington, on Wednesday, 1
January, bur. at Hordle 4 January 1890. M.I. and
memorial window. Will dated 9 July 1885, proved (Prin.
Reg., 9, 90) 27 January 1890, by Crisp Berney Brown,
son. Portrait at Tasburgk Hall.


Philip Berney Ficklin of Tasburgh Hall,=j=Rita, only child of Alexander

co. Norfolk ; born at Upper Hellesdon,
near Norwich, 3 October 1849, bapt. at
St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich ; assumed
the name and arms of Ficklin by Royal
Licence dated 28 November 1888, under
the will of his great-uncle, Thomas John
Ficklin of Linton, co. Cambridge, J. P.
and D.L. ; J.P. for co. Norfolk 1896;
F.S.A. 12 January 1905; died, aged 68,
on Wednesday, 31 October, bur. at St.
Peter's, Crostwick, co. Norfolk, on
Tuesday, 6 November 191 7. Portrait
at Tasburgh Hall.

Mackintosh, M.D., of Woodside
Place, Glasgow, by Janet his 2nd
wife, dau. of John Tennent of
Croftfoot, co. Lanark ; born at
Gartnowal House, near Glasgow,
11 December 1862, bapt. there;
marr. at St. Mary's Episcopal
Church, Glasgow (by the Rev.
Philip Utton Brown and her
cousin, the Rev. Canon Augustus
Blair Donaldson), on Wednesday,
18 July 1888. Portrait at
Tasburgh Hall.

Crisp Berney
Brown of Hordle
Dene, Hordle ;
born at Upper
Hellesdon 2 1
March 1 85 1, bapt.
at St. Laurence',

ua^tA^tx - ^

Philip Sydney Berney Ficklin, born at Hellesdon Lodge, co. Norfolk, on Monday, 20 May
1889, bapt. at St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich ; died, aged three months, at Hellesdon Lodge
on Monday, 26 August following, bur. at Crostwick, co. Norfolk. M.I. there, and a Memorial
Window in Tasburgh Church.


Robert Berney Ficklin, born 17 December 1824;=
Lieutenant Royal Canadian Rifles ; died, aged 29,
at Bishopsteignton, co. Devon, 26 November 1854,
bur. at Luton, co. Devon. M.I. Portrait at
Tasburgh Hall, co. Norfolk.

=Eliza, elder dau. of Charles Burton
Daveney of Norwich, by Elizabeth his
wife, dau. of Peter Travers Morrill,
Captain 10th Madras Light Infantry ;
born 23 June 1826, bapt. at St. Giles',
Norwich ; marr. there 3 May 1849 ;
died, aged 91, at Linton on Saturday,
14 July, bur. at Colton, co. Norfolk, on
Thursday, 19 July 1917. M.I.

Tom Berney Ficklin, born at Niagara, Canada, 15 November 1851, bapt. there;
educated on board H.M.S. "Britannia"; Sub-Lieutenant Royal Navy 18
December 1871 ; served in Ashanti War, and died on active service 17 February
1874, bur. in the cemetery at Cape Coast Castle, South Africa. Memorial
Window in Colton Church.

Horatio Pettus Mackintosh Berney Ficklin, born at 21=
Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square, London, on Monday,
13 June 1892, bapt. at Tasburgh, co. Norfolk ; educated
at Rugby and at Jesus College, Cambridge, matriculated
in 191 1 ; gazetted to the 1st Battalion Norfolk Regiment
9 June 1914, Lieutenant 5 March 1915, temporary Major
8th Battalion 1 July 19 16 ; appointed Brigade-Major to 152nd
Infantry Brigade in July 191 7 ; serving in France since 1915
(awarded Military Cross 3 June 1916, and the Croix de
Chevalier of the Legion of Honour in February 191 7).


Cmm; * Ai»*8^C«* -

=Audrey Brenda Knyvet, younger
dau. of Brereton Knyvet Wilson
of St. Leonard's Priory, Norwich,
Lieutenant Motor Transport,
Army Service Corps, by Gertrude
Brenda his wife, dau. of James
Henry Brooke Christie of
Framingham Manor, co. Norfolk ;
born at 12 Victoria Square,
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, co. North-
umberland, 22 August 1894,
bapt. at St. George's, Newcastle-
upon-Tyne ; marr. at St. Peter
Mancroft, Norwich, on Monday,
9 July 1917.

Alexander Tennent Mackintosh Berney Ficklin, born at 15 Old Quebec Street, Hyde Park,

London, on Friday, 10 May 1895, bapt. at Tasburgh; educated at Rugby; gazetted to

the 8th Battalion Norfolk Regiment 14 September 1914, appointed Staff- Captain to the

53rd Infantry Brigade January 1915, promoted Lieutenant 8th Norfolk Regiment March 1915,

and Captain and Adjutant 2 July 1916; serving in France since July 1915 (awarded Military

Cross 1 January 191 7).


tyAUip OSerrwy 9%cA&n,


Edward Bowles Fripp of Hutton Court, co.=
Somerset, formerly of The Priory, Westbury-
on-Trym, co. Gloucester (younger son of
Samuel Fripp of Bristol, co. Gloucester, by
Dorothy his wife, dau. of Edward Bowles
of Shirehampton, co. Gloucester, and brother
of the Rev. Samuel Charles Fripp of West-
bury-on-Trym, see Vol. 18, page 185) ; born
at Bristol 29 January 1787; died at Teign-
mouth, co. Devon, 1 September 1870, bur. at
Hutton. Will dated 25 October 1866, proved
(Prin. Reg., 720, 70) 2 November 1870, by
Daniel Haythorne Goolden.

■Frances Middleton, dau.
of the Rev. Edward
Bowles, Vicar of Brad-
ford-on-Avon, co. Wilts,
and Minor Canon of
Bristol Cathedral ; born
3 November 1789 ;
marr. at St. Michael's,
Bristol, 3 November
1809 ; died on Mon-
day, 29 January 1849,
bur. at Hutton.

Edward Bowles Fripp of Clifton, co. Gloucester ;=
born at the Fort House, Bristol, 14 November
1820 ; died at Brooklands, Southport, co. Lancaster,
5 September 1866, bur. at Southport. Adffion
was granted at Liverpool 1 November 1866, to
Emma Sophia Fripp, relict.


=Emma Sophia, eldest dau. of Thomas
Richard Sanders of Bristol ; born 1 May
1818 ; marr. at St. George's, Brandon
Hill, Bristol, 16 April 1846 ; died at
Brooklands, Southport, aged 48, on
Saturday, 16 March, bur. at Southport
21 March 1867.

Margaret Emma Vero Charles Driffield of Widnes,=j=Marian Ethel, bom at Clifton 30

Bowles, born at co. Lancaster (elder son of Charles
Clifton 25 March Edward Driffield of Southport) ;
1847, bapt. at born at Prescot, co. Lancaster,
Hutton 2 April 7 May 1848 ; died at Appleton,
1850. Widnes, 14 November, buried

at Farnworth, co. Lancaster, 19
November 1915. „

November 1848, bapt. at Hutton
2 April 1850 ; marr. at Backwell,
co. Somerset, on Thursday, 13
September 1877 ; died 25 November,
buried at Farnworth 29 November

Edward Townshend Driffield of Escrick, ;
Formby, co. Lancaster, and of Castle
Street, Liverpool (younger son of Charles
Edward Driffield of Southport) ; born at
Prescot 10 December 1851 ; admitted a
Solicitor 1874. /t\

=Ella Downing, born at 7 Victoria Square, Clifton, on
Saturday, 14 January 1854, bapt. at the parish church,
Clifton ; marr. at St. Mary's, Wimbledon, co. Surrey
(by the Rev. George Townshend Driffield), on
Thursday, 17 August 1876.


Rev. Charles Spencer Fripp,=
born 9 September 1822 ;
of Oriel College, Oxford, ma-
triculated 18 June 1841, and
of Magdalen Hall, B.A. and
M.A. 1 86 1 ; Vicar of St.
Paul's, Portland Square,
Bristol, 1867 till death ; died
at 18 Portland Square,
aged 49, on Sunday, 5 No-
vember 187 1, bur. in Arno's
Vale Cemetery, Bristol.
Admon granted at Bristol
30 November 187 1, to Eliza
Charlotte Fripp, relict.

=Eliza Charlotte,
youngest dau. of
John Elton of
Redhill, Wring-
ton,co. Somerset ;
born 22 April
1822; marr. at
Wrington 2 June
1853 ; died at
Clevedon, co.
Somerset, 1 3 May
1 906, bur. at Wal-
ton-by- Clevedon.

James Leonard=
Wilson of

Woodslee, Wim-
bledon, co.
Surrey ; born in
London 13 Oc-
tober 1820;
died at Woods-
lee, Wimbledon, St. Mary's,

=AdelaideAnne,born Other
at Westbury-on- issue.
Trym, co. Glouces-
ter, 3 September
1830; marr. at St. James',
Teignmouth, co. Devon (by
her brother, the Rev. Charles
Spencer Fripp), 16 April
1863 ; died at Burfield,
Wimbledon, aged 81, 11
August, bur. at St. Mary's,
Wimbledon, 14 August 191 2.
Will dated 17 June 1893,
with codicil dated 13 Octo-
ber 1910, proved (Prin. Reg.,
1476, 12) 28 September
1 91 2, by James Edward
Bowles Wilson, son, the Rev.
Ernest Awdry Gray, son-in-
law, and Hugh Adams.


Annie Eliza Spencer,
born at the Parson-
age, Kingston Deverill,
co. Wilts, on Saturday,
27 May 1854, bapt. at
Kingston Deverill.

Ada Mary Elton,
born at Portishead,
co. Somerset, on
Wednesday, 13 Jan-
uary 1864, bapt. at

Rev. Charles Edward Bowles Fripp of The=
Chaplain's House, H.M. Prison, Hull, co. York ;
born at Portishead 1 October 1866, bapt.
there ; of St. Mary's Hall, Oxford, matricu-
lated 24 October 1885, B.A. 1889, M.A.
1892; Curate of Reddall Hill, co. Stafford,
1891-93, and of All Souls', Grosvenor Park,
Walworth, co. Surrey, 1893-94 ; Vicar of
Treneglos-cum-Warbstow, co. Cornwall, 1895
-1902 ; Perpetual Curate of St. Peter and
Assistant Chaplain H.M. Prison, Portland, co.
Dorset, 1902-1904, Assistant Chaplain H.M.
Prison, Wormwood Scrubbs, 1905 -1906,
Chaplain H.M. Prisons, Nottingham, 1906
-1907, Preston, co. Lancaster, 1907-14,
Parkhurst, Isle of Wight, 1914-16, and Hull

=Marion Agnes, younger
dau. of Major James
Preston Fitzgerald of
Castle View, Walton-
by- Clevedon, and of
the Somerset Light
Infantry, by Agnes
Edith his wife, dau. of
Richard Pitman King
of Bruton, co. Somer-
set ; born 9 March
1876, bapt. at Bruton ;
marr. at St. Mary's,
Walton - by - Clevedon,
on Tuesday, 8 October

Edward Fitzgerald Fripp, born at Castle View,
Walton-by-Clevedon, on Monday, 16 November
1896, bapt. at St. Mary's, Walton-by-Clevedon;
educated at Rossall School, admitted 1908;
enlisted in Public Schools' Brigade 191 5,
transferred to The Cameronians' Officer Cadet
Unit 1916.

Alfred Elton Fripp, born at Castle
View, Walton-by-Clevedon, 30
March 1901, bapt. at St. Mary's,
Walton-by-Clevedon ; educated at
Rossall School, admitted 1909.




Rev. Robert Cary Barnard (eldest=
son of the Rev. Thomas Barnard,
Rector of Withersfield, co. Suffolk,
by Melosine his wife, dau. of
Arnold Rosenhagen of Isleworth,
co. Middlesex) ; born at Withers-
field 9 May, bapt. there 31 May
1758 ; Fellow of St. John's College,
Cambridge, admitted Sizar 26 June
1775, B.A. 1779, M.A. 1782, B.D.
1 791 ; Rector of Withersfield 1782 ;
J. P. for co. Suffolk ; died 11 March,
bur. at Withersfield 17 March 1827,
Will dated 31 August 1826, proved
(P.C.C. 139 Heber) 30 March 1827,
by Thomas Barnard, son.

■Elizabeth, only dau.
of Cary Elwes of
Throcking, co. Hert-
ford, by Elizabeth his
2nd wife, dau. of
Edward Holgate of
Roxby, co. Lincoln ;
born at Isleworth 1
July, bapt. there 7 Au-
gust 1 77 1 ; marr. at St.
James', Westminster,
10 June 1790 ; died,
aged 42J at Withers-
field 8 January, bun
there 1 6 January 1 8 1 3.

Arms on record in the College of Arms.
Quarterly, Argent and gules a bear sejant
sable muzzled and collared or.

Crest. — A demi-bear couped sable
muzzled and collared and holding between
its paws a mascle or.

Motto. — Beware of the bear.

For earlier Pedigree, see "Notes" to "Visitation of
England and Wales" Vol. 7, page 167).

Robert Cary Thomas Barnard of Prestbury, co. Gloucester, formerly 5
Barnard, born of Bartlow, co. Cambridge ; born at Withersfield 30 July,
at Withersfield bapt. there n August 1792 ; entered the Army in 1808,
23 March, Lieutenant 41st Foot 3 April 1810, Captain 95th Foot
bapt. there 3 24 August 1815, of the 71st Foot 6 April 1820; J.P,
May 1791 ; for co. Cambridge; died, aged 78, at Alveston Vicarage,
bur. there 24 co. Warwick, on Tuesday, 25 April 187 1, bur, at
August 181 1. Prestbury. Will dated 16 January 1871, proved (Prin.
Reg., 294, 71) 25 May 1871, by the Rev. William Barnard
and Robert Cary Barnard, sons, and Thomas Porter.

=Christian, dau. of
Thomas Porter of
Rockbeare House,
co. Devon ; married
by licence at St.
George's, Hanover
Square, London, 12
August 1822 ; died,
aged 64, at Prest-
bury, on Sunday, 10
February 1861.

Major Thomas Barnard, born
19 July 1823 ; Ensign 65th
Foot 16 July 1 84 1, Lieutenant
6 December 1844, Captain
(retired), afterwards Major
Warwickshire Militia ; died
unmarried at Alveston Vicar-
age on Thursday, 2 June 1881,
bur. at Alveston. Will dated
19 May 187 1, with codicil
dated 26 April 1877, proved
(Prin. Reg., 509, 81), 5 July
1881, by the Rev. William
Barnard, brother.

Rev. William Barnard, born at Bartlow=j=Jane, only dau. of

2 1 May 1825 ; educated at Winchester and Richard Dalton ;

at Trinity College, Cambridge, admitted

Pensioner 14 March 1844, B.A. (Crosse

Scholar) 1849 ; Curate of Preston

Candover, co. Hants, 1848-50, of Barford,

1851-55, and of Marton Morrell,

both co. Warwick, 1855-56 ; Vicar of

Alveston 1856-1900; died, aged 83, at

Alveston, 2 December 1 908, bur. there. Will

dated 24 June 1904, proved (Prin. Reg.,

1704, 1908) 29 December 1908, by the

Rev. Gilbert William Barnard and Edward

Ripley Dalton, Barrister at-Law.

marr. at Kelmarsh,
co. Northampton
Dalton), on Thurs-
day, 28 April 1853;
died, aged 86, 4
April, bur. at
Alveston 7 April

William Rosenhagen Barnard, born at Barford
on Saturday, 18 March 1854 ; died in infancy,
bur. at Barford.


Christina Jane, born at the Rectory,
Kelmarsh, on Thursday, 21 June 1855.

Henry Lindow Lindow of Lower Slaughter House, co. Gloucester=j=
(twin son of Henry Rawlinson, M.P. for Liverpool); born at
Liverpool; educated at Rugby, admitted Midsummer 1789, and
at Christ Church, Oxford, matriculated 18 April 1795, aged 17 ;
assumed the name of Lindow in 1792; died aged 71, at Lower
Slaughter House, 23 November 1848. Will dated 12 March 1845,
proved (P.C.C 119, 49) 22 February 1849, by the Rev. Charles
Hesketh and Thomas Barnard.


Charlotte Elizabeth, born
at Withersfield, co. Suffolk,
28 April, bapt. there 17
June 1794; marr. at
Withersfield 30 August
1819; died, aged 52, at
Cambridge Terrace, Hyde
Park, London, 27 January

Mary Julia, 2nd dau. of=
George Hume Reade,
Staff Surgeon Army
Medical Department ;
marr. at St. George's,
East Stonehouse, co.
Devon, 8 October 1856 ;
died at Evenwood, near
Auckland, New Zealand,
15 June 1857. 1st wife.

"=Major Robert Cary Barnard, born i3=j=Anne, youngest dau. of the

December 1827 ; Ensign 41st Welsh
Regiment 19 March 1847, Lieutenant
22 March 1850, Captain 18 November
1S53, Major 9 March 1855 ; died, aged
79, at Bartlow, Leckhampton Hill,
Cheltenham, co. Gloucester, on Satur-
day, 22 December 1906, cremated at
Birmingham. Will dated 14 October
1906, proved (Prin. Reg., 170, 1907)
12 February 1907, by Arthur Hort
Barnard, son, Harriet Christian and
Charlotte Sarah Barnard, spinsters,

Rev. John Stevens Henslow,
Rector of Hitcham, co. Suf-
folk, and Professor of Botany
at Cambridge ; born in 1833 ;
marr. at Hitcham (by the Rev.
Leonard Ramsay Henslow)
on Tuesday, 2 August 1859,
marriage settlements dated
13 July; died on Thursday, 19
January 1 899, bur. at Woking,
co. Surrey. 2nd wife.

Anne Mary, born at the Rectory, Hitcham, on Thursday, 12 July i860; died at York
House, Folkestone, co. Kent, 6 October 1906, cremated at Golder's Green, co. Middlesex.
Will dated 31 January 1900, proved at Gloucester 2 November 1906, by Arthur Hort
Barnard, brother, and Charlotte Sarah Barnard, spinster, sister.

Rev. Gilbert William Barnard, born at Alveston, co. Warwick, =
30 December 1857 ; educated at Winchester and at Trinity
College, Cambridge, matriculated Michaelmas Term, 1876, B.A.
1880; Curate of St. Mary's, Battersea, co. Surrey, 1880-84, of
Allesley, co. Warwick, 1884-86, and of St. Mary's, Bryanston
Square, London, 1886-89; Vicar of St. Patrick's, Hockley
Heath, co. Warwick, 1889-1906, and of Leonard Stanley,
co. Gloucester, 1906-12.

=Beatrix Amy, dau. of General
George Staunton, C.B.,
Colonel 92nd Highlanders,
by Henrietta Sara his wife,
dau. of Bransby Cooper,
F.R.S. ; born at Farapet, co.
Devon ; marr. at Meriden,
co. Warwick, 9 January 1 894.

Grace Melosine, born 16 October 1894,
bapt. at St. Patrick's, Hockley Heath.

William Louis Barnard, born 23 April
1896, bapt. at St. Patrick's, Hockley
Heath ; educated at Winchester and at
the Royal Military College, Sandhurst ;
Lieutenant The Oxfordshire and Buck-
inghamshire Light Infantry, 2nd Lieu-
tenant 11 November 1914; served in
European War (twice wounded).

nard, born at St.
Patrick's Vicarage,
Hockley Heath, on
Sunday, 10 October
1897, bapt. at St.
Patrick's, Hockley
Heath ; educated at

Robert Hugh Barnard (twin with
George Patrick), born 26 July
1 90 1, bapt. at St. Patrick's,
Hockley Heath ; Cadet at Royal
Naval College, Dartmouth.

George Patrick Barnard (twin
with Robert Hugh), born 26
July 1 90 1, bapt. at St. Patrick's,
Hockley Heath ; educated at


Anthony Rosenhagen (son of the Ven ble Philip Rosenhagen,=Louisa Craven, born 1 7 September,

Archdeacon of Colombo, by Mary Bigg his wife) ; died, bapt. at Withersfield, co. Suffolk,

aged 76, at Cheltenham, co. Gloucester, 18 December 15 November 1795; marr. on

1853. He married 2ndly, 20 October 1821, Frances, dau. Tuesday, 26 October 1819 ; died

of Fleetwood Parkhurst of Ripple, co. Worcester; born 27 November following.
3 April 1788; died, aged 55, at Cheltenham, 23 January

Charlotte Christina, bom 31 October 1836 ; died at Avondale, Great Malvern, co. Worcester,
on Friday, 19 May 1899, bur. in the cemetery at Malvern. Will dated 17 July 1895,
with codicil dated 21 April 1899, proved (Prin. Reg., 700, 99) 29 June 1899, by the
Rev. William Barnard and Robert Cary Barnard, brothers, and the Rev. Gilbert William
Barnard, nephew.

Robert Cary Henslow=
Barnard, born at Cam-
bridge House, Chelten-
ham, on Saturday, 21
June 1862 ; Deputy
Chief Engineer Great
Indian Peninsula Rail-
way, India.

=Frances Anne, eldest dau. of
Edward Angelo Goodall,
R.W.S., of 57 Fitzroy Road,
Regent's Park, London ;
marr. at St. Mark's, Regent's
Park, on Wednesday, 21
August 1895.

Thomas Campbell Barnard, born at
Cambridge House, Cheltenham, on
Tuesday, 4 August, died, aged 5
weeks, at Weston-super-Mare, co.
Somerset, on Monday, 7 September
1863, bur. at Prestbury, co. Gloucester.

Jessie Beatrice, born
at Bhusawal, Bombay
Presidency, India, on
Thursday, 28 January

Thomas Henslow Barnard, born at
Bartlow, Leckhampton, Chelten-
ham, on Thursday, 25 August
1898; educated at Malvern College
and at the Royal Military College,
Sandhurst, admitted January 1917.

William Goodall Barnard,
born in India 2 2 September
1902; died at Bartlow,
Leckhampton, on Monday,
10 August 1908.

Arthur Hort Barnard,=
born at Cambridge
House, Cheltenham,
on Wednesday, 23
Novemben864; Staff-
Sergeant 78th Terri-
torial (Reserve) Bat-
talion, Montrose, co.

=Margaret Ethel Clara,
youngest dau. of the Rev.
John Montague Seaton,
Vicar of Chasetown, co.
Stafford ; born at' Lich-
field, co. Stafford, 1 1
March 1868; marr. at
Chasetown on Thursday,
8 November 1888.

Harriet Christian, of Leckhampton, co.
Gloucester ; born at Cambridge House,
Cheltenham, on Sunday, 3 December 1865.

Rose Elizabeth, of Hitcham, Fairfield Park
Road, Cheltenham ; born at Cambridge
House, Cheltenham, on Wednesday, 5
December 1866.

Margaret Anne, born
at Hednesford, co.
Stafford, 21 September
1 89 1 ; died at Conis-
borough, co. York, 6
June 1907.

Arthur Seaton Cary Barnard, born at
Hednesford 9 January 1893 ; educated
at Cheltenham College and at Hert-
ford College, Oxford; 2nd Lieutenant
6th Battalion York and Lancaster
Regiment; served in Gallipoli 1915
and in France 191 7.

Guy Christian Barnard,
born at Pelsall, co. Stafford,
5 April 1896 ; educated at
Bromsgrove School and at
Sheffield University; Lance-
Corporal 9th Battalion
King's Royal Rifle Corps.


Rev. Charles James Barnard, born 6 November 1797, bapt.=
at Withersfield, co. Suffolk, 18 January 1798 ; educated at
Uppingham ; served in the Royal Navy as a Midshipman
at the bombardment of Algiers 27 August 1816 (medal) ;
Rector of Bigby 28 February 1833, and Vicar of Roxby
with Risby, all co. Lincoln, 9 April 1833 ; J.P. for parts of
Lindsey, co. Lincoln; died, aged 70, at South-hill House,
Torquay, co. Devon, on Tuesday, 29 September 1868,
bur. at Torquay. Memorial Tablet in Bigby Church.
Will with codicil dated 16 February 1867, proved (Prin.
Reg., 638, 68), 21 October 1868, by the Rev. Charles
Cary Barnard, son, and Willoughby Breare Still Rackham.

Caroline Arabella Elizabeth (his
cousin), eldest dau. of Robert Cary
Elwes of Great Billing, co. North-
ampton, by the Hon ble Caroline
(Anderson-Pelham) his 1st wife,
2nd dau. of Charles, 1st Baron
Yarborough) ; born 12 August

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